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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00 coverage you can count on. breaking toeptd, three middle schoolers are facing felony poisoning charges accused -- tonight, three middle schoolers accused of spiking a teacher's drink with red pepper flakes and the teacher is shocked about the charges. tonight three young girls heareded to juvenile jail accused of try -- headed to juvenile jail accused of trying to poison a teacher. >> one of the girls went to the teacher because of being sent to the principal's office. live at daytona beach hospital, you just talked with that teacher and she says she did not agree with the girl's punishment. >> reporter: she's heart broken for the girls.
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to be so severe, however investigators felt otherwise. tonight, three deltona middle school girls are facing felony charges after investors say they tried to poison their teacher tuesday at the school. according to the volusia county sheriff, this all started monday when jane morgan sent 12-year-old girls to the principal's office for dumping glue into another student's backpack and for suspicion of stealing a laptop computer. investigators say she happened a plan to get back at the teacher -- hatched a plan to get back at the teacher, and brought red pepper flakes. the teacher drank the soda and started to choke and experienced shortness of breath. two other girls were charged for being in on the plan. i spoke to ms. morgan tonight by phone. she told me she nearly died having an, lerjic reaction to the spiked drink and did not
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me my student us and are very close for the sake of education and my school, other teachers in the classroom and for the sake of students themselves, children need to know there is a right and wrong. i could have died. >> reporter: i called the detention center but they could not give me any information about them. report live in deltona, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness. work on the i-4 ultimate project is expected to slowly resume tomorrow following the death of a construction worker. we told you wednesday 34-year-old marvin frank line died after a dump truck backed over him -- franklin died after a dump truck backed over him. crews went over safety procedures today and hope to be next week. tonight ucf is facing a second lawsuit from a former student who claims his bank
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recent security breach when hackers accessed the social security members of 60,000 people. the suit was filed because his account was drained once his information was commissioned. the brevard county sheriff's office is defending its response time after a woman told us it took deputies nearly 40 minutes to come to her aid. last night we told you corinne called 911 because of being harassed by a stranger beach. tonight the sheriff's office's is responding to the call, reroute for a more serious call. >> the deputy responded in less than 20 minutes they were able to get to the scene and even find all the parties involved and conduct a thorough investigation. >> the stranger asked her if he could be ray porn star and pointed to his groin and deputies interviewed him and doesn't arrest him. on monday orange county's heroine task force will meet and
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related overdose deaths the county had seen. heroine deaths spiked more than 200% with orlando having the most. in the city alone more than one person dying every week because of an overdose. the task force was created to try to fight the problem. in brevard county we're learning more about the witnesses hit say hit a pedestrian and took off. karla ray is at the scene, and carla the men named in the crash report told police he topped to see if the boy was -- stopped to see if the boy was okay but didn't admit to hitting him. >> reporter: he got out of his vehicle even to check on that boyd after hearing a bang while going through intersection. that driver is 73 years old but as you said he did news hitting the boy and today that boy told only channel 9 his story of survival. >> i was scared yesterday. >> reporter: the impact of a
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hill's bicycle was so hard a tire flew off. >> i went flying and my bike landed on my leg. >> reporter: even though the 73-year-old man police believe believe hit him got out to see if he was okay, witnesses say he took off. >> he came to see if i was okay, and winked at me and cap drive. >> reporter: the boy spoke only to eyewitness news, and was taken to arnold palmer hospital. >> there's one on my forehead and on my knee and there's one right here where they put the needle. >> he's not the only one who went to the hospital. according to the police crash report, the elderly presumed driver in the case was taken to perish medical center to get checked out after he was adamant that he did not hit the boy. we're not naming the man yet because police say he hasn't been charged but we did look into his background and & if lease arrested it would be his
