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tv   WFXR News First at Ten  FOX  February 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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a battle over historysot: i think the slaves didn't have a say and so i kind of feel like i'm working for them now.a vigil- to protest the relocation of two historic slave houses in botetourt county.why they say the buildings need to stay in place.alsothe history of nascar.sot: "number one- we never had anything to do with moonshinedebunking the myths and local legends - talk about how the sport evolved into what it is today..and tapping the trees.sot:a local farm is getting ready to make maple syrup.tonight we show how they find the sweet spot. developing right now-a 7 miles traffic back up on eye 81 in rockbridge
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crashed earlier tonight.this is a live look from a v-dot camera at mile marker 192 north in lexington- the right lane is still closed.the wreck happened just after 5- and now you can see crews are still trying to get the wreck cleaned up.emergency officials say the truck was hauling meat- and there was one injury from the crash... and traffic is backed up for 7 miles.this is video just after the crash earlier tonight-- when the traffic back up was just 2 miles long.police are continuing to detour traffic around the wreck tonightwe will keep you updated with any new developments. in pittsylvania county- the hargrave military school in chatham will be closed tomorrow- after the school was threatened on social media. officials believe it may be connected to isis.according to the washington post- the private military school canceled events through the weekend and is boosting security.police there say they're treating it as a as a legitimate. in salem tonight-parents are
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parents gathered at the salem public library tonight to learn from the salem police department how to prevent their children from being targeted by online predators, and how to stay up to date with social media advances themselves...detectives said, how to communicate with their children.police say they did this event because of the death of 13 year old nicole lovell- and her involvement on social media sites. there's a new plan to bring new life to amherst county- as hundreds of jobs leave the area. w-f-x-r's kristen eskow - shows us how the plan - will serve as a big step forward - for the county. 00-0522-2745-50 "officials here in amherst county say with the expected closure of the central virginia training center buy 2020, developing an economic development strategic plan is as important as ever. and business owners here say it's something they're looking forward to."the old 97 restaurant opened in madison heights two and a half years ago. co-owner tracy sprouse says he has lived in amherst
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"i own a couple of businesses here in the county, so really i want to see the county just flourish and grow."sprouse also serves on the steering committee for the economic development authority of amherst county - which has just started developing its new economic development strategic plan. officials say this is the first time the county is using an outside consulting firm to help with the plan.hanson: "this is the first of its kind where they have 122 thousand dollars in grant funds to take the very first really thorough, comprehensive look at amherst county."victoria hanson of the economic development authority says the development of this plan is being funded through federal, state and private grants. she says community officials, local business leaders and residents will offer ideas to bring new businesses and jobs to the county - and support the businesses already established here.hanson: "with the continued closure of central virginia training center, and losing that incredible asset, just jobs and economic activity, we need to take positive action now."sprouse: "i'd like to see the plan basically lay out a foundation for the county to look at to possibly draw in some of the larger companies and corporations and just bring them to this area.""officials say the economic development strategic plan is expected to be released in may. in amherst
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if you are interested in getting involved with developing the strategic plan website - virginia first dot com. in botetourt county-a group rallies today to remember their ancestors and try to stop the moving of slave houses. the group says county leaders are planning to build a shell building on the hill. wfxr's sophia borrelli was there to witness the rally cries for justice. 0:13 - 0:220:56 - 1:061:07 - 1:17 nats of amazing gracesongs nat of poemsand poems to celebrate those who lived on this hill long before any of us were born. stephen clinton/support of not moving houses: "to show respect and admiration and honor a society that had a lot more to do with the building of this country than we've acknowledged in the past."the friends of greenfield preston plantation group held a ceremony. some
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hoping county leaders will see the support and re-evaluate their decision to move these historic slave homes.stephen clinton/support of not moving houses: "perhaps we can stop the action that is preceding right now and work together for a solution that suits all of the parties involved."nat of ceremony shirley johnson lewis says she is a decendant of slaves and is leading the fight to save this historic land. shirley johnson lewis/organizer of event: "i think the slaves didn't have a say and so i kind of feel like i'm working for them now. i think they are depending on me. to do what i can to preserve the heritage and yes i'm going to fight."standup: shirley says today's ceremony was to commemorate those people's lives who were on this hill, and she said seeing the house on the platform, was just heartbreaking.shirley johnson lewis/organizer of event: "it brought tears to my eyes when i saw that. just knowing that they were going to do it was bad enough, it was distressing."around 50 people gathered to show their support, but they say there are more in the community who stand with botetourt county, sophia borrelli wfxr
