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tv   Eyewitness News 6  ABC  February 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the story has been unfolding quickly over the past two hours, the police have released the mother's name and the charges against her. we also talked to her boyfriend, to get a better idea of her family life at home. >> here's what we know so far. the police believe suz isen richardson -- suzen richardson gave birth yesterday and left the baby near the apartments. richardson is facing child neglect charges and investigators need help to find baby willow. jeff deal has been in touch with the detectives and jeff, police need anyone who saw richardson near the apartment complex to call them. >>reporter: exactly right, investigators don't know where this baby is, they don't know if she's alive or dead, richardson really isn't telling them exactly what happened out here, after blood and other evidence of child birth was found in this parking lot. late this afternoon, we saw the orlando police detectives walking the scene again near the
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the sight of an extensive search last night for a newborn baby girl who disappeared shortly after her mother, suzen richardson, gave birth. >> if she took the baby over there, she was dripping blood all the way through the parking lot and back. >>reporter: her boyfriend johnnie bryant said there was blood in the home near the complex. there was evidence of child birth in the willow bend parking lot and that's what brought the investigators here. >> told me i had the baby here, you know, call the ambulance, but she could have called the ambulance herself. >>reporter: but that's not what she dead. susan richardson hadn't told them exactly what happened to the baby that they're now calling baby willow. they believe she discarded a girl. and this afternoon, they sent her to jail on aggravated child neglect charges. even her own boyfriend, the father of three of her other children, says she wouldn't tell him exactly what happened to baby willow. >> the doctor told me, says she had a miscarriage, right, so i'm thinking that she had, you know, she had the baby in the
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until i got back here, and the detective told me that she told them, that she had the baby in the house. >>reporter: this is not richardson's first run inwith the law, she has 9 prior arrests on her record. arrests for domestic violence, but again, the police are still holding out hope that the baby girl is alive. reporting live in orlando o, jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news this story has gotten so much attention on social media, and on our website. you can help investigators in their search to find baby willow by sharing this story on facebook. and time is so important in this story, if they're going to find that tiny girl alive, it's been many hours now, so certainly as parents, we're to be all right. more breaking news right now, in orange county, where a man was just charged in the death of his girlfriend's father. a short time ago, detectives say david was released from the baker act, and questioned at the
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81-year-old julianne gresham to death, at a home in taft over the weekend. he was initially picked up with daughter. there's no word where whether she has a connection to the case. new for 6:00, in the fight against zika. stay inside when they return, and stay away from mosquitoess. the stern instructions are part of orange county's plan to fight the zika virus. the rest of the plan to protect residents and steve, this is just part of it. >>. >>reporter: the main idea here, it actually came from the mayor today, saying that if you have been out of the country, in a country that has zika, one thing that you can do to protect everyone around you is wear some repellant because if a mosquito bites say you on the arm and you're at some party in your neighborhood r then bites the next person on the arm, near
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so she says wear repellant and protect your family and your friends. all zika patients have be been infected outside of the united states, but that can change. >> can carry the zika virus, they don't carry it, they would have to bite someone infected and then they could become infected and then they could bite someone who is not infected and transmit it. >>reporter: the zika patients can transmit for mosquitoes for two weeks, teresa jacobs had a plea of your own. >> if you're travelling to these countries that had high risk, be conscientious for two weeks that you do not come in contact with mosquitoes because we don't want our mosquitoes to be contaminated. >>reporter: could not argue that that tactic could help, and said stopping the mosquitoes from breeding, will also go along way. >> it's so important that everyone take a look around their yard, around their
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out, look for standing water, and bird baths or flower pots, e anything that has excess water, a bucket. >>reporter: unborn children are at greatest risks. in fact, the spokesperson for orange county is expecting herself, don't panic, but be wary. >> incorporate this in your prenatal care. talk to your ob. proactively sending information that's helpful to me as far as the travel restrictions, and just things to be mindful of right now. >>reporter: and the most likely place that zika -- another episode would enter here into the orr orlando area would be orlando narment international airport. the -- airport. they are going to be posting warnings for employees, people that work out at the airport. reporting live in orlando, steve barrett, channel 9 yns news. now, the danger of the zika virus has brought sop of the country's best doctors and researchers to washington, d.c..
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right now, there are 52 confirmed cases in the u.s.. 21 here in florida. to help answer your questions about zika, just click on the news tab, then zika virus. >> we were in a brevard county courtroom when a teen was sentenced for her role. 16-year-old morgan mcneil will be in a maximum risk program until she reaches the age of 21. that compares to 17 to life if she had been charged as an a adult. >> not a problem with giving somebody a second chance, but when you're talking about something this severe, there needs to be a long lasting effect here. >> near cocoa, when 15-year-old zane terryn opened fire.
