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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  October 22, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> announcer: this is a fox 25 storm tracker weather alert. >> oh my gosh i hope we make it home. this is ridiculous. >> that's a car they're riding inant boat. the rain, wind, lightning bearing down on much of the region is creating a white-knuckle drive home for some. this woman right the video we got in from a viewer the water nearly up to the car window. good evening everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. it's been a hectic night in worcester county. storm tracker chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz several communities are reporting flash flooding tonight? >> that was the earliest part of the storm. boston getting dumped on. we've got a call in from the
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water. and these all the red areas those are the flash flood warnings in place until midnight or even after midnight tonight as this line traverses eastern massachusetts this is the rain we're talking about and there's thunder and lightning. don't try to travel in it and you don't want to be outside in the lightning. this is the heavy rain i was talking about. look for the red and orange, roxbury to chelsea and north shore getting hit hard into the southeastern portion of new hampshire, too there's west newbury, new breez -- newburyport, metro west here's your rain. norwood getting some torrential rain right along 1a from norwood to westwood metro west area getting some heavy rain, too between newton and natick. around carver and middleboro
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attleboro also into plymouth. around buzzards bay you don't even have a flood warning out on cape cod because you won't get the heaviest. 4.50 inches in sterling, worcester airport that's four inches of rain tonight is more than have you for the entire summer, june, july, and august, combined. that's an incredible night and i'm still tracking them. >> all right, kevin we'll check in with you again shortly. meanwhile fox 25's christine one of the communities experiencing the flash flooding that kevin was talking about. they are telling people stay off the road. >> we saw some police officers telling everyone to stay inside. you can see in the middle of
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neighborhood but this car early tonight did not look like this. earlier tonight you can actually see some cars trying to be -- just racing right through the water. they were -- getting in groups and pushing their carsed to the side of the they already, already had water inside, yeah. then that just washed in for like an hour they saw these
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turn around stay outside of your cars, stay inside and we have not heard any reports of any injuries, however, we are continuing to track that. there were other areas of the city that have been heavily affected by the flooding. in fact, when we were coming to this area there were certain streets and roads that we were simply impassable. we'll be sure to bring you around 11:00. christine mccarthy, fox 25 news. >> one more incredible video from our viewers tonight. this is from framingham. look how close the cars are to the bottom of the overpass. the water is up close to the windows a much reminder police are asking people to stay off the roads tonight. be sure to stay up to date with our weather app and our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz will be back in just a few minutes with the full forecast. now at 10:00, prayers are coming in for the
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nowers are being left in their memory -- flowers are being left in their memry. >> what we're learning about them and the troubled past of the company that they worked for. >> when we got off the air at 7:00 crews have recovered the body of the second worker who lost his life today on dartmouth street. we have spoken to the two who knew the two men and boston's water and sewage commission have offered their condolences. fox 25's jacqui heinrich starts our coverage. that road will be closed until at least tomorrow? >> reporter: that's right, mark, it is going to a slow track this investigation. the recovery though very slow and very difficult. it took firefighters quite some time to to extricate those bodies. tonight many hearts heavy as the investigation continues
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efforts to rescue two construction workers from atlantic drain services were futile. trapped 12 feet blot ground in a tren when a water main broke. witnesses say other workers on the site knew they had little time when water started to flood to the surface. the tip of a hydrant barely visible above the water line seen from above. >> we saw people running around like had their hands on their head like something happen. >> reporter: within minutes that commotion turned to silence and weep backing away from the trench as help arrived and the workers then rescued would be a recovery mission. >> easy was walking around i caught the faces of a lot of the workers and the men were just absolutely inconsolable and like weeping and crying and it was just like the most somber awful atmosphere to walk through. >> reporter: boston fire says they had to first drain the area with a large vacuum before shoring up the site with a trench box to ensure first responders wouldn't
