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tv   FOX 25 News at 11  FOX  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> fox 25 news at 11:00. right now at 11:00 this is your winner on the republican side. ted cruse the texas senator expected to arrive soon. the 2016 season underway. we have learned martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee are both out. the democratic side still too close to call bernie sanders with 50% they are tied neck and neck there. meantime here on the republican side as we said ted cruz is the leader marco rubio showing a very good
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trump with 23 months. you can even finish even in the top 10 and i said but i have friends in iowa i know a lot of people in iowa i think they'll really like me let's give it a shot. they said don't do it i said i have to do it. tonight we have team coverage sharman sacchetti is in all eyes are turning now. the political epicenter in the weeks. race for the white house. blair. this is one of the caucus locations obviously all quiet now. this night belonging to tid cruz also a very good showing for marco rubio.
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noticed momentum just a few minutes ago let's listen in. >> for months they told us because we didn't have the right en-- endorsements or the right political connection we had the chance they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough and my boots were too high. >> in that video you get a sense of just how passionate people were during these caucuses. this precinct here tonight it could not have been closer. they tallied the votes then people left that entire process but you saw how close it was in this precinct here in this caucus just one vote separating the two that's really indicative of what we're seeing across
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race between sanders and clinton right now too close to call. mark and vanessa. >> the iowa talks and how it all goes down. tell us again about that and just your impressions you were there you got there yesterday you had a chance to be involved and see part of that and to see that first hand but your overall impression. really fascinating to see all this. i think what really stands out to me is how passionate and raw this was. people writing down the results by hand. turning them in what they have written by hand. you think in this day and age we're a little beyond that but it really goes back to beyond what we have seen so many times before in this caucus. very interesting. we still don't know on the
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appreciate your reporting. attention shifts sharply east to new hampshire. first in the nation primary just a week away now. this is all about new hampshire certainly those who don't drop out after iowa they will hit the ground running here starting tomorrow. who decided to scrap iowa and start here early. >> happy to be back in new hampshire. >> reporter: chris christie spent the first day in new hampshire but quickly made his way to new hampshire for two stops. the first a town hall earlier this evening in hopkinton. i'm now ready to be completely focused on last eight days here in new hampshire what we need to do. >> we showed up to jeb bush's crowded town hal meeting where we found him working to sway voters he's hoping new hampshire will
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campaign. >> john kasich is hoping for a good win or lose it has been unbelievable it has been amazing. it has been amazing. there are a lot of events going on. we're live here in manchester, new hampshire tonight. sharman sacchetti, fox 25 news. just over a week before the new hampshire primary bernie sanders is leading the polls in the granite state. despite skipping the most
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the front-runnerym. fox 25 is the place to turn. we'll have live reports from new hampshire every morning and night and we'll be anchoring our coverage from our studio in manchester we'll also be bringing you primary specials every night at 7:00 featuring fox 25 political reporter sharman sacchetti who you just heard from with indepth reports on the have candidates and expert analysis. then on prime area night we will be with you from our news at 5:00 p.m. bringing lu you live reports their speeches as well as they happen. we will also stream it all live at and on the fox 25 news app. all the analysis the results starting at 4:00 a.m. on the fox 25 morning news. a weymouth firefighter is suspended after making controversial comments about an overdosing reversing drug on facebook. on fox 25 news at 6:00 we told you he's off the job with pay now for 90 days tonight our jim morelli is
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people just call for more action a desk job when he gets back. some say it's not enough that this firefighter should be term zmad most say he should be educated. >> freedom of speech that went too far that is the conclusion of town administrators in weymouth today. they slapped a firefighter with a 90 day day ununpaid suss intention. after posting on facebook disparaging comments. >> i just think it was a bad judgment call on this individual. >> reporter: those comments appeared on facebook and seemed to voice the firefighters frustration treated use of the overdose reversing drug narcan on the same people. quoted these losers are out of the hospital and using again in hours. you use you should lose. you agree that he was frasted. sometimes emergency
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back to the same address multiple times. instead of post traumatic stress disordering on social medical area say write a letter to the chief. what this guy is talking about. it's totally wrong. he should be fired. it's planned this firefighter will when he returns however receive counselling and training. in weymouth, jim morelli, fox 25 news. >> a judge blasting state over a lawsuit involving alleged abuse and a daycare
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campus. following sex abuse charges. today a judge denied the state's motion to dismiss those lawsuits. they will work with the families and continue to do so. the drive of that car pleading not guilty to hitting a man and woman with her car in chinatown last night and dragging the woman. get out of her car where the female was ultimately found. he observed get back into her vehicle and hit the gas and pull away at a high rate of speed.
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have saved her arms. u.s. representative kathryn clark says she was home on sunday night with family about police swarmed the house. they have received a computer generated phone call saying there was an active shooter the clark's home knowing known as spatting. i'm thankful no one was hust. we have told you about the free trump tattoos being offered in new hampshire. new at 11:00 a bernie sanders supporter is fighting ink with ink. at artistic tattoos in alternative. the tattoos are a bit different only the outline of bernie sanders. but anyone who comes in with a trump tattoo can have it covered up at no charge. medford police need your
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this this surveillance video. video and pictures police say the men stole cash call medford police if you can identified that suspect. skies will clear and temperature also drop. where icy spots could pop up in the morning and our next heavy rain the timeline. >> they worked together for years but they were almost parted forever. still to come the state law that nearly separated an officer and his k-9 as the k-9 heads for retirement. first a horrifying case of a 3-year-old fights for life and still no arrests. we've talking to neighbors in roxbury with new information about what may have happened next on the fox 25 news at 11:00. >> as we head to break now a live look at the hillary clinton campaign headquarters in des moines, iowa. the democratic race in iowa still too close to call.
