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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 17, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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digital dark sidesot: social media and the apps basically is allowing a virtual front door to your house to be open to anybody in the world.teens and the internet can be a dangerous combination.tonight-- how parents can protect kids from online predators.andbeefing up the force.sot: we'd add double the amount of officers if we could..."more police officers are being added to the danville police department.why city leaders say they need the additional manpower.also abandoned baby.sot: i like to think most people try to care for their childrenan 18 month old- dumped in freezing water-- and left on the side of the road.who police have
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"when i was posing as a child, i've had a predator within 30 minutes sending me pornography, talking about meeting, trying to set up a time to meet to have sex." the internet helps the world stay connected.but the digital universe also has a dark side. just this year alone local investigators have arrested 2 men who allegedly abducted teenager girls they met online. most recently `13-year-old nicole lovell was stabbed to death by a man friends say she met on the internet.there is a local law enforcement agency that strictly focuses on cyber crimes against childrenas wfxr's sophia borrelli reports- - the group is trying to keep more kids from becoming targets and investigators say it starts with parents
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1:432:23 - 2:343:24 - 3:29 nat of phone message going off in this day and age, kids and teens can communicate with anyone in the world, but unfortunately some say that is not always a good thing. laura lathem/mother of 11 year old boy: "mindboggling."laura lathem is the mother of an 11 year old boy. she was shocked at some of the statistics i was able to give her about kids on social media. her son is starting to get curious about joining that social world. laura latham/mother of 11 year old boy: "he asks frequently, when can i be on facebook, when can i be on facebook, and i keep saying 13. so the other day he said, when i'm on facebook, i'm not going to let you have the user name and password, and i said, then you can't be on facebook." steven anders who works with the internet crimes against children taskforce says parents need to have access to their teen's passwords to social media sites. steven anders/icac: "social media and the apps basically is allowing a virtual front door to your house to be open to anybody in the world that wants to contact your children. as parents, we wouldn't leave the front door to our house open wide open."if you as a parent still don't think it's an issue in our area, just look at the facts. steven says, one in seven teens will be sexually solicited online and says the average age a child is exposed to pornography is 8
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against children taskforce under the direction of the bedford county sheriff's office works more than 100 cases a month.steven "that does not include the cases that are generated and reported directly to the other law enforcement agencies here in the commonwealth of virginia."laura latham/mother of 11 year old boy: "yes it is making me speechless."standup: law enforcement says kids and teens need to be aware of what they are posting online without even speaking to someone. for example, this is a picture that i posted in my high school days. you can see my friend has our high school logo on her sweatshirt. and steven says a predator can find out where i live just from this picture. steven "i as a predator can look at that and say ok i know what school she goes to, i know she's a cheerleader and i know cheerleaders hang out at football games on friday night. when the game is over, i follow her home."stoping these online predators is a struggle parents will be dealing with every day, but two things can help relationship with your child and education. safe surfing is a program that helps to educate children and adults about safe online activity. they have age appropriate training for as young as kindergarten. robin sundquist/deputy director of safe surfin' foundation: "you have to teach children at an early age that if you don't know that person, if you can not physically know where that person is or touch that person, that's a stranger."
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forensic investigator for years. robin "just ripped my heart out what you see is horrible and if these people, can do such things to such innocent children, then i feel like i'm doing the best i can, this is my chance to try and help try and save somebody." she says parents can get parental control software, but they shouldn't stop at that. robin "even if you get some type of monitoring software, to track what your kids are doing online, a lot of times they know how to circumvent that. so don't think monitoring software is a silver bullet because it isn't."that is where lisa mcdowell, who has been counseling teens for years, comes in to help parents talk about online safety. lisa mcdowell/working as a counselor with adolescence: "about 60 percent of the kids we see or the teenagers we see, you know social media or technology is an issue of some sort."to resolve that issue, she says a strong relationship with your child is key. lisa "that relationship, that parent child relationship has got to be strong in order for anything to be successful."as a parent, laura knows how important it is to have that relationship. laura latham/mother of 11 year old boy: "he and i are very close, it's been a little hard since he's starting to hit puberty to have those conversations." but she knows having those conversations is better than
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sophia, why did sophia, why did sophia, why did you decide to do this story? i covered a story before was hearing all
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for more information about how to talk with your teen about their online activity, you can head to our website at we're also keeping an eye on some colder temperatures tonight- which is bad news for the dozens of homes and businesses still without power- and a number of schools- as you can see at the bottom of your screen- are on a 2 hour delay tomorrow.the ice storm yesterday caused some fallen trees.we found mason mill road can see a number of branches all over the road. thousands of people will be without power for the a second night-- because of this weeks storm.trees were covered with a half an inch of ice-- the heavy ice took down trees and powerlines-- leaving more than 45 thousand homes and businesses in the dark. tonight- around 3 thousand customers are still without service.more than 600 workers are helping to restore power. appalachian power officials say- in franklin and roanoke counties, including the city of roanoke, customers are expected to have power by late tomorrow night.
