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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 13, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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. now at 4:00, breaking news in the fight against isis. american air strikes target the man responsible for killing a local journalist. what james foley's family is saying about the attacks. a father saves a child by throwing himself in front of a stopped. the damage that to car that police want people to be looking for this morning. the mother now charged in the death of her teenaged daughter. what the teenager's school doing to prevent future drug overdoses. complete new england coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good morning and happy friday, everyone, 4:00 on november 13. i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. a few showers left in our friday forecast.
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fox25 storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear is here with windy conditions and even, get ready, some flurries to start your weekend. good morning, shiri. >> shiri: hey, good morning, you guys. late night flurries tonight. i don't expect them time pact everybody mostly north and west of boston. we start off dry and partly cloudy with 53 in boston. 47 in beverly. 49 in norwood. lower 50s out to fitchburg. nashua, new hampshire 45 degrees. 54 hyannis. 40s and 50s. and temperatures are pretty much upper 40s consistently at 7:00. this is your best bet for sunshine. the morning hours featuring partly sunny skies and then for the afternoon, the clouds end up thickening back up from the northwest to the southeast. at noontime, i have got temperatures in the upper 50s. during the afternoon close to 60, but we don't quite break it 60, but we don't quite break it. and notice we also have to null a couple of spot showers
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obviously this will be all rain because highs in the mid- to upper 50s. a mild day. 54 to 63 your afternoon high. mild turning pretty windy sustained winds 10 to 30. stronger gusts coming up. flurries. timeline on that also minutes away. julie, back over to you for a check of the roads. >> julie: shiri, right now things are nice and light what we are used to seeing 4:02 in the morning. 93 south wide open. smooth sailing through bright smooth sailing through brighton. 13 minutes on the pike from the weston tolls to the ted williams tunnel. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree plit to the pike. 23 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 4:02 right now. we begin with breaking news in syria and a potentially huge milestone in the u.s.-led campaign against isis. >> new u.s. air strikes may have killed a well-known terrorist responsible for the murder of james foley.
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the pentagon said the u.s. conducted a air strike target conducted a air strike targeting member jihadi john. he is a british citizen whose real name is muhammed amwazi. they are trying to discover if the air strike was successful. james foley's parent have been outspoken about since 2013. he was one first of several journalists beheaded by isis. plans for the attack had been in the works for several days. foley's mother tells abc news if the attack was successal of small solace to the family. fox25 is following any development of this story. we will keep you updated all morning long. a weymouth father puts him self in danger to protect his daughter from a moving car. the search is on for the people who hit them. william preston told his story only to fox25. he said his family was walking back to a motel on washington
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car hit them on the sidewalk. the force of the impact flipped over his 1-year-old daughter's stroller. she was crying but thankfully she wasn't hurt. >> we pushed -- i think she would have been severely injured if not dead. >> daniel: witnesses say the prestons were hit with a black toyota corolla possibly driven by teenagers. it may have a cracked wind it may have a cracked windshield where his elbow hit it. police are looking for surveillance video that leads them to the vehicle. 4:04. happening today, a mother will face charges for the death of her own teenaged daughter. the girl overdosed in a hotel room. eve tarmey died from a sentinel overdose. officers arrested her mother, her mother's boyfriend and another woman. staff members try to step in when they notice problems and this case is particularly heart this case is particularly heartbreaking. >> it is really sad -- the sadness.
