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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 15, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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snow blizzard conditions strong winds not everyone of them has to be the way it they could be offshore and technically a northeaster this one will be close enough to give us some problems you can see here winter weather advisory for some slippery conditions during the day tomorrow. we clouds out there tonight evening plans for friday not an issue at all. chilly out there other than that no problems. storm center moving up the coast toward us that's going to bring the rain in the morning hours on the northern fringes of the rain different colors some blue and some purple little bit of pink that's mixing a talk about higher elevation you have the more chance you going to see some snow. heavy starts to come in and notice more blue and purple showing up especially to the west and the elevations into northern new england. that's with a significant snow is going to be. when it comes down as heavy as
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colder pulled down from above and cause a little bit of mixing but expected to be a predominately rain event for most of you watching tonight. however since there is some snow pulls out time for the patriots kickoff in the afternoon here's what were expecting up to the north and west with stays all snow upwards of six inches going into northern maine more than that. closer in concord new hampshire in southern new hampshire one to three inches of fuzzy and washing away along for 95. a portion of northwest worcester county onset of the storm system with the rain coming and coming down heavily it will wash away. first thing in the morning dealing with some icy roads out there in those locations we all be back with an updated timeline. >> with a nor'easter approaching be sure to download the all new fox 25 storm tracker weather app. you can get custom forecast my
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neighborhood. >> we are following some breaking news sky fox above one of the schools evacuated after common serious threat forced hundreds of parents pick up the children all over the state. we just learned in the past few minutes fbi is now involved. this map give you a better idea of how many communities were affected today. at least 10 cities and towns from the north shore to the south shore and on the cake. here's what we know so far. as was very close to the investigation telling 25 the threats were made using an automatic call. caller said a device was left in the school and the device would go off in a half hour. fox 25 christie mccarthy is live in weymouth where two schools had to be evacuated due to those threats. >> reporter: were hit one of those two weymouth middle schools where those kids were evacuated earlier today. shortly after noon and though it looks pretty empty right now
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activity in the last hour as kids and the parents were arriving here to retrieve some of the items that they were able to bring with them when they were evacuated. that's because police had since given the school the all clear a few hours ago they went through with a k-9 to sweep through the entire school and say they found no suspicious devices. >> parents anxiously wait to pick up the kids after two weymouth middle schools re-evacuated because of bomb threats. >> students like the 12-year-old grace smith still nervous she heads home with her mom. >> police surrounded abigail adams middle school and ambulances were on standby after school officials say they received every according to an automated call system shortly after noon on friday. students and staff walked to a nearby academy avenue primary school. >> in less than a mile away police swept through chapman the school where students also evacuated. they walked to pingree elementary school where a lot of parents grew.
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this week.please in school officials investigate a possible threat also at chapman on sunday. but investigators determined the threat was not audible and based on a student's false statement. >> parents are thankful everyone is safe but fed up with the threats of violence. >> enough is enough. i know that were certainly not the only city that's happened to. >> weymouth police tell me that it is way too soon to say whether or not these bomb threats are all connected and coming from the same source but they do say that they certainly seem similar and that there are recording delivered to an automated call system. >> $5000 up for grabs and chelsea as police there try to identify the was responsible for threat message on the school's website said the administration will not tolerate threats to the students and police are now offering that reward for anyone who has information.
