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tv   FOX 25 Morning News  FOX  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> julie: baby dead in marlboro and find out about the child and two adults taken from the home to the hospital. >> daniel: breakfast why good meal in the morning may help kids stay in shape. complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: 9:00 a.m. on friday, november 11th, i'm daniel miller. >> good morning, everyone, i'm julie grauert. happy veterans who has served and is serving and activity for veterans day shaping up for local events, activities and parades. meteorologist shiri spear and stormtracker weather center with some gusty conditions by lunchtime. >> temperature in the middle 50s in boston and bedford up to nashua, new hampshire. this is probably the warmest nashua going to see as cold front comes through and temperature are going to start to drop and whole thing happens
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think southeastern mass will have time 60? before temperatures start to roll back again and current conditions here are on the bright side for most of us. as we get into the day though those winds are going to get strong and her stronger, right now sustained winds are ten to about 20 miles per hour, strongest over the cape and islands but they get much stronger from here. so hour-by-hour forecast local and middle 50s as clouds increase and temperatures back 3:00 this afternoon. closer look into the hour-by-hour winds coming at new a few. julie back now with live drive time traffic. >> very light traffic because veterans day and kids out of school and people off work, so right now the traffic flow bright green on 93 south in route 1. no delays even on the expressway and holiday and zakim. live drive times, 12 minutes route 1, 19 minutes on 93 south
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from route 1 in peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: following news in billerica all morning. police on scene since 10:00 last night. >> julie: still unclear what happened but investigators spent hours there. michael henrich live at the scene where police opened the streets back up to traffic. michael? >> michael: reaching out the early sort of incident happened and look at video from last night though, taken shortly after police were called around 9:45, you can see the extent to which the department responded and taping off the actual property of that rogers street home, single story home there and in and out of quite sometime and eight and a half hours throughout the night asked about whether the public was at any
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police -- police department say they understand why i'm asking, who i'm trying to get that sort of information out, but they declined to comment on any aspect of the investigation so far saying that we would find out more on monday local district court and continue to work answers for you and as soon as we do put them on the website at we be web. -- >> daniel: following breaking news in los angeles right now. 185 people have been arrested for blocking major highway during protest. this was the scene in los angeles where police worked to keep people from marching on to the freeway. police made the arrest after demonstrators did not leave the road. this was the third night of protest nationwide and unrest was seen in portland, oregon too. this is video from portland, 26 people arrested there for disturbing the peace and
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the parking lot. from there it was a string of violence and vandalism. people were seen throwing trash cans and other objects at police, even at one point the protesters made it on to several different roads and blocked cars from passing. one woman was trying to drive through the protest when someone apparently used bat to smash the windshield and shattered gas coming up here and woman crying very upset and telling police she was not hurt and she wasn't alone. other drivers had similar protesters after she was finally able to drive away. >> you're all acting like donald trump. >> when we were in there and one of them smash tires -- front passenger tire and break the window. >> daniel: portland wasn't the only city and they had protests again last night and told earlier we have been keeping an eye on donald trump's twitter account.
