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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 18, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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police is still working the case and we know we saw the city work crews out here with a heavy-duty robotic camera attached to a very long cable. they snake it down to the manholes into the sewer lines, looking for any evidence of baby willow. orlando police believe sometime between 10 am and noon monday susan richardson gave birth to a baby girl near the willow bend apartments. at 1205, orlando fire department got a call for a woman claiming to have had a miscarriage. they rest are two florida hospital south. richardson told hospital staff she was just 3 to 4 months pregnant. she was treated and released. at 304 that afternoon, orlando police received a 911 call about a possible placenta found in the parking lot of the willow bend apartments. investigators determined the placenta was from a pregnant woman who was newly furred -- full term but the newborn baby girl police call baby willow was nowhere to be found. they found blood outside susan
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richardson told him she gave birth to a live baby girl and placed her on the front step of a random apartment, knocked in two. crime scene, homicide investigators worked through the night along with the search and rescue team but found no sign of the baby. tuesday morning the police reached out to the community in question two issues and more. that night they arrested her on child neglect charges saying she showed no interest in the well-being of her child just after 9:00 wednesday morning to board and yawned as the judge set bond at $50,000. hours later, police lost another daylong search and holdaway dumpsters from the willow bend apartments but still have no answers as to what happened to baby willow. -- >> reporter: researched the sewers but it does not seem like they found anything. we reaching out -- we are reaching out asking questions about that in what is the latest on her mother. working on that for eyetwitness news at 5. jeff deal, channel 9 eyewitness news. if you were looking for the bright side a good news is they have not found a be below dead.
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we will stay on top of this. it has gripped central florida. timeline. there's been many development updated. thousands of you have been commenting on the story on facebook is appropriate make sure you get all of the new developments by following the wftv facebook page. following breaking news rainout volusia county with the sheriff's office has a made. >> martie salt has been watching a live picture of sky witness 9 feeding into the investigators say human remains have been found. >> the sheriff's office as a surveyor found human remains in this field near u.s. 1 i do in red john drive near the volusia county correctional facility. you can see several sheriff's office vehicles at the scene outside the heavily wooded area including crime scene investigators. we're told the remains seem to be very old and adjust the past that 10 minutes investigators confirmed they are human remains. no word on whose remains may
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it's a point to note investigators believe a volusia county mother just -- yes and yes juarez was killed by her husband two years ago but her body has never been found. the same thing happened to her children, their bodies have not been found. there are cases of 4 women whose bodies were found in the daytona beach area at different times during the past 10 years but a killer has never been identified. so all of these things come to mind in a case like this the --. it is possible the remains are not human but as we have determined moments ago they are human. never grew headed to the scene on the ground for a live report at 5:00 and in the meantime we will keep you updated on anything else that happens before then. breaking this afternoon, this time in orange county, fire marshal's office has been called in to investigate an apartment fire. we got the cell phone video from a viewer showing fire crews going into the second floor unit at the carlton arms apartment on jamestown drive near a loma avenue. from sky witness 9, you can see
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building was evacuated and no one was hurt. gemini confirmed longtime ceo of harbor house of central florida is out. we broke the story on this morning and she said the leading advocate for women and domestic violence in central florida that we now know this is not a surprise in terms of carol wick picture expected to be voted out today. we have a copy of your email she sent to his staff. kathi belich jasmine working on the story all day after we were tipped off. why is she being replaced? >> there was no explanation in the statement we got within the last half hour. and harbor house spokesman tells us early in the day the board was meeting all day at an undisclosed location and was in touch with which by telephone -- carol wick intermittently. >> reporter: for years carol wick has been the faithful harbor house central florida. the ceo was named one of central florida's 50 most
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under her leadership, the shelter for victims of domestic violence has helped thousands of women who have told channel 9 their stories and voiced appreciation for harbor house's help. >> i feel safe but i feel like an advocate -- like they care. >> reporter: carol wick oversaw and expansion and added the spec -- pet shoulder so pets would not leave abuse victims from leaving home. she worked with law enforcement to change the way officers respond to calls to keep victims say. an email sent out at 8:47 am said goodbye to my meeting staff and said no that my dedication to you and to survivors will remain and told them to always remember that all you do save lives and make a difference. the board said an interim ceo will be announced in the coming days and it is now doing a nationwide search for the new ceo.
