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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 26, 2015 9:00am-10:00am EST

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heading inte weekend. >> daniel: thanksgiving travelers on alert this morning taking extra precaution to keep americans safe in the face of terror threats. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning and happy thanksgiving to you, i'm daniel miller. parrotta. beautiful day for a holiday feast today. >> daniel: it is. i can't wait. >> catherine: me too, thinking the same thing. shiri spear tracking above average temps today. >> shiri: last couple days have been chilly, not the case this morning, boston at 46 , worcester 42 and still in upper 30s in fitchburg and orange and nashua and the warm-up is underway and the clouds are really starting to lighten up even in the boston area. this is future cast though, just want to point out through noon time we will deal with the scattered clouds and temperatures climb into the lower 50s at noon today, we get highs peaking in 50s by
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5:00 p.m. and dinner plans here, i got mostly clear conditions but i have also got temperatures dropping back into the upper 40s by 5:00 p.m., that's coming down from highs that will range from about 50 to 58 after morning clouds, looking forward to a partly sunny afternoon and i will show where you we are going to hit the 60s tomorrow coming up. daniel, back over to you. >> daniel: breaking news now out of boston. three people shot overnight near a popular bar and one of those people didn't survive. this morning police are searching for the gunman. fox25 michael henrich joins us live from fenway where this happened late last night and they were there and heard shots themselves. >> >> michael: they were on patrol right here at yawkey way and van ness street examine heard the shots ring out and
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half block in shadow of fenway park, who's on first and boston police say when they got there hundreds of people were fleeing from a private function at that bar and they found a man in his upper 20s suffering from a gunshot wound and that man was pronounced dead at the scene. two other people were shot and nonlife-threatening injuries and taken to hospital for treatment and now police are asking those who fled, those ran away to step forward as potential witnesses and tell them what happened. >> this thanksgiving shouldn't have these type of crimes occurring and need everyone's help to help us out. >> happening in shadows of fenway park just a moment ago heard conclusion of the national anthem, big high school football game about to take place there in a lot of foot traffic here
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is asking everybody to use gate b as they come to the games today because terrible tragedy occurred on yawkey way. fox25 michael henrich. >> catherine: there's increased wake on security to prevent events like what happened in paris. that includes three nfl games and macy's thanksgiving day parade. police in new york city say hundreds elite anti-terror forces will be joining regular proposal patrols. white house says there's no specific threats against the country and local leaders remaining on alert. >> making sure streets are safe and also patrolling the community neighborhood. >> catherine: >> no intelligence anyone should be fearful.
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>> catherine: increased police presence at airports and major events will continue through the rest of the year. catherine: security remains tight in new york city get ready for the thanksgiving day parade and commissioner says more than 2500 officers will monitor the parade route today and 3 million people expected to line the streets to watch the parade. video of this year's balloons for the macy's day parade. the public was allowed to check them out until 10:00 and eighty-ninth year of the event. >> daniel: outlet malls will be stationed with police officers. official at the mall say tourist destination so they want to take extra precautions and shoppers say they understand the need for more security. >> large congregation of people
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capitalism at its best, right. >> big target. a lot of people there on black friday. thousands and thousands of people. >> daniel: police say there's nothing indicating any threats at outlet and increase is precautionary measure. >> catherine: pope francis delivered rain soaked mass to thousands of people in kenya. official have declared today a public holiday and national day of prayer and reflection. the trip comes amid security concerns and wave of extremist violence and pope's visit focus on healing rift between africa growing christian community and muslim population. catherine: russia plans to deploy missiles and rising tensions comes as france push for abroadening coalition against isis. >> reporter: quagmire in syria
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as turkish jets shot down war plane and landing in northern syria and turkey says the plane repeatedly violated airspace and government releasing audio what appears to be one such warning. >> (inaudible). >> reporter: one of the two pilots died at hands of rebels and appeared on russian state-run media saying they never received warning from the turkish military. >> there's no contact whatsoever. >> reporter: timing complicates for french president after meeting with president obama on tuesday he meets today with russian president in moscow just as russia says in response to the downing of plane deploy antiaircraft missiles in syria and air base not far from the
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turkish border. andrew spencer reporting. >> daniel: heartbreak for man's family as they celebrate thanksgiving. elderly driver hit ken mcdonald in natick parking lot the family is clinging to happy members of father and grandfather and fox25 katherine birch am has the story. >> reporter: didn't plan on big family and after all could barely get her on a date. >> tried a bunch of times and turned him down a bunch of times and then finally said yes. >> two months later ken and marilyn were engaged and wedding and six babies came in quick succession after serving in navy in vietnam ken knew what a treasure he had in hopkinton home. >> he left all of us and loved his family. >> reporter: after career in commuter repair ken retired in 2012 and that's when he started going to fox25 zip trip in his
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this summer ken came to 13 of our broadcasts and made an impression on fox25 staff. >> he enjoyed going each week. >> reporter: part of favorite hobby. >> he liked tinkering with a lot of things, fixing stuff. >> reporter: just what he was doing yesterday his family says going to natick store of nearly 40 years and two men walked to the front door elderly female driver jumped the curb and struck them killing ken and seriously injuring his friend. but despite the sudden loss, ken's family has found a way to still give thanks when they sit down tomorrow. gratitude for his 73 full years remains.
