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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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this morning. >> daniel: waiting for all the votes to be complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> good morning, wednesday, november 9th, i'm daniel miller. >> julie: i'll julie grauert. waiting it the hear from bill belichick from last night's election and take you live to his news conference in just a
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look at cooler forecast and even chance of rain. >> shiri: chance of rain in western massachusetts and hour long loop examine showers having a really tough time climbing worcester hills here so a lot of showers just kind of fading away before they ever get to us and current conditions mostly cloudy 53 in boston, 55 in worcester and upper 40s in between. mostly cloudy, couple thin spots and clouds, yes, and afternoon and couple sprinkles moving on through and temperature with rain developing later on this afternoon dropping a bit. back to you guys. >> julie: route 1 and 93 south and coming up in a few minutes. >> daniel: it has been a busy week, donald trump announced that both bill belichick and tom
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belichick about to address the media. let's listen in. >> spent a lot of time studying what they do on the field and in termed of their building -- team building so learned a lot from them obviously and way coaches team and play, great toughness, physical toug extremely hard and one of the best teams and best organizations gone up to the coaching career and tremendous respect for him and great players in all three phases in the game and play hard and tough and no weaknesses and run the ball, stop and run, throw it,
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for 60 minutes, do it every week, do it against everybody wherever they play, whatever the situation is. >> julie: listening to bill belichick. we are waiting for him to make comments about the results of the presidential election. meanwhile go out to new york where some people are celebrating >> daniel: donald trump making victory walk before 3:00 this morning. go to fox25 chris flanagan. >> supporters and staff and media at 9:30, pushed back, postponed an hour until 10:30, that will happen at new yorker hotel here in new york city. paul ryan speak estrogen of --
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10:15. donald trump greeting supporters last night and thunderous standing ovation at hilton hotel, not far from where we are standing right now in manhattan. trump getting that historic win last night, historic upset with no previous experience, defy one key battle ground states capturing the white house. broke through that democratic blue wall, ran the table on the electoral map making history. florida and north carolina both early on in the evening and ohio did and then he won two more key battle ground states, wisconsin, pennsylvania, also won michigan and upper midwest capture the white house after such a divisive election and trump now urging the country to come together and unite. >> now it is time for america to bind wounds and get together.
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nation i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> julie: trump said hillary clinton called to concede and mic expected to give her concession speech at 10:30 here in new york city. watch that live here on fox25. president obama also out to donald trump calling him early this morning and congratulating him on becoming the forty-fifth president of the united states in january when he is inaugurated and transition of power. that's latest live here in new york city, i'm chris flanagan, back to you in the studio. >> daniel: votes counted for the presidential race and kelly
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fought very tight race. latest numbers here 97% of votes are reported and hassan has 1300-point lead. michael henrich is live at the red arrow diner in manchester this morning with reaction from voters. good morning, michael. >> michael: getting divide reaction because vote so split and close eye on what you have talked about, changing of fortunes so far for democratic hassan as tries to unseat the republican incumbent kelly ayotte. these are some of the folks like we have been speaking with this morning and senate race and about the presidential race as well. back to the senate race. if it is within a certain percentage, 20% difference, the losing candidate can ask for a recount, so when talking about
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perhaps that will shrink even more as we get the final 3% of polling precincts reporting reports could end up seeing a recount in the united states and keep close eye on that and first i will play for you some of the reaction we have been hearing from voters this morning, from diners this morning about the presidential race results. >> there are still votes to count in a lot of small towns and confident maintain the lead wh >> we are upbeat, we are confident but we want to make sure we do this the new hampshire way and every vote in because every vote matters. >> michael: we are not at the diner now. we are at diner early this
