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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  October 21, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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. now at 4:00, a friday morning is starting off foggy and damp. the weekend won't be a total washout. i am tracking when the heaviest rain will move in this weekend. a lawrence man in court accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a young girl as she walked to school. this morning where police are stepping up their patrol as >> reporter: would you let your kids walk to school? >> no, not more. not now. >> daniel: the details about the suspect that have the mayor calling for a deeper investigation. a young boy in the hospital back at home with a bullet still lodged in his shoulder. the reason he says more needs to be done to stop violence near his home. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: good morning, 4
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we made it to friday, october 21. i am daniel miller. >> julie: good morning, i am julie grauert. get out that rain gear. you will need it as you head out the door today. meteorologist shiri spear in the stormtracker weather center with a look at fog and drizzle. shiri? >> shiri: not looking pretty. a couple of swaths of green. not as heavy as what we are getting in new york but these showers drizzly and lighter rain and pretty steady in the spots maybe where we don't have the green, it is very 49 in boston. 54 in worcester. showers drift nothing norwood and plymouth. temperatures upper 50s into the 60s. look at the widespread fog. dense fog from chatham to nantucket. fog into marshfield and lawrence. dense fog in worcester but that fog goes all the way into southern new hampshire and we are calling for the misty conditions. the need to hit the windshield wipers every now and then. 61 degrees. temperatures getting up to 70
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for the afternoon and we will time it with future cast coming in a cup of minutes. julie with live drive time traffic. julie shiri speari and i will be working closely because the fog has a tendency to slow us down on the road. route 1 and 93 south. no issues to report on the expressway from the braintree split up to columbia road. over to the live drive times. 25 minutes on the pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. single digs s on the andover to the leverett connector. it is 4:02 right now. breaking news this morning, a burlington woman has been found safe after disappearing for more than 24 hours. fox25 cameras were rolling when pana condon friedan. the search for the 45-year-old was breaking during the news. burlington police said she hadn't been seen bins 5:00 the previous evening.
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police say a man snatched a young girl as she walked to school and sexually assaulted her. police will be out in full force to make children are safe after the shocking attack. it happened at boxford and phillips street yesterday morning. the 21-year-old suspect is in jail on charges of kidnapping and rape charges. john monahan reports that the girl was able to give detailed information about her attack that led police to the suspect. >> all of a cops showed up and detectives and they surrounded the house a little after 10. >> reporter: police moved in to arrest 21-year-old angel matao who lived on second floor of this three-family for kidnapping and raping a 13-year-old girl >> the victim reports having been forcibly dragged from the street into a second-floor apartment. >> reporter: on her way to school, police say mateo grabbed her from behind at the
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upstairs where he sexually assaulted her. lawrence's mayor is depositly concerned about what took place. >> this crime sun speakable and we need to do all this is possible for our citizens. >> reporter: mateo wears a uncle brace let and he was not a sex offender or would not say why he was wearing that brace let. he believes there is a correlation between it and the vicious attack. after two hours, the victim was i lowed to leave. distraught she we t her description led to mateo's arrest >> the victim was able to provide police with information that led to the capture of the arrest of angel mateo, 21 years old. >> reporter: john monahan, fox25 news. >> julie: the attack happened inside angel mateo's phillip street apartment. fox25 went to the building to learn more about the man accused of committing the crime. mateo lives with his mother and
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years but he only moved in a year ago. people who live in the city are keeping a extra close eye on their children after the attack. >> would you let your kids walk to school? >> not any more. definitely not now. >> my heart was just broken for the pain of the little girl and the pain of the family. >> reporter: the incident has the mayor calling for a preview of every person in the city who wears a ankle brace let and lives near a school. 4:05. a 13-year-old bullet still lodged in his shoulder. shot by a stray bullet lying in his bed. jacqui heinrich reports he no longer feels safe in his own home. >> they just came home to collect a few things, and they will be staying somewhere else tonight. >> reporter: speaking through an interpreter, she thanked police for arresting the suspect who shot her son while he was watching tv in bed wednesday night. a bullet went flying through
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it is not enough. there is too much violence in the area and her 8th grade son juan agrees. still in pain, juan delgado is home from the hospital, the you will bullet still lodged in his shoulder. doctors unable to take it out because of the swelling. home from school for two weeks and will have surgery later to remove it and still reliving memories from last night. by ran to my mom's room and, like, fainted in front of her room. >> reporter: while his siblings are happy he is home.they had experience -- like i don't want to -- i found out he was shot, i was like -- i nearly just started bursting into tears. >> thank god he is alive. >> reporter: juan is calling on police to keep other kids safe. the park outside his window.
