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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00 the, , coverage you can count on. developing tonight, the fbi is investigating a data breach at the second largest university in the nation. >> it can happen anywhere, you know. >> and we found out investigators believe the breach could extend will beond the campus of ucf -- well beyond the campus of ucf. >> they say they'll send letters to more than 60,000 people affected. >> that affects current and
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ty russell is on campus and even though you found out letters are being sent, some may never get that notification. >> reporter: we got our hands on the letter to current and former employees along with hundreds of student athletes. we found out many of them won't be getting this letter because they haven't been on campus since the 80s. >> my god, when i found out, i completely freaked and called my father. >> reporter: eyewitness talked to thomas hodge who used to work on campus. tonight, his social security number could be in the hands of a thief. >> this place scares me, especially if my social security gets taken away. >> we have more than 60,000 people's info's information was hacked, along with student athletes. ucf didn't say anything because they didn't know who was affected but tonight they have a list of victims. we asked campus leaders who told us resident assistants,
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study jobs dating to the 80s. >> we want everybody to be aware of it. >> reporter: after that we received a letter the university doesn't have the correct address. the names, socials and employee id numbers were hacked even though they know who was affected they didn't respond to how they're making sure everybody gets that letter since some addresses are old. >> we did some digging and the fbi is getting some help from investigators are sending out warnings tonight because they want to know if any others are affect want them informed. ty russell. affected, log on to right now orlando police are
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shot a man outside her condominium and left homes and cars riddled with bullets. they say several men got into an argument, then one opened fire. the victim was taken to the hospital where he's being evaluated right now. right now rain is still falling across parts of central florida and the totals are really starting to add up. >> they really are. we felt it out, that cooler weather is moving on in. >> after three days in the 80s it's back to reality and february weather. rain on the eastern side here, there's cold front mixing here as well, and we had a record two point three inches of rain, still some light showers now in daytona beach, about 6/10ths in downtown orlando where we judge had our last organized batch of rain. move over towards the 417, the ucf campus, working towards the deltona area, with the last bit of rain on the west side of daytona beach and up by ormond beach along the coast where we're getting some pretty good
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near titusville, and port saint john all the way near melbourne floor dana flord ana beach. we'll see some 60s coming up. >> and our meteorologist will be tracking the cool down throughout the night and let you know what you can expect in the morning on eyewitness news this morning starting at 5:00. new tonight the grandmother of a young boy who was hit by a truck earlier this evening in titusville says drivers speed >> he always watches for cars because they always fly down this road. >> a neighbor says when she ran over to see if the boy was okay he wasn't breathing, but shortly after he came to. police say the driver did stop. condition. florida is under a health
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officials try to prevent the spread of the zika virus. 12 people in five counties have contracted zika abroad. mosquitoes here in florida don't have the virus, but governor rick scott enacted the health emergency to help prevent it from spreading. >> to keep there from being a real outbreak and contained it to the areas where it's being found and that's a wise thing do. >> mosquitoes here in florida can become infectd if they bite someone with zika. that mosquito could then spread it to someone else. there's been one case in texas of it being transmitted sexually. new tonight orlando police are being credited with solving the rape of an ohio woman dating back five years ago. police arrested 33-year-old travis back in november for breaking into a business. when investigators entered his blood into the dna database, they matched with an unsolved rape case in ohio from 2,011. he's now facing rape, kidnapping and burglary charges. a three-month murder investigation landed an orlando
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police say it started over a dispute between lovers. paul is charged with first-degree murder and is being held without bond. he told authorities he fired his 357-magnum in self defense killing his roommate and lover, sean, but text messages revealed he threatened for days to shoot him. davis died inside the couple's condo. a deputy is recuperating after he was shot during a confrontation with an armed suspect. we've been following developments in this story since it was breaking last night 810:00. today we got some cell phone -- last night at 10:00. we got cell phone video of deputies trying to fire at the suspect. he fired at them forcing them to shoot back. he was hit and died. the deputy was shot in the leg. >> i'm glad he's -- his life was preserved. these fellace and ladies put their live -- fellas put their lives on the line every day.
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at the time of the shooting. a seminole county man was ordered half million dollar lottery prize. he says he was entitled to half of the winnings because of a verbal agreement between him they would split winnings. juries found that contract had been broken and felt browning should be awarded $291,000. >> it's about the lottery, and the commitment we were going to purchase the ticket. >> she said she came across browning in the convenience store the night she bought the ticket and she was actually engaged to someone else. and bernie sanders and hillary clinton battle in the 6th debate. angela jacobs has been watching this. tonight the two emphasized the distinctions.
