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tv   Eyewitness News Noon  ABC  March 16, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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this afternoon the state fire marshal's office is looking into what caused the massive fire that level the pumpkin center in cocoa beach. since the fire sparked we have learned a $5 million home is a total loss. >> janai norman is live where firefighters continue to fight the flames. the state fire marshal is looking at a couple of possible causes --. >> reporter: investigators are here looking into a cause of the pumpkin center and we will go to skywitness 9 flying above to give you the first look at damages from the sky. the sun has come up this morning, the fire chief tells
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looking into whether that could be tied to last night's fire. >> reporter: it could be an intensive investigation figuring out what led to these flames coming from the iconic pumpkin center in cocoa beach. we learned the flames that sort above the trees could be seen as far as rockledge and merritt island. >> there are flames up to 75 feet in the air, 10,000 ft.2 home covered in what with wood inside. >> fire chief tells me they are looking into whether the wooden makeup of the home added to the massive fire that burned for hours. so long we watched crews douse the property with water for more than 75 minutes this morning and then still more flames. >> we will measure that can get an actual timeline and any aggravating or could reading fires that help the flames move quicker or slower. >> reporter: al newhart owned the home, the chief emphasize how much the pumpkin center
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himself and talking about the unique property with multiple gauges, swimming pools 11 bedrooms that was suddenly leveled. >> it was a unique home. when i'm glad i saw before it was destroyed. >> reporter: we will have a crew all day checking in with the investigators trying to get any new details about a suspected cause and we will have the latest on eyewitness news at 4:00. a brevard county, janai norman channel 9 eyewitness news. volusia county deputies are looking for a missing golden retriever caught in the middle of a carjacking. residents along macgregor road, deland shot video the scene as the incident ended in a fiery crash. the dog was not in the crash suv. this truck was stolen and stop light but the driver immediately started driving erratically before smashing into a power pole. the suspect was pulled from the truck by a bystander and is in hospitalized for expected to survive. people are still asking
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precincts in orange county ran out of ballots for the primary yesterday. we told you about this as it was breaking yesterday at noon and we got answers shannon butler is following developments since then and you spoke with a supervisor of elections who took responsibility for this. >> frankly he has to because the buck stops with him. but it looks like is the reason why they were problems at the present because of human error. we know there were too many ballots, numbers transposed when it came to the presidential ballots and when it came to the miscible elections, those numbers were transposed, not giving the amount -- correct amount of ballots and a dozen of these precincts. this was the first time the orange county supervisor of elections has actually used precinct specific ballots. it was a new system that combined with the human error, whoever typed in the number,
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bilal powell called up to the state and exit for an extended pickle time in case people did not get to vote and the governor denied it and there are questions about why the mistake was not caught before the precincts opened yesterday morning. >> there were many things being done to make sure we write the situation and be able to get voters back to voting and not be turned away. we believe by 2 pm yesterday afternoon we had everything rite aid -- write it. the day. >> you can see here demonstrators have just showed office. bilal powell taking a hit, people calling for his job saying a mistake like this should not have happen. they showed up in a bernie sanders van and we will have
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bill cowel's response to people shutting down -- stepping down. >> results of primary states field. >> hillary clinton inching that much closer to the nomination. rayborn monday with the latest. >> reporter: a win-win situation for donald trump and hillary clinton, both candidates the tourist last night after voters made their choice during super tuesday number three. trumps focus now is to unite the party. >> there is a tremendous fervor and the republicans should grasp it. third party guarantees 100 percent that democrats will win. >> his overwhelming win in the sunshine state devastating enough to suspend the campaign of florida senator. marco rubio . >> while we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: while rubio dropped out, john kasich pushing forward with a full
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delegates with the win in his home state, hope ohio. >> we will go to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> reporter: clinton swept four of the five states including the coveted winner take all states of florida and ohio. the democratic front-runner now has a laser focus on donald trump. >> when we hear a candidate for president call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, that does not make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> reporter: as the bernie sanders, overall disappointing night. the math for his path to the nomination looking extremely grim. most of the presidential candidates do not scheduled events except for john kasich who is in pennsylvania in the next republican presidential debate is scheduled for monday in utah. a debate trump says he did not even know about and will likely not participate in. rayborn monday abc news, new york.
