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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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he knew that the suspect would not be outstanding for too long because of all the media attention on the case here. we're told he was taken here to the juvenile assessment center in orlando where he's now cooperating with authorities and asked to speak with an attorney. ortiz is accused of running down sergeant mary pearce on friday as she tried to take him into custody. pearce suffered injuries to her head, hand, foot and back and ortiz took off. he called the sheriff's office from his mother's house, that's on the same street this incident happened. a neighbor said deputies took him into custody around 1:15. deputy pearce was release from the hospital on friday. we just spoke to the sheriff. >> i hope this serves as a lesson to other teenagers that trouble is easy to get into but
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>> reporter: investigators located that vehicle off of goldenrod on saturday. we're told it was abandoned. now ortiz will likely face a charge of attempted murder on a law enforcement officer. i spoke with a neighbor in the past hour and he will explain how this went down for 5:00. for now live in orlando, michael la party, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> we've been reviewing a interview with deputy pearce and will have that coming up. breaking news in orange county. health officials just confirmed a case of zika virus. there's now 28 cases of the virus here in florida. today president obama warned great care must be taken if health officials are going to keep this disease out of the local mosquito populations. >> we will be fighting this disease at every level with every tool at our disposal. i
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$1.9 billion in funding for our efforts at home and abroad. >> in orange county the orlando international airport stepped up its mosquito spraying program makes sure they don't come in contact with travelers that could be infected. all of florida's cases so far involve people traveling aboard. crews with the county have been cleaning up local dumping states. we posted the symptoms between the cold, flu and zika on our facebook page. go to to check it out. they want to get the mosquito population down. at this hour there's still too many questions about the father and teenage daughter who were found dead inside a brevard county home. >> the father took his own life. melanie holt is there. investigators are not revealing what happened to his daughter though.
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awaiting autopsy results. a few short days ago neighbors, family and friends could not have imagined anything like this happening at this merritt island home. >> after days of silence the family of 42-year-old saget bunkaren came looking for him and his 13-year-old daughter. it prompted an investigation that stunned their merritt island neighborhood. >> traumatizing. you can't believe it. you would never believe it in a million years that something like that would happen. >> brevard county investigators believe that he took his own life but as of right now they aren't saying what happened to his daughter. >> it's terrible. it's very sad. very sad because i have grand kids that live two streets over. >> his wife lives in thailand and a family friend told us off camera today that only his mother, sister and cousin live here in the u.s. they are all still trying to come to term
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>> we're going to miss them. >> reporter: the 13-year-old was a 6th grader at tropical elementary. what else i found out about her and her father on eyewitness news at 5:00. for now live on merritt island, melanie holt, channel 9, eyewitness news. this afternoon troopers say a driver arrested in a fatal hit and run in orange county didn't even have a driver's license. a short time ago he faced a judge. he was charged with dui manslaughter and leaving the scene of a crash near orange blossom trail and america boulevard. steve barrett was at the jail when he faced the judge this afternoon. prosecutors wanted no bond because they think he's a flight risk. >> reporter: that's right. fhp is worried about this. this is is a man that deputy -- this is a man that deputies found passed out in his car. he was taken to the orange county jail. he does
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$45,000 right now. >> there's literally no way to describe the horrific accident that just happened. >> witnesses to a fatal early morning crash had a hard time putting into words the destruction that it caused. >> i screamed. i said it's a hit and run, it's a hit and run. >> lisa saw the driver of this silver acura jumped over the staring wheel just before the impact that killed 42-year-old brett adams. she said the driver valentine sistis moved away. >> we've amazed that acura was able to leave the scene. that acura was able to go down the road. >> sistas has not had a driver's license at any time. they found him passed out in the vehicle. >> there's a red light running
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obtain that video to give more information about what happened. >> reporter: often fhp has trouble actually placing a hit and run drive behind the wheel it becomes hard to prove. not in this case. an interview with one of the witnesses and why it's fhp said it's that woman that's going to help their case. that's coming up at 6:00. steve barrett, channel 9, eyewitness news. tomorrow the florida senate expected to vote on a bill that would protect churches and pastors from legal action if they refuse to perform same-sex weddings. the controversial pastor protection act follows a u.s. supreme court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage last summer. it seeks to prevent clergy members being forced to do weddings. a state representative from altamonte