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yesterday classes were on schedule today. >> and barry shelter place order was issued a quabbin regional high school over concerns that there was a gun in the building. state police a student told them that another student had a gun in his backpack that backpack was searched no gun was found. >> marathon bomber will have to pay northern $101 million in restitution to his victims. the amount is laid out in 11 page document we've obtained. institution divided between unnamed victims for certain amounts with the rest of the money going to the massachusetts victim compensation fund once the victims have been paid. the payouts range from 8.1 dollars down to $120. told the money would be taken from any bond raised on his behalf and then distributed among the victims. going to go through all the filings and will get more information to you as we have it. >> pats in the playoffs tonight the getting a good
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the red-hot kids city chiefs tomorrow. before that a lot of questions that need to be answered. fox 25's bryan salmond. >> reporter: pages gave us all about as much info as they are obligated to provide an on that list both gronk and julian edelman this is questionable for saturday's game elements questionable should be really be probable because is no way he doesn't play but gronk is a different story makowski was limited wednesday out thursday plus reports of an injection into his bad knee and today gronk was limited and officially listed as questionable but the pats have 12 guys listed as questionable on that list. tom brady not one his ankle is good enough to be probable but you have jules edelman his foot jones in his abdomen until and dante hightower was been nursing a bum knee but everyone on this list will play in my belief picnics only pages placed in listed out but
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chief since october 25th.>> also breaking it was a nightmare day on wall street. the tao took a dive plummeting 390 points losing two percent of its value today's performance capped the worst two week start to a new year ever. check this out. earlier in the day tao actually down staggering 532 points rallied from there making some of its losses. the numbers may look bad and you probably thinking it's just crushing your 401(k) but not so fast. with six bucks 25 getting new insight from financial experts who claim the average family actually seeing a few benefits from the markets tough start. >> that's right the biggest benefit using it right behind me here reflected in the pricing are paying at the pump interestingly though that benefit is what caused one of the biggest reasons that the market went into a tizzy today. for the first time in more than 12 years we saw the price of crude oil drop below $30 a
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started all of the island trading that we saw on wall street. experts say spoke to say don't panic because for the average joe this isn't our problem. >> talk about the one percent the kind of people who their primary income is coming from capital but for most of us are going to be listening to this program what you're seeing is that your income and your job that's what really matters and from that perspective the economy continues to be really healthy. >> a research analyst from needham-based armstrong advisory group says 14 million economy in the last eight years in the job market remains stable and should be virtually untouched by today's trading tailspin. where you could be affected is in your 401(k) particularly if you have a lot of energy exposure there. but even if that's the case he says is always a trade-off to help offset it and this case the trade-off is being seen at the savings at the pump extra money that remains in your
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economy. like restaurants and maybe even to your savings a little bit that turn continues to grow a healthy economy and that he says has a bigger factor has more of an effect on keeping us out of a recession than what happened on wall street today. >> breaking news we've just learned a local marine is one of 12 people unaccounted for after two military helicopters collided in hawaii.that marine is from hingham we've learned his mother is a retired massachusetts state trooper. the family is asking for privacy. this was breaking today in the fox 25 morning news and tonight the search for survivors is still ongoing. the coast guard says the aircraft and the first marine aircraft wing collided late thursday off the coast total of 12 crewmembers were on board helicopters officials say an
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morning but no one was on board. >> we will continue to follow this breaking story and its local connection and the latest night at 10 on fox 25. >> fox 25 investigate uncovers a cause of a house fire that erupted as police took on the man at the center of an armed standoff on christmas day. that fire has been under investigation ever since it started on summer street in everett. >> reporter: state fire marshals office confirmed fox 25 it was a pepper spray device fired into the house by police that started the fire and once it started burning we've learned the conditions were right for flames to spread quickly. this chart and boarded up house on summer street by reminder of the chaotic six hour stand up on christmas day fox 25 is live as police took down 53-year-old mark lavoie at the same time flames burned to the house lavoie was holdup all day.the
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police chief dismissed possibility that anything from swat officers could've started the fire. >> state fire marshal office now tells fox 25 investigators it was in fact the few's on a pepper spray device landing near a couch and a flooded room of the house and started the fire. >> youtube videos devastate the use of so-called sting balls similar to what police say was used during this standoff. >> firefighters kept the flames from spreading to other houses and no one was seriously was hearsay that satisfied with how police responded even if starting a fire was unintended. >> they had to do with they had to do. that's that. >> it just spoke with everett police chief stephen macy we
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pepper spray devices nonfunctioning worked with they way they were intended by the chief says he can't comment until there is a final report from investigators that's with a suspect mark lavoie and remains in jail on gun related charges. >> governor charlie baker stop by the fox25 studio today to answer tough questions. he tells us will be focusing on what the limit is for state of the commonwealth also a topic he wants to tackle that he says a lot of people just aren't talking about. we'll share that with you ahead at six. >> a teacher removed from a local school after allegations