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hours after the accident. the second, seven hours after. >> my thoughts and prayers are with these two people's families and everyone's families it's a tough situation. >> police say the district attorney's office along with osha will be investigating how it happened. right now saying it looks like an accident. >> i heard the officers screaming on the air very quickly to get fire, to get everyone down here because i think they realized very quickly they had workers trapped in the hole. >> reporter: police saying that investigati likely last into saturday morning. now the boston suer and water commission issued a statement sharing their condolences saying they know well the dangers construction workers face and they're honoring all the lives lost making boston a better place. we're live in boston, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. fox 25's john monahan is live outside roslindale company that those two men worked for. john, we're learning this
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>> reporter: that's right, vanessa. we are learning that they paid nearly $100,000 in fines by federal safety officials over the last decade. >> people who knew the two workers from atlantic drain are stunned by the news. one of those workers a favorite of the employees and owner of top liquors right next door. >> i've been coming and going. coming all the time. >> one of the world. >> reporter: greg says that man worked atlantic for years. he says his co-workers who gathered at the office after the incident told him what happened. >> devastated. just devastated. i just saw him yesterday. >> reporter: greg says the second victim was also a nice guy, and a new employee. >> they told me he travelled up from rhode island every
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traffic. >> osha was called to the scene on dartmouth street. osha fined atlantic drain more than $95,000. since 2007, atlantic has been cited for 16 serious violations. six repeat violations, and two willful violations. that includes under ground building fines, on the company's door tonight a small bouquet of flowers offering condolences and prayers for the crews from greg says he still can't grasp that his friend is gone. >> he's genuinely a swed heart. i'm going to miss him bad. we tried to ask atlantic about the ocean fines tonight's but they refused to comment. live in roslindale, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> we have more details about how dangerous it can be. according to records we obtained from the pure of labor statistics 35 workers
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which is the most recent data available in that same time period, 730 workers were injured. osha often puts out fax sheets about trench and evacuation safety. if you would like to read more on the type of advice that they were giving and alerting for government workers. be sure to keep us right here throughout the night as this situation continues to develop. we'll update you on the air and on-line as well as on our app and website to find the latest on the investigation, hear the witness accounts of what happened and read about the company's past osha violations that john mentioned. that story on our home page. >> we are following breaking news in saugus. police else that a young person was hit then dragged by a car while trying to cross walnut street. the victim was taken to a boston hospital. authorities have not told us how old the victim is but will only say they are a juvenile. crews are on the scene
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the victim. boston police stepping up this week to help out two of their own. on thursday we reported a blood drives held in honor of the officer shot in east boston they say their recovery is largely in part to all the blood they got in the hospital. 300 local officers showed up and donated blood to support the cause. >> as for the two officers who were shot only officer matt morris remains at mass general hospital. he's undergone at le week was upgraded to stable condition. officer richard be that released from the hospital. we wish them both the very best. well, tonight a 12-year-old boy who fell out of the back of a moving school bus is sitting down exclusively with fox 25. >> and i fell out and -- >> ahead what his mom wants on every school bus to keep kids safe.
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family in all their glory but what happened behind closed doors. all new at 10:00 how the youngest kennedy daughter says the state's most famous family punished the kids. >> first today's cyberspace meltdown that kevin is tracking big storms. >> sure is. there's rain extending back to 495 and the heaviest rain coming through eastern massachusetts including these bright colors in boston getting many reports
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developing tonight many of the websites that are apart of your daily or hourly routine crashed several times today due to hacking. the company targeted is located right here in new england. dine based in manchester, new hampshire. >> in what appears to be three separate attacks popular u.s. websites experienced disrupted service friday after hackers attempted to jam them up with traffic called a d-dos
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sites cannot operate normally and users are unable to access them, dyne which manages website domains and routes internet traffic said the attack started early this morning mainly affecting people along the east coast but by the afternoon europe was reporting outages as well. popular sites including twitter, amazon, etsy and netflix all went down or experienced connectivity issues at some point during the day. while many are back up and running, issues are still being reported by users. responsibility for the attacks and the white house says they're looking into it. >> u.s. government agency that is responsible for monitoring our security in cyberspace and co-ordinating with the public and private sector to protect u.s. interests in cyberspace is monitoring this situation. >> reporter: in an interesting twist, wiki leaks the site responsible for exposing some of hillary clinton's e-mails, sent a