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still vulnerable in this case. >> in theory they are covered with the first amendment but one lawsuit can wipe them out. >> cortez said the bill protects religious organizations from losing a tax-exempt status. it's passed all committees in the florida house. lawmakers from tallahassee are talking about giving a break to drivers in trouble. they are discussing a bill that would make it harder to suspend the driver's licenses for non-driving offenses like not paying a fee. lawmakers are talk about a resolution that would urge congress to declare war against isis and al-qaeda. tomorrow we will find out if
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bill that would give terminally ill patients the access to murder. it would be under the right to try act. it's been a week since orlando police say a woman abandoned her newborn. police tweeted for eyewitnesses to step forward if they saw the child's mother between 10:00 and noon on the 15th. >> jeff deal has been monitoring the search efforts. today crews were working to drain the same pond. they don't want to miss clues. >> reporter: they don't. investigators from this orange county sheriff's office dive team were talk to walk through this pond. you can see the birds there because of how shallow it is out there. investigators were searching for any evidence in the disappearance of baby willow. >> the orange county sheriff's
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sticks and forks to comb through the muck and shallow water. they were following up on their last strong lead in the case for baby missing willow. during area searchs three dogs trail from the willow bend apartments to this location. witnesses say her mother passed by this pond on her way to a 7-eleven. >> orlando police believe richardson gave birth and then discarded the baby. police have had teams with dogs walking the sewer. the baby. >> reporter: with this pond being their last really strong lead. investigators are hoping tips from the public will help them solve this. coming up in
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bring you what they told us about willow's mother and her lack of cooperation. jeff deal, end. -- jeff deal, channel 9, eyewitness news. police arrested 44-year-old miguel pagan saturday after they said he sexual assaulted a woman. they first made contact with the victim at the hospital. they say pagan is a transient. he's in jail. his bond is set at $50,000. it's been nearly a month since a seminole county teenager was murdered. his mother said she's still looking for answers. >> it hurts to know that others saw what took place. >> the message she has for potential witnesses. >> walt disney world just made an announcement about a star wars expansion. >> you can see the bruises left
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driver. >> what she re veal ed about --
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you saw it break if you were watching at the top of the hour, the 15-year-old accused of running down a deputy turned himself in. >> investigators say jancarlos ortiz was refusing to talk about what happened friday but this weekend the deputy he's accused of hurting talked about her recovery. anchor martha segsaca talked about her injuries. >> reporter: she has a lot of
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through the interview. friday she was nearly run over by the car but said this won't slow her down. >> there's no way you can miss the bruises on her face. >> four stitches in my eye over here and quite a bit of swelling around my eye and into her head. >> despite her list of injuries. >> hands and knuckles are swollen and my right wrist is bruise. sergeant marci pearce smiled through the pain. >> anyone that knows know me knows i'm -- anyone that knows me know i'll get through this. >> jancarlos ortiz ran her down after she tried to arrest him. a probation officer with pearce was able to immediately call for help. >> people living along high street were angry to teen had a
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not even old enough to legally drive. >> as we told you earlier in in newscast, ortiz turned himself in about 90 minutes ago while pearce will spend the next home. me. i'm going to make the most of it. i just really appropriate them taking the time out of their way to wish me well. >> reporter: that teenage suspect has a long list of prior charges including assault on a deputy from before. >> thank you. we have more at some of the victims and their families in the california terror attack are siding with the government to open the iphone belongs to syed farook. fbi director james come said it might have critical clues but apple said that's a dangerous
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>> apple has helped the fbi in the investigation in every way the law required. it has to draw the line on recreating code, changing the iphone, putting the engineers and creative talents to destroy the iphone. >> apple said they helped in 70 other criminal investigations in the past. covering volusia county, a charity received a special donation that will go to a veteran in need. >> troops r us picked up another power chair and lift from ormond beach. they are looking for a veteran to receive the package. it's worth $4,000. that's nice. >> it is . speaking of nice, tom you dialled it up for this weekend. >> we hit that perfect zone. i wasn't too windy. we were out early both days for a baseball tournament. it was fantastic. right now it's warmed back up today.