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[inaudible] >> reporter: jacqui heinrich, fox25 news is. police arrested a 19-year-old everett man in connection with the shooting. the family say this was the second time their house was caught in gunfire. now mere planning to move. the chelsea shooting is the latest to send a child to the hospital. roxbury seen two shoot information two weeks. last weekend a 2-year-old girl was hurt when she sat in a car. she is covering at home with injuries to her hand and leg. her father was likely the target but the child's mothe disagrees because other people around at the time too. police are hoping that these surveillance picture will help track down a person of have. a 9-year-old girl was shot in the back when two men open fired in the park. also expected to happen this one on anuncition road. caught the shooting and two men driving off. no arrests have been made in either case. natick police are searching
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apple store. take a look the video captures the group entering the natick mall. the group directly went to the area where iphones are on display. the group cut security cords on the phone and ran for it. if it sounds familiar because we reported of a similar crime in hingham just weeks ago. police tell us they think the two crimes may be connected. back to the campaign trail for the presidential candidates after taking a night off for carolina and pennsylvania while hillary clinton looks for support in ohio. this after the pair both attended an annual dinner last night in new york. patricia stark looks at jokes that drew laughs and some boos. >> before the dinner started, donald went up to hillary and asked her how she was doing. and she replied, i am fine. >> reporter: hillary clinton
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in new york thursday, a day after trading insults at the final presidential debate. trump didn't hold back on jokes about clinton after he called for her to go to jail. >> hillary accidentally bumped into me, and she very civilly said pardon me. >> reporter: some in the crowd even booing trump who also poked fun at clinton for giving paid speeches to corporation. >> the first time ever, ever that hilry and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> reporter: but he also made fun of his own campaign slip-ups. >> michelle obama giving a speech, and everyone loves it. my wife melania gives the exact same speech -- [ laughter ] -- and people get on her case.
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at trump for his recent comments he may nod concede after she won the election. >> reporter: it is amazing that i am up here. >> reporter: she made light of criticism that she sleeps too much. >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> the event raised $6 million for the catholic church's children charity. in new york, patricia stark, >> daniel: fox25 is your complete coverage. stick with us on television and online for the latest poll numbers, candidate appearances and much more. a pair of bruins hall of hall of famers had the honor of dropping the puck as they face off against the devils. may have been their good luck charm because the bruins pulled a home ice win. the devils scored the first goal and bruins tied it up with brad marchand right through the other team's leg and over the shoulder of the goalie.
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worked to get that final point for the bruins, 2-1 win. take on the montreal canadiens tomorrow night at the td gardens. we track traffic and weather every ten minutes. 93 south things moving along nicely. 20 minutes from 495 to the zakim. shiri is keeping an eye out for the fox. >> tracking scattered fog and drizzle right now. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. heading home from work 70s on tap and steadier rain. so i am timing than 10. people are outraged offered learning about the danger just lurking next door. a group of level 3 sex offenders all living under one roof. the reason dorchester leaders say their hands are tied. workers at a local groomer shop in tears over a dog dropped off for treatment. >> i never seen a dog like that.
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shiri spear here. to framingham and waltham with some pockets of showers right now. in between those a lot of drizzle that do go down into norton, hanson and halifax. these showers are traveling northward and we should be preping for drizzle and mist. well this little dog brought to the groomers in horrible condition.