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for the morning and either conceded and declared victory for the race and passion on both sides of the aisle certainly are high here in the diner and throughout new hampshire and some of the voter reaction in next live report in 30 minutes. >> michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: website we have donald trump's and m full speeches and coming up this morning we will dive into the reaction on social media and if you're away from the tv we will be sending alert with new results we get throughout the day. >> julie: 28 minute right braintree split to the exit for the pike. >> mostly cloudy skies and drive home more concerned about and wet roads out there and time out
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next. >> protest ended with serious injuries with late night
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the results of the poll shocked the country. >> julie: where things went wrong. >> sara: shock waves felt around the country, donald trump, president-elect of the united states, boston university historian tom wayland joins us with this outcome. good morning. >> good morning. >> sara: billionaire businessman with no political experience now forty-fifth president of the united states. are you shocked. >> not only political experience bu no one entered the oval office could say that. >> sara: how in the world did he do this? >> basically caught the political whirl wind just at the right time. people were fed up with establishment in both parties, they were upset with the income disparty that exists in our economy and just overall overall position in the world, been in war since 2001. donald trump said i'm going to
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people said that's with i want to hear. >> so interesting, tom, because we all watch the polls. been obsessed with the polls the last few months and most of them said that hillary clinton was in the lead and everyone got it wrong. >> jeremiah burke was supposed to swap the poll with him and pollsters were not caught up with technology and on facebook, that? in one figured that out yet. >> sara: twitter page and 13.6 million followers, everything that he says gets that to that many people. >> he has run a invent first industry -- -- 21st century
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speak. >> it has to hurt spent over past eight years trying to get back to that hilltop and all going to be ashes and basically her political career appears over and possibly even the clintonon dynasty. >> sara: do you think there's any way donald trump would invite her to be on his cabinet? >> he popular vote. >> sara: tom wayland thank you for being with us this morning. great insight. >> now need coffee. >> sara: get it. back over to you, julie. >> julie: braintree split to morrissey boulevard and 128 fine through needham up to the pike. north of the pike the accident on 93 south still slowing things down slightly and you can
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the leverett connector and 38 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave and 31 minutes on expressway, 42 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector and shiri spear joining us now and we have cooler day ahead compared to yesterday abnormally warm temperatures. >> shiri: yesterday great and squeaked out 70 degree readings, back to the 50s, 60s, and showers around and not a lot of rain looking at trace to perhaps tenth of inch of rain over southeastern mass but some showers now popping up and filling in a little bit in western massachusetts. and i do feel like we are going to have to watch these as we get toward noon time for them moving into central mass. i think overall they are probably going to fall apart before they can truly reach boston here, so noon time fitchburg for wet weather, boston mostly cloud and he dry and during the afternoon we got the front coming through and
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boston here during the afternoon. evening commute potentially wet across eastern massachusetts, southeastern mass though end up being evening showers and this is when showers actually turn the steadiest. 8:00 this evening and southcoast to the cape and islands steadier rain and it will fade away by midnight tonight and meantime it takes longer for the rain showers and thicker clouds to get to you in southeastern mass, it is going to warm up even more. lower 60s sliding into new bedford today, it is not until the rain moves in during the evening commute or even a little bit later there and continuing through the evening on flip side we got a cooler spot like keene, new hampshire at 37? and a lot of clouds around, quick sprinkle here the next couple hours and temperature not able to warm up as much as because of those early clouds. 51? in keene, also cold front coming through sooner and colder air moving in quicker. 61 in boston and lower sects really the rule in ipswich and framingham as well and we got a