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biggest stage as the first one-on-one contest after martin o'malley dropped out monday. both candidates with crucial ground to gain as they move forwards the primary, and it came just days after the two fought to a virtual tie in iowa. some polls had sanders with a significant lead over clinton. a hot-button early, the definition of a progressive, where secretary clinton jumped on the chance to layout the future and sanders defended his idea of revolution, and heated discussion included foreign policy and dealing with iran. >> i believe we have to take this step-by-step to try to reign in iranian aggression and the other bad behavior. >> who said when you ran against
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because it was a good idea to talk to our enemies. these are the exact people you have to debate to. 9 investigates found a group of central florida medicaid thieves were living in a luxury orlando high rise on your tax dollar. these three suspects ran medicaid bills so high a medicaid employee is accused of helping them. one mom is worried her son won't be able to get medical care because so many fake appointments have been gilled. a police officer was forced to take a $45,000 settlement and retire as long as he promises not to sue. carter has been found to be incompetent and in subordinate. the orange county sheriff's office fired carter after being seven for perjury.
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lost. we asked why bell isle who are working on the settlement. >> to keep the people for the city on bogged down in litigation, from a peer business make. >> and carter's charges were dropped after the witness disappeared. and a boy accused of killing arraigned. the state hadn't decided whether to file adult charges for noah walls. for the time being it remains in juvenile court. investigators believe he was watching the 21-month-old when he got frustrated and hit her causing hear death. both of the victim's parents were home at the time. brevard county deputies are still working to find the motive behind a shooting at a county tax office that last two people in the hospital at the t.t.c. tax refund business in cocoa. three people were shot and a
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bullet. investigators are not looking for anyone else involved. a controversy rallying supporting legalizing rape won't happen. earlier today the web site, return of kings, announced it was canceling saturday's rally at lake eola. it was stopped out of safety concerns. the web site's creator written books about being a pick up art exist how to have sex with women and he's made comments rape should be legal in a private home. new tonight, we're hearing from the mother who sparked action after her third grader brought home a graphic teen novel. last night we heard from many of you on facebook after our story on the decision by seminole county schools to pull the book elementary school libraries. tonight that mother told us she's glad the district plans to review the entire book screening process. >> we need to have some kind of protocol, make them age appropriate, and not talk about the things that parents have the choice to talk about with their kids. >> the book was found in three of the district's 36 elementary
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in references to oral sex. an over flow crowd packed a local city hall, as leaders discussed a plan to protect human rights. the issue opponents say the proposal will cause that'll put children at risk. >> and it's still raining outside after record over 2.3-inches of rain in daytona the big temperature drop that'll follow all of this rain by morning. >> plus, the training this clerk says he had the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl
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new tonight hundreds of people packed the palm bay council about a controversial human rights ordinance. >> it would prevent people from being discriminated against for their sexual orientation. jeff levkulich is in the meeting tonight. >> reporter: that meeting is still going on and at one point there was over a thousand people that filled this courtyard and this meeting inside the building. take a look you can see inside and outside there's about 20 people so obviously this is a hot button topic on both sides. >> people on both sides of the human rights issue packed the palm bay city hall tonight. it would keep employees and landlords from des crime nated against -- discriminated against gay and lesbians.
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two young boy when is they go to the bathroom. >> it's property i stand up for myself and for my children and schools, as well. >> reporter: but transgender advocates say statements like that are simply not true. >> studies have been conducted nationwide and just repeatedly in florida, where they went back and is polled all of the municipalities who passed fully inclusive human rights ordinances and there has not been an increase in public safety issues, in any of those places whatsoever. >> reporter: council members agreed to take schools and churches out of the ordinance, but the battle over other parts of it continued all evening long among leaders and audience members. and i was told by someone inside this meeting could go on well past midnight. there are 80 speakers scheduled to speak so we'll have the latest for you probably on eyewitness news this morning. reporting from palm bay, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness. elsewhere in brevard county, a mims convenience store clerk says when he came face-to-face
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right their, he just reacted. take a look at the surveillance video of david dick and the suspect. theips dent occurred at a sugar creek gas -- the insurance depth occurred at a sugar crack -- incident occurred at a sugar creek gas station. the criminal was airing an aircraft pistol but department know that. >> i assumed didn't know that. >> the sheriff's office discover . the sheriff's office discovered a skimmer on west vine street. osceola county deputies say they're working to find out if the same person is responsible but until they catch that person that's placing the skimmers they want to warn drivers who swipe at the pump they should be monitoring their bank accounts. >> an atlas v rock set expected to launch from cape canaveral tomorrow morning. tonight, we're watching to see
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the rocket is carrying a military satellite. right now, weather is a 40% go. certified meteorologist tom terry says winds and thick clouds will be in the area. that launch window opens at 8:38 a.m. if it does go up you'll see it at 5 a.m., and >> usually right after a code front comes by, a lot of wind and some low clouds. not the best for the rocket launch. 8:38 we'll give it a go. downtown, the low clouds are temperatures fall. say fair thee well to some 80s. we'll get back to the winter time temperatures. 53 in deltona. the northwest wind behind the front making it feel a little bit cooler making change in just the last 24 hours. by tomorrow when you see me at 4:00 we'll probably have on the order of 20 to 25 degrees temperatures drop day-to-day and that's a pretty healthy front to