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it is a tough case for everyone who knew her and the students are certainly grieve are certainly grieving. >> the school district says it will work on new drug education and guidelines to prevent this from happening again. 4:04. we are waiting to find out if the umass boston soccer players will be disciplined for tweets targeting a former star player on the revolution. the tweets targeted the player who was injured a mid-air collision with another player in 2008. tweeted that soccer isn't growing in the u.s. because of the efforts to stop from concussion. they called him names we can't say on tv. umass boston said they will be disciplined for the language. students on campus tell us they have mixed feelings about that. >> whatever they want because it is a free country, but that doesn't mean that you tweet whatever you want. >> people should be allowed to post what they want, but there
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should be some self-restraint. >> daniel: spelman tweeted back at the players calling them disgusting. the victim was hit on afternoon. police are looking for a silver car that was seen or driving erratically before the crash. call police for any information. the body of a missing teenager is found on a remote local police. authorities are tying to find out how he died. they found his body at gerner's point in plymouth. his family reported him missing october 17. the workers who discovered the body thought it was a prank at first. >> we didn't think it was real at first because you don't expect to see that. it never happened before. >> i felt bad to the guy. who knows what happened to him. >> plymouth police say right is involved. an elderly driver is facing charges for hitting a state police cruiser in a wrong-way crash. we were on the scene as this was breaking yesterday morning.
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night on route 6 in barnstable. police say the 80-year-old behind the wheel of the other car had a medical condition and should not have been on the road. the trooper was treated for minor injuries and is out of the hospital. a sturbridge man who took dead dogs to the vet is being charged with animal cruelty. on october 28, david pelletier brought five dead german shepherds to the hospital. they all died from parvo virus help in arrested him on five counts of animal cruelty. a charlestown man is held without bail as he faces charges for a road rage incident. gary pimental was in court for an incident that happened dues on 93 north. he is accused of pointing a fake gun at a woman and following the car. now we are learning that pi metal was under investigation for punching a customer in the face while working at a mcdonald's. because of this pimental's bail
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was revoked. a officer who was seen throwing a man into the ball that this video is in jail. 'brook officer marc richardson took a plea deal that put him behind bars for 21 days. he admitted of assaulting a 19-year-old while the teen was in police custody in 2009. he is now forbidden of being a police officer in new hampshire ever again. today is the deadline for state approvals to bring a grand prix-style street race to boston. this morning a new obstacle. the boston herald reports there is a major conference planned for the weekend slotted for the race in 2018. the grand prix race starts and finishes outside the convention center and would close roads throughout the seaport area. mayor marty walsh signed a five mayor marty walsh signed a car to host the race. the herald reports that walsh's team did not know about the conference until this week. as boston-based fantasy sports site draftkings prepares
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for its legal showdown, baker does not consider it gambling. they let users choose fantasy sports line-ups and enter them into sports contests. the new york attorney general dhring illegal gambling. they believe it is a game of skill and not a game of chance and therefore says it is not gambling. the paper said baker he himself had played a free game on draft had played a free game on draftkings. new york accounts for 10% of accounts. standardized testing in the bay state could soon change. the board of education will vote on replacing the mcas and park exam in favor of a new test that blends the two. if approved, the plan is to have it ready to go by 2017. the president of the mass teachers association says she feels students will still be overtested and exams are not the proper way to evaluate students and teachers. this morning the mbta is saying it is -- it has the real
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design winners when it comes to team makeover cars. the images were released yesterday two days after the agency says it discovered ballot stuffing for the red and green line trains. the mbta said after sifting through the data and ruling out any response uncovered in under 10 seconds, it got the real results. the agency think the first vote was rigged by someone with a lot of down time. a traffic alert for commuters in the medford area. route 19 in medford will be closed at the railroad crossing until tuesday. marks dot will be working to complete the crossings. those who use route 19 should plan for detours. i will have updates on the traffic there and throughout the area all morning long. speaking traffic, we do track it every ten minutes with the weather for you. and right now, things moving along nicely. that volume is so light that our drive times very reasonable. i will have a look at those in a moment. first here is shiri.
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>> shiri: i will tell you what >> shiri: i will tell you what, if you are headed out conditions are easy going. breaks in the clouds. we will expand through the morning. 53 degrees 53 degrees dropping to 5. 6 a.m., 50 degrees. i will highlight the cool spots and who will see flurries when we come back. a local veteran killed when he showed up to help a friend. why the victim's father feels sad for the man who allegedly shot and killed his son. the boston police department hits the ice with the bruins.