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seminole county school board members are meeting tonight, and right outside of their building, teachers were rallying for raises. at 5:00, we told you the teachers are still demanding a 4% raise, after months of contract negotiations, which have now stalled. the district is offering a little more than half of what the teachers want. last week, though, district leaders through in extra money for employee health benefits, but teachers say it's not enough. >> we have done this for ten years and nothing has happened, so we decided as a school, the majority of our teachers and staff, we all dressed in red, contracted hours. therefore, we came in, at 7:30 and left at 3:00. >> right now, board members are getting an update on last week's round of negotiations, we're expecting the teachers to speak to the board later tonight. we have a crew inside of there, monitoring the meeting. brand new at 6:00, nine investigates has new information about a federal probe involving congresswoman coreen brown, she reeled a federal spoon last
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last month, and since then, darlene jones learned several individuals and companies in orlando have received subpoenas and darlene, these subpoenas also appear to be linked to the same federal probe. >>reporter: martha, within the hour, i received an e-mail from congresswoman coreen brown's office, she's not not talking. several sources confirm that prosecutors have issued speeb subpoenas to organizations and individuals here in orlando and also l be in town conducting interviews. congresswoman coreen brown has served for 15 years. the controversy alone could impact her re-election campaign. >> if somebody gets a federal subpoena, it does raise questions in at least the mind of some voters, hey, what the heck is going on? especially when no one is talking. >>reporter: several sources familiar with the probe says they are receiving subpoenas, are being asked to provide
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and they're being asked for a series of records that may be related to an organization based in virginia, called one door for education. which is registered with the state of virginia as one door for education, amy anderson scholarship foundation. published reports show it has been advertised as a charitable nonprofit supported by congresswoman brown. one door appears to be based in the single family house, in suburban, virginia. and nine investigates could find no records to show this charitable organization is registered as a 501 c 3 with status with the internal revenue service. >> if you use your influence to help raise money for groups that are questionable, and maybe not registered as non-profits, then that does open up some ethical questions in congress, about undue influence to support what in this case, we don't know. >>reporter: and late this afternoon, i got a copy of this e-mail from the u.s. department of justice, a spokesperson would
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neither confirmed or deny whether something is under investigation. martha, bob. >> all right. thanks, darlene. with sunrail ridership down the, officials want to know what they can do to improve service. you can take part in a new survey asking people why they aren't riding sunrail and what the company can do to encourage more ridership. sunrail fishes blame lower gas prices -- officials blame lower gas prices for the fewer riders, go to and click on the yellow web links box. a measure allowing people to carry concealed weapons in airports, places like the ticket counters and baggage claim but not behind security check points t. the broader bill up for approval exempts bills from government bills. tonight, osceola county is getting tough on property owners, who haven't fixed code violations. in the future, commissioners will not be so fur giving when
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under a new policy, the longer a violation sits, the smaller the discount. the move allows the county to recover more money. >> a driver accused of causing two hit-and-run crashes. >> the great lengths the victim went to on her own, to make sure police could catch this guy. plus. >> i am super -- [ bleep ] drunk right now. >> she was a brief internet sensation, how this young polk county woman accused of driving drunk and live streaming it was able to avoid jail time. >> a beautiful evening tonight,
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new at 6:00, investigators are crediting the victim of two hit-and-runs with helping them track down the man who actually hit her. >> she did quite a job. the suspect slammed into the
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and the victim chased him to a red light near i-4 where he's the. how the police tracked him down. >>reporter: this is anchor road and 436, the victim says she was about to turn into the gas ended her. so she got back in her car, and him. state records show he has two speeding tickets and involved in two crashes, altamonte police say you can hear his latest on this 911 call [ inaudible ]. >> just hit my wife and other person. >>reporter: he first slammed into nicole armstrong's car at state road 436 and anchor road. armstrong's passenger called 911. >> i need you to go ahead and start pulling over to the side of the road. >> no, we can't pull over o, to the side of the road. he's running. >>reporter: armstrong followed the suspect near a red light
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car and stood in front of the suspect's truck until he stopped. she hit armstrong and drove home. when investigators got to his house, they touched the hood of the car and it was still hot. then tle looked down and found damage on his bumper. police believe he ran inside and pretended to be asleep. he told the officers someone probably stole his truck. but investigators say he was drunk. i uncovered his trooifing history -- driving history, which shows he refused a breath test in 2012 and his license was suspended for a year. he is in jail facing charges for dui, and aggravated battery, as well as hit-and-run. armstrong suffered minor injuries. we also asked the suspect in this case for a jailhouse interview and have not heard back. of course o, we'll let you know -- of course, we'll let you know if we do. tim barber, channel 9 eyewitness news. he did not get bond, because investigate r tos say he violated his probation in a drug
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22nd. florida nurseries are trying to block other dispensing organizations from growing medical marijuana, they filed a lawsuit against the five nurseries selected, but they are now asking a judge to block a florida department of health from allowing the nurseries to grow medical marijuana. osceola county says it won't have any trouble handling what's expected to be the largest influx ever from puerto rico. >> about 1 thousand students enrolled in the school year. the district credits a new high school and a constantly fluctuating enrollment number increase in students. >> we get a large group of august, they go back in december. march. i mean, continual turn over and you never know when the child will be here or not. >> the district also has several programs to help students who aren't proficient in english, a quarter of the students already fall l into that category.
