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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 6am  ABC  March 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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orlando police want to find a driver who slammed his car into a tree and then the house. we are like to show you the damage to that home a turning point is coming, a turning point awaits in this election the selection of for this country and it begins here in florida. >> when or go home, a rally this morning for marco rubio and why the florida primary one week from today could be his last stand in his race for the white house. good morning, tuesday, march 8
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every 10 minutes. deneige follow your tuesday morning commute. i did it again. i don't know why i keep clapping. certified meteorologist, brian shields here right now. it's a nice start it is a nice start, outside, here is a look at what we have in downtown orlando we are at 63 degrees warmer than yesterday, winds out of the east at seven. most of us will want a sweatshirt if you want to be out for another hour or two. 56 claremont but it is definitely milder in some spots, how about 70 this morning in melbourne, that onshore breeze keeping us in the 60s and 70s right across brevard county. volusia county in the mid- 50s. satellite and radar picture, a few fairweather clouds that will make for a nice sunrise you can see them coming in out of the southeast. we will have that southeasterly went with us today that will
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deland 72 at 10 a.m., 76 at noon, partly cloudy this afternoon well into the 70s, 77 at 2 p.m., 76 at 4 p.m., coming up we will track 80s in some cities today and then we will get into even warmer weather that will be moving in. let's check traffic now with a deneige. i-4 i colonial coming into downtown orlando looking pretty good in both directions. no issues on i-4 this morning other than some spots of construction. you are looking pretty good. what we do have right now is a crash on the turnpike. this crash turnpike southbound just after the beach line. i am getting reports of lanes blocked, but troopers have not said if this is a complete southbound shutdown. still working to get that information. i will have that update in the next seven minutes police are looking for the driver who crashed into a house and then ran off. on lakeland avenue near tampa and west washington street.
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janai norman is life there now. >>reporter:fortunately, the people inside were not hurt, but behind me you can see where that car smashed through a metal fence and hit a tree before crashing into the living room of this home. overnight, we have been in touch with orlando police investigators they were out here on the scene right after the crash happened i confirmed there were no signs of who was behind the wheel of the silver mitsubishi eclipse. our cameras capture some of the damages is that car was being towed away. just beyond the fire truck for first responders you can see the whole giving you a look right into the home and part of a tree sitting on top of the roof. we know code enforcement was called out to take a look at the damage and board up the home. right now, the search continues for the driver and any possible passengers who were inside the car. this morning we will check back in with police as they work to find who was driving the car at the time of the crash. in our next half hour, the evidence we are finding a police are collecting that could help their search.
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janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. orlando police are trying to figure out what led up to a fatal shooting at an apartment complex. we told you about this as it was breaking on eyewitness news at 11 p.m. last night. it happened not 8:30 p.m. on north terry avenue. officers found the man shot he was later pronounced dead. the case is being investigated as a homicide in orange county family is frustrated someone shot up their home and got away with it. orange county deputies say two men showed up to this home on saturday night after a fight with a teenager who lives there. the brother answered the door, and one of the men opened fire. deputies say some of the 22 bullets fired hit the garage and went into the living room area and no one was hurt but the victim says one of the shots went through his baby sons swing. >> of my son what have been in that swing, i would not have a son right now. >> the family did not want to be identified by says but says they know who the suspects are and told deputies. there have not been any arrests republican primary candidate and florida senator marco rubio continues his 10 day visit to the sunshine
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he will be a kasumi in kissimmee today. eyewitness news this morning's angela jacobs has been following rubio's pivotal push for support. she is at the bakery where he is expected this morning. he is banking on a strong turnout? >>reporter:he is, and we are still waiting to hear from campaign workers to get exact number on how many attended that rally last night in sanford. as you can see, this bakery here in kissimmee a much smaller affair, but no doubt rubio wants to stir up similar enthusiasm here in kissimmee. [cheers and applause] >>reporter:a crowd of hundreds met marco rubio monday night is sanford cheering on his campaign and his uphill battle for the republican nomination. rubio reminded supporters he served florida in the statehouse and has house speaker before being elected senator in washington, dc. it's no secret his home state is a must when where polls show
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it will come not afford on the 15th and it will come down to florida in november >>reporter:in last night's address rubio never mentioned his republican primary opponents by name, but his current tele -- tally of 115 delegates is far less than that of donald trump and senator ted cruz. a confident rubio told the crowd, he can and will make up the more than 1200 delegates he needs to win. >> as our nominee, i will defeat hillary clinton in florida, and i will be elected president of the united dates of. [cheering] >>reporter:back out here life, you can see the bakery just open, customers inside, marco rubio expected in just about three hours here. meanwhile, front runner donald trump is also in florida today he will be speaking in jupiter tonight. we have spoken with him, and in the next hour we will share his interview here on eyewitness news this morning. reporting live in kissimmee, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning.
