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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 10, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this afternoon police are working with a nine-year-old to develop a sketch of them and try to weakened child was home in volusia county. please increased patrols near atwater schools because of the incident janai norman spoke with police chief about the investigation into the attempted abduction and what suspect. >> reporter: we some of the police cruiser zinger edgewater public school in a few blocks away with the incident happened, police chief says it will keep the increased patrols for the foreseeable future to err on the side of caution. police chief david r terry says his detectives are working with a nine-year-old in port orange police to develop a sketch of the man the little boy says
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>> been awarded a composite sketch that we will distribute individual. >> reporter: described as a white man, on the shorter side, between the fia for two and 5 foot eight with heavy though, black hair and long black goatee. the man asked if he wanted to go to his house. outside the school today we spoke with one mom upset she sooner. >> i was unaware of it. i had no idea that i can get any phone calls or anything near both elementary schools this morning. i asked the chief about the difficulty with the ongoing investigation that is centering on a single witness. >> when the only witnesses a nine-year-old, is that tricky with an investigation? >> it is. a nine-year-old child, he is doing his best to help us and he is the only witness, so we have to go with what he says and we are going to treat this as a serious incident. >> reporter: i was able to talk
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investigation and who police have already cleared in the case. we are putting that together for tonight at eyewitness news at four and in the meantime, we will keep you updated with any developments in the case. in volusia county, janai norman, channel 9 eyewitness news . a georgia woman is sitting in the marion county jail waiting to be extradited after police say the two-year-old daughter was found dead at home. clarion garrison looked bored as the judge explained her options in court this morning. and amber alert was sent out last night looking for garrison and her three children. she was found in ocala and family members home. albany, georgia, police and autopsy is scheduled today so they can figure out how to tie the guide. we have good working to get more details about the case. what the late starting at eyewitness news this afternoon at 4:00. the brevard county sheriff's office is also searching for these two children who may have been kidnapped by the father. deputies say two-year-old paris scott and her four-year-old brother patrick scott the third when last seen with her mother dropping them off to their father patrick scott junior about 1:00 this morning. now investigators believe he may have taken them out of
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new window, a bomb threat led to the evacuation of the justice center in daytona beach. many lawyers spent the morning outside instead of inside in the court before the building was searched and given the all clear. blaine tolison has more. >> reporter: deputies are letting people back into the justice center in daytona beach, bomb threat was called in here about 9:30 this morning, which caused an evacuation, attorneys, employees of people here federal cases. i had to stand outside the building for well over one hour and a half this morning. this is the courthouse that handles most of the criminal cases on the side of volusia business here. we spoke with the tape -- state attorney are jailers at about what this does to the justice system and he says this does cause an inconvenience and does put a bit of a delay in the cases but he said it is through. >> i think as well as looking
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they are also trying to figure out who did it so we can against them. >> reporter: official signature dashers opposite of the red shirt -- search of the building with dogs that are able to sniff out any kind of devices and as far as we know they did not find anything at all and they do not have any suspects at this time. rj told us that if they do get someone for calling in a bomb threat it is a felony charge case. reporting a daytona beach, blaine tolison channel 9 eyewitness news. a man on trial in connection with an alleged dogfighting bust has taken the stand in court. and although bell told authorities in the area of the operation 2014 but he was there to buy marijuana. he did not take part in dogfighting. this gators found more than 30 dogs and home many of them injured and emaciated. that was one of 26 people arrested and a defense attorney says bell was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. closing arguments in the case are set to begin this afternoon.