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members of the group say they want to attend the next botetourt county board of supervisor's meeting on february 23rd. in just a few days there will be a new shopping experiance in downtown roanoke.the store is called shabby love and it will sell upcycled furniture and unique finds. roanoke's director of economic development says the downtown area is in need of more retail businesses like this one to boost the downtown economy. we have a good supply of restaurants, banks, those types of institutions and certainly the residential but we are looking for more retail activity that i think could just add to i think an already vibrant downtown.shabby love's grand opening is this saturday. the store is located right in
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nascar has a long history right here in southwest virginia.wxfr's kyle benjamin talks to local legends- and takes us from runnin' to racin'. 45-58140-150 before dale...before jimmie and jeff...before joey, tony and kevin...before the car of tomorrow and the chase for the sprint cup...before million dollar sponsors and aero push... before daytona rising... and the night race at and machine pushed the boundaries of eke out a living. moonshine and stock car racing are forever linked together. some of the early pioneers... nascar hall of famer's curtis turner and junior johnson honed their skills in the backwoods and backroads of appalachia. campbell 4 5:06:01 "they could manhandle a car. and growing up the way they did, wether on the backroad or the race track. so the guys in that era- it was mainly their talent and their expertise that got them to the front" 5:22turner began his bootlegging career at age 9 and amassed a small fortune by age 20. he quickly developed a reputation for off-track antics...and on-track talent... nascar moved away from its bootlegging roots as the years
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the southern 500...but those roots are still firmly planted in franklin county--one of the self-proclaimed "moonshine capitols of the world"author and reporter morris stevenson spent nearly all of his career chasing moonshiners with federal and state agents in franklin county. morris 1 34:16:18 " 52 years "his stories of the "wild west" literally fill a book. morris says curtis turner would run a load of 'shine out to norfolk. the sailors would wave him on to the base, and he would trade his liquor for sugar-- a key ingredient in the liquor. morris 6 41:52:20 "he took it to races with him. he took a load to a racetrack, sell it, whatever and then race with the car in the early days, before they towed them around" 42:00:20in 1947 h. clay earl built martinsville speedway after he watch a race at a dirt track and decided to get in on the action. his grandson, clay campbell, is track president. martinsville is nearly indentical to its original form. it is now paved. back then, cars raced on dirt. campbell 2 2:30:00 " the racing hasn't changed that much in 69 years." butt to 2:40:10 "half mile racing is half mile racing and thats what the fans love" 2:43:25 much like the cars that now grace the iconic flat corners...the track evolved over the past 69 years... campbell 1 1:54:23 "to walk that line of modern versus the history of the place and not cross over and maintain that charm, that history that started this place. i think
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a line martinsville and nascar walk every season...trying to move the industry forward, but staying true to the sport's past. if the petty's are nascar's first family of fast...that makes the wood brothers, from stuart virginia...the emperors of engineering. hall of famer's glen and leonard are some of nascar's still living pioneers...fielded a car every year since the very beginning...leonard says it started as a way to have some fun.wood 3 2:18:14:19 "then pretty soon it turned into winning races, sitting on pole, setting track records and making a little money and then it started to become a business. 2:18:27:16wood pioneered the pit stop...and in his day, was the ace mechanic and engine builder. in an era where many of the drivers ran moonshine...the wood brothers prided themselves on staying clean. leonard says it doesnt matter how you got's all about what you bring to the track. wood 4 2:19:15 "number one- we never had anything to do with moonshine. people think the ones racing were the ones doing that. we had no part of that. but no matter what you're driving, or how you learn, its the amount of talent you've got. you can teach drivers how to drive and how to be good drivers and techniques and stuff, but the ones who've got the touch are born with the talent the others don't have" 2:19:44:18 and the woods would know. 10 of the 25 men enshrined in the nascar hall piloted the famed 21.wood 2 2:16:18:27 "they're all different. of course, david pearson won 43 races for us, he would probably be at the top of the list. they were all fun to deal with. all had different personalisties, different driving styles, but at the end of the day, they all wanted to win. 2:16:43:27 it's not hard for leonard to pick the watershed moment for