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and it is something that we want to remember him and love him. >> daniel: mcdonald's family are planning arrangements for next weekend and shares stories about him as they celebrate thanksgiving today. >> catherine: more than three months since 31 tenants were displaced in east boston and this morning they want to go home. they were forced out because of structural issues and landlord paying to tut them -- put them up and repairs in old apartment aren't coming along like they should. >> there have been no plans submitted to the inspection services department or the city saying this building can't be repaired in reasonable amount of time. >> family marched to old building in protest and several want to move but having trouble finding affordable housing. >> daniel: two dozen families have lights on thank to lawsuit against a local utility. nonprofit group from rhode island claims national
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grid violated guidelines for shutting off utilities to low income families. national grid has agreed to restore service to 25 homes while it continues to resolve the lawsuit. >> catherine: clinton postal worker faces charges this morning after police say stealing gift cards and cash from the mail and police caught sting operation. it is a story you will see only on fox25. investigators gave anderson a letter with cash inside with alarm that would go off if the envelope was opened. residents are outraged. >> heard he was stealing gift cards and terrible. >> catherine: residents were more outraged when they found the postal worker is still on the job and return to court in january. catherine: police looking for man that attacked a turtle turtle -- utility worker with his knife. victim used binder he was
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took off before officers arrived. >> daniel: couple whose van was stolen -- running was stolen they went into mcdonalds and left it running and when they came back out it wasn't there and suspects that take it face criminal charges. >> catherine: man that chained himself to a slide came down last night. he came down and says he has given up protest because he may have pneumonia. he had been chained to the slide since november 9th when trying to raise money from foreclosure and raised $1,600 toward 1 million-dollar goal. >> shiri: boston 44 , 9:00 a.m. 44 by noon and 53 and partly sunny and dry all day
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will go when you -- where you live next. >> daniel: ahead this morning creative ways they are using tow truck drivers to tackle drunk driving. >> catherine: first revelations from the family of legendary sportscaster frank gifford. why renewing calls for introducing kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole-roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps, and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they' re twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
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is is >> catherine: extra session miller end up with the puck again and rookie and escape from motor city with 3-2 win. >> catherine: homecoming at the garden. philly trying to stop a 25 game losing streak and beat buzzer before half time and isaiah thomas gets out of the break and lays it in two of the 30 points and under a minute it is jay crowder for the lead, three is good and c's win 84-80 and philadelphia still winless on the season. >> daniel: frank gifford's family says he suffered from a brain disease and he died of
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c.t.e. and doctors can only diagnose it after death. grid iron played 12 grueling years in the nfl before setting sites on studio as sports broadcaster. >> i'm frank gifford and welcome to joe robbie stadium. >> daniel: audiences watched him off the field and married to kathie lee and here is running back in 1960 taking massive hit field. head injury so severe he had to take time off from the game but now gifford's family confirms what they suspected. pathologists say he suffered from a degenerative brain disease c.t.e. and suffered by numerous nfl players and concussion protocols come under scrutiny and sunday st. louis rams rams quarterback took a hard hit to the head. he looked shaken and needed help getting up but he was allowed to
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play on. the nfl says its new concussion standards to protect players failed and league will now consider whether to discipline teams found in violation. nfl commissioner roger goodell issued a statement saying the health and safety of players is highest priority but there's more work to do that would honor great men like frank gifford. >> catherine: judge in new york will decide very soon if daily fantasy sports sites are legal. boston based draftkings and rival fan dual were challenged in new york court yesterday. they say they are illegal gambling and company says they offer games of skill if the companies don't win they would not be allowed to accept money from customers in new york state. storm tracker weather team. >> shiri: let's talk turkey day weather here because temperatures this morning milder than they were yesterday at this time and we got 40s, even got
