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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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now at 6:00 official start to the 2016 presidential election is just 24 hours away. we are iowa tonight as countdown to caucuses what's happening in the final hours. >> and after 550s to more warmth head our way plus i am trucking some showers. i will show you when our next chance rain arrives. and it was the drone they were looking for. mysterious man who dropped off a valuable item, and what was written on the note he dropped off. >> now, with breaking news, this is fox 25 news at 6:00. complete new england news coverage. >> we begin tonight with several
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first in lowell where body student has been found on the north campus of u mass lowell. good evening. lowell sun reporting will body was found around 67 -- this morning in ball hall we have a crew working to learn more about what happened and we will update as soon as we know more we also following the overdose defendant the students at u mass dartmouth. global reports that 20 year old male there was found dead on friday. we are estimate working learn more about this story as well. >> and now other top story the 2016 election. republican front-runner donald trump making appearance with his family in counsel bluffs iowa before voters head to ache cause tomorrow. and he opening act of 2016 presidential election. the iowa caucuses corn oar in stone foreign many presidential bids we do have live coverage for you tonight from iowa. the state capital and the epicenter of the iowa caucuses. candidates will be anxiously waiting for results in in a little more than 224 hours now. fox 25's play miller in des
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finally die to con vin people they are right choice. >> today in iowa the candidates use last full day opening to seal the deal and get voters to caucus for them. much has been made of new poll out last night. the final one here before monday's caucuses. that poll by the register and bloomberg shows the iowa choice for democratic nonningee among likely caucus goers, is hillary clinton. with 45% of the vote. >> we have run a ter riff campaign from the grass roots up. of course, it is close. it is competitive. that's why i hope everybody who has the decided to caucus for me will be sure come out on monday night. senator sanders not far behind. with 42% of the vote. >> when we starteded this campaign here in iowa were 50 or 60 points behind secretary clinton. we have come a long, long way. i think if the turn out is high jake, i think we have got real shot. traum leading polls iowa cloiz for republican nominee. but today surprisingly enough,
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senator cruz and marco rubio go going after each other. marco ran in florida he promised is men and women florida he lead fight against amnesty. in texas i promise men and texas he would good washington he and i made very different decisions >> vote for marco, is a for amnesty >> the two clashed over immigration during the tlurdz day's debay. is that arguments still has not died down. >> i tried to fix the problem very serious issue in texas and in florida it is hard issue. and clearly we are not going to able to comprehensively. we are not going to be until we first enforce imgrains laws. but i don't support amnesty. blame miller fox 25 news >> you can follow blair miller's reports from iowa all of way through monday night coming up about 30 minutes, blair introduce us to some voters and explain how they are handling pressure being first group to participate in the 2016 election. >> of course, the winners of republican and democratic caucuses, will certainly have hands in how the new hampshire primaries turn out as of tonight
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donald trump and bernie sanders well ahead of competitors in each race. trump leads ted cruze by 25 points. and sanders has a 20-points lead over hillary clinton. and tonight closer who home. community is in mourning after man was found dead in local pond. mansfield firefighters find body in about ten feet of water mill ponds. tonight fox 25 went to the pond to take a look at the conditions there. shows us why now is a bad time to be out on the island. >> aim like warm mansfield today and tragedy on local body of water. police say man fell through the ice on mill ponds sometime over the weekend. this morning, they found his body. >> story began saturday afternoon police say when a local feel flee reported their adult son was missing. evidence unspecified led authorities to mill pond, which is just off east street. unidentified man was found in ten feet of water.
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dangers in emergency he reresponders because more ofs ice can break here mill pond you can see the path rescue you arers took to get to spot where the man fell in you also see the that ice is quite thin. >> sustained cold needed freeze ponds to point they can support human weight. so far in winter there has not been sustained cold. that is led to other similar incidents. for example, earlier in months two young boys fell into a troy accident ponds in brockton >> there really way of knowing when ice safe. we spoke with the fire cap tape last week about ice safety in general. he said it is difficult to assess the depth of ice cover because variable which can't be measured >> we could be have some kinds of current underneath. so one area may be five inches thick could you have something two feet way that could be two inches thing. you could have vegetation underneath. there really just to way of knowing. >> best course of action he says, to avoid frozen overbodies of entirely.