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the potential for black ice. chief meteorologist john carroll is here now- and john will this have an impact on tomorrow's commute? .overnight...mostly cloudy this evening...then clearing. lows inthe mid 20s. northwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to25 mph..thursday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds around10 mph in the morning...becoming
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in bedford county-a fire destroyed a home early this morning and now investigators are searching for an official cause.that fire started at a home in the 1 thousand block of shepherds store road around 4 officials say the fire started in the garage and quickly spread to through the house.a neighbor tells wfxr news the family was awake when the fire broke out and luckily there was a fire wall between the garage and house giving the family enough time to get out. in roanoke- 7 people were forced from a home last night after an attic fire.officials say it happened in the 16 hundred block of chapman avenue and found smoke showing from the roof when they got there.the american red cross is helping the people who lived there- damage is estimated at 12 thousand dollars. a 18 month old baby was found along side of a west virginia road in freezing cold water.
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with child neglect. investigators say luckily the baby was found before it died from exposure to the cold. 13-1828-34 the disturbing 9-1-1 call had officers with the ronceverte west virginia police department rushing to save a baby baby-- left out in the cold-- in 3 inches of water-- near corner of greenbrier and pocohontas avenue.julian byer- when we got there, we were able to put the child actually in one of our coats and put it in the car in some heat until ems arrived on scene.police say the child lived with a couple in a house at that intersection. neighbors were horrified.brantlee elwell- i hate to hear that. it's very scary, it's scary having little children and trying to keep your house secure and sometimes that's hard to do. i'm sure it's devastating for the family.brantlee elwell lives just down the road from where the child was found. she is also the mother of four children. she says incidents like this-- is something she says many parents fear. brantlee elwell: it's something i've been afraid of before and we've had to take safety measures. each kid is different. some kids are quite tricky and resourceful and can do things pretty early on in age.she says that accidents happen all the time.she's hoping this was an accident as well.sotbrantlee elwell: i like to think most people try to care for their children
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child protective services is investigating. they have removed a second child from the suspects home. taking preventative measures. coming up next- fire officials explain how you can keep your family safe- with a simple addition to your home. and-two planned parenthood locations will combine under one roof. leaders say it will allow them better serve the community.coming up at 10:30- how the changes will effect
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.overnight...mostly cloudy this evening...then clearing. lows inthe mid 20s. northwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to25 mph..thursday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds around10 mph in the morning...becoming light and variable..thursday night...partly cloudy. lows in the mid 20s. light andvariable winds..friday...mostly sunny. highs in the upper 40s. light andvariable winds...becoming south around 10 mph in the afternoon..friday night...partly cloudy. not as cool with lows in the mid30s. southeast winds around 10 mph...becoming southwest with gusts up to 20 mph after
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sunday night...mostly cloudy. highs around 60.lows in the upper 30s..monday...mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of rain. highsin the lower 50 night...mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain.lows in the mid 30s. .tuesday...cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain. highs in thelower 40s..tuesday night...rain likely. lows in the mid 30s. chance of rain60
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it's fire prevention week.and in roanoke -- emergancy responders are reminding people that installing smoke detectors in your home can save a life. w-f-x-r's charlie cooper spoke to the fire department and the red cross about how they're helping the community take preventative measures to protect their families from fire. 5-1021-27100-106 nat sound of smoke alarmit's a modest investment that can save your family's krulikowski- red cross, disaster program specialista lot of people either dont have smoke alarms or even worse they have smoke alarms that they think work but actually dont. they are teaming up with roanoke fire ems to install smoke alarms in as many homes as possible. charlie cooper, reportingafter facing some fatal fires in southeast roanoke last year, roanoke fire ems installed 66 of these smoke detectors in that area krulikowski- red cross, disaster program specialistwe offer these alarms to anybody, whether they rent or own. whether they're in a single family home, a modular home or an apartment. she recommends that people replace their fire alarms after five years and
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basement- but there are some places to krulikowski- red cross, disaster program specialistin the kitchen, bathroom, near fire places, anywhere you're likely to get a false alarm. nat sound alarmwhen it comes to picking the right alarm, roanoke fire ems says it depends on what works best in your bradbury- fire prevention specialist- roanoke fire emsthey have some that even if one goes off they're all going to go off which is great. there's some that are hard wired into the home and have battery backups so you really need to look at what works best.the next step is to have a good plan to get out. in roanoke, charlie cooper w-f-x-r news. the fire department and the red cross also have smoke detectors that can alert the deaf-- or hard of hearing if a fire breaks out in their home. to request a free fire alarm and installation - we have details on our website- virginia first dot com. coming up- there's more to making the perfect steak than you think. how one farmer says- he gets perfect meat
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plus- one farm gives chickens a whole new level of freedom. we will show you the free
