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tv   Action News at 6AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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shaping up. >> plus, the boosted measures police are rolling out to stop criminals from targeting you while you shop. thanks for waking up with abc on this black friday, i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm janelle martinez in for deiah. we'll check in on black friday shopping in just a minute. first let's see how the weather is shaping up for us today. good morning debra. >> reporter: good morning, definitely the weather is cooperating. you can see on titan doppler radar there is no rain, in fact, no rain in the forecast for the next several days. current temperatures right now are in the low to mi60 actually, a little bit warmer in tampa, 68 in tampa a little cooler in citrus and hernando county. high temperatures will top out right around the 81-degree mark. you can see your day planner, 69 by 8 a.m., by noon, 79 and again, topping out right around 81 degrees. we do have a few changes in our forecast. i'll let you know all about that coming up in just a little bit, guys. >> yeah, we're also watching
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morning. traffic expected to be pretty light, a lot of people enjoying another day off work. most of the people out will be heading to the shopping malls. here's a live look at the hour franklin. no crashes or breakdowns to tell you about there. now that thanksgiving has come and gone, the action is just getting started for holiday shoppers. >> folks packing area malls early to get in on those black friday deals. we have team coverage for you this morning on the holiday rush. reporter isabel rosales is standing by at the tyrone squa to cope you safe. >> first we begin with rodney dunigan live at tampa premium outlets in wesley chapel. a lot of shoppers out there already. >> reporter: you're right about that. you know, it's been a steady flow since about 6:00 last night. they're going to be open until 10:00. a lot of families out here, we've been speaking to a lot of nice folks enjoying the shopping. we have stephanie, destiny, and destiny's mom is back there. she was scared to be on camera. she's back there snapping photos of us, so we're glad she
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stephanie, you know, you have a ton of bags here already. just tell me some of the stores you've stopped at so far. >> michael kors, the ralph lauren store,s disney store, lots of good deals, express and a couple other stores are running really good deals. >> what is it about black friday you love so much? >> the deals, the sales, everything is usually 50% off or higher. >> and destiny, what sort of stores do you want to hit up this morning? >> i definitely want to hit up justice because i store, and target. >> and target. >> yes. >> you were telling me earlier that your mom was going to get you some cool makeup too? >> yeah. >> thank you guys a lot. i'll let you get back to the shopping. as i mentioned, this is a big day for a lot of families out and safety and security always at the top of mind. isabel rosales has that angle of the story as far as how these malls and other safety measures that are taking place today. isabel. >> reporter: let me tell you
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crowds you would expect for black friday, wuther now starting to trickle in. i have caught up with some customers here. we are talking security, what is the craziest thing you've seen on black friday? >> well, we've definitely seen some crazy lines going out there, people shoving each other to try and get some deals, and even some of the windows to the stores they're kind of banging on them to try and get in early for those deals. >> have you guys seen some added security measures this year? >> we definitely have. out in the parkin some armored vehicles and things like that. >> there's been a lot of cops out too. >> security's at the top of your mind, what do you think about that scene? >> i definitely feel safer now, like that there's more cops around. >> you want your stuff secured, you want your own person to be secured as you're out here shopping trying to have fun. you're going to see mounted police officers, more officers patrolling the parking lots, checking to make sure no break- ins are going to happen and an armored surveillance vehicle,
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keeping watch. live in st. petersburg, i'm isabel rosales abc action news. and breaking news overnight, we've learned actress florence henderson has died. henderson best known for her role as carol brady, the mother on the brady bunch. her manager says henderson passed away from heart failure last night. actress maureen mccormick tweeted this photo of her with her television mom. she says henderson was a dear frnd and in her heart forever. and just two days before her death henderson was in the audience for the dancing with the stars finale to support mccormick tweeting. this is video of her from earlier in the season when she appeared in a dance routine for mccormick. henderson was 82. a suspected drunk boater is now facing charges for taking out several dogs near madeira