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wick to talk to her but so far we have not heard back. live in the newsroom, kelly ballots, channel 9 eyewitness news. the house is discussing a bill revamping florida's death penalty system. the state's death penalty system was deemed unconstitutional by a us supreme court ruling. toward -- court justices and judges were making final decisions instead of your respect the new bill 10 and 20 jerk -- 10 out of 12 jurors when the two the in favor of sentencing someone to death. committees about the house and senate approved a bill that would ensure a rapid dna test in sexual assault cases. we told you in november when the florida department of law enforcement announced they had more than 13,000 and test it gets that piled up. if it passes in the senate and get rape kits or dna evidence collected an alleged sexual assault cases will be submitted by law enforcement agencies to live within 30 days. this afternoon the zika outbreak sparked an unusual
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in a departure from catholic teaching, the pope said contraception may be the lesser of two evils because of zika. the pope said women who could be exposed to zika may be permitted to use contraceptive the site -- devices and stressed the church's opposition to abortion but said there is a difference between abortion and preventing a pregnancy. he made the statement on his way home from his trip to mexico. some governments in latin and central america have urged women not to get pregnant because of the zika virus. back in central florida, we are up to 24 cases of zika in the state. the latest two cases and miami- dade this afternoon. and it comes one day after your case confirmed a brevard county. all of the cases are travel related and not involving pregnant women. melonie holt got a firsthand look at what is being done to prevent the virus from spreading here. >> reporter: the type of the state of the county is worried about is a container breeder which is why they are try to get to illegal dump sites like this one in claim them up.
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showed us this type of area of great concerned as they work to combat mosquito-borne illnesses like zika. a case was confirmed in the county yesterday. today, two more cases were confirmed in miami-dade. bring the state's total to 24. all of them associated with travel outside the us. >> mosquitoes produced in containers so we're having to do extra and most of that is getting out to the public, the message they can make a difference for the county is cleaning of areas like this one at the end of satellite boulevard, removing a potential breeding ground and we learn today that detecting the zika virus through progress -- program is a not an option. the mosquito carrying the virus perverts primates and humans and we can be tested. today the governor talked about the resources available for that. >> when purchased over four tell the kids to test if you have zika now.
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out of the center for disease control. >> reporter: the virus is mild with symptoms like low-grade fever, rash and joint pain. an association has been made between the virus and an increase in the number of newborns with a rare neurological condition and countries experiencing zika virus outbreaks. in addition to clean up and treatment efforts, the county is spreading the word about how residents can protect themselves from -- from mosquito-borne illnesses. a brevard county, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. there is another international headline coming out of the zika scare. officials say it is dragging down the world economy. the world bank's estimate that the bill will cost the globe $3 billion with caribbean nations being hit the hardest. it is pledging $150 million toward the fight of zika. it is so concerning because mostly a severe defects that babies can suffer from pregnant
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and find a lot of people in the us and around the world. find everything you need to know about zika on our website head to and click on the news tab and then zika virus. orlando city soccer club looking to make changes to the stadium. we had been showing you views of the progress the stadium has made from sky witness 9. officials went before it leaders to ask if they can add a grandstand and kennedy to the stadium. along with extra restrooms and concession stands next to church street. we will let you know what leaders decide. brevard county fire-rescue was called out to the merritt island airport when the small plane you see ran off the runway just before 11:00 this morning peer only the pilot was on board and he or she was not hurt. the plane suffered damage. no word on what caused it to run off the end of the runway. a local woman who says massage therapy sexually assaulted her said she wants to warn other women. >> as a result of my story, other strong women have come forward.
