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tv   Eyewitness News 11  ABC  March 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. announcer: this is channel 9 eyewitness at 11:00, coverage you can count on. election snafoo, more than 100 workers not paid. >> i worked hard and we had so many problems. >> tonight the count setrying to make good-bye getting checks out tonight we're going trait straight to the supervisor of elections -- going straight to the supervisor of elections. this is the first time there was county. first there wasn't enough ballots at precinct during the primary and 1,400 workers tried to cash in their paychecks only to discover county doesn't have the money to pay them.
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rushed to make this right, and kim, everyone is now getting their money. >> reporter: and martha, if you look behind me, right there on the door of the orange county elections office, says closing time is 5 p.m., but you can see the 11:00-hour, the lights are still on as staff worked late tonight to correct this payroll problem. now, the supervisor of elections tells me the screw up and the bad checks didn't happen here, but it's still on him to fix it. election day was supposed to be payday for 1,400 orange county poll workers, but problems at the polling precinct turned into problems at the bank. those checks bounced. >> it's the worst election i've ever worked for. >> reporter: workers who have been doing this like beverly for 20 years, lined up to get new checks. a sort of drive-thru system to get people paid. >> coming down here, they didn't
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free, and my time is still valuable. i worked very hard yesterday. >> inside, the office another late night to fix a problem supervisor of elections bill cowles blames it on the agency's pay role company and says they put money used only to pay poll workers for yesterday's primary. funds out. >> it's safe to say adp will be owing me money to pay for the over time on this staff and the cost of the checks and all of that. >> now cowls is cutting checks straight from the county account. they come with an apology letter and guarantee they'll go through. >> tonight's priority and tomorrow's priority will be to make sure these hard working poll workers get their pay. >> reporter: now workers can choose to pick up their checks all week or have them mailed, something also note side orange
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state to pay on election day, so even with this problem, poll workers are getting paid earlier than most. reporting live in orange county, kimberly eaton channel 9 own. a third-party affiliation cost one woman the right to vote. stacey harris has been a registered republican for 22 years and yesterday she went to vote but she was told she could not because her signature and her affiliation changed from republican to no party affiliation. >> it's frustrating because i know i did not change my affiliation. >> we found out like the league of women voter asks turn in voters with your affiliation is changed as long as you sign the document. stacy says she's signed petitions but never with the understanding she would be changing her political party. more than a quarter of registered voters here in florida did not vote in
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since they aren't affiliated with a party. some say that isn't fair since the tax dollars fund the elections. it is one of 28 states along with the district of columbia using that method. we have some breaking news coming into the newsroom out of daytona beach where frank si in, atra, junior -- sinatra, junior, passed away tonight. on the son of the legendary singer became ill yesterday, and died of cardiac arrest. he was 72 years old. >> tonight we're waiting on investigators to tell us what sparked this massive fire that destroyed a cocoa beach landmark, a huge mansion. we first told you about, breaking news last night at 10:00 and 11:00, fire crews say the pumpkin center flames rose as high as 75 feet. the 10,000 square foot mansion built out of wood that was under
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>> it wasn't just like one flame that would flicker up 70 -- you know, 80 feet. it was like really quite a spread. it was sad. >> firefighters tell us no one was inside at the time. all new tonight, marion county deputies say a middle schooler tried to take a arrive toll school to hurt other students. the 13-year-old tried to take an ar15 arrive and he will ammo to howard middle this morning but he never made it to campus because a family member spotted him before he could leave. the principal sent out an automated phone call to parents to make them aware of what happened. the teen is in a mental health facility. two orlando priests are facing charges for allegedly not doing anything to stop more than 80 children from being sexually abused. the st. paid i don't center priest, and robert diversa in mount dora charged with the rhymes in pennsylvania.
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another priest was a sexual predator, but never stopped him from having access to therapy. both men have vacated their positions from the diocese. temperatures flaring up in a meeting to -- tempers flared tonight, in plans for a mosque. >> traffic, to noise, to environmental concerns were discussed. channel 9's jeff levkulich was there, and this is all over a project that hasn't submitted an application officially to the county yet. >> reporter: this wasn't even an official meeting. it was more of a way to get questions answered. the debate over whether to build a mosque has the entire community talking. >> that's 100% more. >> please let me say something. >> reporter: things got heated a little bit early as religion crept into the conversation over plans to build the mosque on winter garden vineland road.
