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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 5, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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now at 10:00 politics dominate the discussion at a local daycare. >> who do you want to be the president. donald trump. who's a liar hillary clinton. >> investigating this vile video. than the terror concern on election day as the presidential candidates ship their focus to our area. >> rain and snow showers moving toward new england tonight and where the coldest temperatures will be in the morning. and the local mother claims a restaurant worker took a picture of her little boy while he was using the bathroom. why he was allowed to keep working after he was charged with a crime. >> announcer: now with breaking news this is fox 25 news at 10:00. complete new england news
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>> right now billerica police are looking for a vehicle wanted in connection with an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on a police officer. within the last five minutes police tell us this vehicle was approached by an officer in rite aid in the parking lot and the driver put the van in reverse and dragged the officer some 15 feet before taking off. the vehicle is a green dodge caravan with rhode island plates reading iy 888. police say the van had a ladder and ladderra we are told officer is going to be okay. we have a crew on the way to the scene know and we'll give you more information as soon as we get it. >> hillary clinton is a liar! hillary clinton is liar! >> that video shot by a teacher at a local daycare has gone viral on-line and has the state investigating. hello everyone i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. the video has more than 100,000 views on facebook. erica richie is live where
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how this happened. erica? >> reporter: well, here at the next generation children's center that the video was taken today but it's travelled much farther than natick on social media you mention a number of just moments ago and for those people who have shared it their concerns are two-fold. they want to know if the children learn this political talk from their teachers and they also wants to know why one teacher in particular thought it was okay to film and then share video of her students. >> president. >> donald trump. >> who's a liar? >> hillary clinton. >> reporter: the children are preschool aged their comments about the presidential candidates are getting a rise out of the woman behind the camera. [laughter] so like all kids they keep going. hillary clinton is a liar! >> reporter: the video appears to come from a snapchat post of angelina grillo of norwood. we went to ask her about it but no one came to the door. a short time later a man who
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by our presence. >> you guys should probably leave because you're not going get anything. >> reporter: after a brief stint inside he came back out and answered questions on her behalf. >> did angelina say what made him start saying that in the classroom. >> i guess it's been going on as far as i know that's she just thought it was funny. thought it was cute. >> reporter: it's unclear what prompted the kids to begin the political talk but mr. grillo is adamant it wasn't his daughter. >> reporter: she is the one who took and posted the video according to against school policy according to a statement released by next generations children's center. they say "we have policies that prohibit the use of personal cell phones and personal video taking. we follow our protocol should these policies be broken and are currently completing our internal investigation and will take appropriate actions with the teacher who posted this video on social media. we focus on age appropriate learning activities and implementation of curriculum this type of activity is not
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" now the state department of early education care is also investigating the video releasing a statement saying eec has strict regulations regarding privacy of children and conduct of educatedors in licensed programs. we will take action as necessary against the program and any involved staff as warrantsed by the outcome of the investigation. now angelina grillo told her father who told us she has been placed on paid leave from the daycare center here in natick. the school tells us that of the parents of the children who were photographed in the video. live in natick, erica richie, fox 25 news. take a look here a live look at the current temperatures in your area. you can see we're in the 40s and 30s in some spots but those temps are going to slide overnight and you're telling us it's going to be a pretty chilly start for the weekend. >> i'm looking for some days off so i'll give you a call. >> 29? in keen, new hampshire the coldest spot you will find on that map
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more closely look at woburn you're at 36? reading at 36?. so that's getting cooler out there off to the north and west. fitchburg 31?, that 29 still holding up as the coldest and it still will even out to metro west. westin has 34?. to the southeast expecting it to be cold as well. even down to cape cod getting into the mid-30s. so what i'm tracking radio the dropping temperatures but also this a batch of rain and new england for first thing in the morning. i'll show who you will get a little bit of that and talking about a frost advisory coming up. >> patients seek an alternate route that's the advice from mass dot as workers shut down a portion of 128 near needham this weekend to tear down the old highland ave bridge. fox 25's jacqui heinrich is live near the work site and northbound lanes they're already closed? >> reporter: mark, that's right. we there were earlier to show you and crews told us you have to move.
