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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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great night. developing tonight, police his accomplice. officer said they tacked an elderly woman in her home. >> we want to catch them to put her mind at ease. >> we were there as a neighbor uncovered possible evidence. >> investigators are back out this afternoon where an 85-year- old woman was attacked last night during a home invasion. >> the woman was locked in a bathroom while the suspects rummaged through her home. we spent the day in the while jeff was there police came back to recover something they may have missed during
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>> reporter: police were out here searching through the yards earlier this morning. when we were interviewing one of the neighbors who chased after the suspects in that commendation we may have stumbled upon some key evidence. >> they came around my neighbor's car here on the other side of the oak tree. >> reporter: richard saw the suspects running from his 85- year-old neighbor's house and chased after them. >> when the other guy, the suspect i got a look at, -- >> reporter: this is a sketch police drew from semesters description of one of the neighbor. that is not the only thing sylvester helped police with. as we continued our interview something wrapped his attention, and hours. >> the back he had, here is a hammer i never noticed. >> this isn't your hammer? >> now. i did not notice that because i have only been on here once earlier with detectives and we never noticed it.>> reporter:
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phone from the house and called police expect i am here with channel 9 and as we were walking through like they did earlier with you all to the backyard i noticed inside my yard. they went a few minutes later detectives arrived we were there as they picked up the hammer and logged it into evidence. sylvester and others in this neighborhood tell me they wish they could have done something sooner. >> she is a tough lady and she is resilient. we want to catch them to put her mind at ease. >> reporter: police have not said if that hammer has anything to do with this home invasion. here is a look at the suspect in this case. if you have seen him call crime line.
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right now people living in southwest florida are cleaning up after another tornado hits the area. this is the second time in a week. this is damage to the whiskey creek area of fort myers late tonight. the national set -- the national weather service determined an ef one tornado went through that area. this weekend cape coral saw another tornado less than 10 miles from today's damage. this morning's heavy downpour and strong wind caused trees to fall into the roadways. many people who live in the area said they had to hunker bathtub. >> the wind started swirling and my husband put me in the bathtub. damage including the roof being torn apart. luckily no one was hurt. this was what looked like our area. a storm chaser was caught in springs. we are expecting similar storms
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coming up, tom terry is tracking when our next system will arrive. >> reporter: teenagers connected to armed robberies are off the streets of orlando. police say 17-year-old dennis barnes and 60 christopher burke are involved with at least five cases. according to investigators to do a broken occurs, stealing phones, wallace and in one case the car. the car that was stolen detectives say was used in dozens of other crimes for the victims of these crimes. teenagers may be back on the streets them. >> if they are under aged to basically get, really, no punishment. that is the truth of things. >> police said this is not the first time dennis barnes has had a run-in with the law. why should we told you he was arrested for his role in attacking a man. police have said they believe that attack was actually a hate crime. orange, deputies say the resident who stabbed a man trying to get inside their home won't be charged for his death. investigators said the burglar tried to get into one of these units at the oak reserve apartments in winter park one
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the time stabbed him and that man died from the injuries. residents told us even now there is no longer a threat they still plan to protect themselves. >> be more cautious and be aware of our surroundings. >> investigators say the burglar was caught trying to get into the same unit last month or so far there are no leads as to what he was looking for today . eta 10 of each firefighter is now under an internal investigation tonight, accused of using a city ambulance for personal use while on the clock. only eyewitness news got this footage from the daytona beach police station where at least one stop was made in that ambulance. the firefighter apparently met someone there to drop off kids that you can see them read the ambulance and get into that suv. >> that is not what you usually see at the drop off land. pmo arca behind bars in lake county accused of forcing himself on a customer. back investigators are trying to find more victims.
