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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  FOX  December 7, 2015 12:00am-1:00am EST

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right here on >>. stunning. so beautiful. >> i'm thankful for gwen no tons of reasons. >> blake shelton gushing over gwen. >> sandra bullock finally shows off her new daughter. >> coming up right now. >> on entertainment tonight. >> have you there little black child who is going to grow up in it world. >> louis kind of spear-headed this adoption process. >> meet the little girl sandra saying this. >> there's only one adopted child in my household. >> why she kept is quiet and her boyfriend's.
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is saying. >> and blake on gwen's performance and what he said when she showed him this. >> i love you too, blake. >> everything dropped. let's's get a shot of it. >> the calendar amy calls sexy and disgusting. >> i wasn't the one that didn't get the memo. >> and courtney cox ae engage the called off. >> and wedding singer pickle gives us secret i do details opinion. >> on stage with all her beautiful bridesmaids. >> the making after big bang love scene. >> puts bang into the theory, i guess. >> now in our 35th season this is entertainment tonight. thanks for joining us, everyone. sandra bullock made it official this week. she adopted another child. could a walk down the aisle be next? >> i'm not sure about this. we have waited a long time for this announcement. we first report owned sandra's new child when the rumors surfaced in october.
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finally tell the world? >> i think the minute you have a child, you become a just worry. >> it was a long adoption is. and the last thing that sandra public. they had to see if it was a match. >> sandra kept little leila secret using a kind of witness protection plan. >> when she was asked point blank if she had adopted a child, she said no. because at that time the child wasn't adopted. >> there is only one adopted child in my family and his name is louis. if i had a second adopted child, i would be loud and clear and say yes, i have officially adopted a second child. now, louis must be it. >> when they started the adoption process, they didn't know if it would be a boy or girl. all louis cared about is that sibling be brown like him.
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see that any more. i see my gestures. i see him in me. >> i would give up my life for him. i have. >> we love hearing sandra dote about louis. but it is clear, she is thrilled to have a 3-year-old girl telling the magazine there is pink and glitter in the house mixed with legos and batman and it is finally i know every lyric to "frozen." in a beautiful way she reminded me how to be a girl again. and the kids are getting along. >> they like sharing a room right now. i have a feeling that will come to an end pretty quickly. >> san dr.'s boyfriend, photographer brian randal, snaps the picks. she wanted them artfully shot to avoid faces. >> you see profile. she didn't ever do full-on because it is for the kids' safety. >> sandra is cautious but loving life. she tells people, my family is blended and diverse. nutty and loving. and understanding. we wondered if a wedding could
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>> sandra says she is not actively looking to get married again. she is also somebody that never says never. >> let's move on now and get to more big headlines. from gwen and blake to sophia and joe. courtney cox. a lot of couples news rocking hollywood. >> and we have the latest after an event all week on the romance front. >> charlie sheen's ex fiance suing for emotional distress. >> i'm scared. of charlie. i'm scared of backlash. >> that former adult film actress with "e.t.." she and charlie sheen were engaged for nine months in 2014. >> he started to become extremely physically abusive. but the abuse was a cycle. >> in court papers she alleges assault and battery and false imprisonment. sheen's attorney is denying rossy's allegations telling us charlie sheen intends to
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now blake and gwen news. >> i think the good thing is just like something good coming out of something horrible p. >> this has been the crazy year from the way it started to how it's ending so awesome for me. >> there's blake on wednesday getting artist of the year award. where's gwen? in new york promoting her song and "the voice." but is this guy the man who could come between it all? >> he doesn't want me to hug her or anything. doesn't want my it meet her. >> is he nervous you will steal his girl? >> i don't know about that. >> gwen showed up to the z 100 show where she took aim at all of the ridiculous relationship headlines that are out there. >> you can just make stuff up. everybody else does. >> elvis was our special correspondent and found out what gwen was thinking during her emeggal performance opt voice. >> it is more like okay i'm going to get naked right now and i'm going to tell everybody what happened to me. that's what it felt like.