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key status at four today are you gop front runner donald distance from himself and his over the other candidates. the big prizes michigan where a rally in mississippi he asked the crowd to pledge their support for him or he area senator ted cruz scored wins on saturday in kansas and maine. he is competing hard in michigan or mississippi where he and john kasich are expecting to do well. >> men and women here, and across the state are in the position to decide this out. >> senator marco rubio has only won two out of the 20 contest, so far. he said he is staying in the race despite calls from trump to drop out on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders made their last biz was a part of michigan's democratic primary. at a rally, clinton told the crowd she will advocate for small businesses but she needs their votes.
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win every clinch the nomination. state investigators uncovered a credit card skimming operation the skimmers at a shell station st. john. they believe gas stations are targeted because they are usually the last businesses to get the more secure chip card readers. skimmers have also been found at gas stations throughout osceola county. we followed the semipolice and they open every gas pump in the city and an effort to keep they told us random gas pumps sweeps that will happen again drivers who commute to downtown orlando are going to have to found another -- find another route to work this morning. crew shut down garland avenue between colonial and orange avenue for the i-4 ultimate project. that will be closed for 14 months. crews will be building bridges on the on ramp there from colonial to the new and improved i-4. drivers can use orange and magnolia avenues as an alternate. of in a rick scott says he is waiting on state lawmakers
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reviews ucf's latest plans for their new downtown orlando campus. we spoke to the governor yesterday. last year he denied ucf's request to build a campus in downtown. on sunday, state lawmakers approved a plan to set aside $20 million for the project. in the next few hours we are expecting to find out which major events come to the citrus bowl. there are reports that wrestlemania will be coming to orlando. the citrus bowl hosted that event back in 2008. bw e fans site russell zone reports minneapolis lost the bid to host the event. governor scott and other local formal announcement this morning. we will let you know what they say on eyewitness news at noon >> no. did you practice? >> i did. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> you are proud of yourself over there. let's take a look at some of the changes on the way, the sunrise times for us. by monday, 736, that is because we have a time change weekend. reset the clocks ahead an hour and by june 20 we go back, a
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the most daylight june 20, the first day of summer. and that includes some warmer weeks. warm afternoon, marion county 82, ocala, rainbow springs, bellevue will have the temperatures in the 80s today. 82 right in the heart of ocala, claremont 82, groveland low '80s, mount dora 80 degrees, 78 degrees lake catherine through aster, a few upper 70s northern lake county. in the 70s and 80s right across seminole county. you see some of the numbers 81 winter springs, 80 oviedo, the tonight mostly clear skies, temperatures around 60. coming up, gets a much warmer through friday and then we will highlight a storm system nearby for part of the weekend. deneige. we have a big problem on the turnpike southbound we do have a crush right at 441 and this is blocking both your
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to orange blossom trail. at this point, you will need to get on southbound f or 17 or just take orange blossom trial instead. we are sending sky witness nine we are seeing some major delays southbound in the area. the bike week party continues in daytona beach a prayer that change the florida highway patrol says that is making the roads much safer this year. some forms of medical marijuana could become legal in florida. the challenge for lawmakers to decide who actually can grow that profitable crop.