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a woman accused of stealing from a charity set up for boston marathon bombing survivors will be back in court survivors will be back in court. joanna lee claims she suffered brain damage from the explosion outside the forum restaurant. but a photo proved that lee was actually about a half mile away when the bombs went off. lien is accused of using her story to get thousands of dollars from the one fund. the search continues for the man accused of abducting two children from a parking lot at a providence rhode island wal-mart. irvin ran off with the up fant and 4-year-old after getting into an argument with the mother who was reportedly his roommate. he dropped the children off at a market. they were taken to the hospital and then returned to their moth and then returned to their mother. sanchez was last seen in a black car with two missing hubcaps. police are busted a mother on drug charges while her child was in the car.
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parking lot of the wal-mart on brockton making for a total of five drug busts for a month and a half for that spot. part of a bigger problem because they made 40 drug arrests since july. fox25 spoke to the people who live in the area who say they are not too surprised by those numbers. >> i moved here a couple of years ago, and i heard a lot about it. kind of -- everybody seems to know that -- that it is kind of a big situation around here. >> daniel: in both cases involving children, the mothers are accused of reckless endangerment in addition to drug charges. 4:15. and once again we are talking about a loss at home for the bruins. dennis seidenberg made his season debut after back surgery in september 37 and great to see him on the ice. bruins jumped out to 2-0 lead. the net made it 2-0. less than six minutes in. there we go. colorado stormed back. ties the game in the first
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francois bocheman tied at 2 and stayed that way. but offense for the bruins disappears. a game winner and colorado wins 3-2. >> daniel: at the game, the bruins honored a police officer shot in the line of duty over the summer. officer john moynihan nearly died after the suspect he stopped shot him just under the eye. he has spent the past several injuries. last night at the td garden -- they released a video of the recent tour of a facility the bruins gave the officer. >> i think we got something behind you for you. go ahead and open it up. >> thanks, guys, appreciate it >> thanks, guys, appreciate it. >> daniel: that is pretty cool >> daniel: that is pretty cool. officer moynihan got to shoot pucks with the team. you can watch the entire video right now on what an opportunity. >> julie: great story there.
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a look at the roads, and if you hate traffic which we all do, you can always leave it for 16 in the morning because you are flying along the expressway are flying along the expressway. expressway looks good. pike moving along nicely and wide open through brighton. 11 minutes on 24 from 1 to 128. 21 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 10 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. fox25 stormtracker meteorologist shiri spear joining with us a look at today's forecast. as far as the commute is concerned, shiri, what are we thinking of for the weather? >> shiri: the commute will be fine. both commutes will be fine even though a slight chance of a shower as you head later home. upper 50s. kind of mild compared to that normal high of 52, but temperatures take a huge dip into your saturday. slowly start warming up sunday into early next week but get ready for big-time cool downs by this time tomorrow. 53 degrees in the city right now. we are starting out as i mentioned nice and mild in boston itself.
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a look good, feel good kind of morning as the clouds are more broken up than they were yesterday 15-mile-per-hour winds. we have to look for gusty conditions developing today and extending into your saturday morning. over the next couple of hours, temperatures that will horer in the lower 50s. 55 degrees by 10 a.m. by noontime, 57 degrees. and temperatures slowly start sliding downwards as we hit the afternoon. let's recall worcester at 46 degree. here as well we are starting out -- or not -- or we are just going to move forward. we are starting out with mostly clear conditions, but you will see blips of green pass on through. just want to put a little warning out there that we have some showers and drizzle that continue during the overnight hours so you might find the grass and roadways a little bit damp right now. thankfully we are starting to get into more and more of the breaks in the clouds and nice pocket of mild air to tap into today before this cold front swings through and ushers in the cooler air and also a few
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of those spot showers. future cast is quiet through the first half of our day. noontime comes along, partly cloudy and the further north and west you go, the more clouds you are going to find. our brightest area ends up being southeast massachusetts. into the afternoon here we go with the spot showers. not everybody will see these. they will be fairly hit or miss and you do need to be on the lookout starting at 2:00. come 4 p.m. and the evening commute, i have got some of those here and there showers, even possibly rolling through boston and that potential is going to continue straight into the evening hours. so your friday night plans for most towns and cities run dry. you might want to have that umbrella on hand just in case. down. you see flurries mostly well north and west of boston into the hills and mountains, but even out into worcester and into, say, nashua, i could see a couple of those flurries popping up tonight. today's highs upper 50s. plain rain this afternoon. way too warm for anything else.