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>> i'm thankful for gwen for tons of reasons. but mostly just because she makes us all look a whole lot better on that show. >> during the break, blake got up out of his coach's chair and was chatting with glenn and after the broadcast at the end of the night, blake and gwen embraced in front of the audience. >> we didn't have gwen and adam and we asked what they were thankful for. they had an interesting response for you, blake. >> i love you, blake. kind of,ish. >> i love you too, blake. ish. >> they both love me. they both love me. >> from budding romance to beach honeymoon. see foa sophia and joe dishing these picks. wedding.
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she was on stage with all her beautiful bridesmaids and friends and that's when the party started. joe was looking on stage going oh, boy. and oh, boy. >> mr. 3 05 is prepping his new year's revolution special hosting a beach bash on fox live from miami's bay front park. to divorce news now, david and yolanda foster are splitting after four years. >> i keep going one foot in front of the other. obviously this is a difficult time. i'm heart broken. but i'm grateful to have my job and be dressed and up out of the bed. >> what went wrong? sounded like yoe lan da was giving hint on the season premier of real housewives of beverly hills. >> he travels, since the day i met him. that shouldn't change just because i'm sick. >> their split was caused by two big things.
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work first. he travels a lot. and he scaled back when yolanda was sick with lime disease. she's been sick their entire marriage. her kids were there for her but not her husband. >> you said you two have grown apart. how did that happen? >> work, my health, his job, the children. life is overwhelming for everybody. and it is a lot of work to keep it all together. >> more news this week, courtney cox and johnny mcdave reportedly called off their engagement. the friend star and her rocker ex fiance are said to have split shortly are before thanksgiving. she moved out of her l.a. homes and moved back it england. the two were engaged in 2014. now a surprising shot of amy schumer stripped down for the new calendar. >> we got a shot of the topless photo chute that amy called among other things beautiful and gross.
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revealing image made headlines. >> when you take your clothes off, you definitely dent want people to say you're brave. i'm proud of the picture. i'm excite ped. >> inspirational amy fearless and a few secrets behind the scenes. >> great. nudity. i'm 34 and everything is about so let's get a shot of it while we've got it up there. it was cool. i'm sitting in a claire and so my instinct is to kind of like try to make things look like they look in magazines or the images we've seen. she is like, slump over and let your stomach out. i felt i looked more beautiful than i've ever felt in my life. >> one nearly naked photo and aimed wins 2015. talk about brave. she is not sucking it in. she is not photo shopping stuff out. this is what real people and real beauty looks like. >> when it comes to body image, this is really everything and
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and have fun. and still have roles here and there. and have beautiful legs. she likes herself. that's a very powerful message. >> to here that annie leibovitz is doing this photo shoot, after kidding. she had an idea that it could be funny if i didn't get the one that didn't get the memo for clothes this year. >> the theme is strong women who inspire. serena williams and yoko ono also made the shoot. >> i'm floored. i think she is so brave. so smart. she got the idea, let's do it. she understands the balance of it all. >> amy tweeted the photo with the caption, beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless woman. she is saying the stuggle is real and women everywhere get it. >> so true for women.
