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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  January 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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grabbed her from behind said he ad a weapon and then sexually assaulted her. >> that's not right. that's not right. nobody deserves that. >> reporter: marilyn says she's lived here for 40 years. at times she admits being uneasy herself walking to get the bus early in the morning. >> sometime i feel scared but sometimes, you know, i leave everything with god. i walk the streets every morning to catch my bus. >> reporter: but despite this sexual assault both she and the neighbor say the neighborhood is turning around as young people move back into the city. >> it's better i think there are cameras everywhere. the lights are brighter, you know, the service is a lot better. businesses are coming. >> reporter: now here's a description of that suspect from the boston police. they say he's a black male they say he possibly could be cape verdean about.
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from'57" to 5'11" with a thin build and a goatee. he also had on black pants and a black jacket with a pink shirt underneath. the victim is not sure which direction heh took off in. live in dorchester tonight, john monahan, fox 25 news. some colder temperatures even a little bit of snow in the forecast. rob eicher is tracking it all. >> a little cooler tomorrow than today. already did have a little bit of snow out there earlier this evening on the radar. now we're seeing that really kind of wind down. we did have a few snow showers in parts of southern vermont about half hour ago. tlos just about fizzled out to only a few flurries in western windham county. that should be it we'll see a night clearing trend. currently 34 but with enough of a wind to make it feel like 22. winds will continue at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. through the overnight.
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the low 30s. will feel more like mid to upper 20s tomorrow. so a little bit of a wind chill factor. overall, not a bad looking saturday. afternoon. with plenty of sunshine. a little bit more cloud cover on sunday with temperatures in the low 40s. big changes courtesy of antarctic cold front that arrives sunday night. i'll show you how much snow that front could bring us coming up in the next half hour. thank you, rob. a child rescued after falling through the ice. new tone we're hearing from the boy. fox 25's erica richie is in acton and heard from two people who helped rescue the child. >> reporter: wait till you see this little boy's mile it really tells the whole story of how fortunate he is toing alive and how grateful he is to the group of individuals who acted as one to secure that outcome. >> reporter: 2016 is off to a good start to this family. but this almost wasn't the case based on how 2015 ended with 11-year-old victor falling into this icy pond in his apartment complex on
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>> i'm just walking come back to home and i slip in ice. >> reporter: his dad says it's the snow that drew him to the the pond side on his walk home. he has never seen it before they just moved here from brazil almost six months ago. >> up to his cleft in frigid water he quickly learned that's not the case. >> and i go help. help. >> reporter: all while his short life flashed before his eyes as these thoughts ran through his head. >> no, no, please no, no please i don't want to die i'm just a little kid. please no, no, no. >> reporter: his cries were so slig though neighbor dennis heard them through a closed door and ear buds. he called 9-1-1 then watched from his balcony as a stranger became a hero. >> he just came out from between the buildings right down into the water they ever hesitated, didn't look around just right in the water. >> somebody had to go in there and get him, right?
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somebody. his friend alerted had to imthe situation then lamb and his t-shirt and flip-flops did what had to be done. >> when i got him i initially dragged him toward me got him into my arms i just lifted him up as i walked back to the shore. >> i was like oh, my god, thank you. i'm still alive. >> i didn't know him but i hope to i see him one day to see how glad i am that he saved my kid. >> reporter: again this happy ending really is a team effort. he was standing on the land when lamb came out with the boy. he took the boy and handed him to another woman who wrapped her jacket around him. first responders took the boy to the hospital where doctors say he is scbruft fine. in acton tonight, erica richie, fox 25 news. to developing news now out of the middle east two. people are dead at least seven injured after the shooting near a pub in tel aviv israel. it was active manhunt for the swhop reportedly used an automatic weapon.