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dialogue, but we want to make sure there's no message of hate that's being interviewed. >> but most of the questions center around how the mosque would impact their neighborhood and the environment. >> my concern really is the zoning. and we have zoning for a reason. but i do understand that they have a process, and i believe in that process. >> the mosque is being built to help accommodate those muslim americans who live in windemere. a show of hands revealed most of the crowd lives near where the mosque would be built and right now they have to travel 15 minutes away which for some is not a drive. >> if you try to get there five times a day it will get to you. >> many voice concerns about the noise in prayer time in which it is broadcast on a loud speaker outside but this will not happen at this mosque. >> it's only on the inside. there are some things people are worried about hopefully it's not an issue. if they really go visit other mosques, it will make it more clear. >> reporter: the owner of the
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he tells me he's just trying to get back to the community and hopes to answer everybody's question as the process moves forward. reporting live in windemere, jeff levkulich, channel 9 eyewitness. tonight, residents are worried they will be forced from their community. yesterday, governor rick scott would not veto the funding for ucf's downtown campus. a new soccer stadium, entertainment complex and school are in the works nearby. residents are concerned about getting indirectly pushed out. >> at the moment, where is everybody going to go? everything is clashing all together at the same time and it's happening so rapidly quick. >> ucf says its new campus will not displace any residents and will school says it is working with community leaders to address the neighbors' concerns. new since 6:00, officers at orlando international airport had six pounds of heroine hidden inside a backpack. investigators say the street
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it happened on saturday, the 38-year-old man came from on a flight from mexico city. u.s. border protections says on a typical day they seize more than 9,400 pounds of drugs. tonight a group of residents in cocoa is going head-to-head against the brevard county sheriff's office over a gun range. skywitness9 flew over the sheriff's office training gun range east of i-95 earlier today. it's been sitting on that property since 1985. some residents nearby have filed a lawsuit because they say too much noise comes from the range and they're constantly hearing gunfire. >> having an outdoor range in a residential community, within a thousand feet is a danger to everybody. >> we reached out to the sheriff's office for its side of the story but have not heard back. attorneys for the county say the gun range doesn't violate any noise ordinances and a judge has
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volusia county deputies say a woman was car jacked near deland with her dog in the back seat. soon after, 18-year-old andre crashed, the suspect was pulled from the truck, the dog ran away, but earlier tonight, mckenzie, the golden retriever was reunited with her owner and was suffering only an injured leg. you may have noticed work has come to a standstill on fashion square mall. we went straight to the company be to get answers. u.p. development says plans are still moving forward. they're waiting to see what's going to happen to sears and macy's for a seven story hotel. it may be six months to a year before any work is done. an a bandoned school in daytona beach, may -- abandoned school in daytona beach may help
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tonight leaders are deciding whether to purchase hurst elementary school. a building was forced to shut down because of the crowd gathering out there. and a mother facing jail time for allegedly hitting a teacher at her child's school. >> and the whole ordeal got outrageous and just misunderstanding for the simple fact i'm his mom. >> how the big ordeal started over the mother's id. >> after a week of hot and dry weather, big changes coming including a good chance of rain and a big cool down. i'm updating lots of changes as you plan the weekend. >> plus a woman's bizarre fight to keep her pet gator, why she says she's putting up a tough battle for rambo. and time and time again, drivers on and off the school bus, tonight we'll take their
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. a mother could face some serious jail time after she got so upset when teachers asked her for id she allegedly hit one of them. >> minutes after the story aired, a mom reached out to us, channel 9's ty russell got her side of the story, and she's
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misunderstanding but this mom has been banned from property until after spring break. >> reporter: and she's not allowed in this parent pick up lane after school officials wanted to see her id. i talked to that mom and she said they should know who she is by now. >> reporter: she reached out to eyewitness moments after she saw her mug shot from a story we aired yesterday. >> do you regret anything that day? >> only thing i regret was coming to the school period. >> reporter: we obtained her arrest warrant that states he was hostile, used profanity, and admitted to grabbing a teacher's arm. >> i said give me back my id. >> the woman states the heated argument asked when staff asked for her i d. before picking up her 5-year-old son after school. >> do you appreciate the fact there were at least two people double-checking i d.'s, or was that just too much? >> that was -- it was just too much.
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have a parent pick up decal on her car, which is why staff needed an id. they say she refused to say how the incident could have been avoided and could pay big time for staff to verify her identity identity. >> this would normally be a year in state jail, to 1 to 3 years in a jail facility. >> reporter: police told me a part of that was caught on camera, but won't release it to protect other children in the video. ty russell, channel 9 eyewitness. >> and if you want to hear this mother's full interview, we've
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under the video tab. and those with the childrens home society of florida admit to making more than $80,000 in billing errors. the winter park-based company is accused of over billing medicare and medicaid payments and say the problem may stem from a new billing and records system. >> this might be the most bizarre story of the night. it's what everyone is talking about. a lake land woman may have to give up her pet gator she's had for more than a decade. >> that's not even the crazy part. she kisses it without tape. >> right on the nose. okay. rambo the 15-year-old gator was rescued from someone who kept it illegally in the closet. the owner has the right paperwork, but stay law requires 2.5 acres once the gator grows longer than six feet. >> you've got to have special
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than him would eat you. >> but he won't because the gator loves her. she says rambo rides on an atv with a leather jacket and has its own lazy-boy in front of the tv watching eyewitness. this story is getting a lot of attention on social media. you can share it you, too, just go to wftv's facebook page, and snuggling up. she carries it around in lake one of my baby carriages, just carries it around. >> and a big bunny suit and a christmas story. >> for a gator. i thought that was funny. maybe not. gators in florida, never a dull in a moment. 94, did not get there, 88 was warm enough. we had 90 yesterday. the first time we've had 90 this year. we've had very close to a record
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sanford hit 90 today, so we've been spreading the 90s around the map here the last couple afternoons. big changes on the way. we're in the mid-70s and not much cooler overnight. eventually upper 60s for cocoa, cape canaveral, a light breeze, warm night tonight, over in the cypress creek area in grant-valkaria. they had a great seafood festival in grant a couple weekends ago. temperatures in the mid-to-lower 80s for tomorrow. a couple afternoon thunderstorms primary to the north. there's a little bit of energy along mexico. we're not going to get a lot to start with, but it will be a gradual process as a weak front stalls to the north on saturday and sunday we'll be watching little waves of energy sliding by and eventually by late sunday a pretty big drop in temperatures. in fact monday about a 20 degrees close to a 20-degree drop from where we've been lately.
