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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 3, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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interviewer: what would stop you from voting this november? woman 1: working late. man 1: lines -- i hate long lines. woman 2: no babysitter. william f. galvin: for the first time ever we have early voting. if you're registered, you can vote any day between october 24th and november 4th. avoid election day lines -- vote on your schedule. man 1: wow, that helps! william f galvin: early voting is easy voting.
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william f. galvin: it's easier than ever for you to vote. learn more at ? ? >> joe: look at the faces and murphys leaders in chicago just outside wrigley field. and then outside wrigley field as the celebration is on. the cubs win it tonight and a great world series, a tremendous game 7. they win it in ten.
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again. here is ken rosenthal. >> ken: thinks. this was your final game, david. it was an epic game. what was it like to play in this? this? >> a lot of ups and downs. i'm totally exhausted. what a group of winners, a group of resilient winners. these guys never quit. they have answered every challenge all year long. when you want to crumble when the ball goes over the fence, these guys fight back and continue to have good at-bats. position player-wise. that says a lot about this team. it's been that way all year. we have guys who didn't make the roster who are great players. it's a great organization. i'm so happy for these guys. i'm happy they took me on this journey. >> ken: when you hit the home run, you looked stunned. >> you would be stunned too if
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it was. floating around the bases. i was trying to focus on the win. came into the game, gave up two runs. so proud of this group. >> ken: how much was your family on your mind? >> i was staying in the moment. journey these guys took me on. i am proud of these guys. >> ken: that's the way to end the interview. you saw the hug from joe maddon who becomes the second cubs manager ever to win a world
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the other one, frank chance, player-manager in '07 and '08. kevin burkhardt, down to you. >> kevin: okay, joe buck. thank you very much. this clubhouse is fired up and ready to go. the commissioner rob manfred is here. we have the commissioners trophy. tom ricketts, the owner and executive chairman. lindor epstein, the manager, joe maddon, the manager. we have some hardware to present. >> it's an honor to present the world series trophy. this one is historic. your fans waited 108 years and you delivered in style with a an amazing comeback.
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>> kevin: what does it feel like to hold this? >> it's incredible. thinking about so many millions of people giving so much love and support to this team for so many years. finally paying it back. it's all for the fans. i give all the credit to the players. joe and his great coaching staff. everything for the business in the neighborhood. it's a team effort. we are happy. officially say the cubs are world series champs. how does it sound? >> cubs are world series champions! i pretty good. >> kevin: go enjoy it. let's bring in theo. congratulations. pass that over.
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stands. what are you thinking? how are you surviving this heart attack game? >> one of the best games of all time. it's unbelievable. what a testament to our players. we gave up the lead and then during the rain delay, i walked by the strength and conditioning room. they were gathered around saying this is only going to make it sweeter. let's grind. they went out and had an unbelievablenn cleveland indians, chris antonetti, mike chernoff, terry francona. great organization. phenomenal year. what a battle. our fans to serve this. our players deserve this. chicago cubs are world champions. >> kevin: what do you think chicago is like? >> i can't wait to go back. our fans deserve it so much, all the former cubs. this is typical for so many people.
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bringing the trophy home to you guys. it's been a century in the making. nobody deserves it more than the cubs players, cubs player, cubs organization. coaches, staff, unbelievable. >> kevin: congratulations. enjoy it. joe, come on in here. joe maddon, the manager. that looks good. how does it feel? >> it's your baby. it's your first baby. it's pretty incredible standing here among our guys. this is why this has all happened. a tough game, obviously. we regrouped during the rain delay and this group never quits. give our guys all the credit in the world. phenomenal bunch of professionals. >> kevin: as you look at these
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about? >> we never quits. i'm proud of the attitude, the culture we've created. it's something that carries for many years to come. not having won a world series trophy in 108 years. this is a breakthrough year. >> emotionally, how do you hang in the game? >> you've got to try. everything was going perfectly until davis hit the home run and then all of a sudden, you have to go to plan b, c, d. our guys were there all the time. conversation was great. incredible to be part of the moment. >> kevin: when do you think it will settle in? cubs have won the world series. >> we are going to beheading back down south pretty soon.
