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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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it was taken but jeff it appears they think it is important part of this bazaar and tragic case. >> reporter: you would think they could at least think it is important in this case. the tragic part of this is the child is still missing at this point. police say the mother is not quieting -- not cooperating. she lives in the sow's ear. police say they found evidence of blood and evidence of childbirth leaving back in this apartment complex. block -- block by block emergency teams moved, scaring the area -- scouring they are looking for signs of baby willow. >> if someone has her, our biggest concern is not putting charges on anyone but the concern is the baby is safe. >> reporter: the new search start this morning a couple of hours after the baby's mother susan richardson stretched almost as if yawning as she walked before a judge and her first court appearance.
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to know if she was at --. >> are you awake? >> reporter: she's facing child neglect and abandonment charges after police say she gave birth to a baby girl near the willow bend apartments monday and discarded her. placenta from a pregnancy nearly full term was found in the parking lot and no sign of the baby. police say she seems to have no concern for baby willow's well- being and when questioned about was only concerned about whether or not she was going to get arrested. her boyfriend told us he wants to know whether baby is, to >> to think she killed the baby? >> the baby was born dead, killing the baby, no. she's not going to kill the baby. >> reporter: the judge set bond at $50,000. her boyfriend and police say she lied about her pregnancy while she was at the hospital. we are taking a closer look at that and we will also take a look at what she claims to have done with the baby coming up on eyewitness news at 5:00.
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deal, channel 9 eyewitness news. dozens of you have been following the story closely on facebook for more than one day. you will see every new development by liking the wftv page. breaking news in brevard county where the newest taste of zika has been reported. melonie holt is live at the brevard county health apartment. like the other cases around the state, you were told this one, once again, was travel related. >> reporter: it appears the latest cases related to it trip to haiti. as you mentioned so far none of the cases around the state had involved local transmission or involved any pregnant women. that's a concern because the association between virus an increasing number of newborns with a rare neurological condition and countries experiencing zika virus outbreak. only one in five people infected with the virus, they even show symptoms. zika fever is mild and some
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grade fever, rash, joint pain. the illness typically resolves itself within one week even with no locally transmitted cases, the health department is urging everyone to make sure there are no man-made mosquito breeding grounds near your home. >> i don't think many people have given it much thought. >> reporter: so far the only other central florida case the health department has told us about in central florida is an osceola county. i'm working to find out what the state has to say about the latest case. live at a brevard county health department, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. in orange county, leaders are asking residents to take extra precautions to stop the spread of zika. at the video presentation yesterday, orange county mayor a curse anyone to stand -- dump standing water and asking travelers to take extra care and for them to stay inside during certain times of the day and take precautions to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.
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zika, go to and click on the news tab and then zika virus. at bethune-cookman university, students morning loss of a classmate. officials say they are now working to make the changes. dozens of people filled an auditorium for memorial service for johnson. he was shot and killed early saturday morning. the suspected shooter turned himself into police. johnson is the third bcu student killed in the last year from gun violence. we spoke with quote -- school leaders about what they are doing to protect students even off-campus. we will have that part of the story and 30 minutes. we can find out as early as tomorrow in volusia county leaders agree to apply for homeless shelter in daytona beach. starting last month we showed you how a rapidly growing homeless camp in downtown briefly shut down the county office building. daytona beach is asking volusia county leaders to provide a property and pay for me dollars to build a permanent shelter. the shady will then pay for the operation of the place.
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we finally know the mystery brevard county residents who will go part of a jackpot. >> a lot of friends the nationwide last month when the powerball kept rolling over and got two more than $1 billion. free tickets matched and one was over central florida. melbourne beach, at a public store. roy ramos went to tallahassee to see who won. the winning couple says they took time before they realized they had this money coming to them. >> reporter: they said they checked the ticket and checked online and listened to the news and saw new screws in their neighborhood outside of several different homes but it wasn't until the announcement was made that the sold -- ticket was sold the melbourne beach but they knew they won. >> florida winners are here and winning ticket has been validated. >> reporter: the largest powerball jackpot in history. nearly 14 $6 billion but one of the three lucky to this was sold to this melbourne beach couple married for 36 years earlier this year.
