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thing is,hough, the nor easter, you'll see it with the red l there, will be way offshore and not making nearly a direct hit with us. now, it's going to be close enough and intense enough that we'll have some precipitation here but not the strong winds you associate with a nor easter or the heaviest precipitation. that will be offshore. he temperatures will be close to or below freezing, especially along and north of the pike as the rain first arrives, and the heaviest rain will start to move on and we'll take the timeline right through the end of the storm and i'll show you where some snow can be expected not only from this storm but a second one i'm tracking too. >> kevin, we will see you again in just a bit. breaking right now in chelsea. we just learned police are sweeping chelsea high school because of a bomb threat. school officials just sent out a letter to parents saying a written threat to tell something hours tomorrow. officials do say that some information points to a hoax,
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this very seriously and there will be an added police presence and security measures in place tomorrow as students attend class. patriots chandler jones breaking his silence today after a rush to the hospital over the weekend. he's admitting he made a mistake. fox 25's kathryn burcham is here and you spoke with the sports attorney tonight who is saying jones, lately at least, did a lot of things right. >> that's right, mark. it's about how to make the best of a bizarre situation. that's what one expert says chandler jones did today by coming forward and owning up to that behavior that landed him in the hospital. >> reporter: facing a barrage of cameras in the patriots' locker room, chandler jones told reporters said he feels like he needs to apologize to everyone. that's the way it is right now. >> reporter: the humility expert michael mccan says will help jones weather the scandal. >> we're not gonna remember this a year from now. it could be a lot worse, and how it initially seems, it would turn out. >> reporter: the bizarre details
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a report released by foxboro police. sunday morning, an officer who found jones by the station's backdoor, said he was lying in a prone position and his arms were spread out by his sides. the officer says jones identified himself as chandler jones and said he been told to come there. jones was seeking help after apparently smoking synthetic marijuana. >> we know that he hasn't committed a crime. we know that according to the police report no drugs were found. he was cooperative. >> reporter: mccan says rather than create more damage, the report released today showed jones in a positive light, treating the officers with respect, despite his disturbed state. mccan says jones did right thing by turning a controversy into a character lesson. >> it could cause some concern for the company that's endorsed and the companies that might want to enter into an endorsement deal with him but i think he's handled it in a way
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he could -- probably as well as he could. and tonight no companies that jones has endorsement deals with made any sort of announcements regarding his status. meanwhile jones told us that his only focus is moving forward to the big game on saturday. reporting live, kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. before jones faced the cameras, patriots coach bill belichick answered questions about the situation during a news conference you saw right here on fox 25 this morning. >> there's nothing more important to me personally than the health and well-being of our players, staff, and the people in the organization. so that's the way it is in this organization with me personally and i don't think that will ever change. we issued a statement on that and i really don't have anything to add to it. >> the fox 25 morning news, will be monitoring any developments in this story and will have any new details starting at 4:00 a.m. developing news, a local teacher is on leave tonight, at 5:00 and 6:00, we reported on how he was allegedly involved in some inappropriate behavior with the students.
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has been digging into what happened. >> reporter: fox 25 spoke to the west boylston police chief and we can confirm that police interviewed the teacher in question twice. this accusation from a student just coming to light yesterday. we have learned that right now this involves only one student. tonight we've also confirmed that the worcester county d.a.'s office is involved. the police chief telling fox 25 that they've applied for a search warrant to search the teacher's home electronics. including his internet access, any phones and computers. we've also learned that the teacher does not deny his activity when questioned by police the d.a.'s office will do a full investigation to verify or disspell the accusations. tonight many parents at a basketball game would not speak to fox 25 on camera but off camera one told us if this accusation is true, it's sad. we reached out to the superintendent and school
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however, the superintendent did release a statement which confirms the investigation with police and the d.a. and also goes on to say the teach hoar been removed from the school and will have no further contact with any students. >> the police chief telling fox 25 that he hopes to do a full forensic investigation in the morning and from there it will be determined if any charges will be filed. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. skyfox flying over the home where a roof fell in. roof. the person's name and condition have not been released. incredible video showing the moment of impact here during a crash in the o'neill tunnel. it happened early this morning. the car slammed into the left 6:00 a.m. it led to the closure of the two right-hand lanes but traffic is back up and running as normal
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a mother, her son and a boyfriend in the car when it's hit with several bulls. new tonight they're talking about how they survived. jim morelle is live in brockton with the story of their close call. jim. >> mark, you might call this story 2-inches to tragedy. that's how close the stray bullet came to hitting this 6-year-old boy. tonight that boy and family, they're shaken but grateful to be alive. i think it was just the wrong place at the wrong time. >> reporter: call that a massive understatement. on tuesday, amber of brockton got lost while driving in dorchester and wound up literally in the line of fire. >> for a split second i was like, is that fire crack centers. >> it was gunshots, three beauties piercing amber's vehicle, one busted through the back window and hitting the windshield. sitting in the backseat at the time, her 6-year-old son jackson. >> he said if he was 2-inches taller it would have took him right out, would have got him right in the back of his head. >> reporter: jackson is fine physically, but emotionally the
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>> this is the car and then this is jackson. >> reporter: his 8-year-old sister layla even made a drawing of the incident. that's god in back of the car protecting the family from the bullets. >> reporter: and amber says it was god watching over the family. >> it wasn't until the officer told me that that came through the back window past your child's head. that's when my knees felt like jello and i was sick to my symptom stomach. i was like, wow, thank god, thank you, thank you. that's all i could continue to keep saying to him. >> now, like millions of americans, amber played powerball this week and says that although you won't find her name on the official winner's list, she is a winner. she won her son's life, she won her own life. this be incident but so far all they have is a limited description of a suspect. live in brockton, jim morelle, fox 25 news.
