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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 26, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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plus, millions o americans travelling to see family and friends. the extra precautions here and around the country. >>announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now, this is the fox25 morning news. good morning and happy thanksgiving. i am daniel miller. it is going to be a warm day to celebrate with family and friends. fox25 stormtracker weather meteorologist shiri spear has our turkey day forecast. hey, there, and happy thanksgiving. >> shiri: happy thanksgiving to you and everybody at home this morning. waking up to 30s and 40s. my pleasure after we have been talking about the teens and. 32 in dedham. don't get me wrong. still cold. freezing in dedham. freezing in framingham, acton and pelham, new hampshire. 45 in marshfield and 40 in plymouth. you goets away from the shore you goets away from the shoreline and 34 degrees in bridge spm water. and out into auburn, 35 degrees and out into auburn, 35 degrees. worcester, 37.
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watch out because fitchburg is at 33 likely dropping if not down to freeze big another degree. pepperell, 31. amherst, 29. all we got out here this morning are clouds. it is staying dry all day. middle 30s here at 7 a.m. not as cold as past morning, but by noon time free of thanksgiving, 53 degrees. 56 at 3 p.m. and we are back in the 40s by 7:00 this evening. nice and quiet. we will show you how much warm ter turns in time for your friday forecast coming up. daniel, back to you. breaking news now in boston. four people are shot and one person has died across the treat at a bar across the street from fenway park. michael has more where he good morning, michael. >>reporter: good morning, dan, this happened right outside of the popular pub "who's on
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you can still see heavy police presence outside of fenway park and the evidence markers on the ground. b pd tell me that officers were standing where i am standing on the corner of van necessary and youngkey when they saw the shots ring out and hundreds of people start to flee the scene. bpd says a private function was going on at that bar, and hundreds were leaving and when officers got there -- b pd said it was hard to make sense of what was what since there was a large crowd; however, it became very clear unfortunately when we saw one man in his late 20s just outside of who's on first, that man pronounced dead at the keen. police say three other people were then found with nonlife-threatening injuries, and they were all taken to local hospitals. police are going to stay on scene they say as long as it
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takes of course this happening hours after last night's football game and hours before thanksgiving football in just a few -- again, later on this morning and so they will take their time though. they will do this investigation justice and be as thrilled as they need to be. they have a call to the public help for more information. hear what they are looking for coming up in our next report in 30 minutes. for now live in boston. my my michael hen rich, station news. increased focus on security in the wake of the recent events like the attacks in paris. we know law enforcement is working overtime to protect the events across the country that includes three nfl games and macy's thanksgiving day parade. police in new york city say hundreds of elite anti-terror forces will be dwroyng the regular patrols along the parade route. a worldwide travel alert for americans remains in effect. as of now, the white house says no specific threats against the country. here at home, local leaders are remaining on alert. >> we are making sure the
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we are patrolling the community neighborhoods. >> there is no intelligence to through the that anyone should be fearful. >> daniel: governor baker says an increased police presence at airports and major events will continue for the rest of the year. police in wrentham police in wrentham beefing up patrols at the outlet malls to let them know they are safe on black friday. this is in response to the recent terror attacks in paris. officials at the outlet say the mall is a tourist deaths mall is a tourist destination and they want to take extra precautions. shoppers need have a need for more security a matter of a large congregation of people and sort of living the american dream. capitalism at its best. >> a good target. friday. people. >> daniel: police say nothing outlet.