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infections. police investigate her owners for animal neglect. the video is recorded by the gloomers who called police. the groomers were in tears when they spoke to malini baru. >> reporter: >> she smelled like urine and poop. >> this youtube video by groomers in lexington. >> if you don't have time or money to take care of a dog, don't bother taking it. she was brought in last thursday, the owners were in shock and in tears. >> i never seen a dog like that. she was completely matted. >> reporter: she has a massive ear infection. >> it is your dog. they feel pain like us. >> reporter: the vet told them she is deaf and will need surgery. >> when i took her to the vet, her ear was bleeding. >> reporter: her paws are swollen.
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stop shivering. the groomers told us she was living in filth. >> she was living like a trash can. >> reporter: fox25 obtained this video. the gloomier told us the so dog owner was so embarrassed by her condition she left her in the car. the groomers were told that the former owner could not care for lolly so he gave her away. when he went to visit her lolly was found living in deplorable conditions. >> when i saw her, i asked guy about the dog. >> reporter: lexingston police are investigate this as neglect. the groomers refused to give her back. they are left with the vet bills and they are caring for her like their own dogs. >> i hope -- this dog is very, very sad. >> lexington police are just starting their investigation. in the meantime, the groomers set up a go fund me account hoping to pay for the vet bills.
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malini basu. >> julie: the groomers are hoping to raised 6,000 to pay for those bills. we checked is far they have collected $800. go fund me page at a hero's procession for massachusetts national guard man who served three tours of duty in the middle east. skyfox flew overhead as shawn christopher donald's body was he died from a medical issue on a hiking trip in maine with his brother and friend. yesterday was about letting his family know his time in the army was greatly appreciated. >> the family -- it shows what he did -- and enjoyed doing all his life >> the family is planning a wake and funeral for early next week. it is 4:17, we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. things are moving fine on the
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overall volume is light because it is too early. fog out there and you may be encountering that for your morning commute. route 1, 93 south clear. 14 minutes from 128 to the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south. 23 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. 4:18 right now. meteorologist shiri spear is here. and shiri, julie mentioned the fog. it is thick. how long will it stick around? >> shiri: the fog will be the most of the day thing. thickest for the morning much more in place. a tough day to really kick the fog out. and a couple of things going on. first of all, on-and-off showers today. heaviest stuff will develop tonight and likely move in during the evening commute. i have got half an inch to an inch of rainfall. likely a cup of spots could go over that in particular out across eastern massachusetts. over the weekend, winds gusting 30 to 40 miles per hour. that is going to be a very wind-whipped weekend. 59 in boston.
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58 in portsmouth, new hampshire. a little hour-by-hour look at the conditions out there. and you can see we start in the 50s and 60s this morning. and there could be a little lull in the wet weather temporarily. scattered showers like i said possibly. should turn steadier through the afternoon. high temperature in portsmouth, stuck in the 60s. i think a lot of us get up to about 7 degrees. here at 6 a.m., it is going to be mostly cloudy. still going to be foggy. there will likely be pockets of mist out there. even futurecast underin i wouldn't be surprised if we have occasional lulls in the wet weather this morning. with that said, let's bring that waterproof layer because showers only expand into the afternoon. at noontime we are chasing scattered showers around as well. still hit or miss with any the steadier rain. it is getting heavier pretty quickly during the evening commute and for your friday night plans. burst of heavy rain will be mostly focused across eastern
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cities. afternoon temperatures 70 in boston. 7 in lawrence. 73 in nashua. 69 degrees in worcester. mid-70s in spots like norwood. new bedford at 73 degrees. and about 70 for the cape and island. risk of rain for everything today. a kind of muggy, wet day. now we are breaking down the weekend because tomorrow we have lingering showers. a lot of clouds left for your saturday. winds will be increasing as we travel into the afternoon. look what happens on saturday night though, as the colder air really starts to move on in. and we have a change over -- a mix with snow out in the berkshires and the green and the white mountains. the air is turning very, very dry. i think those showers are going to struggle to hold together. by sunday, i will give us a mostly dry forecast and may be one or two showers when we wake up sunday morning along the with the clouds. unfortunately the winds won't improve, very windy and gusty here throughout the weekend.
