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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 24, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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how drivs can avoid the worst of the congestion. a babysitter accused of leaving a toddler on the side of the road is undergoing a mental health evaluation. what police found when they first searched the sitter in the hours after the baby was taken. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> julie: good tuesday morning. it is now 4:30 on november 24, i am julie grauert. >> daniel: i am daniel miller. we are tracking traffic and weather this morning. storm tracker meteorologist shiri spear has the cold temps to start your day, good morning. >> shiri: this is how much colder it is this morning. 9 degrees colder than yesterday at this time in boston. 20 degrees colder in orange. 22 degrees colder in norwood. that means, folks, that most of us kicking off the day in the 20s. boston at 30 degrees and peabody at 26. dedham at 24. framingham at 23. lawrence at 26. wrentham at 22 degrees.
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and we have got these 20s down to bridgewater at 20 on the nose. at risk for dropping into the teens. plymouth, 24 degrees. 29 in sandwich. and 23 in worcester and teens in spots like barre this morning. pepperell at 21. maynard at 20. amherst, new hampshire at 26. 7 a.m. temperatures are going to mostly be running in the 20s to mostly be running in the 20s. average out say 26 degrees. either way you look at it, it is going to be cold, my friends is going to be cold, my friends. we have got lots of sunshine today. at noontime, 40 degrees. a couple of scattered clouds will be moving in not to worry. we do stay dry. lower 40s through the afternoon and back down to freezing at 7:00 this evening. i will show you how how long this cold stretch will continue coming up. for now over to julie with a look at the roads. >> shiri, things moving you a long nicely at this early hour. pike looks good from framingham through the weston tolls into the allston-brighton area. coming from the north shore. i will keeping a close eye on traffic headed in the reverse direction as many of you get
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ready to head out of town for thanksgiving. zakim bridge wide open. live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass avenue. 9 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 24 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. now to breaking news. a russian warplane has been shut down near the syrian border by turkish fighter jets. the plane violated their airspace and ignored several warnings been they shot it down. russian officials are come out to deny that the plane crashed any boundaries. the pilots ejected and may have been captured and the ground. last month turkish jets shot down a military drone that violated airspace. more information as it comes developing news morning, a worldwide warning for travelers holiday season. >> julie: the state department is urging americans to be on
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ed where. fox25's jessica reyes is live at logan airport with the alert at logan airport with the alert. jess? >>reporter: hi, julie, good morning. over the next couple of days tens of thousands of people will be flying in and out of the sewer national term -- of the international terminal at logan airport. they are warning everyone that terrorist attacks could essentially happen anywhere at any time. that travel alert was issued yesterday that al qaeda, isis and other terrorist groups are planning attacks that could use a variety of different weapons. it warns of copycat attacks by groups not associated with ft. worth organizations. did speak with a security expert about a warning that said should be taken very, very serious. >> it wouldn't be be an alert if there wasn't some intelligence telling the government that americas have to be on the lookout. >> and the alert remains in effect from february of next
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year. over the next couple of days. thousands upon thousands of people will be flying out of this international terminal here at logan airport. and this morning we will be speaking to people flying in and out of here. we will be hearing from them in fox25 morning news. now now we are live inside morning news. drivers are bracing for big headaches on the roads all day. the state says this is the busiest travel day of the year on the pike as people rush to get out of town for the holiday season. fox25's catherine parrotta live for us this morning at the rest stop in framingham with what mass dot is telling drivers. good morning, catherine. >> good morning, daniel. when you think about thanksgiving travel, you are so used to hearing that the day before thanksgiving wednesday is the busiest travel day. turns out that today is actually the busiest travel day and not just here in massachusetts but many places according an analysis of google maps information, but local transportation officials have advice for you as you are ready to get on the way.
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river and through the woods to grand mother's house wherever that might be, you can have plenty of company out there. a aa is predicting 300,000 additional holiday travels will hit the roads. 47 million americans that are traveling more than 50 miles for thanksgiving and the organization expects most of those travelers, 42 million to travel by cars. to take advantage of real-time information to help your travels as smooth as possible. they do indicate the heaviest volume on the roads will be today, tomorrow and sunday. travelers are also encouraged to take advantage of the t that will run on sunday's schedule on thanksgiving day and the silver line will have additional service this week if you were headed to logan. if you were headed out for thanksgiving travel, you know the drill. make sure the car is maintained maintained. a little good news reported yesterday that gas prices are falling just a bit so that should help you out. meantime if you were wondering the best time to begin your travel or areas to avoid, we do
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have information for that. we will tell you about that coming up next hour. live in framingham, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and stay with us all morning, julie and shiri. we will be tracking weather and traffic together all morning long, and julie will be back again this afternoon on our news at 5 p.m. following what is expected to be a rebusy day on the roads. the new england patriots will be hitting the road this weekend, and they are heading to denver with a perfect weather. pats hosting buffalo and if you have james white in the touchdown. good guess. a 20-yard pass to put new england up 10-3. third quarter tom brady hits danny amendola. it goes down the yard line. running out of breath just talking about it. unfortunately amendola was injured later in the game but the job was done. white rumbles through from six yards out. 20-10. pats go on to win 20 pats go on to win 20-13.