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still allowed to work as a masseuse. we have showed you how daytona beach police had moved dozens of homeless people who camped out before the building. agreements that could give homeless a way to stay. students take to sobel -- social media. we took concerns cheerleaders and asked if on lockdown at the campus today is connected. the breezes take act in
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last hour we got video that
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students to the -- duking it out. they were promoting of the fight week so julie salomone took concerns cheerleaders. does this have to do with today's lockdown at the campus? >> reporter: st. cloud police tell me the lockdown was because of a threat they found out social media that at this point, they have not told me whether or not they found anything at the high school this is holding up the dismissal process but if you can take a look parents are still waiting to pick up the kids parked on the grass and actually texting children who are inside the school. if you look beyond the gate, you can see there is no right now. i am told nobody and and nobody out here. a student sent me the cell phone video showing officers searching people inside st. cloud high school. she tells me her classes at the high school for the competition earlier when the school was placed on lockdown. parents waited out by the school state.
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needed to -- police officer told me we needed to wait outside. >> reporter: the school district said it threat was posted on social media this afternoon and the school when on lockdown as a precaution. dismissal time was delayed by more than one hour. >> concerned with what is going on with kids and guns and bomb threats and kids fighting over petty stuff. it is alarming. it is mind-boggling. >> reporter: the district said parents were notified by phone and automated message went out to 93 percent of parents who have updated their emergency contact numbers. some parents i spoke with said they did not get a call. >> no message just getting him because i figure my daughter at a different school and i am, like, why are the gates locked. >> reporter: st. cloud high school is on lockdown at this hour, still.
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were three fights on campus in one fight off-campus and i will have more on that part of the story coming up at 5:30. live in osceola county, julie salomone, channel 9 eyewitness news. tech experts nationwide are waiting to see the formal opposition apple will file to the fbi's demand that they crack and iphone belonging to a suspect in the california terror attack. the fbi cannot guess syed farook spackled out of danger the phone could erase and no icloud back ups were made. apple's ceo says the file that would disable the deletion would make all iphones very vulnerable to thieves. >> what apple is doing is standing up for all of our security. >> imagine identity thieves or any number of people try to gain access to it. >> is becoming a landmark privacy case. the phone belonged to farouk health department employee but no one seems to know the pass code to unlock it.
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>> they traded veteran forward to the cavaliers. they will receive a backup guard it's about shedding a contract. this will allow orlando to go after big names the summer. hundreds of people expected to pour into downtown orlando for the grand opening of a new burger joint looking at church street which will be closed until midnight to celebrate the opening of the wall burgers. mark wahlberg is expected to attend and i understand this is a red carpet invite only. you will have to stand outside and smell burgers cooking. >> more for workers in town so we will make an exception, we can go tomorrow when famous people are gone. tonight, speaking of
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corner of lake eola looking to the south and west, downtown is very nice. clear skies and cooler. we told you it would be cool low 60s along the beaches water temperatures around 60 and that's nature's air conditioner turned on i -- high keeping new smyrna beach blustery, 61 degrees now. managing 50s overnight to look at the winds gusting, over 35 along the coast and this will make it breezy for tonight. for the races at daytona. temperatures starting at 64 to the upper 50s winds north east tapering off gradually but that is the big one, dry track. that's what they are looking for. for winter park, temperatures instead of 50 that we had this morning will be close to about 55, 56. it will be breezy this evening and that will make it feel cooler but officially no windchill calculations since
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seminole, light breeze sprang oaks air altamonte springs in the mid-50s for you. 51 in winter spring at the springs at wekiva springs. 53 orlando overnight tonight, 40s over the interior, 57 and titusville, 61 cocoa beach and warmer tomorrow and we managed 70-72 today, 74: are -- tomorrow gradual increase in temperatures from tomorrow on the way to the weekend 60s combined -- confined to the beaches. a cloud deck i was alluding to you can see the crowds are sure. a couple of spreckels are possible with this because the aerosol dry. if we get a sprinkle -- the air is so very dry. no measurable rain including the opponent -- something -- and coming weekend. future track showing cloud deck in word and a keeping us pegu offshore. forecast a sensitive and tends to overdo light sprinkles.
