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tv   FOX 25 News at 1130PM  FOX  November 8, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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47%. we'll put the results up. >> question 1, slots. >> go for it. >> expand the slot machine gaming will not happen in massachusetts. question 2 will expand -- lift the cap on charter schools at 12 or more and that failed tonight. question 3, farm animal confines, the voters said yes to that tonight. an to call but 53% say yes so far and 47% no to legalizing marijuana for recreational use in massachusetts and 64% of the precincts reporting right now. thank you so much for staying with us, everyone as we approach midnight. i'm mark ockerbloom. >> and i'm vanessa welch. we want to check back in with both presidential campaign headquarters. doug miller live with the -- blair miller is live at the donald trump campaign in
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limited access to the press tonight. >> yeah, i think it's because of the venue where we are. much smaller than what we've typically seen with some of the big rallies where thousands of people have shown up for donald trump. you can see behind me the crowd here, you might notice all the red hats. an invitation only party with friends and family. a few minutes ago they announced that wisconsin will go to donald trump and the crowd here just got very excited. i was texting with the senior adviser of the campaign just a you feel and she responded michigan and wisconsin are very much in play for us, even pennsylvania still on the table. so they feel like they have a lot of path ofs here that they can still go their way. they've got a lot to celebrate here tonight and so much focus has been on michigan. the trump campaign telling me we thought we could surprise people here tonight by winning michigan and it'll be interesting to see if that translates. again, the wisconsin information just coming out here and people
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excited, down the street about a mile away is the clinton campaign at party headquarters and saw people staring with their faces and people here started chanting lock her up, lock her up and then there were boos as they were shown this live picture. people here excited as the results continue to go donald trump's way at least for now trump wins wisconsin piling up victories. well clinton campaign kerry kavanaugh is live in new york city how are things going there. >> the crowd is still here, they are really very quiet. closely watching the results. it is obviously another expected state. they are watching the results.
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there's a long program planned for tonight. we haven't had an official speaker up here probably about an hour. i reached out to the clinton campaign and we haven't heard anything yet. no official member of the campaign taking to the stage or making any type of announcement at this point. so you gotta imagine they are watching those numbers in michigan and pennsylvania, very closedly. but the mood here is really changed a lot. 180 degrees from about 6:00 tonight until right now. the crowd is steadfast holding tight but very quiet right now at the javits center. >> kerry kavanaugh at the clinton campaign headquarters in new york city where they were behind early and it has maintained the deficit throughout. trump wins iowa. so a victor in iowa tonight adding to his stockpile of wins, wisconsin before that. >> here is heather hegedus now.
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look at tomorrow's front page of the herald, this was just tweeted out by the boston herald and it is out by midnight, i might point out and one word says it all right here, stunner. the sub headline says trump rally leads to nail-biting state by state battle with hillary. of course, the herald, along with almost all major news outlets right now still holding off on calling the election for either candidate. but that headline alluding to the fact that most political analysts as you've been talking polls leading up to today, really were predicting a win for hillary. so in a word again, stunner, shocker, nail biting and that's the word from the boston herald this morning. back to you. >> boston herald, if you look on social media, that is the prevailing thought throughout most of the tweets you see tonight. people just can't believe we are at the point now where you wonder if there is a way for hillary clinton to move forward and still get the presidency.
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>> yeah. it's -- she needed michigan, wisconsin, minnesota, pennsylvania to get to 274 electoral votes, there's 10 there but she'd have to pick up new hampshire, she'd have to get all of maine, which i suppose is possible, but doubtful. >> we're hearing trump just won georgia. >> yeah, that was -- i don't think that was too much of a surprise. but it's trump most likely. i'm just speechless. >> when i got asked to do this, i just said oh, god, i want to be in new york. but i am so grateful for you
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>> this is a man whose entire campaign was based on division and frankly misogynistic and racist attitude and declarations and he is likely going to be the next president of the united states. jennifer this is what people have voted for in great numbers. >> you know, again, i go back to this all the time, hillary clinton is not truthful, and at the end of the lesser of the two evil its. and with her you don't know what you're going to get, and with him, it's all out on the table, whether you like what he has to say or not, it's out there. and, you know, you have a brexit situation. every single pollster was wrong. everyone claimed it was going clinton, everyone claimed she had 274 walking into this thing and clearly that is not the truth. so every one of item who has to