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closed. traffic getting off at exit 19. we're standing on the southbound side now. this will be checked out tomorrow. here's what you can expect. >> i'm going to stay away from route 128 this weekend. >> reporter: wise words from drivers weary of continued construction along route 128 only bound to get would say over the week as crews tell down the old bridge. northbound lanes are already closed that traffic getting off at exit 19 a crossing highland ave and jumping back on through paved connection. another side set to shutdown saturday at 1:00 p.m. with the teardown of the bridge starting at 3:00 hopefully concluding by sunday afternoon. some businesses in the area are working to make the most of that extra backup, expected to be as long as two miles winding through town. over the last few months we've done so much talk of this that we finally said wait a minute we can turn this into something fun and festive. >> fixing to attract new customers outside her shop.
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down seeing the bite. >> for the most part it's a detour around us. we might be getting less business due to people having to take detours. >> reporter: mass dot officials warnings drivers to be prepared for a backup but reassuring drivers that detours can accommodate as many as 4,000 cars in an hour not too far from from what the highway can already take. >> reporter: now police are warning drivers be careful when you are taking those detours. even a small backup in an already clogged detour route. also, matt dot warning if we've got bad weather this weekend this project could be moved to the following weekend. we'll keep you posted. live off route 128, jacqui heinrich, fox 25 news. >> if you live in this area or have to tramp through think the weekend we have you covered on-line. we have a list of dezpours a video that shows the times of closures and an hour by
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demolition. a new york city police sergeant was killed and another wounded while searching for a suspect in a home invasion. this is breaking on fox 25 news at 4:00. authorities say the officer was trying to approach the suspect in a vehicle when the gunman opened fire. sergeant paul was killed in the shooting as well as the suspect. mayor bill de blasio broke the news to the sergeant's family earlier today. >> the sergeant was a 19 year veteran of the nypd long term and devoted member member of the precinct and a loving father of two young children. >> a second officer sergeant was shot in the leg. he's in stable condition at a city hospital. in mow missouri, a suspect is in custody accused of shooting two police officers. this happened today in a mobile home park in the town of around old. authorities say they were responding to reports of a suspect threatening to shoot people. when they got there the suspect opened fire.
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to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. boston police are investigating a stabbing in the southend. skyfox was over the scene on washington and west newton streets earlier this evening. officers tell us a man was stabbed in the leg, he was taken to boston medical center is currently listed in stable condition tonight. boston police have released a new photo of a suspect connected to an attempted kid snatching. take a good look here. police say an underage girl reported a man just approached her on october 25th in the area of about 6'1, 200 pounds and clean shaven. he was last seen jumping into a newer model white sentra. this man is responsible for using several fake credit cards to withdraw $1,000 from a wellesley bank. this happened at the brookline bank on washington street in wellesley. if you recognize him call police. still no answers tonight
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while walking on route 128 in waltham last night or why. police say the victim was walking in the middle of the busy highway last night near exit 26 several cars hit the person. all of those drivers stopped and no one else was hurt. the investigation shut down three southbound lanes of the highway last night. skyfox over haverhill where a person was seriously hurt after he was hit bay box truck. it happened at river and beach streets. the medical helicopter flew the 30-year-old man to hospital. no word on his condition tonight's or if the driver of the truck is hillary clinton or donald trump, america decides in just a few days. next at 10:00, how both nominees are turning their full attention to our area as federal investigators try to sniff out any election day terror plots. but first -- >> two ads in two different prices for the same house. and an apparent scam that renters need to know about next. then a monday says a restaurant employee snapped a picture of her 7-year-old when he was using the
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crime. we continue to follow breaking news out of billerica where police want to find the driver of a green dodge caravan with this rhode island license plate. they tell us that person in
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or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services can help prepare you for growth at now to the race for president where polls continue to tighten in new hampshire.