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speaker paul ryan is knocking down a suggestion he should be the first ballot. at the republican convention this summer, politico reports former speaker john maynard made -- john boehner pointed out anybody can be nominated at spokesperson issued a response a comical the speaker is grateful for the support but he is not interested. it will be another day of near record high temperatures but there may be some release -- release certified meteorologist brian shields is strike -- tracking the latest from severe weather center 9. >> i am in. not winning but still. 89, plenty of sunshine around it will be nice throughout the rest of the day. on the hot side for the cool down getting close to the weekend. 70s and 80s and 80 degrees in kissimmee, 81 in melbourne, 79 cocoa beach, 81 and marion county and ocala, in the low
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a lot of fog to start. we are seeing a few scattered clouds and low clouds burned off which is good going through the day, looking good. 2:00, temperatures around 84 and by 4:00, generally when we had the high. near 87 and a couple of us could again push 90 degrees for today. into the evening, sun up around 6:00 so we have 80s and after 8:00 amma we will see some temperatures falling through the 70s but as soon as after midnight, we could see more patchy fog developing for tonight into tomorrow morning. that could be pretty thick. coming up, we are going to track the system and cooler weather will return. martie? you can always track how temperatures for yourself at /weather. orlando police arrested michael major. hugh attacked and running a memo for stealing a car in investigators. investigators said victim
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being tesco with -- pistol whipped. major shop the dough before taking off in the victim's car. it was arrested on drug charges and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 7500 orange county for free. part of a promotion encouraging them to take the service regularly. we spoke with commissioner ted edwards about the sunrail deal and he wrote it from altamonte springs two other county -- with other county workers asked there was no congestion and not full of -- there was wi-fi air- conditioned, great for the community and the environment. keeping cars off the road and emissions, it creates jobs. >> commissioner edwards added more than 100 county employees pledging for today to try using sunrail to work. resident obama announced -- president obama is out -- announcing his pick, he says this man is qualified. the right it has started and a reason a gun range has led to a fight in court and only in florida the new investigation
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trained alligator for sale. chance of rain and storms, not yet but we will break down the next front and timing out
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president obama nominated merrick garland to the u. s. supreme court. >> you saw the announcement live here on channel 9. he is the chief judge for the u. s. court of appeals of the district of columbia circuit, bazi kanani has more. >> reporter: -- >> i nominate chief judge merit brian garland to join the supreme court. >> reporter: with the announcement of political showdown begins. president obama's nominee 63- year-old merrick garland is chief judge of the dc circuit court of appeals known as a moderate who has drawn bipartisan support over the years. >> judge garland earned a track record of building consensus as apopka, fair- minded judge who follows the law. >> reporter: he called the nomination and honor. >> for me there could be no higher public service then serving as a member of the united states supreme court. >> reporter: president obama qualified but republicans have nomination regardless. >> this agency will not be
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we will look forward to the american people deciding who they want to make this votes. >> reporter: a promise senate majority leader mitch mcconnell first made within the last one hour after justice scalia's death was announced. judiciary committee chair announced he would not hold a hearing to consider the nominee. they're optimistic about presidents pick. >> i hope president obama's nomination qualified nominee will -- to change course. >> reporter: president obama ratcheting up pressure on republicans to let. the republican party is formed a task force to block the nominee and they will attack garland's record and use the issue to go after democrats facing reelection. democrats are responding with a coordinated effort of their own to get public support on their site in this battle. bazi kanani, abc news, supreme court. senator.
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saying he hopes the senate is consider the president's nominee. north korea sentences an american student to 15 years hard labor for stealing a political banner. china officials say frederick warm buyer arrested january 2 charges still the banner from the hotel where he was staying. the north korean government claims he was encouraged to commit the hostile act by member of an ohio church. the secretive university organization and the cia. people who live in windermere will have a chance to discuss plans to build a neighborhood. we told you a landowner wants to build 6900 ft.2 mosque on kings point. people who live in the area say they are concerned about traffic and noise. the meeting will be held at elementary. walt disney world testing out a new option to let visitors park closer to the extra fee.