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his first arrest at 73 years old. >> who hits a kid and leaves? >> i'm just frankful the outcome wasn't -- thankful and the out and isn't as bad as it could have been. >> reporter: the boy is expected to be doing just fine. we'll let you know if any arrests are made through out the weekend. reporting live in titusville, karla ray, channel 9 eyewitness. >> and you can hear more by going to and click on the video tab. tonight the sea breeze strip in daytona beach is catering to crowds looking to enjoy the night life but the city is planning get tough on some of those businesses. the city wants to increase the number of officers in this area because of crime that happens between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.. there are several club, bars and restaurants here, and both city leaders and some residents say the city has not done enough. the city is charged $12,000 a
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tonight the city of orlando is looking to see if a business missed no significant problems with the parramore site. we told you yesterday, that newly discovered contamination, delayed soil production, and could cost $1 million for taxpayers. two more cases of zika have been confirmed bringing will to the number infected to 37. this time there's one in broward county and another in miami-dade. health officials say of the 37 people who are sick, four of the people inflicted are experiencing symptoms. all of the patients have been infected and have not made it into the local mosquito population yet. three of the people infected with zika are pregnant. there are six others nationwide. nine comfirmed cases of
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babies were born, and one had are a birth defect. two are continuing without any complications and remember, you can find everything you need to know about zika on our web site, head to, click on the news tab and zika virus. in lake county, one of the darkest chapters in central florida is coming to the big scene soon. the story of the groveland forest being turned into a major motion picture. the pulitzer prize book was written by gilbert king and had unprecedented documents of persecution of a white lady. >> because of the access to the documents you say look at the cover ups to make this go away. >> reporter: the city read a proclamation to the families of the groveland four for the wrong
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a law maker is pushing to have the four men exonerated. many of their families live in lake county. you can hear more on channel 9. and police have been using blame to stop crime in a neighborhood n. october, police ramped up their efforts to arrest criminals in the carver heights area. officers increased patrols and worked with estate to board up and tear down vacant homes. >> it's actually a lot better. not as much drug activity and things like that, you knowledge r know, the raft couple month -- the last couple months. >> the next step is to get to know people living in the neighborhood. the legal fight is far from over in the battle over abortion in florida. today an appeals court reinstated a 24-hour waiting period that's required. support slows it allows the measure to reflect on their
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unnecessary burden and the courts will only rule on the delay of the law. >> they did not however rule on the constitutionality of this 24-hour notice. that issue is still very much alive. >> reporter: numbers from the state show more than 70,000 abortions were performed in florida in 2014. tonight, harbor house has found an interim director but is not ready to announce what's. we told you long time ceo carol wick was ousted but there's still been no explanation as to why. she said it was not her idea to leave. harbor house said it will begin a nationwide search for the permanent replacement in the coming days. a former waiter and a popular deland restaurant is facing criminal charges after police say he was altering credit card payments to give himself more money in tips. according to police, he would change the amounts in the computer after customers signed
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the restaurant show the police discrepancies in more than 100 receipts and the suspect's attorney says he's innocent. and orange county deputies say an armed gunman, the picture is known for wearing a number of disguises. he's hit eight stores in the county, and his mask fell allowing the clerk to get a pretty good look at him. a mother says her daughter is being severely bullied at school but can't get any help. >> stop sending me around on this merry-go-round. >> the response she got from the school and police when she brought up concerns. >> temperatures pulling fast tonight, we'll have some 30s and -- falling fast tonight, we'll have some 30s, and how much