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behind bars this afternoon after deputies say he exposed himself to a teenage girl in an area public's in longwood. angela jacobs spoke about the case and the girl was shopping with her mother when it happened. >> reporter: we have learned that within minutes the mom was on the phone to a 911 and contacted store management contract the suspect down near the entrance and watched him walk up the doors. deputies tell us the incident happened exactly 2 weeks ago when they were called to the longwood publix store along state road 434 by a mother who told them a man had just exposed himself to her 15-year- old daughter. the mother said she and her daughter were shopping around to: 30 that afternoon when a man allegedly exposed himself to the girl and one i'll and then followed both mother and daughter to another aisle. in the incident report, we went through, the mother said she noticed he was holding a magazine over his pelvic area and immediately went to find store management. acting quickly on a stick out
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able to provide investigators with surveillance video as well as the suspect license plate information as they watched him leave the store, get into his car, and drive away. from the security video, authorities told us they match 21-year-old malika with his current drivers license photo on file. on wednesday, he was arrested without incident at his home in altamonte springs. and we have requested a copy of that store surveillance that helped crack this case. we are told it is still part of evidence right now but as soon as it is available, we will bring that you on air and online at . meanwhile, cook jail on no bond. in longwood, angela jacobs, channel 9 eyewitness news. fire crews busy this morning fighting a flareup from the same brush fire a tour through a palm bay neighborhood and damaged homes yesterday. we first told you about this 45 acre fire as it was breaking yesterday on eyewitness news at 4:00. officials are once again asking people to avoid the area of cogan, sensible drives.
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and no homes are threatened now. the fire chief tells us nearly 80 firefighters from several agencies help battle the brush fire that friend about 100 homes that we have a group monitoring the situation and we will bring you any updates. this hot, dry weather means high-fiber risk -- fire risk and could be the hottest day of the season for -- so far. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. it is not officially spring . >> it feels like it. temperatures about 10 degrees above average and we will top 80s. in orlando over the last two weeks just one day with rain and it was not a lot. threat. we did well the last couple months with rain as a whole for the dry season but we are still in the dry season and we need to see how this evolves the next few weeks with that tried whether we could use some rain at some point.
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quickly. satellite radar picture looking good so fair weather clouds, polly cloudy skies through the today. temperatures checking more than -- warmer than yesterday at the time, 83 that is a hotspot as we get toward severed by the airport and the zoo. 81 the villages, along the coast, mid to upper 70s even touching a denial in melbourne. low 80s right across osceola county. winter springs for us today, in the low to mid 80s through the afternoon and again to cut -- 2:00-4:00 the breeze picking up when the weather today and by the evening, mid-70s by 6:00 after that, eventually dropping off into the 60s mild weather on the way for tonight. coming up, tracking warmer weather sliding it over the next 24 hours and then we will track the front by the weekend. track the warmer weather for yourself at /weather. been called a final major republican debate of the primary season.
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and his rivals will hit the stage tonight in miami before tuesday's winner take all primaries in florida and ohio. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back on the campaign trail today after last night feisty democratic debate. kevin bolton has more -- molten has more. >> reporter: the fiery fight for florida. >> i will match my record against yours any day of the week. >> excuse me, excuse me. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders.write to it. taking on the issues and each other during this univision democratic debate in the sunshine state. the former secretary of state hit with another tough question on her private email scandal. >> if you get indicted, would you go public. >> i'm not even going -- not even answer the question. >> reporter: while they argued over the color of his coat. >> go home to mom. >> reporter: trump supporters and protesters clashed in a rally in fayetteville, north carolina.
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rivals. >> i think we will have a fantastic week. >> reporter: jeremy harris 67 then latest washington post poll but ahead in the winner take all contest and marco rubio in florida and ohio. >> he's going to lose and i'm going to win ohio. >> reporter: been asked questions following an incident at his victory party tuesday night, reporter michelle field of conservative new site says she was forcibly grabbed by campaign manager after she asked the tough question >> the trunk campaign is not responding. he and his gop rivals will take the debate stage in florida. some polls show trump up by 20 points mckenith bosa, nbc -- abc news, washington. the republican candidates would take the stage at the university of miami 8:30 am. -- 8:30 pm. christopher heath while complete coverage on eyewitness news at 10:00 on tv 27 and eyewitness news at 11 right here on channel 9. bernie sanders will be in central florida today appearing
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why he said do not count. out in florida the plan to win the sunshine state and his presidential campaign later in this newscast. investigators say a group effort by five agencies help them to catch a bank robbery suspect that you can see john which ran in handcuffs and a gas station indian river county been arrested as a he robbed the bank on east bernard island causeway yesterday implying had a weapon and then left on harley-davidson motorcycle. he is being held on no bond. would-be terrorists want to join isis have to go through an interview process. some of the surprising questions they have to answer before allowed to join. y a polk county student actually had to climb out of the school and hitchhike home -- out of the school bus. >> tracking a storm for the weekend.