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university poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton tied at 42% each. this poll was also taken entirely after f.b.i. director james comey sent a letter to congress. detailing an investigation into anthony weiner's e-mails that may have ties to clinton's e-mail server. trump is focusing on the battle ground states laiding up to election day. the republican nominee was in atkinson, new hampshire, today. polls show donald trump and hillary clinton are died in the granite state. trump has visited the state nine times making one last stop. trump will be manchester on monday night. today trump compared the recent polls to a trip to space. >> he said things are really taking off as you're about to see his opponent is talking numbers, too. >> reporter: with just one weekend left to met their messages out republican nominee donald trump is gaining on democratic challenger hillary clinton while clinton is still holding a clear lead the race has tightened in the final two weeks. the latest map shows four
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trump's favor. >> have you seen seeing what's happening with those polls they're like rocket ships. >> reporter: maine second congressional district ohio and utah are all looking as if they'll shift from battleground to lean republican and new hampshire once a state thought to lean democrat looks like it might turn red this election. with those moves clinton drops below the 270 vote threshold needed to clench the election on tuesday. >> of course this is an estimate of what voters will do there are several states like arizona, florida and nort still very much up for grabs. both parties have been focusing their efforts there in the final days. the democrats hoping that the latest jobs report showing unemployment down to 4.9% will work in their favor. >> we've got some good news this morning, our economy created 151,000 jobs last month, that is that is 73 straight months of job
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and i believe that our our country is poised to take off -- maggie hassan the democrat is trying to unseat republican u.s. senator kelly ayotte. on this last friday of the campaign both candidates hit the road meeting voters with one on one. polls suggest the race could go either way. neither candidate is taking anything for granted. >> this is a grassroots politics state so i'm really looking snril what i focus on is just getting my message out to the people of new hampshire working as hard as i can. >> reporter: if hassan wins the seat democrats could have a good chance of recapturing control of the u.s. senate. a massive turnout for the state's first ever early voting period. as of late this afternoon more than one million people had cast their ballots early. that's nearly 20% of registered voters in this state. we add in absentee ballots the number drops over a million. today was the last day for early voting as you can see
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boston city hall late into the evening trying to beat the election day rush. >> i thought thought same me some time on tuesday. so, seems like a good time. >> the secretary of commonwealth asks local officials to extend hours today to accommodate all the crowds. and we are just four days away now from election day. this tuesday stay with fox 25 throughout the night. we'll have complete coverage on-line and on air starting at throughout the evening. a lynn man is telling rentsers and landlords to watch out. his ad on craigslist got stolen. >> and potential tenants were nearly duped. >> our john monahan spoke to him you are in at 10:00. this is an unusual scam? >> that's right. mark, someone copied this landlord's on-line ad tried to trick tenants into potentially giving up personal information and even sending cash to get a key. >> all the floors are new.
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property in lynn. >> i get an average of five to six calls a day. >> reporter: most from ads he posted on-line. one to trulia. >> they give you the option to post it craigslist. >> and with one to craigslist that one is causing some concern. people showing up at his house asking frank why his ad was posted twice. but that's not all. >> not only was twice but the other time that was posted was post of the price that i posted the ad for. >> reporter: and one person said he asked for his social security number by phone. >> i said well, we will never ask for social security on the phone. >> reporter: another said she was told by a man she thought was frank that in order to get a key she needed to send cash. >> we needed to send him $900 deposit or something like that. i said that's when i'm
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reached out to fox 25 to alert renters and landlords to watch out that their post isn't hijacked. >> this is like a buyers beware-type of thing. >> reporter: frank this afternoon, the ads both came down. he wanted to put out the word to landlords and tenants to the scam. john monahan, fox 25 news. >> as millionsof investigators are monitoring possible terror plots. ahead at 10:00 what local authorities are doing to keep you safe on election day. but first a woman missing for months is found alive chained inside a container.
