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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 3, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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neighbors this morning to help solve this case. a serial robber hitting several local towns. why his winter hat and coat are so sufficient. a pair of protesters dangling high above monday night football. the message they were trying to send to the crowd. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts now, this is the fox25 morning news. >>julie: good tuesday morning, everyone, 4:30 on november 3, i am julie grauert. >>daniel: i am daniel miller. we are following several breaking stories for you this morning. but first stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear is here with your wake-up good morning, shiri. >>shiri: hey, good morning, guys, a little bit of fog that we will we were mentioning. i will be following this until 7:00 and tracking its improvement. zero visibility in falmouth and toward taunton. and to norwood. boston you are doing a okay. visibility is great. 47 degrees.
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42 in peabody. 41 in lawrence. 30s the closer you get to 495. maynard right now at 36 degrees maynard right now at 36 degrees. 38 in wayland. 48 in worcester. 43 in barre and temple, new hampshire. amherst, new hampshire 38 degrees. 37 in plymouth. so 30s and 40s will do it for you early this morning as you leave the house. so on either side of 40 degrees here at 7 a.m., with that little bit of patchy fog, it will dissipate within the hour. so by 8 a.m., we will be seeing a whole lot of sunshine the rest of the day. noontime 64 degrees. per hour. at 3 p.m., 68 degrees. really warm conditions later today. dropping back down to 55 at 7 p.m. i will show you where the winds are going to be the strongest as we get into the afternoon hours coming up in less than 10. now back over to julie grauert with live drive-time tractor-trailer, hey, julie. >>julie: good morning things looking light at this early hour.
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pike wide open into boston. 93 south looking good as is route 1 from the north shore. live look at the zakim bridge, leverett connector, one car out there. you will be doing just fine if you were headed into the city. 11 minutes on the pike from speen street to washington street. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the pike. 23 minutes from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. 4:32 right now. we are following breaking news this morning in dorchester. police there are look police there looking for clues in a deadly shooting overnight. they were called to the scene just after midnight. that's where they found a 21-year-old man shot six times in the chest. he was pronounced dead at the scene. police are asking neighbors for any information on the shooter. we are gathering details from the scene right now. we expect a live report coming up in a few minutes. also breaking this morning in the russian plane crash, the interfax news agency reporting at this hour that cockpit recordings reveal strange sounds on board the plane
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moments before it crashed. that information is on the black boxes which were recovered in good condition. the u.s. government said satellite images show a heat flash on the plane just before it broke apart in the air killing all 224 people on board killing all 224 people on board. the russians says there no way a technical defect or the pilot caused that disaster. investigators say the sounds happened during that incident. we want to get to some more news this morning that is brand news this morning that is brand-new. crews stomp out the flames of a fire at a bj's wholesale club in dedham. the fire was report at 10:40 last night. crews had the flames knocked down by 11:00. it no one was hurt. unclear if the store will open this morning. this morning investigators in hopkinton are working to determine who handed out toilet cleaners to at least two trick trick or treaters. fox25 was the only station to talk to one of the mothers whose child got one of those toxic treats. she told us she was going
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candy basket when she found a sealed white package with a blue disk inside. it turns out to be an still have strength toilet cleaner. she took it to police and gave them the location where is they went trick or treating. the mom did not want to show her face, but she had a warning for other parents. >> please make sure you check your kids candy -- candy baskets because you just never know. >>daniel: another 14-year-old found the candy in his candy stash. both were trick or treating in the a area around main street. police are urging parents to contact them immediately if they notice anything suspicious in their kids' candy. hudson new hampshire police are investigate are investigating a razor blade reportedly found in a bag of halloween candy. the candy was picked up in the emamwood village area. officers are urging parent to report anything suspicious to officers. this morning the fbi said a local robber is targeting bank inside a busy grocery store. the suspects have been caught on camera in several different towns.