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tracking and weather alert is a nor'easter mixed approach to area. is expected to create some dangerous conditions including some freezing rain and ice trend fighting updating his full forecast right now will have it for you in just two minutes. >> take a look at these pictures here a local mom tells 25 the driver smashed her minivan kept going. you can see all the damage here. the mom admits she's concerned the man behind the wheel is nowhere to be found. >> reporter: this mother of
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face on camera but she speaking out against a terrifying experience to warn other drivers. she says last night around 10:30 p.m. a white suv drove up behind her year-long kingsborough wrote in dracut. she says because of the force she lost control of her minivan and flew into a tree. right here behind you can see some of those tire tracks of the minivan right before it slammed right into the street and take a look at some of that debris is still here scattering the ground. >> you can still see some of the car paint right here on the tree. when dracut police and fire responded after seeing the damage one officer told her she was lucky to be alive. >> dracut police told us they are investigating this hit and run. they've located the white suv
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still looking into who was behind the wheel. they say once they do they will determine what charges that person will face. for this mother she's thankful all she suffered injuries to her neck back and knee but is furious someone could be capable of hurting another person. >> we know the players said there turning out any distractions as we can so the fans we spoke to post of them looking towards who will policy back in action is a factor in tomorrow's game.tough team but i think tom and jules coming back will pull it out. >> scored a good game for us. it. >> i think edelman's going to play so give us some weapons out there in the wide receiver see a different look for the
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>> right now the chiefs are on 11 game winning streak path and say that stops tomorrow. ask like people wondering if this nor'easter going to have any impact on tomorrow's playoff game. >> a lot of patriot fans hoping it would rain or snow because we know how good the patriots and tom brady are in the bad weather not going to be the case though it's going to be bad enough storm which is going to be done before kickoff. let's talk about the winter weather advisory place slippery conditions you could have first thing in the morning storm arrives will be rain but on the other fridges of it can be some ice because temperatures be that cold along for 95 i really beyond 120 495 you get some freezing rain that's what i'm concerned about early-morning travelers but if you're leaving for the game a little later are doing or traveling by noontime certainly going to be just rain
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southern new england. the storm here coming up the coast is the culprit tracked a lot several days here the fox25 weather center this is going to be pushing the rain in here on time tomorrow just like we've been expecting that's good news you don't have to adjust your travel plans on we were already here comes the rain during early morning hours watch for the spots of ice going northern fringes of the storm wraps up the cold air wrapping around the backside of it will sure a snow situation for the berkshires into vermont into new hampshire monadnock region of southwestern new hampshire included arcane likely to get up to five inches of snow. rest of us get in heavy rain when it comes don't have enough can pull down cold air causes some sleet and snow to mix in and make it a little slushy generally a rain event that should wash away any slush that you get in southern new
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snow continues for main during the afternoon tomorrow storm pulls out of southern new england good news this key country good news for you going to the patriots game if you wanted to be nicer out the rain is gone and your clearing out during the course of the game. out there is going to be a mess you going to have the rain the high threat for tomorrow the snow and ice put a moderate threat just because it doesn't impact all of you but some of you will just take some advice to mess up the roadways talking to you for 95 in westwood north of the pike worcester city of worcester have a little bit icy situation even some snow at the onset of this can cause it to be a little slushy. here they can relations were expecting and not much close and slushy into long for 95 toward to the new get en route to and another was to count you can get into a 1 to 3 inches snow band beyond their 46 and
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distance that's a talk about elevations worcester hills not so much we're going to see the slushy inch mostly in the hill towns out here to the berkshires and the white green mountains in northern central new england monadnock region southwestern new hampshire that we get 46 inches of snow even more brother not to go in. our by hour forecast for you at your gillette stadium for the game going up to 40 degrees with rain for the storm system it will not snow at gillette stadium. cloudy conditions by 2 o'clock in eclipse of the sun before it sets during the afternoon hours just before kickoff. temperatures coming down as the sun goes down into the 30s but really not a brutally cold night at all. here's a seven day forecast your weekend always in view it's a messy one. not only do you have the
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in marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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fedex shipped anthrax to every state in the us it was sent by the army. fox25 covers how something like this could ever happen. >> the focus of the pentagon investigation proving grounds in utah it was your army investigators say the military shift live anthrax to 194 labs in all 50 states and 94 countries for 12 years. >> we believe with a very high
