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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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but if you want to find the baby pt of the storm just been born its way out here offshore in the pacific northwest. until this comes across the country at least gets on land it's going to very little to work with this bars date as far as a computer model flopping around a bit. i thought you post of them yesterday this is american version of the computer model remove that blue line is the rain line more or less for storm like this coming off the coast of the carolinas saturday 1 o'clock in the morning. early saturday morning it's just a move on and on par with last night i told you last wall of snow. the other one the european computer model comes in later not until saturday night and early sunday morning but gets out of here fairly quickly. with much less snow across the area. neither is a definite either one i can't lean toward because they're equally possible. here's my know for certain if the storm hits the way that's going to be shaping and helping
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north shore heavy snow in land with mixing and southeastern mass the strong winds and coastal matter what this is going to big story for the mid-atlantic states how far north it comes whether or not it gets us that wallop it's going to be tracking all week long. latest information coming up. >> possible storm shapes up we will always keep you up-to-date stay informed by downloading xbox 25 whether app. breaking right now nbta subway ride is forced in the buses and facing severe delays tonight on shooting. the shots were fired on a train and on a platform at the maverick square t station in east boston. fox 25 spoke with investigators live in east boston. >> reporter: scary situation here we are being told that the shooter is still on the loose at this hour week telling you two men had been shot sky fox over the same with all of this happened just about 2:30 pm passengers tell us they were forced to duck for cover going back on the train trying to get
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all of this happened around 2:30 pm in passages here were forced to get out of the maverick train station after two men were shot in the transit police that telus a 29 man got into an argument with another man. as a 29-year-old man was walking off of the train he was shot another man a 43 old man was standing on the platform when he was also shot. both men are expected to survive there at least 15 people on the train when the shooting happened. at this hour witnesses are also telling us they heard at least six gunshots back out here love you can see the maverick train station is back up and running again at this hour we are being told that the shooter is still out there. and police tell fox 25 they believe that the shooter in the 29 you victim may know each other. developing story we will have much more for you all this coming up at 6 o'clock. >> develop into your message and schools by threats following development all day
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evacuated please confirm 15 schools for district received threats of fbi is monitoring the situation. this case is very similar to other threats phoned in all over our area just last friday. 25 is live it to the high school tonight one of the first schools affected. >> reporter: that's right mark state local federal law enforcement all working together we sought atf on scene earlier today the fbi mastic police working with local communities like arlington to determine the source of these hoax bomb threats. i can tell you there will be school here in arlington and they did not want to take any chances today but none of these schools are taking any of these threats lightly. >> students across a basic after the holiday to bomb threats. later found not to be credible. >> it's unnerving.
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forced to go into lockdown or evacuate school altogether. fox 25 learned burlington munson also received yesterday. >> students were sent home from north high school this morning parents scrambling to pick up the kids at the school was swept by state local and federal law enforcement. with bomb sniffing dogs. seriously. risks. allington also dismissed high school after the threat of a bomb and shooting. nearby cambridge boston police department is assisting. >> the shooting of a student body. today series of threats came just four days after seven schools received similar threats friday. for some districts like arlington weymouth in boston, it's a second time in a row.
