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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> what a super tuesday! >> gene: super results for hillary clinton and donald trump. how massachusetts played a role in their victory and what they said during their speeches that signal a major change in their campaigns. this is the fox25 morning news. >> gene: good morning, everybody. thank you for being with us on this wednesday morning, march 2. i am gene lavanchy. >> sara: i am sara underwood. a busy morning including heavy rain in the morning commute. our team of reporters are in the field covering breaking news from overnight and super tuesday results. >> gene: go to the fox25 storm tracker weather center where shiri says wet weather and wind will dominate in this wednesday will dominate in this wednesday. >> shiri: especially the first half of the day and moving over albany. we have just this massive area of rain that will be traveling across the region throughout the rest of your morning commute. we already have a temperature
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worcester. it is straight up balmy. real heavy rain. royalston over to rindge, new hampshire, swansea as well. temperatures upper 30s to 40 degrees. our threat for any icy spots have melted away. not concerning about icing, and heavier rain lexington and natick, both in the lower 50s this morning. 54 in hanover. showers a lot lighter over southeastern khits. and you are going to see less this way of rain today and do anticipate scattered showers even there through late morning. the next couple of hours, we will continue with the pockets of heavy rain winding down around 10 a.m. in eastern massachusetts. lasts around 11:00 over the cape and we will stay breezy but clear thought afternoon. gusts possibly up around 50 this morning. 50 miles per hour with 50 degrees your expected temperature at 8 a.m. 45 at noontime, dropping down to 40 at 3 p.m. with gusts still up around 40 miles per hour. and show you how long it stays boundaryy coming up. over to julie grauert with live drive time traffic.
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>> julie: hey, shiri, good morning. new accident on 495 southbound in mansfield right before 95. volume still light at this early hour. so not having a huge impact on your drive times. as we shift north, 95, 24 looking good. expressway starting to slow down slightly. average speeds of 17 miles per hour. and as it gets a little bit brighter, we can see the volume, making it past the gas tank at about, like i said, 17-mile-per-hour average speeds 17-mile-per-hour average speeds. 12 minutes on route 3 from 228 to the braintree split. 13 minutes on 95 as you head from 495 to 128. gene and sara, back to you. we have breaking news on the cape this morning. a driver struck a 13-year-old boy in mashpee. you can see damage to the windshield of the driver's white car. we learned that the boy died from his injuries. >> this happened at around 8:30 along a dark road in mashpee that doesn't have sidewalks. fox25's jessica reyes is live at the police station working
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accident. jess? >> reporter: and sara, officers from the mashpee police department were actually the first ones to show up at that awful scene. one of their officers that did cpr on victim as he was lying on the roads. rescue crews moved him over to cape cod hospital, but sadly we have learned that he passed away at 13 years old. we have some video now of that driver's car as it was towed away from the scene last night in was, of course, still a very active investigation as this just happened a couple of hours ago. but we are still working to get a number of different things confirmed right now, but the police chief did tell the cape cod times that the driver is a 55-year-old man from mashpee. he was driving on quinaquinsett road around 8:30 last night when he hit that teenager near orchard road. this is all technically in a neighborhood, but does get fairly busy during the day. self-houses on either side street but if you take a drive over there a little over an
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either side of that street. now police -- it is very possible that they are still working to get in touch with this victim's family as -- as this all happened less than 12 hours ago. they have not released the victim's name just yet or told us anything about him. and after that -- they would not say as for the driver if he had been arrested but we have reached out to the police chief working to get more information as to whether or not he is going to face charges for this. and what may have led up to the fact that as soon as we hear back, i will keep you posted here and online. live in mashpee this morning, jessica reyes, fox25 news. also breaking this morning, a horrific crash in newton where a suv drove right into a pizza place during the dinner rush. two people were killed. seven others injured. this morning, still a lot of unanswered quesz about what happened. fox25's catherine parrotta live at the scene on washington street this morning. that is where earlier this morning that s uv was removed
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>> reporter: good morning, gene and i have reached out to the da's office early this morning to see if we can get answers to some of the questions surround some of the questions surrounding this case right now. i do want to move out of the way and you can see past my umbrella and a look at the aftermath of this crash. that restaurant is still board that restaurant is still boarded up and tape surrounding that building there all on the corner of that street. right now, we still don't know the names of the victims or other people involved in this crash. we also don't know who the driver is or whether he will be charged. but the scene was really horrific. i want to give you a look at some of the video here. the timing couldn't have been worse. it happened after 6:00. the height of rush hour an a busy polling place nearby. the driver didn't stop traveling down chestnut street across washington street and plowing into st. pete tomatoes pizza. marian ryan said the driver survived. seven injured and two others killed. the fact that this happened during rush hour did not help the situation.