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severe weather is pounding parts of the south, deadly flash flooding hezam isolde flooded roads in louisiana. this drone video showing a neighborhood just overwhelmed by water. philip manna in shreveport with more. >> reporter: unrelenting rain wreaking havoc across the south. the severe spring storm claiming three lives since monday. the governor of louisiana declaring a state of emergency.
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county. shot with a drone, this video by floodwaters. evacuation orders, kayaking through the street. this man rescuing his neighbors engulfed the home. highway, drivers taking on peril. >> reporter: forcing soldiers to search muddy waters for stranded motorist. and communities in texas still reeling from the series of tornadoes that hit earlier this week. >> good, lord. their homes. louisiana. with a few days left in the session the florida senate choice. that legislation allows parents to move children into a school that has more room.
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responsible for transportation and students under suspension or expulsion could not transfer. for students in high school, and make them immediately eligible to play sports at the new school. this bill now goes to the house. candidates new prime minister is in the u. s. for the first time for a meeting with president obama. joint press conference about everything from climate change to syrian refugees. tonight the prime minister justin trudeau will join the state dinner. this is the first visit from a canadian prime minister in nearly 2 decades. if you have pistachios in your pantry you may want to throw them out. at least 11 people in nine states have been affected in a the snack. brand names, wonderful processional, paramount farms, recalls. a polk county bus rider arrested for leaving a special needs student on a bus not once but twice.
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attendant gwendolyn simmons, doors. that is when the 13-year-old who was asleep woke up he had to climb out of the bus where he hitchhiked and walked 30 miles home. this afternoon twice in less than one week both women have been charged with negligent child abuse. wildlife officials call seminole county the epicenter of human bear conflict the county is considering a bear hunting ban. less than five months after the first statewide bear hunt, county leaders want to stop him from happening with the county lines. leaders say a bear hunt does little to reduce the number of nuisance bears wandering in a neighborhood. it will be hot for the bears and everyone around central florida. >> the mid-80s a possible. >> not a record heat. >> watch for the fire threat afternoon because it will be dry. breezy and beautiful looking afternoon. downtown orlando, a bit of blue getting through clouds here.
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look at the winds pulling and out of the south downtown orlando at 18 miles an hour. the southerly flow helping to jump off temperatures and a lot of 80s inland. 83 the warm spot in sanford, 70 beach. 24-hour temperature change, most spots 1-6 degrees warmer. continuing the climb and we will do so tomorrow. there are the winds brevard county watching that carefully 21 mile an hour winds we will watch for hotspots toward palm bay as we go throughout the afternoon. tom will have an update at 4:00 on channel 9. extra clouds around, fair weather kind . storm systems north and west with high-pressure in control. through the day we are looking good, mid-80s at 2:00, low 80s by 4:00 and in the 70s after that. future track just showing scattered clouds as we go throughout the afternoon but we today.
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saturday we are looking good, storm system stays away but by the time we hit sunday, that is when we can see a few showers and storms moving back into the forecast. seas 45 feet for today, strong risk of rip currents and that could last through the weekend. watch out for the rit 4-5 feet for today. partly cloudy skies and breezy winds 10-2080 in melbourne, 83 singot, 84 degrees and clermont as we get toward daytona beach ormonde beach breakaway trail temperatures in the upper 70s. 50s and 60s tonight similar to last night and patchy fog will develop by early friday. friday, partly cloudy skies, warmer, 86 orlando and up to 87 ocala and upper 70s along the coast. onshore breeze will keep us cooler along the coast and very comfortable.