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state police say some of the threats made by phone summer automated on robo calls. all taken very seriously. >> threatening to shoot students as we took very seriously. you have to take the precautions. it's worth the inconvenience. huge wasted resources but i'm glad they're being oral. >> chief riot here in arlington tells me that he is confident the going to catch whoever might be responsible here. again working with state and federal law enforcement agents coming up at six i speak with a security expert what he tells me that committing these macs hoaxes are becoming easier. will alert you of the moment we learn any new
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of course dropbox 25 news at picnics international fugitive captured after police chase this weekend is being held on 1 million dollars bill tonight. ramon bahia face a judge of loyalty to court today. he's wanted for the murder of a police officer in the dominican republic and multiple other charges including a felony offense here in massachusetts. he was finally arrested at gunpoint after a chase that ended in dracut on sunday. he's due back in court next month picnics woman who claims he was brutally attacked this week it is now facing charges police say she made it all up. talks 25 reported this weekend that a woman said she was attacked and robbed chelsea on saturday by three men with a knife but offices in their investigation found 25-year-old perez was actually involved in a fight and was cut by broken bottle. perez has been charged with
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>> fate of a convicted serial six up and was trying to get out of the state's custody is now up to a jury. wayne chapman is admitted to lifetime. now a jury will decide if he should be released. important case. he joins us now live from suffolk superior court. by the jury is had this case for now for more than three hours. >> reporter: that's right vanessa they got this case at about 12:45 and they deliberated until 4 o'clock they did not reach a verdict they were sent home. now the crimes that are on wayne chapman's rap sheet i just absolutely disturbing and horrific. but this jury is not deliberating his guilt or innocence.this jury is here just to decide once of a question. is wayne chapman still sexually dangerous.>> this is now the third time convicted serial pedophile wayne chapman is try to win his release. on this final day of his trial chapman's attorney told the
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wayne chapman is no longer sexually dangerous because he victimize children. and he should be released.>> is just too old and too sick his life will create the circumstances that would allow him to offend even if you wanted to. i'm not saying that he does want to or will want to but regardless it is even feasible to think he could picnics but the state is fighting to keep chapman in custody even though he is fully served as prison time. chapman's sex crimes against boys date back to the 1960s. he is a suspect in the 1976 disappearance of an andy puglisi from a lawrence swimming pool and has never been found. in 2007 the state had chapman declared a sexually dangerous person. he has been civilly committed ever since. other juries have refused to release him.
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wayne chapman today is just as dangerous to children as he ever was. >> 100 boys eight states to countries. the depth and breadth of that dvt and he's had what i suggest to you is a teaspoon of treatment to a tidal wave of deviant behavior. >> there are 13 jurors deciding wayne chapman's fate. for the state to avail for the state to hang onto wayne chapman 11 of them have to find him sexually dangerous today. if 11 do not, then when chapman is a free man after all these years. the jury will be back at work at 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. >> similar case out of arlington just wrapped up on friday for six-year-old essie billingsly was found guilty of aggravated rape kidnapping assault and home invasion. he was a level two sex offender who was pretty 2013. prosecutors say he broke into the victim's home in june 2014 and raped her at knife point. a sentencing date has not been set. no no sign of a hang of rain
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helicopters collided in hawaii last week. local family is still holding out hope the 23 old couple christopher orlando will be found safe.right now we know the coast guard is found for life rafts but there no signs of anyone was ever on them. >> another man still resting back home to after spending 40 days in eight iranian prison. we've been following matthew trevithick's stories as he flew home on sunday. right now it's still unclear why he was detained his family says he still spending time with loved ones and catching up on boston sports. trevithick was arrested while attending a language program in iran three other meccas were also released. >> still ahead at 5:30 questions from the family of one american was not freed and that prisoner swap. what the demanding out from the white house ahead at 5:30. >> court will consider legal challenge to present obama's
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immigration rules what does want to allow millions of undocumented is to apply for programs that could make them eligible for benefits. programs run unveiled more than a year ago. but have been challenged by texas at 25 of the state. school lunch rules by first lady michelle obama may be scaled back. still ahead at five the changes that could give schools more
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. management boston mayor marty walsh outlined his plans for the city in 2016. the state of the city address at the entrances year in office you can watch a speech life what happens 25. stage is set were counting down for that speech to begin this will be mayor walsh's second state of the city address. marking his halfway point of his first term in office. nobody it would be easy for the dorchester democrat to follow in the footsteps of a five term legend in boston mayor bonito walsh with his own vision and style continues to enjoy a high approval rating. he'll have some legitimate
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tonight was notably general electrics decision to move its global quarters to boston were also expect here but an increase in affordable housing in the city and a number of new hires in the boston school system. some of the matters most vocal critics teachers and parents of boston public school children at least 100 outside right now protesting this is the second year in the boston school system where there is a $50 million shortfall. one of the protesters told me short time ago that he believes the mayor should spend less energy on olympic bids and things like indycar racing and more time funding education. the state of the city is expected to begin around 7 o'clock tonight. quality of life also another big issue for mayor walsh. coming up on the new report at six will talk about something that he's expected to announce tonight that will likely bring a welcome for residents who live in the south end. >> that's the latest reporting from symphony hall.>> the
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happening about two hours time will take a live here on fox 25. >> esca state's highest court to restore his pension payments. seven-year-old is eight serving a prison sentence for corruption. he says more than $127,000 in pension payments were quote wrongfully withheld from his family and is asking the supreme judicial court reinstate the pickets a hearing will be held next month. >> the six people arrested during a labor protest at logan airport was in court today. trespassing charges against the 41-year-old roxbury woman were dismissed even before she was arraigned in east boston. yesterday logan workers and the supporters rallied over higher wages and union organizing rights. six were arrested for refusing to leave the terminal.two others are expected in court tomorrow and three more be arraigned on thursday.