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there is a lot of traffic here whether it is rush our obviously and a lot of traffic. we don't know what happened. >> coming down the hill fast and the light, i don't know, the way it is all set up. it gets miscommunicated and people get stuck in the middle of the intersection. >> reporter: paramedics brought four of the victim to newton wellesley hospital. they took four others to different hospitals. this was a busy area and trying to go find out if they knew anyone else involved in this. we will hear more from the next half hour. live in newton, catherine parrotta, fox25 morning news. and this morning, donald trump and hillary clinton are on clear track to become the presidential nominees of their parties. both candidates won the super tuesday primaries in massachusetts. across the country, donald trump also picked up victory trump also picked up victories in six other states. they included vermont, virginia
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texas senator ted cruz won his home state. neighboring oklahoma and alaska neighboring oklahoma and alaska. former senator marco rubio was the winner minnesota. for the democrats, she won seven straits. bernie sanders claimed victory in his home state and oklahoma, colorado. it was very close and 1.2 million people voted and hillary clinton won by just 20,000 votes. after her victory, the former secretary of state turned her attention to her potential republican rivals. >> stakes in this election have never been higher, and the rhetoric we are hearing on the other side has never been lower other side has never been lower. [booing] >> gene: fox25 was with hillary clinton in florida as the results came in last night. this afternoon mrs. clinton will hold a rally with supporters in new york city.
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by a huge margin. instead of attacking hillary clinton, he turned hi attention to donald trump. >> when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. >> gene: sanders reminded supporters that super tuesday is not winner take all. and this morning he is at work scheduling more campaign events scheduling more campaign events. s a s a as for the republicans, pig support in new england. he now has victory in new hampshire, vermont and massachusetts. in the commonwealth, the billionaire picked up 300,000 votes well more than runners-up john kasich and marco rubio combined. trump criticized his riv als sand said he is the. >> i am the unify >> i am the unifier. i would love to see the republican party to get together and unify. and when we fine phi, nobody, nobody that is going to beat us nobody that is going to beat
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introduced by a formal rival new jersey governor chris new jersey governor chris christie. meanwhile, ted cruz is celebrating big win in texas and two other states. cruz said republicans need to rally around him if they want to beat trump. >> as long as the field remains divided. donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely, and that would be a disaster for republicans. >> sarah: cruz is currently trailing trump by 120 delegates trailing trump by 120 delegates. florida senator marco rubio vow florida senator marco rubio vows to keep fighting this morning following his disappointing super tuesday performance. rubio still says he is the candidate that can beat hillary clinton in the general election and not donald trump. >> hillary clinton smoke him in the general election and the next four years will be no different than the last eight for our country. i will work as hard and long as it takes to save this party and the conservative movement from
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>> sarah: despite a shutout ohio governor john kasich will remain in the presidential race. he said the success will depend on upcoming primaries in michigan and ohio. meanwhile, surgeon ben carson is calling on other candidates to stop fighting with each other before tomorrow's debate in detroit. carson said the republican race has reached the point of embarrassment on the world stage. and stay with fox25 for continuing coverage all morning long. straight ahead at 6:30, the issues that mattered most to massachusetts voters those made their presidential picks. and the mbta has 30 days to make some serious changes to improve safety in the wake of a runaway train incident on the red line. a new report from the state department of public utilities confirmed that a conductor used a cord to hold the train's control switch in place. you can see it here in these photos right now. fox25 broke the story in december when the conductor was under investigation.