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presidential election year and the first presidential debate of 2015 is now in the books. for the republicans on stage, a chance to go after president obama and hillary clinton. seven of the 11 candidates still in the republican race qualify to be in the fox business news main debate tonight. others squared off in the undercar debate earlier in the day. donald trump also going after ted cruz on concerns he might not be eligible for the presidency because he was born in canada. >> there are other attorneys that file that because he was not going on the land, he cannot run for office. here's the problem, we're running, we're running, he says great, i win. i accuse him as my vice-presidenttial be candidate and the democrats sue because we can't take him along for the ride. >> the non-partisan site politic-fact say most scholars
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clear despite his canadian birthplace. a new poll today shows hillary clinton's edge over bernie sanders has shrunk to just 2 percentage points in iowa. bloomberg's des moines registered poll shows clinton 42 to 40%. governor oh mali was at 4%. a major arrest in new york city where a suspect with dozens of aliases was picked up on fraud charges. jeremy daniel wilson of new york city is accused of scamming local businesses including fraudulently leasing a car from a bmw leadership. he is also accused of stealing computer equipment from m.i.t. and using a credit card number saved on it to buy u.s. army medals and ribbons. he was just released on similar charges back in november. the prime suspect of the murder of a 10-year-old lawrence boy is trying to get out of prison. but in court the jury heard testimony that convicted multiple child rapist wayne chapman still thinks about his victims.
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but the state has had him civilly committed for years finding him still sexually dangerous. prison. at suffolk superior court a forensic psychologist told a jury that chapman recently talked about one of his victims, a young boy. the jury also heard chapman has said if he is released he will move to the state of maine because he believes there are fewer restrictions on sex offender there is. jetblue has resumed flights after a power outage caused delays across the can country this afternoon, including several at boston logan. the airline's web site went down for about an hour because of a car outage in a data center used by the carrier. flyers took to twitter showing pictures of crowded check-in lines as a result of no one being able to print tickets. well, we know there are three big powerball winners after last night's drawing but at this hour none have come forward. the winning tickets were sold in chino hills, california, mumford, tennessee and melbourne beach, florida. right now it is still anyone's guess who will be splitting that $1.5 billion jackpot. if you didn't hit the jackpot
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powerball drawing is saturday. this time the jackpot is just b 40000000. so no jackpot winners here in new england but there were two $1 million tickets. keith bower, a boston man, claimed one of them this afternoon. he tells us he plans to use the winnings to pay off his student debt, his student loan debt and his wife's as well, they're also going to help out their parents. robert dole of east bridgewater claim the other tickets were used from birthdays and anniversaries to select the numbers. he and his wife want to buy a new home and travel someplace warm, as well. very cold for snow. will it stay that way this weekend when the storm arrives? a timeline and what you can expect to fall at your home. car seriously damaged, the teenager hurt. >> the airbag comes off, it's like being punched in the face. my teeth went through my lip. >> the simple thing the other driver didn't do that could have prevent the all this. >> and president obama promising
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. . ed a ted daniel reports, this could have all been prevented if another driver could have cleaned off their car, this crash. >> reporter: dash-cam video fox 25 recently aired from 495 in haverhill, one way to illustrate
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the story miranda cody and her father shared with us, another. >> i ended up fractioning my radius in my arm and my nose is bruised and my lip was split open. >> reporter: miranda was behind the wheel of this car on her way to universal tech in norwood where she's training to become a diesel mechanic. left side, on 128 south in waltham, trouble spelled i-c-e. >> reporter: miranda says the airbag felt like a punch in the face, pushing her teeth through her bottom lip. >> when we got to where she was and picked her up, i could see -- she come over and she's covered in blood, and there was -- it was upsetting. >> reporter: it's unsafe to drive with snow and ice on your vehicle and illegal. we contacted the massachusetts state police. a first offense typically carries a $40 fine and a citation.
