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tv   FOX 25 News at 10  FOX  November 7, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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i will be on your side. i will fight for you. >> now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box. >> donald trump, hillary clinton, and their top surrogates make the case to voters with just hours to go. we have live team coverage in new hampshire, a key battleground state. and the ugly side of politics. graffiti left on the side of a boston building calling for violence ahead of election day. >> his eyes were rolling in the back of his head.
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busy street in everett after a robbery. tonight police are still looking for the suspect. my timeline of when the threat of showers come to an end and a big drop in temperatures. when we get back into the 60s. getting someone evicted from a him on just bought can be tough. how one landlord's experience trying to evict a tenant turned into a nightmare. >> announcer: complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is fox 25 news at 10:00. as the i'm kerry kavanaugh. >> and i'm chris flanagan. it's no coincidence both presidential campaigns held more than a dozen events in new hampshire this weekend. the battleground state for electoral votes could tip the scale for either donald trump or be hillary clinton. >> and the race in the granite state is a lot closer today it hasn't was just a few weeks ago. the newest poll shows a dead heat. both campaigns held high-profile rallies tonight we have team coverage. let's begin with fox 25's ted daniel live in manchester where the democratic nominee spoke a
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>> reporter: we just saw enclinton's motorcade pass by us just a quick spot here in new hampshire but an important one. you may remember new hampshire was the state that gave trump his first primary victory and during that same primary they voted for sanders over clinton. tonight she made her last pitch in this state with a big vote on tuesday james taylor one of her friends gold star father another. his son died while serving in the iraq war he has public sparred with donald trump over trump proposed bannon muslims. thankfully mr. trump this isn't your america. >> reporter: khans introduced hillary clinton. >> we will have some work to
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and reconciliation after this election. we have to begin listening to one another and respecting one another. >> tonight's rally comes just hours after f.b.i. director james comey announced that clinton will not face charges for that new batch of e-mails discovered on her private server. zmo i think the f.b.i. did a good job of killing the momentum about a week and a half ago now they got egg on their face. >> mary snow and her from water ton to support clinton. >> i came up to do some but they ran out of they have been working so hard they have been doing such a wonderful job. this is expected to be with the rates tightening the state's four electoral votes are more important than ever. and clinton did not mention
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hampshire or in cleveland where she was before this. one thing that is working in her favor is that democrats have take than state in five out of the last six presidential races reporting live in new hampshire, manchester, donald trump's campaign has been making a final case to new hampshire voters as well. the republican nominee will be in manchester tomorrow. his daughter ivanka spoke with supporters this and mike pence just wrapped up a rally donald trump is still living hearts and minds every single day and he will win all the way to the white house christine mccarthy continues our live team coverage they believe the candidate will bring it all home tuesday night. >> they sure did.
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making their way out of this building tonight. to a very energized crowd. get voters out tuesday to grab toes electoral votes. others yet to come. president obama will be here tomorrow and donald trump following his daughter ivanka today. the polls show a dead heat also i for one believe when we vote on the 8th there's
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john sununu had some harsh -- following the decision once again to clear clinton over the e-mail scandal. we'll have that interview coming up at 11:00. for now we're live in new england, new hampshire, christine, thanks. special election coverage continued through the night people woke up to graffiti the graffiti could be seen from the sidewalk when fox 25 went to the be building today temperatures will
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we've got temperatures that are going to be below normal as we start the workweek it's just not happening tonight. yes we are still dealing with a few light spotty showers out there again all due to the northerly winds running over ocean temperatures enhancing the cloud cover across our coastal locations. but out to the west not much happening. and the winds are lightening up, too. temperatures are going to be dropping as you wake up tomorrow morning, temperatures in the 20s and 30s.