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board caused all the damage. the pinellas county sheriff's office and the fwc are now investigating. they took two men into custody. a witness says those boaters nearly hit some kids who were fishing on one of those docks. >> they were on the dock fishing. good thing because one of the parents saw them coming and started yelling at them and they just veered off quick enough to not hit the dock and those kids all over the dock, that would have been an ugly site. >> no one authorities still investigating why the boater lost control. we're learning more this morning about an unthinkable crime in fort myers. deputies say a baby-sitter killed a baby he was supposed to be watching. they arrested this man, rafael carrion. the 8-month-old was not breathing when first responders showed up thanksgiving morning. they tried to save the baby but were not able to. an autopsy found the infant suffered massive head injuries
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violent beating. detectives say carrion couldn't plain the injuries. they charged him with second degree murder and aggravated manslaughter. we're getting our first look at the polk county deputy recovering at the hospital after he was nearly killed by a hit and run driver. take a look, polk county posted this photo of deputy adam pennell along with his wife on their facebook page a few hours ago. we apologize, we'll have that for you in a minutes. he was helping a polk county mother having car trouble when charles louis veered off the killing the mother back in october. president-elect donald trump may have spent thanksgiving in his luxurious mar-a-lago home but he says it's all about work this holiday. he tweeted this yesterday saying he's trying to get carrier air-conditioning company to stay in the u.s. the indianapolis-based company planning to move thousands of jobs to mexico. staffers also say mr. trump is busy trying to fill his
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news at 6 a thanksgiving tradition turns tragic, video showing the violence breaking out and what we still don't know about what started this chaos. >> and you saw this crazy video of an e-cigarette explosion, now the victim may take legal action, but there's one thing that may prevent him from ever
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if you're planning out your black friday shopping strategy, weather will not be an issue. after a mild start today, it's going to be a warm afternoon with a little bit increased humidity, a high temperature of 81 degrees under mostly sunny skies. then this evening pleasant but certainly above normal temperatures. currently right now we're in the 60s all around the bay area, 68 in tampa, 63 in plant city, a little cooler in the north, 54 in crystal river, and our highs today out in the low 80s. i'll give you all the details and tell you about the changes coming up in the forecast in just a few minutes. guys. 6:10. a thanksgiving tradition end in a hail of gunfire. hundreds of people scattering in louisville kentucky when someone opened fire at a popular holiday flag football event. six people were shot, two of them were killed. police say it's lucky there weren't more victims. >> the good part about it,
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were here, with the number of shots that were fired there could have been more. >> i heard it. we were standing on the sidelines watching the women's team play, and all of a sudden you heard gunshots and people started scattering. >> all the games at that park were canceled. police say the shootings were not related to this event, but they don't have a motive or suspects yet. new developments this morning on this e-cigarette explosion we showed you earlier from new york city. >> we ow the man's device sparking a fire in his pocket. with the growing number of cases like this, some are pushing for more regulation on e-cigarettes, even an outright ban. this explosion happened wednesday at a wine shop in grand central terminal. the owner is now in the hospital with serious burns to his right leg and hand. his lawyer says he's concerned about the use of his hand. his brother describes the difficulty of seeing his loved one in so much pain.
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going through. i'm wondering what i can do to help him. >> the victim has to get surgery tuesday. this morning that man is considering a lawsuit against the e-cigarette maker, but the problem is his lawyer is trying to find out who made this particular vaping device because the man doesn't remember where he bought it. all that's left of it are fragments that are now with the fire department. 6:12, coming up, a missing mother now safe back her family. strange circumstances behind her disappearance and the even more mysterious way she was found.