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a woman missing in south
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she was chained inside of a storage container. tonight she tells police she saw the suspect shoot and kill her boyfriend. as patia stark explains the suspect under arrest has a violent past. >> we're trying to make sure that you know we don't have a serial killer on our hands. >> reporter: a missing woman found chained up in a metal box in south carolina is alive and well recovering at a local hospital. 30-year-old kayla county along with with her boyfriend back in august. >> we got deputies down there that came to do the search warrant this morning and heard this lady banging on this container for all of our officers to open the container and see her chained like a dog, i mean that is incredible. >> reporter: kayla says she was being fed during her time inside the locked container which was sitting outside. >> she's alive and well and she is, obviously,
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locked in that container for two months. just only by the god of graces that she's alive. >> reporter: a suspect is now in custody. todd who is a registered sex offender he's expected to be charged with kidnapping. >> there might even be four people on this piece of property deceased. we don't know if that's. >> reporter: investigators are now looking into the possible connection between >> i think they were friends and i think they had a relationship but what that is i don't know at this point. but i don't think this was a random act. >> reporter: the case remains under investigation while authorities search the property for other missing people. more charges including murder could be filed. in new york, patricia stark, fox news. three people are being treated tonight after a stabbing at rutgers university business school. the stabbing suspect was among those injured. witnesses say the victims
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school leaders say there is no danger to the community. three u.s. military trainers have been killed in a shooting near a base in southern jordan. the trainers were in a car at the gates of the base when someone opened fire on them. it's unclear right now who is behind the gunfire or what their motive was. the u.s. embassy is with working with authorities in jordan on the investigation. >> guilty verdicts tonight in the bridge gate trial of two former new jersey officials linked to governor chris christie. they face conspiracy, fraud and civil rights charges in lane closures on the george washington bridge. the act was alleged political retribution and caused massive traffic problems. christie was never charged. both defendants say they will appeal. new at 10:00, car submerged in water here following a water main break in philadelphia. crews had to use rafts to get people to safety. authorities say this happened on a 48 inch water main. it is the third time in two years a break has happened
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of voters will hit the polls to elect a new president. next at 10:00 the possible terror threats that have the undivided attention of federal investigators and what authorities are doing here in our area. but first a new drug-resistant virus has arrived in the u.s. what it is and where it came from and the high risk places where it can be spread. >> temperatures range from the upper 20s to low 50s across southern new england. i'm tracking the temperature drop where there's a frost adviso showers could hit in the morning. billerica police looking for that green dodge caravan. police tell us the vehicle was approached by an officer in a rite aid parking lot when the driver put the van in reverse and dragged the officer 15 feet before taking off. we're told the officer is okay. here's the license plate they're looking for right
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assessing reports of possible terror attacks ahead of election day. >> potential threats are reportedly being monitored in new york, virginia and texas. and as fox 25's robert goldton learned federal police are stepping up security here at home. >> especially in neighborhoods like this one. >> reporter: the line was long on the last day of early voting at brighton's veronica smith senior center. we talked to voters who started hearing this election might be elected in a terror attack. this morning while we stand in front of the veronica smith. >> reporter: we sat down with former c.i.a. officers official who now teaches. professor whichle worked in intelligence for 35 years he says agencies like the f.b.i. dedicate countless resources now towards monitoring threats. >> it's not perfect, it's never going to be perfect but it sure is a lot better than it ever was. >> reporter: f.b.i. boston
1:29 am
enforcement and intelligent community partners to identify and disrupt any potential threat to public safety. mass state police says it was already planning to have extra staffing for election day and night saying this includes both increased high visibility patrols and additional troopers prestaged in certain locations able to respond quickly to any incidence if they occur. and our fusion center will also be monitoring intelligence about disruptions, protests or threats leading up and on election day. some voters telling us that that it is on their minds. >> i did find myself looking at people kind of wondering why are you here you don't seem to be in the line what are you up to. the f.b.i. making it clear there are no specific or credible threats to our area. in boston, robert goldston, fox 25 news. a police dragged bay van that took off tonight the
1:30 am
they are reporting that the officer will be okay but this is license plate of the van that police are looking for. we'll have a live report for you just ahead. then at 11:00, coverage of the race for the white house. a live look at the white house right now. the battle between donald trump and hillary clinton is now tighter than ever. no doubt it's a bit chilly out there. we have seen temperatures drop into the 30s out here 34? fitchburg, and keen you're 29?. one place there's a frost advisory tonight is for you on cape cod. sure some of had you frost already others have not that's why the advisory. the rest of you have had frosty nights so you don't get an advisory you only get one.