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now. >> in mans field. fox 25 news. >> on slightly note with warm weather check out this time lapsed video shot today in plymouth certainly beautiful dated. as we turn to our meterologist, definitely a warm day for us certainly don't want to be out on the ice. >> well temperature today more like april. as we climb well above average into mid even upper 50s. for today. it was nice you had filtered sunshine but it was winds that really pubbed those temperature well above the average of 36. that's what we typically see for the last day of january. but winds still out of south southwest. so, we are going to continue hold on to mild conditions overnight tonight. as we do have some clouds through. and anticipating to see clouds cover continuing overnight with some areas of fog. back towards 479 degrees in boston. 51 in new bedford. those closer spots to north few shrink les across central and northern new england it should be relative dry night as temperature really don't fall too much because of that winds
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but you are washing up tomorrow as you head back to work with school temperature in 40s to upper 30s. the winds still out of the southwest we got more warm weather heading our way but it showers. over next couple days i will be track the chance of some showers monday and then perhaps some heavier rain by wednesday. i am going to have a time line and show you when to expect that plus when we could be nearing record highs in next couple of days. >> all right. two teens currently in jail cell waiting face judge on murder charges. each accused of shooting killing owe market ray grass earlier this month 19 year old was shot in the head and found underneath an overpass. both suspects will be arraigned tomorrow. >> two women are facing must til of charges after police served search warrant think house of squalor. worcester police found almost 100 pills two bags of marijuana and more than $3,000 in cash in the king street apartment. officers say the conditions of
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moment of the place was covered in animal feces. two young children were also removed from the home. >> police arrested the mother of those two children. and her partner they were both testimony. the grands mother though says it is all miss understanding. back. >> the comes came in and they wrecked the house. the house was not that dirty. they -- took everything and they threw it everywhere. they thrashed all of kids clothes and everything. >> the state has custody of the children. the mother and her partner will be rained tomorrow morning. >> and take a look at the damage after this crash. police are investigating, tonight. happened last night centralville. at intersection of pine street and strawberry hill road you can see crews working to save a woman who was tranned inside of that s.u.v. is she was taken to hospital. she expected to recover. police have not said what caused the crash, but believe there was another driver involved. >> two boys are accused armed
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boy. phone. suspects then flashed gun took the phone and ran away. police searched area and found the boys on plymouth avenue. took them into custody. officers did seize b.b. gun during the arrest. boys will be rained in juvenile court tomorrow. >> and now to port smith new hampshire where someone broke into cars and then set them on fire. police say responded to several of those disturbing calls yesterday. these pictures were shown some of damage. one car was destroyed. you know anything about knees fires, call port smith police. >> water flooded streets of plymouth today. our photographer shot this video this scene this afternoon areas summer street and westerly road near vine hill cemetary we got tip this was sewer main break and we reached out police but we have not heard back with any details of course we let you know, as soon as we get more information. plan charged with breaking into pizza shop in methune theft
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reported. shawn mar shap wag aring the fried connection with break in at the pizza eight realm. police stole safe from the restaurant. and now eagle tribune reports marshal is suspected stealing cash from auto repair shop in salisbury. back on january 15th. he currently being held on $20,000 cash bail for the methune theft. >> boston mayor walsh praising multi agency effort led capture some dangerous gang members. with we have been reporting moon you victory operation plain street. indicted 56 members of the ms-13 gauging on murder weapons bes and drugs charges f.b.i. as an agents say the group was also recruiting employed will and high school aged students. >> tm young people neighborhood. by getting some these gang members off of the street. and also, gives neighbor feeling of peace and camp. >> many of change gems arrested interest fro south america. ten suspect are now in the
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for immigration violations. >> for more breaking news tonight police say car hit a pedistrian in mauledden the crash happened broadway andel will about 45 minutes ago. we don't know the condition of the person hid. but we do have a crew on the way. >> and taking their job seriously. fox 25's blair miller on ground tonight in iowa. talking to voerlts about the role they played in american politics. >> concept of caucusing so important. >> our live coverage of iowa caucuses continues in 20 minutes to ain lime light. special award be stowed on film's spotlight. and why diversity was the number one trending topic in hollywood. i saw it on back and i said there is note it was from darth vader. >> how about that? vader has change of heart next
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is we explain how a group finally got banth droid they been look for. >> you only see the "mystery man" on surveillance from behind. has on like a full motorcycle leather outfit. and a storm trooper helmet. he quaylingly vanished like r-two d two bother interest rate did two weeks ago. art work caper turning more bizarre by second we all that guy like ride up on moneying motorcycle. employee behind the counter at the time thought co-worker was stopping by. but when helmet didn't come off, he feared they were about to get robbed. >> i walked up, started going towards the like alarm and stuff. and by that time he had came in and set on the thing, and then was like already walking out. painting wrapped in black trash bag with a note from the big man himself. >> i saw on back there is note and, it was from darth vader we don't know i mean he didn't take his mask off. we weren't sure what was going on.