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attack. it says mr. assange is still alive and wiki leaks is still publishing we ask supporters to stop taking down the u.s. internet. are you proved your point. i'm andy rose reporting. 17 days until the presidential election and both campaigns are setting their sites on the battleground states. mike pence in new hampshire this afternoon his wife karen joined him at nashua christian academy. pence is also leading a rally in exeter tonight. donald trump was in once again making some strong accusations against hillary clinton. the presidential nominee believes clinton was given debate questions ahead of time by the democratic national committee chair. and hillary clinton will be campaigning in new hampshire on monday. senator elizabeth warren will join her at a rally in manchester. this will be clinton's third stop in the state since the presidential primary in february. bill clinton is also focusing on the battleground states campaigning on behalf of his wife in florida. he spoke at rallies in orlando and jacksonville
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clinton is taking a bus tour around the state this weekend with stops in panama city and pensacola. to another hotly contested election the senate race is no longer neck and neck maggie hassan has taken an eight pointed lead over republican incumbent senator kelly ayotte. the new hampshire contest is viewed as the key to determining which party controls the u.s. senate when the new president takes office. now we'll go in-depth on thisac special election coverage at 11:30. the man accused of abducting and raping a middle school student on the way to school faced a judge today. fox 25's chris flanagan explains how this case led to charges being filed by another woman. >> reporter: police are increasing patrols in this lawrence neighborhood after they say 21-year-old kidnapped and raped a 13-year-old girl on her way to school yesterday. they say he grabbed and dragged her off the street and raped her inside his
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>> disgusting and disappointing. >> reporter: mateo appeared in lawrence district court today. he never looked up once during his arraignment. hours after his arrest, a neighbor came forward claiming he attacked her in may, outside of her house in the middle of the night. she told police after striking the male with the shoe he punched her. it took five months for an arrest. neighbors say police took too long to crack the case. >> i don't think they know what they doing. like i don't see that take care of the neighborhood very well. >> reporter: police say they did investigate the case in may but the woman only recognized her alleged attacker only after she saw mateo's picture on social media yesterday. >> can't speak to that. some new information has come forward on that case. >> reporter: but some neighbors aren't buying it. they say police could have done more. >> i don't think they even care about that, you know. they put their troubles all into drugs and forget about people in the streets safe.
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his next court appearance is november 8th . in lawrence tonight, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. transit police are searching for a man accused of an indecent act on a bus. during our news at 6:00 police released this picture of the suspect. he's wanted for questioning for something that happened on saturday, october 8th . police say there was an indecent assault and battery on board a bus going between wonderland station and lynn. happening tomorrow, cities nationwide are taking part in national take back day. that's for takeback day. it's a great time to get rid of those old medications cluttering your medicine nabb. you can drop off your old prescriptions at kiosks found at local police stations. boston public health department is also participating. they have drop-off boxes at all their locations tomorrow. new stories continue to come into the newsroom tonight and we're following one out of california. >> a massive fire is sending black plumes of smoke into the sky ahead on fox 25 news
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>> startedling new numbers that show there's a long way to go when it comes to youth sports and concussion treatments. >> many of you at home are sending us your video of the storms. the water is nearly halfway up those cars. police departments across the state are warning you want to do this. your mechanic would agree. stay home. this type of flooding can be
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(vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. the state is warning about more traffic troubles to come on the mass pinchg as soon as the all electronic tolling system goes live a week from tomorrow, construction crews will begin working around the clock to tear down the old toll booth plazas. some lanes will be closed which will also cause some delays. a good chunk of this work is expected to be done before thanksgiving. governor charlie baker and boston mayor marty walsh
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massachusetts. baker issued an executive order today to create a group that will consult with experts and recommend possible laws. walsh also found an order calling on the city's transportation commissioner to come up with guidelines for testing the automated cars in the hub. >> chances are you've got a phone or tablet in your hand right now and if you're a parent pediatricians recommend that fahders will don't become as addicted to screens as you are. the american academy of pediatrics once said parents should avoid given today's ever changing technology, the group now says children younger than 24 months should see screens only in the form of video chatting. doctors say talking with family members through skype or face time can help build relationships. the updated recommendations vary by age. children 18 months to two years old should be shown media only with an adult never alone. doctors advise no screen time an hour before bed and don't leave devices in bedrooms overnight.