1:31 am
outer cape. it's not that mild everywhere. watertown 39? woburn -- woe born down to 39?. fitchburg, you see richmond all 30 degrees. leominster at 35? right now. a little farther to the west than where we were looking before. marlboro 37, even westin flee right near right 128. that's what the overhead. now are going to be some rain and snow showers coming through new england tomorrow they're coming from this system it's weak. you start to lose a lot of these things on radar. but there will be snow showers that do develop right over the mountains. they're going to stay mainly in the higher elevations. watch as this system comes on through. you saw those showers there coming into the hill towns especially in worcester
1:32 am
the morning. so anything falls from the sky out there is a good chance you will see rain and snow showers. why are you talking about snow all the time this is a flurry i'm just calling it like i'm seeing it. coming on through quickly and gone. for the afternoon a mixture of sun and clouds. your wake up forecast 31?. increasing clouds overnight tonight into the morning. but it will be frosty. the advisory is for cape cod. halftime 2:00 50 degrees at kickoff at 2:00 and staying 50 for halftime and staying dry for the football game tomorrow afternoon. high temperatures will be in the 50s in southeastern, massachusetts. north and west mostly in the 50s here as well. about 50 in gardner there can be a few towns that stay up in the 40s. pete frates 5k run wheel walk is happening in lynch park in beverly tomorrow afternoon as well.
1:33 am
so in the 30s then getting got 40s by 10:00 to 11:00 by 1:00 in the afternoon up to about 51? again staying dry for your event. and the walk for uncancer deep breathe boston. temperatures climbing into the 40s and 50s. staying dry for your event. cool but dry. another system diving southward producing a few showers particularly out here in seven-day forecast push those clocks back one hour get an extra hour sleep on sunday then watch the sun go down an hour early sunday afternoon at about 4:30. nice the mild temperatures monday and tuesday. very important because tuesday of course is election day. if you haven't been out to vote yet how about 60?. looks very nice, not many big problems around the country, in fact, for weather on election day. we'll keep track of that temperature drop and the shower threat overnight. >> tuesday can't come fast
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a victory parade in chicago more than a century in the making. >> not wondering in chicago anymore. an estimated five million people packed the streets of the city that's what happens when you wait this long to see the world series champions, yes, the chicago cubs that's nearly double the city's population it makes it the seventh history. some of the crowds took the trust falls off the statue into the arms of their fellow cubs fans. if you look closer the city also dyed the chicago river blue in honor of the cubs first championship in 108 years. >> right through the weekend maybe next week and the week after that as well. new at 10:00 y millions of popular washing machines
1:35 am
local restaurant worker took a picture of her little boy while he was using the restroom. ahead at 10:00 the explanation the restaurant manager gave us.
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the first cases of a drug-resistant infections have been confirmed in the u.s. the centers for disease control says 13 people have become ill from an infection
1:38 am
hospitals and nursing homes. but the c.d.c. says seven of those cases may have been transknitted south america or south asia. the other six cases are still under investigation. new at 10:00, samsung is now recalling another product that has reportedly caused several injuries, including a broken jaw. three recalling nearly three million top load washing machines. the company says the top of the machine can actually fly out unspendingedly during use. owners of the washers do have a few options under the recall tom learn more about what you can do website new tonight a high school student in tennessee has been suspended for stealing a chicken nugget. students at this high school offered five chicken nuggets at lunch but carson koehler was feeling extra hungry so he put a sixth chicken nugget his tray. he was told he had to pay for an extra lunch he did but was still taken to the principal's office and suspend for a day. when people who know carson
1:39 am
big joke. >> a lot of my friends and people i know have texted me and messaging me they're like is this like an onion post is this like an onion article, like no, it actually happened. >> reporter: he says the school eventually apologized saying they didn't know the full story. he says the school has are moved the suspension from his permanent record. new at 10:00 a freshman at kansas state has quickly become the most popular guy in campus after a thief broke into his car. someone broke in the thief left behind a note apologizing and saying he only took the chocolate treat. after kit-kat heard about the incident they promised to get hunter his snack back then some. the company filled hunter with 6500 kit-kats, hunter now thinks of the dish. >> i would love to give him a hug because it's turned out to be really cool. >> how about that.