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little nervous in those situations. staff do not expect the swift return even after it's tongues and plea get painting back. put believe it had something to do with it. now, keeping a close eye on a favorite in their collection. >> i think we are going to frame the note, too right next to it. so, it will make for fun story. >> and that was fox terra morgan reporting for us in clump ohio. massive fy still under investigation tonight just take a look at this picture of flames engulfing the street in brockton. start stared around 9:00 lap night firefighters say the flames were so intense, they had wait until died down get inside of building crews found no one inside. and discovered the house had been vacant for several years. but they also found the electricity had never been shut off. >> power was still -- it was never shut off during that six-year period.
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scene trying figure out what exactly cause is >> tonight brockton state police are still track down the owner of the house to get answers. is on how exactly fire started. >> some people are trying to stop the approval of local medical marijuana dispensary in their neighborhood. the commonwealth canibus company want to open a shop on route nine in south burough. metro west daily news reports it is in final step of the application process. and just needs approval from town selectman but nearly 200 rest didn't have signed petition against opening it because they say it is too close to a school. teen how those legally far enough after i way. commonwealth canibus will meet with town selectmen on tuesday. officials have found most overdose deaths in nye knew have been caused by at the time nol it is powerful opiate that similar affects her win but significantly stronger and more deadly. according to union leader, two-thirds of deaths in granite state were caused by this. investigator think it is making
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through a global traffic being network. >> the former superintendent of the he is section technical is acutesed receiving nearly $89,000 in salary and benefits he was not entimed under his contract. globe reports daniel o'connell being asked to payback money he was given for unused vacation. stipends some other expense. now connell lawyers says former educator does not any one -- owe sign off on he sort of >> be sglefrments required too july. now your local forecast, from your meterologist. and fox 125 storm tracker weather team. >> it was great finish to weekend. sure it was. temperature well into the 50s. however, lot of folks too headed you up north take some of the skiing out there or skating. boy, you know they at least saw some colder condition and they are making some snow but take a look at this picture. ice skating in bostony it was 56 degrees. today. but what gorgeous shot of the frog pond right around sunset. thank you daniel for sending
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connect to me either on truth >> it was just nice to enjoy the temperatures okay i said 56. it was 57 in the city of boston today. that record high set back in 1913 was 62 we were shy of that. but would will be closing in on some records this week. or at least trying to because the warmth is not going anywhere you can see we are in 40s now take a look. six 13406z and 70s down across south this is where our warm coming from. as we do have some southwest winds, around high pressure that kept us dry for the day today. pressure. that's going to bring us some tomorrow. looks fairly light and scattered put still when you leave grab umbrella because we will talking about risk of showers coming up in afternoon hours. so, currently that satellite radar looking pretty okay. we got some clouds and clear skies. few sprinkles dotted across
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being even at the higher elevations saw few snow flakes but for us it was just too mild out through. right now we are 40s and 50s so it is still mild. we are anticipating to see that warm continue over night as those winds will remain out of southwest. with that being said, temperatures fall back to dew points you start see some low clouds and fog. visibility okay in boston. to worcester but across vinyard we are seeing some low clouds develop. so be prepared if you are going to be out through the overnight hours or early tomorrow morning you be booming into some areas of fog as temperature will fall back into upper 30s to low0s that winds out of the southwest could still be gusty at times tomorrow. and you will still notice intervals clouds as temperature morning but stop in mid 40s will climb quickly into the mid 50s. by your lunch hour so, very mild start to february. during the afternoon hours you will notice the clouds getting a little bit thicker that's what we have best chance of seeing some wildly kate is.