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found all of the samples and they have been destroyed. army investigates a 150 page report that anthrax specimens army scientists thought were in active for life. army found a quote culture complacency at the facility and management that failed to take action. no single event no single individual no groups of individuals are directly responsible for the inadvertent shipment. army investigators recommending the 12 people be disciplined for the actions but take a look at the report 11 of the 12 names are redacted the only person singled out for blame is a general who oversaw the facility. as for those samples shipped across the country by fedex investigator said that anthrax was not in dangerous powder form and was safely sworn in liquid aisles. no evidence to suggest in any way shape or form that lab technicians or the american public or anytime at risk. >> army now working with cdc headquarters and landed on a
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precautions and even new science for testing anthrax samples. army officials said they need to produce anthrax to test military equipment designed to protect soldiers in a biological attack. >> governor charlie baker telling fox 25 he's focusing on the future of massachusetts as he prepares for his first state of the commonwealth address the governor baker joined fox 25 morning team in the studio today answered questions but his first year of office and what to expect from a speech. as expected the opioid epidemic will be a focal point the governor tells us he'll also be addressing something that hasn't had as much attention. energy concerns. the stuff that turns on the lights and heat your house and want to business a lot of it's gone away over the next four or five years and we need to come up with a poorly replacement for that.
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justify the more than $100 million in incentives that helped convince ge to come to boston and the possibility of nbt a fair takes his answers and the full interview posted on the front page of our website >> local teacher is out of the classroom following alarming allegations next at six the questions parents have about the teacher who allegedly had
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continued stay on top of fox 25 weather alert this is why nor'easter is making its approach in the area by 11 o'clock tonight will be under a winter weather advisory. >> system is going to bring more rain and then snow. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz is in the storm tracker weather center with his updated forecast. >> not much change to make at least not yet everything's going as planned so far the winter weather advisory is in place the preconditions potential for some snow. snow is going to be elevation driven meeting higher up you are the chance you have first taking the committee snow from the storm. talking to you mostly in the northern hills of worcester county back to berkshire county into vermont new hampshire storm center coming off the coast intent system producing wind gusts to 40 miles per hour as a ghost by closest past all be sustained strong wind same
6:27 pm
not a real deep cold air source here in new england. you can expect as a rain ramps up to the early morning hours it comes in his reign but i'm places along 495 north of the pike especially even closer into but those are the main focus areas you can have some temperatures at or below freezing as a rain approach is moved in that means you can have some icing first thing in treacherous me to be careful and don't take a tiny bit to get things very slippery. as a storm continues to intensify cold air wrapped around the backside looks like it will change it over to snow this is the part of the forecast externally difficult because that's going to be how intense the storm is we don't know that just yet.looking at it looks like it will be intense enough to produce this kind of snow also will it be in the high elevations only my forecast to keep it in the elevations the berkshires you have to vermont will get four to six inches of snow on the location much less in the lower
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icy situation. i'll take that timeline right to the weekend coming up and more on the potential for snow. >> be sure to wake up with the fox25 morning team as our meteorologist track the nor'easter overnight jason heather and blair will have updated information on weather and traffic conditions the fox 25 weekend morning news starts at 6:00 a.m.. >> following breaking news at 6:30 within the past half hour learned local marine is one of 12 people unaccounted for after two military helicopters collided in hawaii.we now know the marinas from hingham and his mother is a retired state pretty trooper. family is asking for privacy. coast guard says the aircraft from the first marine aircraft wing collided late thursday off the oahu coast. total 12 crew members from board the helicopters. officials say empty life raft found this morning but no one was on board. >> breaking to and following the investigation into bomb
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just within the past 30 minutes involved. sky fox above one of the two schools in weymouth westerns were evacuated officials that they are said the principal received iphone to both abigail school. those that similar to a handful of other phone in from the schools north shore to the south shore this map here shows you at least 10 cities where a color claimed the device was left in the school. there's more breaking news on bomber will have to pay more than $101 million in restitution to his victims. the amount was laid out in 11 page document that we've obtained restitution divided between unnamed items for certain amounts with the rest of the money going to the massachusetts victim compensation fund once the victims have been paid. the payouts range from $8.1 million on the way down to $120. were told that money would be taken from any funds raised on his behalf and then distributed among the victims. continue to go to the filing
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>> working to get new information regarding a criminal investigation involving a local teacher. last night in the fox25 news at six we told you a teacher is off the job at west boylston middle high school for alleged improper behavior towards a student. tonight 25 kerry kavanaugh is west boylston a parent say the questioned these answers now. >> kerry: parents at west fourth and the high school seeking answers after a teacher was abruptly removed the school this week. 25 first reported thursday that an act of lease investigation after an allegation of improper behavior toward a student. >> fox25 is not identifying the teacher since there are no criminal charges. parents tell us the teacher works with students with special needs.>> he's a wonderful guy. he's done a lot for these kids at the school.