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productive cows according to one farmer- who lets his herd roam free.wfxr's solina lewis
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leads to a tasty outcome. 12-16 "these are some of the steaks we do the grass fed beef, this is a t bone"what jack furhmann says is special about his t bones though, is that he makes sure his cattle feel as at home as possible... "so in the grass growing season were moving them two times a day to fresh grass"by moving them around his hundred plus acre farm, he says the animals are healthier... "theyre not always around their feces where there's parasites and things"....and happier..."another thing we do is we let the calves stay with their moms for ten months" because of these special conditions, he says the cows are more productive..."they produce more milk and put on more meat we try to mimic nature because cows never stay in one spot"and, ultimately,
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our father's farm also give free range chicken a new meaning.the two flocks wander around the large property, guarded by a dog.furhmann says the eggs the animals produce are a more nutritious and tastier product because of their lifestyle on the farm... "these animals are out in the nature in the sunshine running jumping and a healthier animal produces a healthier product if it's eggs dairy and meat it's just a healthier happier animal"fuhrmann has his 9 kids help wash and package the eggs, taking them to farmers markets in lynchburg when they're ready... for these ag life stories and others- head to virginia first dot com- and click on the ag life tab. coming up-more officers for
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department says -it's needed, and why it won't cost taxpayers. and-we're just 13 days away from the virginia primary-how candidates are trying to win
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locations are moving under one roof.the roanoke and blacksburg planned parenthood facilities are consolidating their efforts. the blacksburg location will now be used for community education and advocacy work. patients will be treated at the roanoke location.a representative told us that they're making change to better serve more patients. the blacksburg location opened more than 30 years ago-- when there weren't many locations that provided women's health services. the lynchburg city school board approved an update to the grade point average calculations for high school credit courses during a meeting last night. currently- students can earn a higher g- p-a by taking upper level classes- causing students to forgo electives.the new strategy is meant to limit the number of upper level courses students can factor in to earning a higher gpa.the change goes into effect next school year- starting with those entering tenth grade. in danville- the police department is beefing up its force.wfxr's kristen eskow
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say- adding more staff- won't come out of the taxpayers pocket. 00-0530-35 the danville city council has approved the addition of four new officers to the danville police department - and officials say more officers can always help fight crime.right now the police force is budgeted to have 131 officers - but only has 125 on staff due to a high level of turnover - as some officers leave the department. now - the police department can have up to 135 officers on staff.officials say after several city jobs were cut several years ago due to budgeting issues, this addition of officers - comes as welcome news."double the amount of officers would be great. of course that's not going to happen, so any addition would be good. any additional officer we can get patrolling would be better. more eyes out there.officials say the added positions will be paid for - with the police department's personnel fund. that fund collects money from unfilled positions in the police department - that would have been used to pay those employees. officials say right now - that fund has about $300,000.the danville police department says it will decide how to use the new officer positions and when they will be filled - at a later time. in danville, kristen eskow,
10:32 pm far - in the 2016 race for the white house, we've heard from the candidates, past presidents and celebrities. now, you can add lawyers to the growing joel waldman reports- donald trump and ted cruz are in a legal fight over a campaign ad. :27 - :34 :42 - :59 1:19 - 1:21 "would president trump ban partial birth abortions?" trump says: "well, look, i'm very pro choice ..." ted cruz defending his campaign's new 30-second spot .... highlighting donald trump's past comments on abortion ... the commercial, airing in south carolina in the wake of supreme court justice antonin scalia's death, stresses the importance of the president's next appointee to the high court ... the ad ends with the narrator saying trump "cannot be trusted with these serious decisions". cruz says: "if you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad ... claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit ..." a trump campaign attorney sent the cruz campaign a cease and desist letter ...threatening a potential lawsuit, citing defamation. trump says: "cruz will say donald trump loves obamacare, i love obamacare? every single speech since its come out, i've said we are going to get rid of it - so really, they lie ... and the reason i can say it nicely is because rubio called him a liar also - so once another guy called him a liar, it's easier for me to call him a liar ... but really, cruz does
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engaged in a celebratory south carolina chest bump with older brother, george w, the former florida governor continues to lag far behind in the palmetto state polls ... ahead of saturday's republican primary. but, a different story on the democratic side, where bernie sanders has closed the gap on hillary clinton in nevada. clinton says: "i'm gonna work on this every single day ..." that was joel waldman reporting.there is good news for hillary clinton in many of the so-called s-e-c states, holding primaries in
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sanders by a wide margin. coming up-the outage is over- and now comcast is apologizing. how they're compensating customers who were left in the dark. plus-if you think you're being healthy by skipping soda and sipping a latte- think again. coming up- the surprising numbers from one study- when we come back.
