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tv   Eyewitness News 4  ABC  March 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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they are out there right now. >> reporter: this roadway on atlantic avenue will be open shortly but behind this wall here to the pumpkin center, with him and told local and state fire officials are still walking the property. this will be an intensive effort to provide answers not just to the current owner but community. from skywitness 9 the devastation is clear. >> fire officials a cocoa beach this -- iconic pumpkin center is a total loss many watching in disbelief last night as the 10,000 ft.2 mansion burned. >> it was scary. it was high. the firemen, the fire went up 75 feet. >> reporter: fire chief confirmed the $5 million property was owned by usa today founder al newhart was undergoing renovations at the time of the fire. >> the house was covered and would, inside finished wood,
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i'm sure the additional work going on inside exposed wood. you take drywall and other materials as burnable wood. >> reporter: fire officials are going to look for aggravating or contributing factors that may have helped the flames spread. whatever the final discernment -- determination cocoa beach area residents say they will not see the likes of the pumpkin center again. >> it stood out then and stood out until it burned down. deplorable thing that happened. >> reporter: as we walked along the beach to get a better look at the damage today, i ran into two men who used to work at this property when it was owned by newhart. have a lot of memories to share on eyewitness news at 5 mac. live in cocoa beach, melonie holt, channel 9 eyewitness news. it is still winter but central florida has
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checking in with chief certified meteorologist tom terry in severe weather center 9. >> too soon. yesterday we hit 90 yesterday we hit 91st 90 of the season and very close in seminole county. deltona in sanford, 89 degrees and up to 87 downtown. more clouds today from the fog this morning slowing the inside but warm today including another 88 daytona and close to records. we will go over that and spring starts early sunday morning and more hot days ahead. a big change in the weather pattern which means we are slipping back into almost late winter as we start spring. i will explain. after winning florida's public and private and 99 delegates, donald trump as a formal endorsement from governor. rick scott. on his facebook page today scott asked all republicans to accept the vote and back the
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family opposed to trump and his message even though last night trumps success convinced another moment, florida's own marco rubio to give up his campaign. rubio suspended his campaign shortly after florida was called for trump. you saw him speak live if you were watching our special primary coverage on wrdq tv 27 last night. opponent and ohio governor. john kasich managed to hold onto his home state but donald trump had major gains overall while hillary clinton dominated the democratic primaries. last night both she and rubio had something to say about donald trump's success. >> when he embraces torture, that does not make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> america is in the middle of a real political storm, a tsunami and we should have seen this coming. >> ted cruz picked up delegates last night but no vermont senator. bernie sanders did not mention last night's losses focusing
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in arizona. florida secretary of state is saying yesterday's election may have broken records. ken dotzler says tuesday's turnout may have been the highest after in a presidential climber -- primary in florida. number show 2.3 million republicans and 1.7 million democrats voted. in 2008, total 4.2 million people cast ballots. despite this account -- secretaries sunny report there were more challenging problems in orange county, multiple precincts came up short on ballots and some voters told us that they gave up waiting. we went to the supervisor of elections office today to try to understand what happened yesterday and we will review his explanation and the interview now and have that part of the story for you at 5:00 and hear what he has to say about this. we dedicated a section of our website to make sure you have everything you need to know about the race to the white house. had to /central florida decides. there are new questions
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primary went yesterday. voters in osceola county did not get to vote. -- hundreds, we've reached out to some of them. they filed provisional ballots being reviewed by election officials. >> reporter: some voters filled out provisional ballots and other voters were told walked away without filling out ballots. the election supervisor in osceola county and the staff plans to go through all provisional ballots, a number they are calling very high, 560. >> it is not eligible by state law. >> reporter: osceola county supervisor of election and her staff are going through hundreds of provisional ballots filled out by voters who could not cast their ballots in yesterday's election. >> for osceola county this is youth sports huge because they have 560 of them typically in a general election her staff checked 200 provisional ballots. >> it's important that these
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the ability to count. >> reporter: she has some who are not eligible including no party affiliate or mpa, osceola county happens to have the largest percentage of mpa voters in the state and according to florida law, those voters are not allowed to select a presidential candidate that is republican or delegate. >> by law cannot give you a democratic ballot if you are registered republican or vice versa. >> some say they were not given the ballot they register for. my envelope. >> reporter: she voted democrat rather than provisional even though it should be republican. arrington -- eric and found errors made by poll workers. >> when they registered and 2008, his information was entered into the record incorrectly and we have documentation to show that. >> they are working to find out how many there are. >> reporter: i just spoke with a woman who tells me she never
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affiliation but what she got to the polls, that is how she was registered so she was not able to vote. i'm going through the interview now and i will have that coming up at 5:25 along with reaction from the election supervisor here in osceola county. live in osceola county, janine reyes, channel 9 eyewitness news . an inmate who made headlines in 2010 when escaping from the county jail must wait longer to find out his sentence. the court delayed its decision for michael whitby. he was sentenced to 22 years but because he only had one other conviction in october, and appellate judge to ruled it was not a fair punishment. same guidelines as other sentences need to be followed. >> m.a.i.n. event activities. >> -- it is very vindictive. >> the family of an orange county murder victim says the latest appeal from one of his denied.