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a major trafficking austin new hampshire $35,000 with of heroin crack cocaine and much more was taken off the streets. three people were arrested during the raid on lake avenue. manchester swat team and the city's special enforcement division work together to take down the operation.>> if you're looking to buy a home in the boston area you are far from alone. our area coming in at the top of the list for homebuyer competition in 2015. according to edmonds where in cambridge tops the entire country for the most competition. brighton and austin came in second place for the boston area coming in third springhill in summerville. and cambridge court came to the phone number four spot. >> from the it could be worse file answer coming in for them out washington observatory hold on to yourself. we just over 100 miles per hour actual temperature about 20 below zero you can imagine the wind chills there you go out with her like that your skin can freeze in seconds.
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it's bitter cold no question. we have went advisor in place until 7 o'clock this evening. these your temperatures right now general in the 20s teens out there was to your 18 degrees. sustained winds lowing consistently at over 20 miles per hour in worcester and in boston it varies in other places it the wind gusts even higher check this out. 44 miles per hour in worcester lawrence and beverly in the mid 30s boston mid-30s norwood nearly 40 miles per hour as well. feels like this outside one above worcester improvement over last hour 70 boston five in plymouth 90 beverly another bitter cold night for sure. temperatures cold enough the wind will be there as well. futurecast showing it will be clear tonight which means temperatures could drop they would drop even more of the winds died down but the winds will be up there tonight and into tomorrow as well. dealing with windchill despite the sunshine during the day tomorrow a few clouds to work
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snow on the midwest out around st. louis. plane states that could be moving toward the east coast but will slide south of us. not even going to be snow make a force high temperatures during the day tomorrow in southern new england going to see cold temperatures but the going to be close to where they should be for this time of year freezing cold cambridge recliner 31 austin quincy both at 31 degrees tomorrow afternoon.up here to the north of boston one ipswich haverhill it 31 in billerica 30 degrees back here into worcester county temperatures will be in the 20s gardner and northborough you'll be in the upper 20s as well. >> across southern new england we see a lot of clouds today drifting southward from the north snow showers up here in the queen mountains mostly in vermont. off to the west of lake effect snow's adding that as well. bottom line not going to find a storm from here all the way across the country to get
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affect us.this is the energy or the beginnings the storm system that promises to become a nor'easter for the east coast.pretty certain high confidence it's going be a nor'easter that's going to really devastate some areas particularly the mid-atlantic states. the question will be does that come far enough north to impact southern new england. and there was a spreading those computer models nothing to a lot i know that's not a very good forecast but remember work four days away from this even starting here in southern new england but everything looks like saturday morning at the earliest early morning hours america gfs model takes right up until eight 30 a.m. snow coming on sure that blue light separating snow to the northwest and mix precipitation to the southeast storm really winding up on this path with this model we get a whole bunch of snow still especially in the i-95 corridor points is north
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this is your pink computer model the ecm wf this one brings snow on here during sunday morning start night sentiment gets out here really quickly giving us much less know. no question it's cold enough that if the storm can make it far enough north we can get some heavy snow vertically along just north of i-95 with mixing of southeastern mass strong winds coastal issues because it would be a high tide with a full moon as we get this too many questions with numbers on this keeping track of the storm is going to be key all week long. just a cold at least at a below average through friday into this weekend as well. that's with the question become i still have 60 percent chance of seeing some kind of precipitation here this weekend but a lower conference of
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some new paul just released showing bernie sanders taking a commanding lead over hillary clinton in the state of new hampshire. santos jumping to significant variability is 27 points over hillary clinton at this point. >> new hampshire primary set for that very night. >> two people dead and several hurt after us crashed police a ground bus was strong and
5:22 pm
california with the demented medium. at least eight people were hurt one severely investigation will spokesperson for greyhound so the driver will be tested for drugs and alcohol. >> republican president ben carson suspending his campaign tonight after a staffer was in iowa. the van left after hitting a patch of ice earlier today almost hit by another car doctor carson supplying to omaha nebraska to visit the trauma center with that staffer is being treated. >> after the shooting death of a police officer. officials you to offer the douglas barney had just beaten cancer is working overtime this weekend to papers treatments. on sunday police a 31-year-old corley henderson engaged in a shootout with police he killed bonnie and seriously injured another officer. henderson was killed in that shootout. >> minnesota police officer on leave now because he's accused of telling people on facebook