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with some sunshine. but before then, we have some weather changes coming. here's that scattered late day shower along the coast primary showers to the north. so we'll be watching daytona palm coast, st. augustine area for some rain, then we'll get a little weak boundary on friday morning. so a little bit of cloud cover, not quite as warm and the models trending later in the day. i'm going to try to keep most of friday clear for your outdoor plans. here's daytona beach to the north, some likely downpours and then it moves from rain through friday night into saturday morning, and right now our forecast model actually kind of pushes the rain out on saturday morning and early afternoon before we get another round of rain moving back in saturday night and sunday. so the trend here is to try to keep the rain more in the evening hours and give you more time do things in the afternoon. but right now a pretty decent chance from rain from friday all the way to sunday. and daytona, late in the day tomorrow we'll see some scattered downpours, right here to track it for you tomorrow.
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with your weekend always in view, with a 20% rain chance mainly northern zones tomorrow, then we slowly ramp that rain chance up. now that 40% is for that 24-hour period midnight to midnight so we're going to try to keep it morning during the late night and early morning hours. not quite as cool as rambo, but 71 degrees on monday. >> rambo's really cool in the leather. and too many times, the actions law enforcement took after we showed them this video. >> and i'm getting you ready for your thursday morning. brian shields, thursday morning i'll have all the new information on the timing and the storm system that'll impact us this weekend.
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morning. and one parent has video to back up complaints. look at this. for the past three months she's been shooting video of the her daughter's stop on 436 near aloma, racing by stopped buses. it's dangerous and she says every day cars ignore the flashing red lights and we showed video of drivers doing the same thing. >> i don't know.
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>> today we did see the sheriff's department citing drivers that were ignoring the law and blowing past school buses. they say they do regular patrols but they believe it is a county wide problem and more awareness like coverage we're providing should help. tonight we're learning new get ails about the woman who police say was driving down the wrong side of the road in orange county. valerie had methamphetamines, pot, and her pet cat with her putting other drivers at risk. the police officer put his cruiser in front of her car to stop her from hurting herself or anybody else. she wasn't hurt but was arrested for dui. a former millionaire convicted of killing his wife is scheduled to be back in front of his wife.
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in trial, but probably won't happen for a few years. announcer: this is your 11:00 sports presented by lexus of orlando. no all-stars, two starters out with injury, and half the roster under the age of 25. not exactly a team you'd expect to do well in road games and the magic currently living up to those low expectations. scott skills club one in five in the last five road games, magic down 23 early in the fourth, but victor oladipo gets to the rim, giving the magic some life, then it's andrew nick 'ol son, unleashing the power of the fade away. makes it an eight point game, and devin marble from deep, magic only down six, but nicholas patoom shuts it down. game high 26 for him. charlotte wins. and san antonio spurs a
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season, will be hosting the golden state warriors. you should watch that. the p.g.a.'s florida swing ends this weekend. bubba watson will not be at bay hill because of a back injury, but five other players ranked in the top eight, will be playing in the arnold palmer. adam scott won his last two p.g.a. events. rory mcllroy getting a feel where he does not have much experience, finished 11th in his first and only appearance in the arnold palmer invitational. >> he's a real icon of the sport and it's great to be here and great to play at his home, and it would be great to win here one day and no better week than this week. >> mcleroy tees off at 1:08. and florida state bashing off for first of 15 practices.
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recovering from the broken ankle he suffered in the beach bowl. as for the rest of the team. >> jimbo fisher had lots to say. >> just going through the motions, probably why we had the a game like that. haven't ever had a game like that ever on the field like that. and knights down 2, 1, slapped one to left, vasquez beats the tying run, and hurricanes, and ruiz, and carl chester scores the go ahead run,
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. from the mid-70s, upper 60s, early on, some areas of fog, then more afternoon heat, back up to 87, watching for an isolated downpour, to the north and better rain chances late at night heading towards the start of the weekend. >> and tom be sure to watch eyewitness this morning starting at 5:00 and get your weather and
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