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clouds for the weekend. five-day forecast, what a weekend, where the weekend is always in view, 76 on saturday, 78 on sunday in lebanon others warm system we will track. we are looking at the latest in an update on the next system but we have a great week to look forward to. disney in central florida's leading employer but we have learned workers are looking -- losing hours. leaders say the park is half a world away in china is to blame. after daytona homeless camp briefly shuts down county government building, there may be a solution. the new plant volusia county in daytona beach leaders could sign off on this afternoon. volunteers want to help clean up and stored central florida cemetery but blocked from doing so. we're showing you conditions
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after months of debate this afternoon volusia county daytona beach seem to have finally agreed on a plan for a homeless shelter. the solution did not come until after a growing homeless camp spring of downtown and briefly shut down county office building. blaine tolison got a look at the new deal to in the new proposal, the city is not
4:25 pm
operate the shoulder. >> reporter: an agreement would not be approved by the county if the county is having to pay any kind of money to operate the home and shot at the county leaders joined us in perfect time, they are talking about the issue now they just got on it and have been talking about it for 10 minutes. councilman them -- council members have passions about a counter proposal from the city of daytona beach. josh wightman tells me the homeless issue has been the most frustrating issue he has dealt with at a councilman since he has been on the council but today there could finally be in agreement and the homeless issue really reached a head when a growing homeless camp started outside of the county services building and beat st., daytona. wagner tells me last night leaders in daytona beach decided for the most part to go along with a plan that the county would support the county is offering $4 million to build a shelter at land on existing building.
4:26 pm
three years and would pay to operate it he says there is not much time left as they approach the deadline the county gave daytona beach to come to an agreement with the county. >> we needed side. we have two weeks left. time maybe other council members may. but i'm not. >> reporter: you heard that in two weeks the county does not have an agreement with the city, the county would take the $4 million it offered to build the shoulder off the table and they are talking about it now. it is not a done deal. council members have many questions that they hope to get answered right now in a discussion peer we will let you know what happens live in the land, blaine tolison, channel 9 eyewitness news. president obama has made history while in office and now he is going to do it again. >> why the president said he must visit cuba in person. >> reporter: crews were tearing down this home deltona.
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say as part of the project to make the city beautiful. a man accusing -- accused of using his job as a massage therapist to abuse to women. >> i want this to serve as a warming.
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we told you when this former massage therapist was accused of using his job to sexually abuse women. spinning and one of the women to come forward and not be afraid. >> a lawsuit filed against the latest place where he was working. >> it's betrayal. >> he was arrested for sexual battery in a case connected to a massage in the. >> clermont police investigating because the woman said he touched her
4:31 pm
channel 9's roy ramos spoke with a lawyer who is suing his former workplace on the victims behalf. guerrero was fired from hand in stone but is not been arrested or charged with any crime in connection with this location. >> he has a knot and that's why the lawsuit filed today was against the spot where it the alleged incident occurred. >> reporter: -- >> i concerned he can do it again. >> reporter: the alleged victim who claimed she was sexually assaulted by guerrero in a massage envy was at the front steps of the courthouse to tell her story. her lawyer is suing handed stone massage in clermont where investigators are in investigating another incident. >> in one women to come forward and be afraid -- not be afraid and know he will not get away with it. >> reporter: following allegations leading to guerrero being arrested and charged, multiple victims and come forward and decided the
4:32 pm
release report filed in winter park. >> is a he said, she said case.. >> reporter: one incident in clermont under investigation involves a woman who said she was inappropriately touched by guerrero back in april. >> he allegedly put his hands on her breasts and vaginal area. without her consent. >> reporter: there have been several other would -- allegations against guerrero but we found his licenses clear and active. we found he was recently hired surprisingly at another hand in stone massage and facial spot in doctor phillips. he was fired because he did not reveal his arrest in winter garden guerrero's investigation is pending. working to find out how he was able to work at another franchise location when he was fired from the first. we are finding out how he is able to still have a license. more on that coming up at 5:30. roy ramos, channel 9 eyewitness
4:33 pm