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50s on the map, new bedford at 51 , hyannis 51, provincetown right now at 50 , warm-up is happening today, 46 in boston and 47 in lawrence, let's break down the forecast though in lawrence because i know you're stuck under the clouds now but you do get breaks in the clouds developing by late morning so there's a little good news by 1:00 p.m. 53 , we hang in 50s this afternoon, under partly cloudy skies back into the upper 40s though by 5:00 p.m. there now let's go into plymouth where it is a little bit brighter as you wake up this morning and got a couple cracks in the clouds and keep you partly sunny through the afternoon and gist of it here and also going to have on and off clouds for much of your thanksgiving forecast. so i got partly sunny skies down to the cape, barnstable at 54 , borne 55, wellfleet 54 and 57 in nantucket and then into southeastern massachusetts temperatures here will be even a little bit milder, how about
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and brockton and taunton and marshfield at 55 to new bedford at 56 and clouds will end up being thicker as you go westward and holliston at 54, natick 55, chelmsford 53 with partly to at times mostly cloudy skies and boston 54 in braintree 55, temperatures will be coolest so spots like worcester and auburn, highs only 51, 52 in spencer, 50 as you look out toward parts of western massachusetts and finally, let's go up to northeastern mass where the north shore rises into the low and mid-50s, 53 rockport but 54 in topsfield and in andover this afternoon and i'm going to subtract a couple more degrees as we head into southern new hampshire with 51 mildford, nashua and salem, 50 in manchester and laconia only gets up to 47, hillsborough 48 and future cast shows few of the clouds from time to time and mild air definitely the biggest weather story that i have today and then as we make our way into
9:20 am
off your morning. be a little bit of mild black friday treat for you and then during the afternoon 60s and partly sunny, even for your friday night plans, still safe, still dry, this drip of rain comes through after midnight and does continue in hit or miss fashion and got scattered showers into your saturday morning and then slowly this timeline has slowed down since we went on air at 4:00 this morning. saturday afternoon i now have some lingering showers into southeastern massachusetts. we are going to have to keep a real close eye on this, depend on how close or how fast the front includers on out and expect we are going to get partial clear as you go northward, southward a little doubtful here. i know you will be stuck under the clouds but doubtful whether you will end up drying out very much in the afternoon and you could see temperaturewise we take a hit into the weekend as well. if you want the warmth better love thursday and friday forecast because once we hit saturday, you got steady
9:21 am
the morning to 50 in the afternoon and dry out late in the day and sunday pick of the weekend at 47 with much brighter forecast. back to you guys. >> daniel: 9:20 right now and few hours turkey will be all gone and waiting to find the best deals and where bay state shoppers will have to go to get the early door busters. >> catherine: new video of
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>> catch magic until december 6th. >> catherine: minnesota man says he shot five people at black lives matter protest in minneapolis. the shooting happened late monday night, all the victims are expected to survive. the 23-year-old suspect says the shooting happened after the fight broke out and demonstrators have been calling for officials to release video involving minneapolis police earlier this month. catherine: protesters are planning to shut down famous michigan avenue for black friday they started tuesday following the release of a video showing a police officer killing a teenager last october. the teen was shot 16 times in 15 seconds. the officer has been charged with first-degree murder. catherine: police arrest after black lives matter protest many went to the macy's at herald square where the
9:24 am
thanksgiving day parade end and where protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct. >> daniel: couple saw robert ford walking alone late at night and offered him a ride and told him his car broke down and had to walk two hours to get to work and couple so touched by his story they raised money on a crowd funding site to buy him a car and ford was extremely touched. >> i got emotional. i cried. >> why? >> because i never had a gift like that in my life. >> daniel: the money the couple raised will pay for ford's first year of car insurance. >> catherine: putting smiles on kids that suffer from cancer. spray painted names of two dozen young cancer patientsa steel beam and part of expansion project at brigham & women's hospital. the name started with five-year-old brooklyn endured
9:25 am
chemo, radiation, surgery and stem cell transplant and brooklyn now doing much better but plenty of young friends are still in treatment and parents say the tribute very special. >> so the sport from outside the window. >> catherine: the 63-foot beam will remain exposed and write as many names until then. catherine: local woman has fear she never thought she would have. >> my son to get hit with a syringe is not okay. >> catherine: what could cost her young son his health. >> shiri: 43 in boston, 43 in worcester and 47 portsmouth 44 and bump you up 10 and break down the hot spots next. >> daniel: no place like home and that's truer than ever for
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>> daniel: clearing away a vehicle and who police say they
