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tv   Eyewitness News 530  ABC  February 16, 2016 5:30pm-5:59pm EST

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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 5:30. >> it's been called central florida's biggest shame, four men charged with rape, a rape that they did not commit. now, tonight, decades later, an apology is finally in the works. >> in less than two hours the city of groveland will take an historic set that will right a wrong for nearly 70 years ago. >> the mayor will issue apology to the groveland four. angela, you spoke with one family member about what this means for his older brother's legacy. >>reporter: and he says
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not just for generations to come, but in healing the ones right now, and hopefully soon. they'd like to see a response from the state. >> we had no hope that this would come to this point. >>reporter: wade greenly was just 7 when his 16-year-old brother charles was stoent a prison -- sent to a prison work camp for rape. >> it was hard to see him there. >>reporter: never spoke about what happened to him as part of the groveland four, four black men convicted of raping a 17-year-old white girl 67 years evidence. >> i didn't know they had make minimum hymn walk in glass, i didn't know they had beat him. i know -- i have heard that they did people like that, but i did not know they did it to him. >>reporter: wade will attend a city apology with his nephew and college student john -- two years ago, josh read gilbert
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grove, that said the men were wrongfully convicted. >> this could have been me. >>reporter: with the greenlys, he began an online petition that grew national attention, including bills to exonerate the four, but like a 2015 attempt, 2016 bill has yet to see a hearing in tallahassee. in an e-mail today, thompson told us she thinks the fact that many involved in this case has died has held the legislate tu back, but she believes the local attention will increase the bills attention. it means this family finally has the hope once thought lost. >> god heard the prayers and i think he's going to touch somebody's heart to make this thing happen. >>reporter: and wait wade told me -- wade told me sdiet what charles -- despite what charles endured, he was never bitter, that's the faith the family has chosen to emulate. channel 9, eyewitness news. and tonight, we are still working to find out more about an orange county mother and her teenage daughter who were killed
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this story since it was breaking on eyewitness news at 4:00. channel 9's cathy belich is live at the home and you've learned that the victims have been homeless on and off. >>reporter: a friend of the victims told us that the mother, in and out of central florida a few fiem times -- times over the last few years, we're not sure how they ended up here, living with the man who neighbors say has lived here for the last two years and the man who asked them to call 911 yesterday. mother and daughter looked so content in their this photograph but we're hearing their life was rough. we're told 36-year-old maria sanchez and her 16-year-old daughter destiny were homeless before they moved into this pine hills house. we're told that the house may not have electricity, but a friend says that the victims had no other option, neighbors are frightened.
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there, you know? and it's frightening. very frightening, because you don't know who will be there, you know, might walk up and somebody take me. mistake me for somebody else. >>reporter: a friend says destiny always had a smile on her face, no matter what she went through, but friends won't see that smile face to face ever again. >> all this killing and stuff going on, it's you you know, it's enough. we don't need no more of this. >>reporter: now, the sheriff's office has not named a suspect or even a person of interest in the murders of the mother and daughter here. reporting live in orange county, channel 9 eyewitness news. dozens of daily commercial flights are now authorized between cuba and the u.s.. and an agreement signed today, will allow at least 100 flights a day between the two countries. currently, there are only 10 or
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under the u.s.-cuba trade embargo, tourists are banned unless they have family visits. breaking national news now, the president is still answering questions at a news conference, but so far, he has not announced his choice to replace the late supreme court justice antonin scalia. >> i intend to nominate in due time, a very well qualified candidate. if we are following basic precedent, then, that nominee will be presented before the committees, the vote will be taken, and ultimately, they'll be confirmed. >> the president went on to say no one should assume anything about who he's going to nominate. he also said there's more than enough time to do things the right way. scalia passed away over the weekend, investigators say they do not suspect foul play. it is going to be another big weekend in the race for the white house. >> this saturday, republicans go to the polls in south carolina, and out in nevada, democrats will caucus on the same day. hillary clinton spent the day
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leaders in new york. while bernie sanders was attending a prayer breakfast in south carolina. the latest poll numbers there show clinton with a big lead. >> we have come a long way here in south carolina, i think we're going to surprise people here. [ applause ] on election day. >> meanwhile, gop front runner donald trump continues to threaten a lawsuit against his rival ted cruz over his eligibility to be president. despite a distant finish in new hampshire florida senator marco rubio is squarely in the cross hairs in south carolina, where voters are seeing a series of ads featuring everything from skyline. two of the ads were yanked from the air waves. >> two and for very different reasons, the first ad is by ted cruz, attacking marco rubio, some of the stations in south carolina pulled the ad because they said it was false.