we are staying a couple breaking news in volusia county were human remains were found in a wooded area near the correctional facility. sky witness 9 has been flying over the area off us 92, read john drive. all we know now is the remains were found by a survey of it never grew talking to investigators to get details in a live report on eyewitness news at 5:00. a man accused of murdering his wife and children are asking for a speedy trial. toledo's trial was delayed because lawmakers must rewrite death penalty sentencing rules. the us supreme court has declared the current system unconstitutional making it difficult for prosecutors to pursue the death penalty against toledo did he will be back in court at a: 30 tomorrow morning. if you have a student in elementary school is that there are closer to having recess every day. a bill just passed the state house by a vote of 112 to 2. the bill requires 20 minutes a day for elementary school students. the bill states recess cannot
4:34 pm
disciplinary or academic reasons. earlier today, parents of lawmakers talked about the importance of allowing young children a break from academic work to get out and run around. they talked about how the bill will make recess consisted from school to school and district to district. >> if we want our kids to learn and grow academically and to do well going forward, they have to be able to have this exercise and this time outside during recess. >> it will be not structured in terms of being able to display. some local school districts were required recess time saying it is unnecessary from the state. a major hurdle from the legislation in the florida senate today the surviving chairman of the chamber education pre-k-12 committee has declined to hear the bill and there is about three weeks remaining in the 2016 session. we will let you know if things change. florida house this past
4:35 pm
allowing parents to choose which school their children attend. under the bill, parents can pick any school they want as long as it is not at capacity. legislation also was parents transfer students and certain classrooms if they're unhappy with the teachers instruction. there is no companion bill in the senate meeting state senators will have to vote on the houses version of that bill. major announcement from the white house today president obama will make and store trip to cuba next month. the president made the announcement on twitter as it sank channel 9 anchor bob opsahl has the following reaction to the controversial visit this will be the first time in 80 something years a sitting president is visited cuba. >> reporter: 1920 it was the last time it happened. the president said district is meant to show that while significant progress has been made since normalizing relations with cuba more needs to be done. >> it's the first president to visit since calvin coolidge. >> reporter: it will be president obama's first visit to give this is making history in december 20 1420 check as
4:36 pm
ties with the cuban government gets back given the choice of going in december when it would be a vacation to cuba we are going now and try to get business done. we believe the time is right to go. >> reporter: president obama sent out a tweet saying in part he's traveling to cuba, quote, to advance our progress in efforts that can improve the lives of the cuban people and quote. his decision was disappointing for gop presidential contenders with cuban roots. >> no elections in cuba or choice and cuba my problem and what the relationship between the us and cuba to change but it has to be reciprocal. >> reporter: for cuban officials it is welcome news. >> a step forward in the improvement of relations states. >> reporter: it is a step forward but to fully restore ties between the nations, congress will need to approve. the president's trip is planned
4:37 pm
to build and to help florida's motherhouse patients pass committee in both chambers in tallahassee. senate committee passed a measure ensuring all myself patients get the treatment they need wherever they go for help. meanwhile a house committee approved a proposal that requires doctors to keep patients on medication when they come from jail. a miami-dade judge applauded those measures. >> what a lot of the legislation does with many recommendations the florida supreme court quartet. >> reporter: made things that await to hold on to them when they are ready to be discharged. >> florida ranks 49th out of the 50 states for spending a man to help to the services. built on a residents have been waiting years for a house that has become an eyesore to be torn down. today was the day. the crew started tearing down the home on covington drive this morning. deneige broom found out this is just the first of many. >> reporter: it's been empty
4:38 pm
me he has seen kids break out windows, get in and cause safety concerns such as one of the reasons leaders say it was time for it to go. >> is been sitting here for a long time. we wonder why no one is big -- fixing it or tearing it down or something. >> reporter: now the city of deltona is. a fire destroyed the home on n. covington dr. 4 years ago and ended up falling into foreclosure and into more and more disrepair today was the day people like richard have been waiting for to see this crumbling home go down for good. >> this house was a hazard. collected rats and kids playing affecting houses for sale for commissioner says he got a lot of complaints about this home and others that are in shambles. this is the first of many homes the city is tearing down as part of the city's beautification plan. houses like this will make it hard for neighbors to sell their own homes and vacant houses costing -- it's costing the city money since families