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per day now but if the new option becomes permanent, guess who want to park closer will have to pay an extra $15 on top of that. already implemented preferred parking. universal to cost $30, $10 more $23. today marks the 50 day countdown to the invictus games orlando 2016. officials will tour the site for the first time today. disney and invictus games officials will tour the events at this afternoon at the espn wide world of sports complex and walt disney world resort. the games are the only international adaptive sporting event for injured and active and veteran service members bringing together more than 500 competitors from 15 nations it a big event where prince harry lee this -- leading the charge. >> a big deal. 20 million people in the midwest recovering from severe overnight. >> forecasters say nine tornadoes reported spending to
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look at these clouds in springfield. the aftermath is heartbreaking. destroyed. officials are assessing the damage that will take a while considering the damage. in illinois, winds came along with hail making it harder for drivers to even stay safe on the roads. >> that is scary. i cannot imagine being caught in that. you drive along in that mess. >> not where you want to be. >> rough for a lot of people. >> we have been warmer and we will see a front working in for us later friday to saturday especially when dealing with at least getting close to record heat again for today. we tied a record yesterday in daytona beach. we hit 89 degrees. today 86 in daytona beach, the record is 90.
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reach orlando, record 94 set in 1921. from record territories. scattered clouds around but overall, nice and warm to the afternoon. 82 now winds of the north northwest at 10 miles an hour. sunset time, later at 7:35. numbers in the 80s for all of us just about 79 by the citrus tower, 80 daytona beach, 82 in the villages. warm foreshore and the winds are coming across the land preventing sea breeze from working in. land breeze means warm weather and some scattered clouds that have been popping up mainly dry for today. seeing sunshine this afternoon, 84 degrees at 4:00 and winter park, 81 at 6:00. once the sun goes down drop off into the 70s. future track, this afternoon to the evening, eating good but flipping over into tomorrow, you see some cloud cover popping up and these are the low clouds. i 4, north, west especially,
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later in the day, on thursday, we will see a -- storms that are just into friday. beaches, 60s and 70s, seas 1 to 2 feet and a low risk of rip currents. hot, 89 above average high of 78. lots of sun of the forecast. coast and inland in the 80s and we could get close to 90 in afternoon. citrus tower, near 85 and 89 st cloud, 86 toward melbourne. tonight, toward the springs, wekiva springs, in the mid-60s but i showed you future track and some fog that will be developing by tomorrow morning and it will be, again, thick fog. introducing a chance of rain tomorrow, not high chance. 20 percent chance of a shower or storm tomorrow. temperatures still running in the 80s and it will be a warm day ahead of the next front in the next front will drop in
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the timing is the same as we get into the weekend. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. we will see a 40 percent chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms on friday and up to a 50 percent chance on saturday. saturday favoring the afternoon and it will drop temperatures, 81 friday, 79 saturday. sunday, the system kicks out the morning shower and it starts to work away but we get slightly cooler weather back behind it. 75 on sunday, low 70s as we get into early next week. vanessa? golfers from around the world get one last practice before the arnold palmer invitational. the legend will be there to oversee the event tomorrow. next month he will travel to the masters. he will not be taking part in the ceremonial first tee shot he says it is time to hand this part of the career. air ambulance flight can
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insurance companies refuse to cover it many times. some florida families asked why can't the cost be disclosed in advance.
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deputies are looking for the person who shot and killed a 15- year-old over the weekend. last night and when davis his family remembered him during a vigil at berkeley. the lake is less than 1 mile from where his body was found on the sidewalk and an ocoee neighborhood saturday night at his aunt said it is time for the killer to compress. >> you have the nerve to take his life. you need to have the nerve to come forward and take responsibility for what you did. >> deputies say davis have problems with other kids in his neighborhood. the have a prime suspect in the case but they have not made an arrest. spring break is well underway in daytona beach this
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of people hitting the beach, 50 underage drinking. during a ride along, we saw spring breakers being ordered to dump out there. beer. they were given warnings that there will be more spring breakers and central florida infamous alcohol regulations. city commissioner and orlando says she is upset at the trees on a running trail were cut down when they should not have been. patty sheehan saw workers cutting down trees on in urban trail to make way for dog park pic she says the areas of public and private partnership and the owner should not have been able to cut them down but the city says they gave them permission. >> my staff messed up a decision-maker someone who wants good design and cares about the sense of place like this. this should not have happen. we will make sure it does not happen again. >> the tree tremors say the trees were dead inside and needed to be cut down. a mother got so heated when a teacher asked friday she got violent.