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here out toward worcester and orange and keene, new hampshire, manchester, temperatures are limited to the 50s, even lawrence today about 59?. tonight though 30s are back, going to be freezing for many of you when you wake up in the morning and there we go into the low and mid-50s for your highs tomorrow with partly sunny skies, a little bit of breeze, winds probably up around 25 miles per hour from time to time here tomorrow and friday you can see i'm thickening up the clouds for veterans day here at 57?, looking dry right now, really don coming in on cold front and thicken up clouds for a little while. can't rule out especially on higher elevations, quick sprinkle on friday and saturday mostly sunny, wind and he 46? so consider wind chills in the 30s. for sunday high 54? but by the time we get to the evening hours and patriots hitting the field here, going to be down around 42
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pats and slowly warming mid-50s along with partly sunny skies. back to you. >> too close to call coming up. we are breaking down the latest numbers in new hampshire senate race where the lead has changed placed several times in just the past few hours. >> sara: >> julie: price tag of
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received number of inquiries relative to note that i monday and our friendship goes back many years and i think anybody that spent more than five minutes with me knows i'm not a political person. comments are not politically motivated and friendship and loyalty to donald. couple years ago we had secretary of state of kerry in our locker room, friend of mine, can't imagine two more people
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it is not about political or religious views and write hundreds of weather and notes every month and doesn't mean i agree with every single thing that every person thinks about politics, religion or other stuff but multiple friendships that are important to me and that's what that was >> daniel: things boiled over. wins came early and often for trump supporters even in key battle ground states like ohio. trump took early lead and never gave up and end up winning the state by more than eight points. clinton's alma mater wellesley college many students were in tears and came clear she would not be the president. >> julie: before trump arrived at campaign party a crowd had already gathered outside the
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as trump and supporters got into several shouting matches about comments made on campaign trail. after trump gave his victory speech protesters stormed streets of berkeley, california. video shows broken shop windows, toppled trash cans and smashed up cars. one person even hit by car and seriously hurt when protesters headed out on highway. >> daniel: new at 9:00 protests have been developing across the nation after results of presidential race were announced including this march at university of oregon. hundreds went to the streets last night showing disapproval of president-elect donald trump and state of oregon backed race forkers and protest were more destructive further down coast in auckland, california, protesters major highways by setting fires in the streets.
9:24 am
congressional raises in massachusetts, not many surprises here. democrats held the seats like niki tsongas in district three and stephen lynch representing district eight and nine bill keating won with pix% of the vote. >> julie: less than 200 miles from the massachusetts border and another vote was just unofficially it passed and they haven't counted absentee ballots yet and slots and table games and 2018 before the wynn casino opens in everett. >> julie: somerville went to the polls they went to priciest history. new high school slated to cost $257 million. 58 million more than the cost of newton high school.
9:25 am
taxpayers. massachusetts school building authority will vote in february on whether to approve the rest of the funding. >> shiri: rain chances going up and 40s% because incredibly patchy up there and hour-by-hour look at best timing for showers coming up fios is not cable.
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>> julie: cloudy, bright and much cooler feeling than yesterday and amazing. >> tracking rain though. >> tracking rain today, big changes brewing and a little bit cooler out there, going to be cloudier, wetter as well, do not have any rain over the cape right now, temperatures in the 40s and in the 50s and we find filtered sun out there this morning, boston running mostly cloudy, not the thick gray stuff yet but find over the course of the day the clouds own get thicker, 55 in boston, 48 in woburn, 47 in wayland and let's see, framingham at 51? right now. worcester in the lower 50s and townsend at 46 and new ipswich at 50 and got showers spreading into parts of western massachusetts right now and not really getting down to the ground in southwestern
9:29 am
the boston area and 3:00 p.m. in time for school that's when the shower threat will peak boston. >> julie: north of the pike still slow on 93 south through medford into somerville. here are live drive times, 28 minutes on the expressway from the braintree split to the exit for the pike. 41 minutes on 93 south and 12 minutes on 128 northbound from university avenue in westwood to the weston tolls.