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are searching for this morning. good morning and happy thanksgiving. welcome here, i'm daniel miller. >> catherine: shiri spear, you have a treat in store. >> shiri: i do. not all about the pumpkin pie and turkey and 50s a little bit of thanksgiving treat. this is yesterday versus today boston yesterday 44 today expected to be 54 so like a little 10 bump in our temperatures, temperatures right now a little on the cool side, do zoom in for the boston area and 46 in boston, 46 in randolph and 41 in framingham and 49 in lawrence and we are working our way up. we got lots of breaks in the clouds toward bridgewater 45 and seeing some sun in marshfield at 50, sandwich 50 with a little more cloud cover and worcester 42 and fitchburg 41 to amherst, new hampshire at 35 , jaffrey, new hampshire at 43 . day planner is going to go like this for your thanksgiving. right now about 46 in boston, not as cool as yesterday, going to be dry with sun and scattered
9:30 am
clouds at noon time, 53, middle 50s for highs this afternoon and by 7:00 p.m. if you're dining late, 40s it is going to cool down overnight tonight i got some more good warm weather news and wait until you see the friday warm-up coming up shortly catherine? >> we continue to follow breaking news this morning. police are searching for suspects connected with shooting near a popular boston bar. one person was killed, two others injured. fox25 michael henrich joins us live from the scene where there's movement at the scene right now, michael. >> shadows of fenway park and looks like they just drove away when the back was turned just for the moment that they were introducing the story here. there was a flatbed and taking
9:31 am
alley way next to who's on first two other people were shot and taken to the hospital and described as nonlife-threatening injuries and new just in to our news department here. one of our sister crews on the other side of town interviewed boston police commissioner who described the bar as nuisance and said it would be dealt with. catch at five and six later on today.
9:32 am
boston police -- boston polices superintendents in chief who's on scene early this morning talking about the next steps in this critical investigation. >> what's good is that we are going to be leaning video footage from all the cameras, of course, we will do a day canvas as well to see if anybody was out and again, we have a very good crime scene response unit and homicide unit to conduct a thorough investigation. >> michael: this investigation does continue good part of yawkey way and heart of the investigation still has yawkey way cordoned off and this is all
9:33 am
right here. this morning we know law enforcement working overtime to protect today's high-profile event across the country that includes three nfl games and macy's thanksgiving parade and hundreds of elite anti-terror forces will be joining regular parole around the parade route and as of now the white house says there are no specific threats against the country here at home local leaders are remaining on alert. >> making sure streets are safe. >> already happening but no intelligence out there that anyone should be fearful. >> daniel: governor baker says increased police presence at airports and major events will continue through the rest of the
9:34 am
>> catherine: using tow trucks going after drunk drivers. they are required to say where they had the last drink. it tells the globe it uses that information to identify bars and restaurants and need to investigate and the commission says one unnamed bar was listed by 25 drunk drivers. catherine: local police department using creative plan to make sure everyone gets home safely this holiday season. teaming up with christopher's towing to give free rides if they have too much to drink and police tell fox25 only rules are you have to be in chelmsford when you call and car has to be in working order. >> some people are apprehensive and no questions asked thing and picking up and take you home and we will be on our way, no paperwork. >> catherine: tow truck company volunteering drivers who will be on call anyway and go
9:35 am
through new year's eve. >> daniel: mayor will attend the annual turkey trot and prices are handed out for the best costumes and, of course, the fastest runners and early thanksgiving celebration for special group in boston. last night morgan memorial good will industries hosted a dinner for people that receive their services throughout the year. governor baker, boston marty walsh and police commissioner bill evans all on hand and all enjoy the energy of the event. >> catherine: early thanksgiving celebration for a special group in boston. actually we want to move on to next story here. this is a story about a heartbreak family is going through. this man that you see on the screen right here, he was hit and killed in natick parking lot earlier this week. two other people survived but they were also hit by a driver who drove out of control and this morning the victim's family
9:36 am
to remember that man by. fox25 catherine bircham has the story. >> they didn't plan on big family, however, he could barely get him on date. >> turned down a bunch of of times and finally said yes. >> two months later ken and marilyn were engaged and coding and six babies came in succession and after serving in vietnam with navy he knew what a treasure he had in hopkinton >> loved -- hopkinton home. >> he retired in 2012 and went to zip trips and ken came to 13 of our broadcasts and made an impression on fox25 staff. >> venture to wherever you guys are going and really enjoyed looking up each week.
