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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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it happened a home on harrison place in marlborough state troopers assigned to middlesex district attorney's office are looking into the case. sky fox was juries over scene ten minutes ago. there's crime scene tape around the front of one of those homes. we're told call came in to police for aun responsive infant sw two unresponsive adults inside that home. baby was taken to a hospital but doctors were unable to save the child. right now we know that two adults a 19-year-old woman and am 23-year-old man are still in the hospital tonight recovering. to lose consciousness. we have a crew on way to scene. we'll bring you an update on this breaking news as soon as we get it into our newsroom jason law, fox 25 news. now on fox 25 face to face in the oval office. i just had the opportunity to have at an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. mr. president it was great honor being with you look forward to
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times in the future. fox 25 is there as mr. trump goes to washington. transition to power started today with a meeting between the commander in chief and his successor at the white house. the two spoke behind closed doors in oval office for more than an hour blair miller is live for news washington d.c. with more now on the historic meeting. blair. >> vanessa, this happening here white house inside oval office which just off to my left. you think this would some of awkward moment with everything that's happened on campaign trail it turns out both sides were pretty relaxed with each other. >> the freshman elect arrived to meet with president first time two had ever met for meeting that trump says was expected to last ten to 15 minutes. i have great respect and meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half. and it could have as far as i'm concerned could have gone on for lot longer two appearing
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after trump won election in campaign where president and trump launched insults at each other the president-elect called president obama a very good man. >> and the president described the meeting as excellent. but not revealing specifics of what they talked about except for domestic and foreign policy. >> we discussed a lot of different situations. some wonderful and some difficulties. the president recalled his own transition from eight years ago. and told trump he wanted to make sure he gets the same treatment. emphasize to you mr. president-elect that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> so, mr. president it was great honor being with you look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. thank you.
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today with president-elect trump. she met with first lady michelle obama behind doors president here called it an excellent conversation. vanessa. blair i know you have some sources inside the trump camp. can you giver us a better idea of the dynamic inside the oval office for that meeting? >> yeah, they call a pretty intimate conversation. yeah, this one-on-one as you mentioned for an hour and a half. they didn't really talk about their differences but at one point the president said of all of this live at the white house tonight blair miller, fox 25 news. all right blair, thank you. save travels back home. we'll see you soon. >> two top leaders in republican party came together first meeting since donald trump historic win. president-elect trump met with house speaker paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell toll tryout plans to enact sweeping conservative agenda ryan faces vote next tuesday to keep his job as speaker of the house. but he's under fire from fellow
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election. massachusetts senator elizabeth warren is speaking out first time since the election. she told a gathering aflcio she respects outcome vowed to stand up to any bigotry. >> we will fight back against attacks on latinos on african americans on women, on muslims on immigrants on sdi disabled americans on everyone. >> whether donald trump sits in a glass hour or sits in the white house, we will inch on this. not now, not ever. [ applause ] >> terms of policy warren says she will work with trump if he wants to rebuild the economy for working class. take look social media posts people are burning or throwing new balance over boston based support for president-elect trump. wall street journal quoted spokesman saying obama administration had turned deaf ear to new balance trump election is mover in right
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beseenled by customers on facebook and twitter. bloomberg unfairliville ville if i had. around 4 thourjs people hit statehouse in boston common before marching to newbury street. we caught up boston mayor marty walsh. >> i suggest that we wait a little what happens. i mean certainly theres concerns. there are concerns around the country. the mayor added he supports people's right to protest and highlighted that last night demonstration was peaceful boston police ad no arrests. wall street dow hit record high today. up more than 200 points on the day as investors continue to ride the trump wave. nasdaq did slide. fears related to president-elect
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the economy. loaded handgun stun begun ski mask a rope just some of the things police say new hampshire man had when he tried to talk his way into a home in arlington. tonight that man is under arrest. fox 25 ted daniel joins us live from neighborhood where this happened. ted, police tell us this guy was claiming he worked for the f.b.i.. and he certainly dress the pardon vanessa. i did read through the police report. and it says he lives in new hampshire but he works in massachusetts. at the mit credit union. he's loan rider police say he came to this neighborhood last night to target a young woman. thankfully her boyfriend was also at the home. >> 23-year-old gannon la blank in medford courtroom wear same black suit he was wear last night when police say he showed up arlington home f.b.i. hat on his head claiming to be a federal agent.