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nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> daniel: president-elect donald trump trying to unify a divided country in last night's speech. >> julie: visibly emotion before taking the stage this morning and brought that to you live and waiting to hear from hillary clinton who went home without speaking to supporters last night. fox25 ri york city with what we can expect today. chris? >> reporter: speaker of the house expected to meet with media at 10:15 and meanwhile last night or early this morning, donald trump meeting his supporters at hilton holts just a couple blocks from where
9:31 am
as might imagine and he said he will be the president for all americans after swept the victory in the historic upset. trump, of course, no previous political experience and defined predictions of one key battle ground state and ran table of electoral map, won florida, north pennsylvania, pennsylvania putting him over the top, states not voted for republican candidates the 1980s. >> work on movement really just beginning. we have a great economic plan and double our growth and had
9:32 am
time we will get along with all other nation willing to get along with us and great relationships and great great relationships. >> already offering congratulations to donald trump and russian president vladimir putin and hopes the two countries can unite and come together and callingon congratulating him on his historic win. two, by the way, will meet tomorrow by the white house to park about the transition of power. live in manhattan, fox25 news. >> daniel: donald trump released statement on the win and working collaboratively to solve the problems and it is my hope donald trump works quickly
9:33 am
election. administration is eager to tackle the pressing and not voting for candidate in this election. >> julie: up 42 points right now and stock futures that were down about 190 points after hillary clinton conceded the presidential election to donald trump. 45 points. >> daniel: world leaders congratulating donald trump. >> chase challenging environment hybrid warfare attacks and terrorism. it is as important as ever. brought together america's
9:34 am
peace and conflict for almost 70 years. >> daniel: trump will have to travel to belgium next year for the next nato summit. >> julie: new hampshire hard fought senate race too close to call. maggie hassan 1400-point lead. fox25 live in arrowhead diner in reactions from voters. michael >> michael: talk of the town with president-elect donald trump and senate race extremely close now with governor hassan up by the 1400. margin, but it swung back and forth throughout the night so really won't know for sure the remaining set of precincts end up reporting and red arrow diner in manchester,
9:35 am
people about the senate race and spoken about the presidential race and just as vote was divided so was opinions. >> people identified as transgender, gay, lesbian, color, people of different religions and status quo i'm heartbroken for everybody. >> looks like working folk are mad at being told what to do and kicking the i'm psyched. >> michael: not that it ended up mattering too much but electoral votes here in new hampshire are still rated too close to call with trump having a slight advantage in the results so far but again, he is already president-elect. we are keeping a close eye on senate race which is too close to call. governor's race has been called. chris sununu will be the new governor of new hampshire.
9:36 am
governor and brother former u.s. senator. we will continue to follow all of this closely. live in manchester, new hampshire, michael henrich, fox25 news. >> daniel: for the first time since george w. bush in 2004 republican has full control of congress which means the gop could potentially make major changes. live in washington this morning with closer look at the shift in power. good morning, jacqueli. pretty good of taking back the senate but this morning donald trump is in the white house and republicans are controlling the house and the senate. now, of course, that's no guarantee that donald trump's agenda will stay on the fast track. gop candidates won senate races including most expensive race in pennsylvania and those in florida, ohio, north carolina and new hampshire. republicans declared the
9:37 am
affordable care act and nominating a different supreme court justice. mike tanner says it is going to be tough to get anything done. >> democrats enough to filibuster to slow down some things and house republican majority while didn't get reduced by that much, still going to make life pretty miserable for paul ryan who will have to balance moderates and conservative wings. >> reporter: democrats did pick up one republican seat in house and a lot of republicans who were critical of the donald trump as candidate are now getting behind him as president-elect, one of the biggest critics ted cruz sending out statement saying congratulations, calling this a change election and american voters wanted to reverse the country's current course. reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> daniel: coverage of this historic election continues both on air and online on the website.
9:38 am
mike pence full speeches and if away from the tv we will be sending alerts with new alerts throughout the day. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. look at drive time on 93 south, about 41 minutes as you head from 495 in andover down to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: i got highs today from 54 to 60?. warmest going to end up being southeastern massachusetts but timing out some spot showers. that's when i've back with you in about ten minutes. >> daniel: looking to get out of town and head north after t easy. coming up big hurdle in your way
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>> daniel: controversial questions decided on last night's ballot. here is look at breakdown. pot passing and charter schools 62-38. fox25 jessica reyes continues to team coverage this morning from south station get reaction from commuters. good morning, jess. >> jessica: one thing people are talking about question four and marijuana now legal here in massachusetts. this has been slowly turning in the bay state and last night voters finally made it official and you can start to expect to
9:42 am
massachusetts voters giving the green light, officially making it legal to light up. >> i think it is a good idea, lessrity, you know, keep people more quiet than alcohol. >> jessica: ballot question everyone talking about today and some people are psyched about it. >> don't think the government needs to be involved in it. >> supported for medical and not recreational. >> jessica: others against it governor charlie baker and mayor marty walsh say it could just lead to more addiction problems in >> i think massachusetts will be the pot capital of the world and i think we should be prepared for that. >> jessica: rules are relaxing it won't be sold in stores until january 2018. you also won't be allowed to just keep endless stash. at home one person six plants and 10-ounces on top of that. in public you can have up to 1 ounce. along with massachusetts california and nevada said yes to recreational pot.
