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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00, coverage you can count on. new tonight, parents gather to demand answers after fights and threats of a shooting at a local middle school. >> i would hope they would step up and do something. >> now the school is taking action to address the violence. >> and tonight parents at mate land middle school packed a pta meeting. >> yesterday we told you that police had stepped up patrols at the school after threats of a shooting surfaced online. ty russell spent the night listening to parents' concerns.
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>> greg, i didn't do an exact count but there were clearly more than 100 people here and some parents had to stand for that 3 hour meeting. we were inside as frustrated parents spoke out after hearing of alleged gang violence and a threat. we learned one student was jumped by 5 students and later that night a different student posted they were going to jump a classmate. school leaders didn't show us that post and would only say students involved were suspended. parents also expressed their frustration in an uptake in school fights on campus and they didn't know the exact details about the fight and school threat. >> that was a little disturbing. there wasn't much information given out. >> do you think the school was able to provide parents real solutions tonight on how their
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doing. we shared all of our procedures with them and we are forming the committee. >> now, the principal told me that committee will be for parents to address some of the school's safety concerns. the health administrators know what to expect next. whether it's in the bus line, parents will notice an uptake in police officers tomorrow. we are following some breaking news in orange county. deputies are investigating 2 armed robberies they believe could be connected. the first one happened at a dollar store. the other was reported at a dollar general store not far away. investigators say the suspect in both was wearing a batman mask and batman t-shirt. also developing tonight the city of orlando is offering $75
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a new ucf campus downtown. together the properties are valued at more than $40 million. taxpayers will cover road improvements but the project is not a done deal. it still needs funding from the state. tonight the investigation continues into the clairemont day care can director arrested on child abuse charges after a coworkers captured this video right here. her striking and throwing a 4- year-old boy to the grounds. she was already on probation for stealing from a former day care. her former boss said he was surprised she was working in another day care. >> we were very surprised because we made sure that this was informed to the proper authorities so she would not center. >> dcf said the day care had documents showing she passed a
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she is expected to go before a judge on friday. a homeless camp planted outside a government building was really a center for crime. we told you when dozens of homeless people were removed last friday. today 2 under cover officers who stayed with the group say that while police and media were not there they witnessed drugs, fights, prostitution and extortion. chief defended his position to imbed some of his officers. >> leaders emerge and try a shake down. it happened during world war ii. >> at least 25 arrests were made during the time. there is no word on what caused a mobile home to go up in flames and the fire marshal plans to bring a dog to the scene tomorrow. one neighbor thought she heard an explosion right before the fire broke out. everyone inside the home was
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died in the blaze. today a grand jury indicted a man accused of killing his girlfriend and leaving her body in the trunk of a rental car. we first told you about this story back in december when jiz man samuel called 911 from the trunk but by the car was found it was too late. he is being held tonight on no bond. 9 investigates is digging into a plan to spend nearly $18,000 to promote a road project. >> last night we told you about a possible project of interest hiring the company to do that. concerns to commissioners tonight. they said they are going to take some action now. >> well the point seena parkway is closed until april but county commissioners tell me they plan to open a review of the company they hired to conduct the project.
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b will get up to $17,000 to promote the opening of the point seena parkway. but b and b is married to john jen en, the assistant director for the county road and bridge department. he is also listed as a manager of the company on paperwork filed with the state. we he tracked down cheryl at the county building this afternoon and they said b and b had done several events for the county in the past. i asked her if it was a conflict of interest. >> any concerns about this whole thing going forward. >> i can't talk for the other commissioners but i will see what our policy is at the county can and certainly i will be better educated for myself and see if there are any particular issues. >> we found commissioner brandonering ton as he arrived tonight. he, too, was unaware there may be a conflict.
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he said they must have passed some process. >> we don't look at financial records and things that come before us. we don't look at 990s of every agency that comes before us when it comes to a contractual issue. so i would tell you most commissioners would have that same opinion. >> and commissioners do standby going with an outside company to talk about and let people know here in point seena about when this road will be opening. they say it is a huge undertaking. a lot of people don't know where it is or when it's going to happen. we are getting a new look at the aggressive shooting of a police officer in the middle of a busy road last friday. the helicopter captured this after police shots were fired at an officer and then took off running. track him down at the 417 and airport boulevard.