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a hand break that could have stopped the train. the report included safety improvement suggestions for the mbta. the state wants trains to have new camera systems to monitor inside cabs. they want the propulsion handled redesigned and they want an emergency bypass switch inside of the trains. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes and helpful when the weather and the traffic going hand in hand. on the expressway, 16 minutes columbia road. now up to 17. shiri. >> shiri: there you go. winds gusting right now at 20 or 30-mile-per-hour range. this is not strong enough to do any damage, but it is strong enough down across southeastern massachusetts. going even in the next hour expecting some 50-mile-per-hour gusts. those can do some damage and stays pretty breezy into the second half of the day. i will couple that along with when the rain lasts coming up. our e-mail box is filled with complaints about bill clinton this morning.
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and we have p . for what we were waiting for. >> daniel: that was his initial departure from the international space station and here is that video we showed you again of the spacecraft that brought him and his
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earth. you can see it floated through the clouds before landing in kazakhstan just before 1:30 our time last night. now moments after landing, kelly pops up out of the capsule as you see here. people helping him out before they take off his helmet and he breathes his first breath of fresh air. when he left his home in space, kelly said he would be sad to >> leaving this amazing facility is pretty tough because i probably will never see it again. >> daniel: ma may be true but kelly's work is not done now that he is back on earth. once he is back in the states, nasa will put kelly through series of test and compare his results from his identical twin results from his identical twin's brother what you see there to see what a long-time stay in space will do to the human body. it will help them determine if it will be possible to send people to mars. and we will miss his tweets from space. he posted incredible images like these.
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of the moon, the earth and what it is like to be in outer space. now if you want to see more of his tweets, i have got them on my twitter account. head over there, daniel miller, fox25 news. >> sara: all right, daniel. the supreme court will hear an important abortion case without a conserve i have justice. justin antonin scalia passed away. he was pro-life. texas clinics are fighting a through forces doctors at abortion clinics to have admitting privilege at nearby hospitals. the supreme court will have to deintensified that puts an undue burden on women seeking abortions. school lea's death could lead to a tie in the supreme court and if that happens, no legal precedent would be set. apple and fbi encryption battle continues in front of lawmakers. yesterday a fbi director addressed a congressional panel about unlocking the iphone of one of the san bernandino shooters. apple refuses saying it sets a dangerous precedent. the fbi wants congress to step in and force appear toll comply in and force appear toll
6:18 am
the fbi says they will not take the fbi says they will not take advantage of the access. >> we are asking appear toll take the vicious guard dog away take the vicious guard dog away. let us try to pick the lock. >> gene: earlier a federal judge ruled in apple's favor. in another similar case, the judge said that the feds cannot force apple to provide access to a locked cell phone involving a drug dealer. good wednesday morning. now 6:18. start with the expressway. that is where the volume is increasing and typically the first spot where we start to see things slow down. starting around the braintree split and toward morrissey the pike. 93 south, volume increasing as you approach the cloverleaf and down into somerville the zakim headlights. 16 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 23 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. 34 minutes on 9 34 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. meteorologist shiri spear
6:19 am
tracking the rain coming in quite a bit over the neck four hours. >> shiri: the icy threat i will take off the weather threat chart completely because everybody is above freezing and heavy wind and rain and although i have them in the high category, meteorologist jason brewer just got here and we were looking at the situation and could see some isolated wind damage but the winds and showers weakening a bit as they continue to head eastward. watching this all morning pwawng on and off rain is not going to budge until 10:00 this morning for most of us. heavyy rain through southwestern new hampshire and struggling through the worcester hills. intense rain through the boston area. boston already at 52 degrees. really warm out there. 49 in worcester. 36 in nashua. one of my cooler spots and 50s dictating that weather. and as we travel through the morning hours.
