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tv   Eyewitness News This Morning 530am  ABC  March 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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5:30 am on live look over downtown orlando. a mild, comfortable start right now. springtime pattern will stick around. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. , deneige broom watching the roads . >> did i give too much away? >> no, that's good. >> let's get over to brian to do the forecast. a look in daytona beach, a great start to the day, 63 winds of the south southeast at three. sunrise, 6:38 am that will change this with them at the time change weekend. temperatures in the 50s, 60s and 70s, 70 cocoa beach, 62 orange county, orlando and winter park a comfortable start, a few scattered clouds and a little bit of patchy fog
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next as we go throughout the day. lunchtime near 80 degrees and again by 2:00 we get mid-80s staying dry. partly cloudy, we will watch out for that fire threat and by 6:00 dropping off into the 70s and still really nice into the evening hours. it will be a great friday evening including for orlando city, we would look at the forecast for the match and we will go city by city with temperatures and a chance of it is busy. we will get you through the our time is 5:31 am. getting a look at i 4 and the problems here is deneige. >> i 4 eastbound to shut down right at fairbanks for a crash and forcing all traffic off of i 4 eastbound right at fairbanks but then you can fairbanks. now but you will be forced off i have noticed major delays because we don't have that many on the road but keep that in mind get onto farebox eastbound. we have a crash orange avenue and weatherbee road, this is blocking one lane no need for
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keep in mind move over. new from overnight, nova road daytona beach is opened after a fiery crash between a car and a motorcycle. where it happened international speedway boulevard. it is unclear what led to the >> reporter: police have wrapped up the investigation here but it looks like there are pieces from that crash lying in the road but you have to see the video we got overnight. in the video you can see both fire. and one of the clips you can see the car involved is the color red but in the rest of the video you can hardly tell because of the fire damage and how bad it is. captures cameron what look like a motorcycle tracked underneath the car. that is leading us to ask police how the motorcyclist is doing this morning. right now they have not released too many details but we are hearing the motorcyclist ormc. we are giving calls into information about how it happened and we will keep you updated on air and our wftv
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live in volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. one day after hillary clinton and bernie sanders made the final pitch to voters before next tuesday's primary the gop contenders took the turn in miami, the stakes are pretty high. >> eyewitness news is morning angela jacobs continues for political coverage. this may have been the most critical debate to this point. >> and that is because so much is riding on it but super tuesday around the corner, five states holding primaries with more than 1100 delegates up for grabs. using the stage in miami to tackle key issues to voters in ohio and florida, and much more civil affair began with trade talk and immigration. >> we lock our doors at night in the country needs to lock it stores as well. >> reporter: donald trump asked about his recent statement saying islam hate that. >> did you mean all 1.6 billion muslims.
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>> reporter: florida senator. marco rubio displaying his foreign-policy expertise and advantage analyst say he has over the rest of the field using it to make a sober case because trump. >> i know a lot of people find what he says appealing because he says what they they could say. they can say whatever they want. it has consequences. >> reporter: ted cruz says trump's words do not bad actions. >> if you have a candidate who has been funding liberal washington establishment, it is very hard to imagine how suddenly this candidate is going to take on washington. >> reporter: after the debate rubio said he is done with personal trump attacks he says he regrets those actions and gutter again. it conflicts with his face and families expectations of him. -- his family's expectations of him.