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protesters. facebook post was seen by someone online call the department to report it. post apparently not only told drivers to just run down protesters but told people how to get away with it too. department is investigating and says it's disgusted by that post. >> court hearing for the 18-year-old and the affluenza team.that was just postponed his lawyers supposed to be in texas courtroom today while even couch remains in mexican jail they say they're investigating whether the teenager fled to mexico or was taken against his will. couch left texas late leicester with his mother because he feared he would be arrested for violation of his probation in 2014 couch received 10 years probation for killing four crash. he was not sent to jail because his defense argued that he was spoiled by his rich parents. >> getting a first look at this week's sports illustrated cover here it is. brady manning number 17. you may have guessed into the
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as a trash talk. thomas here tonight. >> broncos are yapping as we get set for sunday's matchup and it's not just one player. it is a few that have already given the patriots some significant bulletin board material. antonio smith ever defense alignment agree with reportedly was asked of tom brady is a crybaby. >> talk about poking the bear didn't stop there bleak jackson and i know the names many of you probably aren't familiar with but the talking league jackson was asked about smith's comments but here's what the leak had to say about brady. >> he definitely has some temper tantrums is one of those things you he definitely you know what's going on why. >> it's a competitive game i would not be wanting like that. >> some people do.he's definitely a whiner. >> question strategy to say the least never a great idea to poke the bear and a tom brady before begin also just in report from espn pats replace one of the captains on injured reserve it's going to end his
5:25 pm
that i had on the fox25 news at six. >> catch all the action from denver were tom and butch stearns head out to the rockies lab report had the game start thursday right here on fox 25. >> rules on sodium that certain foods served in schools coming up in the next half hour through the guidelines pushed by the first laddie are now being lucid but we told about the man now home after being arrested in iran to the family of a man still in custody wants to know why his read him wasn't part of the deal.
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[mother] hey sweetie. [dad] sorry about that. what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no. [mother] isn't it so great?i think we found it. [agent] hey brendan,you might like this room. [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. bracing for the worst hoping for the best questions right now about what could be in my system moving in for the weekend.>> fox 25's chief meteorologist, kevin lemanowicz in the storm tracker weather center is looking at the latest models.
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those models right now that's to be expected 70s before storm hits pretty close yesterday that was kind of surprising today and more likely with a should be which is four-part and here's a reason why. over new england we have some clouds but no sign of a storm you won't find the storm in any continental us you have to go all the way off the pacific northwest coast to see the rain and snow coming ashore there leading edge of the energy the little part of the system is going to eventually become a nor'easter on the east coast it looks like it's going to do that the models to agree there will be a big storm. how far north it comes how hard it hits us that's a question storm coming off of the carolinas hatteras there on saturday morning early in the morning 1 o'clock and rolling the snow in here early saturday morning sing the snow startup if this track verifies in the rain snow line along the south shore that would still be a big storm for us coastal flooding
5:29 pm
your pink computer model early morning hours tracking dress-up by sunday morning saturday night and sunday morning see snow untroubled occult quickly moves out sunday afternoon that would be much less know. still a lot of questions with this track hope to get more answers as the evening wears on. >> be sure to stay safe and warm by downloading a fox 25 whether app.tracking the latest radar possible snow totals all week long. that app is re- to the app store and google play. >> breaking right now right as the blue line forced off trains and on the buses as of a shooting in the maverick square stop in east boston police say one person was actually shot on a moving train. this before pilots spilled onto the platform. that's why second person was shot. both are expected to be okay but right now police are still searching for a suspect. >> guides messages schools by foot alone today fox25 was has been following developers all day long students were evacuated state please confirm that these schools for district
5:30 pm
monitoring the situation. in these cases very similar to other threats phoned in all of our area just last friday. fox 25 with a full report is six. we're learning brand-new information about the man accused of posing as a woman he knows and then telling people online she wanted to be kidnapped and tortured. we first brought you the story last week. now fox 25 robert gholston is live in haverhill with a suspect possible motive. >> the suspect is 45 years old we learned in court today that he is also married. we also learned that apparently he was posing as somebody he knew online so we could ask people to rape kidnapping and torture her. >> mime name and picture was on this disturbing sex website and for me to be aware of my surroundings. one of the women was working with investigators on the case tells fox25 news she was horrified when a detective called saying her photo name was being used by a thomas sheehan adult website called
5:31 pm
>> pretending to be me said that was my fantasy to be abducted raped and he gave out my address my work address my home address in court attorney for the massachusetts attorney general told the judge there are several victims including one woman who has two children that were mentioned by sheehan when soliciting the kidnapping and torture fantasies. >> the defendant by the photographs in specific accurate address and contact information for both the women and her children. >> using the screen name cute girl for 2543 police say she and asked men things like so what you at some point come here stockman kidnap me. sheehan's attorney says a 45-year-old wasn't trying to hurt anyone describing it as something sheehan was doing on line between himself and other males. >> sheehan is married and lives in quincy 's neighbors today did not know what to think. >> i can't believe someone would do that. that's absolutely insane.