9:37 am
>> part of the favorite hobby. >> liked tinkering with a lot of thing, fixing stuff. >> that's what he was doing yesterday his family says, going to natick tool store to putter around with his best friend of nearly 40 years. as the two men walked to the front door, police say an elderly female driver jumped the curb and struck them killing ken and seriously injuring his friend. but despite the sudden loss ken's family has found a way to
9:38 am
down tomorrow. >> we trust them with babies and my son to get stabbed with a syringe is not okay. >> daniel: boy's mother has pulled him out of the school system and they are stepping up security patrols in the neighborhood. daniel: firefighters in sharon investigating house fire in may street and seen over as flames shot through the top of the roof.
9:39 am
fire crews say some sort of explosion may have caused the fire to start in the garage. no one was hurt and flame were quickly put out. car parked outside the garage was damaged. >> catherine: more than three months 31 tenants displaced in east boston and this morning they want to go home and forced out of the building on maverick street and structural issues and paying to put them up and tenants say that's not enough. lawyer who represents the tenants say repairs and old apartment aren't coming along like they should. >> no plan submitted can't be repaired in reasonable amount of time. >> catherine: several say they want to move but having trouble finding affordable housing. >> shiri: travel conditions today across the northeast if you're headed out to see family, i got highs in the 50s all the way from hartford, connecticut
9:40 am
portsmouth, new hampshire 52 and . i will break down the local forecast to take you hour-by-hour in just a few. >> catherine: thousands of turkeys days are done but at least one has escaped the dinner table. >> don't interrupt. >> catherine: here did interrupt and former u.s. president this turkey may have reminded president obama of when he spared his life. >> daniel: historic day at fenway and busy day on high school football fields. coming up next look there's a better way to specialized surgery that's right for you: lahey hospital and medical center. cardiac teams pioneering innovative treatments... and neurosurgeons at the forefront of spinal surgery... right here. america's largest live-donor liver transplant program... right now. and quality outcomes among the nation's best... the right outcomes... for who matters most. lahey hospital and medical center
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>> daniel: out on the break as you can see and lays it in for two of the 30 points and then
9:44 am
with under a minute it is j crowder with the lead and three is good, c's win 84-80 and philadelphia still winless on the season. >> catherine: huge day of high school football across the commonwealth and this year action started ahead of schedule and fox25 sports director tom leyden jones us with historic night at fenway. >> tom: got heated up early. wet whistle and look at making 23 straight wins and knocking off st. john's prep two touchdowns last night, 10-yard touchdown pass that made it 7-0 and catch of the day really colin llama what a thrill. super snagged, trapped home the end-zone. 14-0. bavarian wins it. bc high and catholic memorial
9:45 am
night cap lifetime memory and quarterback keeper into the end-zone and steve timmons scores other touchdown of the night and bc high would need as they knockout the night 13-10 and great time to remind but today's high school game day thanksgiving special. brian salmon and i will guide you there you a full highlights around the region and more than dozen games highlighted including needham wellesley game played at fenway today and we have had an all access pass to both of those teams all week. >> final opportunity to play
9:46 am
playing in the most iconic ballpark. if you're out there make sure you play hello. >> daniel: after waiting for near lie a year donor heart became available a few days ago. >> it is really a gift that thank you never be good enough for. >> daniel: he hopes to celebrate next thanksgiving at home instead of in a hospital. >> catherine: million of americans will be sitting down
9:47 am
feather friends were spared. president obama pardoned two turkeys named honest and abe in the rose garden yesterday and marks sixty-eighth year of the tradition and turkeys on display for visitors at turkey hill farms in virginia. catherine: entire first family pitched in at homeless center and president was in charge of the turkey and gravy while the first lady served up the veggies. >> shiri: hope your thanksgiving is off to fantastic start here and temperature warmer than yesterday and for all the past mornings so far this week and starting to brighten up a little bit, 46 temperature right now in boston and got a lot of clouds around but clouds have tended to break apart a little bit within the past two hours and i think that
9:48 am
, partly to mostly cloudy and give sun and scattered clouds here at 2:00 p.m. if having early dinner at 56 and 6:00 this evening, of course, dark out there and temperatures falling back into the upper 40s with just a few clouds, great thing is even though we got clouds don't have any rain, don't have any snow in your local forecast or across the northeast so if you're driving see family today, the only thing that you would have a little bit of cloud cover and even that's going to be broken up by sunshine. but with warmer weather streaming in we have also got some more moisture which is cover. you can see win directions coming up from the south which is a warmer direction for us here a little bit breezy across the cape and islands with winds sustained 15 miles per hour to the vineyard and nantucket but like i said, not a big one, not going to worry me too much at noon time future cast mix of sun and scattered clouds, rewind, repeat, say that exact same thing through the afternoon and into the evening we go with the