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>> the market is down 750 points, this will be the largest drop since the great recession. >> yeah. yes. >> and after september 11th, i think it went down 600 points. so i mean this is amazingly huge that -- and now we can all start saying huge because the president is going to be using that, unfortunately. >> i want to stop just for a moment, we want to pass along, the question 4 has now been approved, it's official, the app calling it right now, and ever needed it, it'd be now. >> but, steve, we were talking earlier that this has passed and hearing now that it has. lawmakers are going to make changes to this ballot referendum and have the ability to do so and they've already been talking about changes to the way this is taxed and also possibly limiting the home growth and possibly limiting edibles, right? yes. and the edible piece, and i'll
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just about kids and the -- there's a large increase of marijuana toxicity in animals and house pets in colorado and washington state. i know a family who experienced it and it was a significant concern for their pet at home, and that's -- they're gonna have to make sure that they have the right safeties in place for that as well as for kids. the driving while -- they' system for days so how can you possibly gauge that? i don't know the answer to that. but it's been a lot of work for the legislature to do and now that it's passion, they gotta get to work to do it. >> certainly. the police came out against this trooper thomas charty who was killed on the masspike by someone who had thc in his
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passionate campaigned for people to say no. >> you had the mayor, the governor, the speaker of the house every power player that this should not pass. these laker, they gotta get busy, not a lot of time here and meanwhile stores could start selling it january 12018. not a lot of time. >> no. and this again is a problem with ballot initiative legislating. if you look at the poor animals
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until 2022. so they've gotta suffer until 2022 and we gotta hurry up and fix a phenomenally flawed initiative pet. >> ted daniel, the folks that pushed for question 4, i'm sure they're excited tonight. there are 6,000 people here that led a large cheer when they heard that question 4 is going to pass. starting december 15th, you could legally go home and smoke a joint in your house or somewhere private and not have
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when stores will be able to start selling pot and will have these dispensaries will people can go in and it's big business. it's a billion dollar business in colorado. anyone over the sge huge thing that's happening here. well, at least the folks in this room are very pleased with it.
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>> the senate committee has been working on this for about a year. so at least that they are ahead of us somewhat, not starting at ground zero today when we haven't seen it implement so quickly, right? >> ses. were going to go back to the presidential race right now. >> let's go to fox 25's christine mccarthy live in braintree with donald trump supporters.
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>> a lot of people here, about 200 energized people here in braintree but the crowd is growing because volunteers keep on streaming down from new hampshire where they have been working a long election day. we've been hearing a lot of cheers, a lot of embraces. they're a little quieter as they listen in for more results right now. trump supporters here feeling victory closer and closer every two minutes. a lot of excitement about a trump win becoming more possible. it was an easy 11 electoral vote we've been expect. ing a very tight race. >> that's the smell of victory right back there when you see
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>> john monahan is at the fairmont copley plaza who has more on that. >> when you went to trump
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>> we're all happy to be here together and hopefully later tonight we will be celebrating the history that we all came here to see. thank you again for all of your hard work. right now there are people here milling around but the enthusiasm certainly has waned inside the democratic party here live in boston, i'm john monahan, fox 25 news. >> we're having some issues with his live shots. we're gonna check back in in a little bit. >> jennifer, you've been in contact with republican friends up there, what do they tell you. >> they're saying that she's
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hasn't changed in the next couple of hours, you know, somewhere really -- more really republican districts and i think she's good. >> apparently we have bob ward now, he is at headquarters of -- for kelly ayotte up in concord, new hampshire. bob, i want to ask you quickly, you said there were a couple of precincts that needed to report out on the seacoast. i assume one was durham, was the other dover? >> no, i think it was hanover. now we're approaching midnight and this is the time they've been waiting here to hear from the town of salem. which is another republican strong hold. they don't anticipate those votes coming in until after midnight. it is now quarter of, and we're inching up as far as the returns go, i think we're up around 64%,
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so that's what they're waiting for here just a short time ago the chairman of the republican party here in new hampshire, she got up and was very happy. christian who was the republican candidate for governor is in the crowd. he's looking like he's about to declare v he's feeling good. we have not seen kelly ayotte, we know she's in this hotel somewhere watching these returns with her family. so as we've been reporting for a couple of hours now, the trend here in concord for the republican party has been a positive one for the senate race, the governor's race from the top of the ticket, the presidential race, and we should be seeing in the next, i don't
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this is gonna be when the rubber hit the road, we're really gonna find out how the people of new hampshire voted, and it's a battleground state, we didn't expect it a few months ago but that has what it has turned into and turned into a very important state not just for the united states senate which we knew going in but also for the president of the united states.