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2:15:11:10 "when trevor bayne won the 2011 daytona 500, i wasn't the crew chief but it was the most exciting day of my racing career, 2:15:19:25 and as the bootleggers helped start nascar, they also helped launch a new business in franklin county...long after the feds chased off the illegal moonshine. chris prilliman is the owner of twin creeks distillery in rocky mount. he makes and sells franklin county's finest-- the first legitimate moonshine in the county. prilliman 1 1:16:10 " they're a dying breed, the bootleggers. they do what they had to do to survive and the liquor buisiness went along with it." 1:32while chris and his small crew are legitimate...he knows he wouldnt be where he is today...without the old breed. prilliman 2 1:32:20 " i know a lot of people in the business, been accused of being in the business and been caught at stuff. i've got as much respect for them as any friends i've ever had. they're good honest people" 1:48:07 like the old days of racing, where guys found enough money to make it to the next track...scraping by to eek out a living...there is a certain mistique to what prilliman does...starting small, self-made and home-made with dreams of making it big. the wood boys did it. the petty's...the earnhardts...the started small. the american way...chasing dreams...and
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coming up next-we head back to 1963- an important year for the civil rights movement- and a piece of america's untold journey. and coming up at 10:30- a family is making some changes after a fire destroys their they're piecing their lives back together- and what
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1963 was a tumultuous year in our country as the civil rights movement heated up.and no where was it hotter than saint augustine florida... a community that was instrumental in the battle for equality.all month long we've
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group of people and their we take you back to 19-63 to show a piece of america's untold journey. the year is 1963 and protests have reached a fever pitch on st. augustine. vo narr - there needed to be a new front opened in the fight against segregation, and there was no better place to do leading this fight would be lincolnville dentist and successful businessman, dr. robert hayling.fountains,,, a dentist and ex-army officer, hayling became the first negro member of the florida state dental society. he joined the civil rights struggle after the dental group was denied meeting facilities at white hotels and restaurants because of his membership. last summer, dr. hayling and an associate were badly beaten by kkk members when they ventured too close to a klan rally. ironically, when the case was tried, hayling was convicted of assault on the klansmen. his appeal is now pending.vo narr 24 - inspired by the words of martin luther king, jr., hayling organized local youths and began sending them into local whites-only restaurants. on a hot july day in 1963, 14 year old samuel white, 15-year old audry nell edwards, 16 year old willie carl singleton and 16 year-old joeann anderson went up to the woolworth's lunch counter and tried to order a hamburger and a coke. they were arrested sentenced to one year in reform school. this harsh
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children drew local and national outrage putting a new spot light on st. augustine's racial unrest. sot mlk - st. augustine, is merely a symbol of an expression the tragedies that engulf our whole nation in the area of race relations. barbara vickers 00:09:26 - the scariest night was when the klans and the others were down in the slave market. they had brought in a truckload of rocks and put it in the slave
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to learn more about america's untold journey and the significant role the people of saint augutsine played in the civil rights movement... go to our web page at virginia first dot com. coming up-how much sap does it take to make maple syrup?one couple has the answer for us-
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botetourt county is getting ready to make a few gallons of maple takes nearly a hundred gallons of sap just to make a small amount of the sweet they went out to tap the trees.wfxr's solina lewis shows us how they do it- in tonight's ag life report. 24-39125-136 "that's why tom did it, cuz uncle jim did it that way"tom and fay poulin have been married for 48 years, known each other 68 years, and have been making maple syrup together since 2009 the way fay's uncle used to do it, many years before they were
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bring in a cash crop, they tapped their sugar maple trees and sold their maple syrup"now that tom and fay are retired, they do it as a hobby, not a business..."we started in our garage and worked our way up to a regular pan"they love the smell of sweet boiling sugar, and their daily walks by the creek near their house to check for has to be a passion project they say, because of how long the process takes..."we started this morning at 8am with 32 gallons and it's a gallon and it's still not syrup"for every 75 gallons of sap, only about 5 gallons end up as actual syrup...."last year was as good as we get we made five gallons and we gave it away"to their children and grandchildren, and some lucky friends and community members..."close to twenty hours"while the process of collecting, boiling, refrigerating, and filtering does take a while, the end product is worth it, and they get to spend some quality time together enjoying the little things..."the smell is what we love you cant see or smell that on camera" solina lewis
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tom says- if they gather sap later in the season- the syrup is much darker and thicker. coming up-strengthening the a virginia senator says the commonwealth can take advantage of new technology- to make our state better. plus-parents in one area won't have to travel far to get their kids to the doctor. coming up-the new- and needed-
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i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan know where tarzan go! tarzan does not know where tarzan go. hey, excuse me, do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan,
