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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 5am  ABC  March 8, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america," everyone. have a great tuesday. right now on eyewitness news this morning, orlando police want to find a driver who slammed his car into a tree and then a house. we are live to show you the damage to the home. a turning point is coming, selection and for this country, and it begins here in florida. this morning for marco rubio and by the florida primary one week from today can be his last house. a.m. on this tuesday, march 8
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every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, brian shields in severe weather center nine. some 80s in the forecast for today. here's a look at downtown orlando. 57, winds out of the s outh- southeast at about three. a touch cool in some spots this morning. a few 70s around, the on shore flow 70 degrees. warm in melbourne, 69 cocoa beach, 56 to 70, 50 for degrees in the land. we are showing some fairweather clouds that have been popping up. we will see generally a mix of sun and clouds this morning up early; skies as we go throughout the day. here's a look at deland, 72 at
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have a few '80s leesburg , 80 in orlando, and 80 degrees and kasumi. we will touch about 82 as well in the villages. we are tracking the bigger warm- up and go county by county with outlook for the rest of today. that's good a first check of the drive. i-4 at ivanhoe we do have construction out here. looking at our westbound lanes you do have a left lane blocked off coming into downtown orlando. not causing any issues just keep it in mind. we do have a crash in cells or -- orange county. right at barwick street this is blocking one lane, troopers are still there. watch out for it. until they get that cleared out of there you will be donnelly. police are looking for the driver who crashed into a house and then ran off. this happened on lakeland avenue near tampa and west washington street. janai norman is live there, and two people were home at the t ime? >>reporter:fortunately, neither of them were hurt.
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smashed through a steel fence before hitting a tree and then crashing into the living room of the psalm. overnight, we have been in investigators, they were out the crash happened and confirmed there were no signs of who was behind the wheel of this silver mitsubishi eclipse. our cameras capture some of the damages as that car was being towed away. you could see the whole, giving you a look right into the home and part of a tree sitting on top of the roof. we know code enforcement was called out to look at the damage abort up the home. right now, the search continues for the driver and any possible passengers who were inside the car. this morning, we will check back in with police as they work to find out who was driving the c ar. in our next half hour, the evidence we are finding out police are collecting that could help their search. reporting live in orlando, janai norman, eyewitness news
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orlando police are trying to figure out what led to a fatal shooting at an apartment complex. we first told you about this as it was breaking on eyewitness news this morning at 11 p.m. last night. this happened after 8:30 p.m. on north terry avenue. officers found the man shot a man shot he was later pronounced dead. the case is being investigated as a homicide. and orange county family is frustrated someone shot at their home and got away with it. you can see the bullet riddled garage door. orange county deputies say two men showed up saturday night, after a fight with a teenager who lives there. the teenagers brother answered the door, and one of the men opened fire. the 22 bullets fired hit the room. no one was hurt, but the victims as one of the shots went through his baby son swing. >> if my son would have been in that sling, i would not have a son right now. >> the family did not want to who the suspects are and told deputies. there have not been any arrests. republican primary candidate and florida senator day visit to the state. eyewitness news this morning's
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rubio's pusher for support of the state. she is at the bakery where he is expected this morning. angela, he is banking on a strong turnout. >>reporter: he is, this is the corner baking -- bakery where he will greet -- how many people showed up last night in sanford. a much smaller venue here this morning, but no doubt rubio is hoping for more of the same support and enthusiasm here in kasumi. a crowd of hundreds of meds sanford last night cheering on his campaign in his uphill nomination. rubio reminded supporters he served florida in the statehouse, and as house speaker before being elected as senator in washington, dc. no secret, his home state is a must when here where polls show last night's address he never mentioned his republican
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his current tally of 151 delegates is far less than front-runner donald trump and senator ted cruz. he told the crowd he can and will make up the more than 1200 delegates he needs to win the nomination. >> it always comes down to florida, it will come down to florida on the 15th, and it will will come down to florida in november because in november of this year, as our nominee, i will defeat hillary clinton in florida, and i will be elected president of the united states! >>reporter:we asked rubio, once again, if he does not win florida if he will drop out of the race? we have asked him not to days in a row, and two days in a row he says he is not going anywhere. meanwhile, donald trump is also in florida today expected in jupiter, this morning, we will be speaking with him in the next few moments and we will have that interview for you coming up in the 6 o'clock hour on eyewitness news this morning. reporting live in kasumi, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning.