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murder and other charges. deputies try and solve a home invasion. someone broke into this home. they stole jewelry and killed tamara. right now deputies are desperately searching for any leads and are offering a 6000- dollar reward. >> we will be checking with police to see if officers arrest 2 middle schoolers accused of attacking a homeless man, then lying about it. >> law enforcement is investigating an encounter 2 students had with a stranger on the way to school this morning. >> that was a robo call that went out to students and parents today. investigators say the students first told them a homeless man stole their phone and bit them. but they now believe students are the ones that started the fight. the fight happened off campus. we will be checking this spring to see how much money it
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through 8 school after a major snag. workers discovered that the ground there sits on a layer of muck that could cause the new building to crack and actually sink. we learned the unsafe soil could cause them to relocate the structures all together which would put some buildings closer to homes. >> i would not want a 3 story building behind my house. so we'll just have to see what happens. >> school leaders hope to have a decision on how to move for forward by may. grief counselors were on hand today as a high school dealt with the loss of a popular teacher. she taught math and was a recent nominee for teacher of the year. her body was discovered in her home yesterday. police believe her he tranked husband -- estranged husband broke into the home and took
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a woman murdered in her downtown orlando apartment had a blood alcohol level of nearly 3 times the legal limit when she was killed. tonight security guard on first degree attempted murder in the death of 27-year-old sasha. today we he got the autopsy report which showed traumatic wounds on her arms and hands. vetors say she fought for her life. to prevent any more driver's license fraud. last week an employee along with an interpreter not an employee were arrested. investigators with fhp and the department of homeland security won't say if the more than dozen people were being monitored by the government. the tax collect or said she wasn't alerted to any threats. found millions of dollars have been withdrawn from
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the city's general fund. the florida supreme court said it's okay for a city to make a profit and pull into the general fund for spending. people that live there say after fights for rates they are tired of of being nickeled and dimed with some of the highest rate in central florida. >> do you worry they are taking a profit on the back of your water bill? >> if you look at the bills, yeah. >> the transfers are necessary to run the water utility from day-to-day. dozens of local teachers and school workers rally tonight for better pay. why the teachers say their fight is about more than just money. low clouds and areas of fog developing tonight, then i'm watching this, our next storm system and the impact it brings later this week. plus the battle over whether a million dollar
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you're watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 11:00 with gregoire math, martha and chief meteorologist tom terry. new tonight in seminole county school teachers aired their frustration. >> we showed you dozens of teachers rallying outside the meeting.
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and angela you found out the 2 sides do have plans to talk despite this impass. >> that's something they are allowed to do and it's set to happen next week but teachers tell me they still wanted to show up to make their point in person. >> enough is enough. >> rallying for teacher raises, a sea of red entered tonight's school board meeting. >> praise is wonderful but it won't pay the mortgage. >> inside it continued to a packed house. >> but you the board play by your own rules. >> and sometimes contention us crowd. >> excuse me. >> we have one person at the podium at a time. >> many blasted the district tore walking away from recent negotiations. >> you are taking money out of the insurance spot and shipping it to my salary pot. when school board members
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part time job than third year problem. >> we went to school board members for comment but they said legally they can't talk during an impass and posting this on the website reiterating officials are ready to bargain. when that happens the overall to priority. >> we just think in a county like this as they lead in so many other things they ought to be leading to how employees can be retained and shown appreciation. >> now, if the two sides don't reach an agreement a third party will most likely step in to try to settle this. both sides are open to accept. angela jacobs, channel 9. meantime orange county teachers claim the way the state evaluated them resulted
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only 2% hit highly effective. the teacher's union said the union changed the way some teachers were considered effective, which is above average. in seminole county, leaders are set to amend the city's line. the county ordinance requires cans. the county rules apply to residents living west of i. 4 and a small portion of the county immediately west. we will be back in court tomorrow as the seminole county man tries to prove he should get half of a lottery win. trying to prove he did not have a binding contract when she purchased the winning ticket. he claims he paid for it and the couple made a verbal
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but her attorney claims she was engaged to another guy. >> he said the agreement was only as effective as they were together and the evidence is clear they were not together. >> we checked with our legal analyst. who said he is highly unlikely to receive a penny of those winnings. beautiful day, no complaints. going to keep it around? >> we have big changes coming. it's going to be a wild ride the next two weeks. we have several cold fronts. much colder next week. storms in the middle. quiet, though, tonight. ground hog's night. 69 in deltona with a mild southeastern breeze. we are still in the 70s for the most part and that is with an on shore breeze so that shows you how warm the air is. temperatures will slowly fall tonight but tomorrow back in the 80s, although more cloud cover. it's going to be stubborn getting rid of these clouds.