4:39 pm
they passed an ordinance allowing them to connect fees from lenders on homes that have become eyesores. that is the money they are using to tear down the houses and potentially make the area more attractive to buyers and residents for -- >> it will be different when we come by. the house will be on force in volusia county, tran40, channel 9 eyewitness news. the vice mayor says that they can get ownership of the property they would like to get it into the hands of an organization like habitat for humanity. take a look at today's demolition at /slideshows. breaking news in orlando where police have made a new arrest and re-arresting one suspect in the shooting at an orlando nightclub. the deck is just sent a tweet about the arrest of jose lopez and luis cruz barrio. lopez was arrested last week in connection with the shooting that killed two people and injuring several others including a nightclub -- in a nightclub buddy bonded out of jail. no word on charges either of
4:40 pm
a live report on the new developments coming up at five. a recall this afternoon not involving takata air bags. toyota recalls nearly 3,000,000 suvs worldwide because of seatbelts. the toyota rav 4 is one of the vehicles affected. along with the toyota rav 4 eb and toyota vanguard. most built between 2005-2014. the company settled law could cause we're seatbelts to fail. toyota dealers will make the repairs for you for more. a police chase in the keys only reached speeds of about 15 miles an hour. >> the getaway vehicle was a backhoe. a man took a joy ride down the 7 mile bridge monday after stealing the backhoe from a construction sites. bse was doing damage as well to the road and also damage to the bridge and patrol cruiser during the hour-long i hate to use chase. deputies had to stop sticks to
4:41 pm
chase to an end. florida mother said the teen accused of being a state -- a fake doctor took it too far. >> i want to know what was he trying to do, hurt me? >> what she says he did to her shortly after her daughter died of heart disease. like the sunshine today. onshore breeze is bringing clouds back in. updating what you can expect for your outdoor plans through the weekend. disney is coming off the most successful quarterly earnings in history.
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
so hay,o i amazg gh ner ulha peed would vehoht atnye ulfi tt do tha make tt o othr y r . right enrit er i codn bie i he waso lpl i kn is ch smalthg litt tng simplehi but me sle madee pp made mda share urto.
4:44 pm
concerns about economic growth and disappointing sales forecast for walmart sent stocks falling pay the dow was down more than 40 points and
4:45 pm
almost 9. disney is coming off of his most successful quarterly earnings report. many employees in orlando learned hours will be cut. jamie holmes found out is because things are not going well at disney's world shanghai half a world away in china. >> reporter: spring is big business for walt disney world parks in orlando this week many employees learned their hours at the parks would be cut during the busy spring break season. >> you see the difference did it is a crowded month to be cutting so much. >> reporter: tom runs an insider website covering disney and says an unknown number of employees at the parts will go down to 32 hours per week. they will qualify for health benefits under obamacare but loose paint and overtime. >> they will be cutting a lot of what they called nonprofit positions put they are not merchandise locations. things i guess relations, front
4:46 pm
for despite the booming tourism numbers in orlando, disney has seen problems should economic analyst say this they shan't die has been delayed in the 125th dillion over mr. goss. was something that happens alongside disney aikens and ripple affects to other businesses and that maybe some cost-cutting moves we've seen announced. >> for guests you will see fewer character meet and greets, some parade will be cut to one time per night. there will not -- there will not be permanent but indicative of a company with global reach. >> it does not mean to be a few -- immune from shock then shanghai or brazil. does not mean disney can just sit on its laurels. >> reporter: jamie holmes, channel 9 eyewitness news. busy says they are streamlining the process and guest arrival and some members could have longer hours next week. the union contract only dictates been disney maximize
4:47 pm
this afternoon the state health department describing to find the other patients who went to a teenager accused of pretending to be a doctor. >> abc news asked about accusations that he walked out of the interview. >> i don't know where your thing if that's receiving this inaccurate information. i will have to cut it short. >> malachi robinson, doctor love was initially arrested in an undiscovered -- undercover sting. he claimed to a review of the medical records for terminally ill daughter after the girl died and he claimed her doctor made a mistake. >> i want to know what he was hurt me. i only have one daughter. i cannot bring her back here and that is the part that hurts me the most. >> when asked if he had training robinson said he shadowed many doctors. he is also not charged with grand theft for taking elderly patients checkbook and writing checks. >> he needs help. >> disturbing details.