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court's decision against gottfried. in 2214 was sentenced to life in prison and prosecutors say godfrey, okafor and wallace shot three including alex zaldivar who died. the suspect did not want the victims testifying in a home invasion case. following a major national story today, president obama said his nomination for the supreme court to the u.s. senate for approval. >> the commander in chief picked appellate court judge merrick garland. bob opsahl has been following the high court nomination. it is not a surprise that the president chose judge garland. >> reporter: judge garland was on the short list for consideration. he faced scrutiny from the senate before. republicans say this time voters should have a say in who replaces the late justice scalia. 2:00 today i am nominating to judge merritt the harlot -- married brian garland.
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supreme court pick. it was emotional for federal appellate judge merrick garland. >> is also the greatest gift i've ever received except and that's another caveat, the birth of our daughter's jesse mbeki. >> president obama pointed out there's a long history of bipartisan support calling on the senate to vote instead of tying the nomination. >> to go down the path would be wrong. it would be a betrayal of our best traditions. >> reporter: republican leaders are standing firm in opposition. they insist voters should decide the ideological battles of the court when they elect the next president. >> is the president's constitutional right to nominate up a supreme court justice and the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on the president and withhold its consent. >> democrats are pushing back hoping the choice of what they call a moderate judge will position. >> reporter: -- >> copresidents nomination
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qualified to change course. >> reporter: republican party has already formed a task force to block the nomination which will scrutinize the record. democrats are read -- responding with an effort to get public support on their side. police officers in port orange are getting body cameras city council voted last night to spend $500,000 on 70 cameras and 70 new tasers. funds will cover all portion of the cost. officers will use the same type of cameras already used by officers in daytona beach. time and time again parents call eyewitness news when they record drivers speeding by children's school buses. >> we to concerns and the video to law enforcement and asked what they are doing to keep kids safe. a story you cannot afford to miss. watch this. polk county woman says she spent years training her alligator who hangs out on
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he has tricks. >> sharp teeth. the reason she's in the fight with state wildlife officers to keep them. two years as renovations began in fashion sq., mall but we notice the property still looks like this. we asked why construction work is at a standstill. temperatures are climbing this hour but i'm updating the
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two years after major renovation project announced for orlando fashion sq., mall the property still looks like this. today channel 9 anchor nancy
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developer and found out why the project was delayed and what would happen next. >> reporter: standing along the most visible part of the mall because it faces colonial drive and right now this is what shoppers and people the drive ic. it is still the construction site but there is no work happening. developer tells me the work has stopped for now but the plans are still moving forward. regulars and orlando fashion sq., mall has seen a lot of changes here. >> it used to be the premier mall in the neighborhood. >> reporter: now they are met by this, a construction site in limbo and the plains announced two years ago on hold. >> we do not know why it is taking so long. >> reporter: we do questions to you p development, the company behind the plans to transform the 44-year-old mall and bring a seven-story hotel to this space. >> what may appear like abandoned construction is not.
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>> could be another six months to one year. developer says there is uncertainty over the future of macy's and sears and he cannot proceed without a clear picture of what is next for those stores on either side of the hotel site. >> a mall is interconnected and organic and the pieces have to work together to make the development invested $20 million in improvements, star relocations and the addition of this sporting goods among other things. the company insists it is still committed to the mall but for shoppers the wait for the finished product is far from over. orlando, nancy alvarez, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> we put a call to see of macy's or sears has any plans to move from the fashion square property and we are hitting -- waiting to hear back. jeff williams and two cosmonauts getting ready for their lunch to the international space station at the end of the week. the rocket from cousins gone friday -- kazakhstan and
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it's catchy -- carrying signs exhibits and supplies. >> a disaster declaration -- declaration in the wake of storms and flooding and east texas. severe weather and heavy rains may force evacuating homes and boats in southeast texas. the rivers continue to rise. texas is not the only place, people and illinois are full left to clean up damage when strong winds slammed into their homes. >> it was upside down practically on the road and power lines were coming down sparking and blaring and scary. >> she said really scary and you can understand why. authorities are warning of record flooding not seen since 84, louisiana has been hit hard and that we have another system starting to roll in up as well.