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police say he pulled out a poster of one f.b.i.'s most wanted fugitives. then he asked if he could come inside and use the bathroom. upstairs neighbor joe said it sounded completely bogus. i mean if somebody said that to me i'm with the f.b.i. can i use your bathroom i'd be like, audios. and a he found leblanc about a block from home at this bus stop on mass ave.. when police searched his backpack they say they found a stun gun, loaded 38 cali handgun, knife, black leather gloves, rope, duct tape, ski mask. the f.b.i. flier, and the f.b.i. hat. >> this guy had all of the equipment of a modern day police officer including a loaded handgun. and we're going to work with our federal partners to conduct an investigation to determine what his motives were. police say the couple did not know the two. but they suspect that he knew
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apartment. and specifically targeted her. how he knew her is unknown. but there is one connection that we found in the police report. they as i said earlier he works mit credit union according to the report, the woman at the home she works at mit's lincoln labs. latest reporting live in arlington i'm ted daniel, fox 25 news. carjacking double stabbing and a wild car chase spree started in connecticut and ended in worcester. police flannigan is live in worcester the story. yeah, good evening mark. the two suspects we arraigned here dud will district court on monday. this chase snaked through streets of worst and some witnesses say it's miracle nobody was hurt or even killed. stephanie almost didn't make it to work to her pizza shop today. it's a scary thing. i didn't know what was going on.
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driving and police chasing him. her car was hit during chase front right side damaged. the car was driving at was high speed and just went around me on right side and breakdown lane to get around me fast. police say two suspects both from connecticut a 21-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman stole a car there, crashed it and then flagged down two women. when women stopped to help, police say suspect stabbed them and stole their nissan rogue. and then, led high speed chase that ended as they crashed into a hood of the car in her driveway. in worcester. >> it was really scary. i didn't like i was also afraid she would get in the house. because that's something she could have done. or she could have like, threatening the police with me or my daughter. some long time neighbors say this is a second time a clays has ended in quiet cul-de-sac. so state troopers come around
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you know, police, guns drawn then i alerted my family to stay alert. something ghost down over there couple was quickly aarrested and then, hauled off to jail. >> and again that couple will be arraigned here in dudley district court on monday xhnt state police say the two women that were stabbed during the carjacking should be okay. we're live tonight in dudley, chris flannigan, fox 25 news. fox 25 has learned second victim in violent homein fischer was attacked long with her husband thomas hardy. hardy died in attack more than month ago on october 5th in orange. police say two suspects broke into the home stole money and a couple the couple's car before being arrested in virginia. fischer was 77 years old. 23-year-old joshua hart and 27-year-old britney smith are now being held in massachusetts jail. they are due back in court next month. a trial date now set for man accused of a killing the little girl once known as baby doe.
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against michael mccarthy. he's charged with murdering bella bond. his trial is set for april. the girl's mother rachelle bond was not in court today but her lawyers were. no trial date has been set for her. she is charged with being an accessory after the fact. bella's body washed up in bag deer island last year no one knew who she was for months. officers are stepping patrols in born after girl was almost kidnapped walking to bus stop a man grabbed a 14-year-old girl officers soifrsz officers say someone intervene preponderance according to police he was driving a blue or gray older mold sedan if you know anything call police. temperatures dropping into 40s now cool and dinner time but much colder by this time tomorrow night. how much the winds are going to really kick up too. straight ahead. was silly prank taken too far? or racially insensitive and demeaning act. what two local college students
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a big controversy atwellsly
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tonight there are lots of unanswered questions about how massachusetts will regulate recreational marijuana. how will work and how long will it will take robert goulston is talking to state leaders who say it's going to take a big effort to hash this out. >> we will just complicated as if we were bringing alcohol to massachusetts for first time. >> former treasurer steve grossman gives us a better sense of what needs to happen to get question 4 recreational marijuana use fully rolled out. at all times you need a complicated process. new law will be regulated like alcohol under state treasury. governor who opposed ballot initiative says his office will work to a develop a responsible and timely approach that honors will of the voters while also addressing public safety and health issues in our communities. the aclu as plans to be involved telling us we must insure that elected officials who oppose question 4 do not use their