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on the north side you have memberers of your group wearing ballistics, wearing armor. why would they be doing that if you're the dakota access pipeline did not take a break for the thanksgiving holiday. one officer used a megaphone to address the crowd directly asking why the so-called peaceful demonstrators were wearing body armor. 50 miles north of that protest about 300 blocked traffic yesterday morning in the city of mandan. some demonstrators shouted shame on you north dakota. this morning a missing california mother is reunited with her family after deputies
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year-old sherry papini vanished three weeks ago while jogs in northern california. two of her captors released her on the side of an interstate more than 130 miles from her home. she was able to flag down a driver for help while wearing restraints. she had a few minor injuries. investigators are trying to figure out who abducted her and where they took her and why they released her. right near an israeli and charges for trying to export am nix to iraq and sudan. the u.s. bans the export of any weapons or ammunition to both of those countries. a federal magistrate calls the charges henri shushan and venyamin golynkin are facing very serious and ordered both men held without bond. a massive man hunt continues in france for the person who broke into a
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that retirement home is for monks. the woman peace to be the masked intruder -- appears to be the masked intruder's intended target. french authorities say this was not a terror-related incident, but they still don't know the motive. law enforcement officers will pay their respects today to a nassau county deputy who died in the line of duty on tuesday. a wake for deputy eric oliver will be held this afternoon in fenian deena beach. he was kil struck by an suv while chasing a man running from border patrol agents. the guatemala man was being sought after pleading guilty to dui in august. volunteers boxed thanksgiving care packages for the families of those elementary students injured in a bus crash. six children died when their school bus hit a tree and split in half in chattanooga tennessee. donations came in from across
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pain they're feeling but it's a reminder they're not alone. mother nature threw a one- two punch to the pacific northwest. two separate storms moved into washington state bringing heavy rain to the lowlands and wind and snow to the mountains. the storm could dump 3 feet of snow by sunday, that coming as millions of americans plan to hit the roads this weekend to probably about the only travel trouble spot there is across the u.s. you can see right now there's storms and some snow in the upper elevations into the cascades around the rest of the nation, though, things looking relatively calm. in fact, if you're traveling today, no real expected weather delays in any of the major airports. that's great news. back at home, certainly no travel trouble spots here.
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to mid-60s right now with highs topping out right around 80 degrees. so your forecast for the next seven days looks like this. high temperatures will top out at 81 today. then a front moves through as we head into saturday and sunday. a little bit drier and cooler air for sunday, and then our next rain chance by the end of the workweek. guys. we're checking traffic cameras all across the bay area this morning. so to slow you down on the interstate. here's a live look at 275 right through downtown tampa. you're looking at just 5 minutes to get from here down to the howard franklin bridge. a lot of parents were chasing one of these. take a look over my shoulder, hatchimals are the hottest toys of the season. we spoke to one dad who waited in line for a while to get one last night, but did he score that big prize. >> supposedly the last one to be in line. i didn't get one.
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maybe next time. >> maybe next time? >> or when they come out again. >> i am the last one. thank you very much. >> to give you some idea of the demand, the store only had 16 of the toys. they went on sale at 6 last night and were all gone in just a few minutes. two brothers in arizona are cashing in on the craze. a month ago they bought all the hatchimals they could find, 100 in all spending $5000 on holiday gift. they posted them on ebay with the list price of $60 and now they say people are already bidding as much as $200. the brothers say they're happy this gamble paid off. starting tonight, tampa's lowry park so is transforming into a interwound deland.
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holiday lights show, caroling holiday treats and see wildlife at night. still ahead, the macy's thanksgiving day parade made even more special, a police officer getting some help popping the question and the past trauma this happy moment is helping him to forget. >> plus, surprise arrival making new york city holiday traffic a little more interesting, the one person that helped this couple through it. >> in st. pete where black friday shopping is underway. security measures are in place like this armored truck. we'll be checking in on
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a reminder if you're planning on eating leftover rk sick. the cdc says november and december are the peak months for an illness from a certain bacteria that grows in improperly stored leftovers. the turkey should be in the refrigerator right now, but if you don't eat it in four days freeze it in an air-tight bag or throw it out. a memorable trip to the macy's thanksgiving day parade for one nypd officer. officer andrew dossi who was shot on duty last year proposed
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she said yes. the nypd posted the happy moment on its twitter page. dossi was shot in the elbow and back while responding to a holdup at a bronx grocery store. one couple in new york is extra thankful for some 9-1-1 dispatchers this morning. that's after their little one just couldn't wait until they made it to the hospital to make her entrance into the world. therse thomas and her husband yelling for him to pull over. the dad to be called 9-1-1 and they talked him through the whole thing. >> i saw the baby's head. the baby's head was out, so he was saying to me that, listen, the baby's going to be slippery. you've got to catch it. don't let it fall. you've got to catch the baby. >> all went well. therese gave birth to a healthy baby girl. firefighters arrived quickly, checked out babe and mom before taking them to the hospital.