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look at these pictures. the most recent robbery a bank inside of a stop and shop. chelmsford and reading police believe he is responsible for robberies in their towns too. looking for a man dressed for cold weather when it has been fairly mild weather. call police if you recognize the man in these photos. a robbery is under investigation in worcester that happened at the edgemere mini-mart on houghton street monday night. four masked men threatened a clerk with a knife. the clerk wasn't hurt. the robbers ransacked the store and made off with money and cigarettes. 4:35. this morning a corrections officer pled not guilty to charges for assaulting a teenager that happened at june officer beach in norton. jeffrey parillo was drunk and carrying a handgun when confronted a group of teenagers loud near his house. parillo is accused of telling the teens he was a cop and punching one when they asked for proof. fox25 spoke with a roommate who said parillo was the victim. >> a couple of punk kids attacking him when he was down
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there taking a walk. that is not right. he is the one that should be pressing charges. not them. he was attacked. defended himself. >>daniel: charged with disorder leer conduct and carry disorder leer conduct and carrying a firearm when intoxicated. he is on leave from his job from the suffolk sheriff's department. the mbta don't have the money to pay for a expensive project they are being forced to greet. the t's control board has been ordered to pay $450 million to install positive train technology an all rails by 2020 technology an all rails by 2020. the equipment slows down trains that are going too fast. the agency will have to borrow money to pay for. congress is requiring all to install the technology. the ntsb has confirmed they have found the wreckage of the el faro cargo ship but still a lot to do this morning. the u.s. navy continues to
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survey the area east of the bahamas and they are working to determine -- to document, that is, the damage and recover the ship's day recorder. they are also planning to recover any human remains that may soon be there. investigators say it will be difficult to get sonar equipment to the ship because it is three miles under water. the el faro sank during hurricane joaquin with 33 people on board including three massachusetts natives. now 4:37. federal agents are on the case of a new hampshire woman killed while taking a walk. someone shot 62-year-old denise robert on a manchester street back in august. fox25 has confirmed the fbi is now assisting local police with the investigation. police have not named any suspects since the shooting. there is a $42,000 reward being offered in case. 4:37 right now, everett police are looking for surveillance video from the area area where a high school football player was stabbed. 16-year-old marven s fedna stabbed in the hand and back. he was walking home from a
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halloween party when he heard someone screaming. he was attacked when he ran to help that person. the stabbing happened hours after the teen scored a touchdown in his team's playoff game. he is expected to make a full recovery. this morning, members of a burlington mosque have closure now that police arrested two teens for vandalizing the building. burlington police poured over this surveillance video as part of the investigation. 18-year-old capello and demoine were arraigned yesterday. a community leader at the mosque has a message for them. >> we just want to say to them to understand your own religion first and then learn about other people's religion and learn about united states of america, what it stands for. >> a judge gave the teens a curfew and ordered them to stay away from each other and they will return to court next month will return to court next month. police in holland, massachusetts trying to identify teens in a vandalism.
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a trailer at the nearby hollin congressional church. they pictured three men getting out of the car the time it happened. more than two dozen cats are checked over and fed after being rescued from a worcester apartment. the woman was being evicted from this building on everguard street when the cats were found street when the cats were found. you can see one hanging out the window. animal control found 28 animals. the conditions they were living in was just awful. they are dirty and in shock but okay >> the cats looked like they were in fair condition. there are some urine filled. i heard reports of the apartment being deplorable with feces and trash and who knows. >> the owner is getting a mental health check at the hospital. meanwhile, the cats are being treated at worcester animal rescue league and should be ready for adoption in a few weeks. happening today, 53 communities around massachusetts will head out to vote in local links. people living in boston, worcester, somerville, cambridge and brockton are
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among those casting ballots. most polling places open at 7:00 this morning and close at 8:00 tonight. massachusetts is one step closer of getting into the fantasy sports business. the state lotto issued a request for information of starting its own fantasy sports game. it will compete with web site like boston-based draft kings and fan duel. they believe the games are draw younger customers and draw additional sources of revenue. >> we must look at everything that impacts our business in ways that we might be able to grow that business and what we have identified is that this is a very different market than the present lottery player. >> the lottery commission says it still needs a better understanding of the fantasy sports industry before moving forward with hits own games. and more details this morning. fox25 has learned high-paid nfl players are now cashing in on fantasy football games. the league tell us players and other insiders are allowed to win up to $250 in any fantasy football contest. the nfl says the rule is meant
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players and insiders have an unfair advantage; however, sports law experts believe allowing players to win any money in fantasy sports could be a problem. >> the fact is a player will have access to information that a consumer would not have. >>daniel: a new jersey congressman has sent a letter to fantasy sports sites closed captioning to see how much nfl players, coaches and staff are winning. the congressman wants to know if the nfl is enforcing the $2 if the nfl is enforcing the $250 rule. we have breaking news coming into the fox25 newsroom. >>daniel: a criminal investigation shutting down a major road in canton. we have a crew at the home where there is a heavy police presence right now. and a student wrongly ided as a boston marathon bomber. how to two words in a up into headline nearly ruined his life. . and winds will be gusting up around 20, 25 miles per hour this afternoon. you can see them strengthen from the coast
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coast. down from the cape, after the sun comes up.