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team, one of the actresss had a rather revealing body of work, and then, there's in one, by marco rubio, morning in america, the only problem is some of the video is in canada. >> our poorest borders --. >>reporter: not every ad in south carolina is negative. >> it's morning again in america. >>reporter: it may be morning but it isn't america. marco rubio's take on morning in america opens with video from vancouver, british columbia. >> sometimes ads bamer rang back -- boomerang back. >> struggled with being lied to. >>reporter: one of the actors in this ted cruz ad is a former soft core porn actress. >> maybe you should vote for more than a pretty face. >>reporter: starred in 74 films, not all were adult, but enough that ted cruz was forced to yank this ad, targeting marco rubio for abandoning his principles and then there's this.
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sanctuary cities. >>reporter: 3tv stations in south carolina have pulled this ad a, too. >> marco rubio and chuck shu mer's risky plan. >>reporter: a procruz pack has raised questions about the accuracy, saying he backed -- >> i think that ad plays fast and loose with the truth. >>reporter: rubio never supported sanctuary city, only that his immigration plan didn't specifically ban them. >> and in the great file of you really can't make this stuff up, jeb bush's campaign forgot to renew the license for jeb bush jeb directs you to donald trump's campaign web page. martha. >> oh, man. >> thank you. . right u no, the orlando magic are making a big announcement about trading away one off their best young players a live look with the general manager of the magic, harris, a couple of veterans to help the magic with their push. to make the playoffs. we do is have a crew at the news conference right now, and we'll
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coming up in sports, that's at 6:00. some startling numbers are putting into prospective a local university has with gun violence. including johnson, who died at an off campus party this weekend. so today, channel 9's blaine tolleson reached out to bcu once again and blaine, you asked if they were doing anything to better protect students on campus and off. >>reporter: and martha, we reported on the security improvements here on campus,s in the past, now, the school wants to continue making students aware of what causes gun violence, even if most of these things happen off campus. bethune-cookman university officials are hoping yet another campus pe mirl will help them -- memorial will help them stop the gun violence. most recently, johnson, a former wild cat football player, was gunned down outside of a
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wednesday, the school held a memorial service for the 23-year-old sophomore and sadly, not the first for many students. >> it's very sad, everybody is crying, everybody is hurt. just lost for words. >>reporter: last year, the university held a similar vigil on campus for cars well l and mcdonald, they were sense leslie shot and killed in a dispute over rent at the carolina club apartments last november. suspects in both deadly shootings were not bethune-cookman shootings and the shootings did not happen on campus. many students are standing behind their school. >> not a bad school at all. it's all about education. it's people coming from different places, coming to the school, and starting stuff. it's not the students. >>reporter: i reached out to bethune-cookman university staff to see if there are any new initiatives to somehow bring an end to gun violence and i'm stit stil waiting to hear back -- still waiting to hear back.
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at 4:00, we told you orange county leaders are working to fight the spread of the zika virus here in central florida. >> and new at 6:00, the special instructions they're now asking the residents to follow if they just returned from a trip overseas. >> some people say there aren't enough rest skraunt retail options here in apopka, straight ahead, what the city is doing to fix that and how much lit cost the taxpayers. -- it will cost the taxpayers. >> action 9 investigates companies that promise free roofs in a hidden p camera investigation. >> you spent a lot of time smoking and a get and on your phone. >> uh-huh. >> next, how we could all end up paying the bill. >> before i lose it, i want to show you, the high clouds, the little collection there, that's a sun dog, sometimes we have them on both sides, there's a sun dog for you, a sign of nice
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tornths action 9 exposes the offers to replace your home's roof for free. one company tells you, it found damage, and your insurance company will pay to replace it. >> in a hidden camera investigation, these offers drive up the cost of insurance for all of us. >>reporter: the fliers claim your roof is damaged, and can be replaced for free. several home owners contacted us, suspecting elr restoration would bill their insurance for fake storm damage. >> it says i need -- i've got roof damage. and i know he's full of mud, excuse my french. >>reporter: at this home, we put it to the test. first, we had a licensed roofing consultant inspect it. >> was there hail damage on this roof? >> no, sir. >> noring wear and tear. >> normal wear and tear. >>reporter: this employee responded after our volunteer called about the flier. 30 minutes later. >> he found a lot of damage on the roof. he said i definitely need a new roof.