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but they should be balanced with a healthy off line life so they suggest powering down the ipads and getting outside. more than a third of young athletes who suffer a concussion return to competition the same day. researchers looked at hundreds of student athletes learning those who immediately return to play were reported less symptoms immediately after being hurt. however, by the time these kids were seen in a clinic, they had more severe symptomsoff concussions like balance problems. c evidence for eating it daily isn't clear. researchers have now learned those who eat more chocolate could have a boost to their card cardiovascular health. they also say chock owholics has higher amounts of good cholesterol levels. more research is needed before recommendations about how much chocolate and what type provides the best benefits. >> now if you're in back bay tonight you may have noticed several people running around in their underwear. do not adjust your
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northeastern's parents week which i find a bit strange. organizers say the annual underwear run is supposed to be a time to let loose and act like kids. tradition has been going on now for 11 years. as you can see keeps going. a mother who raised a president and two u.s. senators did not hold back on discipline. all new at 10:00 what rose kennedy did when john, bobby, and teddy were acting badly. to be fair the heavy rain had not reached boston when they were now. flood warnings continue and the amazing rain totals are
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ladies and gentlemen we are in flood warning that's a bridge if you see it and that is not a river flowing through that, that's supposed to be a road. but [bleep] folks it looks like a river. >> this was on avenue tonight. if have you any videos or pictures of tonight's storm you can safely do so. send them along to us at share at we appreciate it as always and boy the rain gauge is getting a heavy workout tonight. >> it was bad especially that was pretty scary. >> driving was going to be a problem tonight. we talked about that during the evening newscast. you have the low visibility, and rain and flooding. in worcester the elm park section had over five inches of rain.
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inches of rain now but it really varied that much from place to place even in the same city whch we were talking during the evening newscast we watched this develop between 4:00 and 7:00 and we talked about this rain was coming up from the south then a line of it just came right into worcester county. there's your flash flooding even a severe thunderstorm warning at that point and then it finally shifted eastward. tonight, there is still flash flood warnings for eastern massachusetts, includes the city of boston, includes quincy, includes the northern part of the south shore, northe the north shore into new hampshire. that's because of that same line of rain that continues to push through eastern massachusetts tonight. there's still some thunder and liedening in there, too. going to take you right down to the boston area right now. you will see some red showing up from place to place there's roxbury southward to the north of boston along 28 here. you are seeing some red in here. just pick agran dom one for you. this right along washington street there's route 28, so
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and bunker hill community college so we're in the charlestown to somerville boston triangle in that area. to the north now, along i-95 it's been a mess over the last half hour. topsfield to ipswich is where this thunderstorm has gone. then hampton beach also getting a thunderstorm. salisbury beach you are hearing the thunder and seeing the lightning on both sides of you there. sudbury, framin get into worcester there's still some mist happening out here at the airport. fog and mist at the airport. up to 4.1 inches of rain now. at least this is lighter nonflooding rain. of course it's already flooded out any rain on top of that won't allow it to drain out very well. heavy rains through brockton and hall fox -- halifax. plymouth that will be torrential tropical rain. this is all tropical in origin streaming north ward
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heavily out there. southward to buzzards bay and off really heavy rain on buzzards bay and offshore to martha's vineyard getting some downpours. much of the cape is dry right now. heavy rain here yellows and reds and orange are showing up right along 195 and on the beaches and on the point. here's some of the updated totals. worster that elm park area five and a quarter inches just about that's pretty amazing. the airport is up to inches that's unofficial they'll go out and take a look at the rain gauge. holden at four inches, stowe added to the list at 3.8 inches the only one on the list there that's not from worcester county. we still have the heavy rains and flooding and low visibility with those rainshowers coming on by. this will go away in the next hour but it's still a problem right now. the only place that won't have the worst of it will be south of reply mouth. you will have some rain just not the stuff that other people are seeing. dry in the morning when
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will be dry but he'll be tracking more showers but there will be some showers out there. and then the cold air comes spilling in changing rain to snow in the high elevations and the berkshires and northward into the mountains as well. sets windy cold air. but on sunday it's cooling. only 50s with the wind feeling like the 40s. in the shot for light rain early monday morning. i'll con through the area now. if any more flood reports come in i'll be sure to have them for you. in an exclusive interview the boy who fell off a moving school bus in wakefield says he's in pain tonight's it's still hard to walk. fox 25's malini basu spoke with him. >> i was just using with my phone playing on my phone. >> reporter: for the first time we're hearing from the 12-year-old middle school student who fell out of the back of the school bus.