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lando we'll get the official climate stats from the weather service here in about 20 minutes. i'll let you know if we got any warmer officially. right now still at 79. clouds thickening up a little bit. we have a sea breeze, something we don't see often. right now we're at 80 degrees in sanford, 81 kissimmee, mid 70s along the east coast. the winds coming on shore. that southern wind component kicked in over the weekend. we talked about this last week. we get that south wind we will get the warmer temperatures. our rain time line for this evening, mostly dry but we could see a stray shower develop along the sea breeze. more on that coming up. tomorrow some scattered late afternoon shower s. it will be plenty warm to get scattered storms. i expect to be busier tomorrow tracking storms. wednesday another chance for some strong to severe thunderstorms especially in the
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part of the afternoon. here's a look at early warning doppler 9 radar. a change in the density of the air that shows up on satellite and radar could provide an isolated shower later on. some clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. just an isolated evening downpour tonight. a couple showers moving in from the gulf of mexico early on in the morning. we're starting to moisten things up ahead of wednesday's severe weather threat. baldwin park just an isolated shower for you at 8:00. other wise very mild. temperatures about 10 degrees above average for today. we're going to be about 10 degrees above average tomorrow. 83 orlando, 83 in sanford. again, some scattered late day downpours. let me show you the bigger picture. one storm system and a second will come in and reload all this energy across the deep south. for
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a tornado out break across the deep south tomorrow. for us it's going to be more of a wednesday severe threat. a couple storms tomorrow could be zones. we'll watch the tail end develops. for tonight isolated showers, other wise most of the rain to the north tonight. as we head towards tomorrow you see these isolated thunderstorms developing during the heat. on wednesday scattered storms in the morning. that will be our focal point. five day forecast with the weekend always in view, increasing storm chances late in the afternoon tomorrow and especially during the first half of the day on wednesday. then we start to cool back down. we have a lot more to cover on this severe weather threat. i'll see you in the next half hour. a brother broke down as she told us how a drunk driver
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family forever. >> we just pray, pray. >> coming up what she's doing now to help protect other families from this kind of heartache. >> and next we'll take a closer look at the changes coming to walt disney world. what new renderings reveal about how you'll be able to experience a galaxy far, far away. >> former florida governor bush is out of the race.
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we are just a few months away from the opening of a brand new attraction at walt disney world called the star wars experience. george estovez has a preview of what we can expect. this will not only be impressive but boost our economy. >> reporter: we will be home to the star wars experience sure to fans. these new rendering are cool. they put you in the middle of the action from fight scenes to hanging out with today we went over disney world to see what we
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local moneymaker. >> soon you can experience your own star wars adventure like never before. >> harrison ford made the announced on 60 years of disney land that aired on wftv. >> star wars is for lack of a better world -- word awesome. >> now you can end experience how awesome with the star wars experience. >> we have joined force with the imagination of films to bring this to life. >> you can walk through iconic locations, step aboard the falcon and found yourself in the middle of a battle. you can center street markets and head down to the local cantina. >> the goal is the add to the already existing star wars
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the star wars reboot. >> today sky witness 9 saw the ride attended and construction near by to make room for an expansion. >> either way when more people come to the disney parks more money will be spent in central florida. >> reporter: we like that. much like the harry pot er ter attraction did for universal. disney hope this will increase ticket sales. the opening date is december 1st. >> may the force be with us when there's extra traffic on the road. no one likes it when a pizza order comes out wrong. >> why four people were arrested over a mistake with garlic knots. >> people who said they were picked up by an uber driver during a random shooting spree in west michigan. >> i would never expect someone
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-- killing people to pick me up. >> this teenager was shot and killed in broad daylight and his killer is still out there. >> just knowing that the way he died was so senseless and such a horrible death. >> why the victim's mother is having a hard time piecing together what h stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you
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when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. the only way to make em' better was to make em' bigger. our new center cut 10 ounce filet.