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temperatures, 51 in palm coast, we're down to 53 sanford, and still hanging on to 70 over at cocoa beach at patrick air force base. we'll still see a sprits or two move by behind this, but generally this is the last of the organized rainfall on the south side of kissimmee, and relatively unpopulated areas. still some showers ongoing through northern sections of volusia county where daytona beach had a record amount of rain today. rockledge down towards melbourne to palm bay, you're going to have another couple hours of some light rainfall. the villages coming in 2.6. one of our higher totals, ocala not that far behind. there's that record for daytona sanford 1.58, with an inch and a half in clermont, a third to a half inch in metro orlando. futuretrack did a great job of
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we'll get some sunshine back up, but some low clouds or around the space coast. we've taken a look at the forecast. the 45th quadrant does a great job with all the launch criteria showing only a fort%ip crease 40% increase. it's going to get colder even if you -- 40% increase, it's going to get colder. temperatures only in the upper 50s. we'll top out around 60 and stop. so it's going to be much cooler tomorrow. futuretrack shows the clouds moving out of the way though until tomorrow night, we get a northeast wind still some cool air at the surface. we'll get some light rain along the east coast, spreadingip land during the afternoon. not a washout saturday, but one of -- spreading inland. not a washout, but temperatures in the low to mid-60s. sunday will be cooler and sunnier. five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, windy for tomorrow, with much cooler weather. in fact, the next 5 to 8-day,
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>> all right. we'll take a look at that and we'll keep up-to-date. coming up we'll have the latest on what happened here and what this means to your day ahead that and mere next coming up on eyewitness news. we'll tell you about the increase in traffic, as well on a central florida toll road . announcer: and you'll notice the changes in the morning, i'm brian shields. we're getting you ready with the chilly out the door temps and
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. a man accused of sexually abusing a 13-year-old is in jail with no bond. 53-year-old neighbor john warlipg had the child over to play video games and molested him. the boy step mother said the teenager kicked him and was able to escape and call 911. if you drive the 408 regularly, you may have noticed more carries. expressway officials say there were more than 850 this happened transactions on its tolls -- 850,000 transactions on its tolls. officials think construction is pushing more people towards toll roads right now. you may be enjoying low gas services, sunrail says cheap fuel is dragging down ridership. the drain missed its goal again
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local leaders plan to pay for the service when the state hands over control. seminole is preparing for a range of softs to be safe, and orange county is setting aside $7 million. and a bill that would make it legal to openly carry is passed in the state house, now moving to the senate. a grassroots group called moms rising collected 25 this happened dollar signatures to petition the subject. the ultimate decision is up to stay lawmakers. homeowners on lake conway are worried gunshots from hunters are getting a little bit too close for comfortable. hunters have been shooting ducks on the lake which is dangerous there. in an e-mail, fwc says the hunts ing legal and hunters were out on the last day which is sunday. police checked and the hunters had all of the paperwork to be
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this is your 11:00 sports superintendented by lexus of orlando. >> it's no secret the nba's slam dunk content is on life support. one magic star may be able to serve as the defibrillator. aaron gordon will be a part of the slam dunk contest. he's provided health of highlight reel dunks. he'll take part in the dunks but only one has become a way what a trophy. dwight howard won it in 2008. on to college hoops, ucf looking to snap a two game losing stream. they were on the road at tulane. walker dropping hand grenades and hurricanes all over the green bay. he hit it off balance, and walker hit them all. he had 20 of the night's 38 first half points. in the second half t got close, three point game late, but guess who walker, on fire.
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jury ucf pulls it out 70-62. back at the amway center, solar bears exploded for five but still wasn't enough as greenville came back to hand them their fifth straight loss. i think martha knows the best part of the game was her daughter killing it. >> yay! today edgewater high school brought a college star back to high school. former gators qb was named the newman in charge at edgewater. the opening occurred when bettison left wekiwa, and oak left. and he's most well-known for his national championship with the 0-6 gators. >> i just know how the impact athletics, specifically high school football did for me and obviously the kids in this area. all these kids that want to come to the area, get a great education and play some you know
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we're going to be fun, fearless and physical. in brevard county, ahead of the pre season ownership against florida state college, the lions have spent a majority of their time working on their fitness. players though may not have known it. >> we try to keep the ball as much as we can in the drills and sessions but there's an element to fitness in there and we -- over loading them, making them work rather than 10, 15 seconds they're working for 30 seconds. it's all fitness with these guys running. >> sunday's pre accept match is closed to the public but the lions will be the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. or iced macchiato today.
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hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. . all right. the weather changes continue. a cold front moving in now, temperatures falling past 6 a.m., past 7:30 in the morning, and in fact we'll be in the mid-40s in the morning. martha only near 60 for highs and that's it. >> it's going to be cool. be sure to watch eyewitness this morning starting at 5:00 and get your weather and traffic every ten minutes. >> thanks for watching. see you next -- see you tomorrow night on channel 9.
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