9:43 am
four hoping it is start of nationwide shift in how people think about it. >> i think one day people should be sitting at dinner table smoking at joint just like they would be drinking glass of wine. >> other ballot question that we heard so much about over the past couple of months question two. charter schools and lost by pretty big margin examine it would have upped the number of charter schools here in massachusetts by as many as dozen a year. question one that dealt with casinos and lost but handout it would have added slot parlor to the bay state as well and question three, that did pass by a huge margin and can't be too tight of space, they need to have room to stand up and move around. that goes into effect in january of 2022. live in boston, jessica reyes, fox 25 news. >> daniel: marijuana was big
9:44 am
and nevada also passed recreational laws. voters in maine split 50/50 and too close to call right now. only states not pass initiative was arizona. on medical side acre, florida, montana and north dakota all approved medical marijuana. >> julie: breaking down race and end and her important issues. 58% of white supported trump, 37% for clinton, 8% of black voters supported trump, 88% for clinton and here is look at hispanic latino vote, 29% supported donald trump, 65% supported clinton. as for gender a bit closer here, 42% of women supported trump, 54% clinton. 53% of men supported trump, 41% for clinton. built -- bit of surprising
9:45 am
significantly less 37% and nonwhite women 21% and for trump 74% for clinton. here are big issue. lots of support for trump on immigration. 64% to clinton 32. trump again on terrorism 57% to clinton 39 and despite trump's business experience clinton won up on the economy and with 52% of the vote. foreign policy also a big win for clinton 60 points to 34. this morning pollsters are trying to figure out what went wrong. hick going into yesterday's election with comfortable lead. the only national poll to get the presidential race right was the l.a. times. officials told usa today conduct own surveys online and not over the phone. they say more people have been comfortable voicing support of president-elect on the web and other experts suggest news fbi investigation may have come too late for pollsters to notice impact. >> daniel: donald trump youngest son now internet star
9:46 am
during the father's victory speech. twitter users started new hash tags based off off of make amera sleep again and accidental eye rolls and straight yawns let on he was pretty tired and likely long night for the ten-year-old. it was 3:00 a.m. before the president-elect took the stage. >> julie: route 1 opened up 93 south still sluggish from medford into somerville. pike moving along fine from 495 to 128 but then starts to slowdown slightly through the newton area and brighton area as you approach the allston-brighton tolls. 128 south of the pike looks good and the expressway, just a little heavier volume than we typically see. here are live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 from 128 to the tobin. 33 minutes on 93 south. 20 minutes -- 29 minutes on the
9:47 am
ave. >> daniel: 9:46 right now. meteorologist shiri spear jones us with the forecast. shiri, a bit cloudy out and temperature seems to be very comfortable. temperatures warming into the 50s and where we should be here in november. >> election brain. >> shiri: temperatures aren't that bad. started out kind of cool, not cold, going to end up mild this afternoon and 50 in boston and i want to point something out and see how the dew .10?an divide like that and chance even when you see rain on radar some of it will be drying out on the way down and some of it happen and some spots as showers are trying to get over the worcester hills and very light rain falling out across western mass and pioneer valley and along the front energy and moisture is actually going to move to the south here. it leaves us with couple spotty showers and even at noon time it could deal with sprinkle in worcester and nashua, new hampshire and shortly after
9:48 am
couple spot showers and you can see these rain showers skip over town and cities, so really widely scattered stuff when you're on the go and fox25 weather app very hand and he see evening commute, 50s on tap and got a few wet roads and not washout so really not going to create a big issue trying to get home from work and kevin lemanowicz will be breaking down timeline on fox25 at 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 this is when we see mid-nate and temperatures able to warm up a little bit more and low and mid-60s over southeastern mass and lower 60s in boston and beverly and 50s in spots like lawrence and nashua, new hampshire and only 56? in worcester, even cooler in orange and keene because cold front coming through a little bit faster for you guys and into the 30s evening showers dealing with primarily south of the city and dry up by midnight
9:49 am
morning it is going to be partly sunny, we should brighten up for the afternoon and even go mostly sunny skies around town. temperatures back in the low and mid-50s. temperatures trend here average high 54, look at where we are tomorrow, right where we should be 54?, a little blip of warm-up here on friday and got another cold front that comes through and drops temperatures into the weekend and 7-day forecast here with the weekend always in view and has us at 58? today with a few spot showers later on a sunny and on friday we got a few of those rain showers coming through, along the front, don't see very much wet weather along with that but it will lead the way for windy conditions here as we get into saturday. there you could see friday front kind of comes and goes and probably going to involve some cloudy skies for many of us and 46?, going to be the cooler day of the weekend. by sunday warm up a little bit more so you can breakdown saturday and sunday highs.