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and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. big, bold, steaks. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can' t fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 4:00, coverage you can count on. >> it's hard. yeah, you know, each day we wake up and we all just wish it was a nightmare. >> it's been more than three weeks since a seminole county mother said someone shot her son and left him to die in the middle of the street. >> i would like to know what happened to my son those last few minutes of his life. >> why she said that's not the only answer she is still looking for. >> there's been no arrests in tamar harris's case and this afternoon deputies still need tips to help solve the crime. >> we told you last month when investigators say the
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car in broad daylight on central street near altamonte springs. today the victim's mother told kimberly eaton she has big questions for the shooter and the witnesses who saw the crime. >> there's still a few flowers where 15-year-old tamar harris died three weeks ago on this seminole county street. his killer is still wanted. his mom told me that's not the only answer she's looking for. >> it's been 24 long days jenina washington. >> it's hard. each day we wake up and all just wish it was a nightmare. >> the nightmare started the afternoon of january 29th. washington handed the keys to 15-year-old tamar harris to sit in her car and listen to music. minutes later he was shot and killed at the intersection of central and merritt. >> seminole county deputies said a gunman stood in the
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they found him outside the car. >> they believe someone was driving the car and harris was the passenger. >> they're struck on someone was in the car. i feel like is that where the investigation is going to stop. >> deputies are still searching for the driver and the killer. washington said the witnesses who saw her son die wouldn't help him then and won't help investigators now. >> i would like to know what happened to my son those last few minutes of his life. >> seminole county deputies told me they have gotten some tips since harris's murder but are still waiting on the right information that could point them towards a suspect. in seminole county, kimberly eaton, channel 9, eyewitness news. we're staying on top of breaking news in orange county where a 15-year-old just turned himself in accused of nearly running over a deputy with a car. the suspect surrendered to investigators but is not cooperating. jancarlos ortiz hit sergeant marci pearce.
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just spoke with ortiz's neighbors about the arrest. we're putting that story together for you for eyewitness news at 5:00. a mistake on an order at a pizza joint led to four arrests. flagler county deputies said 25-year-old jessica conting was upset when she received garlic knots with cheese. she said the clerk gave her money back in a rude way. a man helped her ransack the restaurant throwing pizza boxes, food and knocking over a cash register. they were all arrested. in apopka this man threaten today use a machete to kill a neighbor. he was fighting with his neighbor over who should park where. that's when he tried to attack his neighbor and the neighbor fended him off with a broom. a witness was able to pull him off. classes resumed as normal at st. cloud hospital following a
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there was several fights last week. we've not been told in the students have been disciplined. the school was locked down following a threat on social media. this afternoon still no word on what caused an airplane to catch fire at oia. this happened as a cessna airport buzz being serviced. officials with the cessna aircraft company have not said whether the fire started inside or outside the airplane. three people had to be sent to the hospital. right now their conditions have not been released. look at this, renters didn't get a chance to move into this home before it went up in flames big time. this happened at a home on mercer fernny road in deland yesterday. the house is a total loss as you can imagine. volusia county deputies say the house has a history of drug activity but no one was inside the home during the fire. renters are poised to move in. the state fire marshall is now investigating looking for a
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today the uber driver police say drove around a west michigan city killing people at random faced a judge for the first time. >> six of the eight people shot did not survive. bob upsal has been following developments. the 45-year-old suspect has no previous criminal record. >> reporter: no, and now he's accused of shooting eight people at three locations. today wearing an orange jump suit and glasses he sat emotionless as the charges were read against him in court. investigators say he's cooperating but not remorseful. >> jason dalton appeared before a judge today. >> is there anything you wish to tell the court at this time? >> i'm going to remain silent. >> uber confirmed that dal ton passed a background check. late saturday one of his passengers told investigators dalton
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and then began driving erratically. >> driving through medians, driving through the lawn, speeding along and then finally once he came to a stop i jumped ed out of the car and ran away. >> he called 911 after that ride which was an hour before the first shoot. dalton didn't know the victim. >> we have one shot victim right now. >> in between the shootings at a car dealership and a cracker barrel dalton kept picking up passengers. this man claimed to be one of them. >> i joked at him and said you're not the shooter are you. he said no. i said are you sure. he said no, i'm just really tired. >> investigators were able to track down dalton outside of a bar and arrested him with no resistance just after midnight sunday morning. officials said one of the injured victims recognized dalton in a line up. >> reporter: dalton worked as
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disabled as an auto mechanic. he was upset by break-ins that cost him tools. he has a wife and two children. she issued a statement saying she's praying for the victims. investigators are working to find some kind of motive for the killings. today the u.s. supreme court started its newest session with a tribute to justice antonin scalia. a black cloth will remain draped over his seat until next month. he died valentine's weekend visiting a texas ranch. president obama said he will nominate someone to fill the spots but republicans said that should be made by the next president. races are helping central floridans decide who should represent them in the race for the white house. now the runners up are working hard to gain ground. marco rubio of florida barely ended out senator
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both vie to the title of best alternative. >> the establishment is trying to go against the front runner. >> meanwhile democrat bernie sanders's staff is bracing for what could be back to back losses. the next democratic primary is this second in south carolina where clinton continues to hold the lead. >> clinton will open a field off in miami beach. this marks the fifth office in the state including one that opened in orlando last week. it helps her get started on the florida primary that's just now three weeks away. this afternoon we're starting to hear the calls made from the captain of the el faro before the ship s ship sank. -- before the ship sank. >> they are working to see if the owners contributed anything to the accident.