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60s in just a knew minutes. >> i local and state police now investigating a robbery in everett. the investigation lasted hours you spoke with witnesses who saw this victim struggle? >> reporter: at the same time we spoke with witnesses who tell us he heard the girlfriend screaming and crying for help. it was just after 2:00 sunday afternoon ellen who only wants to tell us her first name is scared after seeing what she did black male, black female, so and the victim that had got shot collapsed straight onto
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i saw a man on the ground she saw a woman crying hysterically. a young man tried to run for cover. i was like oh, my god to know what the motive was for the shooting. onchl i have four children in the house i'm just hoping nothing is further. tonight witnesses tell fox 25 that police officers tell them that the suspects are still at large and tonight the district attorney's office as well as local and state police are keeping quiet about the investigation and we are
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malini basu, fox 25 news. >> malini, thank you. also new at be 10:00 boston police are asking for your help they tell us this car was last -- a man was killed on october 6th. if they recognize this car call police the crash happened in the area of the apache way around 5:30 tonight. police telling fox 25 the driver of that car did stop we're now working to learn the victim's name. on lanes on route 128 are now open after crews finished demommishing the old bridge. most of the weekend.
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290. traffic will be detoured for exit 18 a bill mick -- billerica maven is due in court tomorrow. an officer thought his van looked suspicious in the parking lot on boston road endanger. at least four people rush to the hospital after this bad crash in roxbury this morning.
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well, they thought they found their fixer-upper. >> instead they found themselves in the middle of an eviction nightmare. >> they were in the process of evicting her. >> ahead on fox 25, the previous tenant wouldn't move out. fox 25's john monahan explains why the law of evicting them isn't so cut and dry. >> the confession of a serial killer. he's accused of murdering four people over 10 years. new details about the horrific crimes police
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>> another now it's the men's cross-country team.
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women's team. >> fox 25's jim morelli spent the day on campus speaking with students of frustrated. >> reporter: you might say they couldn't run away from the truth so they told it. they admit for past several years it has created spreadsheets on the women's cross-country team which included comments about weight, appearance, and sexual innuendo. >> sexualizing women in that way i think is really disgusting. >> reporter: the revelations appeared in saturday's harvard crimson and hot on practice which created scouting reports on members of the women's soccer team. some of which were sexually explicit. >> it's important that harvard has taken the stance it has and these issues do not just end after this. the stand harvard has taken for the men's soccer team.
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information we receive. yet provided plenty of fodder for about depender and respect. i don't think women should be rated on their attractiveness. harmless examples of guys being guys let's look at the soccer team situation. first of all harvard conducted an internal administrative review and that resulted severe sanctions against the team but there will be a title nine review title nine a federal law which does prohibit sexual harassment. in austin, jim morelli, fox 25 news. police are still searching for the gunman in
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3-year-old boy injured. one fwlet cut straight through a home a fragment of that bled right now officers are not sure if there was an intended target saturday morning given permission to go on an outing but never returned he was eligible for parole in january but now face up to another seven years behind bars. police shot a man after he allegedly attacked an officer with a knife. they were trying to serve an arrest warrant on friday night.
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family member. now officials say ahern pulled a knife and charged at an officer attacking him. that's what another officer shot him. this just shows you today it doesn't matter if you're in springfield be, boston it can happen anywhere. ahern was rushed to hospital where he's listed in critical but stable condition. the state attorney general is now investigating the police department after to the evidence room. ken ferguson e-mailed fox 25 and said he's notified the flex strict attorney's office about the discovery -- the middlesex district attorney's office about the discovery. the kefs likely hidden for
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in maintaining the security integrity of the the evidence room was previously audited after an issue was reported. okay, somerville drivers starting tomorrow you will need to slowdown. the new city wide speed limit goes into effect. it's now 25 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. new speed limit signs will be up at ambulances to the city to lower the speed limit. ahead of schedule as much as 2.50 weeks ahead in fact. 81% of the booth are gone. city officials closed the fed music hall yesterday.
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right now no arrests have been made to decide if that club should be reopened. >> the f.d.a. is taking new steps to get better information from hospitals about deaths and injury like implants, stents and e.k.g.s. they cited three hospitals for problems reporting incidents involving devices mass general failed to properly unveil one device. fox were valuable and all medical reporting issues have since been addressed. the results can really be tragic. next month the fab will hold a public workshop with hospitals about medical devices.