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these pair sox cal feelings at the same time. so you can feel pretty and gross, thin and fat. it is the flaws that make us flawless and women, no apology ies p. >> only getting better for amy this week. honored at the man of the year event. you're the person of the year. >> yes. i got my period. >> who is your machbt year? bradley cooper? he is right behind you. >> of course. >> your husband. >> my fiance. i don't know who my man of the year would be. >> and just in case you weren't convinced that amy schumer knows how to have a lot of fun. this is how she spend thanksgiving, hitting the beach, bottle of wine. >> that is how amy does it. jennifer lawrence. >> not a bad -- >> another amy, amy poehler, and bfp, tina fey, talk about their
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a little overwhelmed in a nice way. >> that's amy poehler getting her star on the hollywood walk of fame this week. she's had an incredible career after "snl," right? so has her besty, fellow "snl" alum, tina fey. >> those two are gold together, am i right? >> platinum. >> platinum, you're right. the next level. mean girls. baby momma. and cohosted golden globes for three years. and guess what? they're teaming up again in "sisters." you've been friends over 20 years. like 22 years. >> yes. >> we pr were put on the same
12:15 am
>> kind of like an arranged marriage works. >> how is it going in there. >> one of my apples keeps rolling out of the bag. >> bringing that chemistry to the raunchy "sisters." they throw one last big bash at their home until this sells. >> how do you think your kids would describe you? >> my little one would describe me as boring. my older one has described me as a chicken. >> i my my little guy would describe me as having cold feet. >> like physically cold feed. >> yeah. >> and my older son would character. >> is that a sharpy cap? >> isn't that cute. >> in the the other pair the couple recently collaborated on is genius gift ideas. >> case of toilet paper. >> here gu. that's for you. >> look at that. and a new pillow. >> look that.
12:16 am
>> i like this. >> necklace. >> a necklace. >> a little delicate. >> you spent too much. >> you do? >> yeah. >> and that's a corps saj for you. >> you can also -- >> we're even. >> we don't owe you. >> we are equally caring. >> i just love these two. >> who does it? >> tina and amy are going back to their old stomping ground. cohosting "snl" together. i bet we all have to set our dcr for that one. >> and "sisters" comes out the same weekend. next chris hemsworth and going up against his brother, liam, with mocking jay. even though chris has had his
12:17 am
avengers franchise, he has gone super skinny losing all this muscle mass for this action adventure drama. >> with the avengers, you can get bigger. this is the -- >> from hulk to shrunk, the heart-throb dropped more than 30 pound for his role as a stranded a at sea sailor battling hunger, the elements, aeb cooler whales. >> your cast mates were saying there is a bit after healthy competition on who could get skinnier. >> it is hard work. i spent so many years putting muscle on and you banded together like it was us against the world. and crews would be beating this is hamburgers in front of us, i think on purpose at times. >> hemsworth daily diet, boiled celery stick. >> what do you think is harder, down.
12:18 am
a very unnatural for your body >> not for everybody's, let me say that. >> abandoned ship, we care -- we have to rig something. >> watching this, i felt like this must have been, you know, very challenging role to repair for emotionally. and physically. >> it was one of the most physically and emotional draining things i've done. >> a long four-month shoot and we shot two months. >> and in the freezing cold and we are shot water cannons. wet the whole time. and then, we shot two months at sea. so you are dealing with a sea sickness. the whole time, diminishing your calorie intake. getting hungrier and moodier. >> i'm going to shift gears to
12:19 am
and that is you being dethroned as "people" magazine's sexiest man alive. i'm sorry to hear about that. must have been difficult. >> quite tragic, yes. >> i knew it was coming. >> did you? >> 12 months now. >> we talked to your brother on the red carpet of his movie. he said there is a lot going on in the family right now. >> have to give them some time to grief and then i help them put the pieces back together. >> try not to talk about it. but talking about it is part of the heal willing process. 1 of the 12 steps. >> crazy good looking. super strong. and also funny. almost too much to take for all of us mort als out there. by the way, i asked him which is more difficult, getting all the muscle for thor or trimming way down. >> he said getting skinny is harder. mood swings, he would have to bulk up from that.
12:20 am
how kathy ireland and ricky lathe celebrated world aids day with us as kathy sharees a.
12:21 am
>> i was worried it would feel >> welcome back. this week our thoughts are with charlie sheen as people commemorated world aids day. charlie confirmed he is hiv positive. and we spoke to two celebrity leaders in the fight against aids. kathy ireland and ricki lake. who weighed in on charlie's announcement. >> my heart and our prayers go for everybody. who is dealing with this. it's -- it's heart breaking. >> it is incredibly brave of him.
