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tv   Action News at 530AM  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> dangerous job, i'm erik waxler. another tow truck driver is killed while trying to help a motorist. we're hearing the simple
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>> trying to push the false narrative that i was a supporter of the oppressive things that he did is just not true. >> colin kaepernick coming to his own defense after getting booed in miami. now he's clarifying his comments about fidel castro. >> we're letting you in on a cyber monday secret, hundreds of deals expected that most people miss out on. >> plus another look inside the busy amazon warehouse coming incredible operation. thanks for joining us on this monday, i'm dan shaffer. >> and i'm ashley yore in for deiah riley. we're going to start with a check of the weather. i don't know about you by i actually used the space heater this morning. it was a little chilly. >> i tell you what this is going to be the last morning. still hanging on to 50s but 64 in tampa. we have plenty of 60s out there. the cooler spots up to the north, mid and upper 50s. so far this season we've
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the nature coast. it will be a while before we get to those numbers. we're going to warm things up. southeast flow giving us temperatures around 81. a couple of isolated showers. our next front is in the midsection of the country. we'll talk about how that will impact our weather ahead of it and behind it in just a few minutes. and good morning, everybody. that big story this morning as far as traffic goes. it's a crash we are following in ruskin, all the southbound lanes in u.s. 41 are blocked right at fox place. we're told this is an overturned van blocking old u.s. 41 or i-75, your alternates there. elsewhere on the interstates, we're in great shape, a lot of people heading back to school and work today after the long weekend. traffic looking great here through pinellas county on i- 275 and your drive across the bridge also looking good. this is what it looks like at the howard franklin right at the hump there. twice in two months a tow truck driver is killed while
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driver is to blame. this morning we're hearing the simple solutions to stop these senseless deaths. abc action news reporter erik waxler is live now with what others in the tow truck community are saying. good morning erik. >> reporter: good morning ashley. we've all seen tow trucks on the side of the road helping out motorists. they might have their flashing lights up top, they might have their hazard lights on and even cones but it doesn't make a difference at all if distracted. listen, there are move over laws to get a lane over when you see somebody on the side of the road, and there is a lot of pressure that tow truck drivers face when they get to a scene, they've got to help that motorist as fast as possible, but they can actually wait for police cars to come and help and assist and park in an offset fashion kind of off a little bit to provide more protection for the tow truck
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because yet another tragedy over the weekend. the florida highway patrol says a tow truck driver by the name of danny hand was helping a motorist on i-275 when he was hit by an alleged drunk driver, leandro perez is his name. hand leaves behind a girlfriend and a daughter. meanwhile, fellow tow truck drivers are planning a memorial ride in his honor but after another senseless death they are saying enough is enough. >> if you follow the law and move over safely or slow down, this can be preventable. however, if you're going to drink, it's legal, go ahead, but don't drive. you're driving a lethal weapon. >> reporter: yeah, and this is the mug shot of the alleged drunk driver. he had one speeding citation in 2006 that we found and also had his license temporarily suspended for failing to pay a
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manslaughter. he's at the orient road jail and is expected to face a judge for the first time this morning. live in tampa, erik waxler abc action news. 5:35 now, police are still looking for two gunman who shot up a new orleans party in the famous french quarter. a 25-year-old man died, and now we know he was not the intended target. police say two men not believed to be from the new orleans area shot ten people. police say two men started fighting and it escalated into a those men took off. they have not made any arrests but say they do have strong leads. nfl quarterback colin kaepernick clears the air on controversy over comments he made about cuban leader fidel castro. here's what he had to say after being booed at the 49ers dolphins game in miami. >> it's completely out of context. what i said was i support the investment in education. i never said i support the oppressive things that he did.
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columnist, kaepernick praised castro during an interview earlier this week. he reportedly said that castro invested in education while the u.s. invests in prison. kaepernick also wore a t-shirt showing castro's meeting with black rights activist malcolm x. in the start of the season he began sitting in protest during the national anthem at his games. 5:36. today is cyber monday, one of the world's retailers is preparing to set records. >> amazon sold more than 600 items per second last year. wow. action news anchor james tully is live at the amazon fulfillment center in roskin. you said today they're offering literally thousands of deals? >> reporter: literally thousands ashley. you know, this is how you become one of the top ten retailers in the world without
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you have a facility like this. behind me these conveyor belts which i'm going to hear for days in my head after i leave here, is 14 miles of conveyor belts here in a 1 million square foot facility in ruskin florida where we stand this morning. millions of products here, thousands of them on sale, 75 ,000 as a matter of fact. joining me stephanie rashan spokesperson for amazon, okay, 75,000 deals, can we spotlight a couple for our viewers this morning? >> yeah, so some of about are what we have around fashion and accessories and jewelry. >> excellent. >> so you'll see up to 30% off of select brands. these are these cute little sketcher shoes and they actually light up. great for the kids. >> yep. >> not my style, but that would be great for kids. >> they might be a little small for you. >> yeah, maybe a little bit. this is nice too. >> this is a beautiful rebecca minkof cross body clutch, i love it, smooth leather.