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picked up her son from princeton elementary but the staff did not recognize her or the car she was in so they asked for id. the teacher says the mom tried to grab her son away and attacked the teacher. she is charged with felony battery on a school employee. a group of world war ii veterans was honored in south florida in a unique way. 4 beth from 76-97 got to fly in planes like the ones they use for training during service. they got 15-20 minutes and a 1942 boeing stearman and were while. this is arranged by nonprofit called agents aviation dreams foundation honoring veterans who live in nursing homes. a new look inside the new orlando. the 40 foot long expedition vehicle can carry up to 72 people on the skull island reign of kong attraction. this is the first ride in a theme park's history that will
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it will be the longest ride of any universal attraction and expected to open this summer. >> tough -- >> family event yawing and -- joining cancer survivors. participants walk 1 mile from an ideal at bay hill to raise funds for childhood cancer research and treatment and arnie's march against childhood cancer. the family says the funds will go a long way. >> we have to travel for over one year and half with our child and we were able to do his scans and have his chemotherapy given in orlando for the first time in 18 months. >> organizers say the money raised will go directly toward research, experimental trials and treatments for patients at arnold palmer children's hospital in orlando. this is the fourth year for the fundraiser. isis claims responsibility for releasing a so-called kill list. the police officers, terrorist group were targeting. facebook post about an
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residence will have to wait longer to find out of the nearby gun range will be forced to shut down. >> the judge heard from residents who complained about the brevard county sheriff's office gun range located east of i-95. according to them the sound from the place is too loud and does not stop until late at night. they told a judge they are fed up. >> we have had enough. they have to go. it's got worse. they were shooting 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and violating their own policies. >> the judge did not make a decision about the future of the gun range is that is a second hearing scheduled for a later day. hundreds of homeless
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soon have a new place to stay. the school board voted elementary school in daytona beach into a homeless shelter. it will be called hope place and will be able to hold 300 children and parents featuring a medical clinic, pre-k, adult classes in the cafeteria, facility. expectedly. near record heat across central florida. certified meteorologist brian shields has the latest from severe weather center 9 . >> all about the 90s. >> hot and the dry weather pattern continues. pushing 90 degrees again for today. we need the rain. pollen levels, are high now. over the last three weeks we have had one day of rain. that's it. a couple showers here and there and that is it over the last three weeks. an active winter, it seemed we were getting showers and storms. again, in the a bit of a
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fire threat, sun and fair weather clouds moving by staying dry. marion county hitting about 86 in bellevue, ocala, anthony, temperatures in the 80s, redick, low 80s through dunellen. wekiva springs, longwood, 84. altamonte and hospital across 436, near 89 degrees. 87 winter springs, oviedo, numbers running about 10 degrees above average and along the coast, low to mid 80s today. side. -- a little bit of a brief keeping us warm. tracking rain and thunderstorms to the forecast. top election officials say there may have been a record turnout in the presidential primary yesterday. early incomplete numbers show more than 2.3 million republicans and nearly 1.7 million democrats voting yesterday.
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secretary of state says the election ran smoothly despite a few minor issues. central florida voters helped to decide other issues last night including the first full term race for mayor and the city of ocoee. presti johnson beat jim cells by a large margin which is different from november were johnson only won by 17 votes. marion county, voters approved a 1 percent sales tax for four capital needs, road projects for the county going into effect january 1. ucf close to bringing a campus two downtown orlando. the governor plans to approve $20 million in funding when he signs the state's new budget, 7000 students will study digital media, health, public service. ucf probe is that it will revolutionize the area. >> downtown campus is going to be a game changer not only for students but for the neighborhood and a great
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>> the school says it is putting up bits to select a construction company. leaders expect to break ground next year and hippocampus up and running by the fall 2018. problems going this afternoon for german automaker volkswagen. a german court says 70 lawsuits have been filed against the company by investors. it includes a suit filed monday by nearly 300 investors around the world including a california-based pension fund. the suit is seeking more than $3 million for losses. it comes after volkswagen admitted to installing software on the use of diesel vehicles test. florida highway patrol says the man who is believed to be a police impersonator in clermont is actually a state trooper. fhp says the trooper is a 25 year veteran in full uniform mark cruiser and the agency says they are reaching out to claremont police to find out what happened.