12:22 am
and for hem to cut out as he did and you know, the fact that he said that he has been on treatment since the point of diagnosis, you know, it is very hard it transmit the disease when you're on medication. >> they are three stars, all personally touched by the disease, all doing everything they can to help find a cure. kathy's connection through her mentor and business partner, >> she would two e would go in quietly. and just hugs patient who haven't felt that human contact. her legacy is love and life. >> many don't know liz set up a secret underground network to get experimental drugs to patients. just like the true story in "dallas buyers club." >> you mean to tell me elizabeth taylor set up a west coast buyer's club. >> talk about fearless at her home in bell air.
12:23 am
and a lot of the work that she did, it was illegal. but she was saving lives. she said her business associates pleaded with her, leave this thing alone. she received death threats. friends hung up on her when she asked for help. but something that i love about elizabeth is her courage. >> is it true that she actually sold her jewelry to fund this operation? >> yes. she would. she would sell jewelry. she two -- there was transfers of money. sometimes like a paper bag and there would be money. >> today, kathy, who wheeled her two precious dogs through continues liz's fight. >> was she scared she would get caught? she was afrid she might but she wasn't afraid. she would go to jail for it. elizabeth and fear not in the same sentence. >> fearlessness. courage. and compassion for people in need. that's what this is really about. ricki lake took those words and
12:24 am
as she and social media stars went to a school in miami to film treatment for all, first i do have many times. these children have nothing. orphaned by aide. all of their parents have died from this disease. they have nothing but the clothes op their back and nothing to be educate ped. yet they are so filled with joy and hope. i really take a huge responsibility for being able to do some good and help these people that are neighbors. they are just like us. >> you can see the documentary, "treatment for all", across our facebook. >> it is an important birthday. i'm exciteed. >> oh, yeah. good reason to be excited. just celebrating her 30th this week with a grand fiesta in mexico. that's right. caylee cuoco there on the right with her younger sister,borough anna. joined by 12 of her best friend.
12:25 am
as well as other ones too. and she called it her best birthday ever. >> that's the best way to do it. friends, mexico, sounds good to me. meanwhile, huge episode on the next show. we were on the set as sheldon and amy finally do what all their fans have been waiting for. you know what i'm talking about. >> what did you have in mind for tonight? >> it's amy's birthday and sheldon is taking their relationship to the next level. >> puts a bang into the theory i guess. >> sheldon. i know that your present is for us to be intimate tonight. >> what was your reaction when you found out that moment was finally happening? >> i was very surprised. >> me too. >> but then i read it and it seems absolutely the right time. >> you know, let's get a quick contract off the internet. >> i was kind of nervous when i first saw where it was going,
12:26 am
very tender. >> in what way? >> i'll tell you later p. >> okay. >> it was fun it act. >> or icky. >> or icky. icky. i don't know why she says that. >> i don't know. >> she thinks you're icky. >> the commentary. icky? >> no. >> you should get a therapist. >> arthur, what brings you back? >> it's me. i hope this isn't a sex dream. >> bob new heart is back as sheldon's idol, departed professor proton paying a visit from the great beyond and giving sheldon advice. dressed as onny one ka noeby. >> is this heavy? >> oh, this is my own. i have to get into wardrobe in a few minutes. >> where are you going? >> i don't know. hopefully somewhere i can wear pants.
12:27 am
getting emotional while her childhood friends is gunned down. >> just tragic p. >> and gloria estefan's daughter following in her mom's foot steps. we are in the set of the racy new music video. >> that is on the way. >> but first, nick cannon bears almost all in shyraque. >> you spent a lot of time in this movie with your shirt off. >> oh, fine. >> i'm not going to go boom. i'll make sure the trojian is in there against the neck. lling the growth wake. >> make sure these fools put down these guns. >> are you prepared for the whole sex symbol thing that is going to come out of this? >> i'm prepared for people to see this movie and be inspired
12:28 am
>> that's the truth. that's the truth. >> closed kangs captioning provided
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with t.j.maxx, marshalls and homegoods. if you're just joining us, here are this week's top five stories. number five, courtney cox and her rocker fiance of 17 months, have reportedly called off their engagement. the pair split shortly before thanksgiving. number four, sophia and joe return from their turks and caicos honeymoon. we get details about their wedding. >> she was on stage with all her beautiful bridesmaids and friends and that's when the party started. >> number three, glenn and blake open up. >> you can just make stuff up. everybody else does. >> gwen took aim at the rumors on the z 100 show as blake justed about letter. >> i'm thankful for gwen for tons of reasons.