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why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh! do you have to do that right in my ear? number one place - where house fires start - and where people get burned. even if they are extinguised quickly - kitchen fires can lead to a lot of damage. w-f-x-r's bill wadell just caught up with one mom - getting back on her feet - after a stove fire wrecked her apartment. 00:17 - 00:2000:40 - 00:44 01:12 - 01:17 debraell last week, just got everything unpacked and started like getting rooms settled. it's been a whirlwind for debraell turner. we first met her last month - after her stove caught fire - in her east roanoke apartment. smoke damaged
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mother owned. chief smoke can reside in all the materials, your couch, your clothing and stuff like that.after losing clothes and many of her kids toys - turner was overwhelmed by donations from friends, her church family, and our viewers. debraell it has been a blessing. nothing but a blessing. the red cross helped debraell with a few nights in a hotel. now - her family is in a new apartment. debraell even now i'm unplugging tvs, lamps we unplug everything just to be on the safe side. a nervous mother - who knows first hand - the importance of fire prevention in the kitchen. debraell the smoke detectors never went off either. if the smoke detectors would have went off, it would have just gotten really smokey, we would have been able to catch it before it actually started flaming. so that's why i'm huge on checking your smoke detectors every week before sometimes more than that especially if you have kids. chief whether its cooking or space heaters or making improper connections to your electrical service, whatever it may be, be mindful that what you do can make a fires.roanoke fire chief david hoback says, kitchen and all reported house fires are down this year, and he's hoping to keep it that way. i'm bill wadell, wfxr news. the experiance of a fire - is
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looking for resources...or if you need a smoke detector installed in smoke detector or if you need a resources... looking for especially kids. if you're looking for resources...or if you need a smoke detector installed in your home - just look for the fire prevention page - on virginia first dot com. in franklin county-parents in rocky mount won't have to travel far to get medical care for their children. today carlion clinic opened its doors to the new pediatric medicine facility on main street south. kathryn self will be the main pediatric specialist at the clinic. since a private pediatrician left the area, the hospital found there was a need for it in the area. alice ackerman/chair of pediatrics carilion clinic: "we were lucky in that we were able to recruit a very fine pediatrician, dr. self, and we thought it was perfect so here we are."the practice is now accepting appointments. strengthening the's the big push from senator mark
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around the commonwealth this week.wfxr's paris holmes caught up with the senator in lynchburg- where he shared his ideas with local leaders. here at central virginia community college senator mark warner hosted a meeting with several community leaders, small business owners and students about future---and how he believes virginians can take advantage of the country's changing economy. "where are going to be the growth areas like cyber security or unmanned vehicles....some of it may sound futuristic but it's right around the corner." warner says he's not only looking for the jobs of today but for the jobs of tomorrow, and the industries of cyber security and unmanned vehicles--among other things-- are about to explode and virginia is in the perfect position to benefit particularly in fort pickett and southside. "it makes me mad that a million drones were sold at christmas and none of them were made in america. why couldn't they be built right here in virginia. warner says he's working with companies right now to bring their research and manufacturing plants to the commonwealth. he also discussed the need to reform social security, the pros and cons of the affordable care act, better public education and the crushing weight of student debt. "the fact that many of these young people are out not starting families not buying that first house. not starting a new business because they have so much debt--it stalls the economic recovery. and there are common sense things we can do." like allowing
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loans at a lower interest rate or making it easier for students to transfer credits from a community college to a four year institution.warner also took a moment to touch on some current hot button issues from president obama's supreme court nomination....."my hope is that he picks someone who has a record of consensus building so we can minimize as much as possible this turning into one more partisan fight that gridlocks the senate."to the controversy between apple and the fbi......"let's get the politics out of this and actually have a commission that brings together technology, law enforcement, the intel community, civil liberty groups and let experts decide what our path ought to be. senator warner also mentioned he supports hillary clinton for president, and he says although he thinks it will be a contested race he believes clinton will carry virginia on super tuesday. in lynchburg, paris holmes, wfxr
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coming up-a frigid rescue- all caught on one dog ended up in a freezing cold
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around the commonwealth- terrifying moments for a dog in reston- when she fell