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it will hit me then. i want to congratulate tito and the indians. i have so much respect for them. great serious, great season for them. i want to make sure i put that out there. >> kevin: wonderful. congratulations to you. okay, joe maddon. this cubs clubhouses fired up. it's now time for the most valuable player trophy presented by chevrolet. let's bring in the commissioner again. >> this year's most valuable player in the world s as everyone remembers, a crucial hit tonight. there's a piece of hardware for you. >> kevin: you've done this a couple years in a row. it's pretty hard to do. what that feel like? >> it's unbelievable. i can't put it into words. what the team has battled
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leading we are the best team. the ups and downs, having to fight through things. it's an unbelievable team to be a part of. every guy roots for each other, takes care of each other, picks each other up. that's what we did during the rain delay. >> kevin: you have the game-winning hit, you had two strikes, a defensive swing trying to stay alive. how do you calm yourself in that moment? >> i know he throws a hard cutter. i was battling. ha barely hung in there in the at-bat. fortunately he put one close enough to the plate where i could slap it down the line. i never would have been in that situation if he wasn't such a good player. >> kevin: we have a surprise for you. we have the vice president for chevrolet. >> congratulations. an amazing performance tonight and all through the series. i want to say on behalf of
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dealers across the country and kids who play chevy youth baseball, we want to honor you with the 50th anniversary chevy camaro on the field right now. congratulations. >> wow. thank you. look at that thing. oh, my goodness. unbelievable. i'm going to have to take everybody in a ride. >> kevin: i have a feeling if you drive fat around chicago, you will never have to buy another meal the rest of your life. ben zobrist, most valuable player in the world series. they are celebrating, enjoying this trophy presentation. any other players? anthony rizzo. anthony. do you want to say a word? come on up. >> we had a great piece.
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>> i don't know. i don't know. it's the best game i've ever been a part of. best game i've ever seen, really. what a team. we started this year as the heavy favorites and we went wire-to-wire all year is investing in in baseball. the indians did one heck of a job. competing with their injuries. this is the best feeling in the world. >> kevin: you are here when this team wasn't very good. you've been here a while and you've seen the transition to this point. what's it like to be on top? >> oh, my god. it's the best feeling in the world. a lot of people had written us off. for us to come back 3-1 and went back and finish this in extra innings. it's the best rain delay of all-time.
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chicago cubs are world series champions. unbelievable. that's it from the clubhouse. let's go upstairs. >> joe: anthony rizzo suffered a 101 lost season in 2012 at h the cubs. bill murray is hoping to hog the horn. i don't know if the keys are in it. the mvp is ben zobrist. a world champion a year ago with kansas city. he got the go-ahead rbi double tonight in the tent and a big rbi by miguel montero. made it at to run advantage. cubs win by 1. so much to talk about. what a game. every once in a while, the game of baseball gives you a night you will never forget. cubs are off the list.
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many who have come before them, names like ernie banks, ron santo, billy williams, who is here. ferguson jenkins, rick sutcliff sutcliffe, mark grace, ryne sandberg. cubs are celebrating. back after this. today we're talking about automotive awards. which one of these awards appeals most to you? the top safety pick midsize car and suv. most dependable. means a lot to me.
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? ? >> ?? go, cubs, go ? ? go, cubs, go ?? he won the 1908 cubs defeated ty cobb and the tigers. names like joe tinker, johnny evers, frank chance, mordecai brown. hall of famers who played on a team of. this young core celebrating in the visiting clubhouse here in cleveland. cubs win it all in 2016. we welcome you inside the broadcasters. i'm joe buck along with joe john smoltz. squeezing every last drop out of what these guys could give us. in the end, the cubs win. let's say one thing about cleveland before we get too far
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the young core of the cleveland indians, when healthy, michael brantley, the two starters back in their spots. the young core is going to be in indians team that is to be reckoned with now in the next handful of years. the two i'm going to argue these are two favorites going into next year. cubs are not going anywhere. cleveland and terry francona and all i've been through and injuries, this was an incredible battle. maybe run both teams are going to be fun to watch not just this year and this postseason but years to come. >> joe: you never know who the hero is going to be. tonight ben zobrist, who really got hot with the bat. the rbi that put the cubs on top and the tenth, his second rbi of this world series. no bigger swing of the bat for a chicago cub then ben zobrist in
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>> john: he was the ultimate protector. we talked about the bottom of the lineup not producing and then sporadically they did. for zobrist, making sure rizzo is protected. that's what we saw. the walk and rizzo knew he wasn't going to get pitched too. zobrist came up huge. i thought his bat this whole series was locked down. >> joe: we like to have from the other side. the other side is represented by one of our favorites, terry francona. standing by now. >> tom: team was down three runs, down to your last four outs. you forced extra innings. the game ended with the tying run on base. describe your emotions about this night and this team. >> that was some kind of game. somebody was going to win. somebody was going to lose. i wish they had lost. i mean, there was a lot of good baseball. we ask so much of our guys.