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typical of late april. with highs in upper 50s to lower 60s. 66 is record high in boston tomorrow. i don't think we will reach that but boy it is sure going feel nice especially when would do see some sunshine start the day but again we are going to see clouds filling up and as this front comes on through, doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with but still could provide some scattered showers specifically during the afternoon and evening hours. down across the southeast. by the evening, to north and west we are starting cool down. and will dry out. parts midwest. stormy conditions possibly severe weather down across parts of the south. this our storm system that will head our way for wednesday. but notice the winds we will be on the warmer side of this system. so by wednesday, back into 50s but we are talking about some heavy rain and programs even few embedded thunderstorms, but for
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only going to see about an inch of rain at most in some spots. but look at the temperature. boy it is does not feel like february with upper 50s to. as we tracking some chance rain, and yes, even some snow. winter still here. >> over the to you. all right. it will interesting to see what rest of february has in for for us. marco rubio picking enoursments right here in massachutes. the local paper throwing its support behind the republican candidate. and why this year's endorsements is unlike any other. but next the boston globe getting some love from hollywood. the raveing endorsements for spotlight.
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chicago bound british airway flight diverted back to london because of the me can issue about two hours in that flight. the plane started releasing excess fuel while flying over water. all passenger are safe and pilot successful legal landed plane despite some issues with the landing gear. after getting back to london passengers were transferred to another plane that did eventually take them on to chicago. >> spotlight movie about the boston globe investigation into catholic church sex abuse scandal won the top honor at the night. people are talking about. from award ceremony. david daniel takes a look at how
6:23 pm
life diversity debate going non hollywood. >> ladies and gentlemen welcome to diverse dv. . 22 understand annual sag awards turned into show of the strength for diversity in hollywood. queen was honored for tv movie besty. hope any one out there who does not come into package that people say you should, keep fighting for it. for second straight year, orange new black doubled down. repeated as best female actor in comedy >> we are taking show reflect and represents so many kneel and the show trumphed again as best comedy series. look at this this is what we talk about when we talk about diversity. >> he pulled off double of his own winning tv award for the law they are and film award for beast of know nation we made film about real people. and, real lives you know. jeffrey tam better won for playing trans gender woman in transparent. and won for playing the wife of trans woman in danish girl.
6:24 pm
honoree legendary carol burnett recalled being come go variety. man's gram. >> as for knows looking for oscar indicators the room took top film acting honours and night big ai ward best film inacceptable went spotlight about journalist revealing sexual abuse by catholic priests. this really for the disenfranchised everywhere this for every flint michigan in world. this for the powerless. >> fitting ends to night that showed hollywood's ability to reach and represent people through its diverse de. in hollywood. i am david daniels. all right. how about this? criminal getting way offers or car. still to come tonight on the fox 25 news at 6:00, how it happened. and how long it took for others he havers locate their missing
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plus, signal mail playing role in 2016 election. we are talking new hampshire voters getting pretty sick of all of this postage but next voters in iowa taking their job servicely our play miller live on the ground. what undecided voters think about in year's caucuses. 24 hours before they m having lots of devices in your home can really slow your internet down. so keep things moving with 100%r fiber optic fios. p the fastest internet and wi-fi p available, with speeds from 50 t to 500 megs. now for just $69.99 a month online, get super-fast 100 meg internet, tv and phone for your first year. so switch to better, with our best offer ever. from the internet provider ranked highest in customer satisfaction by j.d. power. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at
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we begin tonight with two breaking news story first in lowell where the body of an is you accident has been found on
6:27 pm
the lowell sun reporting tonight the body was found around 6:00 this morning in balance haul now since we brought this story to you as breaking news at 6:00 we received update from new mass lowell they say state police have determined this death is not suspicous. we do still center crew working to learn more about what happened. we will update you as soon as we know a little bit more. we also following the overdose death of student at u mass dartmouth. globe reports the 20 year old male was found dead on friday. we are also working to get more information and will bring to you as soon as we have it. now to other top stories the 2016 election. republican fronts runner donald trump, making the appearance with his family in council bluffs iowa before voters head to caucus tomorrow. in the opening act of the 2016 presidential election. of course iowa caucuses corner stone for many successful presidential bishgsdz we have more coverage for you tonight from eye way. did he opinion state kapp pepe center caucus. candidates will be anxiously waiting result in just a little
6:28 pm
fox 25 blair miller joins us live from des moines and blair you are speaking voters clearly take their role in presidential election very seriously. >> erik they certainly are we are live you the side of state capital right now. where it has been another busy day for the candidates their final full day campaigning they voters >> here in heart of iowa. is the heartbeat of american after months of political wrangling it is all come down to this. the caucuses. ready unfold 24 hours from now. and people here like stuart bircky who are man ready. i think most of us take very sus yur. told they are still undecide the. inundated ads con zants feuding. candidates schedules jam packed this weekend. crisscrossing state to get fronts as many as people as
6:29 pm
state democratic chairwoman told me today, it is unlike previous caucuses, and that people are still weighing their choices. those kinds conversation have happen in lot of people come undecided is overed some times they think leer went that's. really beauty of caucus. recent days. race heated up here in iowa. new poll shows the democratic and dead heat. on the republican side, trump holds his lead. iowa g.o.p. chair says, there could record turn out tomorrow night. >> we have got two close caucuses, open caucus, this thing i mean we got drama we got lot of people. you can nt get any better that than. president'. and whoever wins, heads to new hampshire with serious momentum taking them there. too. typically the top three vote getters here in iowa will tart get more attention of course, also lot more funding from their donors certainly something they could use going into new hampshire primary next week. >> all right.