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70-year-old maureen smith. >> i picked the numbers that i played for year. >> her -- a self-described home maker says she rarely played. >> i played went to bed and the next morning. >> and checked the ticket and everything matched up so i said she is messing with me. >> david a manufacturing engineer for the past 34 years that his wife bought a single ticket at a public the melbourne beach and it is a three dollar investment that has paid off to a jackpot of $528.7 million. after play -- being split with other winning ticket spent the couple decided to take a lump sum of 327 points $8 million before taxes and they are fighting hard to believe. >> reporter: i kept watching television and going online and checking in rejecting. >> they announced the public's
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>> they plan on doing charity road and david says the stress of winning has been overwhelming. >> i lost over 10 pounds. >> reporter: davis said his first major purchase is going to be a new vehicle. his truck has been given him problems. maureen says she's looking forward to a massage. the couple has yet to receive one set. i'm working to find out what the processes for them to receive the money. i will have more on that on eyetwitness news at 5: 30. tallahassee, roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness news. so they have not got the money at. he lost 10 pounds and she said is a stressful. >> interesting to explore i think not having money is more stressful. >> i like his reaction. fascinating. it's been interesting to hear how when they win because they react differently than you would react. >> i would have fainted. you can listen to everything the winners said on your smart phone download the wftv app and click on videos.
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terror attack in california killed 14 and wounding 21 investigators do not -- have not been able to look for clues and an iphone belonging to a suspect. >> the fbi is trying to force apple to unlock the date on the phone. martie salt as the following the latest developments. why won't apple help with what is become a major terror investigation? >> the phone was issued by shooting suspect syed farook employee. san bernardino county. is configured to erase data after 10 consecutive unsuccessful attempts to unlock it apple says forcing it to develop such software with essentially put millions of iphones at risk. >> new technology, the ability to hack, the ability to encrypt means that we need a new technological solution force apple says the government is requiring them to make a master key to unlock all phones of the company's ceo says that could hurt more people than they could help because apple cannot unlock just one iphone.
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government needs, they have to literally create an entire new system to backdoor these phones. apples basically saying, look, once we create this, it is going to get out and as a result everything we have built in terms of protecting security and privacy is going to be out the door. >> reporter: the main problem try to recover information from the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. >> was still have one of those killers phones that we have not been able to open. it's been over two months now and we are working on it. >> reporter: the government trying to assess the involvement of devices in the terror attack that left 14 victim's death. investigators have been unable to crack the pass code on the iphone used by syed farook. they are concerned that 10 unsuccessful attempts to open it would cause it to automatically erase key data and make the phone permanently inaccessible. >> these companies whether they me to were not are unfortunately making it easier
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>> analyst say it will not be easily resolved and may be decided in the supreme court. apple posted a statement on its website saying it has respect for investigators and has helped as much as they can but with the fbi is asking for now this goes too far. the statement reads in part, what customers expect apple and other technology companies to do everything in our power to protect the personal information at an apple meredith committed to safeguarding their data and call. find the entire letter for yourself head over to and click on the web links section. orange county deputies say they found the gunmen who held up a popular gators dockside restaurant is -- and shot an employee. >> coming up, here what investigators claim the suspects said when he was inside. look at the video the shoulder tornado tearing down trees and power lines still has, find out just how strong the wind was and see what drivers had to dodge on the road.
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chamber of commerce, the mustang -- changes in winds us that -- deputies say someone murdered a mother and daughter the killer is out there right now.
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today since orange county deputies say a mother and daughter were found murdered. the killer is still out there. kathi belich has spent the week learning about maria sanchez and her daughter destiny. you spoke with the 61, her friends -- her friends who are taking the loss hard. >> they are.