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you see how a local college student wrongly accused of being a boston marathon bomber is now sharing his story. he is a freshman at fitchburg state. in the days after the terror attacks new york post posted a picture of him and another man as bag men. the paper said the fbi
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considers them suspects in the bombing this they were cleared of any wrongdoing but their lives were changed forever. >> from facebook messages. are you a terrorist. did you bomb the marathon or we are on to you. >> he was 17 at the time and he said his grades suffered and many colleges withdrew their acceptance offers. both men sued the "new york post" and reached a financial settlement they are not allowed to disclose. first night fireworks will go on. the city of boston credit union will sponsor the new year's eve midnight fireworks display and the mayor is thankful. >> this isn't the first time they stepped up here in the city. they do incredible work and great to see we will have fireworks here in the city for and i appreciate all their efforts here. >>julie: the credit union will donate $30,000 to continue the fireworks tradition. this morning a new hampshire mom wants a local high school to change its mascot. the symbol of rochester spalding high school and go by red raiders.
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incentive to native-americans. he has written a letter but some say the use of the mascot are limited. >> we are not allowed to use the word "red raider request" on our closing and not allowed a raider face. it is kind of becoming an issue. >>daniel: the district plans to review the request. meanwhile, rochester's mayor says no plan to remove the logo from the city-owned gym even though the floor will be resurfaced later this month. the boston bruins return to the ice and bs host tyler seguin and the dallas stars at the garden. the black and gold won six of their last seven games. dallas is in first place in the western conference. this morning four undefeat this morning four undefeated teams left in the national football league. the carolina panthers remaining perfect against colts but just barely. adam vinatieri ties the game with time running out. and grabbing the tipped ball ander about september this
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andrew luck pass. seconds later, ganeau steps up and hits the game winner from 52 yard. the panthers are 7-0 for the first time in franchise history first time in franchise history. two high-flying protesters are in trouble for disrupting that game in charlotte. the demonstrators rapelled from the second deck of the stadium to display a banner. it had a message about a liquefied natural gas facility. the game was not stopped but hundreds of fans in one part of the stadium had to leave. police arrested for the demonstrators to come down and then arrested them. heading out on the roads this morning, shiri and i are in close touch about foggy spots. right now volume is so light that your visibility is all right and you are very -- real lonely on the roads. 93 south wide open. only a dozen or so cars crossing the zakim bridge. live drive times. 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128. if you were headed southbound from route 1 in peabody to the
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weston tolls. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear here with us now to tell us more what to expect today. hi, shir. >>shiri: hi, good morning. the sun comes up at 6:20. the sun goes down 4:35. we are losing daylight at a per day. some that means by christmas, we are going to lose another one hour and 10 minutes of daylight. if you feel like the day is closing in on you here, you are not alone. in fact it kind of is. 47 degrees right now in boston. still dark outside, yes. but we are seeing clear skies there. notice we stick with mostly 46 degree. 49 at 8 a.m. by 10:00 57. by lunchtime, 63. highs in mid- to upper 60s in most spots. although there are some early morning showers now traveling across main and northern new england. here we stay dry. we stay generally clear other than that little bit of fog i have that been watching closely
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have that been watching closely. futurecast though has early morning clouds clearing out along with the fog in favor of sunshine by lunchtime today and check this out, all the way through the afternoon. not a worry in the world. a little bit gusty we saw that before we go to break. winds gusting at the coast and cape. 20 to 25 miles per hour. not any damaging winds but something you are going to notice if you were out and about. in boston today, let's count on getting up to 68 degrees. 69 in cambridge. now about 70s in spots like arlington, watertown and brookline and dedham and newton brookline and dedham and newton. we definitely have mild locations out there and near 70-degree read also go into natick at 59. framingham at 69. ashland at about 69 and hopkinton also at 69 degrees. cooler in the hills with worcester at 65 degrees. upper 60s in fitchburg to manchester, new hampshire, over to lawrence. portsmouth, new hampshire, 67. same in plymouth and 64 in hyannis this afternoon. no complaints allowed as far as