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the incident was criminal or if there were terrorist motives but both are being investigated. at least one person was killed and 11 others wounded when a suicide bomber targeted a restaurant in kabul, afghanistan today. a kabul hospital reported that a 12-year-old boy was dead upon arrival there following the attack. a suspect was arrested during the the police search. a taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack on twitter. police in new bedford have now identified the man shot and killed last night. 24-year-old aaron grant was found shot near pleasant street around 7:00 on new year's eve was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are now investigating the death as a homicide asking anyone with information to come forward. new at 11:00 natick police asking for help identifying a robbery suspect. police say the man you are about to see him there walked into the honey farms and demanded cash. the suspect is described as a man about 20 to 30 years old with facial hair and nope was with shown. police searched the area but
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call police if you can identify him. >> vandals strike a local cemetery. gravestones toppled over. potent fox 25's christine mccarthy spoke with people who's reallytives were buried there. -- relatives were buried there. >> reporter: elsie dusts off her mother's grave marker. >> she was twli she died. >> reporter: she's been coming to the family plot at the cemetery since she was 5. but this visit may be the most heartbreaking. >> disgraceful. i can't tell you how sad i am and how wrong these people are. >> reporter: her uncle's head stones was one of 33 stones toppled by overnight vandals. >> it's sinful and god's going to punish whoever did this. no sense to this at all. >> reporter: also smashed is the oldest headstone in the 1751. a west bridgewater police officer on routine patrol
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>> it's heartbreaking. i pulled in here and saw all the damage all i wanted to do was burst into tears. >> reporter: among the damage secretary lauren delaney's own great, great grandmother's grave. >> all i can think of is if my mother were still here she would be sitting over on now. >> reporter: this is the fifth vandalism spree since 2012. last veterans day a few graves were knocked over and the pottery was smashed. >> we don't have any leads as of this moment. really are relying on the public to give us any leads to hopefully solve this and put a stop to this. >> reporter: elsie, too, hopes for an end to the crime so that one day in the future she and her husband can lie side by side again in peace. >> next to my husband. police right now are reviewing surveillance video in this area from local businesses and homes though they do say that this cemetery is very remote they're not quite sure they'll find anything.
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with information to go ahead and call police. in west bridgewater, christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. a day after a huge fire burned through a luxury hotel in dubai smoke continues to billow from up that building. authorities say at least 16 people were hurt when the fire started last night at the address. sources say the fire broke out on the 20th floor about 2.50 hours before the city rang in the new year. flames could be seen for miles around as thousands waited to celebrate the beginning of the new year. now we're hearing one man's harrowing story of escape from the burning building. >> so i go there i'm not going to die because of the fire, because of the smoke. >> i can -- i saw some debris falling down from the building. i prayed if this is my last chance then so be it. >> the cost of the fire is
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investigation. a boston firefighter being remembered today for his remarkable service to boston and massachusetts. 68-year-old mike malane died today. he was a 43 year veteran of the boston fire department and a leader of the local firefighters union. tweets from other departments as far away as worcester remembered him. he was also friends with senator elizabeth warren, boston mayor marty walsh and helped campaign for major massachusetts democrats for decades. a nasty crash in charlton. new at 11:00 police tell us that the driver of a truck was going too fast around a sharp turn on richardson corner road and rolled his truck over. the driver and passenger are okay. police say that's because they were wearing their seat belts. firefighters in waltham are investigating after a crash sent a sidewalk crowd -- you can see the plow with two wheels in waltham. the driver was not hurt the trains were stopped for a few hours while crews worked to clear the plow from the bridge.
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we're hearing from the owner of a new york bar in rochester that was believe background to the target of a new year's eve terror plot. federal officials say suspect planned to attack the bar but authorities did not reveal which one. the owner of merchants grill says investigators told him targeted. he also says he has seen lutzman before. >> he has been around the neighborhood for quite he's the businesses have asked him to leave. he has been to a few of them. >> including yourself. >> including myself. >> a criminal complaint says lutzman wanted to bomb and kidnap party revelers to prove himself to isis. he has been charged with trying to provide material support to isis. now to the race for the white house. tomorrow democratic candidate bernie sanders will be in massachusetts. the vermont senator will attendal race in am luvt and worst -- in amherst and worcester. the rally is at 5:00 p.m.