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there is a live peak outside over downtown orlando. already seeing a bit of a warm- up out there. get ready more coming your way. we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. daytona beach police a man whose only car with a 12-year- old girl inside is still on the loose. this happened on white court yesterday morning when the girls mother got out for just a few minutes. that thief ditched the car a few blocks away when he realized the girl was inside. we spoke with the girls onto says she is just glad her nieces home safe and sound. >> is scary having someone jump in the car, when you have kids and make you think about your kids. >> police did not get a very good description of the suspect they only say he has gold teeth and a mohawk. osceola county officials say the cost of fighting a mosquito population is rising thanks to concerns about zika virus per there's only one
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up to 10 calls a day last month her neighbors just wanting help as a precaution. they also say the el nio weather pattern is making mosquito season difficult to predict. >> basically with the amount of warm, wet weather it has a tendency to allow us to breed more mosquitoes, just because they like those warmer temperatures. >> two new cases were confirmed in miami-dade and broward counties yesterday that brings the states total to 50 all of those cases are travel related. osceola county leaders approved some tougher rules to make sure that groups that spend tax money or being accountable. the county has handed out tens of thousands of dollars in grants over the last few years for the new worlds require groups to do a better job of reporting how they spend that money no matter how much they get. the current rules require follow-up reporting and critics say that rarely happens. >> when the money is given away the recipient is supposed to
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showing canceled checks, receipts and that sort of thing. it's never been enforced for two years. >> commissioners approve those new rules yesterday, they only required follow-up for groups that receive more than $5000. some drivers say it is costing them more to drive along the central florida toll road. the central florida expressway authority removed indicators that let drivers know when their account balances projecting a huge jump in revenue and it just seems to be more than coincidence that this huge loss in revenue, last year, the signals disappear and now they are projecting a huge jump. >> cfx told us they are working on a way to minimize the fees that drivers get when they do not have the funds to go through the tolls metro plan orlando is expected to vote this week on
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lanes along already told roads. the toll within a toll lane would go on for 17 or sanford it will be at two locations on either end of the 528. delays would help ease congestion but would also cost you more to drive on it. critics say taking drivers pay more is just too much to ask. >> they need to fix the system in a way that everyone of our toll payers that are using the system are able to get up and down >> local leaders say the roads need to be widened to fight congestion per the metro plan meeting is set for wednesday we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, brian shields now, i guess spring has sprung. >> it is and i started the day, little warmer than yesterday and today as we go through the day we will have a couple of spots hitting 80 degrees. we will track the big warm-up in the next chance of rain right here. here is a look at downtown orlando, we are seeing a few more clouds this morning, 63 winds out of the east at 7 miles per hour.
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around, 50 ocala, we have low 40s yesterday morning. 62 sanford, 64 titusville, onshore breeze in melbourne 70 degrees as you head out the door, but with calm winds at palm coast 57. more of that southeasterly onshore breeze today that will be with us. again, that is strong and a few clouds. however, as i widen out the picture there is no big feature dropping in. yesterday. we will see some batches of clouds staying dry, and warming up. noon, here's the plan and when you get out of school, the low '80s and the 70s by the time we the evening will be gorgeous. future track today, 10 o'clock you see some of the clouds along the coast. a few trying to move inland but staying on the dry side. partly cloudy skies staying in the forecast. at the beaches, if you happen
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our-5 feet elevated and that rip current risk is going to be on the strong side again today that could hold the next few days. be mindful of the rip current. warming up to about 80 degrees western tear and southern sections. elsewhere del tona and around the horn back to the coast will be running in the 70s for today. tonight, 50s and 60s a little milder. mostly clear skies a very nice night. tomorrow we get even a little bit warmer as we get toward fall lake and mims, temperatures in the upper 70s, emma and tamara we could have a few mid- 80s, 85 ocala and claremont, 83 degrees in kissimmee. it is the time change weekend, do not forget saturday night we i will continue to give you that reminder as we go five day forecast with a weekend always in view, it gets even warmer. still looking good, 86 the high we will stay in the 80s this weekend. that will be a front nearby,
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is not kicked through in a big way. we still have some 80s, i will keep it about a 30% chance of showers, or a couple of storms even in the afternoon both a saturday and sunday. this does not look good here is deneige a crash on the turnpike right here at orange blossom trail, the turnpike southbound doesn't now have both your on- ramp and your offramp at orange blossom trail but blocked because of this crash. a very serious crash here. this will be shut down for quite some time. as i mentioned your on-ramp and offramp at orange blossom trail is blocked at this point. you will need to get on the turnpike southbound you would have to get on at 417. working to see if there any other options for you. you can take orange blossom trail south and then you can get -- try to hop on there. i will have another update in the next 10 minutes.