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and has a hard time walking. he sat down exclusively with fox 25. >> i think he took a sharp turn, i'm not sure and i just fell out of my seat then he accelerate and i went through the door because i fell on the floor then i went to grab so i wouldn't fall back i reached there was nothing for me to grab. >> reporter: luckily the woman driving behind the school bus stopped. she got out of the car and checked on the boy. >> i was like laying down in just i still had my headphones on. >> reporter: it happened in front of the school parking lot in wakefield wednesday afternoon. andrews was rushed to the hospital. moments after the accident his mom got the call. >> the vision of not being able to save your child is like the biggest fear. i feel like that any mother ever has. >> reporter: now mom wants school officials to make the mandatory that all students need to wear seat belts on the bus.
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to piece this together. the bus itself hasn't been made available to us but generally you have latches that would make sure that the doors are closed you would also have it's no different than our own cars. >> i thank god every day that my baby's still here. >> the mother wants to make it very clear that officials have been checking on her son every single day. in the meantime school officials tell us they are still investigates this. as for andrews 25 he can't wait to get back to school because he is missing so much homework. for now, we are in dorchester, malini basu, fox 25 news. >> former red sox pitcher curt schilling isn't running for senate yet but he is making headlines tonight on cnn. >> i don't understand how people of jewish faith can blast the democratic party which over the last 50 years has been so clearly anti-israel, so clearly anti-jewish israel. >> coming up tonight new at
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what it would take for him to run. plus, the use and several russian diplomats gave for trying to oversee our election process. some of boston's best photographers came together tonight to help women and children escape domestic violence. transition house is an emergency shelter for women and children who are domestic violence. hundreds of people came to support the domestic violence victims. many of these photographs right here on fox 25. in fact kevin the fox 25 of the day every night. at 10:00. a great turnout this evening, ock, you were missed here you had to stay here and hold down the fort. we raised a lot of money for those pictures tonight and those pictures are just so beautiful. >> kerry kavanaugh was there with you supporting the
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people doing just remarkable with the lens. instagram was buzzing.
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new at 10:00 police say surveillance video shows a 7-year-old boy being punched in the stomach by a friend's father. now this happened in the school hallway in washington, d.c.
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police say they have not made an arrest. the school is also investigating the incident. developing now more than 50 people have been sent to the hospital following a major chemical spill in kansas, two chemicals were accidentally mixed together at a sewage planted this morning. it caused a reaction that formed in dark fog over the city around 11,000 people were told to stay inside. another view of the fog right here. now this caused several road and school closures. police say at least 52 people brought to the issues. the fog has since lifted but crews say the cleanup process will be a long one. a texas reporter coming back from a story finds himself part of another one. houston reporter saw this truck overturned on a highway. he rushed to the aid of the driver inside that truck helping to pull him out. now police say the driver is doing okay tonight and they believe he may have been speeding. authorities in texas are trying to figure out what to do with the deer found tied up in a backyard.