6:20 am
air that will rule the forecast ahead of this cold front. cold front comes through around 10:00 this morning and spells an end to the rain and warmer temperatures. 7:00, this temperature is a little underdone. plain ol' 50s in and around boston and central massachusetts. southern new hampshire. mid- to upper 40s out there and showers abruptly end by 9:00 this morning in central massachusetts. 10:00 in and around the boston area and 11:00 this morning over the cape. and then we will start to clear out and temperatures do go down, back to 45 degrees by noontime in boston. 30s are back by the evening commute. it is going to get cold. in fact it is going to be freezing out into central massachusetts. some of the higher elevations could see a flash freeze as well with a real quick cool down this afternoon and you need beware of that and travel carefully out there. whatever moisture so end up freezing once we hit the evening hours -- the afternoon hours in fact.
6:21 am
42 in beverly. 46 in plymouth. 36 in worcester. that means it is 10 degrees cooler early this afternoon than it is right now. we have a wind advisory still in effect until 9:00 this morning over the south coast, the cape, the islands and northeastern massachusetts. for the possibility of some gusts up to 50 miles per hour. those are the more likely ones to do some damage. but overnight tonight, breezy with temps in the teens and the 20s. a little bit on top of that though. will create wind chills in the single digits when you wake up tomorrow morning. high temperatures tomorrow back into the middle 30s in and around the boston area. 38 in norwood. 31 in worcester. it will louvre sdchb tomorrow and still going to be kind of blustery out there blustery out there. friday, we will keep the chance of snow in the forecast especially over southeastern massachusetts. still a lot that we are ironing out with that system. highs only at 32 mean it will be cold enough for snow. highs close to 40 over the weekend with more sunday flurries. back over to you. now 6 now 66:21 this morning.
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:4 this morning. concussion concerns could lead to big changes in the way football is played at harvard and other ivy league schools. the conference said that coaches in the big eight may ban all practices during practices. coaches voted last week. banning all tackling outside of the games is seen as a way to reduce the number of head injuries in college football. all right, everybody, trade in your cell phone and get a free ice cream? sounds too good to be true but check this out. chick-fil-a wants people to enjoy a text-free meal. putting in a box for folks to chow down. if he can this go the entire meal without using their phones meal without using their phones, everyone gets a free ice cream. that is really challenging. with two girls -- i always tell my 11-year-old put your phone away and i find myself checking
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>> sara: you wouldn't get a free ice cream julie don't even put in the coup. the three animals are all best friends. >> sara: aw! >> julie: they go by the nick >> julie: they go by the nickname blt. they all live collectively at the noah's ark animal sanctuary the noah's ark animal sanctuary. they are so inseparable at the sanctuary usually within 100 feet of each other. not only proof that they can co-exist. blt has been together for 15 years. all three rescued from a basement where a drug dealer kept them illegally. >> sara: the blt are only bff julie i am ten feet from shiri. we can be a bff and you can be a third. >> shiri: these three not hanging out with those three any time soon. let's not do that. all right, so we have a lot of
6:27 am
so 100% chance of rain at 8 a.m. by 10 a.m. it will be coming to an end next. and massachusetts voters put their stamp on the presidential race. >> we have done something that almost nobody thought could be done. >> what a super tuesday! >> reporter: how the front runners closed out their victory in the commonwealth and what happens next.
