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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  January 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00,. >> we're following breaking news in orange county where a train that struck and killed a person four hours ago was just moved. it happened near concord street, just north of the linx bus station in orlando. in the last ten minutes, roy, the train moved. >> reporter: karla, the passengers were forced to sit on the train for four hours. because of that, traffic on shut down. just within the past ten train left here. but it's on the tracks that a person was struck and killed. crime scene tape sectioned off
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after orlando police and fire responded to a person struck by afternoon. as rescue crews arrived, they his injuries. >> everybody knows now that they struck a pedestrian. >> reporter: the victim may have intentionally laid down on the tracks. >> it's very sad. who was that person? i'm sure they had a family. >> reporter: i spoke with steve who was originally supposed to pick up his 74-year-old father at the winter park station. but when his father called him and told him what happened, he rushed over to try to get him off the train. >> about three hours. relax. >> reporter: amtrak said they were not letting any of the 198 passengers off the train because there were no reported injuries to anyone on board. after traffic was shut down on concord and amelia street for close to four hours, operations continued and passengers were
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>> why wait until that point that something happens and then you call 911. avoid that situation and just let them out. >> reporter: and amtrak also said they never let anyone off of the train. they did that as a safety precaution. right now we're working to get the identity of that victim. as we gather that information, we will be sure to let you know and you can follow our updates on twitter and our news app. >> and we have more breaking news right now. traffic is backed up on part of i-4 due to a crash involving several cars in orlando. this is a live look at the scene from our traffic camera. you can see flashing lights there. traffic is moving slowly here on i-4 near north orange blossom trail. we're told that the westbound lanes are blocked. we've got a crew headed to that crash right now. we will bring you more information once we get there. the man accused of raping the same woman three times in
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terrell williamson faced a last night. his bail is set at $150,000. his alleged accomplice, hill, who is accused of holding the victim down in one of the attacks is also being held on a $100,000 bond. this morning a cold front passed through central florida. you probably felt it. now the cool air is settling in. george waldenberger is tracking the falling temperatures. george, you're expecting to see the coldest air of the season tonight. >> temperatures dropping into the 50sin ocala. even down into polk county. now, the setup is this. a cool northwest wind and a lot of cloud cover keeping the sunshine out today. the cool air filters in. by morning, we're looking at the coolest numbers on the thermometer we've had all winter. at least up until this point. by 1:00 a.m., we have 40s in our northern zones, including palm coast. by 3:00 a.m., mid 40s in ocala. just ahead, i'm going to update
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as you rush out the door in the morning. remember to download our weather app for free to see how low temperatures will drop tonight. , we're working to get the total number of homes damaged after a tornado touched down in southwest florida last night. take a look at the damage left behind in cape coral. the tornado packed winds as high as 135 miles per hour. we have been talking to residents forced to run for cover during the storm and we're still tallying the damage. we will have the story for you later in the newscast. state troopers have identified the driver whose car ended up in a pond. troopers say 82-year-old jack busard was found inside the pickup. crews pulled it out of the pond yesterday. troopers are trying to figure out if alcohol caused the deadly crash. the f.a.a. is investigating a crash in lake county where a plane fell about 500 feet. fire crews say the plane crashed into a field off of
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it happened shortly after takeoff from gator airport. a neighbor told that you say a helicopter landed near the crash site that was full of brush. >> they had to get an all- terrain vehicle out there if you wanted to see it. >> the pilot of the single engine experimental plane was taken to the hospital. nobody else was on board. state troopers are working to identify the body found in a pickup truck that crashed and caught fire. you can see firefighters working to put out those flames on us-1 near cedar road in oak hill. the crash happened after midnight. investigators say the driver was killed after hitting a pole and a tree. a brevard county mother of four is facing dui charges for allegedly driving drunk with her kids. jacqueline was arrested in melbourne near lake washington and us-1 last night. police say an eyewitness saw her speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. that's when they called for help. the woman is facing dui and child neglect charges. investigators also found open
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she was convicted of dui just last summer. governor rick scott will give his annual state of the state address on tuesday. that's the same day that florida lawmakers start the 2016 legislative session. the governor is expected to discuss a proposed $1 billion tax cut package. an islamic group is asking donald trump for an apology after a silent protester was kicked out of a recent rally. you may have seen this video. it has gone viral on social media. she stood in silent protest at a trump rally on friday. after someone in the crowd pointed her out, an officer escorted her away. >> it was really quite telling and a vivid example of what happens when you start using this hateful rhetoric. >> so far the trump campaign has not responded. covering orange county, the mayor will be sworn in for his