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this is almost 10 degree if not average. tonight, 40s will be back. you will wake up to these 40 you will wake up to these 40-degree readings early tomorrow morning under another batch of clear skies and tomorrow highs a little bit cooler. a reason why we are only at 59 tomorrow afternoon in boston and 60 in plymouth, but the further inland you go the warmer it gets to 63 in framingham. 66 in fitchburg. and 65 in keene, new hampshire. because even though we have got this nice sunshine, the winds are going to be weaker tomorrow that allows the sea breeze to form. whenever we have winds coming in off the water it does bring in cooler air, especially for the coastline itself where temperatures end up being lowest during the afternoon. your seven-day forecast for the weekend always in view. going to stick with mostly sunny today and tomorrow. by thursday, 68 degrees by thursday, 68 degrees. we have late rain coming into play on thursday. i want to give awn hour-by-hour look at that. not going to end up being a washout, but really thursday into friday, that's when you
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couple of those showers. very, very late on thursday. early friday morning expecting a couple of showers. that takes you through 10 a.m. and then friday night, another batch, and then into the weekend week, 62 degrees on saturday. by sunday, 51 degrees. and i will show you the specifics. kind of the hot challenge for the weekend coming up in a little while. now. >>julie: talk to you soon. putting calorie counts on menu. restaurant. a local celebrity photo bombs a baby's picture. just one scoop of rich,creamy takes your monday dinner from mundane to masterpiece. it's easy to make every day delicious with
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for 160 years.
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a local kennel owner is relieved to have three stolen puppies back home. the puppies went missing on saturday from the pick a pup kennel. an anonymous tip led them to home in plainville are thes are safe. one person is facing charges. the kennel's owner couldn't be more relieved. >> a wonderful feeling. whatever happened out there, we thank everybody who is helpful in getting back these puppies. >> the puppies appear to be healthy but they will be getting a check-up to be sure. the owner will be installing cameras and better locks to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. if you can find out in your 20s and 30s that you carry 20s and 30s that you carried a gene for a deadly disease, would you want to know? >> showed signs in his late 30s
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>> showed signs in his late 30s. things got slowly worse and he was finally tested at age 46. and that was when we were told that he definitely had the genetic mutation. >>daniel: but a simple test could provide answers for his children and even your family. we will show you how it works in a special report. that is tonight on the fox25 news at 10:00. next week, students will have one less night of homework in marshfield. next tuesday the school superintendent is asking students to think of a veteran and try to attend the town's veteran dayer is pony. it comes after town officials announced that marshfield will not be holding its annual veterans day parade due to lack of have. amazon is the latest company to announce a major overhaul of employees parental benefits. they will get 20 weeks fully paid leave for you in moms and six weeks full salary for you in dads. first mothers and primary caregivers can ease back to work on flexible schedule. the new policies go into effect next year.
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it comes months after new york times shed light of the retail giant having a poor work-life balance. gas prices continue to fall this morning. the average price for a gallon of gas is down a penny to $2.06 of gas is down a penny to $2.06. as low as it got back in february. aaa say prices in massachusetts are $.13 less than the national average and a whole $.98 less than they were at this time last year. a photo shoot in the louisiana woods of a newborn baby looked beautiful enough, but then a deer stopped by. photographer megan ryan was able to nag this amazing photo of sleeping 1-month-old connor and connor's mom filmed the entire thing. the mother said the deer is well known to location as maggie and get this, she has been photobombing for a while now. 4:56. passengers aren't pleased with airlines. coming up this morning, from leg room to carry ons. the biggest complaint and why smaller airlines may do it better than the big guys.
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taylor wivt, but now one r&b artist says "shake it off" was his song first.
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the similarities he says are now at 5:00, breaking news overnight. a person shot six times in the chest. what we are learning this morning about a young man found dead in dorchester. >>gene: also breaking an early morning crime scene shuts down a major road in canton. the intense police presence outside a home right now tsara plus the money troubles ma that i stop life-saving equipment from coming to the t. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts now. this is the fox25 morning news. everybody. thank you for being with us on this tuesday morning. it is a third day of november. i am gene lavanchy. underwood. get ready for sun and a comfortable fall day. fox25 storm tracker weather meteorologist shiri spear joining us with a timeline on the warm up.
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