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. announcer: you're watching channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00 with greg warmoth martha sugalski, and tom terry, chief meteorologist. and an orange county mother says she's in a desperate battle to save her daughter's life. >> she says bullies ing so out of control her daughter tried to kill herself this week. now she says she can't get answers from anyone. channel 9's mike manzoni live outside maitland middle school and this isn't the first time we've heard about bullying problems at the school. >> reporter: right, we were here
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parents showed up and demanded answers after several fights her tea school and even a threat posted on -- fights at the school, and threats online. one mother says she's afraid her daughter's going to die if this doesn't stop. this woman didn't want us to use her face or name. >> i feel like i'm helpless, and i feel like what do i do. >> reporter: she says her 13-year-old daughter took a bottle of tylenol to mace land middle 62 tried to overdose. >> if she ends and takes her life, then who will be held responsibility. >> the woman shows us this letter from her daughter's doctor that says the 7th grader took the pills because students call her fat and ugly on a daily basis. her mother showed us in this direry where her daughter wrote the bullying was so bad she called the suicide hotline three times. she says she brought this to the school's attention four months
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we caught up with her this afternoon outside the maitland police department just after she says investigators told her they couldn't had because it's a school issue. >> i get led around in the circle, excuse after excuse. i don't need any more excuses; i need answers. >> i called and e-mailed the school district to try to get answers but the district couldn't comment on issues involving students because of federal privacy laws. >> reporter: that girl's mother reached out to me late tonight, she tells me she heard back from the school again and says the school district has agreed to meet with her this coming monday. she says that district told her that this has now launched an investigation into her daughter's bullying. we'll of course follow this and let you know what happens. for now we're live in mate hand, mike manzoni channel 9 eyewitness. >> you can hear more of this emotional interview from the girl's mother at
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a new place for our military to feel more comfortable while coming through orlando international airport. a ceremonial groundbreaking on the carpeting officially started the worked it on a new u.s.o welcome center at u. i a.. about 700,000 members have come through the airport leaving and coming each year. the 3,100-square foot facility will feature television, games, food and other amenits, as well. >> you want a place to stay -- amenitits. >> you want a place to stay and marinate before seeing your family. today, a volusia county business opened its doors, the first ever indoor shooting range combined with a restaurant and bar. the owner of volusia top gun and daytona beach said customer id's would be scanned at the bar and the gun range. the owner also said if you order one drunk you can't enter the gun range until the next day and staff will be using surveillance system.
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for the space x falcon 9 rocket still up in the air. officials trying to find a new date to send a communications satellite into orbit after being you scrubbed on back-to-back days. concerns over the liquid oxygen temperatures stopped the rocket from blasting off into space wednesday and thursday. one of the neatest parts is they're going to land or attempt to land. >> they're get that figured out. >> sooner or later. it's a beautiful night and going by lake eola, they're getting ready for a big festival this weekend. >> flood and wine festival and it's -- food and wine festival and it's going to be a great weekend for whatever you have planned. you can see the lights on the north side of the lake is where they'll have things set up. 49 degrees, we're falling fast. 48 in deltona, we're down to 40 in palm coast, but 45 in the villages, they turned the lights off in ocala tonight. lake county, temperatures back in the 30s for most of you early
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towards east us and travis area. temperatures in the upper 30 s and we'll get some -- eustis, and the tavares area. 37 the villages, anywhere we get into the mid-to-lower 30s the winds are already taping off,ed frost. 42 orlando, 42 st. cloud, mid-40 along the space coast, towards southern brevard county, way too warm for frost. we'll get areas of frost especially up here to the north where you see the purple areas, higher humidity, better chance for frost, patchy through out lake county, may get a little bit around apopka, and zellwood, but we are almost there. three weeks away, 22 days actually until spring. march 20th, 12:30 in the early among morning the average high will be 78 degrees. a week before we kick in daylight savings time and get to spring forward one hour and get the extra hour of evening to enjoy this nice weather.