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a local data hero. >> there wasn't a whole lot of time to react so i just did what i could. >> you probably seen that picture, that father's quick action at a baseball game save his son from serious injury. a driver took off after slamming into a tree and then a house. the evidence police collected overnight that could help who was fined -- find out who was driving a stolen
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we are getting a look inside a garbage truck, just moments before he fell off an overpass in miami a few weeks ago. this incredible video was released yesterday by the florida highway patrol. you can see the dump truck, he lost control on i-95, hit a guardrail, then fell's 195 feet onto the highway to a street below. it is a miracle that smith survived. he is still recovering from some minor injuries, the crash remains under investigation. terminally impatiens may still be able to use medical
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both the florida house on the senate approved a bill that would expand on a 2014 law. the existing law faced a few legal challenges before this new proposal. some critics say the bill is too restrictive about who gets to actually grow marijuana. >> you are basically mandating that five families get wealthy. you are mandating, and using the power of government to stop everybody else from getting into this cartel. >> supporters of the bill say they are covered -- confident governor scott will sign it into law residents from a small town are asking orange county commissioners to fix a problem with streetlights that were installed by mistake. duke energy installed those lights before a funding source was determined because of a work order mistake. residents have to find a way to pay for the new lights. energy says they will not charge customers in the county is not being charged until commissioners can find the funding source. spring break is almost
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travelers. coming up, why you may be in for a long way trying to catch our flight out of a local airport. >>reporter: a car crashed into this family's home, at 6:30, the questions police are asking and the evidence they are collecting to get answers. i am tracking some 80s today, but temperatures are really going to soar over the next three days.
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a beautiful start as the sun comes up this morning. we are already starting to warm up. let's head over to certified meteorologist, brian shields for a look at the forecast. spring is coming. >> yeah, it is a nice start to the day. 80degrees today, partly cloudy, and a pretty quick warm-up, light jacket and sweatshirt that's about it. big tip -- very different intelligence, 50 ocala, a little bit chilly in marion county then we swing back toward melbourne we are at 70 degrees now guess of that
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water. temperatures in the 60s keeping us warmer in brevard county. lighter temperatures in volusia, mid- 50s across volusia county, 62 sanford, 63 orlando, 58 kissimmee, 56 and claremont. we are going to see that onshore breeze that southeasterly wind today, that means a couple of more clouds in the -- in the forecast for today. we are going to stay on the good-looking day and again warming up nicely. 76 by lunchtime on our planner. i this afternoon to-4 o'clock near 80 degrees for a high. this evening really nice dropping off into the 70s by the time we had 6 o'clock. temperatures ahead. i want to show you where those 80s are going to set up and then we will get into some temperatures try to make a run at 90 and our next chance of rain. let's get an update on this
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with deneige a big crash turnpike southbound right at orange blossom trail. you can see from sky witness nine, a car carrier as well as a semi- crash it is now blocking your on-ramp as well as your off ramp right at orange blossom trail. looking at life traffic tracker has those two reps are close the next opportunity you would have to get on or off would be at 417, you can take wants orange blossom trail south and then get on to 417 to get to the turnpike that way if you would like to. you cannot get on or off southbound from the turnpike to orange blossom trail at this point. a family's home has been boarded up after a car crashed through their living room knocking over a tree in the process. police say there were no signs of the driver after the crash on lakeland avenue. eyewitness news this morning's
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police are working to figure out exactly who was behind the wheel? >>reporter:right behind me you can see the damage from where it looks like the car smashed through this metal fence, hit a tree and then drove right into this family's living room. police towed away the silver mitsubishi that crashed into the home hoping to find some evidence that could link it back to the driver. in the last few hours we have learned from police the silver mitsubishi eclipse that smashed into a family's living room was reported stolen. at this point, investigators are trying to track down who was behind the wheel when the car left a gaping hole inside this home on lakeland avenue. the driver also managed to hit a tree, in the process, and our cameras captured part of that tree on the roof of the home. code enforcement boarded up the damage and we confirmed it was not bad enough for officers to condemn the home, at this time. right now, you can still see part of the tree on that roof up. for any forensic evidence inside that car that could help them identify the driver. we will keep you updated on their search.
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eyewitness news this morning. convicted of killing his wife is expected to be back in court next week to see if he can get a judge ruled that bob ward to get a new trial after he mistakes in 2011. happen for another few years, wards lawyer wanted to be granted -- him to be granted bond while he waits. the state is pew -- appealing the decision. governor rick scott has signed a new lost changing the way a guilty person is sentenced to die. under the new law 10 out of 12 jurors must vote in the favor of the death penalty. before the jury recommended the death sentence and the judgment of the decision. that is unconstitutional because it gave judges to much power. state lawmakers have reached a deal on the state budget, the full house and senate are expected to give a final vote on $80 million spending plan on friday after a required 72 hour waiting period. dozens of projects including eight for the disabled and
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their college admissions test. trying to found out it will not be easy to prosecute the unnamed public official tied to a fake charity. one door for education has been tied to local congressman -- congresswoman karen brown. the founder took a plea deal last week saying she worked with two others including a public official. telling donors they were collecting money for scholarships. it was really being used for personal expenses. a former federal prosecutors told us investigators will have to talk to that third person the founder worked with to prove the case is not politically motivated before that unnamed public official can be indicted. former first lady, nancy reagan, will be laid to rest on friday right next to her husband, ronald reagan. this is reagan is considered one of the nation's most influential first ladies.