12:32 am
>> i love you blake. kinda. ish. >> sometimes. >> i love you too, blake,ish. >> they both love me. they both love me. >> number two, sandra has adopted her daughter, leila. she kept a secret using an adoption secret plan. >> it is a long process as any adoption is. the last thing that sandra wanted is for this to become public. i had it see if it was a match. >> and the number one stories this week. stars speak out after the san bernardino shooting. >> very sad day. i'm happy to be with my family. as i hope other people affected by the tragedy are with their families. sending the best to everyone there. very, very sad story. >> very heart breaking. enough. >> good to for the latest. officials in colorado springs still gathering details behind the shooting at a local
12:33 am
for skating champion nancy kerrigan, it was an especially upsetting moment. one of the victims was a good friend of nancy's. >> it is a horrific thing. >> two hits. >> it was tragic and it's friend who died in such a tragic way. >> last week officer garrett swayze rushed to the scene to help an officer under fire. according to police, he was gunned down during a five-hour standoff. swayze was a former ice dancing champion and close friend of kerrigan. >> they let me know before. i didn't have to see that on the news. we're just devastated. it is just tragicic.
12:34 am
and doing for others is an example the kind of person garrett was and always there to help shn else p. swayze, married father of two, a junior cup winner. same year nancy won bronze in the olympics. >> day-to-day grind, getting ready in training for years. >> nancy remembered her friend during when hears yals for the winter village at bryant park which includes former olympians brian boitano, johnny weir, charlie white and meryl davis. but for nancy, a time to reflect. >> we were there rooting each other on all the time. at the same time, like a what is big brother or sister might do to each other. >> our thoughts and prayers are with the victim. >> now we turn it a singer who
12:35 am
have been through so much. all while raising two children. hard it believe this but they are now grand parent and remember their duter, emily, she is grown up an following in her mom's musical foot steps. >> i was a miracle baby and said no, you wouldn't have any other baby after that accident. we wanted her very much and she was beyond anything we could have ever hoped for and i tell her all the time, you're meant to be in the world opinion you have to share your music, share your thought. we need her. >> how's this for mother daughter gold? to-year-old emily starting her own music career. accomplished drummer and singer the shot. >> at the root of it she was the best person for the job. people don't know that because she is in front of the camera. and 20 times more mortifying when it's your mother and not some strange dude.
12:36 am
little girl swearing. yeah. we can't even tell you the title of emily's first single. >> the funny thing is, she never krurs cursed her entire life. >> that's not teen entirely true. >> she made up her own word. i would say, when you're 18 you can say what you want but it doesn't sound good in the voice after child. and either of them ever did. now it has gone to hell in hand basket. >> what's your name? >> emily. >> hi. >> gloria introduced us to 6-year-old emily at the grammy's. we even witnessed the day of college. and as for word of advice getting into her celebrity mom's business -- >> i told her to be yourself.
12:37 am
the medallists. freedom. all that. i'll just admire it and go the other way. >> wow. really the spitting image of her mom when she was her age. don't you think? >> exactly. >> emily is involved in her mom's broadway show on your feet. she was the only original song in the production which covered gloria's life before emily was born. >> how cool is that to have your daughter write that for you? >> proud moment. >> no doubt about it. >> by wait with be talking to
12:38 am
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oh, romantic. >> the parents of lana thompson, star of here comes hoon boo. momma june las been through a lot. >> this is after the disturbing revelation she reconnected with an ex who is convicted of molesting her esdest daughter. in the midst of all this came news that june and sugar bear had broken up. now they are facing their relationship problems head on with reality tv cameras under tow. >> are you guys currently together? what's the current state of your relationship? >> we are living separately. he comes up every weekend and pretty much like we still go on vacations.