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6 in concord. 58 in worcester. 65 in hyannis. you can see where a little snowfall is possible here. some of the higher elevations in new england. temperatures drop off but brightens up for your sunday. hey, i know we have a lot of nice color across massachusetts and especially out to worcester hills and southern new hampshire. leaves are also starting to drop. i don't see a point in doing any raking until the weekend is over because so many more leaves are going to come down between today's rain and the weekend wind. degrees with a few showers but drying out for the middle of next week. back over to you. plans to build a major corporation's headquarters in boston hitting a bump in the road. the error that forced a decision on ge's new home to be pushed to the back burner. the report continues to
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4:24 right now. massachusetts has a new law to help prevent deadly fires. governor charlie baker signed it yesterday. under the law the state will create a commission if there
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the legislation comes two years after ed walsh and fire fighter mike kennedy were killed during a fire in the back bay. the investigation found that the fire was done by welding work done without a city permit. >> on that day in beacon street it could have been prevented if it was already put in place. and two fire fighters would be alive today. >> daniel: the commission has until june to report back to state lawmakers of why tighter regulations are needed. as a after being shot in the line of duty, the community is still stepping up to show them support. fox25's van ran reports that runs of people turned out for a red cross blood drive to donate in the officer'ss' honor. >> reporter: these boston police officers came under heavy fire responding to a does they mess particular call in east boston. the captain of the patrolman's association saw the amount of
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at the scene. if it wasn't for the red cross we would have lost two brothers. >> reporter: blood transfusions kept them alive. >> you can only imagine how i felt. i thank god for the past week that we are not burying two officers. >> reporter: rose and other officers organized a blood drive to give back. >> something that is very close to my heart. it is something that means a lot to me that i take very serious. >> reporter: more than 200 officers, family members, friends, even strangers donated blood in support of officer morris. cintolo was released from the hospital. morris in the icu. an artery in his leg was severed in the shootout and he already has been through several surgeries. >> they need a lot of support and prayers. mattie has a long road to recovery. hopefully he will be out of the icu soon. >> reporter: as officers continue to recover, rose and others will hope their survival story will inspire others to donate blood.
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that's all there is too it. won't wait until a tragedy to give blood. >> reporter: vanessa welch, fox25 news. >> julie: officer morris's wife was one of the people who donated blood at yesterday's event. 200 units were collected, far more than organizers were expecting. 4 :27. this morning the fake of a beloved garden sealed. why demolishing the garden they say is in the best have of everyone. a young girl is attacked as sh is set to appear in court. is set to appear in court. the ? keep on smiling with dunkin's delicious reese's peanut butter doughnut square. frosted with chocolate and filled with reese's peanut butter buttercream. taste the fave you crave today.
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?? cozy up this fall with dunkin's coffee and espresso flavors. sip salty and sweet with our new salted caramel macchiato with the classic taste of pumpkin. america runs on dunkin'. with the classic taste of pumpkin. now at 4:30, make sure off raincoat because we are off to a foggy and damp start. when the worse will hit and when we will finally get a break. plus the group of the most dangerous type of sex offenders
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the reason dorchester leaders says there not much they can do. a brazen theft caught on camera. a pair of thieves descending on a store and targeting pricey items. why this is all too familiar to local police. why this is all too familiar to local police. >> daniel: good morning, 4:30 on this friday, october 21. i am daniel miller. >> and i am julie grauert. wind and rain are starting the day off as we w workweek. meteorologist shiri spear in the fox25 storm tracker weather center timing out the worst of it and what it means for the weekend. >> reporter: the weekend we really start getting into the wind. today we get a lot of our rain. moist conditions in place right now. boiling down to a ton of fog. area-wide fog. worst of it in worcester, nor wood and boston and for the outer cape as well. chatham reports of quarter-mile visibility. that is dense fog. currently temperatures in the 60s and a few showers shifting


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