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love fact they have passion for the great country and will all come together and be proud. trump also tweeted last night he thought property test were unfair and were insighted by the media. >> julie: mr. trump called president very good them and stressed the need to come together. >> we now will want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future. >> away from the cameras first lady michelle obama and soon to be first lady melania trump met in private. neither of them addressed the media after but learned donald
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this sunday. right now trump working to fill hundreds of jobs and cabinet positions. appears members of cabinet staff will get first billing including campaign manager kelly anne conway. conway took to twitter rebuking claims wasn't interested in job she had been offered in the white house and neither conway nor trump saying what the position is. >> daniel: marlboro police are investigating death of two-year-old baby and police say two adults were als hospitalized this morning. fox25 jessica reyes live at the scene and neighborhood stunned by the news. >> jessica: baby couple minutes baby and across the street here no one has been home all morning long and we know
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>> can't make anything out involve my child, i believe. >> grim scene home in marlboro thursday approximate police called around noon to find two adults and baby unresponsive. >> julie: cautious and awake as she was pushed from the home on chair and young man was seen taken out in handcuffs. woman was classmate of hers at marlboro high school. >> pretty quiet to herself and don't know the full story but family. >> i believe there were boyfriend and girlfriend and young woman that lived in there and so there was like a grandmother, mother and younger
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>> few houses down stunned to hear what happened on the street. >> said hi when walked by us and very nice, very simple. >> jessica: looking into this and a lot of questions and what happened to this baby and looking to get answers and as soon as we get update we will let you know. live in marlboro, jessica reyes, fox25 >> julie: 14-year-old never saw coming. >> put her to the ground and hand under her stomach and there was no way for her to defend herself. >> julie: man took off when woman saw what was happening and ran to help and suspect described as white man of medium height in 20s or 30s and
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>> daniel: man started man and woman stole car in putnam connecticut and then crashed it. pair then flagged down a car for help and stabbed two women inside and took off on second stolen car and police continued to chase them into massachusetts and sideswiped a couple of cars in worcester and crashed into a woman's driveway where state police caught them. >> i was shaking and because my >> when i show up over here, seeault police cars. show up here. >> daniel: suspects arrested and arraigned in dudley supreme court on monday and both stabbing victims will be okay. it is 9:09 right now. second victim of violent break-in has now died. 77-year-old joanna fisher died yesterday morning in the hospital. last month fish and her 95-year-old husband thomas hardy
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orange home. died in the attack and fisher was found seriously hurt. two people joshua hart and brittany smith of athol are facing charges in the home invasion and for hardy's death. pair arrested days after the attack in virginia and telegram reports autopsy scheduled to determine fisher's cause of death. right now not clear if it could bring a second murder charge. nearly 4,000 nautical miles in cape cod bay to search for missing fisherman. julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. it has been an easy very light commute and all green on our maps this morning. many people changing up their schedules for veterans day. >> julie: snapshot 3:00 p.m. wind gust. >> shiri: closer to 40 for the cape and islands but check out
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we you still got cold air in place and show what you that means for pretty uncomfortable wind chills next. >> julie: scare at new england hospital. threat at rare disease that led doctors to call off surgeries all week. >> daniel: getting better look
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>> catherine: >> daniel: vigil held officer. his officer recovering in the hospital. >> quiet little town and don't have trouble and something comes up we unite >> officials found the suspect dead in the house. they say he also shot his pregnant wife before turning the gun on himself. chilling new body camera video and what happened in the aftermath of pulse nightclub shooting. the video authorities are seen entering the scene of worst mass shooting in u.s. history with guns drawn wearing latex gloves to protect from blood splatter. victim cell phones heard in the background as they reached them
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killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others when opened fire at the orlando nightclub. >> julie: surprise reversal looks like wall street liking the idea of record trump. record high by big gains in goldman sales tax. dow futures are down 36 points and we will keep an eye when they open >> daniel: elizabeth warren isn't saying whether she is eyeing run in 2020. who her running mate would be by saying she doesn't have energy for that right now. she also was asked about how hick is doing and confirmed the two had spoken sense the election and hesitantly said it has been hard for clinton but doing well. clinton's rival turned advocate bernie sanders had this to say when asked a similar question.
