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tv   Action News at 6PM  ABC  November 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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this is abc action news. >> now an abc action news homeless, a family scrambling to find a place to live after a and deadly outcome. a tow truck driver killed on the job. the tragedy not only raising awareness on a cause, but also focusing on a current law. good evening and thank you for joining us.. a family of five homeless after an alleged drunk driver slammed into their house. this is unbelievable. it is the second time this year this happened to them.
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today. care a joins us live if the home with the damage left behind and the dire situation that this family is in. >> reporter: crazy and heartbreaking to say the least. we are talking about a second incident that the driver came barreling right down this street coming down onto oregon avenue and slamming right into the front of this house. you can see the large section that's boarded up there now, and that's actually one of the children's bedrooms of this ho. year-old danica zagaro was drunk when she came crashing into the house. neighbors up the street were outside having a bonfire when the woman came flying down the road at what seemed to be 60 or 70 miles per hour. what's so crazy is another drunk driver slammed into this same family's home right here back in march. that time the dad in the home was injured, and it took over six months to fix this home up.
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their house destroyed again. >> the car went by. we saw it. we heard a loud boom as if something exploded. i am mind blown to the fact that it happened. >> reporter: now, if there is any silver lining, it's that no one in this family was home when the incident happened. now the driver in this particular incident is actually this is her third dui arrest. incident but has already bonded out of jail. it was a gorgeous day across the bay area. high temperatures topped out at 80 degrees. now that the sun is setting temperatures are dropping a little bit. we are in the 60s and 70s around the bay area. now, overnight tonight we are not going to drop as cool as
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degrees warmer than what we saw with increased humidity. tomorrow our high is 81 degrees. our humidity will increase again as we head into the work week, and i will tell you when you are going to see the best chance for rain coming up in the seven-day forecast in just a little bit. >> thanks so much. twice in two months now a tow truck driver is killed while helping a motorist. in both instances the drivers who can killed them acc heartbreaking details of this latest incident and the memorial that's already planned. >> i tend to try to keep my emotions in check. >> reporter: but it's getting hard for tow truck driver ginger darling to control her emotions. >> why is this happening? >> reporter: she will be organizing another tow truck memorial ride. this time for danny hand. troopers say he was helping a motorist early sunday morning
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leandro perez's car hit him. >> how dare you people do this when you drink and drive. how dare you. >> reporter: but darling knows distracted driving can be just as dangerous. tow truck drivers want you to keep in mind the move over law which says if you see flashing lights move over one lane of traffic. if you can't, drop your speed 20 miles below the speed limit. the news of the crash is still setting in for hand's friend. >> sweet. op back. >> reporter: she says he leaves behind a girlfriend and a daughter. both will now be attending a memorial ride in his honor. >> it's my way of giving back to that family. i can't bring back that family member. >> reporter: reporting in hillsborough county, jake beat nb. >> roads are back open in tampa after a deadly hit-and-run involving a bicycle.
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bicyclist in the crosswalk and then took off. the bicyclist died at the scene. so far no arrests have been made. and police just arrested a 27-year-old man in connection to a body found in the pinellas county dumpster. corey dean palmer watkins is lined bars. police believe he is connected to the murder of will hodges. police found his body in a fingerprints at the crime scene. he is charged with second- degree murder. and a heads up before your morning commute. officials in clearwater are working to clean up a sewage overflow. it happened in the 1300 block of gulf boulevard. the sewage flowed for almost 12 hours. traffic on gulf boulevard may be affected for the next couple of days while they try to fix it. and new developments. in less than 24 hours wisconsin election officials are expected
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to finish the recount by the federally required deadline of december the 13th. the recount comes at the request of green party candidate jill stein who also plans to push for recounts in michigan and pennsylvania. hillary clinton just joined the push for a recount, and now donald trump's incoming chief of staff is suggesting that hillary clinton is backing away from a deal worked out between the two presidential campaigns on how the loser would nc clinton's team made a deal with the trump team saying they would call the other candidate to concede 15 minutes after the "associated press" called the race, and that's exactly what happened on election night. still ahead on abc action news at 6, unfiltered commentary. strong reactions still pouring in after the death of fidel castro. and the promises of change in relations between cuba and the
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who broke it up and why police didn't find out until hours
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new tonight the castro stirring up mixed emotions as u.s. lawmakers weigh in on castro's regime and the future of the island nation. melissa rainey reports. >> reporter: as cuba observes a nine-day mourning period, mixed reactions surrounding the death of fidel castro is still pouring in. >> my note is a simple note thanking fiddle for his sacrifice he made. >> for my family who came over here, who suffered.