1:40 am
video of what officers found when they arrived. the deer was freed but instead of running off it stayed by the officers side. police say the deer continues to come back to this area where he was freed. officers are hoping wildlife officials will be able to relocate the animal. one of the biggest students in the state saying they are worried about offensive halloween costumes. what they are encouraging each of their fellow students to do before they head out halloween night. but first living sib buildings revealed how rose kennedy
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incredible pictures and video coming in of the flooding happens across massachusetts tonight worstedder county hardest hit but we're seeing flooding happening in boston. it has been this line slowly making its way eastward tonight and thunderstorms in there, too even had a severe thunderstorm warning at one point. these are the flash flood warning areas in red, extending from the sea coast area in and around boston look at the heavy rain still falling right now. just had a report of an inch and a half in newton in a very short time that's why i had some flooding out there around boston college. boston and chelsea seeing some of that heavy rain right now. northward topsfield, ipswich, salisbury beach into hampton beach all heavy rain and thunder and lightning still happening as well. a little less here but still coming down along the pike
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i just a tweet come in telling me that it's pounding rain in plymouth. it certainly is fortunately for you it's not as bad as we've seen in worster and boston. still we can cause some flooding and vineyard getting hard enough rainfall that can cause some localized flooding. i'll keep tracking it. our full report for you coming up at 11:00. still developing tonight investigators remain on dartmouth street where both were killed today has been recovered. >> reporter: the bodies of two construction workers trapped under ground when a water main broke have been recovered. but the investigation into how it happened is continuing. that site closed off to traffic. it took first responders five hours to get the first victim out, seven hours for the second. boston fire gently sweeping mud and debris of the site to be respectful and also ensure saved for first responders. witnesses describe the
1:46 am
hollering. he will or four men like crowded in the manhole cover at first. then i think once the water started just getting a little too out of hand like they were all completely covered in water. they backed away waiting for help. >> reporter: police say both the district attorney's office and osha will be investigating. >> in boston, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. a man killed worked here atlantic drains. news of their death travelled quickly. the men were well li the scene that the workers gathered outside the roslindale office during the afternoon. the company is family owned and has been in business since 1978. osha was called to the scene in boston and fox 25 news has learned that atlantic drain has been fined several times by osha. fines totalling more than $95,000. the company declined to comment when we inquired. neighbors tonight though leaving flowers on the office door here in
1:47 am
prayers and condolences to the families of those two men. in roslindale, john monahan, fox 25 news. >> new at 10:00, president john f. kennedy's only living siblings is releasing a memoir. jean kennedy writes about how the kids were punished where timeouts and the nanny would bang the kids wall against the wall to get them to sleep. the memoir called the nine of us growing up kennedy comes out tuesday. changing the way they react to halloween. last week we told you the university of florida would provide 24 hours a day -- 24-hour a day i should say counsellors to anyone offended bay costume. >> now students are being asked to test their costumes before going out to make sure they don't offend anyone. >> it's supposed to be like dressing up and having fun. >> reporter: when it comes to halloween costumes on college campuses students have no problem pushing the limits but in some cases
1:48 am
stereotypes. >> i think it's really respectable not to kind of interfere with anyone else's culture and use it in a way that it wasn't meant to be. >> reporter: several student grounce at u-mass are now asking others to be sensitive with their costume choice. posters like these are up in some dorms. >> you have to put yourself in other people's shoes and see that maybe they've been through different situations. >> reporter: one poster says students should put their costume through the screen test. thatting a nine stands for simple, costume, meter. it's a series of questions to determine if a costume could be offensive. >> if it's not hurting you why bother. i mean, i can go without dressing up as like a native american or typical mexican i don't really care that's not affecting me fit. helps other people feel better yeah, why not. >> reporter: but some students have mixed feelings about the test. >> if you find some costumes offensive the person that's
1:49 am