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in orlando on the campaign trail that he will attend a town hall meeting at the face assembly of god church and is bringing along his former opponent, carly fiorina who is now endorsing him the town hall started 10 am doors open at 9:00 and you will need a ticket. we posted a link of the web links section of marco rubio will make a stop and central florida two days before the primary ship it will be a will visit the villages this sunday to convince residents why he should get their vote. he will be at the rohan rec center on christine wait, 3 pm, doors open at 2:00 you must rsvp if you want to attend. hillary clinton appeared in a rally in tampa to try to get votes ahead of tuesday's primerica clinton hosted a get out and vote rally yesterday. during the rally clinton spoke about possibly having a high- connect tampa and orlando. her daughter chelsea clinton will be central florida in a rally for her mom. the event will be held at the hilton orlando hotel plaza boulevard at lake buena vista starting at 4:45 pm. for results and top headlines for florida's primaries on tuesday,
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and click on the elections tab. we sat beside a man in his hospital bed as he told us he plans to make the most of his life after being shot in both legs. brundtland herbert says he was already his birthday tuesday night at vintage nightclub off pine street what is on argument happening. his is not long after a man started shooting into a group of people. only eyewitness news got cell phone video showing him policy was shot. he said the gunmen in for his at first and best. >> a lot of shots and it was kind of, i would like to consider it ineffective because you are doing all of this and woke up this morning. >> so far orlando police have not made any arrests as you can imagine ryland was emotional during our interview and had a watch the entire interview at go to the website and
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see his interview. two women a polk county facing negative child abuse charges after deputies say they forgot a special needs student on the school bus. they forced him to come -- find out -- it forced them to find out and walked 3 miles home two times in one way. you can see the driver 51-year- old gail brown and was attended when dylan simmons get off and close the doors after dropping off all the other students from our children's academy in lake wales. 15 minutes later, the 13-year- old who had fallen asleep wakes up. when he realizes he is alone, he cracks open a window and climbs out. less than one week later, tuesday, deputies say it happened again. you can see this time the boy forced open the doors, starting his 30 mile trek home. go county sheriff says the next day the boy tried to tell one of the women they had forgotten him but she did not believe him. >> are you kidding me? do you hear what i said?
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in one week, the same can't, -- the same kid and he's tired of having to hitchhike home. >> there's an alarm system on the butt the driver is supposed to turn off after they have checked to make sure everyone is actually off the bus. deputies say the women admitted to having a student deactivate the system and not checking the bus for students before the last -- left. 50 12 brothers recovering after a driver ran them both over as a road across the street on their bikes. this happened yesterday afternoon when troopers say the 37-year-old truck driver turned out of merritt island high school. they say she panicked, hit the gas, ran over the boys and they were both airlifted to arnold palmer and expected to be okay. they were wearing helmets. the driver was cited for failing to yield. no word yet about a quart day to decide if a family dog will be put down after a serious by. animal services wants to
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declaring the dog dangerous providing a -- providing an event. he was in the home and mistakenly reached into the enclosure, 24 declared dangerous in orange county last year and non-patel. checking with the investigators in orange county today to ask them how a man who was shocked and fell 35 feet is now doing. witnesses tell us he was not wearing a harness or hardhat went in a bucket truck on colonial drive yesterday. it is believed he was shot -- shocked when mr. the casing was trying to remove from inside hit by wiring. 58 cases of zika in florida including two more and osceola county the two other cases reported yesterday in miami- dade and broward counties and earlier this week. state health officials announced the first sexually- transmitted case in the state and polk county. all of the patients were affected while traveling and will monitor the update and let you know of any more cases on eyewitness news at four.
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working to prevent the spread of zika and other affected areas. one blood located in orlando is sending its first shipment of blood donations to help those in need in places like puerto rico, countries affected by the virus. the cdc has ordered those places to stop collecting blood for transfusions at -- out of fear donors may be infected. 5:39 am. we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. here is brian with orlando city forecast. >> looking good as we get into the evening. by the time we hit 7:00, pick up temperatures around 80 as the sun ghost town and that by 9:00, temperatures around 75 and looking awesome, temperatures for any of your weekend plans check out a great website, events going on including the airshow in brevard. we will keep you posted on the forecast. 87 ocala, 88 bellevue, it is going to be warm, orange county is going to be the steamy day.