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here's a look at the most recent polls on the democratic side at the iowa caucus still as you see 91% of the precincts reporting now dead heat between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. on the republican side ted cruz a winner tonight's as he defeats donald trump and marco rubio as you see. rubio made it very close nipping on the heels of donald trump. they're all headed off to new hampshire still awaiting to hear from ted cruz tonight. we have already heard from trump and rubio we brought those to you live.
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a 3-year-old still fighting to survive right now after being rushed away from a roxbury home. this was breaking last night and continues to develop tonight. >> fox 25's malini basu is in roxbury tonight where investigators are still looking for answers at that home. >> reporter: nearly a day later and the investigation continues that little boy lived here at this house he is now fighting for his life sources are telling us that little boy was severely beaten by a relative. all throughout the day boston police officers and homicide detectives have been in and out of this house on alpine street in roxbury around 10:00 last night police were called to this house after the boy suffered traumatic injuries. >> kament down-- downstairs because i saul at police cars scperng m.t.s it. >> breaks my heart. >> reporter: he may he may have been kicked or beat on the lower part of his tiny body. we learned a relatives who has mental health issues may be responsible for the
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>> for a three-year-old i am just in a state of shock right now. police have been taking bags and bags of evidence out of the house. >> i see them coming and going probably it saddens me. >> once again that little boy lives here at this house directly behind with us his dad and step mom that little sister as we mentioned before is in state custody. still at this hour that boy is struggling to stay alive. as soon as we learn more about this case we will let you know. for now live in roxbury malini basu, fox 25 news. a state law almost forcing a retired police officer to part with his beloved k-9 partner. retired ohio officer matt hickey has been working with his police dog ajax. when he retired he thought him. but law only allows officers to buy their dogs if they're older or hurt in the line of
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but ajax was too young to qualify for that. he was vowing today to do what he could. my interpretation of the law would have been a fifth degree felony theft in office i would be wearing an orange july. suit right now. the end. officer hickey can keep ajax if he becomes an auxiliary officer. the denver broncos bus crashed the crash was minor and nobody was hurt. as you can see the be crash cracked a section of the windshield. the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. been using that all night to track the showers coming to southeastern massachusetts and southern coastal areas of massachusetts. now just getting off of nan tunth.
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moving out and away from the island. still some rain here on nantucket and off to the west there's still some that can clip the island but that will be it. so we have to watch for now the falling falling temperatures where will might have been still some snow right along your driveway or walkway i know there was in my house so 43 dropping down below freezing tonight you have to watch for a couple icy spots. still something i need to caution you about. tonight. you just need a little thin layer of water on the ground clearly that's not freezing but there may be some places in and around hyannis that do drop to freezing. we are clearing out.
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in the morning we'll be talking about sunshine. just to be sure or check with shiri in the schiz it will feel a lot cooler dedham still getting to 60 degrees you can expect this to be slightly cooler. so we're looking at temperatures back into the friz tomorrow. again above average. we will start out cold. before the most mild air can come streaming back in here on wednesday we'll have some cold enough temperatures the warm front as that pushes to our north and becomes a rain situation the heaviest
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be rain showing up middle of the afternoon and good evening hours. early thursday before it pushes on out of here. this takes you through that mild air on wednesday falling during the day and really cooling off in comparison and cooler temperatures 38 on saturday. a fronts coming through. >> thanks to our live campaign coverage. let's go to iowa ted cruz. let's listen in. >> tonight is a victory for the grassroots. tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives
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this late nation. tone the state of iowa has spoken. iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will not be chosen by the meek. >> texas senator ted cruz a winner tonight in iowa as he defeats donald trump and marco rubio. it's onto new hampshire beginning tomorrow. >> we will share some of
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>> they are circled on clrnd every year the first two mondays -- calendar every year on the first two mondays. the 64th annual bean pod we have a familiar matchup in next monday's final. b.c. facing harvard a couple second period goals. colin white on the power play here. b.c. moves on with a 3-2 win. three face that familiar b.u. in the final the terriers beat northeastern
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our butch stearns was there. in the 22nd time b.u. beat b.c. in the bean pod final. >> we have always talked about that the bean pod and the cup trophy and the national championship. i think you are going to get used to playing at this stage against good clubs because that's what we're going to see expect to be good down the stretch drive here. i thought it was a really good team effort we were ready to play. i thought our goalie had a good night. just, a good team effort. >> b.c. has won by beating b.u. in the final. b.u. has won 12 of their 30 by beating b.c. in the final. so b.u., b.c. next monday night for the whole pod of beans. we've been down this road before.
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sports. >> thank you, butch. play of the night in the nba came from brooklyn. brandon jennings and andre drummond oh, my probably the best alley-oop of the year. the pistons beat brooklyn 105-100 tonight. media day at the super bowl is now called opening night. they moved the circus to prime time this year. best answer came from peyton manning he did address why he never took hgh because i know the rules of the nfl and i respect the rules and they're important to me. so what this report alleges that i did is it's simply not true. >> threw go. tonight we're remembering two great patriots moments from february 1st. malcolm butler becomes a star one year ago tonight. adam vinatieri wins super bowl 3812 years ago tonight on february 1st. a good date in patriots history isn't it? >> i'll say. very good. >> crazy night in iowa tonight. >> absolutely crazy night. weatherwise for the candidates headed to new hampshire get out of there. check with shiri first thing in the morning on that. >> 4:00 a.m. lots of alright guys.
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