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pictures of hail damage he found. >> they would go ahead and contact the insurance company and handle everything. >> hey, juan, todd you will itch from channel 9. >> did you find hail damage? our cameras had record what he did. >>reporter: we watched the inspection, you spent a lot of time smoke a cigarette and on your phone. >> uh-huh. >>reporter: this is the only section you were on. >> that's all i needed to see. >>reporter: what about his pictures proving hail damaged shingles. >> nothing to do with hail at all. >>reporter: and an insurance industry study found a huge increase in exaggerated damage claims, where contractors took over through assignment of benefits. >> there's no such thing as a free roof. >>reporter: the florida roofing association and others fighting the rack tis claim it could drive up everyone's premiums, by 10%. >> often times homeowners don't
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>>reporter: elr manager told me this guy was his consult pt who educates consumers and he did nothing wrong. >>reporter: i've got expert who says you're full of it. >>reporter: now, if you expect actual damage, get estimates from licensed contractors. do not sign your rights away. bob and martha. >> good advice. you can share this story with your friends, go to the wftv facebook page, and post it on your wall. tomorrow, race fans will get a chance to see the upgrades at daytona international speedway. it's free to the public, the open house. those will see racing while they're there. nascar sprint cup series practice runs from 5:00 to 7:00. the orange county sheriff's office honored a deputy and a firefighter for pulling a woman
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they responded to this crashed car along oak ridge road. a passenger in the back seat was able to call 911 from that submerged car. and lead the deputy andrew reynolds and firefighter ryan allen to the car. >> i put on a mask and goggles, and went into the car, managed to feel around and found a hand. followed the hand down and was able to unbuckle a seat belt. >> it was an incredible rescue, but the driver and one passenger did not survive their injuries. >> wow. unbelievable. turning to tom, get this. >> lovely weather. thumbs up. >> we'll take it. beautiful weather. >> we had storms move by right on time, hopefully you were not caught off guard. around 2:00 a.m., meteorologists, we don't sleep. we are watching the weather through the night. we had storms move by, out early, giving us a beautiful day. 76 downtown.
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park, it will be a fantastic night. the jet stream will keep us on the drier side, and very nice for the next several days, right now, we're still in the mid 70s across the area now, the only exception being new smyrna with a bit of an onshore breeze, 66. the front to the south, the high clouds through gave us the beautiful shot of the sun dog, that i showed you, the last break there, you can go out and take a look at it yourself. sometimes we like to have sun dog, one on each side if the sun is in the middle of high clouds. very nice weather pattern for us. dry air continuing to filter through, into the early morning. clear, dry with a light breeze, patchy fog northwest, and over by the tampa shoreline, here tonight. for the morning, 40s and low 50s and a cooler start to the day, including over by the famed citrus tower in clermont. temperatures there, low 40s, upper 40, rather for you.