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that the numbers will return in their favor i think it's fair to say that many of them are extremely worried about the without come. they had the look of momentum going into the last few days of is this campaign. one of the final polls show governor hassen up in numbers over senator kelly ayotte. and while it did indeed show governor hassen winning, again, these latest numbers that have been coming in now for about the past two hours have shown a continued gap candidates. now, when i last spoke to one of the campaign staffers, they did tell us that the governor was watching the returns come in with her family at the radisson here in manchester no word yet on when she might appear but i can tell you that the folks that are part of her campaign here seem at this point to be stuck in the corners and whispering amongst themselves so we'll stay here and let you know as we know
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learn more details about exactly what the mood of the campaign is. back to you guys. >> voters in massachusetts hit the polls all day and all night. jason law is in framingham for us. jason. >> yeah, just talking about process for a few minutes here from a technical standpoint. things went extremely smoothly for voters in massachusetts and that's arrangely in part because it was the first year of every voting and so many voters took advantage of the early process 4. 5 million registered voters in the bay state. roughly a million of the voters cast their ballots relatively late. we and see any at the polls place where we were in
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>> i'm talking to two different voters starting for this man who voted for donald trump. >> they had enough of clinton, enough of the bushes and enough of clinton. i think he can do the job. >> i voted for hillary to defeat insults against women and immigrants and i felt like he was just so disrespectful human beings. and i can't even think about voting for a person like that. >> now, this election again is winding down. it's gonna be dissected in the next couple of days, weeks, months, possibly even years and a lot of people will be focused on voter turn-out by the state. the secretary of state william galvin says he expects the voter turn-out in 2016 to be comparable to what we saw here in 2012 and 2008, roughly
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participating in election 2016. live in framingham, jason law, fox 25 news. >> erica richey is live in nashua where voters filled the place all day and all night. erika. >> yeah, they did and obviously the headline right now is not so much the voter but what they had to say and all of those candidates that we've been talking about all night. of course getting the attention that they deserve. i wanted to take and give a shout-out to the poll workers. they are just now pulling out of the parking lot. they are kit can in making sure that we get the exact numbers to pass along to you. and so because of that i can
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nashua, 4,571 the banks who are cast, more than half of those went to hillary clinton in the presidential race. >> employee's voters here are undecided. nevertheless, 72% of registered voters came out and made their choi you think about it. most of them since early this morning created a really long line. once it did, the crowds and the lines were no more and it was smooth sailing for voters as they came and cast their ballots. toward the end of the night, the atmosphere was lightening up quite a bit. members of a local get out to vote group, they handed out pieces like this as a way to thank voters for doing their
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the main mission is that we are all in this together and that's the message that we really want to put out there. a lot of people were in here for the first time. we're told that there were 622 brand-new voters registering to of course the day of registration is happening here in new hampshire and so there were over 600 people who registered to vote and cast their ballot today. erika richey, fox 25 news. >> thank you.
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>> let's go over to elizabeth hopkins to get a closer look. >> and we're taking a look how this mess has been filling in over the course of the evening. there have been a few surprises. at this point michigan, new hampshire and pennsylvania are still too close to really make -- too close to tell right now but there were some surprises everywhere from ohio to florida to wisconsin. those states that were battleground states went to the trump side. you can see what we're looking at in terms of the prediction is that at this point donald trump has about 254 of the electoral votes mentioned by our panel wants to make its own mind up about who they're continuing to vote for president. a number of the battleground state tonight going for trump putting up to 254 electoral
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the path includes winning michigan, pennsylvania new hampshire, we assume in the earlier numbers that she wins 3 if she gets those, nevada, which is 6th and 2 in nebraska, nebraska is one of two states that flips with maine. she gets two nebraska wins and then and doesn't get the extra one in maine, we are a 269 to 269 electoral vote situation at the ends of the night and that is a dead tie. >> and if that happens, the house of representatives decides?
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each state gets one vote in the house of representatives and then bound by the electoral vote if that oddly enough becomes a tie while they're voting, the senate is also voting to elect the vice-president, and each senator gets one vote and so if there's a tie in the house and suspect a tie in the senate, the vice-president who's elected there becomes the president. >> wow. >> plus, a pathway if she wins that extra main wins all the electoral votes in maine, which is highly unlikely, but if she does then she gets it.
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thinking and steve might need a break to go take in question 4. but it sounds good. it would be exciting and this has been an historic election and that would definitely add a little bit more? it four names and say okay start from scratch, who do you think will be running tonight? first of all, i think joe biden would have won by now had he run. >> but that wasn't one of the choices. >> i think maybe pence and kaine. >> live and well. i believe -- yeah.
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the morning because we know it's, what, 2 minutes to -- >> by the wait, whoever doesn't win, they'll start their presidential campaign tomorrow for 2020. >> we have four years here and this is a what the the republican party came up with and right now that's what the people have chosen. also, it is midnight. it's going into the morning, we know that. 100% certainty, all the precincts reporting. this is the presidential vote you want to know about, 71% now, 49% to 47% in favor of donald trump. if you are just joining us we are going through the ballot questions and results and have given it to you several times, let's take a look at the ballot
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