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accustomed to losing loved ones let alone the one they lost -- the way they lost destiny. she and her mom found dead and a pine hills home monday afternoon. destiny, 16, her friends say that was stunned to find out she was killed and still cannot believe she's gone. >> it's weird without having her. this is the crew. it is weird -- she supposed to be standing there. and she's not. >> reporter: they say they will miss her terribly and even miss the way she's need. >> i've never heard the stories like that before in my life. we used to laugh. never say god bless you. we forgot that part because it was crazy. >> reporter: we are told before destiny and our mom, maria sanchez recently moved into this pine hills home where they were shot to death, they were living at the coalition for the homeless and that is how destiny got involved with the boys and girls club of central florida. today, president. and ceo gary kane told us he
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dreams for her future. >> as we young lady and part of a group, not this past december but the one before that came and sang in our board meeting. i met her a couple of other times and i know she aspired to be an attorney. >> reporter: investigators say the man they lived with here had neighbors called 911 on monday afternoon after collapsing and telling them he had found the two bodies. detectives have not mean -- make any suspects and say they have not ruled anyone out. live and pine hills, orange county, kathi belich, channel 9 eyewitness news. we know the storm system earlier this week that our team of the meat have warned you about have generated three tornadoes as severe weather overturned and 18 wheeler bringing traffic to a standstill. tornadoes down the trees and power lines. in fort lauderdale beach boats were capsized and beach chairs
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>> it was like a movie. >> the national weather service surveyed two ef 1 tornadoes which i was up to 100 miles an hour and the f0 tornado with winds up to 80 miles an hour impacted the area. there have been no reports of injuries. look at the cell phone video taken by driver caught on i-95 in miami yesterday. the genital cut through the interstate forcing drivers to try to navigate through flying debris. you see a strongly storm. cars suffered damage but once again there are no reports of any injuries. that's a fear in a car. what you do? >> -- what do you do? >> there are no easy answers. you saw the fifth wheel turned over you don't want to be in that or a camper. get to a more secure structure but you drive down the road and may not have a chance.
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will locate you and if you are visiting south florida, it will find you you can locate it and it will send you advisories for your local area weather in florida or around the country. 74 downtown, i thought we could not been -- get better than yesterday. i think we did. chain -- picture-perfect. 76 effort, cool on the east coast because water temperatures are cooler than the summer in the low 60s making the presence felt. also with the onshore breeze and higher humidity levels, and higher humidity levels, over the interior, this is a true sign of how the air is. -- dry. 35 percent. new smyrna, north tryon went light and variable across the interior. baldwin park tonight, temperatures in the low 50s which is average for this time in february. we turn the corner of the coldest time in the year which is first and third week in january. we are climbing back up.
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away but we will enjoy this. 49 celebration, poinciana, st. cloud 50. oaks subdivision and downtown kissimmee, 50. tonight, back to the 40s low 50s and had a lot of fog in the area western zones especially early this morning. patchy fog early tomorrow but the atmosphere is dryer so it will be patchy. like wind out of the north. we will not get it another cold front but a big ridge of high pressure with a dry air center over the southeast and that will keep us nice to the next several days including the weekend. this ridge of high pressure slides toward the east and start to put winds around the east. low clouds heading toward friday the weekend. fairly light winds out of the north. the ridge moving to the east. calling it a ridge of high pressure. either way we have a cloud
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morning and maybe a sprinkle offshore. i think the atmosphere will be to drive to support organized rainfall. we will call it a mixed of clouds and sunshine. easterly breeze and water temperatures as cool as they are means a big disparity from the cooler coast to the warmer interior. we will talk about that over the next couple of hours. daytona tomorrow, cooler and back in the mid-60s for daytime highs. 69 melbourne, 68 cocoa. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view always up for the weekend. increasing clouds friday, mix of clouds and sunshine saturday and sunday and creeping close but not quite 80 degrees through monday. coming up friday, ocoee, food truck friday and i'm guessing we will have a movie. more coming up on the temperature changes at 4:30.
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the impact of the economic crisis in puerto rico is having in central florida. coming up here is -- hear what leaders are doing to meet the demand of the fast-growing hispanic community. if you don't like going to the doctor, bush to give you the option of having a doctor come to you. charges dropped against an orlando accused of trafficking hundreds of thousands of painkillers.