1:21 am
pitchers. corey kluber starting three games. trevor being in his third game. are relievers going to the end. we ask our players to play the game with respect and leave it on the field. that was it. they gave everything they had. i kind of talked about it before the game, what an honor it was. it really is. to go through that with this group and these people, it was an honor seized momentum and then the rain delay. do you feel like it reset the game? >> you know, i don't think it really -- bryan shaw was out there. of all our guys, he can bounce back probably as good as anybody. i really don't think so. they are a good team and they keep coming at you. that was tough. we tied. a lot of teams might fold.
1:22 am
we just ran out of time. you know, it hurts. it hurts because we care so much. but i still want our guys to carry their heads high because they deserve to do that. >> tom: what did you say to your team, either individually or collectively? >> we met for a minute. they know how we feel. i just want to thank them from me and the coaches. it's an honor t something like this with this group and we don't take it lightly. we appreciate it. we care. i thought they deserved to hear that. >> tom: congratulations on a great season and providing a great night of baseball. >> thinks. it was an honor. >> tom: back to you. >> joe: you can see in the interview why terry francona is loved in this game. two-time world champion manager.
1:23 am
he's a leader of men. nice to have him stop by and gracious in the interview with tom verducci. kevin burkhardt, alex rodriguez, frank thomas and pete rose. tonight it's the cubs. they went to the giants in the division series. it took four. they went through the doctors in the nlcs. it took six. and they wen t world series. it took seven and then some. ten innings. a final of 8-7. a game none of us will ever forget. chicago cubs celebrating tonight here in cleveland. and back in chicago. it is on in chicago.
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kevin burkhardt. and the guys on the other side of the break. a draining series. a pleasure to call. kevin next up. power the first phone with the new google assistant, unlimited photo storage, and a stunning vr experience. how is this possible? only on verizon, and get up to $400 back. and right now get 20 gigs and four lines for just 160 with no surprise overages. all on america's best network. go, go! [ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away! [ grunts ] leave him! leave him! [ music continues ] brick and mortar, what?! [ music continues ] [ tires screech ]
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[cheering] >> kevin: what a scene it was. the champagne will be flowing. how about at wrigley as the cubs wrap it up? nobody is going to sleep in chicago tonight.
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cleveland, loud as ever as the cubs have won the world series. that's a phrase no one has gotten to say in a long long time. no more billy goat, no more black cat, none of that but what a night. frank thomas, pete rose, alex rodriguez. i'm kevin burkhardt. cubs have won the world series. unbelievable gain 7. >> john: living in that city, 108 >> frank: this team was hungry. they play their butts off. no excuses. they came out. they deserved to be world series champions. >> pete: the best team all year in baseball, capped it off by winning the world series. terrific and seven. most teams would have died when
1:28 am
eighth. they stayed with it. >> alex: i've never been to a world cup. been to some superballs. this was amazing. being here and witnessing. what an incredible night for baseball. remind me why this is the greatest game in the world. how difficult it is to win a world championship. we have 66 baseball experience between us. five championships. >> kevin: hard to get back year after year. >> frank: you can never take it for granted. this is a special moments. this team is very strong. the hunger and desire they showed. you never know if it's going to happen again.