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bryan salmond has reaction from foxborough. >>reporter: entering game with the buffalo bills, the question who was going to step up for the new england patriots offensively. james white had two interceptions and ran the ball twice. he scored once in the air and once on the grown and good for the patriots to improve to have 10-0 on the season. >> felt good any time -- like i said anything i can do to help this team with score touchdowns are blocking, whatever it takes, i will do it whatever it takes, i will do it. >> not only scored your first, that's nice. >> felt good. guys were down. people had to step up. so i wanted to be one of those guys. >> touchdown run. you know broke graham's tackle there down the 10-yard line, 8 8-yard line. james has been a dependable player and came through with big plays last week and had them today. so, you know, we need everybody every week. >>reporter: up next for the new england patriots, the denver
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broncos in denver. supposed to be tom brady for peyton manning. oswaln for an injured peyton manning but still a primetime sports. sports director tom leyden was on the field at gillette and we got him early. he will be in the studio at 6 a.m. to look ahead at what is next for the team. now 4:38. new this morning, a state trooper is recovering after being hit by a car outside gillette stadium. the trooper was at a post on route 1 after the game when a suspected drunk driver hit him just before midnight. the trooper was taken to norwood hospital and will be okay and police arrested the operator charged with operating under the influence. 21-year-old abigail hanna has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. fox25 was in court as hanna made her first appearance since being arrested on friday. the psychologist testified she
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and suicidal thoughts. prosecutors say hanna kidnapped 2-year-old linden alberts. shaved her head, burned her with cigarettes and left her naked in a wooded area. a couple driving for work found the child. she is recovering with her they believe that man in illness. >> a senseless crime that has senseless circumstances, and the defendant herself is actually unaware of the charges charges. >> according to court documents obtained by fox25, hanna admitted that the albers kept the doors unlocked at their home. month. the murder trial of a danvers teenager is on hold for the rest of the week opinion evidence presented in the phillip chism trial was hard to look at. the jury was shown with blood on his hands and jeans outside the bathroom where colleen rit the bathroom where colleen
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ritzer was raped and murdered. it shows chism buying a movie ticket with ritzer's credit card. and human blood and the box. cutter from his backpack. the judge gave jurors the rest of the week off urging them to avoid talking about the trial over thanksgiving. new charges this morning in connection with the death of a woman found burned on train tracks in bridgewater. julian and shannon squires were arrested for misleading police. they saw ashley bortner the day she died but lied where to police. 4:40 now. two ren are accused accused of of luring a man to a vacant house and killing him. charged with the first-degree murder death of kevin gonzalez. the suspects are half brothers. men told gonzalez they were going to rob a drug dealer, but instead one of them shot
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reportedly found in a body of water but police will not say where. all three were involved in an ongoing dispute. the fbi wants help to find seven military weapons still missing after a break-in at a worcester armory. fox25 has been following the story since 16 high-powered weapons were stolen two weeks ago. police made quick work arrest police made quick work arresting this man james morales in the case. most of the weapons were found near yankee stadium in new york near yankee stadium in new york. an assault rifle and six handguns are still missing. anyone with information can contact the fbi. we have a phone number on our web site at we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes for you, and on days like today as we head into thanksgiving, these drive times are more important than ever. right now 10 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. i will be updating all of these throughout the morning for you. shiri. a look at what to expect. in the 20s.
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cold at 5 p.m. or even heading out to do some travel. 5 p.m. temps still in the 30s, so i will map out what time we will actually warm up and how high those temperatures go next. local families say they were promised help to care for their disabled children and didn't get it. >> we were developed leaving the hospital, 80 hours by the nursing agency and we have never been fully staffed >> the push those parent are making now to fix a nursing shortage in new england. police are searching for suspects in a rash of break
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the hundreds of victims like him. julie the new england patriots honored ezra schwartz before their game. the teenager was killed in an attack at the west bank. student and staff at brandeis held a candlelight vigil. he did not attend the school but so many friend. >> it is ridiculous that you took away someone who was so
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special to everyone. he had to lose his life at young age. >> he was killed delivering food to israeli soldiers. a gunman open fired on cars stuck in a traffic jam. he was in one the cars. will not happen until after the super bowl. a u.s. appeals court had march 3. in september, lower court overturned the quarterback's four-game suspension. the league claimed the judge overstepped his authority. both sides hope to wrap up the case before the start of the 2016 season. tonight the celtics begins a stretch of three games in four nights. the cs will be on the road in atlanta. over the weekend the hawks home arena was reportedly the home of a terror threat. security was increased but the threat they say now was not credible. bruins and maple leafs at toronto. check out the first part of the game. this is -- that was a great shot.