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the increased security is a precautionary measure. a local boy stuck by a needle at his school are waiting to find out if he has hiv or hepatitis. the boy was cleaning up leaves when the needle stuck him. our cameras were rolling yesterday as cleanup crews worked near the building. they found at least six more needles. boy's mom broke down in tears saying what the son went through and furious at the school. >> we trust them with our babies and for my son to get stabbed by a syringe is not okay dap dan the boy's mother has pulled him out of school system. boston public schools are stepping up security patrols in that neighborhood. more than three months since 31 tenants were displaced from their apartment in east boston, and this morning, they want to go home. they were forced out of the building on maverick street because of structural issues. the landlord was paying to put them up but the tenants say that is not enough. a lawyer says repairs in their
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old apartment aren't coming along like they should. >> no plan submitted to the city saying that this building can't be repaired in a reasonable amount of time. >> last night, the family >> last night, the families marched to their old building in protest. self-want to move but are having trouble fine having trouble finirable housing. heartbreak for this man's family as they celebrate thanksgiving this morning. an elderly driver hit and killed ken mcdonald in a natick parking lot. mcdone called's family is clinging to the happy memory clinging to the happy memories of the father and grandfather. catherine burcham has the story catherine burcham has the story. >>reporter: 23 years ago he and his wife didn't plan on a big family because cobarely get her on a date. >> asked her out a bunch of time. she turn him down a bunch of time and she finally said yes. >>reporter: two months later ken and marilyn were engage and a wedding and six babies came
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after serving in vietnam he knew what a treasure he had in his hopkinton home. >> he loved all of us and loved our family. >>reporter: after a career in computer repair he retired in 2012 and he started coming to station zip trips in his spare time. in summer ken came to 13 of his broadcasts and made an impression on fox25 staff. >> wherever you guys were going and he really, really enjoyed looking up that week. >>reporter: the natural curious mind. >> he liked tinkering with a lot of things, fixing stuff. >>reporter: that's just what he were doing yesterday going to a natick tool store to putter around with his best friend of nearly 40 years. as the two men walked to the front door, police say an elderly female driver jumped the curb and struck them, killing him and seriously injuring his friend, but despite the sudden loss, ken's
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family has found a way to still give thanks when they sit down tomorrow gratitude for his 73 full years on this earth and the love that remains. >> our memory >> our memories are not going to go away and something that he -- i will always remember him and love him. >> daniel: that was catherine reporting. i remember meeting mrs. mcdonald on several zip trips and i want to send out my condolences to the family. they are planning the arrangements for next weekend. a worker faces charges after he has been stealing gift cards and cash from the mail. police caught 22-year-old dewayne anderson in a sting operation. a story you will see here on fox25. investigators gave anderson a letter with cash inside with an alarm that would go off if the envelope was opened. residents are outraged he is still on the job. anderson is due in court next month.
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the new hampshire man who chained himself to the water slide to save the park is on solid ground. he came down from the slide last night and says he has given up his protest because he may have tsunami. kevin dumont chained himself to the slide november 9 trying to save the park from foreclosure. he only raised $1600 toward his $1 million goal. a huge day of high school football across the commonwealth today and this year the action started ahead of schedule. fox25 sports director tom leyden joins us with the highlights from a historic night at fenway. >>reporter: is bound to be a fantastic day of thanksgiving action, like if you turn your oven on before you cook your turkey. looking for 23 straight wins, two touchdowns last night. hauled in a 10-yard touchdown pass that made it 7-0.
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colin llama, what a thrill. he goes home to the end zone [gobble tuvshingy sound] 14-0. levarian wins it. bc high and catholic memorial with the nightcap. quarterback keep near the end zone. 11-3, eagles. steve timmons scores the other touchdown of the night and they knock out the night 13-10. a great time to remind you of today's high school game day thanksgiving special. bryan salmond and i will guide you through highlights throughout the region. more than a dozen games highlight ed including the needham-wellesley game and we had an all-access pass to both of those teams this week. >> this is your final opportunity to play with your family members and play with your brothers. your aunt to involve yourself in one of the most story in one of the most storied rivalry rivalries in the country.
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moment and particularly special for you guys here because you are playing in the most iconic ball park in american sports. you can let that overwhelm you, but you can't. >>reporter: a lot of history, a lot of pride and much more where all this a came from. that is a dvr alert for sure. hope you have a fantastic day. looks like the weather will be fantastic. i will be at fenway. if you are out there, make sure i say hello, have a great day. >> shiri: you heard it from tom, the weather will be fantastic locally. a little bit cool but not as much this past morning. 30s right now. across new england for any of your thanksgiving travel plans. on and off clouds and walk you hour by hour through today's warm-up and an even bigger friday warm-up coming up next. a record-setting spud will be on one family's dinner table table. news.