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inspecting bridges and making repairs. maas dot says the divers are there to make sure every part of the bridge is safe. so this is really a very special group of people who have taken the time to become experts both in diving and in bridge inspections the divers mainly work on bridges and state highways but they're hoping to expand the program to help pay for bridge repairs. he served i had countries honorably. ahead on fox 25, the hundreds running for a local hero. plus, the long-term effects a drought could have on christmas trees years from now. we're back right after the
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allied troops in both iraq and syria. kurdish syrian forces announced today they have started their military campaign to drive militants from the syrian city of rocca. isis is already under attack in mosul which insurgents captured nearly two years ago. just days after a woman was found chained in a storage container on his property the south carolina man is now confessed to killing several people over the past decade. todd keller told investigators he shot and killed four people he also reportedly showed them where he buried two others. >> i'm happy to report to you because my god answers prayers we served four warrants today with a confession that he did this crime. authorities believe he also killed the boyfriend of the woman who was found chained on his property. a utah police officer was killed in the line of duty hit by a cars as he was setting up tire spikes in the road.
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brotherson was trying to catch three people suspected of having stolen a car when the suspect's vehicle hit him. police say three suspects are now in custody. the defense department has identified three u.s. soldiers killed outside an air base in jordan. department says staff sergeant matthew luallen, kevin mcenroe were killed when they were trying to enter the base friday officials say the soldiers. signed to a special forces group from kentucky. the the defense department is investigating the >> i'm still tracking a few scattered showers out there mainly across the south coast, the south shore and
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the christmas tree is already up at quincy market with some noticeable -- >> much of new england suffering from drought conditions there's some concerns about the impact the dry weather will have on tree shopping come holiday
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not much rain fell on the farm you can check the computer or you can check with terry. >> since the 21st september, we've had about 4.5, 4.6 inches. it's really brought our trees back out of the danger zone. >> every generation sort of reinvents. >> reporter: which is why terry's dad went into fo are in the spotlight now. after a year of sunlight not spotlight, and definitely not rain. >> we like to be pretty divide. the focus is on the new crops. >> most of you our concern this year was on the little trees that we transplanted that didn't have the be established root system. >> reporter: which need the rain more and now for the
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it's because of that that for now the drought has not crippled the christmas tree business. potentially six to eight years from now there could be a slightly faler amount -- smaller amount of trees out there to be cut. >> reporter: in the meantime, they irrigate 200 acres of trees at a costly price and incorporate trees like the colorado blue spruce which are used to thriving under helps. >> you you're minimizing the competition. weeds and grasses and so forth also need water to grow. >> reporter: all they want are the trees to keep the six generations on the farm thriving long past the drought affecting the state. regardless of the drought, it will soon look like a lot like christmas in boston. check it out here this 47 foot it will be decked with
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shined brightly on the boston common. this year's tree lighting ceremony will be hild on december 1st. i sure have seen some houses i noticed it last night as i was driving home. yes, 'tis the season and we're of course counting down. thanksgiving is just 18 aday way. you know today this weekend if you were out it was a cloudy one out there. this is our idea of boston fox 25 boston photo of the day does absolutely particular. but i did mention we did have a lot of clouds.