6:30 pm
using surrounding caucus going back to atwe. when people might remember full two weeks went by before we knew rick had actually won the thing do. you get sense from voters now today, that they have confidence in the process this year to try to get right the first time? >> i think they do and here is why i spoke with g.o.p. chairman about this very issue today. he does not want repeat of what happened four years ago. they have made some changes since then. they expect they will know who winner is tomorrow night but they are going to give themselves 48 hours to have every thing here buttoned up so they don't have repeat back in 2012. >> all right. and you follow blair miller reports from iowa all of way through monday night. remember, fox 25 is the place to turn to all week leading up new hampshire primary. we is live reports from new hampshire. every morning and night. and we will be anchoring our coverage we also be bringing you. primary special ls every night as 7:00.
6:31 pm
reporter, with indepth reports on the candidates. and expert analysis. >> then on fry >> will be with you from our newsed a 5:00 pm straight through 11:30. bringing mow live result life reports from candidates. and headquarters, speeches and all as they happen. we also stream it live on and on the fox 25 news app. >> well just one tape ahead of the iowa caucus and senator ted cruze being accused of misleading voters cruz campaign sent mailers with the phrase, voting violation some iowa voters letter inside grades recepient on their voting record and says to improve this score, the voter should go out and caucus. >> now problem according to iowa sent of state is that there is no such violation. telling voters otherwise is wrong. . cruz campaign refused apologize. saying, such tactics are standard practice. to encourage people to get out and vote. >> mean mile the evening tribune which has offices north and over
6:32 pm
behind republican candidate marco rubio in nooup knew primary. paper announced endorsements in today's edition and, breaking from tradition, it did no endorse a democratic candidate. glowing editorial praised marco rubio solid conservative, who offers real solutions to the nation's pressing problems. . >> and coming up less than 15 minutes now, we are taking look at how the mail campaign in new hampshire is turning a little ugly. >> tonight community is in morning. after man was found dead in local pond. mansfield firefighters finding man's body in about ten feet of water in mill pond. tonight fox 25 went out to at that pond take a look at the conditions and shows you why certainly bad time to be out on ice. >> april like warmth mansfield today and tragedy on the local body of water. police say man fell through the ice on mill pound time over the weekend. this morning, this found his body. >> story began saturday
6:33 pm
local family reported their adult son was missing. evidence unspecified led authorities to mill ponds which is just off east street. unidentified man was found in ten feet of water. water rescue are fruit with danger for emergency rerespond ders fart because more of the ice can break. here at mill pond, you can see the path rescuers took to get to spot where the man fell in. you can also see that the ice is quite thin. >> sustained cold needed freeze ponds to point they can support human weight. so far this winter there had a not been sustained cold >> for example. earlier this months two young boys fell into a freisen pond in brockton. really not way of knowing when ice safe. we spoke with the fire captain last week about ace safety in he says, it is difficult to assess the depth of ice cover. because of variable which can't be measure. he could be. have some kind of current underneath. so, one area may be five inches
6:34 pm
two feet away that could be two inches thick. could you have venting station underneath. there really just no way of knowing. best course of action glenn says avoid frozen overbod dow is of know. >> plans field. >> fox 25 news. >> warm weather did bring us soon amazing images today. just incredible amazing time laps video shot today plymouth beautiful day to be outside. let's check with form tracker kept they are meterologist and jar put on heavy coast today out of force of habit. it turns you the really didn't neath it. slid. walking and bike riding and turned out some folks had those heavy jackets on and then, you saw other folks that day went on. you didn't need it. sniff look at this! temperature more like april we climbed 50s in. actually 57 in boston. 59
6:35 pm
out of south southwest. sure enough those continued to pump in that mild air and they are going to continue to do that over night so stepping up this evening, it is still around 50 in some spots. place like beverlily lawrence back me 40s three you a whoa county would >> put, we are going notice temperature some spots actually rising through overnight hours. as we will continue to see that wind out of southwest. so your evening planner goes like this. don't really drop too much in city of boston. through the evening hours. >> by time you wake up morning, we will seeing mostly cloudy skies. perhaps some air yea fog temperature upper 30s. it should be a mild start to the day at the bus stop but grab umbrella because we do have risk of showers i am timing that out for you coming up. >> points natural gas pipeline, being installed in west roxbury have lost mayor battle federal energy regulators rejected objections about the pipeline and have allowed work to continue. . .