5:32 pm
today that apparently he was getting these women's photos and their identities on this book and some cases he was an acquaintance of the women and one specific case he was also a former coworker. >> prostic is a 29-year-old thomas was under the influence of drugs when he drove his car into the back of the building he can see the damage caused by the crash here city hall was closed at the time.>> young men hit and killed by a committed to rail train is believed to be a melrose high school student. school's principal sending a letter to parents today saying although the victim is not been identified there is reason to believe he was a student. >> schools will not be in session tomorrow but counselors will be available. exams will resume on thursday.
5:33 pm
last night on the tracks street. foul play is not suspected. >> hanger man still resting at home after being freed from custody and i run for other americans are also released during the present swap but tonight one family wants to know why their loved one of that deal. >> where is bob levinson? the tuesday briefing with reporters the white house said is working with the iranian government to find levinson insecure safety to come home. this comes racism from the family of the former fbi agent who is not read five of the americans in iran as part of a prisoner swap this weekend. >> the feelings that that are on display are i think feelings that no one can relate to let you guys do something like that. levinson's family says it's happy the families of the five american released but the nine your search for answers continues. >> what are they doing to get my dad home now what is the next steps because were just
5:34 pm
were desperate. levinson said not only upset that bob was not a part of this deal there also upset for how it is they found out the deal took place. it's very difficult for us a family especially difficult that we were not told before this happened. we actually had to learn it on our own watching tv. the white house says iranian media link the news of the swap earlier that he ministration anticipated. we were treating this information quite sensitively until we knew we could secure the safe return of our citizens who were still in iran at the time because white house liaison working directly with the levinson family keeping up-to-date on any new information. >> one of the men released in iran prisoner swap is speaking out today us marine says he feels lucky to be free and has been blown away by all the support. >> even iranian officials who are captures were amazed and asked us why is it that working
5:35 pm
they love their citizens. >> he also says he's looking forward to going home and seeing his family again. >> supreme court is considering a legal challenge to the president's immigration action we told you the top of five coming up although six the impact it may have on programs dealing with unaccompanied
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coming to build one of the state first resort casinos. thousands of jobs financially suffolk construction will be the general contractor for the casino. we built the size of former chemical plant and everett when in subjects constructing great 4000 jobs in an additional 4000 will be created once the casino opens. >> home on 93 from boston expected go a little more smoothly than the morning commute. on five hundred lena 93 s. will be open as scheduled. some mechanical problems delayed opening this morning as you can imagine that led to traffic issues. >> later this week it could become illegal for drivers in massachusetts to talk on the phones while driving. state lawmakers will vote on a distractive driving bill on thursday. that bill will make it illegal to have a cell phone in hand also outlaw information by hand into a gps device while driving. 14 of the state already have hands free cell phone loss.