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temperatures went down through the afternoon. low temperature 40s not too bad because of the clouds that we had over the region. those clouds also brought down a few showers and some folks right here some of our folks saying crazy weather day on the south shore because maybe you can see it here but along with that precipitation those showers we also had a little bit of grouple which is like an you need temperatures of 45 degrees or cooler that means you zbhet snowflakes that get covered in ice and that forms these very small pellets that fall to the ground. that's what we call gropple. in the city of boston. definitely more along the coast as well as the cape
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that really enhance the cloud cover and enhance those showers and hence we still have some showers out there right now. temperatures beginning to drop. those winds beginning to lighten up, too. the high pressure will be building on in from the west but because they're still pretty active down across the cape and islands we're still dealing with those clouds. elsewhere we have mostly clear conditions by the time you wake so again a different story underneath the clouds away from the cloud cover waking up all that heat from the day going right up into the atmosphere we have those temperatures back into the 20s and 30s. you want to check in with sherry spir. but we're not going do much improvement despite some sunshine we have highs
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to build on in another cold night monday into tuesday. but tuesday afternoon, looking a little better for election day. lots of sunshine pleasant, too. and it's going to warm up ahead of our next chance of showers it looks to arrive as we head into the middle part of the week. another cold boston-based wrants to make sure everyone has a way to get to the cars. lyft car is offering free rides. a total of 500 cities including boston are getting the offer but the free part only applies to the hourly rate not the other fees associated with the rental. so the threat of an election day cyber attack has prompted 48 states to ask the department of homeland security for help.
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reports cyber security experts insist that the chance of a hack altering the outcome of the election is slim. >> i have a lot of confidence in the integrity of our of a lot of confidence in the vote most voting machines are not connected to the internet or each but hackers could still cause plenty of trouble on election day. especially with an electorate that's this divided. their biggest fear is hackers instilling chaos between republicans and democrats. that they interrupt the reporting of information
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say you cannot trust the results. >> and perhaps the biggest threat is hackers gaining access to voters databases. that's already happened in several states though they wouldn't say exactly how many. in washington, kristen fisher, fox news. the secretary of state's office tells us more than one million people voted early in the early voting has now end the but absentee ballots can be turned in as late as noon on monday. coming up the impressive list of amenities on board why you won't find people serving up cocktails.
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why expected to be the largest one in more than 60 years. astronomers say you will be able to see the moon at its biggest and brightest next monday. may have been found in the waters off canada. a diver recently discovered an object off the coast of british columbia. the royal canadian navy is now looking to see if it is in fact a lost nuke.
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since an american bomber crashed in 1950. a prodemocracy march in hong kong has ended with clashes with police. protests nearly 10,000 protestors were demonstrating today. new delhi, india is covered in lair of smog. that is what it looks like during the morning commute. they are fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate the hin u-- hindu festival of lights over the weekend. well, the world's largest cruise ship has now set sail and some of the ship's features they're a first of its kinds. it's on its maiden voyage robot -- that runs down nine stories.
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outside view with a virtual ball -- balcony. the makers of nutella wantstro duties serving size on its nutrition label from two teaspoons to one. they say americans are now using the chocolate hazelnut treat as a spread instead of using it a as dessert topping. it changes the classification they think a smaller serving size with fewer calories may make people more likely nutella. the f.d.a. is currently asking how big their portions are before it makes a decision. among the thousands of runners in the new york city marathon the youngest man to ever win and the survivor of the boston marathon bombing. we'll show both their stories just ahead.
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when business partners earlier this year they planned to get the tenant out to make some possible. but the tenant living there there refused to move out. >> they say they can't renovate now they must litigate just to get in to their home. >> reporter: linda walsh hash living at 23 revere street in hull for more than a year and a half. yet so far she's only paid three months rent.
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homeowner $2700. but they sold the house and never collected. linda still lives there and still has not paid rent. >> we're looking for a property to flip. we got a friend that was getting rid of it. >> reporter: greg ray and mark musico knew linda was in the house when they bought it back in june. >> but she was living there not paying. they were in the process of evicting her. >> reporter: the business partners assumed the eviction which was underway would happen soon. but attorney allen specializes in eviction law, says landlords need to be fully aware of the law. >> you really have to know what you're doing if you're going to be a landlord in massachusetts because the laws are strictly construed and they do favor the tenants. >> reporter: segle says it was an existing tenant a new owner becomes the new landlord and the eviction process must start from scratch. greg and mark didn't want to be landlords they just wanted to flip the house.