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complete new england news coverage continues rights now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> sara: now at 6:30, a live look at the radar as heavy rain and winds make for a slippery commute this morning. shiri is tracking the downpours and it is about to cool off. good morning, everyone, a really busy morning. >> gene: roads have not been too bad. roads could change. >> shiri: heaviest stuff in boston 8 or 9:00. a while to go when it will be relatively light in and around boston. a lot heavier this morning out across central western massachusetts, southwestern new hampshire. we have got winds right now sustained, 22 miles per hour nantucket. 15 in boston. 17 in bedford. and stronger gusts. gusts at 35 miles per hour in new with a couple of patchy, lighter showers into the boston area. norwood, as well as bedford
6:31 am
there -- but steady but moderate. nut that way, lowell and marlborough and upcontinue to things fanning out. much heavier stuff across barre and orange and that line will pass over. rain in your forecast all morning long. some 52 -- yes, 52 degrees right now in boston. just remember, this morning potential for winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour which could do some damage and on and off heavy rain. dry by noon today and stay breezy. temperatures back to and hour by hour look at the incoming heavier rain later this morning coming up. now over to julie grauert for live drive time traffic this morning. and julie, i mean, so far, not bad on the commute. >> julie: not at all. we are warning you that the roads will be wet might be a little slippery with the flurries this area around 50s, it is not creating ice situation. seeing things slow down on
6:32 am
many of the similar spots as you approach the cloverleaf and somerville. the expressway jammed. we are used to that. average speeds of 14 miles per hour. otherwise, you are moving along the pike fine. you can see through brighton not a lot slowing us down. 33 minutes on the pike from 495 to mass ave. 29 minutes from the braintree split to the pike. 40 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. gene and sara, back to you. live in newton this morning in front of a well-known restaurant boarded up. the scene of a horrific crash last night that left two people dead and seven others hurt. we continue to follow the story morning. >> sara: show where you this is in is in newton. the restaurant is called sweet tomatoes on washington street. catherine parrotta is there. people rushed over to see what was happening when they heard about this crash. >> reporter: this happened in the heart of rush hour. a busy polling place nearby.
6:33 am
this morning, you just saw still boarded through in the background, but right now, we still have a lot of questions. the da not mentioning who the driver is, the identities of any of the people involved, or even the circumstances surrounding this crash. and those are answers local residents are waiting for as well. >> every time i go by here, some people were here. >> reporter: a busy pizza shop in the heart of newton. a place of employment for many high school students. >> i know some of the girls that work there friday and saturday shifts. >> reporter: today sweet tomato pizza boarded up and empty, the scene of a deadly crash. >> a lot of traffic at this time. >> reporter: investigators say during the heart of rush shower just after 6:00. they say that is when is barrel they say that is when is barrelled down chestnut street across washington street and slamming into the restaurant. >> everywhere. firemen everywhere. >> reporter: marion ryan said seven survived and killed two others. and right now investigators
6:34 am
and they haven't named any of the people involved. crews removed the suv from the building overnight. the tragedy drawing people out of their homes later. their thoughts with those injured. >> i hope everybody is okay. you know. >> reporter: i did send an e-mail to the da's office. we are awaiting a response to answers to the questions that we all still have about this crash right now. in the meantime, the mayor was here on scenes after this occurred too. you will hear from him coming up next half hour. for now i am live in newton, catherine parrotta, fox25 news. a family on cape cod with the death of a 13-year-old boy this morning. a driver struck the boy on quinaquinsett avenue in mashpee last night just before 8:30. officers started cpr and start officers started cpr and started to revive him before rescue crews took over. he was rushed to cape cod hospital where he died. and this morning, we have learned the driver learned the driver 5 5-year-old man from mashpee and within the
6:35 am
he is cooperate he is cooperating with the investigation. the boy has not been identified just yet, and, of course, we will be on the cape all morning as this investigation moves forward. to morning donald trump are on clear track to become the presidential nominees of their respective parties. both candidates won the super tuesday primaries in massachusetts. across the country, donald trump also picked up victories in six other states that include vermont, virginia and four other states. texas senator ted cruz won his home state. neighboring oklahoma and alaska alaska. florida senator marco rubio was the winner minnesota. for the democrats, hillary clinton won a total of seven states. vermont senator bernie sanders claimed victory in his home state as well as minnesota and oklahoma. and hillary clinton just edged out a win over rival bernie sanders after campaigning hard in the bay state. fox25's michael henrich is live in boston with a closer look at those ballots for us. good morning, michael. >> reporter: good morning, gene >> reporter: good morning,