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this evening...then clearing. lows inthe mid 20s. northwest winds around 10 mph with gusts up to 25 mph..thursday...sunny. highs in the lower 40s. northwest winds around10 mph in the morning...becoming light and variable..thursday night...partly cloudy. lows in
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highs in the upper 40s. light andvariable winds...becoming south around 10 mph in the afternoon..friday night...partly cloudy. not as cool with lows in the mid30s. southeast winds around 10 mph...becoming southwest with gusts up to 20 mph after midnight..saturday through sunday night...mostly cloudy. highs around 60.lows in the upper 30s..monday...mostly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of rain. highsin the lower 50s..monday night...mostly cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain.lows in the mid 30 .tuesday...cloudy with a 40 percent chance of rain. highs in thelower 40s..tuesday night...rain likely. lows in
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percent. an update to the comcast outages- the company has offered an apology- and some extra money to customers impacted by monday's service outage.on demand video, local and cable tv channels were off for about 90 minutes for customers across the country.a spokeswoman says customers will get a credit for a day's worth of video service- a whopping 2 dollars.the spokeswoman added... credits will vary depending on how customers were impacted. a new study found that your favorite hot drink- may have more sugar than a soda.the group- action on sugar- studied more than 100 hot drinks from coffee shops in the u-k--- including starbucks. they found some drinks contain 25 teaspoons of sugar- three times more sugar than a can of soda-- and more than 3 times the daily intake recommended by the american heart
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wants to reduce added sugar in some drinks - before the end of 20-20. the hokies left a chilly and snow covered blacksburg and headed to the sunny beaches of coral is facing the hurricanes of miami in a difficult road game, coming off the heals of a tough loss at virginia... how would buzz and the bunch respond??? and the winter weather has ceased, allowing the sun to come out and high school hoops tournaments to begin... buzzer beaters and fast action are
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loss to virginia, it was out of the frying pan and into the fire for the hokies as they headed to coral gables to face the 11th ranked hurricanes of miami... buzz williams and the hokies entered tonight's game a 15 point underdog...1. we talked about chris clarke's impact last night during the
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the board and the putback... he was working hard...2. the hokies turning defense into offense... justin robinson picks up the loose ball and turns on the after burners as he blows by everyone for the basket and a 5-point tech lead...3. the hokies would push the lead to 7 on this 3 from justin bibbs... it's it was the largest lead for tech...4. but miami would cut into the lead before the half... this triple cuts it to 4... it was a 1 point hokies lead at the half... the hurricanes would open it up in the second half... miami leading 46-33 with less than 9:00 minutes to go in the game... the hokies still with time to rally, but miami looking good at the moment... odac action 2nd place roanoke taking on 3rd place lynchburg...a game separates the two teams1. lynchburg- jay allen steal and score... part
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move and score... lc up 40-23 3. roanoke joey miller 3 pointer... lc up 14 4. the maroons john fitchett 3 pointer.... lc up 115. roanoke's carter wright steal and score6. lynchburg - zack burnett 3 pointe game would go to double overtime with lynchburg beating roanoke 160-156. lynchburg moves in t in the odac after a 2-day delay thanks to mother nature, the high school hoops postseason began tonight for most of our area teams... salem hosting carroll county in the opening round of the conference 24 tournament...1. the spartans came ready to play... trevor austin from the wing buries the 3 to put salem up 10-2 early...2. the spartans continued to
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singh who finishes it off to give salem a 10 point lead... 3. back come the cavaliers... the pass to garrett haynes... check out the fancy footwork from the big man... he puts it off the glass for 2...4. but the spartans just had the touch tonight... cam spangler beats the buzzer for salem advances to face william byrd tomorrow night with the 78-54 win... over to william byrd... the terriers hosting salem tonight...1. byrd blistered the nets early... sydeny burton drains the 3... she had 13...2. jacy marvin left open... puts it up from steph curry range and banks it in... 3. then it's marvin again... takes it and makes it... she had 15... the terriers led 18- 4 after 1...4. check out this great give and go from salem... hannah couling finishes it off in the lane... she led everyone with 27...but william byrd just too much tonight... the terriers advance with the 57-38 win...