5:39 pm
arrested with nearly $2000 on him. northfield kevin joy was arrested in fresno california after police allegedly watched him beg for money for 20 minutes they said he had already been cited earlier in the day. >> earlier in the day at a traffic officer had cited him for the same charge. and when he was arrested he had $1800 in his possession. >> this isn't the first time joy has been arrested. in 2015 joy was cited or rested more than 60 times. >> trouble with their batteries coming up could be the reason for the problems and what you can do about it. >> when chilled out there sub zero overnight to all isopotential weekend storm that
5:40 pm
tonight explain why white bread and other previously banned items could be making a comeback. >> an effort to combat childhood obesity politicians school lunch line spearheaded by the first lady neutral standards require school serve more fruits vegetables and whole grains. kids get as many as half of the calories at school each day over 30 million children eat school lunches every day. they are critically important contributor to children's overall health. a senate bill up for debate this week with scaled-back some of those lunch rules. to give schools flex ability. the bill would ease requirements and whole grains and tilling upcoming deadline to cut sodium levels in school meals. >> right now all grains 100 percent of grains served at school have to be whole grains the new rules would be 80 percent meaning schools once a week could serve food like white rice or regular bagels
5:41 pm
time fighting whole-grain pasta the kids would eat and enjoy the heads impossibility on that. health advocates are calling the bipartisan bill a compromise. half cup of fruit or vegetables at every meal is still required in schools can't opt out entirely. gop help lawmakers pushed for that after photos like these went viral. students posted skippy school lunches this one from oklahoma across social media using a hashtag thanks michelle obama. >> in washington jacqueline fell fox25 news picnics limited school tutor is arrested and charged with child endangerment. police say they found three children in the trunk of her car. a customer at a gas station in tennessee triple number of children getting out of the teacher's car and truck. please do have surveillance video from that store that proves it. but that there's real tutor still says it's just not true. >> they did not get the trunk
5:42 pm
let's not get confused and never got in the trunk all of them. police say there were nine children between eight and 10 years old with the teacher after spending the night at her home. >> writing about toll-free calls today verizon has unveiled the same concept for data plans company announced new freebie data service. it allows third-party companies to pick up the tab for your data usage when you download content from their apps and websites. verizon will try out the service starting next week pick right now apple and vista getting a problem with iphone batteries a bug is causing many iphone users to believe they have more battery power than actually do. this is because the battery percentage is not updating. apple believes the problem is connected to traveling to different time zones. there is a temper a solution we set the iphone stay in time through the settings app. no problem related to
5:43 pm
hoverboard's have been seen in miami because the counterfeit. federal officials say they arrived from china contained batteries with the fake lg trademark logo. it's a product safety commission has received dozens of reports of hoverboard related wires and injuries all over the country. >> whatever the weekend holds hardware stores are stocking up. store in melrose full of salt shovels in anticipation of what could be a serious storm coming could be. >> fortunately i do not. not trying to hype up a storm that may happen just to get some shovel sold i just want you to be prepared just in case the storm does hit a 50-50 proposition at this point i was about 50-50 yesterday when the models were better agreement and now i can back up just a little bit let explain to what's going on. first overhead right now snow flurries around new england nothing serious if you want to find our storm you're not going
5:44 pm
in the middle of the country that's not our storm. this is the beginning what could be a storm. it's way of the pacific northwest. it comes on land tonight and i will start to get some data from some sites on land to put into the computer models. you know how computers work the best information you put in the best answer you will get out. so the computer models are using limited data right now so here's what the coming up with american model talked a lot about yesterday coming off the carolina coast here's the difference going northeastward and bringing heavy snow interior southern new england with missing in southeastern massachusetts. us. either way it's a big storm for the mid-atlantic. the european model also picked a storm of about the same area a bit dc baltimore philadelphia likely the storm goes more east word and is more of the diffuse not a set of storm is much as the other model is showing it rings snow here and take it out
5:45 pm
that would be much less snow for our area implications are huge not only for snow at the wins piling the water up against the coastline astronomical high tide for coastal flooding could that's why were talking about it now get you ready for just in case it this one does hit. windy conditions out there tonight until 7 o'clock we have a wind advisory temperatures are in the teens was to 18 and 20 spots and 23 and with winds blowing consistently over 20 miles per hour along the pike 17 bedford to lawrence and winced gusting over 40 miles per hour in times like in worcester for 30 miles per hour lawrence and 44 miles per hour in the vineyard to get wind chills that are bitter cold. that storm hits us will be dealing with a couple of slides ago this wind chills not right now are one in worcester seven boston five plymouth eight out there provincetown.bitter cold night one more time to cast shows were going to stay