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thoreau.this is video of the firefighters braving the freezing water to help the dog named can hear her barking in the frigid water as crews worked to rescue her.her owner says thankfully, she was not hurt- just a little cold. it's always fun when our local d-1 basketball teams collide on the court... it is a matchup that has many across the area intrigued as to what would happen...the red hot flames of liberty playing host to radford in a key big south matchup... would the flames burn on or would the highlanders reach higher
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tonight winners of 7 straight games... but radford is a team with a lot of talent... and when rivals meet who knows what truly will happen... radford won the first matchup back in december... ritchie mckay and mike jones talking before the game...1. liberty's anthony fields kicks to lovell cabbil drains the three 18-10
10:47 pm
rashun davis gives it back to cam jones who throws it down to put the highlanders up 1... 3. second half... the flame's john dawson with the fancy moves... two of his game high 22... 50-47 liberty...4. take you to the final series... all sqaure at 67... davis drains the straight away jumper to put the highlanders up two with five seconds left...5. ritchie mckay calls a time out and draws up this play... a lob to to evan maxwell... they run it peprfectly but the ball simple does not drop... we got the great game we expected... radford snaps liberty's 7 game winning streak, 69-67... jones led radford with 19... dawson with an impressive 22 for the flames... kevaney martin has more from the vines center on the liberty campus... :00-:06:16-:22:28-:34:44-:50 in women's basketball,
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use a win...1. sidney cook came ready to play for the hokies... the nice move in the lane for 2 of her game high 20... all tied at 9...2. if going inside worked once, try it again... great entry pass and an easy basket for taijah campbell... tech try to hang around...3. but duke was up to the challenge... freshman faith suggs calmly knocks down the 3... the hokies have now dropped 8 of their last 9 with a 66-62 loss at the hands of the blue devils... high school basketball conference tournaments continuing tonight... william fleming hosting pulaski county...1. the cougars would strike quickly... the move down the lane draws the foul and gets the basket... cavaliers up 1 early...2. the colonels would explode from there... tyrell adams to shiquay price who gets the friendly bounce to put william fleming up...3. the colonels would continue to pour it on... adams from nba range... his shot is pure... that caps a 12-0 run...this game would get a lot closer, but william fleming hangs on for the 43-46
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william byrd for the conference championship tomorrow night... coming up... they went racing for real at daytona tonight to determine the starting grid on sunday... we'll tell you where the wood brothers 21 car will line up... that's next as
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we already know that chase elliott and matt kenseth will occupy the front row at the daytona 500 on sunday... where everyone else in the field will start would be determined in tonight's can-am duels at daytona... the can-am duels are a pair of 150 mile races... the first one was run pretty clean and it would finish with a story book ending... on the 15th anniversary of dale earnhardt, srs death it was junior taking the checkered flag... it the second straight year dale junior has won a duel... and a fantastic race from ryan blaney and the wood brothers... the 21 car finished 3rd, which means blaney will start in the 4th row... a great race for them... we have a lot of daytona 5oo coverage for you this weekend... on saturday night it's jeff gordon's daytona 500 preview party... then on
10:53 pm
begins at 11:30 with the 30 minute "big race" special... and of course, they actually drop the green flag at 1:00... what many speculated is now official... panthers defensive end jared allen announced his retirement today... the announcement doesn't come as a surprise, but the way he did it certainly does... jared allen: "well everyone i just want to say thank you for an amazing 12 year career. this was the part where i was going to ride off into the sunset. but seeing how there is no sunset, i'm just going
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this!the virginia department of alcoholic beverage control posted these pictures on its facebook's a deer strolling through the aisles of its store in clifton forge! abc officials say the doe pushed open the door and headed straight for the bourbon aisle- before being
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men. and how are you this morning, danny? well, i didn't sleep very well last night, alan. i had nightmares. nightmares. nightmares. i dreamed i ate a five-pound marshmallow. a five-pound marshmallow? yeah, and when i woke up, my pillow was gone. pillow was gone. pillow. t-tillow. pil... tillow. pftil...
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yeah? you're starting to scare the crap out of me. oh, oh, this? this is, uh, just a new hobby. charlie, say hello to danny o'day. howdy-do, charlie. that's not a hobby. that's a cry for help. oh, come on, charlie, play along. so, charlie, how did you sleep last night? with a woman, alan. something you need to do before this gets out of hand. wow. he's got a stick where i've got your hand. did you ask him if he wants to go to the movies with us? no. why not? because he's a ticking time bomb and we don't want to be in the car with him when he goes off. come on, he's breaking my heart. staying home all alone on a friday night. don't worry. you know how they say you can be alone but not lonely? yeah. well, alan's kind of the opposite.


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