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a new way to practice medicine was being debated in tallahassee today that the senate subcommittee is considering having your employer help you pay for new doctors service. george estimates look into concierge doctors. this could save everyone money in the long run >> reporter: good care could limit your business and a burden on government funding. you could benefit by visiting a doctor when you need to and getting questions answered and feeling as though you're the only one on the schedule but that comes at a cost. dr. visits as we know them may be changing.'s practice medicine what used to be. i think we're going backwards and it's a good thing. the doctor runs a direct primary care facility and is what is called being a
4:25 pm
fewer patients for as long as 90 minutes per time and overseas medical care from a-z. a concept which could save businesses money and increase employee productivity. >> if you catch them when they are sick and treat them quickly then you're not spending all day in a walk-in clinic. >> reporter: supports -- report suggests traditional dr. c 45 patients per day to make enough money from co-pays to pay bills. with a concierge doctor pay a yearly flatly and have a personal doctor. the senate subcommittee is looking into the idea to see if employers can help kick and some cost. >> at the end of the day it saves money in terms of hospitalization and overutilization of lands, x- rays. >> >> reporter: it varies from 1500 per year to several thousand dollars per year. it includes housecalls -- monitoring the hearing and we will bring you development.
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say in 18-year-old who called themselves dr. love was not a doctor at all. >> they say you have been practicing without a license. >> how he was caught. physician. prayers and songs filled a bcu auditorium as family, friends and students remembered an athlete gunned down last weekend. >> the changes school officials are discussing to try to make off-campus. an armed robbery suspect escaped through the parking lot behind me at this restaurant after shooting a manager inside
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happy mother's day. now get 3 shrubs for only $10 at lowe's. they were shocked and traumatized. >> deputies say this man held up a restaurant full of customers and shot an employee. >> it was a scary time for
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>> at 4, with a manager tells us about the frightening moments inside and why it could have been much worse. split the manager tells us they were almost closing for the night when the suspect burst inside. >> investigators tell steve barrett the robbery happened at the gators dockside on john young parkway at 2:15 am. it did not take deputies long to track the suspect down. >> it was a very quick arrest in this case, greg. the suspect is behind bars and barb wire at orange county jail. he is being held without bond at the deputies were quick to find a mustang, white mustang seen leaving the scene. >> they cooperated and he was still shot. >> reporter: a spokesperson talk about what happened inside a discrete area restaurant as a closed for business last night. unarmed man believed to be craig kerry junior came inside demanding money.
4:31 pm
give them the money and gunpoint -- at gunpoint and from there, one of our managers was shot in the shoulder and the reds -- rib area. nothing like threatening -- life-threatening. >> reporter: a dozen people were inside. customers and employees. one man was shot and investigators believe it could have turned out much worse. >> it was a violent robbery. he was holding a gun to employees had it it could have gone very badly. >> reporter: -- >> we were just closing at the time so brazen in my opinion that it happened while they were inside. >> reporter: another reason he was found so quickly. coming up in one hour i'm working on another angle about how deputies actually encountered the man a few hours before the robbery happened. live in orlando, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news.
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breaking news in orlando where we have seen investigators haul away something interesting from the same apartment complex where they leave baby willow's mother abandoned her. you are watching at the top of the hour, we showed you this dumpster hauled away by investigators. there is no sign of the newborn. the baby's mother, susan richardson, was arrested yesterday. we been working to find out what will happen to the other siblings. we will update you at 5:00. coast guard hearings on the cargo ship that sank during a hurricane revealed the captain. try to ask his boss touchi -- change the route the day before the disaster. 33 crew members were lost including an orlando man. el faro sailed into hurricane joaquin last october. the captain. emails appears to ask if he could take a slower route home. the hearing included an apology from a top executive with a company that owned the ship.