6:36 pm
close that pipeline do active blasting quarry apropose. tells fox 25 plans keep working with elected officials encouraging home appeal, and they have the backing of congressman steven lynch who says the idea of building high pressure gas line next to an active blast zone is in his words, wreckless. >> tow company accused violating two state regulation for giving customers, a hefty bill is now significantly. fox 25 investigates, first brought this story over the fall you would might recall the driver got stuck while offer roading wall -- walpole. was charged $48,000 for toy of in owner of sure collision called for hearing with state regulators. now in addition to being cited. the company has greatly reduced customer's bill. new billed is four just over 6400. mastitis new bill does not change law regarding the sunday
6:37 pm
right now the blue law ruler retail worker make time and half. stores were hoping those laws would be changed. but new economic development plan from governor only prevents on-line retailers from having to pay employees extra wages. governor baker maintains his new bill will help redo downtown shopping district. >> officer responding to burglary call had their cruiser stolen at the scene by one of suspect. check this out. police california got call about a possible theft in progress and when they got there, two men ran away from the scene. when officers left the chase after those guys a woman got into one of the cruisers, and drove off. be understand up >> into car. obviously it was very serious situation. with patrol car being stolen. attempted to than extra happening. and female suspect. accelerated high rate of speeding overly --. >> that treated at the hospital.
6:38 pm
woman who stole the cruiseser. dump car hours later and amazingly was able to get away. >> all right. are you ready for it? greece the movie, newsic captured hearts of millions is now less than 20 opinions away from airing live right here on fox 25. everybody you know original starred john travolta tonight's performance also feature plenty star power. of. >> this is probably biggest craziest live show i think any one ever tried to do. it is so ambitious. >> fun to see don't miss life perform greece it starts just seconds after the ends of this news cant. just before 7:00 pm. certainly hope you enjoy the performance. >> well imofing islamism representings coming up on fox 25. historic trip president obama is set to make but some flex already done overseas. but first. fights brewing off your mailbox.
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and you can get a polaroid cube+
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residents. for thes iowa campaign super pack they are engage postal warfare flooding mailbox with attack ads. signal mail still somehow putting rival on defensive, in the 21st century. >> it was game on friday afternoon as casic campaign invoided bush territory, holding press conference in fronts of the bush campaign
6:42 pm
>> we will denounce law -- right to rise. which is super pack supporting governor jeb bush. >> events turned into a chaotic shout between volunteers. as campaign staffers traded barbs. their cac size wrong. and we just trying set the record straight. casic people had poll ridiculous clean stunts, >> bush campaign started this effort first. and we just responding in kind. but tangible sign of the desperate campaign that really does not know what to do. both campaigns amped up ground game this weekend taking their message door to door. the bush go negative may turn off some voters but the majority just tune out the attacks. them away. >> i just don't even read them. >> they go garbage can as fast that is he could number you are wanting your money on me. don't send me any more of those. >> getting ugly.
6:43 pm
barack obama, is preparing to make his first visit to u.s. mosque as the president. president scheduleded to visit the as i lammic society of baltimore on wednesday. hole round table discussion on religion and race. officials say the president will also celebrate the contribution of muslim americans, to the nation. obama has visited mosques overseas but this will his first presidential visit to one neither u.s. >> well there are just about five hours to go today is the last day to sign up for 2016, coverage under the affordable care ability in penalty foe having health insurance jump $695 per person or 2.5% of household income whichever is bigger. about 80% of people who sign up are eligible for subsidies to hen cover the costs of those monthly premiums. >> now your local forecast, from meterologist and fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> it was so nice see the temperature soar into 50s this hour after.
