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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  January 8, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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breaking news tonight. the video just released. the american police officer ambushed. the man taking aim and shooting right into the car. authorities say he pledged allegiance to isis. also breaking tonight, the bloody shootout. el chapo captured. how they got him. and this question now. will he be brought to the u.s.? multiple terror arrests right here in america. two refugees living in the u.s. with suspected ties to terrorism captured tonight in california and texas. authorities revealing why they were so concerned. the mid-air meltdown.
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off the plane mid-flight. the chaos. and tonight you will hear from passengers who helped tie her hands and feet. and powerball hits 800 million tonight, but will it hit a billion by this weekend? and tonight right here the numbers most often drawn. >> announcer: this is abc "world news tonight" with david muir. good evening. and we begin with those ten seconds of terror in philadelphia. tonight we now have the video here. a police officer on duty when suddenly a man walking toward the car gun in hand begins to fire straight into the patrol car. we should let you know the officer does survive. the images, though, are stunning. the suspect take aim at the officer. authorities say he later pledged his allegiance to isis. captured after shooting at officer multiple times, the officer hit. but tonight what is truly remarkable is what the officer did next, not only surviving but taking action. abc's david wright leads us off
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surveillance video shows the moment of the attack. the gunman, dressed in a white robe, charges toward jesse hartnett's police car, his muzzle flashing as he fires off about a dozen rounds. he reaches inside the car with the gun, then runs away. the officer, shot multiple times, incredibly manages to radio in. >> shots fired. 6-0 and spruce. i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> all cars stand by. we have an officer shot. >> this is absolutely one of the scariest things i've ever seen. i mean, this guy tried to execute the police officer. >> reporter: the officer then gets out of his patrol car. his wounded left arm dangling. he fires back and hits the attacker at least three times. >> be advised, officer did strike this male. he's also hit. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> reporter: police say the suspect, 30-year-old edward archer, told them he follows allah and pledges allegiance to
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police say the gun used in the attack was stolen from a police officer several years ago. >> is it your working assumption that this was a deranged gunman or that this was an act of terrorism? >> i don't know. i mean, he doesn't come off as someone deranged necessarily. i mean, more so as someone calculating. i could be wrong about that. but we're exploring all the angles. >> reporter: today investigators with the fbi and the philadelphia p.d. executed search warrants at two addresses associated with the suspect, carting away boxes of evidence. tonight law enforcement sources tell abc news that archer did make two trips to the middle east in recent years but was not on any terror watch list. as for the police officer jesse hartnett, he's now listed in fair condition and expected to make a full recovery. david? >> that's good news. david wright leading us off tonight. david, thank you. we turn now to the other developing headline tonight. the notorious drug lord el chapo
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mile-long tunnel carved beneath his prison cell with full electricity and a motorcycle waiting, tonight captured. here's the poster just released. el chapo now caught. but it came after a bloody shootout. and in the end this is what he looked like when he was found. but there does remain a central question at this hour after multiple escapes. will he now be brought here to the u.s.? abc's gio benitez, who first showed us that tunnel in mexico, back on the case tonight. >> reporter: his head covered in white blanket, the most wanted drug lord in the world, joaquin "el chapo" guzman led away by authorities after six months on the run. mexican marines launching the raid in the drug lord's home state of sinaloa before dawn, killing five cartel members in the firefight. inside the hideout, an arsenal of weapons. .50-caliber sniper rifles. m-16s with grenade launchers. and russian rpgs. authorities track him to a nearby hotel. today that image of guzman in handcuffs sitting on a bed
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the mexican president tweeting, "mision cumplida," mission accomplished. we have him. his july 11th escape through a tunnel under his jail cell practically caught on camera humiliated mexican authorities. that camera capturing him pacing back and forth, removing his ankle monitor, going to the shower area, where he ducks and disappears. abc news was the first american network inside that cell. >> we are entering el chapo's cell. here's that camera. there's that surveillance camera. >> reporter: from the shower into a mile-long underground tunnel dug out by his own team of expert engineers. a modified motorcycle whisking the kingpin away to a half-built house that would be used as a secret escape. it was guzman's second prison escape. his first in 2001, when he allegedly escaped from one of mexico's top security prisons in a laundry cart. in october 2015 guzman was cornered in the sierra madre mountains after a fierce gun battle. still managing to escape. the man responsible for a
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that come into america finally back in custody. >> as you point out, responsible for so many of the drugs that get into the u.s. in the meantime, gio, a lot of talk about whether or not he'll be extradited now fought u.s. >> that's right. there's no question that americans want him here. and while he was on the run, a mexican judge actually ruled that he should be sent to the u.s. if he was captured. but david, there's no telling if >> all right. thank you. we turn now to two terror takedowns right here at home. two arrests tonight, both young men and both refugees living here in the u.s., one in texas, one in california. including this 23-year-old accused of traveling to syria and then bragging that he killed there, then coming back to live in sacramento. there was also an arrest in houston, and abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight on both cases. >> reporter: on his facebook page this 23-year-old from sacramento looks more like a fashion model than a suspected radical. he's seen rapping in a car.