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ronald reagan presidential library in california. on wednesday and thursday she will lie in repose there for mourners to pay their respect. michelle obama is expected to attend the funeral. nancy reagan died on sunday, she was 94 the us does -- justice department is appealing a judge's ruling that apple cannot be forced to provide government access to lock type of data. a judge made that ruling last week. the federal government wants apple to make software to help a bus to get his break into the phone of the san bernardino shooter. doing so would put customer security at risk. meanwhile, mac users will need to take some extra precautions after security researchers announced the new rent somewhere has targeted apple computers. rent somewhere is a software that can hijack computers, lockout users and forces them to pay a ransom before the problem can be fixed. apple was alerted on friday they are now taking steps to protect customers. a sumter county caretaker who was supposed to be caring for a 90-year-old woman is now facing charges for stealing more than $2000 from her instead. deputies say that amanda warner
6:37 am
from the woman's checking account and made several transactions. the victim and her family reported warner to the sheriff's office. we don't on her door yesterday to hear her side of the story, but she did not answer. we will be in touch with winter park police today to find out more about a man accused of having sex with a minor and not disclosing that he has hiv. court documents show richie smith, junior, may have also had syphilis with the alleged incident happen in november. police have not said if the alleged victim contracted hiv if you are planning on flying out anytime soon be prepared to wait and some long lines at security checkpoints. the tsa admits they were not doing their jobs well, they were moving people through security too quickly. now, with spring break on the way and some are not far behind agency says they are understaffed area tsa does say they have expedited the hiring process as well as enrollment in
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new academy. aspiring pilots now have a chance to be trained by jetblue, starting right here in central florida. they started accepting their gateway select pilot training program yesterday. specifically designed for people who are new to aviation. the first part of that for your program is done right here in orlando. if all the information -- we have all the information you need to apply just had to our website uber is calling on the florida senate president to hold a vote on a house right sharing bill. uber launched a new epic app expensive florida yesterday called vote asking writers to vote on access to uber about throughout the state. the company says they will not let the senate vote on the bill if passed in the house in january because of loyalty to special interests and friends in the taxi industry. the bill would prevent local governments from regulating the service we told you last week also mont springs partnered with uber radio that would help passengers save a few dollars. march21 the city will pay 20% of your uber or trips that start and end in city limits. you also save 25% on rides to and from the city's sunray station.
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we have weather and traffic every 10 minutes. certified meteorologist, brian shields says it is now spring. just about again, those temperatures are milder to start our day. you may want that light jacket, 63 downtown orlando, 62 deltona, a couple of extra calls this morning, but no rain threaten the forecast for today. and linda we are going to be warmer, marion county 82, ocala, bellevue, rainbow springs all in the 80s for today. just about 80 in lake county, northern portions like aster, some 70s we will touch 80 in mount dora, clip it in leesburg at 82. and in seminole county upper 70s and low '80s, stanford, midway, 79, back through longwood and altamonte springs all touching about 80 degrees for today. it will be warming up nicely on the for tonight, mostly clear skies we will get down to 60. it does get much warmer thursday and friday, and then
6:40 am
nearby for the weekend. i will have that coming up at 6:47. right now let's get a check on traffic with deneige we are still over the scene at this crash at the turnpike southbound and it is blocking your on ramps and off ramps to orange blossom trail. you can see a car carrying some logs from a semi truck as well blocking both of those ramps. you will not be able to get through there. southbound traffic is able to get through. let's pull up live traffic tracker, they have a lot of work to do. since you have your on ramp and offramp at orange blossom trail closed right now. one way you can get on or off would be a 417, the next closest place if you want to have that direction , or you could also get off or on at i- 4. southbound traffic on the turnpike and get through there but not at the on or off ramps. police are calling an ambush a case of mistaken identity. the police know about the gun man they are looking for a why he never should have been able to get his hands on a weapon.