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>> good advice, don't drop the baby. >> it's slippery. >> the fight in a wal-mart parking lot ends with one person dead, the one thing police say the two were fighting over. >> plus some more of you are avoiding stores altogether this black friday. and the historic milestone we may soon see. >> and if you're planning your shopping strategy, i'll let you know whether weather is a factor coming up ne z26kjz zy6z
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z26kbz zy6z y26kby yy6y live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> if you're looking to save a bit of cash, you're not alone on this black friday, folks already packing local stores, ahead in a live report, i'll let you know exactly the best stores to catch and save a bit of money.
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looking to cash in. i'm isabel rosales with details on how police are amping up security measures. >> and we're digging into this year's black friday trends. we're finding out the top five items on your shopping list this morning. >> plus, all new numbers on how many of you spent thanksgiving shopping online thanks for waking up with abc action news, i'm dan shaffer. >> i'm janelle martinez i people are heading out right now to get in on those deals. it doesn't feel much like christmas shopping out there. >> it really doesn't feel like christmas, but it will feel nice and comfortable, a little bit warmer than normal. we're about 7 degrees above normal for this time of year. right now we're in the 60s around the bay area, your digital day planner shows that by 10 a.m. we'll be up to 77 degrees.
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sunshine. nothing on the radar or satellite, and we don't expect any rain for the next several days. i'll tell you all about it and what changes you can expect in a couple of minutes. we are keeping track on the traffic, a lot of you are home from work. hopefully you're just resting from that food coma. your drive across the bridge is looking great right now. this is a live look at the howard franklin. it's let's check in with action air captain al, good morning. >> good morning janelle good morning black friday shoppers. i've seen all types of variations. brandon town center which is currently one of the busiest right at i-75 and brandon boulevard, not so busy right now, although there are a couple hundred cars if you can believe it in the parking lot. across the street, best buy there's a couple dozen cars there, sometimes that's been
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than usual in volume for this friday morning and i suspect it's going to stay that way. 6:31. if you're still in that post- thanksgiving semiconscious food induced haze, snap out of it. today is black friday. shoppers aren't wasting any time getting out early this morning. >> abc action news reporter rodney dunigan is live in wesley chapel. rodney, folks are already stocking up out there. >> you're ri at 6:00 last night, and you know, i mentioned last night they had the huge storm earlier this morning. let me tell you, another storm is coming. we've seen a lot more folks coming into the mall this morning, and a lot of people with all of those bags. pretty interesting first off that you guys opened at 6 a.m., closing at 10:00 tonight. long hours for everybody here. >> we've been opening since 6 p.m.
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additional type to come shop, spend some time with their families after their thanksgiving dinner and have a little bit of time to shop and get some things from christmastime. >> from the different sales i've been sealing, nike, gap, the loft, a lot of places you're talking 30, 40, 50% off. you guys are doing special things for shoppers over the next day and weeks ahead right? >> absolutely. our vip shopper club is a free promotion where services to get their coupon books and they get extra savings at the stores and already discounted 65% off. it's great. additionally we have our community holiday performances that are going on throughout the holidays. saturday nights we'll be having movies under the as far as and holiday movie marathon from 6 to 9 p.m. and we'll have community groups like the new tampa dance theater performing the nutcracker and different variety for our guests. >> great, thanks a lot. we appreciate it.
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on for those shoppers who head out here. obviously whenever you're talking about shopping, security is on the top of mind as well. isabel rosales live in st. pete with that angle of the story. isabel. >> reporter: good morning, rodney. i've got to say it's been a pretty quiet morning with shoppers just now starting to trickle in, and i'm joined here by pete who's here with his family for some shopping. now, pete when you think black friday, what goes through your mind? >> i think of like fights and stuff like that and people that's why we came here was to see that kind of stuff. >> you came here for the visuals. >> right. >> not having any of that here. that's because they've added security measures what have you seen? >> they have like an armored car and stuff outside. they have a lot more cops walking around. >> and as a shopper, that might be a sigh of relief. >> i don't think it's necessary. i don't think there's that many people at all, so you know.