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lake county jail. police are here. >> reporter: police said they don't know if those other incidents are criminal in nature but they were enough to grab their attention and search for other victims. leesburg police say 33-year-old second assess improperly touched a woman in the back of the cappadocia art store. the business was closed when we showed up in mall customers we spoke with were stunned. >> no one has a right to touch you in any way or force themselves on you or take advantage of you rick >> reporter: the arrest affidavit says the 20th real victim was the only customer in the store and she says the suspect who was the only employee there at the time put his arm on her to guide her around and let her to the back and forced himself on her. the victim told police the suspect may curve just made her feel like she owed him for merchandise he gave her that she didn't want. >> if i was the only one mr. i
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>> reporter: the woman was reluctant to press charges but concerned for other potential victims. investigators are looking into other incidents including one that was reported to mall security expect we hope there aren't any other cases. if anyone was a victim or was involved in suspicious activity with that individual we would ask that they come forward and speak to our detectives export documents said the suspect acknowledged kissing and hugging the victim, claiming she asked him for his number and left with a smile. police booked the suspect and charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment. the suspect remains behind bars at the county jail on $30,000 bond. his arraignment is scheduled for next month. volusia county deputies are trying to piece together how a missing man ended up dead in a river. we brought you this as breaking news at 4:00. 42-year-old walter mckinnon was found in the st. johns river in deberry. deputies say he had been reported missing on monday by his family and the cause of his death has not been released.
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with manslaughter in the death of a grandfather. deputies do not believe 51-year- old ward buchanan meant to kill 67-year-old hermann her radio. the men got into an argument earlier this month as ready and walked the dogs with his granddaughters. deputies said the confrontation was over a truck and buchanan hit the victim. her radio fell, hitting his head on the concrete and later day. be the trial the man accused of killing his wife and her children has been delayed two days before it was expected to start. the state intends to seek the death penalty if the man is convicted of the martyrs. does martyrs for today and judge granted the state's motion for a continuance two days after the us supreme court ruled the florida's method for sentencing people to death is unconstitutional. our legal analyst says that delay was a wise move. >> this was a very wise decision by the judge in this case.
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he is waiting for guidance from the florida supreme court. >> the judge in the case did not specify how long the trial will be delayed . two weeks into the new automated trash pickup and the service is still causing major delays for folks leaving piles of garbage along the road. this is what we found along brown wrote in christmas for residents either trash has not been picked up since dismissed time. one woman told us she also did not get the new bins for the automated pickup picture called the county and was told they are on backorder. >> if you are not ready to implement this program then be ready to pickup the trash that is here. >> we called and her trash was finally picked up just after 3 pm. the county says it still has crews working extra hours to clear the backlog in the trash. meanwhile the county says it is working to reach out to every resident who called complaining about their trash sitting on
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system rolled out january 1 but on the fifth we told you how some residents garbage did not get hauled away because special collection brand last saturday to catch up. to make sure you are following the new rules the pickup days etc. about how to put out your trash log onto . the man who was shot trying to rob a gas station in cocoa is the same guy who robbed a credit union in rockledge. 31-year-old [ indiscernible ] is the man you see right here. he got away with an undisclosed amount of cash. in less than a week investigators say he tried his luck again at a chevron and cocoa. his luck ran out and he was shocked by the owner. we discovered central florida has a growing problem with unlicensed and uninsured contractors because he says people are advertising to do construction work on craigslist investigators say contractors like these are putting homeowners at risk by shifting liability to them and their
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on the job. >> i just hope that other people come forward if it has happened to them. you can do this to somebody else. it is not right and not fair. >> if you believe you are a victim of unlicensed contractors there is a number on your screen that you can call. hyatt hotels is a credit card data breach includes three orlando locations. hyatt says customers credit card information may have been accessed between mid-august in early december last year at the hyatt regency cyprus, orlando and orlando international airport locations. the hotel is asking customers to take their accounts closely. a 13-year-old is facing serious charges tonight after he admitted to us he stole a school bus. >> i took off the brakes and just took off. >> the joy ride got him in trouble with the law. after our first weather rolled through this morning i
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another round of possible the weekend. the lengthy recovery a
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doctors are hopeful they
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who was hit by a stray bullet yesterday. >> the victim is still in hospital recovering but is finding comfort over a suspect's arrest. kathy broke the news of the rest to his relatives late today. >> reporter: deputies believe convicted felon 22-year-old jai brown opened fire yesterday morning near rio grande and americana, striking 21-year-old christopher peck in the lake. peck's uncle told us his nephew was on a truck delivering an appliance when he was hit and collapse. the pain was and still is intense as he recovers from intricate surgery on both legs to reconstruct an artery. >> he has pins through his leg trying to hold bones together. first they have to make sure the vascular surgery works for one set is fine and healed they have to go back in and do surgery for his phone. >> reporter: deputies were in the area working something else when the shooting was reported. they say they saw brown with a gun and chased temperate they lost him for a few moments and say when i caught up the gun was gone.