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patrice bergeron's shot backs out to marchond. later in the game marchond fires shot from close range in one will go to the shoot out. david krejci puts the moves on james reimer. bruins win 4-3. 4:48 appear let's head out to the roads and start with the map. bright green which means nothing slowing us down quite yet, but i expect it to be very busy today as people head out for thanksgiving. expressway moving along nicely. 93 south route 1 looks good. zakim bridge wide open. 12 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes from 495 to the leverett connector. 23 minutes on 128 south from route 1 in pea boy to the weston tolls. fox25 storm tracker shiri spear fox25 storm tracker shiri spear. in my short walk to the car my
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hands were nearly frozen today. >> shiri: i feel like my finger tips are really cold and one of those days this he stay frozen all day long. 33 degrees. i know that doesn't sound so bad but in the burbs where we venture into the teens. i don't like any wind chill in the 30s because wind chills and discomfort. 30 degrees in boston. by 6 a.m., 31 degrees. we do not plan on much of a warm up. 37 by 10:00 and back into the 40s by noontime. we peak in the 40s in most spots this afternoon. current wind speeds although calm in most of the region. a little breeze in boston and worcester and we also got breezy conditions across the outer cape and man in thawbingt is create is creating these wind chills. it feels like 11 between the cold and the wind and worcester right now. really kind of the worst feeling spots. boston you may not actually be in the 20s, but feels like the 20s. feels like 23 there and feels like 24 degrees in chatham.
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that's why i am encouraging you, your kids that have school today, everybody has got to bundle up. chilly air that will continue to pour into the region today. as cold air moves across the great lakes, it picks up a little bit of moisture and the result is some lake-effect snow showers. those are not going to be able to reach all the way in here. i do not have a big weather system to roll on through. i have snow showers attached to those lakes back there. that means futurecast today will involve incoming clouds and does not involve any kind of wet weather. high temperatures today. i think the rule will be mostly lower 40s out there with 43 in boston and malden. 45 in quincy. 44 in cambridge to brookline to watertown to arlington. a couple of cooler spots in central massachusetts with about 40 in rutland. 41 in garner. 41 in northborough. those are my chillier spots. you can see the low and mid-40s go all the way down to the cape, the south shore, the north shore, southern new hampshire may about 43 degrees.
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20s are back tonight and during the day tomorrow, make it into the mid- to upper 40s. we have got a little bit of a warm-up. you can see we have the cool sunshine but here are the changes that come into play toward thanksgiving. warmer air moving in along with a little bit of cloud cover. here your seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view and the thanksgiving forecast still looking very while 52 to 58 degrees. partly sunny and dry conditions partly sunny and dry conditions. no rain until late fly early saturday. the remainder of the weekend will actually shape up nice and dry. back to you, guys. donald trump leading the polls in new hampshire, but questions are surfacing whether or not he should be on the ballot. the complaints one man has filed against the donald. and coming up next, maybe we have been better
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life saber. just in time for that busy thanksgiving travel. a stretch of 93 year the zakim bridge and another chunk of the officer spate officer state before route 3 made the list of the 30 worst bottlenecks in the nation. it was by the american user alliance. stuck in traffic for 2.1 million hours a year. the secretary of transportation says more money needs to be invested in the nation's roads. >> this thanksgiving what america is get something a preview of what to expect to occur over the next 30 years if
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things go unchecked. >> officials say the solution should be coming soon. congress is hammering out a deal on the first long-term highway funding bill in more than decade. hundreds of fire fighters honored foyer their bravery and heroic actions. the 26th annual fire fighter awards held at mit. several awards were given out to fire fighters for going above and beyond at work, but communities. the governor took a moment to thank our local heroes for putting their lives on the line every shift they work. >> thank you all for knowing that every single day may come with a surprise that nobody anticipated. and that that surprise in many case also go way above and beyond what most of us think of as a hard day at the office. >> the state fire marshal's reward was given to three groups that helped fire fighters to manage the stress their jobs caused. the owner of a new hampshire water park stay remained to the top of a 30
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remained to the top of a 30-foot water slide and said he is getting tired. kevin dumont began camping two weeks ago. owns liquid planet water park in cambia. the bank has foreclosed on the park and they plan to tank off. a number investors are interested in the park but he is on deadline. the park will be auctioned off december 2. the family of a boy come to be known clock kid is suing the city hall. he was arrested for bringing a homemade clock that one teacher thought was a bomb. the parents want an apology and $15 million or they are taking the city to court. ahmed and his camly moved to qatar and they are afraid to come home at threats now aimed at their attorney. the force is not with one robber in florida. police arrested a man you see in these surveillance images. you can see he was dressed up in a darth vader mask as he tried rob a convenience store pulling a gun on clerk. the clerk defended himself.
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state. a neighbor identified the man's car and led police to him. at his home, they found several handguns and ammunition in a back pack. unite uniting to fight isis. the president of france comes to the u.s. for high-level meetings with president obama. bracing for the busiest travel day of the year on the roads. we have you covered with
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have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. developing now at 5:00, a in effect. the u.s. warning ahead of the busy travel season. the rush to get to the thanksgiving table starts today today. vehicles will be out on the roads. fox25's team coverage of what to expect all day. and a perfect 10 comes with a different loss to the patriots.
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