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we have not seen the crowds you would expect out of black friday quite yet, but if they are needed we do see mounted police officers, extra patrols outside and inside as well as that armed surveillance vehicle keeping watch and keeping safe. live in st. petersburg i'm isabel rosales abc action news. >> so what kind of items are shoppers looking for this morning. we're digging into the top items on your list. a new survey says the most coveted deals and cyber monday are tv and entertainment systems, clothing ranked second on the list followed by computers and laptops. and this morning we're getting a look at the numbers from thanksgiving day online shopping. online sales from yesterday are up 14% this year. this is between midnight and 5 p.m. yesterday. shoppers spent $1.1 billion online. of course, many are still shopping after 5, so that number is expected to go up.
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going out and braving the crowds. a new bank survey finds 23% of americans plan to stop at actual stores. we have listed five of the best apps to make shopping easy. go to and. we're looking ahead to cyber monday. it's expected to be the largest online shopping day in history. adobe digital insight says online shopping is predicted to increase 11% this holiday online sales. the group also found for the first time more people are browsing on phoned in of their desktop computers. more than half the shoppers visit mobile sites. they'll still switch to a desktop to purchase the item. >> breaking overnight, an argument over a parking spot at a wal-mart turns deadly in nevada. the gunman killed one person outside the store near reno. there are no reports of any other injuries.
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area. they're now looking for a dark toyota camry or corolla. the fbi is helping with the investigation. happening today, charges should be announced against a man being held in the fatal shooting of a wayne state university police officer. prosecutors obtained a warrant in connection to that shooting but are not releasing information on the suspect. officer colin rose was on parole tuesday night when he was shot in the head. he later died at the hospital. a police chase turns into a fiery car crash near killing three people, and charges are expected to be filed against the wanted man who police say caused it. the fatalities include one child and at least three more people were hurt. officials say a driver took off after police tried to pull him over yesterday. the suspect hit two other vehicles during that chase before his car crashed and caught on fire. police say the suspect was wanted in a drug case. 6:37. now police in volusia county
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attempted murder for stabbing his elderly parents with a steak knife while guests sat at the thanksgiving table. police say that man stabbed his mother once, his father three times following an argument in the kitchen. the parents are now recovering at the hospital. and we're learning more this morning about a u.s. service member who was killed in an ied blast in syria on thanksgiving day. this marks the first time someone in the u.s. military was killed in syria during the current conflict. military officials did not release the soldier's identity. right now u.s. troops are advising and assisting syrian kurdish and rebel forces who are fighting isis. a brevard county man climbing near a north carolina water fall has died after falling 75 feet. deputies say 23-year-old wallace parish was trying to climb up and across this water fall tuesday when he fell. this is a photo of the water fall in the pisca national forest in western north carolina. rescuers found parish at the
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could not resuscitate him. it's a crisis of epic proportions, long wait times at hospital emergency rooms for kids in a mental health crisis. a scripps national investigation revealed a severe shortage of psychiatric beds for kids. it's a systemic problem forcing families to languish in ers across the country delaying treatment for days or even weeks. >> we stayed there for eight days, then to the i'd say at least 25 times. >> we've waited three days, five days and then the ultimate was 21 days. >> pennsylvania congressman tim murphy is trying to help those families. he sponsored a bill to overhaul how the federal government treats mental illness, which could mean shorter wait times for families. that bill has bipartisan support but it may not get provided before congress ends its current session next month.