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are trying to figure out what is causing hundreds of dead fish to wash up on beaches in cape canaveral, cocoa beach. according to the brevard times, this is the second fish kill within the last three months. we were reported in september cargo containers fell off a barge departing from port canaveral. right now officials have not linked that to the recent fiscal. isis hackers claim responsibility for policing a so-called kill list. >> it includes personal information for dozens of police officers across minnesota. the officers, names, emails, addresses, phone numbers have been released on the list. fbi says hackers got the information from members who requested, quote, -- quotes for car insurance. >> we are not going to look into whether or not this is a legitimate or illegitimate threat. we would take it as a legitimate threat and move forward with respect to what it is we have to do in addressing the matter. >> minnesota has become known
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recruitment fbi says that is something they take into consideration. cdc released guidelines they say will help addictions to prescription drugs. guidelines encourage doctors to offer alternatives to painkillers by recommending ibuprofen or physical therapy or prescribed the lowest dosage of painkillers possible. experts say more people are dying every year from overdoses. cdc also says there were enough painkiller prescriptions written in 2013 for every adult to have a bottle of pills. the guidelines are voluntary. cuban officials have confirmed the first cases of the zika virus transmitted inside the country. from havana -- she did not travel out of the country but tested positive for the virus money. handful of cases have been reported in cuba involving people who traveled outside the country. chipotle says it could lose at least one dollar per share following safety issues. investors expected the company to report an adjusted profit of four cents per share.
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cost and food costs as it deals with food safety protocols. research says women need more sleep than men. because the brainpower. why the answer to just one question is being called a game changer when it comes to the
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cases of measles usually prevented with vaccines are popping up around the u. s.
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more likely to contract diseases is parents chose not to vaccinate. vaccines were measles and pertussis are 85-93 percent effective in preventing the potentially deadly diseases. doctors say it is important to vaccinate when your child is an infant. >> if you wait until a child is two for -- two-year-old for 3:00 -- three years old it leaves the child unprotected in their childhood when they are most at risk of getting sick. >> a growing number of parents refused to vaccinate children. doctors say misinformation online can lead to this decision. nfl is finally admitting a link between cte and football head injuries that will impact $1 billion settlement with players. yesterday nfl officials announced to a congressional committee that cte was linked to repeated brain injuries causing memory loss, dementia. players and advocates were floored by the admission.
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>> when i heard the response, i was relieved. >> former players are responding to the announcement with a letter. fighting for changes to be made to the settlement to compensate present and future players who develop cte. if you like to sleep in there may be a scientific reason behind it. >> research suggests women need more sleep than men because of their complex brains. a study out of new england says -- or england, says women need to sleep 20 minutes longer the man. it is because women tend to multitask meaning brains are more flexible and they work hard. that is what it says, brian shields. women use more of their actual brain than men do. that's what it says. >> who says that? >> scientific research proves that. >> a warning this afternoon about identity theft and how thieves can rob bank account
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abc news investigation into air ambulances that some families say are leaving them with unbelievable bills. the walls allowing air ambulance companies to set fees that they want. we don't need sleep because we lift heavy stuff. [laughter]
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400,000 americans were rushed to the hospital by helicopter >> last year in many cases dating life sex a news investigation found they can leave families with high bills facing debt collectors and lawsuits. chief investigative correspondent brian ross has details from cases in florida. >> reporter: spawning a nationwide fleet of helicopter ambulances available around the clock.
12:44 pm
conducted with our stations across the country has found it was -- with some companies that have left many people they saved facing lawsuits, debt collectors, financial turmoil. >> i don't have the money to give them. >> reporter: was billed as high as 40-$50,000 for short flight the costs are not disclosed in advance. >> i'm worried to death about it. >> reporter: all too often, patients are left on the hook when insurance companies refused to fully cover what they consider to be an excessive cost for the flight. >> i think there is a case where you can say there is price gouging. >> reporter: the biggest of the companies, are methods operate in 48 states, a profit last year of $100 billion. the company says it is expensive to have state-of-the- art helicopters and crews available 24 seven above vice president paul was to concede are methods charges more -- far more than the actual cost to make up he says for the low
12:45 pm
the poor and elderly dacs if everybody piggish -- pay their fair share it would be $12,000 and that is the reality we operate in. >> a bill to airlift the daughter of the license came to $47,000 for 79 mile trip and insurance only covered one third of that. >> is going to cripple us financially. >> reporter: as is standard, the air methods consent form was not signed before the flight made no mention of the cost. >> why not put the price here. >> i don't know the answer. >> some wonder if helicopters are necessary. she was airlifted from a competition from a tonsillectomy but it took one hour for the helicopter to arrive in the thoughts and she was able to arrive 37 mile
12:46 pm
>> i left before they took off and ended up arriving at the hospital five minutes after they did. >> the ground ambulance would have cost about $1500 but the bill for the helicopter came to $35,000 and even after insurance and discounts, she owes $17,000. >> it takes advantage of people when they are at their most vulnerable. >> brian ross, abc news, new york. thieves have come up with a new way to steal your identity with the help of people who are supposed to protect you. >> people calling. >> i would like to update my current telephone number. >> short. >> authorities say that caller is using stolen bank account information to order checks if you get money from a stranger's account and prosecutors say the bank teller helped him. experts say bad bank tellers are often part of identity theft rings. >> they are selling that two individuals on the outside who will then take that information, turned it into credit cards or checks.