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in the last two weeks. one left another victim in critical condition. the peck family is relieved the one deputies believe that this has been arrested. >> it was not going to be able -- he is not going to be able to the thing -- to do the things he used to do. it looked really bad when i first saw it. it is hard for him because he knows his life has changed now. >> reporter: before he ended up in hospital christopher was working two jobs to put himself through college. >> brown is on joe i know bond facing charges for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and improper display of a firearm. he is not facing charges for the shooting right now . the teenager admitted he stole a school bus and took it on a joyride. 13-year-old andre johnson came up to reporter jeff deal as he was preparing to go live on the air today for johnson was arrested after police say he took the bus from a lake county school bus depot yesterday afternoon. the bus driver stopped to use
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to a field trip. when she came out minutes later her bus was gone. >> i thought somebody was in it so i waved. i went over there and i noticed a but it was in it. i noticed the keys was in it. what i said is i always wanted to be a bus driver. and drive a bus. >> and so he did. johnson is 13 and admitted he crashed a few times along the way damaging some signs and a bus. -- in the bus. police quat -- caught him quickly. >> new tonight in orlando company accused of defrauding the state's medicaid system has been suspended from the program. the owner of tranquility healthcare solutions is accused of recruiting homeless people and billing medicaid $250,000 for services that were never performed. christina benson was arrested in march and pleaded not guilty to the charges for the state says it stopped payments to the company on march 26 and issue the final suspension order in
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cyprus grove park christmas light display seems to be a victim of its own success are back in december we told you orange county had to cancel the event after people complained about the traffic. now the parks department says it cannot do the same event anymore that is looking for ways to keep it alive in the future. >> there was a lot of traffic for the event but it is the holidays. there is traffic everywhere at christmas. it was no worse than anywhere else. >> the county is looking at reengineering other holiday events like the cracker christmas event on the east side in the event atmos park. most changes will have to do with parking. things are going to get rough saturday night into sunday my. >> we are going to get another big storm we could have more extensive wind damage and a little stronger than what we had today. we are on the edge of having a whole wall of when to move there with severe weather.
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cape coral, second tornado in six days for the last one was saturday. today about a 50 yard across, hundred mile an hour wind storm tornado moved through . rainfall totals today, we also had wind gusts over 45 to a peak of 52 reported today. we had a lot of heavy rainfall. those storms moved through really fast break storms were moving at 60 miles an hour today and will move about 60 miles an hour again on sunday. very early in the morning. most of you probably will be asleep when it comes by. make sure you have your app and your weather radio ready to go. we will be watching this for the weekend. low clouds and tonight. tomorrow. not a bad day. low clouds in the morning. a couple of sprinkles here and there but overall not too bad. tomorrow. back in the upper 70s or low 80s
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early. the sun is still pretty low in the sky. the storm was here this morning . it is in the northeast now. that is how fast things are moving. a very progressive pattern. on sunday this is barreling through texas and will develop a storm system and role in early sunday morning. one of the problems we have it el nio is the timing of it. we will generally get the worst weather, the deadliest storms in the early morning because you are not awake to take cover. 2 pm is looking pretty good tomorrow. by early sunday morning, late saturday night and early sunday morning here is 3 am. heavy storms rolling in. this will bring some very strong wind and bouvet 60 miles an hour. we could get wind gusts over 60 but i am concerned because the low pressure center it self will be close by but we will have a lot of what we call vorticity, a lot of rotation
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tornadoes out of this. we will be watching things very closely, very early on sunday morning. we will be her life with all of us watching this start. 55 mile an hour wind and tornadoes are possible early sunday. stay aware of what is going on this weekend. the weekend is always of you, storms early sunday.