1:29 am
>> alex: we talked about the raw talent. that's obvious. they have talent coming from top to bottom. the grit they showed. a lot of young teams would have rolled over. >> kevin: you look at the adversity, the playoffs. giants push them. second round, dodgers shut them out twice. beat clayton kershaw, they did. here. the closer gives up a home run. adversity you could overcome but they overcame at all. >> frank: that's why they are a great team. they have their backs against the wall more than once. they are resilient. once they got back here to win three games in a row down 3-1, it shows you the grit and hunger. >> alex: you can't say enough
1:30 am
win. the cubs become the 16 in the history of the game to come back from a 3-1 deficit. unbelievable. stay tuned for your late local news and continuing posting coverage of the world series, turn to fs1 right now as we say congratulations to the cubs. one of their longtime fans, pearl jam front man eddie vedder. we leave you with this song. ? ? >> ?? someday we'll go all the way ?
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what's kelly ayotte costing you? you're paying more for prescription medicines. kelly ayotte blocked lower cost generic drugs. you're paying high interest rates on college loans. ayotte voted against letting you refinance at lower rates. and you're paying higher bank fees while ayotte voted for special breaks to wall street executives. kelly ayotte. that's costing you. she's not working for new hampshire. now on fox 25 a family says they've been targeted by hate. >> the latest insult they
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>> the tragic twist of irony connecting the victim to the suspect. breaking tonight the chicago cubs are qoorld are world champions. fox 25 watched the game with one of the few fans on earth. >> this year -- >> who lived through all 108 years of heartbreak. caught on camera a high school football coach does body shots why he'll still be around the kids even if he loses his coaching job. >> fox 25 hits you down with a former f.b.i. profiler that reveals a key characteristic about the killer. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news. a biracial family says they've been the constant target of hate. hello everyone i'm mark
1:36 am
derry, new hampshire where the family has been victimized for several days. >> reporter: it's amazing something like this still happens in this day and age. we spoke with jackie stinson at her derry home. she's doing everything she can to help police catch the racist vandals and that includes a new security system. >> reporter: 3:00 in the morning, headlights on skoby pond road a car slows then speeds back up again. >> every other car you see goes voom right by. >> reporter: it's the only thing she recorded and she wonders if it's connected to what she discovered hours lighter when she left for work. >> when i woke up we went into the car to get to the car somebody had egged my car. thrown watermelon at my car and fried chicken. >> reporter: it's the third time jackie has been targeted in less than two weeksed and former division one college basketball player believes it's because
1:37 am
jackie asks to us not identify him. >> i never thought at 7 we would have to deal with it. but he's awesome. he's standing strong and tall he's a proud little guy. >> reporter: the first incident october 21st. someone etched n word lover into the paint of jackie's car. then a couple days later a piece from a wooden saw horse left from her lawn. n word go marker. this is home for jackie and her son. they've lived in derry for five years. she says she will not be indiana tim dated and she's not going anywhere. >> i love it here. i think derry is a wonderful place. i think that whoever's doing this is an absolute minority. >> reporter: jackie's son is in the second grade. we spoke with him off camera. he is keeping his head up high. police are asking for assistance with this case. if you have any information you are asked to contact
1:38 am
fox 25 news. we're now following breaking news. an 18-year-old woman is in critical condition after getting hit by a car in dorchester. it happened around 10:30 on wednesday night. investigators say the woman was crossing the street trying to catch a bus when it happened. now the 25-year-old man behind the wheel stopped. no charges have been filed. a former substance abuse council was killed in this horrific car crash. police say the driver who hit her was high on drugs. fox 25's malini friend. she's outside of beth israel hospital tonight where another victim is being treated. >> reporter: vanessa, the husband is being treated here at beth israel hospital where we're week told he's in serious condition. to add to all of this we're being told that husband and wife were coming had home from a funeral when the crash happened. a neighbor and dear friend of charlene is heartbroken and in tears. the 69-year-old retired drug counsellor who loved to help
1:39 am
crash late tuesday afternoon in salem, new hampshire. >> i wish she was here. >> reporter: she was in the passenger seat while her husband was driving in their toyota camry. police say 45-year-old todd gurley blew through a stop sign on route 111 and irma road and hit another car head-on right into the car they were in. >> he was on heroin and ran a stop sign. >> reporter: the prosecutors say gurley was high on drugs, mcmahon believes if she was alive she would have helped him. >> she would forgive me. i would like to cut his arms and legs off i guess, not really, but -- >> she's that kind of person? >> yes, oh, god, yes. >> reporter: those who were close to her say she genuinely loved her job. >> she was a counsellor and she loved every one of her