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involving injury, a motorist may be charged with neglect operation, that carries a $200 fine and a mack of two years in jail. doesn't hurt anyone to clean it off. >> reporter: in miranda's case, the other driver kept going. miranda was not able to get a place because her car was spinning out of control. reporting in waltham, ted daniel, fox 25 news. there have been several instances of vandalism discovered in rockport recently. take a close look at these pictures. rockport police say there have been five cases of vandal. and i graffiti since november 27th. the latest was tuesday when graffiti was discovered in the mens room at t whatever. investigators believe some of these instances are connected to each other. singer celine dion's husband has died. 73-year-old renee died this morning at their home in las vegas after a long battle with cancer. they were married in 1994 and had three children. tmz is reporting celine is
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caesar's palace and will not return until february 23rd. president barack obama made curing cancer a top priority during his final state of the union address calling it, a quote, moon shot. you but the moon shot requires money. tonight we dug through budgets from the national cancer institute and found that congress cut its budget for cancer research every year from 2010 to 2014. >> i just can't believe sometimes congress can be so dumb as to cut medical research. it makes no sense. >> congress did give the national cancer institute its first significant increase in years for the 2016 budget, adding more than $260 million in new funding. the institute's director stays will take sustained budget increases to cure cancer. new at 11:00, everyone's getting an extra three days to file their taxes this year, thanks to a little-known d.c. holiday. friday, april 15th, is emancipation day in our nation's capitol. most people will have until april 18th. the massachusetts residents, they have an extra day on top of
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patriots day. this year, the irs was appropriated $290 million to help approve taxpayer services. a storm coming off the coast this weekend becoming a nor easter. what will it do to us. temperatures are cold enough that if it's coming, it certainly would be snow. down to 13 in norwood. temperatures in the teens and 20s all across southern into central new england. boston holding on to be 27. at the vineyard it's 35. there's actually milder air working in. snow to our north and west. that's staying there. any flurries will be widely scattered. this is our storm center down here. it's actually not a center yet, but it will become one. it will all come offshore of the carolina coastline sent into our storm system. you'll see the red l on here to give you an idea where the center will be located. this area of low pressure will be intensified nor easter.
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one of our typical nor easters. it continues to churn well out to sea, southeast of nantucket for sure and out into the canadian maritimes saturday night. clouds are here. that's tomorrow night, 7:00 friday, and then here comes the first rain. we're taking this to 2:30 in the morning saturday. most of this is in green and yellow. that's rain. but on the northern fringes, some mixing happening. it's because temperatures may in fact especially along the pike will be at or below freezing. either freezing rain or sleet as it works on in. pushes off to the north. still see some mixing in the northern fringes and southern vermont and new hampshire. most of the heavy rain stays offshore. some will make it into the south coast of massachusetts and into southern massachusetts especially, see the yellow and orange there. meanwhile, the northern side of this storm and the backside pushes off to the northeast. you pull down some cold air, you're going to get some snow. especially in the higher elevations in vermont, in new hampshire and into maine. certainly some good news for ski
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this is all pushing out of here by the early afternoon. tailgate efforts, you're going to be dry, as long as you don't start too early. and by the game, kick-off is at 4:30, actually breaks in the clouds. there's a possibility you will see a beautiful sunset from gillette before the sun goes down after the rain has ended during saturday afternoon. we clear out saturday night. if you want snow, here's where you have to go, nothing in southern new england. just light accumulations into central new hampshire. on the higher elevations, you can certainly add a few inches to this. you get up here into northern central maine, 6 to 12-inches of snow. 18-inches in northern maine and add nearly a foot of snow to some places up there once again. again, great news for ski country. this is what it looks like hour by hour at gillette stadium. getting into the 40s with the winds around that storm system blowing off the 40-degree ocean water. the sun pops out just before it goes down into the afternoon. and then partly cloudy skies and dry through the ball game. 39 degrees for kick-off. a glimpse of the sun just as
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the rain is gone but you're out there early enough for tailgating, may have some showers. that's why it's painted in there. the weekend is always in view. you see it here. 42 degrees on saturday, and then on sunday, temperatures will be cooling off into the 30s. by monday morning, an alberta clipper brings some light snow to the area, the high temperature of only 30 degrees for the hated, coming up. well, patriots is what we're talking about after the break. believe it or not, we're not
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the boys we don't want to worry about how many yards they gained or didn't
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th the same as any other game we face. really not that hard. >> what they want to do on the other side of the ball. the players have bought in 100%. >> since the day i walked in the building and from when my first team meeting with him in our first year here, he made it clear that we're chasing the title. we want the big dog and right now we're on the hunt to chase that thing down. continues. chip kelly has been hired in san francisco to take over for the 49ers. not a bad thing when you get paid by two different teams in the same season. he wasn't alone. he takes his 26 and 21 record to the bay but the other moves that are either official or at least close to them, the giants
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bob mackanu to the head coaching spot in new york and doug peterson who actually played for andy reid in philadelphia in the late '90s and early to uses. tom coughlin pulled himself out of affiliation for the job and 53 points, a career high for jamie, the bulls did win by 4 in overtime. he had 51 in regulations. >> killing it. >> the name upler and big
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