4:33 pm
how deeply grieved we are by the event itself, the tragedy, the loss of our mariners. >> hearings with the us coast guard investigative panel to find out who is at fault will continue tomorrow. we are getting a better idea of what bethune-cookman university will do to try to better protect students from gun violence even though several of the shootings have happened off-campus in daytona beach. blaine tolison was there when dozens packed an auditorium to remember an athlete killed in off-campus party last weekend. he found out more about the new security measures. >> reporter: for some bcu student this is the second time gathering to remember the life of one of their classmates cut short by gun violence. today school officials told me they are working on new plans to try to eradicate it even if it is happening more often off- campus. this time students honor the memory of johnson who was shot
4:34 pm
>> he was outgoing. if you did not know him, you missed out. he was everything. >> reporter: she was johnson's girlfriend and was at the party at the indigo lakes clubhouses daytona beach at the time of the shooting. police say lamont postell shot johnson and wooded two others. 13 bcu student had been shot in one year, most off-campus but officials say they are still getting involved. >> we are having very serious and intentional discussions about how do we make sure that we educate our students and continue to educate them, teach them how to be safe. >> reporter: it will not stop with education. officials say they want to give nonstudents out of events with students, most of the recent shootings have been committed by nonstudents. leaders want students to have more parties on campus where there is more security. the school does not have an exact plan to implement such changes. >> we are coming together to make sure that we are developing the best plan and
4:35 pm
to do for our students. >> reporter: officials tell me they are also communicating with students and parents about their efforts to social media and email but they do not have an exact date someone may might put some of policies in place. in daytona beach, blake ellison, channel 9 eyewitness news. many of us remember standing for the pledge of allegiance at the start of the school day. a bill is being pushed to the florida house to let parents know students do not have to participate. it will require an obligation in the student handbook. to let parents know they can give a written request to excuse their child. the bill passed committee today and will head to the house floor. bill nelson expects president. obama to face opposition while trying to fill the us supreme court seat of the late justice antonin scalia. nelson was in tallahassee discussing issues today. keep expects the president and u.s. senate will most likely be at odds on how to fill the seat.
4:36 pm
leader, senator. mcconnell , republican leader, to do true to his word that he is going to block the appointment. >> florida senate gop presidential candidate marco rubio has said the next up in court justice should be picked by whomever is elected president in november. as the clock ticks to saturday's primary in south carolina the later show clinton and trump holding strong as programs. >> bob opsahl is also looking at endorsements that could change the playing field. trump and clinton have double- digit leads. >> reporter: they do right now. clinton leads bernie sanders by 20 points and trump leads the other republicans by 16 points. south carolina governor just announced her endorsement of marco rubio which could potentially tip the scales in his favor. >> there are three days knowledge of republican -- until they vote in south carolina. governor. haley is hoping her endorsement could give the win to marco rubio. >> i want someone who is going
4:37 pm
for our party but every person they represent in the country. >> reporter: south carolina's a popular governor nikki haley has enjoyed approval ratings of 81 percent. with rubio, polling at only 14 percent, he could use a boost. >> the direction we're headed now is not the direction of greatness it is the direction of decline. if we do not we call that meets the next president of the united states will be named either bernie sanders are hillary clinton for ted cruz threw down the gauntlet the donald trump. >> i would encourage you, donald if you want to file a lawsuit, challenging this ad, claiming and it in defamation, file a lawsuit. >> reporter: trump threatened legal action in the wake of justice scalia's death. >> i'm pro-choice in every respect. we cannot just -- trust donald trump of these decisions. >> reporter: trump says cruz is a liar. >> crews said -- cruz and i'm not pro-life. you cannot lie about people like that.
4:38 pm
heard -- hurt trent crump -- cruz is poll numbers. >> rubio is more than 20 points behind drop in the polls. greg? >> trump and clinton are not the only ones making headlines, jeb bush's campaign under fire for a tweet that they sent out after bush toured a gun manufacturer. go to facebook .com/ wftv that story. us government says it wants to crack down on restaurants posing as grocery store so they can accept food stamps. the usda says people use food stamps at restaurants so he wants to change the rules. in order for a food store to accept food stamps, only one 5 percent of the sales could include food -- 15 percent of the schools could include food heated outside. watchdogs say the change won't make a difference. >> if it is being used for food, who are we to micromanage. >> opponents say the proposed change could hurt the access that low income families have to food. last year three perfectly people in florida were eligible
4:39 pm
-- three points 6 million people. >> jetblue partner with the team to let passengers play soccer at their flight terminals. at every game day citrus bowl, jetblue will give to lucky fans round-trip travel certificates to and from any jetblue destination. officials with orlando city say this partnership will be a fun experience for traveling fans. >> as we have seen lassies in our fans like to follow us and now they have a great avenue to do that with the partnership. >> the new promotion starts sunday, march 6 . during the homeowner for -- home opener at the citrus bowl. see upgrades from the point of million dollars daytona rising party for yourself in person and you do not have to go to the daytona 500 to do it. the free open house at the speedway started one hour ago and lasted until 7:00 tonight. at 5:00, people at the speedway will get to watch the nascar sprint cup series practice for the 500.