9:50 am
50s, 40s, in fact, in worcester, 44 in nashua, 46 in boston, mid-40s in both plymouth and in beverly but we go by almost ten? on sunday and 54? and still mostly sunny and keeping things nice and dry, even into the beginning of next
9:51 am
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> julie: last night win. trump campaign manager kelly conway talking about what the min means for america. >> he will be president for all americans and many that did not vote for him and expect to be the president. he also went a little bit father. said need to heal and bind the wound of nation. obviously spoken to president
9:54 am
that we would like to lean upon to help us do that and certainly hope week do that and number of democrats today feel the same way. even the nonvoters people that don't really bother with the system. this is for all americans. >> julie: conway went on to say reach out to the international community and world readers as soon as it is problem. >> >> daniel: dow took dive at start of trading a catherine parrotta is live in financial strict this morning. bad news doesn't stop there though. >> >> catherine: asian markets in red and general people are keeping close eye on markets both overseas andhy -- here at home and wasn't bad start to the
9:55 am
fell 69 points, bounced back up by 37 points so nothing too dramatic right now. the dow, s&p head of the open and dow futures were down more than 800 points. they did rebound. analysts say investors are concerned about trump unpredictability and market shifts after elections aren't unprecedented and most recently after president bush was first elected in 2000, s&p droppe after the re-election and dropped when president obama was first elected in 2008, up 4% after the 2012 re-election and talking to people about the global market fluctuations this morning and here is what was said. >> surprised and reaction turns on. >> worry about the impact.
9:56 am
going before hopefully. >> live look now at big board, dow up by 63 points and again morning that hasn't seen many drastic fluctuations and, of course, it will be interesting day and keep an eye on what markets are doing here at home and overseas, but again, nothing too dramatic so far which is big news. live here in financial district, catherine parrotta, fox25 gloucester result of the election making some people leave the u.s. so many people visited the canadian immigration website that it crashed last night. if you're thinking about moving to canada, don't pack up stuff just yet. need permanent residency card before moving and those can take months to obtain. >> daniel: show you live picture now of people filing in to the grand ballroom of the new yorker hotel in new york city where hillary clinton will officially end her campaign. former secretary of state is expected to deliver her
9:57 am
we will carry the speech live right here on air and on our website at >> julie: what do we have to expect? >> shiri: chance for shower and grab the umbrella and chances are a little scattered rain here this afternoon, really spotty stuff, temperatures back in the upper 50s, lower 60s, warmest over south eastern massachusetts and not really
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>> it's november 9th. time for great viral videos "right this minute". >> bit of a situation. >> dude stops to take a selfie. >> and documents his journey in the middle of the plains. >> the not so smart move that's getting him roasted on social media. >> i don't know which way to people on the street. >> when suddenly -- >> how an ambush takedown stops the shake down. >> there's a dog. >> rescuers think they have the dog cornered. >> until the popo rolls up. >> why that puts a kink in the plan. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a husband who


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