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key status of four today, donald trump is trying to distance himself from the other candidates. >> the big prize is michigan, where trump has a double-digit lead and a rally in mississippi he asked the crowd to pledge their support for him. ted cruz scored wins on saturday in kansas and maine. animals say he is competing hard in michigan and mississippi where he and john kasich are expected to do well. >> men and women here and across the state are in the position to decide this out. >> senator marco rubio has only won two out of the 20 contest, so far, as we just told you he said he is staying in the race despite calls from trump to drop out. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their last bids for support in michigan's democratic primary. linton told the crowd she will advocate for small businesses, but she would need their votes. sanders would have to win every remaining say by 10 points to win the nomination
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skimming operation at the local gas station. at a shell station in port st. john. they believe gas stations are being targeted, largely because they are the last business typically to get the more secure chip card readers. skimmers have also been found a gas stations in osceola county. we have been told you about that. we followed to semipolice and state investigators as they open every gas pump in the city and an effort to keep customers personal information safe. random gas pumps sweets like that could happen again drivers who commute to downtown orlando will have to find another route to work this morning. it's all part of the i-4 ultimate project will be closed for 14 months. crews will be holding bridges on the on ramp from colonial to the new and improved i-4. drivers can use orange and magnolia avenues as alternate routes. governor rick scott is waiting on lawmakers to send him a budget before he reviews the new plans for the new downtown orlando campus. we spoke to governor scott
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ucf's request to build a new campus. we are expecting to find out which major event is coming to the citrus bowl. >> there are reports that wrestlemania will be coming to orlando. the citrus bowl hosted the event back in 2008. wwe fans report minneapolis lost the bid to host the event. evan or rick scott's and other local leaders are set to make a formal announcement this morning. we will let you know what they say starting on eyewitness news at noon. >> at noon. noon. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. i like i said that nancy. >> take a look of a sunrise time for us, because we have changes on the way. sign up at 6:44, by the time we hit sunday and early next week, is because this upcoming weekend we have time change.
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and the sunset was back off to 6:30. we will see a lot of changes with the sunshine and the temperatures as we roll through the next few weeks. ocala and bellevue today temperatures are around 82, 83 in citra, back into sumter county temperatures in the low '80s it will be a great afternoon. some fairweather clouds across seminole county. a couple of upper 70s, sanford, midway, white's landing temperatures around 79. a little milder tonight mostly clear skies, temperatures around 60. coming up we are tracking a much bigger warm-up in the forecast. i found another spot of i-4 construction still out there. right near the fairbanks area heading toward altamonte springs and seminole county right here. you do have one and two lanes blocked off in the area. not causing any issues. i will let you know if it doesn't pop up -- if any issues pop up.
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street we do have a crash blocking one lane through the area. he can still get through just keep in mind they are unseen. reduce the have a spot of construction on 417 northbound this is blocking off one might not causing too many slowdowns. the bike week party will continue in daytona beach this morning. the change the highway patrol says is making the roads much safer this year some forms of medical marijuana could become legal and florida. the challenge lawmakers deciding who will be able to grow the crops. it is very scary. he could end up doing it to someone else. >> it's a parents nightmare, why a mother was not in her car when someone else took off with
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there is a live peak outside of her downtown orlando. still somewhat cool outside that is likely to stick around those springlike temperatures are going to continue and we will have temperatures close to 90 degrees. >> remember the '90s? daytona police say a man who stole a car with a 12-year- old girl inside is still on the loose.
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with the girls mother got out for just a few minutes. the thief ditched the car a few blocks away when he realized the girl was inside. we spoke with the girls aunt who said she is she's got her niece's home safe and sound. >> it's scary having someone jump in the car, would you have kids and make you think about your kids. >> police did get a description of the suspect. they do not have much. they say he has gold teeth and a mohawk. osceola county officials say the cost of fighting the mosquito population is quickly rising because of concerns over zika virus. there's only one confirmed case in the county. officials say they received up to 10 calls a day last month from neighbors wanting help as a precaution. the el nio weather pattern is making mosquito season difficult to predict. >> basically with the amount of warm, wet weather has a tendency to allow them to burn -- breed more mosquitoes just because they like those warmer temperatures.
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in miami-dade and broward counties, that brings the states total to 50. all of the cases are travel related. osceola county leaders groups that spend your tax money are being held more accountable. the current rules require follow-up reporting. the critics say that rarely happens. >> when the money is given away, the recipient is supposed to follow up with a report as to where the money went receipts and that sort of thing. it's never been enforced for two >> commissioners approve those numerals yesterday, they rejected a plan that would require follow-up from groups that receive more than $5000. some drivers say it is costing them drive along the central florida poll -- toll roads. remove the indicators that let
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balances low. we spoke to a driver who said he was fined several times son's account was well. >> this year they are projecting a huge jump in revenue, it just seems to me more than coincidence that this huge loss of revenue, last year, signals disappear and now they are projecting a huge jump working on a way to minimize the fees drivers get when they do not have the funds to go through tolls. >> weather it will add express lanes already on toll roads. the toll within a toll lane would go on the 417 near sanford of the five to eight. 2 8 . those lanes would help ease congestion but would cost you more to drive on it. critics say making drivers pay more is just too much to ask. >> they need to fix the system in a way that everyone of our toll payers who are using the system are able to get up and down >> some local leaders say the to fight congestion.