6:44 pm
enjoyed it and snapped some picture i want show you some what those people on are saying. take look at this sunsetting here. weymouth. absolutely spectacular. and of course, in selma it was 250. beach. and then yet really light daf january? >> yes. it is. below last three months have been so mild. that we actually look at some of the data and we remember suching, the last three months november december, january ask this three-month stretch is actually the warmest average temperature we have seen compared to other years. and i am pointing this out because, well, take a look at the annual snow fall. after you have very mild november the december and january, you tend have a some below average snow falls. for the rest of the year. that actually goes for the entire top ten. so, we are at number one. what's do mean for us? well, i have tell you look as
6:45 pm
he head chance of rain. not snow over the next couple days. fact follow, would got risk few scattered showers you you thing but chance of the some steadier be wednesday and that comes with some winds, too. and very mild conditions. take look at the temperature trend average high. mid 30s. well today, 57. tomorrow, we will go with 257 some spots could be nearing 60 degrees. sure we will cool off slightly on tuesday but boy look at that. we are still above sxaifrj back >> will be back to near normal so current temperature across region 49 in boston. our warm down to be south. but notice difference market. buffalo 52. we got some thing brewing right here in great lakes and this our storm system that's heading our way for day tomorrow. but until then, high pressure kept us dry for the day today. also delivering that southwest wind that clockwise flow around the high pressure.
6:46 pm
northern new england but temperature, in the upper 40 snoz. to near 50 degrees and as i would currently 49 the degrees. with that wind out southwest. so your feels like conditions just a few degrees. cooler but hey we will take because over the next 12 240urs we not going see temperature fall too much. >> travelling over night. earlier tomorrow. >> some spots interior could get into upper 30s. but i am going hold on to 40 snoz along the coast and come tomorrow although see we will still see risk of spot shower. temperatures, will be soaring into the 50s. so, going to be another mild day and i want to show you hour by hour what you can expect tomorrow morning temperature already in 40s mix of clouds and sun. you will notice by your lunch
6:47 pm
boston at some clouds picking up >> >> while get them. well support just keeps coming for local hockey player seriously hurt at gillette stadium day before winter classic national hockey league now donating $200,000 to help with her recovery. that match pledge from bruins organization you might he remember suffered viewer spine cord while playing for boston pride.
6:48 pm
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>> celtic orlando friday night garden trying do again tonight. on the road. for a 6th straight win. now few early highlights from florida asigh tomorrow it is a still playing well all-star glow fog down three-pointer here made 21-12 celtic hot out of gate. also, like this from marcus mate is came off the bench tonight fairing long range that put him 29-22 and then look at this one. waining sections of the first. boonl. 32-24 after one. it is 48-37.
6:51 pm
orlando. >> nhl all-. meth internet division battle first. he still got it. pretty move here. to knock things up three and second half. of the first game. but this was the game winner for atlantic division. dylann lark fren detroit. and they take it 4-36789 and they move on they will play in allship game of this tournament. we will stick hockey now. all eyes on garden tomorrow night first monday bean pot
6:52 pm
of four times seven bc plum five will get things going tomorrow night at 5:00. northeastern will look upset the them who enter tomorrow ranked 9th country winners play for championship on february 8th what finish bu today. absolutely tied. at the buzzer. game winner so bu takes it 75 pan 73. first tennis major of the year. books novak has done it at rod labor stadium again his 6th career australian hope title. straight sets over andy murray third straight mayor championship for him. the second time that he has accomplished that. in his career.
6:53 pm
thought on end patriot season one-on-one earlier this week with a butch stearn so pretty interesting thoughts on his relationship with tom brady coming up tonight at 11:30 on fox 25 sports wrap but nice scene will. >> in. >> you playing some ball outside. >> i know. right i mean we are talking about mild conditions. holding with us for the start of february. cooler tuesday after >> monday. but warming right back up on oncedy. with some rain, and some winds back into 50s. i am going tell you by the end of next week into next weekend it is going start folks little bit more like february with some more snow chances. all right. >> i don't heard about this greece live, coming up. wait over starting just seconds we will back here with news after that.
6:54 pm
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