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include more concessions can associate your, bathroom, wider and more comfortable seats and that is venue wide. i've been there in person as the most impressive thing on scene added to the track. unreal. $480. >> high education and central florida financial was from those attending the mayor's 14th annual black history month luncheon. >> the event sponsored by dcf the college fund raises money to provide scholarships for students attending historically black colleges and universities including the resume company that was and seeing this year. posted by orlando mayor buddy dyer and orange county mayor teresa jacobs committee visit the civic leaders bob billingsley and john coffman were given an award. south florida deputies say they arrested an 18-year-old because he was pretending to be a dr. south florida deputies say they arrested an 18-year- old because he was pretending to be a dr. >> it's not the first time where i have been accused. >> how the secret was finally exposed. hour for tonight.
4:41 pm
crisis of puerto rico continues to drive families to central florida.
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a drop in crude oil prices and in the shares in us stocks up on wall street. the dow rose more than 257 points and the nasdaq saw an increase of about 98 and s&p 500 up more than 31 points. the city of orlando is open for business in spanish. today leaders announced another moved to meet the mess of a fast-growing hispanic community. channel 9 anchor nancy alvarez asked what it means for the local economy. >> reporter: when julio opened his firm and 2006 he had a much heavier accent. >> my english was not as good as now. >> reporter: everywhere he
4:45 pm
>> none of the service of work available in spanish. >> reporter: fast-forward to today. >> the city announced its latest move to expand services to a fast-growing hispanic community. this time it is the spanish version of the city's ball -- small business site where anyone opening a business can find everything from zoning regulations to cost estimates to incentive programs. >> there are many people try to open businesses and the english language capabilities are limited. >> reporter: the number of hispanic owned businesses in orlando stands at 20 percent but that is only expected to grow with hundreds of puerto rican families moving to central florida every month. >> there are challenges with people coming over. they may speak good but not as good as they need to in order to be understood. >> reporter: skelos is helping these families is a smart business move for the city. >> they understand we are a
4:46 pm
all he is doing is giving us these tools to really take off. >> reporter: orlando, nancy alvarez, channel 9 eyewitness news. the city has a version of the government page and facebook pages spanish. brevard county candidate -- deputies looking for the who say but thousands of dollars in gift cards with someone else's money. they released the surveillance photos of the person they are looking for. investigators say this guy bought more than $7000 in visa gift cards in stores and south brevard county. a great picture. he used one victim's identity to get a credit card and apple pay account to buy the base -- gift cards. members of florida's legislative black caucus urges state lawmakers to pass a bill payment mid--- put your lawbreakers behind bars. team lawbreakers. it will and buyer them -- issuing more citations. more young people with juvenile records have a hard time
4:47 pm
>> if you are young man and you make a useful in the scratch -- useful indiscretion or mistake -- useful -- we have restorative justice. >> it faces one house committee and companion bill in the senate going to go more committees. 18-year-old out of jail on bond after being charged with impersonating a dr. impersonating a dr. >> you been practicing without a license. >> that is for what they say. he was arrested after investigators say he performed an exam on an undercover officer. a reporter has been digging into the fake dr. since opening its clinic in january. >> i'm hurt because of the allegations but this is not the first time i have been accused and i will pursue this. malachi love robinson committed when you're ago he was detained at hospital after a gynecologist found him in an
4:48 pm
they say he had a stethoscope around his neck. he is not a doctor. scott kelly is almost done with his year-long stint on the international space station. >> before coming back to earth he shared pictures from space. he posted pictures of earth from his view on the iss on his twitter page. he has broken the record for us and shut off -- us astronauts spend the most time in space. he's coming back to earth next month. >> i can't imagine what the gravity will feel like. >> he and his twin brother is also an astronaut. >> on planet earth, let me show you a beautiful shot from daytona. i'm sure he's been peering down on the beaches of florida. as we head toward the weekend,
4:49 pm
will bring in cool rain layer, 66 now. sunshine on tuesday and wednesday. 60s along the coast. 70s inland. we have managed 75 downtown orlando, pocket of onshore breezes and high humidity for the beaches of volusia county. elsewhere is relatively dry. winds are out of the north increasing toward the northeast by tomorrow and into friday keeping beaches cooler. ucf campus, temperatures back in the lower 50s. not as much of a font issue. quite a bit of fog earlier. osceola county, we will clear it -- keep it clear. dry winds out of the north. low to mid and upper 40s tonight including 49 degrees in separate, leesburg, clermont coming in in the upper 40s tonight and the average low around 50-53. a whisker -- whisper below where we would be.