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want to give her name said she was having a hard time believing the rumors she's hearing. >> he does a lot with the kids and for the kids. he's a wonderful guy. so i mean i think he's getting a raw deal.>> are you confident that taking the right steps to protect students? >> i think they will yes i think something like this will certainly not be covered up. >> were waiting to hear what you know comes out and then you can make a proper judgment. parents not rushing to judgment as they wait for information. we reached out to the west was the police chief the superintendent and the district attorneys office not responded friday. >> it's very troubling. because the teachers this post be held to us to higher standard. >> west boylston lycie the anticipated exiting a search one of the teachers home today to investigate some personal
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activity outside of the home. continue to bring you any new information as we learn it. >> convicted child rapist was also the prime suspect in the disappearance of a lawrence boy is trying to get out of prison. 68-year-old wayne chapman is trying to convince the suffolk county jury that he is no longer sexually dangerous and that he should be released. chapman spent years in prison. on various cases he's admitted to molesting up to 100 young boys. in court today a prosecutor played a recording of a call chapman recently made to a level iii sex offender in maine. a jury may get this case on tuesday. >> local burger king manager under arrest tonight. 39-year-old thomas manchester new hampshire arrested this morning police say he stole more than $2000 from the burger king on daniel webster highway. officers say taylor was a general manager of that restaurant at the time.
6:33 pm
this guy still on the loose. police say he's wanted in a 711 robbery on north main street in fall river. officers say that he pulled a knife on the clerk holding it has back and demanding cash. >> sky fox and falmouth today after a car slammed into the side of this building. falmouth police aren't saying what caused the crash or if there are any injuries. you can see there's a lot of damage to the car in the building. >> a close call in jamaica plain check out this picture here of a car engulfed in 25 you are set this into us this was on green street in jp it's unclear right now what started the fire or if anyone was hurt.>> alert tonight and i out for door-to-door scammers. boston city council or tim mccarthy taking to his facebook mentor knocking on doors in the section of hyde park living there with ever sourced but it is also partly asked for a copy of your bill as if you see them call boston police. >> keep close tabs your credit
6:34 pm
that card skimmers have been found in several gas pumps in new hampshire. pelham police say the skimmer device like this one was found in town if you think your information has been compromised contact police and call your bank right away. >> we now know where the first so-called grow location for medical marijuana in new hampshire will be today the state awarded a medical marijuana or just ration certificate to sanctuary sat on spalding avenue in rochester. that certificate will allow the center to grow marijuana to be sold at four dispensaries across the state. >> fox 25 trying to uncover a patriot star chandler jones got special treatment when he showed up disoriented at the foxboro police department over the weekend. fox 25 a closer look at the department's relationship with the team. >> this morning i did speak with the foxboro police chief by phone he told me he did not
6:35 pm
we came here to the police station in the hopes that he might reconsider but instead we received a statement that didn't answer any of our questions. one day after the foxboro police chief released a partly redacted report when it came to a bizarre episode with chandler jones questions remain about whether or not the patriots defensive and got special treatment. and whether or not the average person would have been given the same preference. we did try asking the police chief and even waited hours at the station to see if he would speak with us but he refused. we do know the chief serves as a town chief of police and services at gillette stadium. a statement released yesterday so there's no conflict so we took a look at the chiefs pay. in the 2014 foxboro town report it was the latest one we could find. it shows the chief really salary is $147,000.