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finish up the work week. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. there are the low 80s in the forecast for saturday. looking good, cannot rule out a stray shower saturday otherwise mainly dry and saturday night, time change weekend, setting the clock one hour ahead springing forward this weekend it sunday monitoring that and as we get closer we find to the timing and rain chance. 40-50 percent chance right now of a few showers and storms as the system to the west finally nudges in an high-pressure breaks down. mid-80s on sunday and no cool down insight. 80s will continue into next week. 9 investigates learned problems with new hardware are costing ouc customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. nightly news -- 9 investigates why customers should not have to pay for the respect -- the
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his achievements. just like she's always...stood with us. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i
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9 investigates found out think about all that rank of thousands of dollars including forming means the most of the city's mayor according to city records mayor rebecca voters consistently failed to mow the lawn at this property on delaware avenue. dating back to 2013, it's not the house where she lives. she has been in personal bankruptcy to 2012 and not paid more than $3200 worth of services, interest and penalties. >> is completely wrong. she should not -- i don't think she should be running for office again. >> the man's lawyer argues being in personal bankruptcy means she has no control over who she's a lot to pay and instead is decided in court. red light cameras one step closer to coming down across the state and how state lawmakers debated whether red light cameras are leaving to keep people safe for only serve as a moneymaker for local communities. in the end, lawmakers voted to repeal a 2012 law and take down
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>> is a local official -- if a local official was to make that determination, then they should make it. and their citizens can respond accordingly. >> the issue will be taken up next in the senate where it is expected to be harder to get enough votes to remove the cameras. another former ucf student is doing the university over data breach dichotomized information of 63,000 students and staff members. benjamin heller filed a lawsuit tuesday claiming ucf should have done more to prevent the breach. school officials say the fbi is still investigating how hackers were able to get into the system. this is the third lawsuit related to the data breach. if lawmakers in florida have their way, it will be up to gas stations to protect you from scammers at the pump. we told you to stay a bill is headed for the governor's desk which will force owners to increase security. if -- if -- if passed on the same day oviedo police discovered another scammer.
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bureau by local gas stations do not already have credit card chip readers in place. >> sometimes it is in the budget and sometimes not. anytime you have to buy technology, there is an expense that comes with it. in this case, businesses cannot afford not to do it. >> we asked seven11 and mobile if they will help owners cover the cost of additional security measures after the scammer was found in oviedo. they did not respond to the questions. another bill that would give the families a first responders who die in the line of duty 100 percent of their money -- monthly salary on the way to governor. rick scott's desk . state lawmakers passed the bill which was motivated by the shooting death of orange county deputy scott pine in 2014. his widow, bridget, says the way the system is set up was not giving her enough money for her family and benefits to make ends meet. that bill will also give families the option to transfer into a pension plan. a push to give neighborhoods in florida more access to healthy foods has hit a roadblock in tallahassee.
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access to stores that sell fresh fruits, vegetables and lean meats is referred to as a food desert. almost half of orlando's population lives in a community with this designation. a bill to help the communities is expected to pass, but $5 million attached to it was stripped away. >> you have approximately 17 percent people at or below the poverty level so they are obviously not in a place to get to the food resources they need. >> if you want to see if you live in or near a food desert, we have an interactive map on our website had to /web links. what kind of interview questions to potential terrorists get if they want to join isis? a look inside the so-called entrance interview for prospective jihadist. bernie sanders is rallying in central florida. what he does not think he
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vermont senator. and presidential candidate bernie sanders said do not counted out of florida. >> despite clinton's lead in the polls in the race, he's campaigning hard across the state today to try to rally support. shannon butler is live where bernie sanders has set to appear in a few hours. >> reporter: senator. bernie sanders is on a high after last night's debate in miami and after that big win in michigan, down by double digits here in florida but in michigan, if it's an indication he's open to pull it out in florida. you can see the crowd already gathering behind me all to see senator. bernie sanders. this may be an indicator people
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all of the candidates crossing the state this week before tuesday's primary, trying to get people out to the polls. people in line tell me they want to see bernie sanders and hear his plans on immigration, sanders has really taken a hit in the state with diverse city. they want -- diversity. they want to know his plans today but no matter what he says, the polls show he is down and some by 20 percent. back here you can see how many people have already gathered. the event is not till 3:00. there were hundreds of people on the other side of the camera, partly in to an open space. nice weather, spring break, they are expected to have hundreds of people here. bernie sanders will speak at 3:00 and we will bring much more tonight starting at eyewitness news at four. and osceola county, shall about, channel 9 eyewitness news .