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he won more than 60% of the vote this past november. tony ortiz and sam ings will also be sworn in for another term. the ceremony will be held at the dr. phillips center and it starts at 3:00 p.m. volusia county teachers will be back at the negotiation the collective bargaining sessions have been going on for been made. at the last meeting in december, the teachers reduced the wage request to 3%. if an greet isn't met, they will stop using their own time to do extra work. beginning tomorrow, building a new home in lake county will cost you more money. the new adjusted educational impact fees will support schools and growing population. builders will have to pay $5,800 to build new homes -- build new mobile homes. multi-family homes will cost $8,000 extra. and fees on a single-family
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the powerball jackpot has reached a new record high. $1.3billion. i would take a piece of that. this is the first time that a u.s. lottery has reached a billion dollars like this one. most billboards like this one weren't designed for a billion dollar jackpot. lottery officials are saying don't give up despite the smaller odds. >> it would be really, really unlikely if we didn't have a winner on wednesday. >> and it seems wednesday is the day to play. the odds of at least one person getting that lucky combination this time is 94%. a bill aimed at regulating the fantasy sports industry in florida could be moving forward on tuesday. the legislation would keep fantasy sports from being considered illegal gambling. the discussion comes as critics are trying to shut down websites like fanduel and draft kings, claiming they are
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covering orange county, thousands of people kicked off their day at one of the largest sporting events in central florida. disney held their marathon today. runners had to follow new security guidelines. >> reporter: runners took off just after 5:30 sunday morning on track to run 26.2 miles to complete disney's marathon. forearm emaster sergeant cedric king, the race isn't about time or distance. he served in the army for 20 years before losing both his afghanistan. >> a lot of fighting every day. it's a lot of competing every day. some of those days in the hospital were a lot harder than running this marathon. >> reporter: running with king, more than 25,000 people from all 50 states and more than 50 countries. most of the runners as you can see didn't wear costumes.
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guidelines they must follow this year. no toy guns or selfie sticks. all guests and runners could be searched. >> we did put some new policies in place that are similar to the new policies that have gone into the theme parks that really focus on the safety of our runners and guests. >> reporter: two hours, 33 minutes and 22 seconds into the race a runner originally from brazil who now lives in the orlando area took first place. he has won the past three years. third place, a runner from new york. >> my legs are numb right now. i'm not going to lie. >> the first female to cross the finish line had a similar reaction. >> i feel great. no. i feel pretty tired. >> reporter: the look on their faces says it all. exhausted by accomplished. julie solomon, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> good for them.
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particular incident prompted them to beef up security, deputies will start patrolling on horseback this year. they stopped that two years ago because of health concerns. next on eyewitness news, hover boards were a popular gift over the holiday season. now they're not welcome at a local college. how soon the students will have to get the toys off campus. the damage that a tornado left behind in northwest florida. why it has some in central florida worried. as the cold returns overnight, i will update who will be in hey, guys, it's annie. you know, as moms, we are always looking for new ways to save money. pwell today, i'm going to share with you pa simple tip that could help you stretch
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>> tonight people in southwest florida are picking up the pieces after a powerful tornado touched down in cape coral last night. you can see the damage left behind by the twisters that packed winds up to 135 miles per hour. after a day of surveying the
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be in the millions. >> like a 747 coming overhead and we said oh it's a tornado and we ran and hid. >> reporter: palm trees are uprooted. power lines and poles hanging down and cars tossed and flipped due to the winds. officials are not saying how many homes were damaged by the tornado but cape coral police say a 12-mile area was hit hard. >> sitting on the patio and we started seeing lightning and a big flash in the back. next thing we know we heard like a freight train. >> reporter: more than 100 cape coral firefighters and several additional police officers continue to make their way through the hardest hit areas, making sure that everyone is okay. thankfully no one was killed and only a few minor injuries reported so far. police are telling residents to stay off the roads due to the large amount of debris scattered across the area. >> we got the thing on our phone and we ran in the house. >> reporter: there's a possibility that this tornado
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of el nino, something that may also impact central florida. >> we have a bunkhouse. it's like two blocks down the road. >> the tornado also knocked out power to almost 10,000 people. at last check, that number is down to about 1500. meanwhile the red cross has opened a shelter for residents unable to return to their homes. the florida department of law enforcement plans to update state lawmakers about the thousands of untested rape tests we have been telling you about. a report says it could cost between 8 to $32 million. 9400 kits were not submitted. that update to lawmakers is expected later this week. jury selection is set to start tomorrow in the trial of the main suspect in a jacksonville toddler's disappearance. last week barton accepted a plea deal that would give her up to six years in prison for lying to police. in exchange she testified