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as temperatures slide overnight tonight, back to 36 in bedford. 35 in fitchburg. 33 in keene, new hampshire. it is cold enough to get a couple of those flurries floating around. the winds will be increasing from 10:00 this morning until 7:00 tomorrow morning. west winds 20 to 30 miles per hour sustained and gusts up to 40 which is why i have a wind advisory for the cape and islands specifically where we will see the prongest winds. cape and islands start in the 40s for tomorrow. back into the 50s on sunday. i am going to go with a little more sunshine here during the day tomorrow, especially north of boston. up into lakes region. look at that, sunopee. 38 for high tomorrow. 48 on sunday. also in this neck of the woods, the further north you go, the more clouds you will encounter through the weekend. a breezy set-up tomorrow. the clouds melt away into your sunday. i have to null a couple more of those clouds especially northward. the seven-day forecast for the weekend. middle 50s monday and tuesday.
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and 63 with a chance of showers on thursday. back to you. >> daniel: 4:20 right now. hundreds of women are blaming their pregnancy blaming their pregnancies on their birth control pills. coming up the mistake with the packaging and why they want the support. and mitt romney back on the
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this morning ntsb search crews are hoping to find the voice data recorder for a missing cargo ship. they located the bridge deck of the el faro which is where that recorder should be. 33 people were on board when the ship went missing the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. three of the crewmembers were from massachusetts. the first time in years, the supreme court will weigh in on abortion rights. justices could decide later today that they will hear cases from texas and mississippi. in both cases abortion clinics face the risk of closure. the big issue is whether the laws in the state impose a so laws in the state impose a so-called undue burden on a woman's constitutional right to an abortion. if the justices decide to hear the cases they will likely land
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before the justices in june. just months before the 2016 presidential election. 4:24 right now. built mitt is still refuse -- mitt romney is still refusing to run for president but not stopping his friends from encouraging him to do it. "washington post" is worried that the party's front runners are political outsiders. they are mapping out a strategy to have him make a late entry into the race. romney has insisted he has no desire to run for president again. 4:25. prosecutors want the former sub prosecutors want the former subway spokesman to get the maximum sentence. jared fogle pled guilty to child porn and having sex with a minor. they want him to serve 12 years in prison and a lifetime of probation. before the plea-bargain he face before the plea-bargain he faced a maximum sentence of 50 years. an on-duty agent faces charges of sending obscene pictures and texts to someone
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girl. lee robert moore was actually talking to a police officer and was sending the text while on duty at white house. he allegedly admitted to the crime when questioned by police. he faces up to ten years in prison. around the country, colleges are holding solidarity blackouts to show supports for anti-racism demonstrations at the university of missouri. hundreds of people at boston college joined for a 20-minute rally. once it ended said dozens of anonymous posted mock dozens of anonymous posted mocked the event saying the school does enough to protect minority students. bc was one of the many colleges to join the nationwide journalist. a student journal ace the university of missouri plans to press charges over this incident. a mizzou university professor confronting the student. you can see melissa click yelling and then grabbing the camera. the student who shot the video wants her charged with assault because doesn't think her apology is sincere.
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him accepting her apology. the student said he wanted to meet with click face to face about the whole thing but she is avoiding him. om boston students joined a movement that swept a number states dubbed the million students march. they were among students nation they were among students nationwide that held demonstrations to protest ballooning student loan debt for higher education. you are looking at the marching in pennsylvania state and west have a. several gathered at northeastern said degrees, not receipts. rallies took place at umass amherst. organizers say they want free public college and a debt. one part of a missing person's case is solved this morning, but the larger part of this mystery is still unsolved. a missing teenager is found dead on a local beach. the work being done this morning to find out how he got there.
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