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forward to take on a company owned by presidential candidate donald trump. she claims she was promised to make the books working for his model and agency but it wasn't the case. brian ross has the story. >> reporter: trump model management is not considered one of the top 10 content -- model agencies but some have hit it big including his wife maligning who while dating him post on trumps private jet for a british magazine. as seen on this mtv reality show, trump has been personally involved in recruiting talent. >> you just signed with a model agency today which is great. >> reporter: it has not worked out well for everyone. alexia palmer recruited from jamaica and brought to the u. s. by the trump agency. under a special h1b visa program for foreign workers. and government documents filed by trump agency said palmer would make at least $75,000 per year for three years as a full- time employee. >> did that seem like a lot of money? >> yes. >> she got nothing close to
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shoots including this campaign for a cosmetics company. according to a lawsuit she filed, the trump agency detected 8 percent of her earnings as fees and expenses leaving her with a total -- 80 percent of her earnings and $3800. under her visa status, she could not worked anywhere else. >> i felt like a slave because that is what slavery people do, work and work and do not get no money. >> the trump agency says it had a hard time finding work for palmer and the $75,000 per year on the form was just an estimate of trump general counsel alan garten. >> there was no employer employee relationship. >> you check the box is a full- time employee. >> because that's what the form requires. >> it was a true. >> this is how it is done in the industry. >> a former ca new -- senior
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option to ignore the wage figures they site in a u. s. visa form like the $75,000. >> it would be extraordinarily unusual for that to be legal. >> reporter: the trump agency brought more than 100 young models to the u. s. under the h1b visa program. the very program trump as the candidate has criticized others for using as a cheap labor program. >> brian ross, abc news, new york. we are continuing to monitor the flareup from this brush fire the same brush fire that tore through a palm bay neighborhood yesterday damaging for homes. the flareup is about 5 acres and 40 percent contained at this point. officials are asking people to avoid the area of cogan and sanfilippo. they say the flareup is small and no homes are threatened now because of the hot dry whether the risk of fires inside. certified meteorologist brian shields is tracking the latest from severe weather center 9 and we are looking at 80s today. >> exactly. we have not had much rain whatsoever in the last two weeks and hear that stacks up quickly. that becomes an issue, plus it
12:34 pm
a little windy already today. look at the winds speeds up to 20 in spots and 21 melbourne, flipping over to show you some winds gusting over 30. if we do have any fires around, they could spread quickly and that's why we was be on top of it as we go throughout the afternoon, we will watch out for gusty winds inland as you get toward orlando, gusting to near 30 in downtown orlando. we will have a winter afternoon, the pattern will hold like yesterday. satellite radar picture, a few fair weather clouds and dry no rain dropping from them. high-pressure offshore, when you have that typically you have hotter or warmer and drier weather. we was he the winds coming out of the south-southwest throughout the day and that will keep us on the warm side. that's why we have 80s, close to it along the coast, sharpes, titusville 79 inland, casselberry winter springs averaged 83 now, 80 degrees in clermont . winter garden
12:35 pm
cloud all the temperatures in the low 80s. back to the coast, daytona beach today topping out closely -- closed 80 and warm weather sticks around the next couple of days as we finish up by quick friday, temperatures around 80. saturday almost 80 -- also 80, upper 70s in spots. in the next three days mainly dry whether. saturday cannot rule out a stray chance of a shower. nothing widespread on saturday. sunday, a better chance of showers and thunderstorms and we will break that down and vanessa? of cash survey giving us an idea inside look of the questions asked to perspective jihadists before entering into isis the documents obtained by before entering into isis the documents obtained by sky news people from 51 countries including the uk who gave up personal information as they joined the terror group at the questions included a fighter name, along with mother's
12:36 pm
and level of sharing understanding. center police are try to prevent tragic accidents involving guns by teaching gun safety to local residents including children. officers hosted separate two- kids. in -- informing them on how to be safe around guns. this comes after a six-year-old girl accidentally shot and killed herself with a gun the police say was not secured. two dozen people showed up for the classes whichever police are now calling a success. >> that shows there is an interest in ensuring that guns are put away safely and that people are taking the initiative to do what is right. >> residents can also stop by the police station to get a free gun lock. orange county deputies suggest you check your child's phone after local mother says she found out the 27-year-old man sent nude picture and sexual messages to or under age daughter deputies say miguel
12:37 pm
messaging at -- at kik. she met him in person several times. investigators say it is happening more often and parents may think. deputies working to find out if the man has other victims. pennsylvania cabdriver just starting his first day on the job had a scary encounter with an armed man demanded money at gunpoint. >> give me all your money, men. >> give me everything you have now. >> this get dashcam video from the gap caught everything on video. the man demanded money and the cabdrivers wallet and his phone threatening to kill him if he did not follow through. however, the robber did not realize that a sheriff deputy pulled up behind the cab at the stoplight. >> this is my guardian angel. he appeared. >> that's how he feels, that is great. we are out there everyday honestly trying to help out. >> right place at the right time, the suspect was arrested on the scene. a medical breakthrough can help millions of people with vision problems.