1:40 am
quite a few of them after she retired. >> reporter: and spent most of her time helping people. >> we never go walking -- now i can't do anything with her. how could you not love her. >> reporter: she leaves behind her children, grandchildren and her husband. gurley is he being held on a for now we're in boston, malini basu, fox 25 news. the driver in this fiery crash in leicester is alive tonight's recovering from minor injuries. we're told that driver went off baldwin street and slammed into a tree before the car went up in flames. the driver told police he swerved to avoid hitting a deer in the road. >> red sox fans with we know how the people of chicago feel tonight that's for sure. after 108 years of heartbreak the chicago cubs
1:41 am
the windy city is recognizing. sports director tom leyden is here now. that's one of the most dramatic baseball games you will ever see. >> you know be ock, i just looked at this graphic i never thought i would see this. thrilled to watch it and it's game we'll talk about for years to come. a world series that lived up to the billings tonight. the lovable losers of major league baseball finally break the curse. theo epstein did it in boston with the sox he's now done it in chicago with the cubs simply remarkable. you thought we were in eighth inning. davis hits a two run home run that ties the game at 6. the stadium erupts. cubs fans rip their hair out. we ultimately go to extra innings tied at 6. after a rain delay ben goes the other way off brian shaw just out of reach. the cubs get two in the top of the tenth. then after the indians had scored a run to make it 8-7 michael martinez who spent some time with the red sox
1:42 am
whole way. fields it and the cubs are world champions. john leicester pitched tonight and shared his thoughts after this one. >> i don't even know, you know, i see the guys the coaches, and the players that have been through they've been through it all it's unbelievable. i love the shot of bill murray and the marquee at wrigley field. world series champions. the crowd will be out there i think for most of the night and probably eating their breakfast still celebrating with without any sleep. an incredible night and incredible game to cap off what will be a very memorable 2016 world series. vanessa, and ock back to you. >> a lot of people will be late to work tomorrow.
1:43 am
city. >> after 10 heart pounding innings. in a series that gave so much find of fitting to have it decided with maybe another inning or two. cubs are world champions it's even difficult to say because those words never went together. perhaps no cubs fan in the world is happier than hazel nielsen. she's 108 years old, and earlier this morning she watched the clenching game alongside our own jim morelli. the incredible have that reaction just minutes away. tonight fox 25 investigates has learned the state is investigating a south shore town's relationship with with two contractors. the state inspector general's office is targeting couples involving hingham and two paving companies that do business with the town. investigative reporter erik rasmussen obtained a copy of the state's request then asked the town about it. >> this letter from the inspector general doesn't make it clear whether the
1:44 am
crators or someone else. but fox 25 investigates has learned town leaders extended a contract worth $400,000 with one of the companies in question just last week. >> reporter: documents, e-mails, proposals and payments just part of what the state inspector general has ordered the town of hingham to hand over. the igs demand by fox 25 investigates focuses on the town's business with paving companies galliant greater services and mass pavement reclamation of investigators also asking for records of any gifts from the contractors to past or present town employees, including entertainment, food, drink, lodging, travel, sporting events, golf outings or any other items of value. >> is there any concern on your part that employees had some improper relationship with these companies. >> absolutely no concern whatever on my part. >> reporter: hingham town administrator told fox 25 investigates his office is
1:45 am
at this point he says there's been no suggestion anyone with the town has done anything wrong. >> they understand the ethics laws. with we don't want our employees receiving anything of any merit from our vendors. we want them to conduct business on behalf of the hingham residents and i believe that's exactly what they do. >> fox 25 investigates contacted the two companies in question which appear to have the same owner. we're still waiting for a response. the inspector general's office told us it doesn't comment about whether a matter is under for fox 25 investigates i'm eric has -- rasmussen. >> if you have a tip e-mail us at fox 25 investigates at fox you can also give us a call. a community is opening up its hearts and its wallets to help a family financially cripple by gun violence. last night we first told you about the dorchester mother gunned down just three months after moving to america from haiti in order to provide a better life for her family.