6:41 am
kissimmee, coming up for the center marco rubio continues his campaign here at this corner bakery. what to expect this morning, and why he says he's not out of that race in the republican primary. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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sky witness nine is over the scene of this crash, the turnpike southbound your on and off ramps from orange blossom trail are blocked off right now because of this crash. orange county fire rescue crews have been out there for quite some time trying to clear that out. in the meantime you will need to get on or off at i-4 or 417. republican primary
6:45 am
marco rubio continues its -- his 10 day visit kissimmee today. eyewitness news this morning's angela jacobs has been following rubio for his push in the state last night in sanford. he-- he is at the bakery where he is expected this morning. >>reporter:he drove that point home in his message last night to the crowd in sanford. this morning, at this corner bakery, he will be dealing with a much smaller venue, a more intimate group. but still hoping to make a more personal impression. >> you elect me president, for the first time in eight years, we will have a president that follows the constitution of the united states [cheering] >>reporter:without ever mentioning his primary opponents by name, a confident marco rubio told the crowd in sanford he can and will make up the more than 1200 delegates he needs to win the republican nomination. that packed house in sanford chaired on his uphill battle where his current tally of 151
6:46 am
then front runner donald trump and senator ted cruz. no secret rubio's home state is a must and when where when where polls show he is currently trailing. >> it always comes down to florida. because in november of this year, as our nominee, i will defeat hillary clinton in florida, and i will be elected president of the united states. >>reporter:rubio reminded supporters he served florida in the state house and that's how speaker before being elected as senator in washington, dc. back out here alive, rubio will be here at this bakery in just over two hours. meanwhile, front runner donald trump is also in florida today making a stop in jupiter and meanwhile, on the democratic for thursday in miami between sanders. reporting live in kissimmee, angela jacobs, eyewitness news this morning
6:47 am
question the staffer who helped server. he has been granted immunity by the justice department. he has previously dated the fifth. the senator says that being granted immunity me there is no reason for him to be discussing the matter with being prosecuted. 's seminole county man is in jail without bond after investigators say he shot at a family's home while on a gps monitor. mario hall fired five shots into a car along pearl street and altamonte springs. they say he may have mistaken the family for a man he wanted to kill. hall was on a court order gps for a previous weapons charge which is how investigators were able to find him. >> why would he even be out if he is had that many priors? i am so blessed, she is blessed >> calls arraignment is set for next month, we asked him for a jailhouse interview but we have not heard back for lake county heisel
6:48 am
allegedly bringing weapons to school and just the span of two weeks. on friday deputies allegedly found a 10-inch that if i knife in the backpack of a southlake high school student. two weeks ago another student there was arrested after deputies say they found a throwing knife in his bag and two days before that 2 high school students were caught with guns. orlando residents are quite a scare over the weekend when a massive tree came crashing down, they said the impact shook their homes in the middle of lake yuma heights. take a look here, we asked the city with a or doing to keep residents safe from accidents like this. they said more than 40 city trees are on the removal list, but that tree was not one of them. luckily, no one was hurt. if you sell out of smoking -- if you saw a lot of smoke in deland yesterday it was a controlled burn. near purvis lane and bistro yesterday afternoon, the flames were already out but you can still see all of that smoke there. it got pretty thick in some areas
6:49 am
every 10 minutes. >> certified meteorologist, brian shields here now, we have run out of reina seems like? >> a little bit of dry air, we have that dry pattern and a warmer weather pattern. look at their shock, that sun coming up over the peer in daytona beach, it is pretty this morning, 55, a little warmer across volusia county than yesterday. still some sweatshirt weather, 48 degrees ocala, 55 in the villages, 63 in orlando, look at that 70 in melbourne, winds coming off the water there. water temperatures in the 60s. warmer in brevard county and our 24 hour temperature change about five-10 degrees milder in some parts. in the northern tier we are calm and cool there is a breeze in brevard county, 13 miles per hour in cocoa beach.