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time renting a room. so the rights they had from the prior owner passed through to the new owner. >> reporter: greg and mark got caught up trying to sort out some of the strictest tenancy laws in the country. they've already been to court twice this summer. >> it done make sense how people can do that. >> reporter: it turns out walled may be doing something familiar to some landlords in massachusetts. court records show she is billion aware of laws that favor tenants. and is advantage. fox 25 uncovered several housing cases in plymouth and in hull. this document shows she got a restraining order against musico on august 22nd, restraining him from coming into his own property. next, she claimed that allowed her to get a court appointed attorney. back in february of 2015, walls issued a restraining order against john buchanan in plymouth housing court. on april 27th, 2015, they
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may, then to june. then finally settled in buchanan's favor in mid-june. back in hull, we tried to speak with walls to get her side of the story. >> i just wanted to see if we could talk to you about what's going on with the tenant issue here at the house. >> reporter: that day we learned the court did the talking for walls. a judge found in her favor and that she had the right to remain in the house. greg and mark struck again unable to proceed until they linda walls. >> we just want the house back. we want her out, we want the house so we can fix it in. >> those homeowners tell me as of today linda walls has yet to move out of their home. she told fox 25 that she got the restraining order because the landlord was rude to her. she continues to live in their home rent free. i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. tens of thousands of
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new york city marathon. 19-year-old -- became the youngest man in history to win the new york city marathon with the time of two hours, seven minutes and 51 seconds. tatiana mcfadden swept the four major marathons by winning new york city women's wheelchair race. boston marathon survivor was among those who completed the new york city marathon. he's a member of the achilles freedom team of wounded veterans. we got to watch his journey on facebook live provided by the new york post. he lost his right leg in the marathon bombings. he says he feels great and plans to do five or six marathons a year. well, another race held today a 5k brought out hundreds of sport and local heroes. the race wasn't as much about running as it was
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marine who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: with that more than 400 runners and walkers were off. >> abington has always been the hometown to see all these people come out and honor him is probably pretty catching on his end as well. >> reporter: the third annual memorial road race honors a sacrifice of marine sergeant the native was killed in afghanistan in 2013, just two days before christmas while serving his third tour >> he was just one of a kind and that's why he's in the military just to be part of something bigger than himself. he died doing that and helping each one of us here. the sergeant's widow erjin created a memorial hedge
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towards scholarships right away after he died we knew we have to do something to give back and make something positive out of this tragedy. great turnout today. the foundation is offering a virtual race option ahead on fox 25 news at 11:00, big nerve for a very big day. >> i'm still processing the fact. >> i haven't processed it at all. these local boys signal shock after a very special meeting. the organizations and people that came together to make sure wish come true. >> but first what can do you with your extra you hour of
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welcome back we have a cold night heading our way when you wake up in the morning temperatures close to the freezing mark with cooler skies out there. we will have the sunshine except for the cape that's where we will have risk of clouds to have even a slight shower. that sunrise 6:26 a.m. i want to show you the current conditions with because we do have conditions falling back to the north and west it's going to be bright and dry to the north and west temperature also stay below
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50?ment fox 25 told you in august state lawmakers are debating on whether or not to move massachusetts out of the eastern standard time zone. that would mean no more date light saving time. public health advocate pinched the idea of moving to atlantic standard time so it's one time all the time with the support of local lawmakers charlie baker put together a mission earlier proposal but the governor not exactly in love with it. they just held their first
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they strongly dislike daylight saving time saying it makes them tired and lazy. 36% use the change to get started on their holiday decorating and 34% on making use of their fireplaces. the patriots on a bye this week the only boston sports team in action tonight was the celtics. you could argue also. isiah thomas led the are cs offense as usual but without al horford and jay crowder defense was a problem. denver's emanuel 24 in the
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as 3-3 in washington on wednesday night. connecting jalen marshal and jets take the lead over the dolphins they will go 96 yards for the game 95 yards for the longest touchdown pass and joe flacco's career. ben roethlisberger returns to action in this one. throws one touchdown and one pick. but the winning score comes
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scoop and score from chris moore. 21-14 ravens both teams now 4-4. a sunday night "sports wrap" coming up in half hour. we're jam-packed. weei's chris price to make sense of the jamie collins
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