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tv   WFXR News Good Day Virginia 5  FOX  March 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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to join us in the same super tuesday is here and wfxr news is
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tuesday, march 1st. thanks for starting your day off with good day virginia. i'm kyle benjamin. and i'm january keaton. super tuesday is here and wfxr news is your local election headquarters. it's super tuessay and primary voting will begin in a couple hours when polls open up at 7 am wfxr's paris holmes is live in roanoke county with some details you need to remember when heading to the polls. good morning guys, the polls open up this morning at 7am and when you walk into your polling place voters what to
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with warm and tuesday is here and wfxr news is your local headquarters. tuessay and primary voting tuessay and it's super
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it's super tuessay and primary voting will begin in a couple hours when polls open up at 7 am wfxr's paris holmes is live in roanoke county with some details you
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to the polls. with warm and mainly dry weather in the forecast, mother nature shouldn't cause voters any trouble today across the commonwealth. however, nice weather during the virginia primaries hasn't always led to high voter turnout in the past. wfxr's taylor kanost is live in roanoke county to explain. hey kyle. you would think jason caterina.meteorologist let's send it to for more on southwest and central for more
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the two leading the two leading republican candiates covered virginia over the last few days...senator marco rubio stopped in salem sunday-- donald trump made a pass through the new river valley thousands packed the dedmon center at radford university to hear him speak, but things got heated when protesters clashed both inside and out. wfxr's travell eiland has more. 27-3548-521:22-1:30"where ever trump stumps... the crowd will follow."is it fun to be at a trump rally"the line to get inside of his campaign event at radford university stretched into the horizon. some waited for two hours to hear his message.nats of trump while he gave his speech inside----demonstrators on the outside-- made sure their voices were heard.brian brumfield-horner/trump protestor:"he is appealing to some people. why do you think that is? because he is a phenomenal lair he is good at convincing people about his product but if you look at his record and his business he has
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country too."the chants against trump did not go unchallenged. supporters quickly jumped to his defense. greg kessler/trump supporter "they are pieces of garbage and this country has had enough of people like that." cynthia mcinturf/trump demonstrator"he's not worthy to be our president. he never talks about the issues. he only talks trash."greg kessler/trump supporter:"trump is the only one who stands for this country."if you agree of disagree with trump's policies --- you must admit--- the billionaire has swag.ola klimczak/vendor:"we steal his ideas and put them on our shirts and sell them then we have cups make america great again." ola klimczak jumped on the trump band wagon after she noticing the huge crowds at his events. now she travels across the country selling trump merchandise.5502 donald trump is great for business that's why we follow. 5506 trump fire up the crowd by attacking rivals ted cruz and marco rubio.steven shoe/trump supporter:"i just don't think they're honest. honestly i don't trust them."steve shoe wants the establishment candidates to clear the road to the white house -- for trump.steven shoe/trump supporter:"he seems like someone you can trust and at least if he can't do everything he says i think he'll honestly try."trumps was interrupted by protesters at least five times.trump: "i was just about to give my punch line."nats of protesterstrump: "get them out get them out." dozens of people who are against him were escorted out of the building"he cant stand hecklers but he needs to stop trying to be a stand up comedian then."trump supporters hope he can bring
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country together. country together.bring the hope he can bring the country together. trump says around 3-thousand people watched his speech at radford, with thousands more waiting outside, hoping they made it in.during his speech, trump critcized his rivals, the press, plus china and mexico. the billionaire real
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what it takes to create jobs, despite never holding public office. "i went to the wharton school of finance. good student, did all ofhat stufto know this. we lost our jobs, we lose our money, we lose everything." coming up later on good day virginia, wfxr's chief political correspondent, bill wadell will break downtrump's speech. on the democratic side, hillary clinton gets a big lead over bernie sanders. heading into super tuesday today, clinton's popularity among african-american voters is expected to help her in the southern states. sanders says he has a shot in minnesota, colorado, massachusetts, oklahoma and vermont. coming up a little later on good day virginia, will take a closer look at the race, and the impact super tuesday has on the country. virginia first dot-com has everything you need to know to stay on top of super tuesday. for more on the candidates, or to find your
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website and click on your local election headquarters. ahead on good day virginia. a plea deal could be in the works for the man accused of killing two college students in central virginia. and.. new details in the deadly officer-involved
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this is good day virginia. now to news making headlines across the this morning. the funeral for the virginia police officer killed in the line of duty over the weekend will happen later today.police
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hamilton, shot and killed ashley guindon and wounded two other officers when they responded to a call at hamilton's home. he's in jail without bond this morning on a charge of capital murder and first-degree murder in the death of his wife. guindon's remains will then be taken to her hometown in new hampshire for burial. happening on wednesday, accused killer jesse matthew is expected to make a plea deal. matthew is accused of killing uva student hannah graham and virginia tech student morgan harrington. officials say the plea will resolve both abduction and murder cases. harrington went missing from john paul jones arena in charlottesville back in 2009. her body was found three months later. graham went missing from charlottesville's downtown mall in 2014. matthew is already serving life in prison for an unreleated sexual assault case that happened back in 2005 in fairfax county. the roanoke county police department released more details about friday's officer involved shooting.