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>> reporter: american politicians reacted to castro's death, including president obama, who was criticized for offering his condolences. senator bernie sanders said he would have done the same. >> we have had relationships with brutal dictatorships all over the world. the goal is to improve our relationships with the people of cuba. >> reporter: senator marco rubio, a cuban-american, tweeted the president's statement was pathetic. >> president obama is the president of the most powerful country of statement the reality that there are thousands upon thousands of people who suffered brutally under the castro regime. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump tweeted also when the news broke and released a statement calling the former leader a brutal dictator and his legacy is one of unimaginable suffering. senator rubio says he is confident that donald trump
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>> as part of that, do everything possible through our foreign policy towards cuba to incentivize and pave the way to move towards democracy. >> top aides to president-elect donald trump say the cuban government needs to make changes, but wants to keep a better relationship with the u.s. top aides to mr. trump say the cuban government needs to move towards enacting greater freedoms towards their people and be willing to give americans something in return if it wants to president obama. mr. trump's incoming chief of staff says the president-elect will reverse president obama's opening to cuba unless there is some movement from the cuban government on matters including open markets, freedom of religion, and political prisoners. more good news coming in for willie taggart. they stand among the nation's
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z26krz zy6z y26kry yy6y new information. a store owner at a south florida mall allegedly shot and wounded an employee before turning the gun on himself. you are looking at pictures of the scene.
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the coral square mall. officers found a man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and a 52-year-old man in critical condition. the store employee is expected to survive. going viral this brawl at a mall in california caught on camera. we are told a group of deal- hunting shoppers got into it after the mall opened on thanksgiving night. you can see the group of six men throwing punches and kicking each other. mall security broke it up fairly quickly, but they didn't know about it until the video started getting shared. thankfully, no one was hurt, and it's not clear what started the fight. well, it's just hours before cyber monday will kick off, and tomorrow may be a good day to book a trip. experts say slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel deals. some even lasting through the first week of december. trips to the caribbean and
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quite cheap. and what a warm-up today. we didn't have to go to the caribbean to get beautiful weather. >> not at all. i started off with boots this morning. i shed those and went to flip- flops. >> i know. it warmed up nicely. it's a beautiful evening outside, too. here is our clearwater hyatt cam in clearwater beach. just a beautiful day today. we are seeing an increase in clouds. we are going to be seeing a few changes in our forecast. let's take a look at our weather headlines. we will see a quick warm-up for humidity. it felt nice and dry, didn't it? unfortunately, that humidity is going to be on the way up over the next few days. your next real rain chance will be midweek, although it's possible we could see a sprinkle tomorrow. rain chance less than 10%. not really putting it in my forecast. we topped out at 80 degrees after a chilly morning low of 57. normal this time of year a high
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record low 35. current temperatures right now around the bay area are for the most part dropping into the 70s, and overnight tonight we are going to be cool but not as cool as last night. you can see in tampa our lows will drop to 62. we were at 57 last night. in our northern counties temperatures will drop into the 50s, but we were in the mid-40s last night. and the rest of the bay area will be in the upper 50s to around 60. that's 5 degrees warmer than morning hours. not seeing much on satellite and radar. just a few clouds building in. we will put our computer models into motion. you can see it's already overblowing the moisture a little bit. we are going to see winds out of the east, but they will be coming southeast. so we will drag in some warm tropical moisture. you see they paint in a little bit more rain than i think we are going to have. maybe a sprinkle, if that. i think most areas tomorrow will stay dry. really your next real rain
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and this front will be north of florida on wednesday. it should move through the state by late on thursday, and then clear us out and cool us down for the weekend. the water vapor loop kind of shows the story. this is the level of moisture in the upper levels of the atmosphere. you can see that dry air moved in. it's already moving out and the moisture is starting to move in. on the water tomorrow it looks decent. a little bit brisk. winds out of southeast. your high tide today comes just after midnight. so your forecast looks like this. 62 degrees, partly cloudy, not as cool as what we saw last night, but still chilly enough, at least for me, to grab a jacket if you are going to be out late. tomorrow afternoon 81 degrees. a sun and cloud mix with increasing humidity. that will be the story the next several days. you can see in the overnight lows humidity increase, and that does not allow the temperatures to drop much in the early morning hours.