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the fbi claims that al jayab communicated online with suspected isis radicals, joined an al qaeda affiliate in syria, and wrote about shooting and killing enemy soldiers. he and this houston suspect were both arrested overnight on terrorism charges, part of what sources say is mounting evidence that the threat from isis to the u.s. homeland is growing. >> isis has accomplished something that al qaeda never they have inspired foot soldiers all over the west. >> reporter: both men are iraqi refugees, which today sparked another debate about whether the obama administration should let thousands of syrian refugees into the u.s. the two iraqi refugees are among seven people charged in the u.s. in just the past three weeks accused of having ties to isis. >> and pierre thomas with us now live from washington. and pierre, you were telling us earlier there were hundreds of other open terror investigations in this country right now. >> yes, david. these suspects were among the 900 terror investigations that
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so it's all hands on deck. and there's growing concern about the reach of isis here at home. david? >> pierre thomas with us tonight. thank you, pierre. we turn now to the emergency landing and the fear on board a united flight from new york to chicago when a female passenger demanded she be allowed off the plane mid-flight. other passengers joining the crew to help tie her down. and moments later you can hear the applause in the cabin. abc's david kerley covers aviation for us. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the woman who attacked a flight attendant taken down by passengers. >> you [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> reporter: the flight diverting to detroit. >> cross-check complete. >> reporter: within moments of landing handcuffs replace a belt, tie, and body weight used to restrain the woman. it was just 30 minutes into the flight, and fbi agent says in an fbi that brianna farkuharsen got up, approached a flight attendant and "frantically requested to get off the plane." told no she headed to the back of the plane. approaching a second united
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bob fitzsimmons is one of the passengers who helped restrain her. >> she began to rant and rave sort of incoherent sentences, and then she lashed out again. >> reporter: the flight attendant's lip cut slightly, one passenger saying the woman yelled she was bipolar. as she was removed -- [ applause ] relief. and a photo of those who jumped into action. those passengers say they were surprised there were no restraints on board the aircraft, no flex cuffs, no duct tape, which would have helped then restrain the woman. david? >> david kerley at reagan airport. david, thank you. now to maine this evening and the fallout after what the governor said there now being called racist. after talking about his state's drug epidemic saying drug dealers come to maine and "impregnate young white girls." abc's cecilia vega on what the governor is saying now. >> reporter: amid outrage and accusations of racism tonight the governor of maine struggling to explain himself. >> i made one slip-up. i made one word slip-up.