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throughout the afternoon and evening elsewhere throughout the day. then friday briefly clearing before we get more rain late on saturday. the hits just come one after another. 74, mostly cloudy at noon. by 2:00, we will keep the clouds around at least mostly cloudy. bits of sunshine late in the day and if we can get enough, heat will get to 84. 85 in winter haven. here's our storm right now. the tornado watch across tennessee has been allowed to expire. we've had 7 tornado reports right in this area earlier tonight. and fortunately we continue to see just some damage. we certainly have much better warning now with our technology that we did 10 years ago. we will see the cloud cover for tomorrow.
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of late day showers i'll be tracking between 4:00 and 6:30 tomorrow evening. now thursday our front will bog down to the north. we will get some rain in our western zones and start to get things moving along. here's 2:00 for sumter, the villages, scattered all through just at the time you're trying to get home, trying to get the kids from school. we'll have a pretty good coverage of rain, including some heavy downpours along the east coast into thursday night. then yet another storm here saturday, starting out quiet earlier in the day. sunday morning we will be watching this low in the gulf. could bring some more severe weather to parts of florida. and let's hope our luck holds and we don't have a big tornado outbreak. the weekend always in view. increasing chances for rain.
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thursday. friday looks good. saturday late day rain again and much cooler for super bowl sunday and next week cooler still. this local veteran's advocate says he is now in need for help. coming up the struggle he's having with his own care. i'm bryan shields. tomorrow on eyewitness news we're going to watch out for the areas of fog and update the timing of that next front and how much warmer it's going to
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charter schools and transformation additional schools are set to fight over tax dollars. lawmakers disagree on how much each side should get. charter schools rely on traditional funding and face years of cuts and had to raise money. the legal blood alcohol limit could be lowered if the feds have their way. the national transportation board is pushing to lower the limit to .05 t. agency says alcohol is to blame for about 33% of state fat alties. right now hawaii is the only state to lower. marion county firefighters were able to save the majority of this duplex. one corner of the building took most of the damage. the fire started at the back of
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court in the marion oaks section of ocala. no one was inside at the time but the cause of the blaze is under investigation. a local veteran's advocate said he needs help. he struggled to get adequate treatment. he is dealing with skin cancer, breathing and foot problems. he told us he was getting great care at the va outpatient clinic until the past year. we contacted the va medical center and were told someone would be contacting him directly. a 400 million-dollar rising project is now finished and some early reviews are coming back positive. fans got a first look last weekend. some of the improvements include.
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you can see a complete tour of the speedway, watch this sunday at 12:30 p.m. right after eyewitness news at noon. this is your 11:00 clock sports presented by lexus of orlando. >> tomorrow is the greatest day in a fax machine's life. ucf expected to receive 3 from right here in florida. early in december he quickly received commitments from players, then yesterday the knights added 4 star offensive line man out of georgia, a huge get for them. as long as none of them change their minds it could be a good day for ucf. the school is holding a signing day party tomorrow breaking down in our signing day special starting at 6:30. meanwhile at disney, every
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hoping to be the next derek henry. training with tom shy this week along with several other former college stars. shaw is widely regarded as one of the premier trainers in the country helping players get ready for the nfl draft every year. >> tom is a great trainer and he trained a lot of elite guys preparing for the draft. i just wanted to come out here and be trained a little bit. >> in pref arrested county -- brevard county spending some time in the hometown of the new orlando city b team. eastern florida state college, orlando city will use to develop major league players. they didn't do much soccer today. they spent the morning doing fitness tests. assistant coach said today was
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>> it's a gauge and we do things from time to time just to see where guys are so we know and also they he know that it's pretty clear when you do these things the guys that need to do a little extra work. as for high school soccer the bishop girls -- marie and carolyn davis each had 2 goals while sara with 6 saves. will now face the defending champs in the the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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america runs on dunkin'. low clouds developing now. will be up bright and early tracking any fog for you. temperatures warming up quick but lots of low clouds, temperatures in the 80s tomorrow. >> be sure and watch news tomorrow starting at 5:00 and get your weather and traffic information every 10 minutes. >> thank you for watching eyewitness news tonight, we'll see you back tomorrow. until then, take care. >> have an interesting story you want us to report, just tweet us at wftv.
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