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degrees. our rain chance increases to 30% by thursday. that's when the front moves through and we cool down for the weekend. tom. hello, folks. as we thought, it is a close one tonight at ray jay. seahawks and buccaneers embroiled in a low-scoring game. right now in the 3rd quarter the buccaneers lead it 14-5. jameis winston has found mike evans for two td year-older and a 20-yarder in the 1st quarter. seattle scoring on a safety and a field goal. the buccaneers have sacked russell wilson four times and they have intercepted him once. and the bucs need to win this one. here's why. atlanta keeps the first place in the nfc south. arizona led early. the falcons took the lead in
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td. from here it was just smooth sailing for atlanta. the falcons opened it up later in the quarter on a 2-yarder here by coleman. atlanta beats arizona 38-19. new orleans beats the rams 49- 21. so again the buccaneers need to win this one to keep pace in the division. all right. t.d. garden today another brutal game for the bolts. goalie ben bishop scored a hat trick in the dominic moore takes a hack at the puck and sails right by bishop for a 1-0 lead. you see it right there. later in the period boston scores again. this one bishop had no chance. he is screened out. david backes deflects it. it's 2-0. then for the trifecta jimmy hayes, who hasn't scored a point all season, ends up with a deflection that bishop should have saved. bolts lose their second in a
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okay. willie taggart set a single season win yesterday. they returned the program to the top 25 in the country. ap and the boys break 24th it's the first time the team has been ranked since 2007. they wait to see what bowl game comes calling. they are going to get one of the most exciting offenses in the country. as we all know, it didn't overnight for coach t. >> we knew it was gonna come. we have the learning. i learned a lot, you know. i learned how to deal with people. learned how to deal with tough situations, adversity. not only that. but pass that on tour guys so they can deal with it and get through a lot, you know. but more than anything, just learn people, you know. dealing with a lot of different people. when you go through tough times, i mean, there is a lot of different personalities in
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different ways. dealing with them and helpin them stay together was big time. >> meanwhile, florida state and florida also await their fate as they get ready to face top ranked alabama in the s.e.c. game. fsu moved up to 12th. they will head to the post- season with delvin cook, who will be a very nice addition in any nfl backfield. >> tell you what. you are blessed with certain guys in your career. he is one of them. i can't say enough about them. we see the player and the toughness and all that. but man, the selflessness, leadership, him on the sideline. the way he is in halftimeith our guys, man, i mean, what a dag-gone football player. >> that he is. we are back in a minute and
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your overnight forecast looks like in. 62 degrees. partly cloudy skies. not as cool as last night, but still 62 is cool enough for me to wear a jacket. [ laughter ] that's all i am going to say. tomorrow afternoon 81 degrees with a sun and cloud mix, and humidity will be on over the next couple of days. i know it felt fabulous today. it will feel nice again tomorrow, but not quite as dry. your seven-day forecast looks like this. you see our temperatures slowly increasing there. above normal for this time of year. definitely our overnight to lows are above normal about 10 degrees, actually. your first real rain chance, even though we could see a sprinkle tomorrow, first real rain chance is midweek. >> right. and great weather for the fans at ray jay. >> still up 14-5. 14 minutes
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tonight at 11.
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tonight, a tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from havana. the death of fidel castro. the dictator reigning for decades, defying the u.s. nine official days of mourning here in cuba have now begun. the flags at half-staff. celebrating in the streets of little havana. while here, we meet so many families who now mourn their leader. and what they say about a future relationship with the u.s. also, the cuba backlash. new questions about the renewed ties with america. president-elect donald trump's team calling it a one-sided deal, suggesting it won't last long. and president obama facing some backlash for his official statement.the


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