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live, county by county tonight. in polk county, the lakeland woman who live streamed herself driving drunk on social media, won't go to jail. >> i am super [ bleep ] drunk right now. >> that was 23-year-old whitney booel, using the video streaming app periscope, while drunk driving in october. they reported her to the police and she was arrested. well, she agreed to a plea deal and sentensed to 12 months of probation, a 6 month licensed suspension, and 150 hours of community service. in osceola county, a man in jail on child porn charges, now faces even more charge. osceola county deputies arrested james mayberry last month and charged him with 10 counts of f possession of child porn. they found more illegal images yesterday. mayberry's bond is set at $75,000. in lake county, residents took their fight to prevent development of an old golf
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let the commissioners hear their concerns. it used to have a hotel that attracted celebrities and gangster al capone. the course closed in 2007 and vacant ever since. >> there's a lot of people in mount plymouth justifyablely that would love to see that maintained as a golf course, and that reality is not going to happen. >> after hours of discussions, both sides worked out a deal and commissioners approved the project. residents say they decided to get on board because this was probably the best development that would come along. >> yep. turning to the weather now, what a beautiful sunset tonight. >> keep it coming. >> but down what you're doing, come to the set and take a look at this gorgeous sunset here. beautiful, high thin clouds at 25,000 feet, the gulf, this morning's weather to get to a beautiful seen. 73 degrees. down from 77, our high earlier today.
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along the east coast, 73 orlando, 67 over in cocoa beach, and mid 60s along the coast, and hopefully, your weather radios went off if you were across our southern zones, we had the tornado watch issued after 3:00 o'clock in the morning, followed by a tornado warning, no reports of a tornado. we have gotten very lucky, knock on wood that we haven't had any major el nino tornado problems in central florida. we did have tornadoes earlier today, two in south florida, one in the panhandle yesterday, that was a confirmed ef-3, that's 14 tornadoes in the state since the year began. so that's certainly el nino's play book. right now, the front to the south, moved behind the rain, this morning, bald win park, beautiful walk. 57 at midnight, in the low 50s in the morning. breezy this evening along the coast. wind gusts, to 51 miles per hour
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earlier today and match that with 51 degrees by daybreak. 40s over the interior. disney with patchy fog. 46 for you. 48 at apopka. kelly park, and 47 at lake eola heights in downtown orlando. mount dora, a beautiful day for tomorrow. i wish we could hold all of the events this week. no issues whatsoever. but we're going to try to keep it as nice for as long as possible. the highs tomorrow, 76 in sanford, down through st. cloud, the bayside lakes, turkey creek area in if mid 70s, the -- in the mid 70s. few treasure track tonight, showing you cloud cover and fog in the western zones, overall, very nice, lots of sunshine for tomorrow. we will keep it dry all the way through thursday. couple more clouds thursday afternoon. but it looks to be just about as pretty as we'll ever get here, for racing over the n daytona, they have the daytona 500 this weekend on sunday. a dual 125 races on thursday. and for the new track, and for
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to be chamber of commerce wealth. here's your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. mid 70s tomorrow, some lower 70s, which is closer to normal for thursday and friday. we're back into the upper 70s, and wouldn't be surprised to hit
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the nba trade deadline is thursday at 3:00 p.m., but the magic did not wait. trading away their most expensive player in exchange for a couple of veterans. the magic signed to bias harris to a 4 year, 60 million dollars contract last summer, but the 23-year-old power forward was averaging a very disappointing 13.7 points per game. the lowest in 4 seasons with the magic. orlando is getting point guard brandon jennings. scott skylines in milwaukee. a torn achilles and says both can help with the magic's playoff goals. >> losing is unacceptable, it's unacceptable to the organization
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the players and we're serious about winning. >> friday night, against the dallas mavericks, all right. in soccer, remember this? almost 12 months ago. orlando city filled the citrus bowl, 62,000 fans. going nuts as he drilled the game tying goal in the final minutes. the club announced today they want to do it all over again, it was so much fun. launching the campaign to fill the bowl again. reminiscing on that first goal. >> was a special day for me, one of the best days in my career, because i really wanted to score the first goal of this team, the mls. >> speaking of massive crowds, the daytona 500 has filled the 101,000 seat stadium. the reserved seats as sold out. nascar media day. jail earnhardt, jr., getting the -- dale earnhardt, jr. getting the biggest crowd. bob, martha. >> going to be racing.
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9 investigates just discovered an orlando police internal affairs officer under investigation right now. may have violated policy before, last week, we told you the officer admitted drinking before being involved in a hit-and-run in her city issued vehicle. >> tonight at 10:00, also involve an accident in her vehicle. . >> thanks for watching channel 9 eyewitness news at 6:00. >> abc's world news tonight with
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breaking news tonight. storms slamming both coasts. in the east, treacherous driving, a dangerous mix of sleet and rain. the pileups. 60 60-mile-per-hour winds. across the south, 20 reported tornadoes. the woman trapped under her home, rescued. and in the west tonight, bracing for a major system, too. also breaking tonight, the new polls coming in now. where do donald trump and hillary clinton now stand in south carolina? and former president george w.


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