4:50 pm
four winter springs heathrow altamonte springs state road 436. cooler along the east coast a breeze and light breeze tomorrow. shifting to the northeast increasing cloud cover toward friday and the weekend. dry atmosphere. not a lot of moisture converting to rain. maybe a sprinkle on the coast. dry weather continues with low 70s tomorrow. the end of the week, toward the beaches, moderate risk of rip currents and a high risk of rip currents starting tomorrow. 6-8 feet and water temperature 50 80 daytona 67 cocoa beach. we will not have a lot of record rescues because the water is cold so still something to heat. future track clouds along the coast tomorrow lots of sunshine for thursday.
4:51 pm
sky with clouds moving onshore. we will keep it dry. forecast model is sensitive to sprinkles. for the weekend daytona 500, working on the weekend daytona 500 forecast coming up at 5:00. five-day forecast, where the weekend is always in view temperatures are slowly creeping back up close to 80 toward early next week. all new, and ex-girlfriend of jordan zimmermann is speaking out about the photos that her former boyfriend tweeted to thousands of people. >> i called him begging him to take it down. >> the law she's pushing for to make sure it never happens to anyone else. a volusia county woman says her job fighter because she was transgender. what she is demanding and a lawsuit
4:52 pm
howard explains how you can so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfindt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
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if your homeowner looking to save cash here's an idea. a new trend emerging some say will help you to reduce your monthly expenses but you may have company. clark howard explains how sharing your home can be more bang for your buck. >> a trend in the housing market for people looking for homes as they look for what is being referred to informally is airbnb ready. people in order to defray some cost of owning a home are looking for houses that may have an area with a separate entrance, with its own junior apartment, a little chip -- kitchenette so they can have renters in the property. some authorities do not like that but it's a clear trend to reduce cost. the other big thing is multiple
4:56 pm
under one roof but having separation. if this works for you, there is more opportunity in the housing market for you to be able to have a house where maybe two or three generations are living under one roof. i'm clark howard. clark howard helps action 9 unit looking out for consumers like you and post resources and information at post resources and at 5:00 we learned a second doctor taken away from an apartment complex where investigators believe a newborn baby was abandoned. a state agency joining the investigation into what happened to baby willow. following breaking news a brevard county were health officials confirm the case of the zika virus. what residents tell us about the biggest concerns. the restrictions for a central florida dr. who pleaded
4:57 pm
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here in vineland, home of progresso, we figured out how to get rich ingredients like bacon into 22 light soups, so if you want 100 calories or less per serving without giving up rich flavor do what we do...make it progresso. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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breaking right now, a second dumpster was just covered with crime scene tape as hauled away not far from where police say a newborn was abandoned by her mother. we're hearing from police and the suspect's boyfriend. >> orlando police closed in on the second dumpster. >> they said there's still no signs of baby willow. search and rescue crews were back this afternoon. at 4:00 jeff deal said susan richardson doesn't some to be cooperating. officers said she dropped that baby off at a random apartment there. >> reporter: she said she just walked back here to this apartment complex. she picked out a random apartment, put the baby down on a doorstep, knocked and then just walked away. then she walked back over here to her home. you can see it's just a short distance away. when she was asked about it she couldn't
5:00 pm
dropped the baby off at. >> orlando police officers with help launched a new search and the willow bend apartments. they spent the day looking for a newborn baby girl they're calling baby willow. they wrapped crime tape around a dumpster. >> the baby's mother, susan richardson, seemed to yawn as she stood before a judge. she said she dropped the baby off and knocked and left. >> do you think she's lying? >> we don't know. we hope for the best. >> police believe she died to doctors telling them she was only 3 or 4 months pregnant and had to have a miscarriage when they believe she was 8 months pregnant. >> i said why did you do that? she said i freaked out. >> her boyfriend, johnnie bryant, said she believes


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