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whack hit 90 degrees in march, something is not right. and that is why they had the flooding day after the day and we have the opposite, hot and dry but we will flip-flopping things a bit and we will get some weather in the middle of all that. the byproduct of changing things around and downtown orlando, 87 the high so far today officially the airport we are 89 at the station. 89 deltona, sanford, so it is getting warm and continuing to slowly warm up today. high clouds and still a few mid- level clouds left over from the fog we had earlier this morning yesterday. ada titusville now, palm coast, the land, daytona very warm. a couple of 90s for celebration, holopaw, 87 kissimmee and st cloud. it is plenty, plenty warm for you. we will be calling things down, though, i have to get rain through first but i think by sunday early next week, we're going to be back to cooler, again. not colder the cooler. winds on the west and northwest at 10-50 miles an hour and yes, we are still watching fires burning so some of these are prescribed burns, this is the
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of these and there are several, that is a great big one on the north side of merritt island and another one here in the wekiva area. they are usually prescribed. right now you see the high clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. just the beginning of some changes. we will get some sort of energy nearby and get us a better chance for rain starting as early as tomorrow but more likely it is going to be friday- saturday and even a little bit on sunday, three-day weekend here perhaps is going to be a little challenging for outdoor activities. orlando, star 80 degrees at 8:00 tonight, as a patchy fog early on in the morning . a pleasant start to the morning, fog issues again, 63 for deland, deltona. we will once again have some fog developing early in the morning, mainly in the northern zones, future track one daytona in new smyrna back door cala that's where the fall starts early on and we get scattered daytime showers in the afternoon and i do not expect that will be tracking a whole lot tomorrow but at this time
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the pump if you will but most we try, simply adding more moisture to the atmosphere to turn clouds and rain. you cannot have that without moisture. right now, friday morning, some isolated showers and as we head toward the afternoon, we would like getting a sea breeze going so i expect the close we get to format, 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 we will still gaps with scattered sea breeze storms. mid to upper 80s again, not quite as hot as we have been recently and of course with a 57 sidewalk art festival in winter park. some late day rain on friday, the first part of friday looks okay. saturday, it's going to be our dicey day especially by the afternoon i would expect maybe some couple rumbles of thunder and and sunday, we start calling things down, scattered showers, less thunder so all in all we have had some great stretches the weather for the weekend. this is going to be the weekend we will have to kind of watch it hour by hour make sure you download our free weather app. keep tabs on the light interactive radar and sending out any alerts that may,. five-day forecast where the
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slight chance for rain tomorrow. but we kind of focus on more friday and saturday as the next best chance for some rain and look at monday, some shine and only 71 degrees. almost a 20 degree swing. vanessa. >> sounds nice. a volusia county woman tells her she was carjacked and then spent hours looking for her beloved golden retriever. he was in the backseat of a car. coming up, here how we just found out they were reunited. next polk county one friday to keep a pet alligator she had that for years. and she even claims he is trained. >> giving him the royal treatment. >> he is. >> the reason she may be forced to give up her baby. new from five, two local priests are now in trouble in
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he writes atvs and watches television and lives inside a house and polk county. the problem, some say is that he is a gator. >> he even kisses. here's a look at rambo, a liquid woman spat and there is the kiss on the lips and you can see she does everything with him even carries them around and a baby carrier. julie salomone spoke with her
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give him up. >> i know you're tired we are fixing to take you in. >> reporter: she says her gator rambo may be a cold-blooded reptile but he is really gentle and very attached. >> he's my baby. i know what he does. >> reporter: she rescued rimando -- rambo a decade ago when someone had it illegally keeping it in a closet for years she says the 15-year-old gator has never been in the wild and is now part of the family. >> he has my here because he does not want to go off my shoulder. he was to be baby. >> reporter: she shared pictures with me, she says he goes on the motorcycle with her and spends time in the family room. >> he does not like outside noises. if he hears prisons -- crickets that night he freaks out. he lived in my house. >> officials have confirmed she has a class to wildlife permit to own rambo but wildlife officials are reviewing ownership of the alligator and they will decide if she can keep it because he
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length and 125 pounds. thorne says she needs him just as much as the gator needs her. >> he is like my kid. he is one of my kids. >> reporter: julie salomone, channel 9 eyewitness news . >> state of florida. >> yeah, you don't hear that every day. story. >> i do not care what it eats as long as it is not me. >> exactly and afraid of crickets. we know you want to tell your friends about this only in florida story. go to -- facebook page and share this post. still ahead at 4:00, employees are to central florida airports have a flag in the federal database for potential ties to terrorism. >> we will explain the changes lawmakers want and me to improve safety. two days after young woman was hit by a car on an osceola county rd., neighbors complained there is no safety for pedestrians. ahead at 4:00, i'm asking the county what it is doing to prevent accidents.