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on election day. we need to make sure that this is done in a way that does minimize impact on our communities and on people who don't want to have anything to do with marijuana. way ballot question does address some unknowns already surfacing what your landlord or employer can and can't do. landlords can have in the leases you cannot smoke or grow marijuana. but they can't prohibit you from marijuana products. i think employers will be concerned about their employees potentially more than using marijuana and failing drug tests. that could have an impact. a job question may sorted out in court. you have to balance a personal, person's right to privacy with the employer's right to have a safe work place. federal law comes into play in work place. and under federal law any use of
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as more states loosen marijuana laws including here in massachusetts nfl says considering updating drug policy. national football league forming committee study whetherths should allow players to use pot for pain management. now experts say it could a safer substitute for more addictive opoid based drugs. under current rules players could face fines or suspension for testing positive for marijuana use. pipeline protester in boston chained themselves together to block entrance of a very busy protesting dakota access pipeline. they used bike locks and pipes to block entrance in downtown crossing this morning. boston globe reports police arrested two men and two women, one protester told fox 25 the bank was chosen for a reason. td bank is extending the credit line to dakota access pipeline. the company which is critical to the construction of that pipeline. and we say no. >> proposed 1100 mile pick up
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opposition from native americans and environmental groups who see it a threat to safe drinking water. >> fair amount of rain in october but still wasn't enough to end the drought. new at 6 today state environmental officials say large regions state continue to experience below average rainfall. a drought juan warning remains in effect for northeastern southeastern and flel portions of massachusetts. along with the connecticut river valley. now you're local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and fox 25 storm tracr sunset from at the silver sands beach area. in scituate. beautiful shot a lot of them tonight. there were some more there i showed you a little while ago. all because of these clouds that moved in to blend with that sunlight. make a beautiful sunset. these clouds will be drifting by tonight and we'll clearing out out to north there activity. first of all, back here there's a cold front. that cold front is coming right at us. its going to bring us chilly
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do after all. also clears out behind it. over here that's warm front. now, ahead of warm front it's still chilly. you get snowflakes to fly behind warm front changes over to rain. so in here is where the mild air sits. where you're seeing all this rain here behind blue ahead of red is where cooler air sits right now. boston is at 50. cooler hair here sits in suburb mostly out there in 40s cape cod and 40s as well. hour by hour boston tonight clouds break up get clear skies the 40s through these evening hours. into tomorrow morning in boston. it's going to clear overnight bottom line. but in the morning, sherry will be watching this front coming at us it will be raining ahead front, its mild. staying green. staying rain. but as front comes through, you get blue to pop up in mountains there. still some here in southern vermont over here in into new hampshire. that's snowflakes not lot just an indication of cold air that's coming in behind the front. now that front blow's on by
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you can see a little bit green in there potential for quick shower or two. not very likely though. small risk of any showers and southern new england tomorrow as front comes on by. huge risk of falling temperatures gusty winds right through evening hours. but look how we clear out as well. those clear skies allow temperature to drop pretty quickly tomorrow evening. so gusty northwest winds kick in later in day first southwest. you get mild air in here temperatures mostly in 50s even possible to hit 60 and few towns tomorrow afternoon. by the evening tou football watertown our game week you have game as we 40s kick off drop down to at least 40 upper 30s by half time. and certainly by end of the game it will be in 30s as well under increasing clear skies. clear already to the north and west. and any clouds will break up southeast and push on out of here. so in the morning we have southwest winds. that's the warmer air. gusting over 20 miles per hour.