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everyone including the farmer who grew it. but first, we finally know what when wrong forcing people to jump from a moving ski lift.
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retailers hope shopper also hend the holiday budget with turkey sales. but mark ockerbloom show us what items are worth buying in stores and which may be cheaper on line.
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>>reporter: from cell phones to gaming gadgets. tvs, clothes and toys, consumer spending is at all-time high. thanks to lower price s for gases and consumer rates. this game has changed. shoppers on the hunt have to ajust when, where and what they are buying if they want a bargain. >> shop online whenever possible. >>reporter: it is all about strategy. >> a lot of people enjoy sort of a shared experience of running in and where is the tv and where is the such and such items, but you can do a lot of it online. so you may not have to go out at midnight thanksgiving night or 5 a.m. in the morning on friday. >>reporter: so which items are worth getting up at the crack of dawn for. edgar says go ahead and set the alarm for appliances and device alarm for appliances and devices. >> this is like the best time of year to grab small appliance of year to grab small appliances. as cheap as $3, $3, $5, $7, $9 as cheap as $3, $3, $5, $7, $9.99. some of them are after rebates and virtually he store has it.
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look for major appliances. lining, for example, you can get a washer or dryer, front loader at sears for $799. arok u, a streaming device so you can watch streamed media on the television set. ing you have to do in store at owed navy, 50% off everything in the store friday only. >>reporter: and for shoppers who can't wait for who can't wait for black friday deals, well, you don't have to. >> black friday is starting earlier and earlier. black friday starts early this past sunday. my best advice, see the circulars. go online immediately including tonight. >> daniel: that was fox25's mark ockerbloom reporting. most of the black friday deals are posted online. go to our wreb site at stores are not open in massachusetts today, but if you can't wait until tomorrow to get a jump start on those
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holiday deals, you can head north to new hampshire for door north to new hampshire for doorbuster shopping. wal-mart is the early bird. stores across the granite state are open either 6 to 7 a.m. most toys 'r' us at 5 p.m. and tart at 8. sears, k-mart, kohl's and best buy open in new hampshire. . americans are saving more money this year. the commerce department says the savings rate rose to 5.6% last month. the highest rate in nearly three years. between september and october, americans set aside an additional $40 billion. the extra money is from improvements in the economy, not fears of a recession. now your local forecast from meteorologist shiri spear and the fox25 storm tracker weather team. >> shiri: all right. let's talk that turkey day forecast. right now 41 degrees in boston. a little wind at around 8 miles per hour. and while i don't think wind chills are going to be a huge
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like 36 because of that wind. if you encounter it today, we could see gusts as high as 20 miles per hour. not going to do any damage in fact your thanksgiving forecast looking mild. 38 by 8 a.m. by noontime, 53 degree and you dinner diners at 5 p.m., 50 with just a few clouds around. we do have high pressure slipping off the coast. our wind direction. depending on that position, winds start coming in from the south, it carries warmer temperatures but also a little bit more moisture for us that will boil down to a little bit more cloud cover coming in off the ocean today. any kind of wet weather will hold back until way late on friday night and saturday morning. your current wind speeds from the south. shouldn't be all that windy. the winds will maintain the cloud cover through about noontime today. we will be in and out of the clouds all morning long and
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thin out a bit as we brighten up here. there you are-wise, thinking that the hot spots will come massachusetts. taunton at about 58 degrees today. 57 in foxborough and bridgewater and carver. 57 in braintree and wareham. and i think that is some of the warmest that we will see. 5 in lawrence. 5 in fitchburg. worcester at 53 degrees. lower 50s up across southern new hampshire and middle 50s down across the cape. tonight we will fall back into the 40s. bear in mind, these are going to be wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning to tomorrow morning to those much you out the door real already real elie doing black friday shopping, the temperature around daybreak and even the hours leading up to it. tomorrow we bounce back into the lower 60s. look at that high in norwood, 63 degrees. 61 in lawrence. lower 60s in fitchburg and manchester, new hampshire. close to it in plymouth at 59. that is the warmest day of the
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for black friday shoppers 5 a.m. temperatures about 45 degrees. go up to 59 here at noon. we will see sun, scattered clouds and then the clouds tend to increase as we go through the day. 3 p.m. when we are hitting our highs, about 52 degrees with partly cloudy skies skies. let's map out that friday weather. because by 2:00 friday afternoon, it is looking warm. it is looking dry. plenty of breaks in the clouds. and here they come. clouds will only get thicker and thicker into friday night. not until after midnight into saturday morning we have scattered showers. not everybody even gets the rain here friday night and early on saturday because there is a scattered nature of that wet weather, but it does continue into saturday morning, saturday afternoon. we will slowly clear on out as that cooler air moves on in. so your seven-day forecast with the weekend always in view. temperatures here on saturday are going to stay near steady in the mid- to upper 50s. although sunday starts chilly in the 20s.