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since tuesday night? >> i have not. i will recall and make the call but i have not. >> daniel: both sanders and warren work with the people they represent. >> julie: woman said she was heartbroken by the election results she decided to take a hike with her daughter and clear her mind. she heard people coming toward her and it was hillary and bill clinton walking dogs and she to hug clinton and explained that her proudest moment as a mother was getting to take her daughter to the polls and vote for the former secretary of state. >> she was very gracious and hugged me and couldn't have been any nicer and very warm and asked me about my daughter obviously and faking nice
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clinton took the photo and secret service also there. her host has more than 103,000 likes on facebook page and has been shared more than 8500 times. we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes every ten minutes. want to let you know that needham line service suspended until sunday night while they work on bridge replacement in west roxbury. no buses replacing. route 193 south moving along fine and no issues on the expressway and a lot of space between those cars and its roads. here are live drive times, single digits on the expressway too. got errands to run, plans that you're making, heading out the door, you will not be slowed down right now. 22 minutes on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. >> daniel: shiri spear joins us on veterans day and appreciate all of you that have
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stars. >> shiri: cool thing best viewing before dawn and clock early tomorrow. not as active meteor but nice treat and see shooting stars the next couple of days and that's why and tougher to see here sunday night and monday morning because of the full moon. 55? now in plymouth, 55 in fitchburg and go out there quick and green on map here and have mostly cloudy skies developing in fitchburg and 55? and dry and very dry and partly cloudy right now and stay drey and a little bit of green there and maybe on fox25 weather app and evaporating on the way down so 11:00 a.m. 55? and probably few clouds around and
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3:00 p.m. and 44? at 5:00 p.m. if you have friday night plans hope you're ahead for the 30s out there in most of the suburbs, even boston going to get chilly quickly here. future cast as we roll through the friday and on and off clouds and strong winds and don't have enough moisture around to stir up any kind of rain or snow or anything like that and conditions pretty darn quiet and wake up tomorrow morning as well and bedford and plymouth and norwood and boston today 57? and worcester 52 and 51 in manchester, new hampshire and these spots will see up north, temperatures start to drop and probably by the time hit lunchtime today and 20s and 30s and cold start to the morning and northwest winds ten to 30 miles per hour and sustained and we could have stronger gusts than that, high temperature tomorrow make it into the 40s and plymouth and
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45? and 48 in chatham and we got about 50 in boston here. the next day though upper 50s across new england and going to feel a lot warmer. big concern is focused across the temperatures and wind chills tomorrow morning. wind chills and teens and 20s, jason brewer going to be right here on fox25 morning news and going to be tracking the chill in the air and huge discomfort level and danger not dressing yourself once get into saturday nice and bright in the afternoon and obviously temperature a little bit below average but nothing you can't handle this time of the year. we got clouds that pass through on saturday night and early isn't morning but the sunday brightens up, going to be the warmer of the two days and because the wind will end up diminishing during the afternoon on saturday, i think sunday just as a whole is looking so much better for outdoor plans and cold start around 28? but get up to 57 and strong winds and going
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partly sunny and coming in off the ocean and discrepancies however it will -- how far it will get and soaker and keeping very close eye on that for now. back to you guys. >> investigators say a massachusetts state trooper was drunk when he was involved in deadly crash that claimed life with mother and daughter in
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>> daniel: parents want to help children from being underweight and why kids are piling on the pounds. >> reporter: look at weight development in first ten years and published in u.s. journal pediatrics and skipping breakfast and skipping on sleep are early life factors
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become overweight. the study also confirmed the increased risk and mother overweight or obese. what's not strong indicater who will gain healthy amount of weight how many sugary drinks consumed and how much tv kids watch. researchers found that breastfeeding and when babies transition to solid foods doesn't really increase or decrease their risk. the new light shedding here is that it is not just about kids eating too muc reporting live in washington, jacqueline fell, fox25 news. >> julie: being called major step forward in paralysis research. implanters in head and spine monkeys brain able to tell the leg to walk. leg movements weren't perfect they were able to walk without dragging the leg and still take decades before the technology is
9:26 am