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always talk about winds about direction they are coming from not blowing to. so blowing from northwest to southeast northwesterly wind colder air gusts well up over 30 miles per hour particularly in hills and also out on cape cod. going to be gusty. going to cold right into saturday morning you see that here 48 ingredients. that's it on saturday afternoon. not brutal cold but wind will make it feel even colder by sunday, we're already on the rebound. 59 degrees. and gillette stadium und sooefrng flea unr for kick off. veterans in trouble with the law. but getting help from the court system. how this court program is
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right now police are trying to figure man with gunshot wound to head ended up in woods easton neighborhood. it's a story two teens riding bikes found 35-year-old daniel smith on the ground. just about 25 yards into the woods on tuesday. smith remains in critical condition public is not in danger. search continues for three ned bedford boaters. coast guard says fisherman left sandwich headed to wood's hull on tuesday but never returned. today coast guard continue their search cape cod bay. so far, rescue crews haven't found any debris. >> mystery illness has an mall hospital in brookline. that hospital had to be
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after a dozen workers suddenly felt very sick. jieven law has more now on what prompted the evacuation. >> several furry friends and care taker spend thursday afternoon on sidewalk after workers inside this brookline animal hospital complained of feeling ill. >> what kind of symptoms were people feeling? nausea dizziness. deputy chief keith says 12 workers checked out paramedic no one need to go hospital state for potential gas leak or spilled chemicals. flaherty says they didn't find out of the ordinary. they came and did a thorough evaluation. we found very low levels of some acceptable substance normally found at the hospital. >> hazmat team and firefighters never figured out what it was. the all clear was 15 around 2 o'clock and everybody went back into the building. in control room jason law, fox 25 news.
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a local college campus what two men from babson college did hillary clinton alma matter that landed them in trouble tonight. also ahead police are stepping up patrols in bourne after girl says she is was almost kidnapped walking to her bus stop. who officers are looking for. first we continue to follow breaking news tragic breaking news in fact. marlborough where an infant has
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if you're just joining us 6:30 we continue to follow tragic break news infant and two 2 oh dults found unresponsive tonight police say that baby has died. and those two adults are hospitalized. hello ernie i'm mark ockerbloom. i'm vanessa wells. police are not giving out lot of details right now. fox 25 crystal haines just got to scene and joins us live now this is just awful. well what i'm hearing is this a very quiet street. and not a lot happens here as we hear this type of situations i will step out frame because there's another what appears to be police are law enforcement vehicle that is arrived here on harrison place. the middle sex district attorney's office says that police were called to this home at 43 just before noon today. and they found two adults and an infant unresponsive. now the baby was pronounced dead hey hospital.
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are still being treated at the hospital tonight. it remains unclear what happened here, and police as you can see still on the scene now. we did just arrive here so we're going to continue to talk to neighbors to see if they had any indication how this could have happened and what they saw earlier today. for now reporting here in marlboro i'm crystal haines, fox 25 news. all right crystal, thank you. >> well now let's get check of our top stories happening tonight mit worker being held without bail accused of a trying to get inside arlington home b pretending to be an f.b.i. agent. cannon leblanc plead not guilty when police arrest 23-year-old last night they say he had loaded begun stun gun, knife, and was wearing an f.b.i. hat. they say he came to the neighborhood to target a young woman. a man in woman are in jail tonight accused of a stabbing two people in a carjacking. then leading police on a wild chase through two states. it's started in putnam connecticut and ended in the driveway of a home in worcester. mass state troopers quickly
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they are due in dudley district court on monday police in bourne are stepping up patrol a girl was assaulted this morning. it happened when girl was walking to her bus stop. all new at 6:30 fox 25 melanie basu is live where it happened. malini. police tell fox 25 that this hour they are following any and every lead they are getting any phone calls they are getting. i want to show you all this happened here this morning. that 14-year-old girl was walking to bus stop when a man came from behind her. so here's what we have learned within last hour 14-year-old girl was walk to school bus stop just before 7 o'clock this morning. girl told police a man grabbed her by the neck and threw her to the ground. we know that there were some sort of words exchanged but borne police will not get go into details all of this happened puritan and cranberry roads in bourne. police say if wasn't for witness this situation could have ended differently. witness that was in the area intervened. he yelled yelled out her name