6:36 am
while, it did look like massachusetts would be feeling the bern as the campaigns would say, but former secretary of state hillary clinton did end out pulling out the very narrow victory opinion. over 20,000 votes separated those two candidates on the democratic side. a totally different story over on the republican side. a record amount of voters cast ballots in the republican primary. about 100,000 more than back in '08. and donald trump won nearly half the vote. ohio governor john kasich finished a distant second and marco rubio third. and campaign speeches at each of their campaign headquarters night. >> we know we have work it do, but that work -- that work is not to make america great again again. america never stopped being
6:37 am
we have to make america whole. >> she has been there for so long. if she haven't straighten it out now, she won't straighten this t out in the next four years. she wants to make america whole again. i am trying to figure out what that is all about. making america great again is much better than making america whole again. >> reporter: it is increase >> reporter: it is increasingly likely those will be your 2016 general election candidates. the exit polling allows us to see how the massachusetts votes broke down and who is supporting who. i will have a little bit more time to go over that with you in my next report in just a little bit. it is interesting stuff. stay with us. live in boston, michael henrich live in boston, michael henrich, fox25 news. new voter survey show that independent voters played a big role in massachusetts. half of the unenrolled residents who voted in the republican primary chose donald trump. democrats in the commonwealth were divided. hillary clinton was supported by women, older voters and those with higher incomes. bernie sanders's support came
6:38 am
on the issues, 70% of democrats say the economy and income and equality were the most important topics among republicans, immigration was their top issue and large majority of this group voted for donald trump. this morning, voters in massachusetts are supporting a petition to have a former president prosecutors by the attorney general. the online petition claims that bill clinton broke state election laws by campaigns at polling places in new bedford and west roxbury yesterday. our cameras there were as the former president shook hands with voters in massachusetts to win support for his wife's presidential bid. fox25 checked with secretary of state william galvin. he says mr. clinton did not break any election laws because he did not prevent anyone from voting and did not hand out for any fliers within 150 days of a polling place. and new jersey governor chris and new jersey governor chris christie is being asked to
6:39 am
resign by a group of newspapers. the local papers are fed up with the governor's arrogance. with the governor's arrogance. on monday, christie refused to answer questions from reporters and when asked why, he said "because i don't want to." the papers said that christie spend 261 days out of the state while he was running for president. yesterday he was on the road with donald trump. the paper say it is christie doesn't resign, new jersey residents should start a recall effort. stay with fox25 stay with fox25 for continuing coverage all morning long. straight ahead at 7:00, we will dive deep near the exit poll results and get expert analysis about how a clinton-trump race would look in the coming months would look in the coming months. 6:39. two students test positive for bumps at harvard. the school is trying to figure out how many more people will infection. they are students of the da vin tee schools. they have strict rules that students need to be vaccinated for mumps before they take classes.
6:40 am
vaccine is not 100% effective. two students at the college in new hampshire tested positive for mumps over the weekend. meanwhile, first case of zika virus has been confirmed in new hampshire. the state department of health says the patient contracted the virus through sexual contact with a man who had traveled to a zika-affected country. the virus is typically spread by mosquitoes and can be spread through sex. experts have linked the virus through birth defects. the new hampshire patient is fully recovered this morning, and she is not pregnant. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. 93 south, we are seeing wet roadways and a drive time of 47 minutes. pretty typical this time of the commute. shiri. >> shiri: tracking those winds on top of the rains. the teens and the 20s really not all that bad. these winds are not going to be of the damaging variety right now. now. new bedford the strongest wind gust at 35 miles per hour. the problem is over the next couple of hours wind gusts around 50 miles per hour. especially southeastern massachusetts.
6:41 am
of the wind and the rain coming up in just a few. 6:40. more emotional testimony from this sportscaster. coming up at 7:00, what she was forced to admit in court, and while she said her personal relationships are suffering from a secret video. but first, a local dog struggles to stay afloat in this icy pond.