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86, 86 degrees in bithlo. not summertime humidity but definitely warm, 10 degrees above average in some numbers and along the coast to upper 70s to near 80 and we will watch for the firefight through boulevard tonight some patchy fog will be developing, coming up, we track wednesday's storms return for part of the weekend forecast. it is 5:40. checking traffic with the deneige. >> keeping an eye on cameras in i 4, winter park , they had eastbound lanes of i 4 shut down at fairbanks actually it looks like they are try to clear out the cones. the crash here, forcing eastbound traffic off at fairbanks and you can reenter i 4 eastbound at fairbanks. shut down at this point and i reopen lanes. live traffic tracker we have a crash that has a lane blocked, orange avenue whether he -- weatherbee road. one lane is blocked. seminole county to be the first and central florida to
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coming up what they say last year's hunt had no impact on the bear population. some people are not happy with sanford leaders proposals to put a stop to public art. why leaders want to put a stop to the murals and how long it would last. brevard county deputies believe the father may be
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asking 5:44 am. overnight crash nova road what happened, no problems for traffic right now but impressive video. >> reporter: nova road is open near international speedway boulevard where the crash happened this morning. i spoke with dispatchers a bit ago who tell me the call came in at 1:15 about a crash involving a car and motorcycle to cameras captured the aftermath where you can see how badly both the car and motorcycle were damaged from the fire and it looks like the motorcycle was actually pinned underneath the car. at this point working to find out how the motorcyclist is doing and whether anyone was cited in the records so we will keep you updated on the air and our wftv mobile app. live in volusia county, janai norman, eyewitness news this morning. brevard county father accused of kidnapping his own children says he has no intention of bringing them back
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it is believed that rick scott junior is taking his two-year- old daughter paris and four- year-old son patrick to texas. they were last seen with her mother dropped them off with scott yesterday morning he's driving a gold 2015 ford fusion with a texas license plate. police and edgewater want you to take a good look at the sketch they see the man you see tried to abduct a nine-year-old boy on his way to school this week that the boy told police the man came up to him and asked him if he wanted to come over to his house and described as a white, overweight mayor between 5 foot two and 5 foot eight with black hair and black goatee. increasing patrols in elementary schools. at man has had it with neighbors and calling them out with this sign here. he has their mug shots on display with words like hookers, drug dealers, and scumbags. daytona beach police say they have been to the small apartment complex on braddock avenue nearly 50 times of the last few months. they rated the place with the
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management took over, everything went downhill and says police are not doing enough. >> we will not arrest him for the small disorderly conduct or disturbing the peace because the judge will not do anything about it but for us it does not matter, harassed them as much as they harassed us. >> police say they're keeping an eye on the apartments of the owner tells us over the phone, he plans to create up the property. -- clean up the property. washington dc statue of a confederate general replacing -- the statue of kirby smith has been standing for two years, two statues representing each state at the national statuary hall. governor. scott signing of built to replace the statue committee will suggest three well-known replacements. sanford wants to regulate public art. artists from around the area creating works of art and everything from factory walls
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the city staff of is working with public art commissioned to create an ordinance some people are not a fan of paintings the residents say they had -- at the ordinance lasting a few months we will let you know when they regulate the art >> we thought to have a mural >> great idea. >> like a big doughnut along south street. >> a caricature. >> birthday weekend. >> yes, sunday when the time changes. >> we got you something. >> no you didn't. >> happy monday. -- have it monday. downtown: medical, 62, and deltona beautiful start to the workweek, storms at times, 57 ocala, 62 sanford, 70 in cocoa beach volusia county running in the 60s winds alike and pulling out of the southeast and patchy fog is forming so debary near
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fog if you're going across the st johns this morning. scattered clouds and open around pattern everything has been north and west the last few days. we will see the pattern breakdown by sunday with a chance of a few showers and storms. we will get into that in the second. it is my job. 80 degrees at noon, mid-80s this afternoon a cross perry county and ocala and it's going to be gorgeous, rolling through the timeframe this is 1:00, a few scattered clouds, fair weather clouds and very nice into friday evening. saturday we are looking for tomorrow, maybe on the dry side. i cannot rule out a stray chance of a shower or storm but by sunday, that's what we see a few more's showers and storms developing. 50 percent chance of scattered showers and storms for our sunday afternoon. beach forecasts, 70s to near 80 today, water temperatures in the 60s and again a strong risk of rip currents staying with us the next few days for partly cloudy, warm, temperatures around 86, very warm inland,
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when i take my kids. 87, 86 leesburg, 84 deland, tonight, 50s and 60s around and 68 cocoa beach is going to be beautiful night and for tonight -- tomorrow, good-looking day, pollen levels are riling -- running higher allergies may be driving you crazy but a good saturday on the way. mix of sun and clouds, 70s and elite -- 80s. sunday watching for storms five- day forecast where the weekend is always in view. saturday night, sunday widespread ahead one hour, sunday, 50 percent chance, highs around 84, this time of year, no real cool air behind it 80s continue into next week and monday and tuesday is still in the mid-80s and overnight lows holding in the 60s. 5:50 we need an update on i 4 here is deneige. >> they have reopened lanes of i 4 eastbound fairbanks. one lane is blocked.