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temperatures in the upper 40s, as well. orlando, also down right around 50 degrees for early in the morning. marion county, for you, county by county tonight. ocala at 44. we had pretty good rainfall, about an inch and a half near the villages, about an inch south of ocala. from rain that moved in late last night and early this morning. that will lead to patchy fog. osceola county, you were the highest rain total coming in with over 2 inches of rainfall. kissimmee, st. cloud, through point sienna the middle 40s, patchy fog, comfortable weather for us tonight. nice looking day for us tomorrow. we're back into the 70s again. 75 in orlando. with lots of sunshine. we will continue to see this nice weather pattern all the way through the upcoming daytona 500 weekend f we talk about the races, this is a huge draw for folks from all over the country, and the world, to come to central florida and we're going to showcase the nice weather, for sure. chamber of commerce, 75 tomorrow. a touch cooler for thursday and
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the european model has us a bit cooler, but we'll maintain 70s in the forecast for thursday, friday. saturday, a few more clouds and 75. and for the great american race, the daytona 500 doesn't get much prettier than that for your weekend plans, a lot of event information, the i see >> at #5shgs we told you the police charged a mother they say gave birth and abandoned her newborn and no sign of the baby. new for 6:00, we're asking the police what they're doing to find the child. >> orange county leaders are taking new steps to stop the spread of zika virus in central florida. the new instrekss for anyone who has been out of the country. >> this man is accused of taking off after causing two crashes, new at 6:00, the length s the victim went to on her own to get
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new at 5:00, the city of apopka, wants to bring more restaurants and retail shops into town. and it wants to pay an outside company to come up with a plan to make it happen. channel 9 is live in apopka now, and mike, you found out this is going to cost taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars. >>reporter: yeah, bob, and exactly how much it ends up costing depends upon which consulting firm the city picks. they think it might be worth it here's why. they say there are just way too many fast food restaurants and not enough options here in the city. if you ever drive through apopka you'll see one fast food restaurant after the other. >> i don't think there are a lot of options. >>reporter: she's talking about healthier options, but that might change soon enough. the apopka city council plans to
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little more than $100,000 over three years. the city says the goal is to come up with a marketing plan to recruit high-quality restaurants and retail stores. >> i think that's something that is lacking here in apopka. >>reporter: steve white owns a barbecue restaurant, on east main street. he says he's not sure if higher end restaurants and shops will work out. >> had a couple try to make it here in town, but then they don't get supported enough once they do open, they can't stay open. >>reporter: grew up in apopka, she told me she's all for more places to eat and shop. the $112,000 price tag is a little steep if things don't pan out. >> i think you would have to make sure that the taxpayers really feel like their money is going to be invested in something. what would we be getting? >>reporter: according to this agenda, we got a cop opie of, the city plans -- copy of, the
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after that, it will have 35 days to make a deal with the city. if not, the city will move on to another company. for now, live in apopka, channel 9 eyewitness news. a new place to eat owned by well-known hollywood names is up and running in downtown orlando. open at the corner of church street and orange avenue. the eat erie is owned by brothers mark and donnie wahlberg, you might remember him from the calvin cline ads. church street, near the restaurant, because of the street party, and cob sert that will be take -- concert that will be taking place between 7:00 p.m. and midnight. a deland housing project that could have housed stetson university students was blocked by city commissioners for the second time last year. a developer wanted to build the athens commons two complex, near amelia and oakdale avenues, the project is unaffiliated with the school, so legally, it would have to allow families to live there as well. the project wouldn't fit in with the surrounding neighborhoods. we're pushing police right
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>> eyewitness news at 6:00, what we're learning about the newborn abandoned by its mother. >> plus, 9 investigates has new information about a federal probe involving congresswoman coreen brown. >> this man was arrested in the death of his girlfriend's elderly father, we're at the
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channel 9 eyewitness news continues right now at 6:00. >> it's tonight's major story, police believe a mother gave birth and then abandoned her newborn, somewhere near this parking lot. a short time ago, she was arrested. but right now, at 6:00, the big concern is, there's no sign of
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the story has been unfolding quickly over the past two hours, the police have released the mother's name and the charges against her. we also talked to her boyfriend, to get a better idea of her family life at home. >> here's what we know so far. the police believe suz isen richardson -- suzen richardson gave birth yesterday and left the baby near the apartments. richardson is facing child neglect charges and investigators need help to find baby willow. jeff deal has been in touch with the detectives and jeff, police need anyone who saw richardson near the apartment complex to call them. >>reporter: exactly right, investigators don't know where this baby is, they don't know if she's alive or dead, richardson really isn't telling them exactly what happened out here, after blood and other evidence of child birth was found in this parking lot. late this afternoon, we saw the orlando police detectives walking the scene again near the


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