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these remarks about maine's drug epidemic and out of state drug dealers. >> these are guys that are named d-money, smoothie, shifty. they come up here, they sell their heroin. then they go back home. incidentally, half the time they impregnate a young white girl before they leave. >> reporter: today in maine's state house republican paul lepage accused reporters of twisting his words. >> instead of saying maine women i said white women. if you go to maine, you will see that we're essentially 95% white. am i perfect? no. do i want to be perfect? no. because if i was perfect i'd be a reporter. >> reporter: but then an apology of sorts. >> so if i slipped up and use a wrong word, i apologize to all the maine women. >> what about to the black community? they're upset. they think that you're singling out drug traffickers who have been black. >> i never said anything about
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look, you're reading things into i didn't say. >> reporter: lepage vowing that this -- >> half the time they impregnate a young white girl -- >> reporter: -- had nothing to do with race at all. >> and cecilia with us at all. we know maine's governor has endorsed chris christie for president. he's one of christie's top supporters. have we heard from governor christie? >> so far no comment from christie. you'd better believe the democrats are pouncing. the dnc saying in a statement, "by remaining silent governor christie condones lepage's racist comments." david, he's going to have to speak out on this soon. >> our weekend anchor cecilia vega. thank you. we turn to donald trump playing to a packed house in vermont but not everyone inside was a fan. protesters interrupting, getting loud, and trump as you're about to hear, with a message for them and for the security. abc's tom llamas on the campaign trail tonight. >> get him out of here. >> reporter: in burlington, vermont donald trump showing no mercy as protesters repeatedly tried to take him on. >> we've got to get the security moving a little bit faster here.
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we've got to move faster. we're not dealing with tough hombres. >> reporter: then this stone cold punishment. >> throw them out. throw them out into the cold. confiscate their coat. don't give them their coat. no coats. >> reporter: but in enemy territory trump still finding fans. >> who's going to pay for the wall? [ crowd chanting mexico ] >> who's going to pay for the wall? [ crowd saying "mexico" ] >> i've never done that before. that's cute. >> reporter: miles away but in trump's shadow, senator cruz, his iowa bus tour virtually hijacked by trump who keeps reminding voters the texas senator was born in canada. >> i've never breathed a breath of air on this planet when i was not a u.s. citizen. >> reporter: the trump and cruz campaigns are so different especially in the ways they get around iowa. the cruz campaign uses the courageous cruiser, their bus, taken to all 99 counties and even new hampshire. trump of course on trump force
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trump, but his patience may be wearing thin. >> from the six-day bus tour out. iowa? >> well, i feel confident that i'm never going to have a plane with my name painted on it. campaign? it's time insensitive. it's labor intensive. you don't do it sitting back in the easy chair. you don't do it from a tv studio in manhattan. >> reporter: but david, tomorrow donald trump leaves manhattan and flies right into iowa. the polls here are so tight they david? >> tom llamas in iowa every step of the way to election day. tom, thank you. we turn to the extreme weather as we head into the weekend. a winter blast in the west, the snow coming down in beatrice, nebraska tonight. and this driver hitting a snow bank on the highway in monticello, minnesota. now a new storm fueled by el nino powering off the west coast expected to bring more rain. meanwhile, in the midwest an arctic blast coming this sunday. get ready. windchill of 20 below zero across much of this country.