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amherst-evan smith 3 pointer.......3-0 lancers2. glass-anthony williams 3 pointer...tied at 33. amherst-c-j loving 3 pointers....7-4 amhers glass t'juan jones steal and score........5. glass williams scores....... glass beats amherst 76-55. the hilltoppers will play at lca tomorrow night at 6 in the conference semis. coming up... we head to daytona where the drivers are getting ready for tomorrow night's nascar duels that determine the starting grid... and the hokies are continuing their stretch of scheduling big ten opponents... this time tech will play their neighbors to the northeast... details on this new matchup are next as
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the daytona 500 is right around the corner... but before we get to sunday, the drivers have to determine the
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kucko is in daytona and tells us what is happening at the track... :00-:06john kucko: "wedensday of race week means the sprint cup cars return to practice. they're donig that here today at the daytona international speedway after two days of having the track closed. the drivers getting ready for tomorrow night's primetime races, the twin races that will set the starting grid for the daytona 500. the front row is locked in. they had qualifying for that on sunday. chase elliott, 20 years old is up front. 196 miles per hour. he's got the pole position. matt kenseth is next to him, who was second fastest, but it is wide open after that. tomorrow night's races will determine the starting grid and drivers on the track here today getting their last tuneups for those races. the weather has been spectacular the last couple of days and from here on in expected to be perfect for race day on
10:53 pm
international, i'm john kucko." we have a lot of daytona 5oo coverage for you this weekend... on saturday night it's jeff gordon's daytona 500 preview party... then on sunday, our coverage actually begins at 11:30 with the 30 minute "big race" special... and of course, they actually drop the green flag at 1:00... file this one for later... virginia tech football announcing a 4-game series with maryland... but the first game isn't until 2026, yes a decade away... both schools will host a pair of games... the two teams first met in 1919, but the last time they met was in 2009 when tyrod taylor led the hokies to a
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a pair of kidnapped teddy bears- rescued by police. coming up-the desperate - and illegal- measures by two women
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stuffed teddy bears that were kidnapped from a store in wisconsin have been safely recovered- and their rescue was caught on a police dashcam. some women stole the bears-along with chocolates- from a drugstore.the police were able to stop the suspects' car, arrest the women and save the bears. wether or not the suspects
10:57 pm
of the chocolates is unknown
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oh, come on, chelsea. is this about money? 'cause i'd be happy to pay the lease on your apartment. it's not about money, you ass. i just think it's ridiculous that we're engaged and not living together. i'm just not comfortable with us living in sin. so you think we should stop having sex? no, no, no, it's not the sin i object to, it's the living in it. chelsea: there is no reason for me to renew the lease on my apartment
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you going to eat your pickle? yes, i'm going to eat my pickle. but you're almost done with your sandwich, and your pickle's just sitting there. i like to eat it last. how very european of you. here's another pickle. shut up. oh, you are just so full of it! give me one good reason why i shouldn't be living here. i can give you several. this ought to be good. chelsea: go ahead. charlie: oh, you mean right now? dance, monkey, dance. okay. well, there's the safety issue. you should keep your apartment that airplanes are equipped with oxygen masks you know, if the titanic had enough life rafts, leonardo and kate would've lived happily ever after. oops. chelsea: you're comparing our relationship to the titanic?! rope-a-dope. rope-a-dope. charlie: no, no, no, of course not. p.s., that was a very romantic movie.


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