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of victims who very at those hearings say the calls were help were hard to listen to. >> hearing the recordings of the captain was difficult. i have a feeling for what our loved ones could have been experiencing. >> once the coast guard is done with their investigation federal prosecutors will decide if criminal charges should be filed. a warning this afternoon from action 9. the government now says the cancer risk from some types of floors could be higher than thought. >> the problem was the chinese imported product released farm mad hide. they estimate the cancer risk is three times higher.
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cases per 100,000 people. lumber liquidatores pros -- liquidators said it is committed to working with customers. this afternoon a miami family has a warning for anyone looking for a roommate on craigslist. >> police say deneal jones was beaten by bryan mitchell on valentine's day. he told 911 that jones had attacked him and he fought back in self-defense but investigators and her family are questioning that claim. >> maybe it can help the next person. they might think twice about letting a stranger in before checking references or doing a criminal background check. >> she's in a coma and doctors believe she may have serious brain damage. her family is still holding out hope that
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mitchell has been arrested. halifax hospital wants to expand outside its district using private funding. not everyone thinks that's a good idea. >> why some residents aren't happy about the plan and say it will still cost them money. >> spring-like temperatures today and a spring-like storm system in the forecast. i'm updating some big changes with early warning future track. >> a local family said they will never be the same after a drunk driver killed their loved one. >> i would trade anything to be
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better performances from companies like coca-cola sent
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the bill to impose stiffer penalties for drivers convicted of dui will face a hurdle in tallahassee. >> we're hearing from one person who said it was so critically important to them that they're pushing for its passage. >> 21-year-oldpelip -- 21-year-old felipe me dee -- medina's family is stunned. >> he was on his way to meet friends when a drunk driver slammed into him at lake underhill and dean road. >> he had a lot of injuries. his brain was bleeding. >> for two days his mother waited for a miracle. >> we waited time to see if a miracle happened. >> she talked to her about his
4:46 pm
>> we would talk every day. it would require all drivers con convicted of dui have a device device installed in his car. even as they struggle with their pain felipe's family wanted to speak out in favor of it. >> they now want to lose their loss to fight the dui laws. >> i would trade anything to be in his place. >> pray to god. >> in orlando nancy al varez, channel 9, eyewitness news. >> according to an fhp report the driver is 29-year-old justin spencer and was over the legal limit. >> he's now facing a serious of charges including dui
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>> it was a brave thing for his son to talk to us. it's irresponsible to continue to know to not comply with the standard. >> hundreds of injuries have been reported from people falling off the hover boards. the toys have also sparked 52 fires that caused close to $2 million in damage across the u.s. here in central florida the home of a family in port saint john almost burned down because of a hoverboard. the homeowner told us the hoverboard
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the first time they ever charged it. nobody was hurt. a beautiful day in daytona beach. the water deceiving because it was in the 60s. >> bike week just around the corner. this is the time of year we earn our pay to be the beautiful spot in the country. new year's eve a live shot from daytona beach where temperatures today climbed into the middle 70s. we're still at 73 with a southeast breeze. the official high today in orlando we're still sitting there in kissimmee, 80 sanford, 79 the villages. that's our warm flow of air and giving you mild night tonight. showers because we have a sea breeze that's going to be passing through. that easterly breeze gives us probably 60% of our annual rainfall in the summertime months.