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dramatic day in court for tonya couch. the mother sof kauld of so-called affluenza teen ethan couch going before the judge and her stunning complaint about her jail cell. the sheriff's response, "you're not in a resort anymore." abc's matt gutman back on the case. >> reporter: the suburban mom with the red ringlets appearing in the yellow jail jump sxoout that new mug shot. tonya couch telling the judge she understood she faces up to ten years for allegedly hindering the apprehension of her son, ethan, who lawyers claimed suffered from affluenza in his 2013 drunk driving charge. >> yes, did i. >> reporter: like a celebrity suspect she was whisked over the past week from mexico to l.a. and back to texas thursday. escorted directly from her plane to a sheriff's van. the sheriff himself hauling her to lockup and accompanying her to court. >> she expressed a slight bit of displeasure about her accommodations, and i explained
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a resort. >> reporter: her lawyer objecting to the sheriff's special treatment. >> i don't think he's had any contact with anyone who's been arrested ever. >> reporter: but unable to make her million-dollar bail, couch lockup. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> matt, thank you. now to the economy this friday and the new report out tonight, 292,000 new jobs created in december. that beat the predictions. unemployment dropping now to 5%. meanwhile, we're tracking wall street, slightly calmer today after a volatile week. the jitters in chien p. p the dow closing down just over 167 points. this friday the warning for parents and grandparents after the video you're about to see. the mistake that can change lives in an instant. a car thief speeding away from a gas station. a frantic father running after him because of a child inside. and tonight the list of the most common places this happens. the consumer alert breaking
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the new listeria outbreak. we'll have details. and take a look at these pictures coming in tonight. they mirror the lines across this country. powerball at 800 million. it could hit a billion this weekend. and we ask what truly are the luckiest numbers? when we come back. mpany understands the life behind it. those who have served have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan
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we're going to turn next on a friday night to a warning for families across this country. at least four times in just the last week a car stolen with a child inside. parents looking away for just a moment, and that's all it takes. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: a car thief speeding off with maria castro's minivan near los angeles last night bad enough. but even worse, her 1-year-old son caleb was still inside. >> i just want my baby back. >> reporter: stolen cars and kids make for a terrifying mix. just this week in florida a 6-year-old girl was taken. in philadelphia a 6-year-old boy. >> nothing happened to him. he slept through the entire thing. >> reporter: the adults say they
6:48 pm
just a moment. police warn that's all it takes. >> what do you tell parents who don't want to take their kid out of the car? >> you know, we always tell them it only takes a couple of minutes. unhook them from their seat belt, take them with you inside the store, better safe than sorry. >> reporter: luckily all the kids were found safe. >> hey, sweetheart. you okay? come here. >> reporter: including this shivering 3-year-old girl in new mexico, left stranded in freezing temperatures. tonight little caleb is home too. >> yes, i got him. when he saw me he was like -- oh, my god, he was happy. >> reporter: clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> clantd, thank you yton, thank you. when we come back, the consumer alert, the new listeria case discovered tonight. also the popular new program that has viewers demanding the president now take action to and the white house now responding tonight. and then the dash cam video. state troopers arriving just in the nick of time. you're not going to believe the in just a moment. medicare part d prescriptions, walgreens says, carpe med diem.
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blue bell ice cream back in the headlines, forced to pull all of its ice cream from shelves last year after a listeria outbreak. tonight reporting it has found listeria in its production facility again. blue bell, though, stressing that none of its food has tested positive for listeria, only the facility. to the hit show on netflix tonight, "making a murderer." the white house now weighing in after a petition signed by 130,000 people seeking a presidential pardon for two men convicted of murder, saying the president can't pardon them, that's according to the white house, because they're state prisoners. but tonight the governor of wisconsin where the prisoners are saying he will not be issuing a pardon. and to the new jersey state troopers hailed as heroes, they're deliverymen coming to the aid of a mom and labor. she and dad had been on the way to the hospital, running out of time. and, well, listen to this. >> here you go. one, two, three, push! it's a girl. >> it's a girl! >> the troopers to the rescue. it's a girl they say, and her name is rachel. when we come back on a friday,
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if you take the lump sum of that and pay taxes presuming you're married and don't make any money the rest of the year week, still talking north of 350 million big ones. and the odds you'll win something, 1 in 25. your odds of winning big, on the other hand, are only 1 in 292 million. but you can bet your bottom dollar that's not stopping people from pressing their luck. and the top ten biggest u.s. lottery jackpots have all happened within the last three years. and most often in pennsylvania, indiana, and missouri. and the numbers drawn most frequently in the last four years, 8, 54, 14, 39, and yes, the traditionally unlucky 13. perhaps the most important tip of all, and this one may sound obvious, david-s hold on to that ticket. one for in new york sold a $130 million winning powerball ticket and a year and a half later the winner still hasn't come
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>> unbelievable. linsey, thanks. good luck, everyone. but if not we'll understand why.
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