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6:44 am
something was wrong after just meteorologist shiri spear here at 6:44. and i still have the heaviest rain over central massachusetts rain over central massachusetts. spencer up to barre and gardner right now. that's where we have downpours in place. and you will find wet roadways from northeastern massachusetts to the -- to the seacoast of new hampshire. same deal there. you still have rain, but you actually have a little bit of a breezy on the way in. and those pockets just developing of rain over southeastern mass.
6:45 am
the incoming showers and winds hours away. this man facing charges for robbing people in downtown boston at knifepoint. an officer on patrol was able to identify him because of this surveillance image. last week we reported that two people were held up with a 12 people were held up with a 12-inch kitchen knife an area popular with tourists. hoe amanuel lopez is charged with armed robbery and assault. two men accused in a string of burglary of burglaries are held without bail. arrested keith babcock and brandon simmons on multiple charges break and entering. police caught them after someone reported suspicious activity outside a house in neighboring tewksbury. neighbors say the pair is tied to multiple burglary to multiple burglaries there as well as in newburyport and in ayer. this morning police on the cape are trying to figure out why a man threatened his co-workers with a gun. officers say craig scott went after his workers at the cape auto repair shop in sandwich but they quickly fought back
6:46 am
one witness tells us he used a crow bar. >> ran in with a gun and a bat. hold the guy down. you never know if you were going to get stabbed or whatever, you know. you. >> sara: police said the attack appears to be random. scott had a warrant out for his arrest for fail tour appear in court on a larceny charge. he is without bail this morning he is without bail this morning. a dog safe and warm you his owner after rescue crews risked their thrives reach him. the pet was holding on with two paws by the time the crews got to him. fox25's daniel miller is here with what the owner did right after that dog's life was saved after that dog's life was saved. >> daniel: gene, initially the dog's owner was going to make the rescue herself, but rescue teams said she did the right thing and called 911 instead. this video shows the daring fire fighters saving the large dog named zeus from that icy pond. zeus's owner thought it was another dog outside yelping yesterday morning and she went
6:47 am
and something was wrong. >> i went down the hill toward the pond, i realized it was him yelping. that he had fell into the water and he was literally hanging on by his front paws trying get out of the ice and could not get out. >> daniel: fire fighters arrived a short time later. one of them put on that red safety suit you see there and went into the icy pond. fire fighters say if something like this happens, you should always call 911. in the newsroom this morning, daniel miller, fox25 news opinion. good wednesday morning. 6:47. let's start with a look at route 3 south of town. traffic flows still moderate as you head to 228 rockland past route 18 and to the braintree split. 95, 24, not too bad yet either. through canton and through the randolph area. the expressway, of course, jammed up from the braintree split up past morrissey to naponset to columbia road. as you can see overcast day and
6:48 am
33 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit to the pike. 47 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. 14 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue in west from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls. meteorologist shiri spear joining us now. shiri, you are tracking rain and wind out there for the morning commute. >> that's right. just before i stepped up here, i tweaked this graphic a little bit just to go over our weather threats. today we have heavy rain this morning, and we have got wind. the thing is a lot of the wind, although it gets very blustery out there, i am only seeing some isolated wind damage. i don't see any kind of wide i don't see any kind of widespread wind damage. winds will be peaking in the next couple of hours and watching that very closely for you both on air and online at but a flash freeze is also something i want to you be aware of once we hit the afternoon and we get a very rapid cool down coming into town. especially at some of the higher elevations, currently 52 in boston. 53 in bedford up to lawrence.