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for wednesday we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> certified meteorologist, brian shields here, so is the heat >> it is so nice today, but we will see that warm building of the next few days. here is a look outside this morning. 57 downtown orlando, deltona 60, we get a look at the temperatures, not as cool as yesterday. 50degrees ocala, low 40s when i joined you yesterday, at this time. even the overnight lows are going to be a little milder. 57 daytona beach and daytona beach shores back to sanford into orlando and kissimmee all running in the 50s. 70 in melbourne, that onshore breeze keeping us a little bit warmer along our southern coastline. brevard county is milder this morning. a few fairweather clouds, again we are still on the dry side for today. we are going to be looking good, but we overall have that easterly flow with us. high pressure off the coast
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big feature dropping in for today. a little more sunshine this afternoon, temperatures will respond to warm up. 78 by noon in osceola, low '80s by the time we had 2 o'clock-4 o'clock in the 70s by the evening. this is 9 a.m., every now and then you see a blip of green but we are going to stem the dry side. a few more clouds in our eastern sections. this is by midday. onshore breeze southeast logos is a few more clouds. looking good into the afternoon, partly cloudy skies this afternoon and this evening. a high risk of rip currents. if you are not from around here caution. rip currents are going to be on partly cloudy warming up just about 80, best chance at 80s will be west and south of orlando, kissimmee and st. cloud. 70s along the coast, and again in our northern tier. then tonight, mostly clear skies, a nice night, 50s and cities on the way.
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tomorrow, partly cloudy and warmer, 85 tomorrow, ocala and the villages, 83 orlando and 78 degrees in titusville. saturday night, this weekend, do not forget we spring those clocks forward one hour. there are the changes ahead, by thursday and friday, even warmer about 86 and then we will see a front nearby, it does not clear through, so saturday and sunday i will leave that rain chance at about 30% right now of course we will find to that as we get a bit closer. overnight lows running in the 60s. checking a crash. this crash is that brands would way and barrick street and you do have -- berwick street and you do have one lane blocked off through there. keeping in mind trippers will let you do but you might start to see some slowdowns is they're trying to clear out that crash. this is i-4 eastbound just before getting to 535 you have two lanes blocked off, but that is still the only spot of i-4
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i-4 right at ivanhoe, we did have a cone out here or a lane blocked off by cones those have cleared out. in every other spot you are looking pretty good other than by 535. lots of people are calling -- calling a local data hero. >> there was not a whole lot of time to react so i did what i could. >> that father's quick action at a baseball game saved his son from serious injury. a driver took off after slamming into a tree, coming up the evidence police collected overnight that could help find out who was driving a stolen c ar. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. we are getting an inside look at a garbage truck, just moments before fell off an overpass in miami a few weeks ago. this incredible video was released yesterday by the florida highway patrol. investigators say karine smith lost control of his truck on i- 95, hit a guardrail, fell 195 feet off the highway, troopers say it is a miracle he survived. smith is recovering from minor
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under investigation. terminally ill patients may soon be able to use medical marijuana if governor rick scott approves a new bill. both the florida house and senate approved a bill that would expand the 2014 law. the existing office if you legal challenges before this new proposal. some critics say the new bill is too restrictive on exactly who gets to grow the marijuana. >> you are basically mandating that five families get wealthy, your mandating, using the power of government to stop everybody else from getting into this cartel. >> supporters of the bill say they are confident governor scott will sign it in the law. residents from a small town asking orange county commissioners to fix a problem with streetlights that were installed by the -- by mistake. duke energy installed the lights before funding source was determined because of a work order mess up. residents have to find a way to pay for the new lights. duke energy says they will not charge customers in the county is not being charged until
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funding source. parents in osceola county will have to adjust our summer plans for an earlier back to school day. students will head back to class on august 10, two weeks earlier than this past fall. the school board approved a schedule change last year, summer break starts on friday june 10 spring break is almost here, central florida airports are overflowing with travelers. >> coming up while you may be in for a long way trying to catch a flight at a local airport. a car crashed into this family's home, at 5:30, the questions police are asking and the evidence they are collecting to get answers. we will be a little bit warmer today but a much bigger warm-up on the way and we are going to track our
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life' s sharing a meal. and a kitchen with room for everyone. spend $4000 or more on a new kitchen and get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. as we take a live peak at downtown orlando, 57 degrees right now, but boy is it going to warm up out there. >> you gave it away. [laughter] >> dramatic flair, we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes.
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>> really, i'm dramatically maggie open the door like this clapping. and i'm the weird one. >> certified meteorologist, brian shields. >> you brought that on yourself let's take you outside this morning, as we go throughout the day, we are going to hit about 80 degrees, we will warm up. nothing too hot but definitely the afternoon that will be moving in. really nice this morning, a sweatshirt that should do it for the next hour or two. 50 ocala, 70 degrees now in melbourne. big difference there, onshore breeze keeping us a little bit milder right along the coast. indian river city, all running near 70, 57 daytona beach, 55 deland, 60 sanford. a few scattered clouds around, fairweather clouds this morning we will be staying dry. eustis today, as we cover lake county, 76 by lunch time, getting that one outdoors.


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