12:40 am
stuff. >> so they're not really together but they check need marriage boot camp reality stars with therapy to work things out. >> me and sugar has been in a relationship for a little bit over 11 years and yes it is in serious trouble. i think sugar bear's been cheating and i'm hoping to get answers. >> did you have proof or did anyone tell you? >> my daughter, alana found proof in his phone. and my other daughters found proof. that's what devastated me. it would be a liar. it is a shocker when people find out the truth about both of us. they are going to be like whoa. those rumors are rumors? >> remember those pictures of her with ex mark mcdaniel who served prison time for molesting her daughter. momma goes through a lie detector test to show the record straight. >> did you have sexual intercourse with anyone other than sugar bear? >> the truth will be revealed. >> sugar bear, when all those rumors came out about june, what
12:41 am
>> it hurt me a little bit. i didn't know, you know, i was getting information from other sources, telling me, yeah, no. she was telling me no, i haven't seen him. i haven't talked to him. which in my hearty should have believed her. in the long run, i got my answers and i'm happy. >> and they say their sex life together is still a no-good. but that's not the case for house mates john and katherine from the bachelor who had other reasons for doing the show. >> everyone who participates is getting a paycheck and that's the first thing that catches your eye before you learn the detail of the show. so many people see hour names and see marriage boot camp and they think the worst. like uh-oh, they are getting a divorce or they are fake. that's not the case. so i just wanted to lay it all out there and be completely open. >> still to come, on the set of j.lo's new prime time drama but who is causing real life drama behind the scenes. >> sometimes not as respectful.
12:42 am
nounsment about baring all at 48. >> me screaming, oh, no stop. >> that's ahead. but first this weekend in theant here we good. which child star enjoys the physical training for his first action movie. is it, after we are all inside for a while, it gets pretty stuffy. when dad opens up the window, what's the first thing he does? the tobin stance. but when we open up the windows, you can see the dust floating around. there's dog hair.
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sinatra 100 and all-star grammy concert. what an amazing lineup. check this out. tony bennett, celine dion, lady gaga, adam levine, carrie underwood and harry connick, jr. >> we are going to see harry judge jennifer lopez starring in her first tv series. she got refreshingly candid with our kevin frazier moment after stepping off the set. >> i want to you claim, what is going on right now. >> i'm hardly -- i'm a new york detective. she has just been in a little bit after fender bender. not terrible but a little bit of, you know, kind of boozing action and stuff going on. >> it's been challenging. you know, i haven't done acting like this, you know, in a while. i think the last thing i did was a romantic comedy or something like that. this is super gritty out of sight kind pf.
12:46 am
"shades of blue jots, j.lo proves she is just like us. how? even the girl that can pull off this struggles with body issues. >> i haven't been working out as much while i've done the series so i feel a tiny bit out of shape right now. but that's okay. because i'm about to get into it. and i know in my mind, now you will start dancing like eight, nine hours a day and it is a whole different story. then we will tighten it back up real quick. >> tighten will happen for her vegas show which starts january 20th. idol picks up two weeks before that. >> when you tune in to see shades and american idol and you know, going to see me in vegas, it should be three different things. should be three different experiences. that's the goal. >> that's a lot for one person. >> i'm one person. but i can deal with all three. >> jennifer's multitasking just like every working mom, trying to balance commit lts and kids. >> the kids are coming over in a little while so we can have dinner together.
12:47 am
don't see me, we're not happy. so i get up and like this morning i had to work out and i set down and have lunch with them before i come here. i go, you know what, since we're shooting all the way through, i'll have the kids come over at 6:30. they can bring me dinner because we have left overs and they can bring that over. just like everyday is like that. >> all right, guys. quiet. >> after i spent time with j.lo on her new york set, she dropped a few tips for how to be your best self. set limits. she did it with the paparazzi. >> i ask them not to come where i live. i said i will play with you anywhere else in the city but not where i live. sometimes they're not as respectful. and they get that picture in the morning. but i have to get to work. i have to go with my hair wet. go with no make-up on. because i'm about to go into hair and make-up. i'm in actress mode right now. serious actor. >> i get that. >> another priority, listen closely, is sleep. here is why. >> there is a limit. you will fall done at a certain point.