portland and spread by nervous system tissues from other surgeries main medical center. >> shiri: tricky a front coming there you and low and mid-50s, winds picking up, some clouds coming through and i will show you when the wind and cold at its worst next. >> daniel: perfectly good sneakers lit on fire. why boston based new balance has
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complete new england news coverage starts right now. this is the fox25 morning news. >> daniel: what a beautiful picture. does it feel cool out. >> been inside. cool and going to get colder for veterans day activities out there. >> daniel: windy. >> shiri: cool things down
9:30 am
show and tweak forecast a little bit and look at winds, winds now cranking 25 miles per hour gusts in worcester, 21 miles per hour in boston and beverly, 29 miles per hour in hyannis and get ready for incredibly wind blown friday here. we got partly cloudy skies but dry conditions in leominster, over to groton and hollis, new hampshire with mid-50s and those are highs for the day and hold steady through noon time and start dropping there and 56 in lexington and 55 in boston, 55 in mansfield and got the nice over south shore and south. day planner and adjusted a little bit faster this afternoon and 11:00 this afternoon we are going to have a little blip, warm-up into the upper 50s temporarily, 55? by noon time and winds gusting similar to where they are now around 25 miles per hour and 30 miles per hour gusts this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. dropping it down to 50 and back
9:31 am
so coming up couple minutes i'm going to be breaking down wind chills, not just for this evening but some even more uncomfortable wind chills for tomorrow morning. julie, back to you for live drive time traffic. >> really nice smooth commute out there this morning, expressway wide open, no issues on 128. north of the pike you're flying down route 1 and 93 south and see on expressway ton of room between the cars. here are live drive times, 13 minutes on route 1 the tobin. 19 minutes on 93 south, 22 minutes on 128 southbound from peabody to the weston tolls. >> daniel: crime scene tape has been taken down around a home in rogers street after investigators spent more than eight hours at the home overnight. more information about what happened will be released monday in lowell district court. if we get any updates on the story throughout date we will pass it along to you on
9:32 am
app. >> protests for donald trump election turned into riots. brought you this forecast live. this is showing police ordering protest to disperse and using tear gas and bullets to break up the crowd. they were forced to step in when vandalized cars and objects at police and police originally said 29 people they have corrected it to 26. >> julie: protesters blocked highways and they have seemed to settle down and we will have updates. >> daniel: questions still surround the death of baby inside a home. jessica reyes is live the the scene this morning where infant, jess, found unresponsive along
9:33 am
mother and graduated from marlboro high school just last year and she was quite but so excited to have this baby and everybody stunned to get on here and video from last night when police were on scene here. they were here for several hours carrying and not elaborating whole lot is to what happened and only saying that the baby and two adults found unresponsive here and baby later passed away. e 19-year-old woman they are being treated at hospital this morning and globe reports young woman around the age conscience and awake as pushed out of the home on share and young man being taken out of here in handcuffs. one of the neighbors went to high school with the mother and so excited to have the baby.
9:34 am
school and got pregnant during graduation. she was expecting baby with hope and joy. >> jessica: no charges have been announced and so many questions about this namely how that baby passed away and what was going on with the two adults, why they were unresponsive here yesterday. of course, we reached out to the d.a.'s office as we get update throughout the day and let you know on and fox25 at four, five and six. fox25 news. >> julie: mbta bus driver under microscope. passengers on board the bus called 911 after they say the driver was acting strange and catherine parrotta live in stoneham this morning where police pulled the bus over. catherine? >> catherine: bus pulled over on main street in stoneham and do tell us the driver will be summoned to court at later date for leaving the scene of
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one flout up. >> julie: trial date for man known as killing baby doe.
9:37 am
she is charged with being access row after the fact. bella's body washed up on bag on deer island last year. it took months to identify her. >> awarded $4 million to cambridge couple that ran irish nanny killed the baby girl. filed a wrongful death lawsuit after the one-year-old died in harvard square apartment in 2013. a murder charge against ashling brady mccarthy was dropped last year after a medical examiner changed the undetermined. the couple's lawyer told fox25 they don't -- know mccarthy doesn't have enough to pay up but yesterday's ruling keep her from keeping money off movie or book deal. >> daniel: trooper john basler sentenced to four months in jail from drunk and reckless driving
9:38 am
daughter juliet because state police say both cars crossed the yellow line that night. and fox25 about the sentencing. >> don't have revengele feelings. >> daniel: he chose to drive drunk but did not cause the accident. that in legal terms caused casualty and wh the hook with homicide charges. >> julie: people chained themselves together. they used bike locks and pipes to block the entrance to the td bank in downtown crossing yesterday and there to protest the dakota pipeline and chose to protest for reason.