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recorded this, drivers speeding past stopped school buses with a stop sign out. the act -- reactions law
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time after time after time, cameras recorded drivers speeding past school buses as children get on and off. >> cars kept flying by. >> when concerned parents called us, >> i called the school, the police department, i called the traffic control transportation, everyone were for me to someone else. enforcement again. the brakes on lawbreakers. targeted people illegally passing stopped school buses picking up children. >> the deputies patrolled and are near a loma, forsyth and we showed you parents were complaining about it yesterday. it has gotten worse. channel 9s jeff deal spoke with a parent who has been
4:31 pm
another bus stop with the camera. it is not far from where the bus stop we highlighted yesterday. >> reporter: it is less than 1 mile away from there. the bus stop you can see on the corner where the guys are standing. if you look over the street you can see how many lanes are out here, cars on the other side of the concrete barrier are not required to stop at all lanes on this side, cars are required to stop but in the video the parent shared, people are ignoring the law. every morning nelly parks near her daughter's bus stop at a loma, 436 and this is when she sees when the bus pulls up. >> you see the lights on and look at the cars. >> reporter: cars constantly ignore the flashing light she says, stop signs and the laws requiring drivers to stop while children enter and exit the bus. >> cars do not respect the car is stopped and children are not safe. something needs to be done yet
4:32 pm
the store yesterday when another man showed video of the same thing happening at nearby a loma and forsyth. this morning we watched as orange county deputies worked the area and not drivers -- ignoring the stop signs of school buses. citation for a booty passing of us can cost up to $265 and a second offense means a suspended license. >> this year's office when i called them and told me to stop traffic control. what i call traffic control they tell me i should contact the school. >> she says she made calls back in january and then started posting these videos on social media. >> that is a stopped school bus. >> the sheriff's office tells us yesterday it recognizes this is a countywide problem and they do regular details, today we learned that there are more than 13,000 school bus stops in orange county and nelly helps drivers will start obeying the law. >> not just here but across the county. >> reporter: the sheriff's office police patrols around the bus stop will help that really is helping more
4:33 pm
realize there is a problem that just stopping for a minute or life. live in orange county, jeff news. you can see the videos, the recorded day after day on our wftv multiple news app code click on the video section. from brevard county, coco residents will have to wait longer to find out if a judge will shut down a gun range used by brevard county deputies fit this morning a judge heard from residents who filed a lawsuit to shut down the gun range located east of i-95. the reverend. johnny dennis is leading the charge for the neighbors saying the places too loud and does not stop until late at night and sometimes very early in the morning . >> we had enough. they got to go. it has gotten worse. they were shooting to a -- two or 3 o'clock in the morning by living their own policies. >> the judge did not make a dash decision we are asking if that holds a gun range were there first.
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hear back during eyewitness news at 5. a man thought to be impersonating a police officer in lake county is actually a state trooper. we told you about the story monday. the trooper pulled a woman over on route 50, clermont, sunday night but decided not to give her a ticket. fhp says the trooper has been on the force for more than 25 years. highway patrol is contacting clermont police to try to clear up the matter. tomorrow the teenager accused of tried to kill an orange county deputy will be back in court. the state is expected to combine two different assault charges on one carlos ortiz. the sheriff's office as the 15- year-old intentionally hit sergeant. pierce with her car when she tried to take him into custody on burglary charges. sergeant. pierce suffered major injuries including a fractured foot and head injury. from osceola county, neighbors and the southern part of the city of st cloud say they need extra safety improvements on one of their main road and soon. monday, a woman was hit by a car while walking along a part of cripple creek rd. before the sun came up.