6:32 pm
along puritan road. >> okay. so right now you should be being description of suspect he's described a white male with a medium height. he's in his early 20s. or even 30s. possibly he was in a blue or gray older model sedan with plates either s w or 5 w. and back out here live also being told that he had some sort of facial hair. tonight once again police tell us that there is no community but tonight they are also patrolling the area. looking for any other clues. for now live in bourne, malini basu, fox 25 news. we're following breaking 92 bulging ton sky fox over this hotel in old concorde road. you can see several fire trucks and at least one ambulance outside hotel. several are in the parking lot with blankets around them no word whats taking place right now we're working to get more
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clear and cool evening. in this city of boston. >> there's that storm tracker weather for us. live look now where bruins fans are heading into the stadium to the garden for tonight's game chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz here now. fans will want jack the when that games over. i'm awimp i'd wear one inside for icy arena. when you leave one you will need one too 48 in bedford 50 in boston in foxboro going down to low 40s rebounding 6:00 a.m. 44 bright sunshine. going to be sunny after tonight. clouds. clouds drifting by right now. made for beautiful sunset no doubt. these clouds are coming at us in between, those clouds move off waiting for clouds. kind of air that will get here clearing up. there's snow and rain along a front to our north. this front's going to bring huge change to start your weekend. at least how it will feel outside. by tomorrow night this time we will talking about the gusty
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show you how long it sticks around this weekend just ahead president obama welcome president obama donald trump to white house met one-on-one u.1 with trump closed door meeting that lasted more than an hour today was first meeting between president and key washington leaders. the president and trump spoke after the meeting about working out a smooth transition to the new administration. i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. including council. it has been important for all of regardless of political preferences to now come together. >> trump also met with his party's leaders who control both house and senate and behind scenes team reviewing thousands of resume attempting to put together next administration. secret service intensified its presence trump tower in manhattan most famous resident became president-elect our washington bureau asked secret service if other trump properties around world
6:35 pm
we're told their protection follows the individual not properties. trump adult children will not be getting secret sfls protection but his son baron will because he's under 18. concern on two local college campus after an election stunt goes terribly wrong. two students from babson college have been kicked out of their fraternity after they drove through campus wavering a trump sign allegedly harassing female students right after clinton conceded the election. fox 25 jackie hien rick joins us live now. jackie, those young caught on video. >> vanessa, caught on camera and also caught by police. the images have been shared thousands of time on social media. right now babson college is working with wellesley college police to determine if any laws were broken when those two students knowingly trespass on this campus as it appears to show in the video here. >> we are official banned from wellesley college. if we're caught there we'll get arrested and subject to trespassing.
6:36 pm
we have learned blurred students faces babson college not responded to our question to confirm these men are and heed the ones involved in incident. they've not yet told us whether students will face any disciplinary measures. they did confirm they are investigating and con testimony the allegations saying word of what happened has made its way to the university president. and more than 40 bias incident reports have filed. sigma phi epsilon issued statement saying this type of abusive misogynistic behavior has no place in our society and we're proud of our chapter for swifting removing these men from from our organization this allegedly drove past wellesley harambee house. students they say are of african descent. it said targeted gender the college is still working to determine what if any fun
6:37 pm
students will be facing live in wellesley i'm jackie hien rick, fox 25 news. donald trump did not win massachusetts a third state voters did vote for him. according to a wb ruchlt ur bands of towns a voted republican in southwestern part the state as well a chunk of communities in the state's southeast. massachusetts also appears to be the only state in the country where trump did not win a single county. >> numbers are staggering massachusetts officials awe opiate overdoses kill 5 people every day state hoping to curb crisis by stopping addiction youj age. attorney general maura healey is starting state-wide grant program to fund efforts. the $500,000 grant is open to nonprofits and school districts looking to make young people aware of the effects of opoid. healey hopes the early education cuts down on the number of overdoses. we also need to focus as much attention on the front end. that's what today is about.