1:40 am
putting a smile on his face hunter says he will be sure to lock his car in the future. if he can ever get it past all those candy. >> good advertising for kit-kat. >> a few days from now massachusetts voters will decide whether to legalize recreational marijuana. >> ahead at 10:00 the message to you from the people who want question 4 passed. first a local mother claims a restaurant worker
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a mother says a restaurant employee took a picture of her 7-year-old son while he was using the bathroom. >> police tell fox 25 that suspect left the country but we've learned the worker was allowed to work for several days after it happened. kathryn burcham has the story from waltham after speaking with the restaurant's manager. >> reporter: for more than a decade in a pickle has been a popular stop for hungry families on this waltham street corner t yelp one mother has left a scathing review. in this post she detailed how a male employee allegedly took a picture of her 7-year-old son on the toilet. >> he looks up and he noticed a hand over the stall with a camera, a phone. >> reporter: this mother who asked not to be identified told us they immediately called police who matched the phone to a cook in the kitchen named edgar montoya. officers seized the phone
1:44 am
never showed. police say he fled to his home country of guatemala. >> it's extremely frustrating. i felt helpless you know that no one will be held responsible and she wants an apology from the restaurant's owner who allowed him to keep working after the incident. >> i've left numerous messages for the owner of the restaurant. he refuses to get on the phone with me he has not rereturned any of my phone calls. >> i just silence to be misconstrued as not caring. >> reporter: tim burke says his lawyer has advised him to have no contact with the victim's family but says he would never wants anything like this to happen in his restaurant. >> there wasn't really anything that i could say or do that would erase the situation or make her feel any better that would help out. >> reporter: his lawyer advised him to let montoya stay on the job because he says the allegations could be unfounded and he didn't
1:45 am
termination lawsuit. he continued to look at the phone for evidence and that more charges could be filed. in waltham, i'm kathryn burcham, fox 25 news. local students are learning how to recognize the signs of domestic violence. they held a seminar today. teaching them how to identify domestic violence. two weeks after two workers were killed in a trench collapse we're suspected criminal activity atlantic drain services. the company where those men worked. as fox 25's jason law discovered investigators think workers were using and selling drugs on the property. >> reporter: just five weeks before kevin maddox and robert higgins were killed after their trenched collapsed and flooded police say they busted 45-year-old dominique revill driving a dump truck to buy cocaine.
1:46 am
employees of atlantic train service are chronic drug users. as investigators have witnessed two different employees purchase illegal narcotics. police said revill was selling and using illegal narcotics outside of the atlantic drain yard in atlantic drain dump truck. according to incident incident report he told them that he purchased crack cocaine earlier in the day from someone in the atlantic drain yard. we took these accusations to atlantic drain's offices. >> yeah, we also called the company's attorney. the attorney told me they had no comment about these accusations. but the owner of atlantic drain may release some kind of statement down the road. atlantic drain has come under fire since the october 21st accident that killed mad o and higgins. fox 25 previously found dozens of osha violations and tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid fines.