4:35 pm
field sutton found out it is not the city but osceola county which controls the road so he started checking whether improvements they are asking for. >> reporter: neighbors tell us the young woman was trying to get to work, crossing over a canuck creek to you can see how -- you can see how treacherous it is but the reason you have to cost is because the sidewalk cuts off. we watched cars fly down canoe creek today at 55 miles an hour and sometimes higher. >> a lot of traffic especially in the morning. >> she saw the aftermath of the crash outside her neighborhood and then she and her neighbors started talking about how the young woman became a victim. >> she does not work far. she cannot walk to the store 1 mile down the street safely. >> reporter: the sidewalks that are there will put in by developers because osceola county requires sidewalks were neighborhoods meat county roads. a county spokesperson tells eyewitness news widening the
4:36 pm
sidewalks and bike lanes is on the books for 2019 into 2020. funding is not yet guaranteed. >> it is honestly an issue now. a real serious one. >> reporter: carlos tells me he has been working here for years. >> i almost got hit a few times, actually. i've seen the road get --. >> reporter: help could be quicker and leaders would be open to doing a deal with the city of st cloud to make improvements sooner. the only question then is who pays. >> they keep building houses and they are not doing anything about the roadways or the safety or anything else. >> reporter: i'm working to get an update on the medical condition of that young woman who was hit here. i will let you know what i find out the st cloud, field sutton channel 9 eyewitness news . >> plans to put up a charter school and ocoee have been shut down by city commissioners. renaissance center charter western bay would have been built near west rd., fountain west boulevard. last night commissioners voted 4-1 against billing -- building the project.
4:37 pm
regarding but opponents say it would have brought too much traffic and noise to the busy area. polk county commissioners are try to work out what kind of liquor business can sell on friday. we told you last year when lakeland commissioners decided to reverse a law stating no laker kobe sold -- no alcohol can be sold before noon. try to hash out a new ordinance to make the changes for polk county. we will let you know. lake county fire department is hoping to get a grant that would bring 50 more firefighters to respond to emergencies faster. yesterday county commissioners voted to allow the public safety director to apply for a million-dollar grant that would cover the salaries of the firefighters for two years. right now, majority of 24 fire station sonoma county are only staffed with two firefighters for shift. capitol hill is reacting to a story you saw only on channel 9 eyewitness news. earlier this week, we told you 73 people were flagged in a federal terror database grabbing suspected ties to terrorist. >> including one employee of
4:38 pm
orlando sanford airport. even though homeland security says they are not a threat risk, george kelly spoke with lawmakers about the changes they are now demanding. >> this is very alarming and disturbing news. >> reporter: -- >> one of the most important government responsibilities is vetting those who work at the airport. >> reporter: lawmakers on the side of the political aisle from both houses of congress are now calling for stronger government vetting of their airport workers following the exclusive report monday. we told you then 73 primary -- private airport employees at 40 airports nationwide were allowed access to secured areas despite being flagged that a federal databases having possible terrorist ties. >> we need to wake up in this country and understand there are people out there to kill us and this is the number one way that these islamic radical terrorist want to do it if they want the big bang, they want to blow us up in an airplane. >> reporter: senator.
4:39 pm
statement we must work to ensure the safety of commercial aviation by the current tsa to conduct appropriate oversight. the tsa says they did not have access to databases they were flagged and the spokesman tells us the problems were fixed. it is not enough of florida congressman john mica. >> what is important is the vetting, monitoring these folks are making certain before they put that badge on or they are allowed in the secure there is that they do not post or risk -- postarrest. >> reporter: george probably channel 9 eyewitness news. the tsa does not consider the 73 employees to have been a threat risk. today marks the 50 day countdown to invictus games orlando 2016. we caught up with event officials touring the venue. the games include various athletic events for veterans to compete in. britain's prince harry will attend the games at espn wide world of sports complex. invictus games ceo says orlando is the first -- perfect venue
4:40 pm
probably lifetime opportunity so we will embrace both their competitors and the friends and family and no better place to do it than orlando. >> games begin on may 8. it will be competitive and touching as well. the stories behind the stories. homeowners upset when the catholic church planned a senior event in the middle of their neighborhood. >> the plan is changing. what a developer is looking to put there now that the show -- charge sold the land. after the hottest week of the year so far, the changes are moving our way. i will explain this in seven minutes. volusia county deputies that woman was carjacked and then had to deal with the heartbreak of her missing dog in the back seat. next, here how they were just reunited. stocks jumped as oil prices rose. dow up by nearly 75 points.