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on sunday hillary clinton will return to new hampshire. she's going to attend events in derry, concord and keene. fox 25 will have complete coverage of both events this weekend. we got antarctic cold front headed our way. the front will bring us not only the coldest air of the season but possibility a little bit of snow. i'll show where you and how much coming up. two children and two adults seriously hurt. the a.t.v. crash that send them all to local hospitals with serious injuries. facebook starting the
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the >> two a.t.v.s slam into each other tonight two children and two adults are seriously hurt. fox 25 spoke with rescuers about what happened here. >> absolutely upsettling. you want everybody to enjoy new year's eve. >> reporter: two men and two young boys were seriously injured after fitchburg police say two a.t.v.s collided along this stretch of road. they received the 9-1-1 call around 9:20 last night. >> that's a concern. young children obviously i'm sure they were passengers. >> reporter: police are still investigating how the two a.t.v.s collided but say each a.t.v. had a man and boy on board. the fitchburg deputy fire chief said a 7-year-old boy had a severe trauma injury and a 6-year-old boy had a compound fracture to his leg. police also told us the 6-year-old's father a 32-year-old man lost his left leg. they say he severed it on a
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the a.t.v.s. a 51-year-old man also had head injuries. >> being -- a 21-year-old man also had head injuries. >> week on the the roadway these vehicles are pretty capable of pretty high speeds and things can obviously happen. >> reporter: we spotted these warning signs in the woods along that road stating no motorized vehicles are allowed. according to massachusetts law, a.t.v.s can only be driven on designated trails or paths. there are age requirements to drivers but we didn't find any age requirements for passengers. state law also requires everyone to follow safety guidelines. we did see one helmet at the crash site but police are still borking to determine how many were wearing helmets. >> any time something like this happens it's a tragedy. it affects families, lives, first responders, everyone. >> reporter: police haven't released the name of the riders or passengers involved in this crash. i did also ask for an update on their condition but they aren't releasing that information the at this point in time either. as soon as we get an update
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in fitchburg, fox 25 news. with the new year comes the new minimum wage rate for workers in massachusetts. starting today twaij minimum wage is now $10 an hour and the second of three annual increases. the pay hike makes massachusetts tied with california for highest minimum wage in the country. minimum wage is not the only rate hike happening this year. the eight members of governor baker's council they're getting a $5,000 salary increase as well. this is one of two salary craneses the first one came six months ago was funded with state's annual budget. this is first pay increase six 2006. a new google chrome app wants to you stop apologizing but just not sorry helps users avoid using words and phrases in e-mails that can make you people sound less confident and assertive. it works by underlining words like sorry, actually and just. it was developed bay group of software developers to empower female leaders by communicating more confidently.
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for a bizarre problem that social networking site was trying to build an artificial intelligence system but a computer bug started telling users they were celebrating 46 years of friendship. facebook has since fixed the problem. high temperatures today were just a touch above average for early january. but big changes coming as we head into the early part of next week. currently sitting at 34 in boston, 33 in portsmouth and lawrence, beverly, 28 in worcester but that's only half of the story. there's a little bit of a breeze out there and does make it a bit of a difference. feels like 22 currently in boston. feels like 17 in worst, feels like 25 in lawrence, and we're expecting about a 10 to 15 miles per hour wind through the night into tomorrow which is enough to make it feel about five to seven degrees colder than the actual temperature. now westerly wind has been picking up moisture off of the great lakes and sended
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england coastline. that has been the case we have seen these on and off snow showers up until recently. in fact, if you look closely on the satellite and radar picture notice how the skies have actually been starting to clear up a little bit. atmosphere a lot more stable now than it was earlier so it's going to be a lot harder than those snow showers to make it into our region so we're not excepting any more you can see the clearing trend continue. by the time you wake up in your saturday good bit of sunshineover all a pretty nice looking saturday. high temperatures in the upper 30s will feel more like mid-30s when you factor in that wind tomorrow. sunday looks okay we'll fast forward to the time period whit gets a little bit more interesting. antarctic cold front will arrive here sunday evening with that front a few snow flurries are possible in western mass, southern vermont the berkshires the green mountains but vast majority of us won't even notice when the front gets here sunday evening but we will notice the cold air behind the front. coldest air of the season so