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residents to lock their cars after they say tree of of suspected burglars try to get into hundreds of vehicles police arrested 20 were -- 20- year-old thomas jordan and to make others for the suspects admitted to trying to get into at least 300 cars and stealing from the unlocked once. police caught the suspects using video from home security cameras. summit county district leaders are working on a new program to help families in used to help find parents jobs and homes in hopes of inventing homelessness. organizers say the goal is to serve about 2000 families. they need about $200,000 in donation. trapper caught three hogs this morning in edgewater where we told to wild pigs were destroying lawns. we were there yesterday as they placed these traps for neighbors living on 35th st. said the pigs started coming into the neighborhood around christmas time they were tearing up the grass and looking for rubs.
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work will still get center. daytona leaders will vote on whether to authorize the large expenditure. the old center is also a senior center. residents and workers say they have outgrown the facility. if approved the new center will be billed off howland blvd., east of i-40. disneys hollywood studios are making room for the new star wars and toy story attractions but that means something has to go. some of those rides are going to say goodbye. >> on april 2 the lights motors action extreme social will close for that includes tearing down the iconic your full tower. the lights, motors action show will still run daily intel closing date. >> kristin is in now. it turned out to be a great day for golf. >> a lot of celebrities at the
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>> 65 celebrities taking part in the tournament. all play per $100,000. this includes the braves trio, all hall of famers in baseball. this wimbledon for a birdie. he is sitting in fifth. stableford scoring. right now he is 17 points back from marty fisher. he will tee off with the leaders tomorrow. meanwhile, espn college football analyst danny cannell also teed up this weekend. i caught up with him to get his thoughts on florida state quarterback situation. >> i think it is going to be in wide open competition for whoever plays the best. that is what makes a true talent rise to the top. that is how it should be. i felt last year was kind of a reset your for florida state. they have a lot of young players because they next year there will be right in the mix. >> before the season began all eyes were on a 7 foot before
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on a 7'6" tocco fall. it is hard to miss him. maybe we should have been looking at a different use the f big man. 6'10" 325 pound justin mcbride will lead you see of against east carolina tomorrow. mcbride comes in playing his best basketball season. the big fellow averaged 15 points and seven boards last week. he also had an eight point an 8.13 rebound effort. he will hope to replicate tomorrow. >> every day we bring it with the same intensity, the same energy and passion because that is what is necessary. the coach preaches that. that is what we really try to embody, come in every day whether we lost the night before a whatever, we, and be consistent. >> tipoff is tomorrow at 4:30. >> tampa bay made it official today, introducing dirk kotter as their new head coach for cutter is the fifth different years. they worked wonders with janice winston in 2015.
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4000 yards and 22 touchdowns as the head coach cutter will still call plays but may have less time to work with janice. >> we have quarterback, more than one quarterback, but especially our lead guy in jemez who wants to be coached, is eager to be here. it will have to change a little bit but trust me, i will be spending plenty of time with him. >> olindo pride made three
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165 people got quite a scare with their florida bound flight hit severe turbulence. an american airlines flight from new york got caught in a storm your vero beach for turbulence rocked the plane so hard it flight attendant had her nose broken. five passengers were taken out on stretchers with minor injuries after the plane finally touched down in miami. >> it was earlier today. will have more turbulent late saturday night and early sunday. a big stores -- storm system on the way. you can tune into eyewitness news this morning starting tomorrow bright and early. >> stay with us throughout the weekend with a rough weather
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