1:47 am
>> investigators are still looking into the deadly accident from two weeks ago. transportation officials are shining a light on some of the crew members who are not normally seen on the road. the mass dot team spends a lot of time working on the roads under water. they perform about you 400 dives a year inspecting bridges and making repairs. the divers are there to make sure every part of the bridge is safe. >> so this is really a very special group of people who have taken become experts both in diving and in bridge inspection. >> they mainly work on bridges highways. mass dot has started a grant program. fox 25 cares and an officer connect. harry belafonte is in boston as keynote speaker at abcd
1:48 am
kerry kavanaugh and shared with her why he thinks it's so important that everyone exercises their right to vote. >> i think the divine of the multitude. i think the way you practice it. the way in which you pursue harry belafonte is a few weeks shy of his 90th birthday. he was involved in the civil rights movement and a very close confidant of martin luther king. buble today said his 3-year-old son noah has been diagnosed with cancer. the child is now undergoing treatment. he has put his new album onle hold. the singer and his wife also
1:49 am
born in january. homecoming team gives up his crown to a friend he says is way more deserving. nom nick fisher met anthony harris two years ago. fisher is the school's star quarterback and harris is his biggest fan. harris has been diagnosed with autism and fisher says that sometimes means he's left out. >> he's that guy who goes to school and really no one knows. and he's the most caring and guy, person that i've ever met before in my life. >> reporter: as for harris he says this is his first time of being the king and he is loving every minute of it. >> what a good story on a friday, right. >> really is. really enjoyed that. >> a boston beer maker paid a special tribute to red sox legend david ortiz. >> next at 10:00 the beer that had people lined outside of the sam adams brewery and why you probably
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will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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even though big papi's legendary baseball career is over the tributes keep pouring. in today sam adams raised a glass to the one and only david ortiz. >> they unveiled their limited of big hoppy. we sent our photo journalist to check it out. >> there's only 541 of these brotles. everyone here is lucky today that they're going to be getting one. >> this is incredible. these are people that you that at the end of the day you have waited in line for so long, you know each other, you know i just met this gentleman today. you share stories and everybody it's like old home week it's like meeting new friends because everybody has the same passion. it's incredible. >> well, he doesn't drink,
1:54 am
>> ever since the beginning when he says career man he has this helmet. i met him many times he's a great guy. he's so important to boston. a true fan. i mean he's one of the greatest. he's that one guy you plate when he's playing against your team. he means the world to our city. he means a lot to the city of boston. so that's what i'm here for today. >> raise your glass 92 and a big bolt there as well. if i don't know if you can raise that bottle. it's huge it. >> looks like champagne pool. on a cold night tonight what's better than some big hoppy. or any time really.
1:55 am
look at that gorgeous colors around spy pond in arlington. we have this from our sunday river who are making snow, makingit who needs to make if it have you some snow out there. won't be much but it's clear and turning very cold tonight already down in the 30s many spots and there are some snow diving out of canada toward new england. we'll track that into the area through the morning coming up at 11:00. one of the biggest issues on the ballot on tuesday is question four which would legalize recreational marijuana and debate. governor charlie baker and police chiefs from across the state are weighing in. >> the question itself on question 4 is 6,000 words long. it was written by the marijuana industry, for the marijuana industry. it's a billion dollar industry that's just dieings to be able to commercialize its product here in the commonwealth. >> reporter: governor charlie baker with strong words for the marijuana industry and proponents of question 4, after newly released information in this wrong way crash in vermont
1:56 am
marijuana in his system whether he hit and killed five teens on i-89. >> if this car was one single fatality because of the decision that we make then that's one too many. >> reporter: walpole chief john carmichael joining police chiefs across the state in speaking out against the legalization of recreational marijuana. drugged driving their top concern. he says they just don't have a reliable field test like a breathalyzer for t.h.c., chemical found in pot that gets you. >> i we had 130 incidents where people were killed on massachusetts roadways because of drunk driving, and now we're talking about adding another drug to the mix. >> reporter: jim for yes on question 4. he says legalizing marijuana saves law enforcement time and tax payers money.
1:57 am
marijuana sales or incarceration costs or prosecution costs. we'll see that money saved and go to crimes that pose a threat to society. >> we're kind of putting the cart before the force. if we're legalizing a drug that can cause more fatalities in massachusetts, then we need to make sure that the laws are there to support what we're going to have to be dealing with. >> fox 25 will have live coverage all night long on election night and will be
1:58 am
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paid presentation for the sizzling sausage grill from johnsonville sausage. there's no denying it. everyone loves fresh johnsonville sausage. for more than 70 years, johnsonville has been making perfect brats and sausages that families all over the world have come to love. >> 70 years ago, my mom and dad johnsonville, wisconsin. ralph and alice stayer. they were a team. they worked very hard to make great products, and it all began with them. the johnsonville brand is all about trust. that's the bottom line for me. what it means is that we have spent 70 years making products for our customers, and our people take great pride and they have great integrity in making the best possible sausages they could possibly make. >> announcer: it's no wonder


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