1:46 am
roxbury where he discovered a new heartbreaking element to this story. >> reporter: the shooting of this mother and innocent bystander is heart-wrenching. last night fox 25 first spoke to the father and two children. tonight we have learned there are five more children still living in haiti. the parents here in america to earn message to care for this family a family now torn apart by a careless shooter whose bullet took an innocent life. >> she was such a swed person wonderful wife, mother and friend. >> reporter: natalie was a close friend the 36-year-old mother killed saturday afternoon as bullets flew in dorchester. the unintended victim of a bullet meant for a to even. tonight the community mourns her loss but also comes together to comfort her husband and two of her seven children. >> that's what community is about. it's wrapping around those when they're heart and helping. >> reporter: monica can no
1:47 am
fund-raiser, friends and complete strangers reaching out. her husband grateful amidst his grief. >> amazed that he has all the support after such a tragedy. >> reporter: andre saved for years to bring his wife and two of their seven kids to america. the five others remain in haiti. stephanie's husband is haitian. >> we're haitian, we're americans but we're all family we just come and do something. >> reporter: and they did. people offered hugs and gave money to help the family cope and forge ahead. >> reporter: police continue to ask the public's help to find a person who pull out a gun in the middle of the day and took this mother's life. if you know anything you are urged to call the boston
1:48 am
>> all right, john. right now the family is unsure how they will afford the funeral expenseses. they have set up a go fund me page to help pay for them. with we have that link on our website it was certainly raining in cleveland tonight. kevin predicted that was going to happen it's now raining right now in parts of the state. tracking it all for us our chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz. >> there were a couple showers actually showed up tonight in massachusetts you will see those here but eastward into the boston area. in fact, most of the activity is going to go to our north. we talked about that yesterday evening at 6:00. how most of it was going north of the massachusetts border initially that's the warm front that's what's going to be happening. cold front coming through cleveland right now that's on the way tomorrow afternoon. i'll put a timeline together for you and show you hour by hour what you can expect through the evening drive just ahead.
1:49 am
stunning murder. >> she was the most beautiful girl, educated, intelligent. >> reporter: still unsolved. >> people are afraid it's a horrible thing. >> reporter: a jogger found brutally killed her body left on the side of the road. >> we have a horrible set of facts a horrible set of circumstance here right now we're going to do everything question. >> reporter: but three months later few clues and a killer still on the loose. >> it's somebody that has some familiarity with that area. >> reporter: tonight, new killed vanessa. >> since the body was found hundreds of tips have rolled in but three months later there's still no arrest. in tonight's new england unsolved be fox 25's bob ward travels to virginia and meets with one of the top profiler to gain insight
1:50 am
>> reporter: in princeton, summer gives way to autumn, but as the seasons change the mystery of what happened to jogger vanessa marcotte just a half mile from her mother's home continues to haunt this small central massachusetts town. vanessa's case still unsolved. vanessa marcotte's killer may have not been caught but it's certain left behind virginia's george mason university a former f.b.i. profiler has spent her entire career studying cases just like this. >> what you're dealing with is someone who's probably very much engaged in predatory behavior. which seems that they're out looking for victims. >> reporter: retired f.b.i. profiler mariellen o'toole has worked on some of the country's most notorious
1:51 am
ted kaczynski and zodiac killer and columbine massacre. i showed o'toole my pictures of the marcotte crime scene and shared information about what we know about the case. o'toole believes vanessa marcotte fell victim to a predator a complete stranger. >> if there's no relationship to the victim, if this is somebody that was either walking along or more likely driving along and saw her and decided to do this that's a very unique kind of violence. it's cold blooded it's predatory and it's purposefulan see when a stranger goes after someone that they don't know. >> reporter: among the biggest clues in this case the crime scene itself, remote, hard to find, unless you're familiar with the area. >> there is a good possibility that this person knew that area. when you know an area you have command over that area. >> reporter: and then there is vanessa's murder itself. she may have been sexually assaulted and the killer tried to set her body on fire.