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keep in mind we are seeing delays bill because you are down one lane and the volume is starting to build so to completely avoid this get on i 4 eastbound, fairbanks and you will be good to go. live traffic tracker, a crash in daytona beach with the road block off tomoko barnes road to nationals speedway boulevard, one lane blocked you do not need an alternate but keep in mind they are unseen. the trial of two people allegedly involved in a dogfighting ring continues and coming up the two different stories the juries heard from the defendants. a bill passed by lawmakers
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5:53 am this is in seminole county looking into a push to ban bear hunts the future. florida wildlife agents will not say whether they will respect local bands if they decide to host another statewide hunted for a 300 forebears killed in last year's hard work and sumter county. the plan to ban the husk and after several people including a passionate 10-year-old spoke at a meeting and earlier this week. >> bears have already lost over 80 percent of the habitat and we must work to protect, not kill our bears still left in florida. >> passion was in constant -- understanding. they hope the new trash ordinance is enough to stop the conflict.
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about managing bears. >> she should run for office. u.s. senate gave the green light for bill and at fighting a growing drug crisis across the country. only one senator voted against it. allowing programs to -- also get first responders better access to overdose reversal drugs. the bill does not fund these programs. democratic committees ravaged by the epidemic need fun -- money fast. it's time to get serious and call it what it is public health crisis, it demands real immediate investment. >> republicans blocked an attempt to attach $600 million in emergency funding to the bill. >> more floridians are becoming victims of identity theft complaints related to tax or which brought increased 40 percent from 2014 two 2015. the federal trade commission says many of the complaints work from stolen tax returns. where tools for victims of identity theft on /web links. corona beer recalled
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not be safe to drink that the company is voluntarily recalling corona extra 12 packs and 18 packs officials say bottles may contain small pieces of glass. no one has been hurt so far. check the number eight digit code on labels to see if you have recalled product. go to the web links section of to find a list of the affected codes. salmonella outbreak in nine states has caused 11 people to get sick and it's due to pistachios. the wonderful pistachios brand and trader joe's have issued recalls. you can return them to the stores where you purchase them for a full refund. officials and nasa are calling for help from congress to fund projects into deep space missions with the next seven years. thursday, administrator charles bolden presented a budget request the senate knish -- committee at the nation's capital. >> nasa is closer to sending american astronauts to mars than at any point in history and the budget will keep us moving forward.
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flight of the sls orion spacecraft in 2018. they are working toward an early launch date of a crude launch of the orion in 2023. one day after we told you at health initiative prostate sunday, tuesday senators are trying to put money into it. have orlando's population lives in food deserts neighborhoods with little to no easy access to stores that sell fresh vegetables, fruits and lean meats. in orange county the american heart association was pushing for $5 million in incentive money to bring more businesses into these neighborhoods. that money was stripped from the bill would we hear they may put money back in. we will see what happens push hundreds of elementary school students in orange county on lending a helping hand to feed families in. >> students from parkway the school teaming up with feeding children everywhere next week. planning to package and box 35,000 meals for families throughout the community. over the last few months students raise nearly $9000 to buy the meals were mini golf event.
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vow of silence >> they make hairnets look cute. the man accused of taking pictures of young girls -- up young girls skirts and a busy public store is out of jail. >> how shoppers say he used his phone to record videos. no fireworks, no name- calling, what else was different about last night's gop debate in miami. tracking another warm day and there is a front to the
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right now on eyewitness news this morning. daytona police investigating a fiery crash involving a motorcycle and car. we are asking officers went back to it. >> we needed this kind of the debate. we need this kind of tone. >> republican presidential candidates get personal attacks to a minimum in that debate in miami. major issues discussed ahead of florida's big primary. everyone on their best behavior including this morning, so far. >> good morning, 6 am, friday, march 11. >>we check weather and traffic every 10 minutes. deneige broom watching the roads let's get started with certified meteorologist brian shields . not a bad start. >> great start to the day. warm and a good weekend and by sunday we could see some storms popping up.


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