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from an cordes: most nurses are tough. they're problem-solvers. they like making things better. people don't have access because bernie sanders understands and major medical companies are ripping us off. bernie tells the truth, he understands that the system is rigged, and he's the only one who can bring real change. i'm bernie sanders,
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nor'easter makes his approach to our area. we could see some dangerous conditions when it comes to freezing rain and ice. fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz updating his full focus right now have that for you in just about three minutes.
6:38 pm
this man post is awarded veteran to swindle his way to a life of luxury. in reality is a convicted felon. >> learned that even veterans office fell for the scam. >> reporter: jimmy wilson convicted felon just got a federal prison police say he left that part out as a con his way across cambridge. >> font*civil* purple heart talked about explosion tell people it of his friends to cabbage director of veterans affairs remembers the day jeremy wilson walked into his office. claiming to be a wounded homeless veteran. he even had nickel documents reporting a story of surviving a bomb blast. >> he doctored this up well because he has scars on his head pick using all sorts of bogus ideas and records police say wilson was able to secure a veterans benefit check. police say he also conned his way into a brand-new bmw and an $8000 a month corporate apartment. claiming he was in airline executive. we talk about a major professional conman here.
6:39 pm
wilson just got other federal resident november after serving a sentence for similar charges. within a month they said he was right back at it here in cambridge. police and he was even able to cash about $70,000 in counterfeit checks.he also stole personal computers from mit and used personal information off of them. police believe wilson picked the mit area because of the access to information. but his game plan had another motivation as well. a movie. he acknowledged that yes inspiration from him is the actor that dicaprio portrays in catch me if you can pick also and conscious way into a fortune. also was captured this week in new york after cambridge detectives and officials and nypd tracked him down. >> is a veteran is deplorable. it's very very upsetting.
6:40 pm
prosecute the case but they said they have to wait in line also have cases. >> a little girl walks right out of school today were speaking with her mother just how long she was out on her own will have that for you tonight at 10. >> a boston woman embarking on an international quest to reunite a camera with its rightful owners. meredith cabrera says she found the camera and a taxi in hong kong on new year's eve in their only clues about its owners are these photos and the language setting. based on the setting she believed the couple could be german. >> we have some wild video to show you now from the united kingdom watch here a truck driver to a tire in england pulled over onto the side of the road to check it out. then all of a sudden another truck goes flying right by him and misses him by inches. the driver says is actually bruised his shoulder when he jumped into his own truck so hard.