offensive way. >> i think there isn't like a lot of like education about it. like no one really talks about it at all. but i think it's really like starting to come up a lot on campus so it's a good thing. u-mass says the screen test was not officially published by the school but did it provide other materials to show how costumes may be offensive. the university says it does not have a policy that bans any outfits. >> two men who say confessed to blowing up a ne box were ordered to stay away from the area. they both pleaded not guilty to charges of placing an incendiary device in court today. they are free tonight but due back in court in december. prosecutors say the pair targeted a box belonging to the rainbow times an lgbt newspaper in august. a surveillance camera captured vandals putting the explosive device in the box before running away. we're still waiting to hear what caused this car to smash into a home in brockton overnight. you will be able to see here a lot of first responders on
1:50 am
stairs to the home's front porch on wilson street. according to brockton enterprise the driver took off running after the crash. 11 deaths have now been connected to faulty takata air bags. since we reported the news last night at 10:00 fox 25's justin gray has covered that tens of thousands of drivers are still on the roads with these potential death traps just inches away. >> reporter: air bags meant to save lives instead spreading shrapnel in addition contract. federal officials now the 11th fatality tied to faulty takata air bags. the driver was behind the wheel behind a 2001 honda civic like this one on september 30ing that had first been recalled all the way back in 2008 but was never fixed. >> it's a tragedy that simply did not have to occur. >> reporter: the national highway transportation safety administration says in spite of the warnings the recalls and the tragedies, 300,000 high risk vehicles are still on the road with defactive air bags. millions of cars are
1:51 am
these honda and acura models from the early 2,000s is so great federal officials say they shouldn't be driven until fixed. the many drivers don't know their car has been recalled because used car dealers aren't required to disclose that information to buyers. >> puts men a terrible position because they're not even being notified that this recall is out there. >> reporter: a bill proposed in congress would notify car owners when they go to register their vehicle if it had open recalls. no votes scheduled on that reporting in washington, justin gray, fox 25 news. drivers can visit enter their vin number and the government site will tell you if there are any open recalls on your vehicle. >> next at 10:00 a story you will only see on fox 25 a family's prized pet goats stolen. >> it's not about the money it's just about the love we have for them.
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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>> a farmer from new york
1:55 am
been trying to set them up. the two farmers ended running into each other at a tractor dealership and started dating. when it came time to propose he mowed the words mary me into -- marry me into the field. he said i don't know if you can read that and i was like oh, my god he got down on one knee. >> the groom by the name of john deere, no, i threw that in h a drone above the fold take pictures of the special moment. the two are planning on getting married in best of luck. >> can't beat that. can you. >> very nice. >> a family says their beloved pets were stolen and they want them back. >> these aren't cats or dogs we're talking about they're goats. fox 25's jim morelli spoke with a 9-year-old little girl who says these animals are part of her family. >> they are not your average pets but to 9-year-old cassidy and her dad gary they are everything. mama and tree star two goats father and daughter raised since birth.
1:56 am
some people have cats they're like a dog or a cat to me. they were really special. >> reporter: but cassidy doesn't know if she'll see her goats again. >> this was down and they got right out of there. >> reporter: last monday they got loose by nightfall they had been stolen. >> you build a a bond with animals it's something you can't replace. >> reporter: it all went down on chestnut industry. neighbors posted pictures of the wandering goats on facebook and called police. one neighbor agreeing to keep the goats in this fnceed in bky could locate the owner. four hours later but the men didn't own the goats something they deny realize until gary came along. >> they showed up pretending to be somebody they weren't, any knew they took property that didn't belong to them. >> reporter: since each to get is worth more than $250 it is considered felony larceny. but to gary and cassidy the
1:57 am
dollars. >> it's not about the money it's just about the love we have for them. >> i dearly miss them. i dearly miss them. >> reporter: and the deputy chief tell us us that animal welfare authorities are prepared to get involved in this case because it is not a case of livestock wrestling even those these are goats it's more like having pet dogs stolen. again milford applies looking for a red pickup truck that they say
1:58 am
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paid presentation for the sizzling sausage grill from johnsonville sausage. there's no denying it. everyone loves fresh johnsonville sausage. for more than 70 years, johnsonville has been making perfect brats and sausages that families all over the world have come to love. >> 70 years ago, my mom and dad johnsonville, wisconsin. ralph and alice stayer. they were a team. they worked very hard to make great products, and it all began with them. the johnsonville brand is all about trust. that's the bottom line for me. what it means is that we have spent 70 years making products for our customers, and our people take great pride and they have great integrity in making the best possible sausages they could possibly make. >> announcer: it's no wonder


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