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along by strong northwesterly winds. it's not only one of those northwesterly winds add to the chill really making for subzero wind chills on tuesday morning but you get that wind blowing across the water, water temperature still in the 40s that's likely to lead to some ocean effect snow showers primarily for the cape and the island. in fact if you look in our computer model forecast indicating about one, two, three inches of snow mainly for the outer cape. this will be monday into the early part of the day on tuesday. then those ocean effect snow showers should wind down tuesday afternoon. but not just the cape and the islands not out of the question we could see maybe a dusting around plymouth. it's hypothetically speaking logan going to orlando on tuesday morning. not expecting any flurries there again it's mainly the cape and the islands and the parts of the shore that stick out just a little bit but not out of the question again we could get one to three inches monday into tuesday. mainly for the outer cape. so enjoy a fairly mild
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tomorrow, 42 on sunday. 26 that's the high temperature on monday. wake up to eight degrees tuesday morning. doesn't get above freezing on tuesday. nice warmup though by the end of next week. >> i think i just heard eight degrees. the complete update from foxborough where the bruins felt they let the fans down today. christian mccaffrey taking the opportunity to show people what they might have mised if they did not watch stanford this year. what a announcer: 3 republican governors. but which governor won national praise for tough leadership handling nine hurricanes? which governor made his state number one in job creation? which governor led the fight to stop obamacare expansion in his state? and which governor laid out a tough plan
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the paris attacks? jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible
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>> the energy was high but overall an ugly day en route to a 5-1 loss in the nhl winter classic. you can't question the pomp it's circumstance at this event. very well orchestrated by the nhl as always. just wish the team would have showed up and played a little bit better. just two minutes in the deflater. 1-0 only got worse. signature play of the game they're already down 3. ryan spoon her a chance to give a little life to the
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but he was robbed by mike condin. injected a little bit of life right then to make it 3-1. right before the 11 men mark max finishes off a two on one gets it past tuukka that made it 4-1 and the bruins lose this one 5-1. not the effort they were looking for. >> came outside. >> we have high expectations as well. like i said we feel like we let everybody down. >> forever now it's going to be a game that we're not very proud of and we're always going to look back and be embarrassed about. but emotionally it was there for them it and wasn't for us. we didn't represent the bruins or city of boston very well today. >> patriots and dolphins sunday chandler jones will not play listed out today on the injury report. he's injured his toe in practice this week. rest is the way to go apparently he will sit out along with julian edelman
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sebastian. the bowl games today not competitive. iowa and stanford had never met before today's rose bowl. iowa may say never again. first play from scrimmage christian mccaffrey 75 yards later he's in the endzone. he finished the day, the day with 350 all purpose yards that's a rose bowl record. stanford won it 45-16. notre dame lost to strahan ford to end the regular season they faced ohio state this afternoon in the fiesta bowl. 149 yards, four touchdowns on the ground. that will look good for 47. buckeyes finish the year 12-1. and michigan blew out florida in the citrus bowl. lots of blowouts in these games. the inequity is palpable. jake and wolverines take it in orlando after another couple blowouts last night. clemson and alabama for the national championship next monday the 11th in blen detail -- in glendale. you just got to figure
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out somebody. >> you going out on a limb or wait? >> bama. >> going with bama. >> i got go for clemson. my niece goes there. >> rob eight degrees caught all of our attention. >> by the way, it will be 80 in miami for kickoff on 8-0. 10 times warmer than it will be here tuesday morning. good chance of showers sunday. but for here, 39 mostly sunny skies tomorrow. sunday. and then yes, eight, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 78, 8 on tuesday morning. when you factor in the wind it will feel like to 10 below freezing. >> it gets better and better. >> not too late to book it to miami for full coverage. >> thank you for being with us have a great week everyone.
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