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patients grow their own eyeballs.
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for 12 months. doctors at cleveland clinic say the first uterus transplant in the u. s. has failed. doctors perform the transplant last month on a 26-year-old woman identified only as lindsay. yesterday cleveland clinic and as lindsay had sudden complications and surgeons had to remove the uterus. doctors are subject to figure out what went wrong but we will
12:41 pm
the trial hoping to perform 10 more uterus transplant. site is coming up with ways to help people with visual and robinswood regenerate their own eyeballs. researchers developed a new surgical technique that resets powerful stem cells in the eyeball to replace eyeball tissue damaged by cataracts and other problems. japanese researchers found a way to turn ordinary skin cells into different types of cells found in the eyeball. experts say both of these methods can eventually one day replace cataracts the cornea surgery. you may not have to sweat buckets at the gym if you want to get your hardship traditional chinese exercise like tai chi and others have been a daily practice for millions around the globe. new research shows people who practice tai chi had at least lower blood pressure and cholesterol. fitness experts say and may work better than aerobic exercise and strength training. the irs launched a new tool claiming would better protect
12:42 pm
the agency stopped using the tool this week with the possible security breach -- breach that forced them to shut it down. thousands of both -- ouc customers being backed bill because of mistakes. 9 investigates was into the problem and white it has not been fixed.
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
9 investigates learned problems with new hardware costing ouc customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. the utility is using new digital technology to determine your bill each month. glitches have caused thousands to be back billed for up to three months of service. investigator reporter daralene jones asked why customers have to pay for the sake. >> reporter: -- >> they should not have installed it because it does not work. >> reporter: he speaking on behalf of dozens of neighbors sounding off on a neighborhood website. they are furious ouc spent $15 million on new digital
12:45 pm
>> create a situation where it doubles from one month of the next. >> reporter: 9 investigates learned ouc switched to a digital meter reading system installed by a north carolina- based company. they had $50 million contract and the goal is to provide real- time usage data to customers and save money by eliminating the real people who use to manually read your meters. sensor technology relies in part on it underground cable to communicate with computer that determines your monthly consumption. >> we had issues with the cables less than 10 percent of too much. >> the problem is with water bills, not electric and the last year because customers were under build. so the utility had to go back and estimate your consumption and back billed. the utility covered three months totaling $586,000 for
12:46 pm
up to three months totaling $475,000. ouc could not immediate tell us how much they have had to back bill customers so far this year. why are they being forced to incur the cost? >> there was consumption. it's not like we are building something they did not use. >> it's forcing customers like neighbors to guess whether they will be hit with a belt they simply cannot afford because of a mistake by a vendor with a $15 million contract. >> is negligent to install a system that does not work in the first place. >> reporter: ouc tells us customers will continue to be back billed up to three months if they are under build. ouc will cover anything after that. a spokesperson for senses that impart this relational water meter technology introduced in 2010. it is back bed but -- back i wanted a shift to more than 3,000,000 m is launching the product and they are proactively addressing issues with ouc. the two of the irs launched to help prevent identity theft is not working.
12:47 pm
suspend the identity protection tool because of a possible security breach. that's what was meant to allow victims whose identity has been used in fraudulent tax returns to get a pin verifying the identity before filing any subsequent returns. but hackers were able to steal those pin and file fraudulent returns. the number is not been released with the irs says last month it stopped 800 fraudulent returns. a trip into space may be possible but private space travel company oregon announced today it will start sending people into oregon -- orbit. ceo says the company wants to start the first human test flights next year. last year the company announced rockets would launch from cape canaveral. officials say thousands of people have shown interest. thousands. >> would you do it? i know you were donated to someone if you had a but if you had the opportunity to do it, i'm going in circles. >> i would not want to be the first but after a couple of successes, yeah.