6:38 pm
efforts. equipping young people to be there best selves and to be as healthy as they can be. cvs funding program pharmacy chain agreed to strengthen policies and procedures around dispensing open outside. local leaders in milton want several airlines to fix design flaw on their jets. town is on busy flight path to logan airport. earlier this year, fox 25 detailed concerned that residents there have about constant airplane noise. the globe says milton officials have sent a letter to executive at five asking them to install a triangle shape device on airbus a 320 jets. the aircraft has design flaw which creates a high pitch noise. the device greating reduces that noise. commuter rail service being shut down this weekend on busy needham line starting in just two hours lasting all weekend. the t says service on the needham commuter rail line will be suspended starting to want 8:30 trains will not start running again until monday morning. crews will be working to replace tracks going over the la grange
6:39 pm
also closing this weekend on ramps to 128 north route 9 in needham. starting 8 tomorrow night. ramps in both directions will be closed as part of ad a lane project. traffic will be moved to the newly constructed bridge and on ramp once work is complete. which is expected to be before monday morning commute. drivers on one 28 north will continue to be able to use a shared exit lane for route 9 east and west. some clouds drifting through this evening how cold and winnered we're
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i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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but already a very special day for group vets in. you are veterans treatment court that found themselves wrong side of law are now celebrating a new feature. every thursday here in detective ham is in session. this is a special court where veterans are offered help not jail. but it is an intense program. and today, on this day before veterans day, six vets are getting a second chance. in dedham district court a special session for a special group of men. i felt alone. felt the only solution was alcohol. >> these veterans who have run intro trouble with the law. but instead of prosecution, they were offered veterans treatment court. it's a second chance. >> a dui has some possible jail time. >> peter bell of hopkinton a navy vet who got into trouble. >> middle of my life prime earning years i decided to screw
6:44 pm
life up the right way. quincies john keel served united states army was also arrest for drunk driving he remembers what was like sitting in jail cell. oh my god. you know, i just messed up everything i had. in coming here. meeting these people give you hope, you know so you you're not desperate like that. key part of this, veterans helping veterans. as mentors peter cook of vietnam vet mentored both peter and john. when i retired, i, i decided there's i owed kind of debt of honor to so many of them that i had served with ceremony honor 6 men who hit rock bottom but who turned things around through veterans treatment court. congressman steven lynch. their whole epic to be warrior and not ask for help and be brave and suck it up. sometimes you need help. this program can last up to two years. at last two years veterans have
6:45 pm
regular basis and do exactly what the judge tells them to do. but when it's all over there's a graduation ceremony like we saw today. if court ever sees these vets again, it's because they are volunteering to help other vets who got into trouble. in dead happen bob ward, fox 25 news. great story. uh-huh daylight saving time making for one of a kind story on cape cod. this here's picture of seth and emily peterson on sunday more than emily gave birth couple's twin boys samuel was born 1:39. ronan born just about 31 minutes later but ronan listed older brother on birth certificates because time had already fallen back an hour. due afollow the math there nurses cape cod hospital first time they have ever seen this happen. >> no but back to s at back in junior year of high school. just four years old. but he's newest star player on a assumption college baseball
6:46 pm
signed his draft papers today here you are. he has congestive heart failure and already had three open heart surgeries. he was dravt help original soggies with college sports teams. and they take him under their wing. i'm sure what moment for him and his family. and the team as well. yeah most of those guys will never forget it. better for it no question. yeah. >> good for him. hey look you know it's cold out there at least in so the chill in the air. but nothing compared to what we're dealing with tomorrow night. let's talk about that, shall we? clouds floating on through right now. those clouds are giving nice sunset notice clear back here kind air moving toward us. that clearing air. and then these clouds arrive tomorrow afternoon. so step by step here we have some snow up here but also some rain. this area here, that's where cold front pushing toward us that will bring us our big change in the air. here, you see where green and
6:47 pm
right in between those two warm front. that warm front ahead colder you get snow behind it turns to rain. just the opposite will happen with this front. so let's take hour by hour overnight tonight we are clear through morning we're clear. meteorologist shari will be track front coming through new england tomorrow for you south and watch green turn to blue up here in mountains. not a lot of know. i get that but just an idea of how the warm air will become cold air behind this front. then that front sing off shore here where green is. the risk of but also by the streets of clouds blowing across water you often see that when you have the cold wint blowing across relatively ocean waters. same idea how you get lake effect snow out there great lakes knot going to produce any kind of precipitation here. snowflakes starting to go away a i air dries out we clear out tomorrow night. few goods to talk about first of all high temperatures tomorrow generally in 50s a couple 60s-degree reading where the front will reach last in afternoon veteran's day parade