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air in the upper atmos near continues to bring us a lot of sunshine -- atmosphere, continues to bring us a lot of sunshine probably until next wednesday. downtown temperatures in the mid-60s for tomorrow, in brevard county sunny, and not quite as windy, but very nice beach conditions if you can get past the cooler temperatures. a low risk for rip courts in daytona beach, it will be about the same temperature wise on the sand as it will be out in the water, and pineally we've made it to a weekend with sunshine and a low risk for rip currents. water temperatures a little bit cool but are starting to warm back up here as we approach the end of winter. temperatures in the upper 60s, 67 ocala, 66 in deland, and 67 along the coast. high pressure's in our backyard, which will keep us dry all the way through thursday. our next storm system arrives wednesday; could have a few thunderstorms primarily to the north where the worst weather will be. there's the five-day forecast with your weekend always in view, upper 60s tomorrow, 74 on sunday, near 80 degrees early
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tonight president obama is back at the white house after making a quick stop in jacksonville, there to tout the results of the $760 billion stickulus package that he sign -- stimulus package that she signed shortly after being in law search years ago. without the stimulus plan -- in law seven years ago, and without the plan america could have slipped into depression. >> we are significantly better off and florida is significantly better off. jacksonville is a whole lot better off. >> the president spoke at staffed america, a factory that makes high-tech batteries where 300 jobs were recently created. tonight, temporary workers were created around the orlando area, the company they work for isn't paying them. earlier today, supervisors dodged combined employee services. we found the doors locked and employees told us despite it being payday, their debit cards are empty and when the employees
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the sheriff's office to force them off the property. >> everybody, he called the police so everybody go because he saying arrest me. >> according to state records combined employees services started six-month ago. we're stale waiting on a call back from that -- still waiting on that call back from the company. a super version of head lice is back in the area and experts say it's only getting stronger. doctors say it's resistant to the treatments used against head lice. we contacted a wells company that told us the super lice is getting stronger and in its resistance to chemicals but olive oil seem to kill it. >> the only way to truly get rid of lice is get them off the head since they're parasitic, they die within 36 hours. >> we told you the super lice showed up at elementary schools in titusville. school officials say they've only had a few cases and not an outbreak. two manatees are back in
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seaworld returned the manatees back into the wild. they were leased into the indian river in port saint john and officials say the waters are warmer even with this cold front. seaworld put trackers on the manatees to make sure they don't end up in freezing water. announcer: this is your 11:00 sports. and last night, the fact the magic led at the half and for majority at the game were right there with the defending champs. tonight the task supposed to be a bit easier for orlando, a read trip to face the dysfunctional knicks. anthony abuses gordon and smith. knicks were up by nine after one. didn't get any better in the 2nd. aaron aflalo, fans know about that mid-range game, and up by 18 at the half. in the third, magic started to show a little bit of life. peyton up top to aaron gordon. the dunks never stopped with him.
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aaron, he makes it look so easy. magic got to within nine, but in the fourth, knicks pull away, carmelo gets the hoop. new york wins it. >> went to the bench, struggled there, as well. looked like we were, you know, getting some energy back, but just consistently throughout the game as i said we were just kind of going through the motions. meanwhile, fresh austin with over the magic, golden state returns tomorrow night right here on channel 9. the warriors wrap up a 7 game road trip at oklahoma city. they're currently third in the western conference. on to soccer orlando city is now just nine days away from their season opener. team president, phil rollins filling us in at media day and have told 43,000 tickets for the march 6th match, which puts them ahead of last year's fill the pace.
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their preparation, and look no further to kaka. the captain has four goals of the last three pre season matches. in 2015, kaka played 28 games and only had nine goals. heath is looking for somewhere around 12 to 15 from the brazilian this year and kaka thinks he can bring it. >> we know each other better so i know the coach better, my teammates better so i think this can help us and will help us on the field. we want to send you to the lions season opener march 6th as a tv 27 vip. you can watch warm ups. hit up the contest page at for details in how to weeds. nature' s boomerang. at roundup , we know they keep coming back. you never invited this stubborn
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. it's going to be a cool start in the morning as temperatures climb from the 40s with a little bit of a wind chill back up into the mid-to-upper 70s and 80s, martha, tom thanks, tune into eyewitness news for live coverage of all the major stories from overnight. >> thank you for watching channel 9 eyewitness.
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take care. >> see you back on monday.
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