4:48 pm
advantage of this nice weather. firing up cars. daytona. >> the world stage, it is going to be a great weekend with the winds fairly brisk over in daytona beach. -- daytona, 64 there, orlando lake lucerne, 70. winds north northeast at 15 miles an hour. winds and dusty along the shore. big ridge of high pressure to the north blocking all of the bad weather from coming south. his ally -- over the last two days we take it on the good side and it's helping to crack up winds today. winds north along the coast swoop switching easily and cloud deck we have been tracking offshore will get overall comfortable temperatures and low to mid 50s orlando. these are realistic clouds based on the forecast picnic is the mid-level cloud deck even
4:49 pm
tonight that no rain clouds. that's what's important. lake county for the evening, fair skies and cold temperatures over in the highland lakes area in leesburg, lake sarah leesburg, 51, 50 eustis, and after. upper to mid 40s 50 in orlando today. a few degrees warmer right at our long-term february average. 30 years worth of temperatures and average them up and that is what the normal temperature would be and also the normal high, 73 for winter springs tomorrow. savor oviedo and into geneva. keeping a mix of clouds and sunshine but also dry. partly cloudy, cool along the east coast with a brief daytona, 74 and that clermont. dekalb low clouds visible satellite only good during the late date -- during the daylight hours. spreckels offshore but future track will keep it dry for us to the upcoming weekend. showing showers possibly offshore for friday afternoon. we cannot rule out a sprinkle at the coast but generally the
4:50 pm
for the upcoming weekend. we can plant look great. saturday, mix of clouds and sunshine and easterly breeze but not as gusty into sunday. you cannot pick a member -- pick a better looking than this. 74 avatar, i have 80 -- 74 appetite and 80 next week. five-day forecast, 76 saturday, 78 sunday, the next storm system increasing chances for rain by tuesday. vocally, -- o coley, activities for the weekend. state troopers tell us something in connection with the hit-and-run crashes of jeep should not have been a brevard county wrote in the first place. on top of breaking news in osceola county, dismissal delayed at the st. cloud
4:51 pm
we will update you on the we will update you on the situation life at 5:00 plus new video of a fight that happened inside the school this week. channel 9 anchor martha sugalski introduces us to a
4:52 pm
life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving them over half a grand when they switch to progressive. so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people what they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?!
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of hungry users. lightning internet from bright house networks. the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. forever family series. >> martha sugalski introduces us to a special girl. >> is rosie and she was too shy to talk with the cameras rolling but as you will see this little girl had a big heart was so much love to give any family lucky enough to doctor -- lucky enough to adopt her. >> she's an adorable nine-year-
4:55 pm
and likes to know everything going on. she loves to give hugs and when you made her she may be shy but then she latches onto your site after that. she wanted to ride the train badly. she also wants to go on a roller coaster. she is very happy. she is helpful. she likes to help and even help other kids. she's helping with another kid all day today. she helped put the issue back on and wanted to push the wheelchair. she was helping kerry chairs and she wanted to help to anything she could. she is just a happy kid. no matter what happens in her life, she's happy. my for rosie is to have a forever family . she would be best in a family with other children to keep her busy. she likes to be around other
4:56 pm
rosie has never had a forever family it would be good for her to know somebody is there for her forever. >> to learn more about adopting rosie or any children we feature on forever family call the number on your screen or go to nine and help children in foster care by volunteering or becoming a mentor as well as contributing financially 100 percent of donations made to the forever family program go directly to our kids. rosie had no problem hanging out with a big snake. >> she is brave. >> braver than vanessa. >> at five, the changes in leadership at 127 -- central florida's largest domestic abuse shoulders. -- shelters. >> human remains found a volusia county sky witness 9 unusual characteristics find at the scene.
4:57 pm
even after investigators searched sew (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your
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breaking right now now at 5:00, investigators confirmed they found human remains in the grassy field. now crews are searching for more evidence to help them identify the remains. >> we spent the past hour trying to get new information. >> a surveyor found the remains off international speedway boulevard in daytona beach. ty russell is there gathering the latest. this is what we can tell you, it's in a swampy area right now. we did have pictures from sky witness 9 over head. deputies are saying that a surveyor doing some site work discovered what appears to be a piece of a skull. this is near the county jail and the juvenile center. in the past 30 minutes we just learned deputies are walking knee deep right now in the water. this is the wrong


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