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she said he helped her get drugs and had given her cocaine the night her son disappeared in july. mexican investigators are focusing on a secret meeting between the infamous drug lord el chapo and a famous hollywood actor. rolling stone published an article about sean penn meeting guzman while he was hiding. in july the drug king pen made his second escape from a high security prison and recaptured on friday. senator marco rubio spoke out on the encounter. >> if one of these american actors want to go fawn all over a criminal and a drug trafficker in their interviews, they have a right to do it. i find it grotesque. >> the criminal reached out to producers and actors wanting a movie made about him. those communications helped detectives track him down. covering orange county, ucf students only have a few days to make sure that all hover
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ucf officials have banned all hover boards after so many recent incidents of the electronic scooters catching fire. of course it is a nasty weather situation down in southwest florida. here, though, we're just seeing cooler temps. >> yeah. this is typically the coldest time of year. the next four days will be colder than normal. if you like cold weather, you'll like the next four mornings. >> i'll take it for four days and then it can go away. >> now that the sun is setting, this is a great shot of post sunset in downtown orlando. it's 60 in orlando. but we have 50s on the map in ocala, polk county as well. and when you join us at 11:00 p.m. tonight, we will show you which of these locations are dropping into the 40s. again, temperatures dropping quickly tonight. in orlando, we will stay in the
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and then by morning we're at 47 degrees at 6:00 a.m. look at the morning find your location. notice that the coldest air, marion county. down to 36 by morning. if you're in the villages, upper 30s to around 40. palm coast we're about 40. inland flagler county, upper 30s possible. more mild in brevard county. downtown orlando, down to 46 by morning. cooler in zellwood at 43. in lake county, coolest temperatures in the northern sections of lake county. parts of the villages in the upper 30s, low 40s. leesburg at 42 by the morning. this season. inland volusia county will have some of the coolest temperatures at 41 degrees. download our weather app. you put in your specific location and it will tell you to the neighborhood just how chill tee will be hour by hour. then tomorrow, after a cold
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so we will spend the days in ocala and the villages. also titusville. 59. daytona beach. 56. and low 60s, orlando, sanford and kissimmee. these are high temperatures. with sunshine, it will stay cool. but it will be pleasant tomorrow afternoon. you see that h? that's hour cold air mass. now, the front arrived this morning. it's important to realize that it's not the cold front that cools us down but it's the cold air behind the front. that moves in and lingers most of the week. and then by friday, we will begin to warm back up. here is your five-day forecast the weekend always in view. we're in the 40s every single one of the next four mornings with wednesday the coldest at 42. in the afternoon we're in the 60s. then friday we have a high chance for rain. hour high 75. warmer yet on saturday. a few tt2w`t3n@2d" bt@q/.\ tt2w`t3n@2d" "a@q?"8 tt2w`t3n@2d" bm@q4)4 tt4w`t3n@2d"" dztq
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>> afc yesterday. a couple wild card matchups today. the early one, it was a good one. seattle at minnesota. negative 6 the temperature at kickoff. tied for the third coldest game in nfl. no thank you. first quarter, seahawks set up the punt but a low snap ryan tries to run for the first down. you see there's a reason he's a punter and not a running back. vikings did turn it into a field goal. so ahead to the 4th. a 9-0 game. russell wilson not ready for play alive. then hits a wide open tyler locket. he takes it all the way down inside the 10. two plays later just a clean easy pass to baldwin. seat hawks cut the lead to 2. minnesota. dumps it off to peterson. he's got the 1st down but loses
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fourth fumble of the year for peterson. converted it into the go-ahead field goal. vikings drive down the field and set up just a chip shot for blair walsh for the win. for the win. but he yanks it. not even close. heart breaking ending for the vikings. seahawks just praying to the heavens they're still alive. >> we missed a field goal. we lost the game. other than that, they hit kind of a freaky fluky play. you know, we played great on defense all day. you know, we missed a chip shot field goal. so, you know, it's life. >> tough. the redskins and packers in the afternoon game. green bay leads at the half. aaron rodgers has answered with a pair of td passes. we will have highlights tonight on sports night. on to college hoops. much was not expected of ucf this season.
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0-2 they had a chance to prove some of the preseason wrong this afternoon. knights on the road undefeated and 15th ranked smu. started out well for the knights. a.j. davis and one. the free throw puts ucf up in front 8-7. after that everything falling for the mustangs. even their alley-oops. how about this accidentally goes in for 3. sterling brown will take it. then it's nick moore from downtown. smu hit nine 3s today and led by 14 at the half. in the 2nd, ucf trying to chip away at the lead. matt williams from the corner. he got it. but the knights never got any closer than 14. smu improves to 15-0. 88-73 the fine a knights will look to bounce back at home against ecu on saturday. karla. >> thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness news. we will be back tonight at 11:00.
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