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stephanie, but i do know this would save a lot of time in the kitchen. this kitchen aid product is almost half off. >> usually kitchen aid are a really hefty investment. this is under $250. comes in a very festive red color. how much better can it get. >> and you have deals changing by the minute on we've highlighted some of our favorite sales we found. the mixer's on there. there's also some electronics and other things for your kitchen. go you get a chance. guys i'll send it back to you. thanks very much, james, today isn't just about conquering the christmas shopping list, it also might be a good day to book a trip. slow summer travel sales should result in big airfare and hotel discounts. some may even last through the first week of december, trips to the caribbean and europe are expected to be among the best deals. 5:39 now, a man allegedly shoplifts from a new port
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the parking lot and hurts an 82- year-old woman. this morning he's behind bars. police arrested cameron conka after that incident on saturday. they say he took several hundred dollars worth of items from target and walked out. a loss prevention manager confronted conca outside the store that's when police say he took off running slamming into that woman and knocking her to the ground. ultimately breaking her hip. no words on the charges he could face. governor rick scott will be in the bay area to talk about job growth. the governor will be at blue grace logistics west of i-75 in river view. governor scott is scheduled to speak there at 3:00 this afternoon. emerging artists from tv music competition shows will be in sarasota county as part of the all star nation tour. the next three days. singers will be performing for students and speaking out against bullying. that's happening at north point
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booker middle school. the tampa bay buccaneers fans we have to be feeling pretty good this morning. >> great game. the performance the bucs put on yesterday at ray jay is outstanding. the bucs beat the second best team in the conference. jameis winston threw two touchdown passes to mike evans. that's all the offense tampa bay needed as the defense forced seattle quarterback russell wilson into three costly turnovers including an interception by alterraun verner whose father passed away on friday. >> it game and it was emotional at the coin flip, and then backed it up. it's one thing to be emotional, but it's another thing to back it up. we're all on a high right now, obviously a huge win and we beat two good teams back to back. >> the tough games continue next sunday with the game at san diego at 4:25 in the afternoon. good morning from the weather center, milder
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yesterday. we've pretty much gotten rid of the cold air. we're in the upper 50s to lower 60s. this time of year, absolutely. mid, upper 70s, eventually lower 80s this afternoon, the humidity will be increasing as well. as i track a big winter storm, the front is headed in our direction. straight ahead i'll let you know how that impacts our seven- day forecast. and also still ahead, theater goers targeted, how one womaninged to steal managed to steal from people waiting in line to see hamilton. >> an alleged drunk driver slams into a tampa home. the red flags in this driver's record and what's next for the
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welcome back, 5:45. a tampa family of five is homeless again. police say a drunk driver smashed right into their house. this is actually the second time that this same thing has happened to them within the year. abc action news reporter isabel rosales is live at the scene, and isabel, what do we know about the driver's record this time? >> reporter: well, this is actually the third dui arrest for the driver in that crash,
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we're waiting -- the damage she's left behind pretty expensive. that boarded up area, that is actually one of the kids' bedrooms and that is where the car plowed through. neighbors up the street were outside having a bonfire when they say the car came flying down the street at what seemed to be 60 or 70 miles an hour. luckily that family was not home, but what's unbelievable about all of this is this past spring another drunk driver slammed into the same home, and that crash not only was a dad severely hurt, but the family was homeless for six months while the house was repaired. >> trying to think of the positive rather than the negatives, thank god nobody was hurt but i'm not looking forward to being homeless for another six or seven months or however long it takes to find
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asking the city to add some speed bumps or railing on this road, and that driver, danica zagara she's bonded out of jail and faces several charges including levering the scene of a crash and dui property damage. live in tampa, i'm isabel rosales abc action news. >> thanks isabel. sarasota county will celebrate the completion of a major road improvement project this afternoon. the county spent $20 million to turn bee ridge iona road into a four-lane divided road. that's complete with bicycle lanes and a 10-foot wide sidewalk. a grand opening celebration will happen at 2:00 at colonial oaks baptist church. 5:47. we're still waiting to find out exactly who won the huge power ball jackpot over the weekend. no winners here in florida. that lucky person from tennessee and a very lucky person indeed, one ticket sold in lafayette tennessee outside nashville matched all six power
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night. that jackpot worth $421 million. according to lottery rules, that person has 180 days to come forward and claim the prize. tennessee players have pretty good luck, in fact, that state has sold 200 tickets now worth $1 million or more. the largest jackpot going to a couple earlier this year. indeed as i said earlier they're going to be nice and mild along with us days. a big pattern change across the eastern u.s. good morning here from the weather center. i hope you had a lovely thanksgiving weekend. we're back to the grind with temps nice and comfortable. it's easier to get out of bed when temps aren't frigid. we have turned the corner, that cool dry air mass over the weekend is gone at this point here. our next front is in the midsection of the country. you can see the separation of the air mass here. 20s and 30s to the north and west, 60s to the south and east with warm and humid conditions.