12:48 am
and mommies can't do that. mommies have to be good for the babies at all times they need to no you're solid and strong and good. sleep is very important. i get my 7 to 8 hours of sleep no matter what. if they have to wait a little bit, i might be a little late here and there and everybody knows i'm juggling. they know when i show up, i show up, and we'll get stuff done. >> and she debts it done. she will rule tv on january 7. two nights on fox. then shades of blue on nbc. >> she is covering the networks. and j.lo is never shy about showing her body. neither is this star, pamela anderson. 48-year-old mom came us to, a big announcement. she will be last celebrity to ever pose news for playboy. >> it just felt like that is something i should do. something wild at the end and fun and you know, also fun and funny and tongue in cheek and sexy but like this really
12:49 am
>> laid out on a sidewalk next to hugh heffner's star, posing in revealing lingerie, the 48-year-old bomb shell today get permission from her son before she did the 12-page spread. >> i said, hef called and he wants me to do the last cover of playboy. he is like, mom, you have to do it. we're older, we're not embarrassed any more of you. this is a an honor. thank, brandon. >> playboy is changing its format and this is the late with nudity. >> marilyn monroe, iconic blonde, now you, the last cover. >> he said from marilyn to you. i made this magazine for a girl like you. and you know, i love him so much. he is such a sweetheart. and asking me over the last year, would you ever pose for playboy again. i'm sure they are sick of me. then boom, here they call again. i made the most of it.
12:50 am
and we shot at mansion. and no one really shoots at the manning. we thought in the grotto, in the game room, the wishing well. in front of the mansion. so the last thing, last thing, i thought this is the last nude pictorial for playboy and so, of course, i took off all my clothes and i rolled down the hill as fast as i can. screaming and hair and boo boobs flying and shoes. >> hef was there? >> yes. i went upstairs to see him. he still has that swink el in his eye. i was wearing a bunny outfit for fun with ears. and the tail. and i came up and he was laughing and he a got that great laugh. and i turned around and he was like, oh, your zipper is undone. he could see every detail. my zipper was a little undone and he wanted it fixed. >> pam has done 13 previous playboy covers. first way back in 1989 and when she first came to l.a. the playboy mansion was like her second home.
12:51 am
my life. i brought the kids to the mansion a lot. they love he. he would play with them. i would pick them up in the car and they would come out, and you know what he does for a living? i said, what, and he goes, he takes pictures of naked girls. and i'm like, oh, my god, let's get out of here. >> james franco actually interviewed pamela for the upcoming issue. very cool. he does so many different things. i love that. >> and she knows it just might end up a part of the pop culture history. >> as for her love life, pamela says she is not focused on that right now. she even sworn off dating until after christmas.
12:52 am
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promotional consideration provided by -- the stars with birthdays this weekend. nick stall is 3 6. margaret cho, 37. little richard, 83. here we good. which child star actually enjoyed the physical training for his first action movie? to do it. muscle. yeah, look at this.
12:54 am
>> yes, agent cody banks star, frankie, celebrating turning 30. happy birthday frankie. >> princess leia and hahn solo nearly 40 years later. >> pressured to lose weight? >> 50 pound from the point where i was in the metal bikini. >> monday on "e.t.." >> we are almost out of time this weekend. but of course, late-breaking hollywood news. you know where to go. our website, etonline. >> the super bowl after time halftime show will abe amazing. >> before we go, check out the crazy new video. a head full of dreams. >> animated with chimps. chris martin got the idea after bumping into andy. it took six months to transform the musician niece the 3-d
12:55 am
and the rest of your weekend, everyone.
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