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pete. chill sisal -- wholanded his air bus in the hudson river. the story of the miracle on the hudson was told in sully starring tom hanks. he's going to speak and answer questions on january 15th. tickets for the event go on sale next wednesday. a local law firm is getting a huge shipment of christmas trees. lorenzo and lorenzo who otherwise wouldn't have one this christmas. the 7-foot tall fraser firs will arrive this morning and be handed out tomorrow afternoon, at 2:00 at the firm's office. one of the bay area's most famous christmas light displays will be lit up tonight. >> you can see video of the massive spectacle behind us here. it's the oakdale christmas house in st. pete. the attraction has been
6:41 am
magazine. the house will be lit up from 6 to 10 each night through january 3rd. and check this out, normally snow in japan wouldn't be all that interesting, except this is the first november snowfall that the company's capital of tokyo has seen in 54 years. november 1962 was the last recorded november snowfall for tokyo. and while local media described it only as a slight accumulation, it was enough for, you know, traffic and cause some power outages. it sure looks pretty as well. >> yeah, it looks pretty. it looks pretty, doesn't lock as pretty as our weather though. take a look at our river gate tower cam in tampa over harper island and davis island. a beautiful start to the day. we do see a few clouds around, temperatures in the 60s. it will be a nice day for black friday. in fact, our high temperature will top out at 81 degrees under mostly sunny skies after that mild start.
6:42 am
normal temperatures. i'll let you know all about your black friday forecast and your weekend forecast coming up in just a little bit. still ahead, saving a life, an incredible story the reason one god samaritan claims her actions are a miracle. an arizona grandmother accidentally invited a stranger to thanksgiving dinner and he showed up. we'll hear from both of them on why they're so thankful for the
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6:45, starting off your morning sprint with black friday shopping across the bay area. >> many of you are waking up about to hit the stores or maybe you've been up all night bargain hunting. we've got team coverage from two of the top shopping destinations in our area. we start with rodney dunigan live at tampa premium outlets in wesley chapel. rodney, how's it looking out there? >> more folks starting to come in and this is what they're looking for, deals like this at this jewelry store, 50% off. they want more, more, more. you can get an extra 250 bucks off of your purchase. wow, a lot of folks out here excited looking for all of those deals. i've been noticing also a lot of families at the mall trying to make this a new family tradition. everyone is having a great time out here and they're expecting a huge rush later this morning.
6:46 am
talking about shopping, security is always top of mind as well. abc action news reporter isabel rosales live this morning for us in st. pete with that angle of the story. isabel. >> reporter: rodney people are certainly trickling in trying to get these christmas presents and when you invest like that, you certainly want them taken care of. security definitely being amped up. over here we have security officers and also the st. petersburg police that you will be seeing making rounds inside and we also have a vehicle, mounted police, they're amping up those security measures and keeping watch inside crowd control and for any possible break-ins to vehicles. they are keeping watch, keeping people safe. live in st. petersburg, i'm isabel rosales abc action news. many of you are waking up to the sad news this morning that actress florence henderson has died. henderson is best known for her role as carol brady, the mother on the brady bunch.
6:47 am
henderson was in the audience for the dancing with the stars finale supporting former costar maureen mccormick. this is video from earlier in the season when she appeared in a dance routine for mccormick. charges should be announced against the man being held in the fatal shooting of a wayne state university police officer. prosecutors obtained a warrant in connection to the shooting but are not releasing information on the suspect. officer colin rose was on parole tuesday night when he was shot in kind at the -- died at the hospital. authorities in nevada are looking for a gunman who killed a person over an argument about a parking spot. the gunman fled the area. they're looking for a dark toyota camry or corolla. the we're expecting to get a better look at the damage after a suspected drunk boater crashed into several docks near madeira beach. investigators filed charges
6:48 am
and hit a sailboat. a witness says that boater nearly ran into some kids who were fishing on one of those docks. the deputies took the men on the boat into custody but have not released their names. a worker is severely burned when he touches a live power line. without a woman in the right place at the right time that man might not be a alive today. ariel boggs was stopped in her car waiting for a crew to move a double wide trailer. one of the workers covered a live wire and within seconds was covered in flames. bogs ran to administer cpr climbing up a ladder to reach the roof of the trailer where that worker was. >> oh, my god i just watched somebody die right in front of me. that was my first thought. i wanted so bad for what i was doing to work, but there was a part of me that was -- didn't think it would. >> ariel believes god put her