12:47 pm
an alarming increase in these kinds of crimes and they say banks need to do more and report these crooks to law enforcement. florida democratic u. s. senator. dole felt -- nose and took a self-driving car for a spin. he's in the drivers if it the senate transportation committee organize the test drive following a hearing on the self driving cars. he enjoyed the ride but admitted he panicked when the car approached the concrete call -- wall. >> they swore on bibles that as the car was accelerating into the turn it would have turned. >> despite the scare the senator says the self-driving car was, quote, pretty good. >> it's hard. get -- >> not sold on that yet. technology that lets you pay in cash registers with smartphones but now amazon wants to develop a way you can pay by selfie. >> amazon filed a patent for this technology that will let you take a picture of yourself
12:48 pm
the system would use facial recognition to scan your face hacker. right now the technology is in developing stages. that's what we need more selfies. >> what happens if you have a twin? >> the point. >> do not tell me there is around. >> there is only one.. >> tell us about the record heat. >> downtown orlando, you see the fair weather clouds with us and we will be approaching records. a couple records the last few days and it's going to stay warm warm -- warm side, 81 downtown, 81 deltona, average 78 we are above that and we are climbing, low 80s merritt island, titusville, sharpes, vieira, 81, 80 daytona beach, 84 back to the villages. winds coming across a warm flow, it's preventing sea breeze, cooler ocean waters,
12:49 pm
that the we will stay hot today. scattered clouds mainly dry, big pictures showing clouds over the gulf of mexico. not a lot of moisture. thursday and friday better chance of rain in the forecast. this afternoon looking nice, into the 80s once the sun goes down winter springs we will see temperatures down in the 70s. 5:00, joining tom terry today tracking a few scattered clouds and routing out some daytime high temperatures but tomorrow morning, thursday morning, low clouds again. we will see patchy fog tonight and by tomorrow afternoon, a few showers and storms popping thursday. beaches, what a week, seas 1 to 2 feet, water temperatures 60s rip currents. numbers around 89 as it stays hot, fair weather clouds are with us, 85 the villages, 83 today in leesburg, 84 toward palm coast in flagler county.
12:50 pm
a lot like last night, 60s on the way and mild and comfortable and watching out for foggy starts to thursday. saint patrick's day, and 20 percent chance of the afternoon shower or storm. still in the 80s. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. friday and saturday, we will see a front drop in so we are looking at a 40-50 percent chance of scattered showers and storms and with that said, it is going to drop temperatures too low 80s on friday, by saturday, back into the 70s and mid-70s sunday, sunday early shower and the system moves away and that will bring in more sunshine, cooler weather early next week. it was a facebook post that got a lot of attention.
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stories for eyewitness news at 4:00. investigators are following possible leads in the cocoa beach fire that destroyed an empty mansion. we have more on what was going on before the flames sparked and how the structure was being used. we told you about orange county supervisor of elections accepting this possibility for problems in yesterday's primary. we are looking at the changes that may present one out of balance sooner than expected. if you are looking for a pet alligator why some chance, you will not find one on the pulpits facebook page. >> who is it? mary thorne posted an ad for fully trained alligator for $700.
12:54 pm
give rambo the right to stay. they question whether the sale was legal in the state of florida you have to have a license to sell alligators. she has since taken down the listing state wildlife officials are investigating. spec interesting photo. market indicators show for the most part stocks on wall street held steady. looking at numbers closing figures on eyewitness news at
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close. >> the man who knows all about that is brian shields in thieves -- severe weather center 9. >> it will be warm again. average high is mid and upper 70s and ed -- mid to upper 80s this afternoon puffy clouds scooting diet and tonight mild. we will get patchy fog forming and it will be thick for the commute. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. tomorrow afternoon, we will see a pop-up shower possible 20 percent chance and better chance of scattered showers and storms friday and saturday and that will not pass into the 70s this upcoming weekend. have a great afternoon see you in the morning. martie, vanessa. >> thanks for watching
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