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64 altamonte springs. 10 degrees warmer than average. coming off a very nice weekend we have some changes. you can see the high clouds filling through now from a storm system. we're getting some moisture coming in from the south. this is going to bring us a little rain in the morning. we're watching this storm system and a system back behind it that will bring a rare moderate risk. we only go one more notch up from the storm prediction center. a tornado out break possible along i-10 for tomorrow. for us we'll get scattered storms tomorrow but we're going to be waiting until wednesday late morning and afternoon for a slight risk of severe weather. the main threat will be to the north. here's our forecast model. you see isolated showers with that southern flow for tonight. we get rainfall in the afternoon storm. about a 40 to 50% chance of an isolated scattered thunderstorm. we'll be tracking that at the same time tomorrow. notice this low pressure center
4:50 pm
that's where a lot of the energy is going but as this storm system approaches wednesday morning it will have a lot of heat energy. it's going to be 83 degrees on wednesday before the storm starts. we'll have enough energy here that i think a slight chance of severe weather. we'll be pinpointing some more prospects at 5:00. here's the five day forecast with weekend always in view, 50% tomorrow, 70% on wednesday. look at that cool down towards the upcoming weekend. we're working on stories you haven't seen on eyewitness news at 5:00. an orange county veteran said his home was ransacked by a thief and it was recorded on camera. >> it just blows me away. >> what the suspect took that has the owner concerned for your safety. >> you hear that sound right there? there's a man who has to listen to that several times a day.
4:51 pm
can't get anyone to do anything about it. >> a local hospital funded in part by you're tax dollars said it is expanding here in deltona with private money.
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halifax health health wants to expand. the new facility would be built on holland boulevard and i-4 from florida hospital. blaine tolison spoke with residents. some said it would still cost them money in the long run. >> reporter: this is a 30 acre property here. you can see some heavy equipment from some of the work underway and some are concerned halifax will not have to pay property taxes. if
4:55 pm
>> halifax emergency room is outside the daytona beach area taxi district. >> this is why halifax wants to move out of their taxing district and come over here and build a hospital. it's questionable. >> according to the property appraiser's website halifax collected $13.3 million in tax revenue. the health hospital states that that pays for indigent care in district and no tax revenue would be used to fund deltona hospital. taxpayers are still on the hook. >> when you buy 30 acres of land, take that off the property tax .
4:56 pm
nearly from central florida regional hospital, a for-property company. >> they breed better service. >> because hal tax is ifax is -- halifax is public they the public can weigh in. >> it would be nice for the city of daytona to bring all the players together. >> reporter: i have been e-mailing back and forth with halifax health to get answers for my questions as well as a request for an interview. live in deltona, blaine tolison, channel 9, eyewitness news. we're on top of breaking news in orange county where the teenager accused of intentionally running down a deputy is in custody. >> what a neighbor said before the 15-year-old turned himself in today. >> we're live at a home on merritt island where the bodies of a father and daughter were discovered. at 5:00 the unusual behavior that led investigators to check on the family.
4:57 pm
subpoena of a local congresswoman.
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this is channel 9 eyewitness news at 5:00, coverage you can count on. >> breaking right now, this 15-year-old boy is finally in custody tonight accused of trying to kill an orange county deputy. >> i never seen so many police in all my life. >> new this hour, we're hearing watched as he turned himself in. >> we've spent the past hour getting new details on the big break in this major local story. >> deputies have been searching for the 15-year-old since they say he hit deputy marci pearce friday morning and he called them from his mother's house this afternoon. michael la party is live at the juvenile assessment center tonight. new at 5:00, you spoke with a neighbor who watched this take down as it happened. >> reporter: the neighbor said he was happy to see that suspect get taken into custody. this started as a small operation but
5:00 pm
with sheriff's deputies. >> the sheriff's office said ortiz was taken into custody at his mother's house around 1:15 just feet away from the original crime scene. deputies found the stolen vehicle abandoned on saturday. >> paul sotter lives across the street in the suspect's mother and was home the day sergeant pearce got hit. he said he watched one detective approach the house and back up quickly arrived. >> the next thing i knew the swat team was here and they all went in there and they arrested him and brought him out. i don't know if he turned himself in or what. i'm just so glad i started -- i almost started clapping. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said that suspect is not talking tonight and has asked for an attorney. we previously reported that he has had past run-ins with the law. we've asked the county how this whole process will play out given his past and the seriousness of this situation and we're working on that story for 6:00.


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