5:46 pm
the morning 6 o'clock sun is coming up waking up to sunshine you have that much of the day supposed to to filter in here during the late day evening hours storm is creasing snow around st. louis right now coming eastward but it's going to fly south of us might get lori to that's about it for that storm system. high temperatures for tomorrow. natick 31 dedham 29 braintree and quincy both at 31 degrees but here in the north shore tops gil lynn 31 haverhill at 30. worcester county look at this in the 20s solidly spent a 28 was just 27 is in worcester county southborough 31 milford 31 degrees for high temperatures tomorrow day forecast your weekend always in view that's what you really want to view because that's a potential for a big storm. these are the lorries with that system coming in from the midwest this is the weekend 30 degrees on saturday potential for some heavy snow and still say 50 percent chance of
5:47 pm
could be very little or a lot depending on this track of that nor'easter when it forms. give us some time to see that storm form before we can puts more solid tracking on that storm system. certainly going to be done on sunday with cold conditions after what was happening in denver too. >> pearl jam. remember them? announcing they will be playing two shows at fenway park they will play on friday, august 5 and sunday, august 7. rockers have it played in massachusetts since 2013 when they were the dcu center in worcester. billy joel also perform. at fenway this year. >> i car towed away today after being pulled out of an icy creek in easton. the drive is recovering right now after that terrifying crash this 25's kerry kavanaugh is live. >> kerry: first responders telus is coming off the road here at occur hit this tree and then tell into this icy creek care luckily was not far away and one person in particular knew exactly what to do.>> lucky break.
5:48 pm
exactly sure how his car plunged off easton bay road into this icy creek tuesday morning. i felt something like i hit something. and it had to be ice because i don't go fast. rodman says the next thing he knew he was upside down secured by a seatbelt luckily help wasn't far away. >> i live right down the street and heard a crash a big thought it settle like a huge tree falling down. lee anderson knew better. i'm a retired firefighter. i am really came down saw the car upside down in the water and went and checked. that's what's left of that car now. when it was sitting in the water anderson said he raced to help the driver as to whether passerby's called 911. >> i tapped on the window and yelled inside a you okay are you okay? he says yeah but i can't find my glasses. >> it was pretty good. >> we knew that it wasn't a critical patient. the expense retired firefighter had already assist the scene to
5:49 pm
the frigid water in it when everyone. >> a dangerously close call that fortunately the 73-year-old did not have to endure alone. >> very nice. i'm getting emotional. don't mind me. >> that emotional man hopes he can meet that retired firefighter in person so we can think of for everything that he did this morning the first responders out here today say they've seen this type of crasher before why they think this is a dangerous spot. in the next hour for now live in easton. >> following breaking news at six right now police are wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it? joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies.
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(car alarm sounds) it's ok! new warning to the world's oceans according to researchers attending world economic forum the connection be more plastic than fish in terms of weight notions by the year 2050. study suggest plastic use globally will increase find tree times by then more than 1 million tons the form says the only way to avoid disasters massively improve the economics recycling process. >> massachusetts copy may be the center of a big change for expensive treatment. cabbage based bio gem since one european approval to sell a generic version of treatment for rheumatoid arthritis. biogenesis created in your bulk of the drug in bro which is made by rival engine plant in rhode island.
5:53 pm
replica drugs known as bio stimulus but the us is not. engines patent for info once the 2028.>> catching up on sleep help reduce the risk of developing diabetes. university of chicago found getting fewer than five hours of sleep on four conservative nights heightened a person's diabetes risk 16 percent but after sleeping more than nine hours for two consecutive nights that risk actually return to normal levels. chronically sleep five people are more likely to develop other health problems such as weight gain and high blood pressure. >> notes six how cold it will be tonight with those when chilled in the latest track of the weekend nor'easter for the east coast.>> breaking news bullets fly inside a boston mbta station of the undercount by the riders in the coal.>> developing a six scared students concerned parents. >> the threatening calls forcing the fbi into action at schools and acting county towns
5:54 pm
talk begin the broncos player calling tom brady a crybaby ahead of the dual in denver. >> complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 6. >> first at six bucks 25 team of meteorologist keeping a very close by a possible threat of a weekend just on the could bring us a lot of snow. >> all you had to do a step outside the field eventually wins. that win was worse than ours that's for sure. the amount washington observatory tells us that the state wins more than 100 miles per hour today. actually pete at 127 miles per hour. >> high winds are contribute to this these are the current temperature showing what it feels like you can see most areas are in the single digits right now. >> fox25 whether meteorologist
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