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volusia county deputies said one of woman pulled up to redeye she was carjacked and had to deal with the heartbreak of her missing dog that was in the backseat of the car. >> this is canceled, deputies are the golden retriever ran off after the carjacker later crashed in a vehicle goes up in flames. steve barrett learned how they were just reunited. >> reporter: this is smart phone video, neighbor shot it from afar after a fiery crash that knocked out parker -- power into lane. the carjacked truck was completely burned after the suspect was pulled from the rack by a motorcyclist. but there was no sign of the victims golden retriever, can see, the dog's owner sent us this picture of her. >> this is a guy why did you drag them out, you should have let him earn. >> reporter: residence witnessing the aftermath were disgusted with a carjacking and
4:45 pm
palmer look knocked out their power. the suv was stolen at the intersection of state road 44, the lake avenue. the victim says the team just jumped in her car at the stoplight and crashed a few miles away. >> there was a gentleman dragging a man out and there was already, the car was on fire so he was dragging the man out and next thing you see is the cop was in -- car burst into flames, 40 foot flames coming out of the carport hours ago, the sheriff's office said for tekansik had been found safe but with an injured leg. palmer look is still burns. >>in volusia county, steve barrett, channel 9 eyewitness news. >> to read more about the journey of the dog and the story go to facebook .com/ wftv. the volusia county school board is now stepping up with a solution to the county's ongoing homeless problem. last night, county and school board leaders agreed to turn the bacon hearst elementary
4:46 pm
kids and their parents. million dollars was approved for renovations with another 3.5 candidates the new facility should open exterior volusia county in daytona beach are still working on a solution to the homeless problem in that city. a makeshift camp briefly shut down downtown government offices until police captain. the final piece of the worlds orlando's record- breaking roller coaster ride has already been installed. this is skywitness 9 flying over the mako ballista coaster. officials put up an american flag of the final piece of track when it was installed. when it opens this summer it will be the longest, fastest, tallest, coaster in orlando. >> i cannot wait. you know the truth. disney world this post be the happiest place on earth. >> when your visitor became an internet sensation after her not so happy expression on a disney ride went viral. >> on the new grumpy cat. grumpy mom. >> jordan alexander now infamously known as angry bryce
4:47 pm
with her arms crossed said she wanted to ride splash mountain with her husband but when he decided to sit it out, she put on the space to show her disappointment. >> i practiced it and by the time we got to the last drop i did not know where the cameras so i just guessed and looked over and took the picture and that was that. >> classic. what a good idea. jordan says the picture when barbara was her husband posted it online and she -- you see the means of pictures that have popped up pics -- she says it is hilarious >> can you imagine the guy standing watching the picture coming in, oh, geez. >> i better go to the car. >> [laughter] looks like they are happy to have a baby, so he did something right and got flowers after that. daytona, this has been a week to remember for spring breakers with temperatures soaring to near 90 degrees the
4:48 pm
ever get looks more likely gulf of mexico which is owned by the pick back up most of the time versus the relatively way the atlantic 80 degrees and daytona right now, still climbing and we may get close to 90 again for you today. still climbing in orlando, 89 separate, we are way above average. as -- 10 degrees warmer than average. like current conditions, 80 debary, 90 and deland right now, and 87 and pearson. winds are generally offshore keeping the warm temperatures all the way through except coco, you flipped around with an onshore sea breeze and the sea breeze will help to generate some scattered showers tomorrow but more likely from friday to saturday, we will completely change around the weather pattern here. unity clouds are streaming in from the gulf of mexico. including a couple of showers on the gulf and i noticed this very odd looks like a smoke ring, if you will, out in the open gulf of mexico that you do not see that very often. storms conversed out like that making almost like a volcanic
4:49 pm
gulf of mexico. the next storm system of a storm system stalling to the north by friday at 4:00. rain along the northern gulf coast, scattered sea breeze showers developing mainly during the evening on friday. friday night to watch out friday late date, we will have scattered downpours and saturday, the big high pressure has been cooking us for the past two weeks is finally taking down moving out of the way. here comes the storm system in the gulf of mexico, we will have rain moving through so saturday especially by the lunch hour through the afternoon, all bets are off a dry weather. probably at least 60 percent chance for some rain especially in the northern zones. here is saturday night, you see this low traversing by north florida this will keep us with rainfall for saturday evening and the showers starting to move out during the latter half of sunday. we will get a real cold front through here probably the last big front of the season and of course we will start spring on sunday morning.