6:50 am
we have that southeasterly- easterly flow with us. it will drawing a few clouds, but again no big feature high pressure anchored off shore and that will keep that southeasterly wind around and keep us mainly on the dry side the next few days. we will be warming up, union park elementary, 77 at noon, this afternoon temperatures in the 80s, mid- 70s by this evening. there is your timeframe, through the afternoon you see a couple of coastal clouds, but overall going through the afternoon, partly cloudy skies when you see tom terry later he will be tracking that warm weather. 70s at our beaches if you are on break and at our beaches for for-5 feet, and more rip current threats it will stay with us the next few days. use some cautions. partly cloudy, near 80, you see the 80s western and southern
6:51 am
70s. degrees, then tonight news will see some 50s around. a mix of 50s and 60s t onight. tomorrow, partly cloudy but this is for wednesday. look inland, ocala and claremont we will touch about on the warmer side the next few days right through the end of the week. your five day forecast with thursday and friday even warmer, 86 and then a front will approach this weekend i will keep it a 30% chance of a shower or storm saturday or sunday. temperatures running still in the 80s this weekend overnight lows will be down in the 60s. we are at 6:51 let's get an update on that active drive right now with deneige we are still over the scene of this crash on the turnpike southbound at orange blossom trail and you have both your on and off ramps at orange blossom trail shut down right now on the turnpike for this crash.
6:52 am
have a lot of clearing out to do to get all that cleaned up before those reps can be reopened. you do have a couple of options you can still get on at the beach line southbound but you will still get stuck in some of that delay that you were seeing. if you want to get on or off south on osceola parkway get on at i-4 keep in mind as you approach that crash you will still have some slight delays for a traffic stop on a still getting through but once again those on and off rents are not open. some of the world's bravest athletes headed to disney world. with at that the park is doing we are following the search for a driver who plowed into a
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
new from overnight police want to find the driver who crashed a stolen car into a family home. we are live on lakeland avenue where the house is all boarded up. the driver did more damage than just crashing in to the house. >> the driver must have been going refast. he was able to smash through this metal fence, hit a tree knocking part of it on the roof and then smash into the family home in to the living room overnight. investigators towed it away.
6:56 am
evidence to help them identity who was behind the wheel. the car was reported stolen before the crash. we will keep you updated to figure out who stole the car and how it ended up inside the family home. daytona beach's 75th bike week is in full swing and the police say that its been surprisingly safe. there were no deadly motorcycle crashes in volusia over the weekend. officials credit the good news to more safety awareness by the bikers and other drivers that share the road. thousands are on the road in and around daytona beach. it's a big night for space lovers. two koss mechanic -- cosmic events expected to happen. the moon's shadow will travel
6:57 am
people in areas of the north pacific will be able to see it. an a, teroid will be flying by by its three million miles away miles to earth. >> three million, 15,000, something like that. we know the days disney games. they will run may eighth through the 12th. the event is organized like the paraolympics. a couple of nba records were set when the magic played the war eyers in a game that ended late last night. league mvp seth curry hit a long range shot to be the first to hit 303 pointers in a season. magic played tough against the
6:58 am
warriors won to set the record with their 45th straight home win. and the city soccer club will miss a key player at the next time. he is suspended after a red card on the game on sunday. the team will not appeal the decision. here is a fun fact. the 60,000 fans out at the citrus bowl was the fifth largest crowd at any game in the entire world last weekend. >> how about that? >> that's how we do it. this is an incredible story a family outing to a baseball game at the wide world of sports turned scary for a dad and his son. >> the bat came flying iso my dad blocked it like that. >> you probably saw that picture of them. its been going viral. the father and son went to the pirates braves game to celebrate his birthday.
6:59 am
in to the crowd. acting quickly sean shielded his son's face with his arm to stop it. >> i was just doing what any dad would do. he is my son and it's my job to protect him. >> he is my hero. he is the most amazing dad ever. >> it hit landon's shoulder they plan to still go to the games in the future. you can watch the entire interview online. >> an our ago i said my husband would have been drinking a beer instead of saving my son. i would like to apologize for that comment. i was mean. >> you get -- yeah, get that on the record. >> that kid, that dad, great. five-day forecast, 80 degrees warming up. we go through the end of the week. have a great day. a crash on the turnpike southbound has both the on and
7:00 am
you will need to find other ramps to use. we told you about the big crowds out at the citrus bowl. at nounsment -- the announcement that could bring another el out crowd. >> your news conditions now on central florida's tv27. good morning, america. breaking overnight, a train full of passengers derails out west striking a tree and plunging into the water below. more than 200 on board scrambling to escape. rescue workers smashing windows of of. up for grab, voters in four states heading to the polls. >> i hope you'll vote for me. >> an overfull crowd greets donald trump. hillary clinton pledges to do everything to stop it. >> we will not let a person like that ever become president of


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