1:52 am
sadistic. the burning can be done out of curiosity. >> reporter: but who could do this? o'toole has seen this behavior in other cases. why does somebody do something like this. is it about sex, is it about power, what drives them? >> it could begin by power and control. the predator i'm watching her she doesn't know it. that's exciting. she has no idea what i'm going to do. then the motive can shift into wanting to strang aroused by the manner of death. then the motive can change to the need for wanting to destroy evidence. >> reporter: it is believed in her final moments vanessa marcotte fought back and scratched her killer. d.n.a. from those scratches might lead to an identification but right now that killer remains at large. o'toole believes the killer,
1:53 am
>> what's interesting everything goes back to pretty much normal. if they were married they with would go home and have a hamburger with their wife and children. >> they would explain any scratches. >> absolutely have a way to explain it away because part of one of the traits and characteristics of a psychopag is they're pathological liars and they're remarkably good at it. >> the d.a. tells me more than 1,000 tips for the is still out there. now if you suspect someone or know anything about this case that could help this investigation and bring justice to vanessa's family, contact the anonymous tip line at 508-453-7589. for new england's unsolved, i'm bob ward, fox 25 news. >> if you have a new england's unsolved e-mail us
1:54 am
1-877-neunsolved. mothers who have a hard time producing breast milk now have a place to turn. >> the process to make sure the donated milk is healthy for a baby to drink. >> this grainy cell phone video shows a football coach doing a body shot off one of his players. the award this coach says the player was getting. >> we continue to follow the celebration out of chicago tonight where the cubs are have won the with
1:55 am
shire... i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me... i'll never stop fighting for you.
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for mothers who want to breast-feed their baby but can't produce enough milk there's a new place to turn. a milk donation depot. doctors there told our jacqui heinrich about the process they use to make sure that milk is safe for babies. >> reporter: just with one ounce of breast milk can provide up to three meals for a baby and especially newborns it's medicine they need. these babies at south shore hospital's nicu unit dependent on donor millk. >> donor milk can be lifesaving and prevent very serious complications like a disease that can kill a baby. >> reporter: it used to be if a mom wanted to donate her milk she with would have to ship it via fedex in a temperature controlled box
1:58 am
now with a new depot at south shore hospital it's easier than ever. >> i have a bit of an oversupply and the baby doesn't take bottles. pump all week and help out. >> reporter: prescreened moms can drop off their milk to the hospital where it's sent to the bank then screened, pasteurized and tested before being dispensed to 70 hospitals in 10 states around the northeast. doctors at south shore hospital say this new depot is a resource that won't those around us, too. >> mothers who donate milk via the depot and the milk bank are really helping to save babies lives. it's incredibly important and we're so grateful to these moms for doing that. >> reporter: if you're interested in donating the screening prosess is modelled after blood donor screenings. you just need an approved health history and a blood test. in awouth, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news.
1:59 am
with where the city continues to celebrate their first cub world series win in 108 years there they are make the pilgrimage to wrigley field. the cubs tweeted out an official sick note for everyone to use if they call out of work or school later today. quite a few absentees. perhaps no cubs fan enjoyed this victory more than the woman our jim morelli watch the game with. she's 108 years old and tonight over a century of baseball heartbreak ended >> yeah. [laughter] >> reporter: and so it is over a world series brought for cubs fans -- drought for cubs fans the 108 years of waiting for it. >> happy, awesome. great. [laughter] >> reporter: nielsen was born in chicago in 1908 the
2:00 am
>> that was a long time ago. >> reporter: but tonight at an assisted living nit new hampshire it was nothing but the here and now. game seven of world series hazel's beloved cubs just with one game away from the clench. there were stressful moments during the game joyous ones, too for cubs fans the outcome is never certain until it is. >> oh, that was great. >> reporter: cubs fans understand this about baseba sort of thing where hope and heartache walk hand in hand fused together by faith. tonight nobody knows that better than hazel nielsen. win or lose i love them. >> reporter: there's nothing better to boost confidence than breaking a curse. hazel nielsen says she welcomes to us come back next fall when she feels certain that the cubs will be going for back-to-back


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