6:49 am
happened was a miracle. she had only taken a cpr course three days earlier. that worker regained consciousness and was taken to the hospital burn unit in critical condition. rick kriseman will turn on the lights of the city's christmas tree. he will flip the switch at 7:30 tonight. the festivities get underway at 5. st. petersburg's 90th annual santa parade will be held next weekend. blue deals for visitors who want to experience seaworld's christmas celebrations. blue deals offer special prices, admission to seaworld and discovery cove. these online deals start at noon today. you have to register online to receive seaworld orlando's e- mail updates. and no weather worries for our black monday. in fact, it looks pretty nice. temperatures right now pretty
6:50 am
counties. we'll warm up nicely into the -- a weather pattern shows a cold front will be moving into the area tomorrow. it's not going to bring any rain, but it will bring drier air behind it, and it will drop our temperatures a few degrees for the second half of the weekend. the only lightning and rain we're going to see around here is inside amalie arena. the puck drops at 7:30. if you're heading to the esplanade, 73 degrees at as you're leaving the game temperatures will be in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. your forecast looks like this for today, 81 degrees, warm, a little bit humid out there, and as we head through the overnight hours, temperatures drop 64 degrees, pleasant and mild. and your next seven days looks like this. there's that cold front that moves through on saturday into sunday to drop our temperature just a few degrees. no rain, though, at least not until midweek. that's when we see our second front move through and then our
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30% chance by midweek. guys. yeah, the one benefit of having to work on black friday is not a lot of cars on the road because a lot of people are off. look how light traffic is on 275 through downtown tampa. no crashes or breakdowns to slow you down out there. let's check in with action air 1 captain al, good morning. >> good morning, well, we left brandon. before we did we took a look at the bass pro shop parking lot. it was almost full right there on the west side of 75. so we came all the way up to the look at the mall, not too basis. tampa premium outlets state road 56 and i-75, people here and pulling in at the same time, so not as bad as it could be. there certainly are parking spots all the way around the mall, and i-75 and 56 much lighter than usual, a good time to get out and on the roads. 9 minutes until 7. this story has gone viral.
6:52 am
accidentally texted a stranger innovating him to her family's thanksgiving day feast. when wanda dench found out she sent a text to jamal hinson instead of her grandson she told him to come over anyway. >> he showed up yesterday and ate a big thanksgiving meal with dench's family, both she and henton say for them this is a lesson in kindness. >> she welcomed me into her house. that showed me how great of a person she is. thankful >> it's come from god above that he's just using us as tools and vessels to bring a message to others. >> henton posted screen shots of the text on twitter. it has now been shared more than 200,000 times. >> dench wanted to send that text originally to her grandson but he had changed his phone number earlier this rear and forgot to tell his grandma.
6:53 am
welcome, that's what grandmas do, we just feed everyone. >> she does not look like a grandma, she's very young. >> we'll be right back. >> an 18-year-old football player charged with killing a 16-year-old cheerleader weeks after their breakup. if convicted riley gall could face the death penalty. according to police in the early morning hours monday a shot fire department by gaul inside emma jay's bedroom killed her in police arrested gaul on charges of first degree murder holding him on $750,000 bond after having him under surveillance saying he was preparing to destroy evidence related to the homicide. the pair seemingly a picture perfect couple, the cheerleader and the football player. classmates until gaul moved on to play football at a local college this fall. we'll have the latest developments in the case coming up the 7 a.m.
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great weather for your black friday with a high of o'81 degrees and then a little cooler as we head into the weekend. no rain in sight until midweek next year. >> better to be here than the other side of the country. in portland oregon, hundreds of them waiting in line outside in
6:57 am
deals calling it gray thursday. good morning america's continuing coverage of black
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morni good morning, america. found alive, the super mom who vanished without a trace while jogging three weeks ago found bound on the side of the road. a thanksgiving miracle. >> we ar report that sherri papini has been located. >> now the all out hunt for her captors. cabinet showdown. the battle for secretary of state and the backlash from trump loyalists still angry at top contender mitt romney who his tough talk during the campaign. as donald trump boasts and tweets from his thanksgiving celebration. and they're off. black friday mayhem unleashed across the country overnight.


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