6:41 pm
>> a brand-new government report shows changing the metal our coins are made of could save up to $40 million a year but some say there's a big downside. representatives of the vending industry argue it could devastate small businesses if every vending and coin-operated machine in the country needed to be changed or reprogrammed. congress asked for recommendations but the us mint is not even them yet. >> everyone's getting an extra three days to file their taxes this year. except for massachusetts and maine. that's because we get four days. the reason multiple local holidays and dc friday, april 15 is emancipation day. so workers of the iris have the day off. most states that have until april 18 but nasa chooses and maine residents have a next day on top of that because the 18th is also patriots' day. >> dreams of many people in this country coming to for one tennis a couple. john and lisa robinson say they bought one of the three winning powerball tickets. robinson's first announcement
6:42 pm
they arrived at the tennessee lottery was late today to claim the prize. lisa robinson described the moment she realized that they won. >> i was running down the hallway screaming and crying and i said check the numbers he woke up in a dead sleep so is all startled. what what?? sounds about right. two other winning ticket sold in california and florida. so that $1.5 billion jackpot will be split between all three winners. >> winter weather advisory place for the storm system moving on in can be slippery dart in some places going to be some snow let's talk about that forecast in detail. slippery conditions expected basically the west winter weather advising on the west of 128 and out into worcester county south of the pike as well so the going to be places that get a little bit of slippery conditions first thing in the morning clouds right now down the coast of the storm are
6:43 pm
for a few days it will be close enough to bring some strong wind gust, caught in the islands of the makes way poses path southeast of nantucket actually where it's going will be a pretty good spot for snowstorm in a big snowstorm england. this is been a mild winter and we don't have an cold air source to keep us locked into snow so as is comes in weather can be some mixing of northern fridges during the early morning hours it's going to be predominately rain.however on the backside of this with a cold air is wrapping in from the northeast the storms are wins go around this center of it so these wins will be coming from the northeast and cold that we are going to get the snow in the higher elevations especially very elevation depended the lower you go to warm it's going to be the
6:44 pm
rain is going to fall on you as opposed to a snow that turn the hampshire. there's a ring that continues to fall on us southern new england by 3 o'clock in the afternoon mostly gone still snowing in northern new england by the evening hours in the middle but have time at the game it's going to be dry. at a slushy 495 northwest route 21 to 3 inches back here to the worcester county northwestern middlesex county 46 inches berkshires southern new hampshire points north of there and just keeps going northern maine to take a go there for skiing this weekend and temperatures out there right now worcester at 33 degrees here the issue. it's 33 right now feel like 26 by the way that temperature flirting with freezing in the early morning hours of the rain first arrives that's when you get a little bit of ice it's all takes just a little bit
6:45 pm
fitchburg 35 degrees but as the rain starts to arrive rain falling through the air will evacuate cost to cool a bit it's called dynamic cooling brings it down to freezing causes potential for ice check out lawrence as well 35 degrees right now feels just the same these temperatures above freezing but i think there be some towns outside of the city of lawrence the could see a little bit of spotty icing. be careful of that. bigger concern and southern new england going to be the rainfall it ramps up by noon time tomorrow kneeling into most spots more in southeastern massachusetts by the time the storm is over boston nearly an inch of rain nantucket over an inch of rain back to the north and west lesser amounts but falling in colder air that's where going to get the snow to come your way and to start to pile up. seven day forecast take you through that weekend 41 degrees
6:46 pm
upper 40s southeastern massachuset marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion? right to rise usa is responsible
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thankfully football games are mystified it's a tomorrows playoff game casey was 111 street is going to be really really kind because of injuries most notably rob krukowski missed practice you take preferably at a jackson and bad knee better now today to be limited to practice but battled knee and back troubles but the pats have 12 players officially this is questionable with tom brady probable after recovering a high ankle sprain julian edelman silences november 15 hightower his bum knee. one of the most consistent pages of all this year making playoff debut tomorrow a pat newby who came over to new england from cleveland is eight
6:48 pm
about the playoffs.>> watching football for so long. i'm excited to huge fight night for the ufc at the gardens s and as a phantom weight title on the line between deshawn dominick cruz made a bit of the present stop by to talk fights his love for the patriots. >> also promotes john jones chandler's brother was battled his own demons this to say about chandler situation. >> for the first thing i was happy he was okay. number one. number two that's not his personality. he's not the type of guy so hopefully this is just a an isolated incident and hopefully he's in game shape for saturday and we can win because we really need chandler jones. >> i couldn't agree more very exciting when celtics and in
6:49 pm
beating tonight and so the garden the bruins defeat jaws out 3-2 loss after 2 to 1 lead in the third. it was the bees loss thankfully the bruins have a chance at redemption and flow tonight puck drops at 7:00 p.m. for the bruins the celtics tipoff at 7:30 p.m. patriots and a 4:30 p.m.. rain. tailgaters of you getting out there in the early afternoon catch the tail end of the showers they'll be drying out for the game certainly tailgaters get there at 9:00 a.m. you're going to get soaked no question about it. gusty winds that storm blows on by snow well to the north and west especially the berkshires into vermont new hampshire but that track is storm coming up the coast this evening on the
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