12:48 pm
>> and chicken. daytona beach, bright blue skies, flights are waiting around and it is windy and dry. fire threat, watch that. tom terry will have new data coming up at 4:00 tune in i will have an update on hotspots as well a brevard county around palm bay. daytona beach, 79, weak -- winds e southeast at 10. temperatures, lots of it is about already. 83 in sanford, along the coast, near it. coast inland warm, a bit warmer across the interior zones. winds watching up to 31 now and the palm bay, melbourne area. 26 orlando, 24 in the villages. if we had any fires, they will spread quickly, the potential of that happening at least it's scattered clouds around and staying dry high-pressure anchored offshore. that is going to give all of the storm systems away at least for the short term.
12:49 pm
afternoon, well into the 70s and a mix of sun and clouds, nice into the evening low 70s by 6:00. future track, 3:00 today scattered clouds and watching out for the fire threat to try to pick up on a bit of us agreed shower but we will be staying on the dry side today through the evening. and as we get to tonight, we will see nice conditions for the most part. once the winds that we may get patchy fog by the time we hit tomorrow morning. saturday, and i say, straight chance of a shower but by sunday, that is when the next storm system finally approaches with about a 50 percent chance of rain. of rain. the beaches, seas elevated 4 to 5 feet and watch for the strong risk of rip currents water temperatures in the upper 60s. 85 the warm afternoon, partly cloudy skies, city by city with the temperatures, 85 orlando, 84 claremont, 83 leesburg, mount dora, eustis a beautiful afternoon but on the windier site. tonight, 50s, 60s in the forecast. nice pollen levels are superhigh but if you are not an
12:50 pm
open up your windows for tonight. get in some fresh air. pollen will be an issue. if rain comes in things wash up. partly cloudy tomorrow, another breezy day. watching the fire threat and warmer. we could see a few spots try to creep up into the upper 80s across the island zones. the weekend just as a reminder time change weekend saturday night, spring your clocks forward one hour. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 86 tomorrow, low to mid 80s on saturday and astray chance of a shower saturday. most of us our drive for any outdoor events. and on sunday, that is when we watch for a system where we tracked future track, 50 percent chance of a couple showers and storms and in the 80s, no cool down yet. more 80s into next week. vanessa? would you eat food grown on mars? researchers have grown vegetables from soil that make the conditions on mark -- on
12:51 pm
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12:53 pm
a look at stories were working on for eyewitness news at 4:00. another presidential candidate is and central florida today rallying voters at 3:00 senator. bernie sanders will be in kissimmee to convince voters in florida why he should get their vote. we have grew at a rally now and we will break down everything he says starting at 4:00. and water police and portable orange are searching for the person who tried to obstruct a boy on his way to school. nine-year-old told police he was a few blocks from school when the man asked him if he wanted to go to his house. we will tell you what police are using to track down the man.
12:54 pm
we ever make it to mars, we may be able to feed ourselves. researchers use soil mimicking the conditions on march 2 rope crops like tomatoes and found in the recognitions they grow similar to crops grown on earth. they have not tested to see if it is safety. it contains heavy metals like lead, arsenic and mercury and that could make the plants poisonous. stocks down on wall street. a look at the numbers so far. closing figures tonight on
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
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in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. if you like the 80s you are in the right place here is certified meteorologist brian shields . >> in the right place for a long time. 90s down the road. 85 today, dry weather, beautiful day but watch out for hotspots in brevard county and tomorrow, 86, 80s with us this weekend. we will watch out for chance of a few showers and storms on sunday as the front nudges and and the overall weather patterns break down. 80s lasting into next week. have a great afternoon and see you in thanks for watching eyewitness news at noon. >> 'the chew' is next.>> see ya!the morning.
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she says their names. trayvon martin shot to death. dontre hamilton unarmed. sandra bland... did nothing wrong. and makes their mothers' fight for justice her own. she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. we need action now. and stands with the president against those who would undo his
12:59 pm
with us. hillary clinton.
1:00 pm
>> announcer: pack your bags, because our hosts are going coast to coast and saluting america's best dishes. clinton's shaking things up with a buzzy drink straight from the island -- long island, that is. then, carla's taking us down south with a decadent sweet treat that'll have everyone begging for seconds. plus, michael symon is putting his spin on an american classic, the casserole. the adventure begins right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, hello.


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