6:49 am
even upper 40s out toward worcester. and we have got those bands of heavy heavier rain this are just central massachusetts, western massachusetts, struggling a little bit to get the heavier rain into eastern mass. sdoy expect we will see bands of heavier, steadier rain around 8, 9:00 this morning. so the cold front comes on through, we are going to stay very mild, wet and windy. after that comes through, temperatures drop. stays blustery though. you will see temperatures at 8 a.m. still in the lower 50s in most communities. 8 a.m., still have the steadiest rain through southern new hampshire to into the merrimack valley and central massachusetts. then around 9:00 in the morning then around 9:00 in the morning, we are going to get some of that steadier rain moving across boston. ending around 10 a.m. in most of eastern massachusetts but ending 10 to 11 a.m. over southeastern massachusetts. so it is in and out pretty quickly here. do you have to be ready for basically a soaking wet morning drive into work. but by lunchtime here, if you
6:50 am
word of warning going to be a lot colder. not in the 50s but 40s in boston. you areer 30s by worcester. by lunchtime today and the clearing trend continues into the afternoon. so going to be kind of breezy out there and we will seen have wind chills to consider here at 5 p.m., but actual temperature readings here. 38 degrees at 5 p.m. in boston. so you can see we are just going down, down, down during the afternoon. i expect on average, your afternoon temperatures here early afternoon about 41 in boston. 36 in worcester. so it -- at least ten degrees cooler than it is right now. wind advisory in effect until 9 a.m. for the cape, islands, south coast and northeastern massachusetts. those are some of the spots that have a better chance of getting some of the damaging wind gusts. as i mentioned based on what we are seeing right now. isolated if we get any wind damage. temperatures tonight back into the teens and 20s. a little reminder it is winter
6:51 am
with highs in the middle 30s and lots of sunshine. hey, check out the seven-day forecast with the weekend falls view. the friday know looking a little more likely through the morning and i have looked at updates. that snow is becoming more and more pronounced. 32 degrees. cold enough for it. we will be monitoring the snow total and highs up around 40 degrees and sunday flurries. back over up for. fox25 investigates tracking hundreds of injury crashes in massachusetts. happening at 10 busy intersections around boston. we have discovered bad drivers aren't the only problem. >> just so many moving pieces. so many cars coming in so many directions. >> this intersection in brockton at pleasant and west streets have been ranked as the worst in the state based on crashes record to mass d.o.t. but fox25 investigates found that could be changing. tonight on the fox25 news at 10:00, investigative reporter
6:52 am
top ten most dangerous intersections and what is being done about it. and it is one of the scariest scenarios ever caught on tape. a woman survives a powerful tornado without any shelter. how a soda machine helped shield her from the danger.
6:53 am
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at least 50 religious leader in pennsylvania are accused of abusing hundreds of children over the last decades. >> hundreds of children who are now adults are suffering the consequences. today is their day. >> sara: a grand jury in pennsylvania reviewed more than 115,000 documents that detailed the abuse. they found that the worst abuse was committed by two bishops who tried to cover it all up. they would send priests to see a psychiatrist or shuffle them to another church. the 50 priests have been removed from the diocese, but there is still an ongoing investigation. two san francisco sheriff deputies and a former deputy will face charges for forcing inmates to fight each other. one inmate was reportedly much larger than the other and the
6:56 am
badly hurt. badly hurt. one the officials is accused of telling the men if they didn't fight, they would be beaten. authorities say the other deputies did not intervene. the three deputy the three deputies were given 48 hours to surrender to authorities. tornado in louisiana destroys everything in sight. look at this stunning video from a woman who was holding on for deer life. she tried 20 she tried to get into a louisiana hardware store as the storm approached ant doors were locked. the building looks like it explodes and those 140-mile-per-hour winds. she says it was a miracle that a coke machine that saved her. >> i just brace myself right here between the coke machine. it wasn't even a holding on. it was a brace myself. >> gene: man, take a look at what the store looked like before and then after the storm hit. that is remarkable. several people were working inside at the time. they all survived hiding inside bathrooms. and we continue to follow two breaking stories right now. a car slams into a local pizza shop. what we are learning about the
6:57 am
and a and a devastating accident on the cape. a teenager killed by a car. the new information we just learned about the driver. and looking ahead to continues here on the roadways for the next couple of hours. 8 a.m., i am going to have rain and wind in place. so anticipate poor roadways. improvements start around 10:00 this morning. an hour and by hour rain and wind next. and you got to hand it to him. coming up the reason ungovernor
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