4:50 pm
instead of a winter cold front. go figure. future track, tomorrow, widely scattered storms mainly to the north. start -- tomorrow looks good, friday we start getting the late day sea breeze showers developing and i will update future track and take you to saturday coming up it looks like rain is on the way. five-day forecast where the weekend is always in view. 87 for tomorrow, but then the rain moves and friday especially later in the day and saturday looks with scattered afternoon storms and sunday school are but look at monday, spring break for orange county, many areas will get sunshine, 71 great the abbreviation kokrak -- kkk and swastikas not what you would expect to see an wekiva state park. >> disgusting. >> we are asking what is being done with the office of markings that you see on your screen. they are found all over several tvs and wekiva. >> -- several trees and wekiva. >> residents fed up from noise
4:51 pm
by brevard county deputies. we flew over skywitness 9 and what they told the judge today to try to get it shut down. >> summit county homeowners who protested a land development plan are now weary since the
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
people fighting against catholic community in their homes do not know what to expect. it is owned almost 500 acres on howl branch road 436 since 2010. we found out and move it has just been sold to a developer. issue. this new development means big money for the county. >> no doubt. he for the catholic church owned this land is only paid thousands in taxes. right now with a $26 million sale, the county to -- could expect hundreds of thousands of property taxes. >> when the catholic diocese purchased this land in 2010 the
4:55 pm
55 years or older. we were there in 2014 when the bishop asked commissioners to approve an amendment that would lead in hundreds of people of all ages. that did not sit well with neighbors. >> this is about taking care of the elderly. now it looks like they are taking care of money. >> and now news of the being sold to a developer leaves neighbors who appreciate their quiet residential lifestyle not sure of the new development impact. >> some of our neighbors got notifications and some did not. we did not get the notification mouth. >> orlando diocese scrapped the idea for the san pedro community and instead decided to sell off 200 acres to gender partners and company. the developer plans to build a high and residential community. the plan will reduce the density already approved -- approved in 2010 by not building a hotel, constructing fewer homes and having less present the neighborhood and will get the resident input.
4:56 pm
>> if it is available somebody will buy it and build on it. if i have a choice between retail and hotel, a beautiful home with great families, the choice is easy. >> looking on the bright side. developer tells me the meeting will be scheduled in 30 days to get input from the people living nearby. we have a big story breaking at 5:00, more than 1000 poll workers did not get paid for working the primary in orange county >> working to find out how that happened plus. >> will cost so many orange county precincts to run out of balance. >> donald trump just got governor. scott support following the primary win in florida. why the decision could get scott in trouble even with the staff. this is all that is left of the $5 million mansion
4:57 pm
there has to be a way. divide by 3.14
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4:59 pm
just found out that all 1400 orange county poll workers who staffed yesterday's primary elections were just told their paychecks are no good. this is another black eye for the supervisor of elections office, one day after another mistake meant not enough ballots were present printed for yesterday's election. shannon, how did this happen? >>reporter: martha, just more bad news for bill today, he spent most of the day trying to figure out what the mistakes were r last night and trying to get those not to happen again. a poll worker goes to cash their check to find out their checks bounced. 1400 poll workers now cannot get account. the supervisor of elections office told me that they set up an account just for poll workers primary election. the vendor that is supposed to handle the account and put the
5:00 pm
so when poll workers went to cash those checks, none of those checks were good. now, bill right now is trying to remedy the situation, he is calling trying to get money into that account. but he feels like it's best right now that he hand writes checks, reality will say he's not going to be doing 1400 of those checks, but they have told those poll workers if you need the money, to come here after 5:00, tomorrow, the next day, whatever you need to do, in order to get paid, again, the supervisor saying this was not our fault. this was a vendor problem. and employees should be showing there shortly. we will much tonight at 6:00. shannon butler, channel 9 yns news. donald trump picked up the endorsement of governor rick scott today. channel 9 joins us now, and scott told you last week in miami, he wanted voters to


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