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by far the brightest day across morning new england. monday looking good and not until tuesday night and wednesday that i bring in another batch of rain. back to you, daniel that. >> daniel: a fantastic forecast, thanks. here in massachusetts store here in massachusetts stores won't open until tomorrow but not the case anywhere. the team of people already lining up for best door busters and how they are passing the
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investigators in maine are blaming a mechanical failure their for a ski lift accident in march. several people needed medal attention after the ski lift reversed direction. 200 people were on the lift at the time. many of them jumped off. sugarloaf is spending $1.5 million to make improvements on the chairlift. winter weather is causing trouble and travel problems out west. six inches of snow have fallen in some parts of california. roads in the sierra nevada are slick and police reported dozens of crashes. temperatures fell 30 degrees from the beginning of the week. more snow is expected for the weekend. this is what thanksgiving looked around here one year ago looked around here one year ago. parts of new hampshire were dealing with more than a foot of snow. widespread power outages. glad to see milder temperatures
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this year. so many people care so much about black friday that they put thanksgiving on the blackburner. black friday tailgaters camping outside a best buy in alabama since last friday, and they have come prepared. they have a tent, couches, computers, as you can see heater, tv and video games. the tailgaters have been doing this for the past nine years. and even though the holidays are full of celebrations, there is no denying that holiday stress. shopping, traveling and family gathering to get the best of it gathering to get the best of it, but experts have advice on how to manage it ands it easy, just breathe. recommend taking a few minutes every day to sit and take a few deep breaths. this can relax you, lower your blood pressure and first of all help you sleep so much better. an arizona mom gives her soldier son a huge surprise on his way home from basic training. codyleton got an a plane when a flight attendant called him up to the front of the plane.
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and then the surprise came. >> my mom. oh, my god. >> how awesome. cody's mom a flight attendant herself. it was hard to keep the surprise a secret as she told cody she was working a flight in hawaii so he wouldn't get suspicious. a recordsetting spud getting a lot of attention today. a south carolina family farm has produced a sweet potato that weighs 12 pounds. so now the official state record was an 8-pound spud. giant sweet potato tastes just as good as the regular size one. the farm produced other large potatoes in the past and even they were surprised by this one. >> i first saw it i said -- i said look at this thing. fire that baby up. it is going to be good. >> daniel: i am sure it will. the family will try grow a 15
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15-pound sweet potato next year. wish them well. >> coming up a new push for safety on the football field. how the loss of a nfl legend may help with player safety in
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the extra why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun.
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why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. now at 5:00. ready for above-average temperatures? well, they arrive today. the timeline in the 50s and 60s. breaking news fenway. one person dead. two other shot outside a bar. the brand-new situation from the scene minutes ago. millions travel to see family and friends. the extra precaution at some of thanksgiving's biggest spots. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: and good morning, everybody. 5:00 on the morning on this thanksgiving morning. happy thanksgiving, everybody,
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i am gene lavanchy.
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