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bringing plenty of snowfall this morning across the midwest, northern plains getting in on that as well. wound up low up to the north. the front associated with it, triggering severe weather and we are well out ahead of the system, which will slow down and actually stay north and west of us through thursday and then it does move in. look at that southeast wind bringing some cloud cover, some showers in south florida, i think that's indicative of what will happen for us today the we'll turn mostly cloudy as we get some heating front stalls, but then eventually does move here. we're going to have to wait all week, and all the while we're going to be increasing the temperatures, the humidity, so these dew points are going to go up into the muggy frame here, so a combination will make it feel unseasonably warm and tropical out there. low 80s this afternoon, tomorrow morning have a nice head start with mid-60s through the morning and then really climbing up by afternoon with temperatures in the mid-80s, which is a good 10 degrees above average. our seven-day forecast takes us
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warm and humid air mass, and then the front comes in on thursday just in time for the weekend, drier, less humid and cooler with mid-70s friday, saturday, into sunday. good morning everybody, a lot happening out there on the roads. i can definitely tell people are headed back to work and school. we have three crashes that we're watching at the moment. first one here in spring hill, u.s. 41 partially blocked right at beck lane, actually seeing some roadblock north and southbound. we also is a crash st. pete. this is in pinellas county here, northbound utah u.s. 19 at 54th after. that's where fhp is reporting this crash. however, i'm seeing some delays on 57th heading towards u.s. 19, so i'm guessing the crash is closer to that intersection. we're watching this accident in ruskin southbound u.s. 41 at fox place. use old u.s. 41 or i-75 to work your way around that. dan. thanks janelle, 5:50 now. take a look at this, google
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out why this happened. trump tower in new york, if you looked at it on google map it shows dump tower. that change showed up saturday and other media outlets reported another new york trump tower location was changed to the same name. the proper names of both buildings were restored by sunday morning, but google not commenting on how the names were changed. hundreds of people protesting in western massachusetts this weekend after hampshire college decided not to fly any the school's decision came after they say students burned an american flag in protest of donald trump's presidential election win. veterans and several others waved american flags and held peaceful protests on campus. many vets disappointed and saddened by the school's decision. >> they took down my flag. they have a right to do that. i'm here to defend their right to do that. however, i want them to understand how seriously that hurts me.
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i spent time at walter reed, hanscom air force base. i came home and there's no way i'll let anybody take down the flag. >> the city's mayor stood with those veterans. the college's president did not attend the demonstrations. new york city police searching for a woman stealing from people waiting in line to see hamilton. between may and the beginning of this month six theater patrons have had things stolen. most of the time they were actually waiting after the show to investigators say the woman used the stolen credit cards to purchase more than $2200 worth of items across the city including at macy's stores. she was caught on surveillance cameras at various stores using those cards. a georgia couple now newlyweds after getting married at a grocery store on thanksgiving day. now, while home from a tour in afghanistan four years ago charles tinson went to his local grocery store to buy
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thanksgiving dinner. that's when he ran into mary. the two had met before, but that's the day they both decided to start dating. >> i heard someone say hey, girl, and i turned around, and i said oh, my god. i said larry. i have not seen you in over 20 some yores. >> the grocery store helped the couple plan their wedding including live music and a wedding cake of course topped with cranberries. each guest received a can of cranberry sauce to remember the couple's special i just love that story. >> that's a great story. that's a cool cake too. >> it really is. black friday might be the hardest on retail workers and many of them still recovering right now from a hectic weekend. we're going to show you how one group of target employees celebrated another black friday in the books. >> now plus a woman looking to earn some extra holiday shopping money almost duped out of thousands of dollars. the job she was hired for that
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it's a time of year many people look for part-time jobs to make more money for the holidays, but now there's a warning about mystery shopper scam. stephanie tull in suburban cincinnati responded to an e- mail about becoming a mystery shopper. she applied and a week later tull received a check for $3000. the instructions said she would
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that's when she got suspicious and searched online to learn it was a phony check scam. stephanie was warning others. >> that could be somebody's last little bit of money they have, or a single mom struggling. >> another version of this scam asks you to buy prepaid gift cards to test the store's gift card counter but the checks from these scams bounce and you end up spending your own money on a scammer. to find out if shopper job is legit, you want to check with the mystery shopping providers association at some target workers in new jersey celebrated after a long day of work by trying the mannequin challenge. the group of workers posed for the video near the registers on the black friday. the employee who shot the video and posted it on instagram says it put everyone in a good mood after one of the busiest shifts of the year. >> how'd you like to walk into
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>> coming up, it's one of the top ten retailers in the world, and it's extra busy today as you try to score those cyber monday deals. we're going behind the scenes of amazon and how they're meeting demand. >> plus the election recount appears to be moving forward. the state now jumping on board and the one reason they say it
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live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. from fire sticks to kindles to these little shoes that light up, there are 75,000 deals amazon is offering today. coming up, we'll spotlight a few of them for you. >> also at 6 a car crashes into a tampa house again. this morning the changes that family wants the city to make


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