6:48 pm
look at the wind gusts. that's when we have to talk about how windy it's going to be hour by hour. now at first its wipd in morning we at least brisk. wind gust over 20 miles per hour perhaps high 30 in southeastern massachusetts direction air rohr pointing this way means southwest wind. a warm air direction. as front comes through middle of day into afternoon those turn to northwest. and look at the wind staying up there, right through saturday evening. so we're going to have gusty period, friday even over 30 miles per hour through that gives you windchills by tomorrow evening at this time feeling like 20s and 30s across our area. and getting colder from there on out. that means friday night football is going to be chilly tomorrow. watertown our game 43 with clear mostly clear skies to clear skies at half time about 40 degrees. your seven-day forecast, looks like this, so veterans day 56 degrees. not so bad, right? by evening going to feel whole lot different sunshine saturday
6:49 pm
and high temperatures saturday only mostly, mostly in 40s few towns like boston hit 50 but going to feel whole lot cooler than that on sunday we rebound to 59sunshine few things going on i've told about this weekend first of all on saturday. spartan race happening fenway park. doesn't want to seem to give you that forecast sunday forecast there you go patriots versus seahawks 43. clear and sdrie. it will be chilly for the game but not going to brutally cold. weather. the coldest part going to sunday morning if you sleep in a bit, wait to go to a. noon for tailgating you will be just fine for game at gillette stadium tracking next system after that by tuesday with some showers and another storm by middle of week by that 6 to seven days away let's deal with cold snap we have coming our way right now update that this evening. all right kevin we know gronk is always ready to party. apparently always ready to rock as well. tonight, patriots tight end
6:50 pm
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? all right enough. drong groppiing made video for ea sports. maker popular game madden nfl gronk was asked about it di. he said he wishes he could sing. if he could, he says that would be career he chose. not quite sure. hang on to day job if i'm gronk. i'm not sure why i admitted that was actually his voice.
6:51 pm
when you come back he joins us
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getting a key offensive player back for this game. and a guy who wasn't even op patriots the last time that these two teams met. several reports running back deion le lewis will be activated he started practicing two weeks a practice in pads twice this week. patriots also release running back tyler gaffney earlier tonight possibly to make room for lewis. will sunday game live up to super bowl 49 last time these two teams met? super bowl 49 has nothing to do this game. that was couple years ago. week. all about pairing and coach says you know if you love football, you know sunday night 8:30 here stadium will be great place for it. >> and if you love football a brady said you got to love malcolm butler unless you're seahawks fan russell wim son thinks butler game winning pick in super bowl 49 malcolm admits he still thinks about it won't on his mind sunday night. he's bigger about me.
6:55 pm
and they like to compete, you know they got great quarterback. great defense. good receivers. and you know we just got to be ready to play. one of the best teams in nfl. they going to compete for whole 60 minutes. and old pal richard sherman comes to town this weekend nine grand lighter in wallet nfl fining sherman that amount for this hit on bill's kicker dan carpenter last monday knight. discussing hit with seattle media sherman is usual defers to that quick wit were going at you were trying to hurt kicker no you most not atmosphere athletes never do in ig at athletic in your life so it's hard for you to understand. >> several other reminder tonight that sports and politics can a bad mix. remember theo epstein skipped the red sox white house visit in 2008 with george w. bush in office. now thee theo trying to make cubs visit before donald trump takes over while barack obama is still in office. and of course, bill belichick
6:56 pm
trump. well at least belichick did. brady reminding of his allegiance to his wife. inside patriots locker pay politics will not divide them that point reinforced by hillary clinton supporter mark bennett. get going anyway. so, i mean we're teammates like i'm not mad at people. like i love i believe in people. and maybe a bad thing maybe good thing but i believe in people. like, what your religion is what color you are, do in your spare time none of that bothers me as long you're nice human being and we're together i have no, i don't care. >> tweeting back at producer chad. i believe in people. when chad tweeted that out. very nice. look at that. maybe he should run for office. i like that.
6:57 pm
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?? brad pitt's first interview since his split. >> it's really nice to have the support. >> as new details about the child abuse allegations surface, what angelina wants the world to know tonight. then the newest kardashian kid has arrived. find out the totally unique baby name. plus -- >> i got bad confession. her face then and now. >> she isn't smiling anymore. >> i am smiling! >> we go head to head with melissa mccarthy. >> i'm going to hit that ball. >> our behind the scenes of her new movie. >> the cameramen, i hope they're wearing cups. >> oh! >> is everyone going to be okay? i'm so sorry! now for november 10, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight". >> welcome back, brad.


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