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spencer appeared to have what looked to be a gun in his hand, when they responded to a call at the walgreens on the corner of electric road and brambleton avenue. police say they asked him to drop his weapon- but he did not.that's when officers tried to use tasers, but they didn't work. police say two officers each fired one shot at spencer. one shot hit him in the shoulder. one hit him in the hip. police discovered after the fact that spencer carried a b-b gun that is a replica of a popular handgun. "you saw what our officer saw in his hand, that is a potential deadly encounter. and at this point, our investigation, in the case our officers responded within their training."spencer died at the hospital.chief hall says there are two investigations into this is an internal probe, the other is a criminal investigation.
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building a farming foundation! in our ag life report, why ons farmer credits that for his successful career! (avo) my name is pamela and i've been making dog chow for 36 years now. my dog girlfriend is 17 years old. she's been eating dog chow from her very first day and she can still chase squirrels. she can't catch them, but she can still chase them. after 17 years i'm still confident in feeding her dog chow because i see the high quality ingredients that go into it.
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the future farmers of america helps some decide their perfect career path. wfxr's sophia borrelli spoke to one farmer- who says the group helped him build a foundation for a successful farming career. 0:15 - 0:340:35 - 0:42 feeding the cows is something brian bennett has been doing pretty much his whole life. as part of the 4-h and f-f-a clubs he learned the foundation of his career, and says future
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leadership skills to run the farm.brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "through those programs and projects, you had to keep record books and then in crops judging teams, you learn crops and seed and diseases and what not. and certainly they play a big part in our everyday management of our forage program here on the farm." standup: brian is co-owner of his families cattle farm, but when he was in 4-h he actually first started out with sheep. brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "sheep were a little bit easier to handle built that flock up to about 60 or 70 animals by the time i was in high school and was able to sell them and use them to purchase some cattle."brian says the f-f-a teaches skills he wants passed onto future generations.brian bennett/part owner knoll crest farm: "it's one that included the whole community and the whole family can get involved."getting a
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if you want if you want to learn more about the future farmers of america and how you can get involved- head to our website virginia first dot com- and click on the ag life tab. we'll introduce you to two girl scouts who are going the extra mile with their cookie sales this year!you're
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new this morning: meet raven and alli. they're attempting to sell four-thousand boxes of girl scout cookies this year. but, there's a catch! that's right... they're hoping to donate 1-thousand of those boxes to soliders who might not get the chance to have a girl scout cookie while overseas. "we wanted to give to the military because they risk their lives for us 12:22:46 thank you for all they've done for us, thank you for risking your lives and everything that you've done." so far the girls have one-hundred-and eight boxes donated for the soldiers. they're hoping
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no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. virginia first dot-com has your news headlines,
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sports highlights as well. also, like our facebook page -- just search for wfxr news! in health news this morning: for the first time doctors in southern california have performed a procedure in utero. that procedure increases the chances a child would survive open-heart surgery after he was born. wfxr's becky freemal reports. smiling and soaring but grayson's parents didn't always know if he'd make it this far20 weeks into pregnancy, samantha's doctor noticed what looked like small tumors in graysonmarco davila says: we didn't decorate his nursery until he was born - because we were like 'how much can we handle?' 20 weeks into pregnancy, samantha's doctor noticed what looked like small tumors in graysonmarco davila says: the doctor is looking at the echo trying to determine the gender. and he starts focusing. and we said, 'what are you seeing? what's the matter?'but what samantha and marco were seeing weren't tumors. grayson had a rare heart problem. the entire left side of it hardly existed samantha davila says: you go from a survival rate of almost 70 to 15. and you're sitting there with what do you do with 15 percent? doctor frank ing and his team at children's hospital los angeles had to operate on grayson while he was in his mother's womb - using a needle like this one to place a stent in his heart - to keep his smaller heart chambers open wide enough ing says: the procedure is complicated mostly because you're working through another body to get to the fetus. that's number one - so you are far from your targetthe images doctors had of grayson looked like this -- just shadows and outlines created through an ultrasound. and the surgery would be tricky. ing says:
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precision, but it also has to be done quickly- cause i the first surgery went off fine, but later -- after grayson was born -- another surgery took a scary turn. grayson went into cardiac arrest marco davila says: it's a scary ride. and i just prayed - hold on long enough so mom can see you. cause that's all i ask. just hold on so mom can see you. and if you want to go back to heaven...ok. grayson pulled through for samantha to see him. and even though she knows he'll face more challenges through his life --- samantha davila says: he might not be the linebacker on the football team - but he might be able to play a lot of golf with dadthe boy born with half a working
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these days, even hedgehogs are cutting calories! next, we'll introduce you
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he packed on the pounds! "jabba" the hedgehog tipped the scale at more than four pounds when he arrived at a wildlife center in the u-k- nearly three times the weight of the average hedgehog. so now- he's on a diet of liquid dog food. his previous owner overfed him. jabba was so overweight- he wasn't able to curl in a ball. he is making progress and today he's just over three and
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enough weight to one of the cool perks of this place is you can eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing)
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voters in the commonwealth and several other states head to the polls to pick the presidential candidate.the latest in team coverage.making a pleathe man accused of two high profile murder cases is apparently ready to make a deal.examining the evidence roanoke county's police chief reveals more details about a teenager shot and killed by an officer. thank you for choosing


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