9:49 am
quiet weather continuing but with a little bit of cloud cover it is going to help us out and keep temperatures above average and mild for those overnight hours. hey, just want to break it down for you if you are traveling in and around boston, 54 in the city today, 55 in quincy, 54 in brooke like and watertown, and not too much variation in temps today, some of the warmer readings will come out of southeastern massachusetts with norwood and new bedford at 56, 54 in plymouth, middle 50s across the cape, up to lawrence at 54, framingham 54, same in fitchburg, manchester, new hampshire 50 this afternoon with the mix of sun and clouds. overnight tonight it is going to be back into the 40s, these are going to be wake-up temperatures tomorrow morning and for those of you going out shopping before the sun even comes up, these are the temperatures that you're going to be dealing with. 40s which is nice. not freezing, not teens and 20s that we had earlier this week and during the afternoon i have a feeling out in norwood 63
9:50 am
short sleeves shirts here tomorrow afternoon and it is just lower 60s and lawrence and fitchburg and cooler in worcester tomorrow at 56 but even boston getting real close to 60 , not record breaking heat but it is well above average and so here is game plan for tomorrow. at 5:00 a.m. about 45 with a couple clouds noon time 59 and looking fairly bright and at 3:00 p.m. 62i expect clouds will be increasing and you can see the clouds will be drifting from north to south here but mostly really rolling in and bringing us potential of rain after midnight friday night and into saturday morning. saturday morning really the wet timeframe with scattered showers now and some of my latest information actually has those showers pulling out a little bit slower which means saturday afternoon is at risk for being wet especially area south. that is trend that we will continue to watch very closely and sarah wroblewski is going to have an update on that starting at 5:00 p.m. tonight and see saturday up to 50, 47 on sunday
9:51 am
day of the weekend. back to you. >> catherine: save money black friday to give to favorite
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holiday shopping season started earlier than ever and it can be good news for budget. >> gene: amazon started early, way early. online retailer launched black friday deals on november 2nd for some products including electronics, toys and clothing and amazon prime members got access to some deals 30 minutes ahead of nonmembers. wal-mart and target are just some of the stores that began november 1st. if you're among the growing number of shoppers going online for deals you can expect free shipping at some retailers, best buy will send you your products and some stores will open their doors starting thursday evening and k-mart, macy's and target and check retailers website for
9:54 am
specific time and expect several of the favorite retailers to push back against the thanksgiving shopping tradition. slew of major companies including nordstrom, barnes and noble and costco won't reopen until friday morning. sporting goods store rei will be closed on black friday and asking customers to spend the day outside instead. as for employees, they have been paid to stay home that day. >> daniel: is to what is tokers staying closed in the area go to and we have a running list so you can plan your shopping strategy and right on the home page this morning. >> catherine: next week charities urging people to take part in giving tuesday. the move 789 started in 2012 and you can expect to see many nonprofits use social media and other resources to encourage individuals and corpses to make donations. >> daniel: last look at the forecast with shiri.
9:55 am
>> catherine: beautiful one. >> shiri: don't want to get blamed if you have another february but conditions are great today. i mean maybe even think about cracking the window tomorrow because these are going to be the next two mild days. 50s today, 60s tomorrow, it stays partly sunny. we got some overnight friday night and saturday morning rain and then sunday we are back with the sunshine and going to cool down big time over the weekend. >> daniel: thank you for joining the son of a polish immigrant who grew up he went to public schools, then college, where the work of his life began -- fighting injustice and inequality, speaking truth to power. he moved to vermont, won election and praise as one of america's best mayors. in congress, he stood up for working families and for principle, opposing the iraq war, supporting veterans. now he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system funded by over a million tackling climate change to create clean-energy jobs, fighting for living wages, equal pay,
9:56 am
and tuition-free public colleges. people are sick and tired of establishment politics, and they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather, an honest leader building a movement with you to give us a future to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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