9:39 am
construction of the pipeline and we say no. >> daniel: >> julie: seen fierce opposition from native americans and environmental groups. police arrested four people during yesterday's protest. >> daniel: triangle shaped object could change thousands of people and asking several airlines to fix a design flaw on their jets. town of milton is on a busy flout path to logan airport. now the globe says milton officials sent letter to asking them to install triangle shaped device at airbus a320 jets and has design flaw which creates a high-pitched noise which the device greatly reduces. thoroughbred horse racing returning to suffolk downs and east boston for another year. the globe reports state gaming commission approves six days of live racing for next year and same number of races seen at track this year. horse owners and trainers have voiced concern that they can
9:40 am
track says it was forced to compress the season for sick days because crowds aren't big enough to support any more. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. on veterans day traffic it has been very manageable. right now 19 minute ride from 495 in andover to the zakim bridge. shiri? >> shiri: jump into weekend and pats on sunday night and game temperature 43? at kickoff and going to be clear, dry and chilly but weekend as whole looking a lot colder than that at times. i will show you when it be cold and even when you get a little bit of warm-up. >> this isn't something you see everyday. coming up fight between two bald eagles that led to tough predicament. >> julie: two babson college students underfire for
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>> daniel: two local fraternity brothers under fire for taunting student at wellesley college and babson college drove through the campus waving a trump flag. woman at wellesley are calling it harassment. >> we are officially banned from wellesley college. >> daniel: students say two
9:44 am
it shared thousands of times on social media. babson and wellesley gathered to make amend after the incident. >> emotions running high and get out of class and to hear about it it was really upsetting. >> daniel: so far the university has not identified the students involved so kept the faces blurred. sigma phi epsilon say they have been kicked out and said with statement this kind of abusive society and removing the men from the organization. babson issued a statement confirming they are investigating the incident and condemns -- condemning the allegations. >> julie: president-elect donald trump may want to settle a lawsuit against trump university according to his attorney yesterday. facing class action lawsuit from former customers who say the institution failed on promise to
9:45 am
to focus on white house transition. >> nation just beginning long healing process and last thing we need right now is to have a trial of events that occurred six years ago, seven years ago. >> julie: now only time because it will be harder for trump -- after trump gets office. >> daniel: new balance said they said trump's election is move in the right direction and occurring to the transspecific partnership agreement and respect people no matter how they are and how they identify. >> julie: we track traffic and weather together every ten minutes. let everyone know the needham line service suspended through sunday while they do work on
9:46 am
buses will not be replacing any of that -- service so you're just going to have to plan other ways to get through the needham area. route 193 south looking good. it has been a really light commute, it is veterans day and we are seeing holiday volume which is very light. as you could see, a lot of space between the cars in the expressway. live drive times, 23 independents on pike eastbound from 495 to mass ave. ten minutes on the expressway, 20 minutes on 93 south from 495 to the leverett connector. starting off on cold foot for the week and going to have even colder temperature tomorrow. >> shiri: tomorrow morning will be the worst of it and i don't know if you can can stay up late tonight. >> stay up late every night. >> shiri: get up early around here and going to be pretty cold around here, sprinkles and flurries wet weather goes and wind issue and wind advisory will be in effect this
9:47 am
cape for sustained northwest winds 20 to 30 and some gusts up to 40 miles per hour. rest of the region likely seeing some 30 miles per hour gusts but we got so much dry air in place, even sprinkles trying to nudge their way into central massachusetts and essentially withering away, drying up, front bring clouds and whole lot of wind and gusts right now in boston, 21 miles per hour, temperature 55, now consider that we don't calculate the wind chill when it is over 50?. you. i can tell you it is going to feel cool when you're bitten by the wind. boston here at 57? at 11:00 a.m. and then temperatures start to slide. it will be partly cloudy here late-morning, early afternoon by 3:00 p.m. 49?. by 5:00 p.m. 46. so like i said, if you're out after dark tonight, it is not just 40s. if out late enough it is going to be 30s out there. so this afternoon in these temperatures really peaking either now or early this afternoon, up north happening
9:48 am
57? in boston, pix in fitchburg, 52 in worcester. near 60? in new bedford, so we are allowed to warm up a little more there because cold front takes longer. those are wind chill for tonight. tonight 9:00 p.m. wind chills already in the 20s and 30s. when you wake up tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. i got wind chills and teens. meteorologist jason brewer going to be here at fox25 for the morning news and he is really going to be breaking down some of the really cold spots when you wake up. i think probably couple more 20s especially in and around the boston way want to spin it going to be cold tomorrow. highs in the 50s in spots like boston and hartford, connecticut, just getting up to 50?. i have to say most of us probably just topping out in the 40s like hyannis, worcester
9:49 am
return to sunny skies and along with dry conditions, lack of wind and at least the winds will lighten up, samson donick with the weekend always in view, sunshine continuing through the weekend and then we got 60 degrees here on monday with few more clouds tossed in tuesday, chance for couple showers. right now seeing the threat for rain really peak on wednesday as coastal storm passes by us still and some uncertainty, how far inland it is going to bring the rain, it is all just rain at this point and winds down on thursday. so remember, guys, if you have to track down extra layers for
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>> daniel: mourning icon. news was announced in post on facebook page. known for hits halleluiah and bird on wire. he released new album just last right now it is unclear how he died. cohen was 82 years old. >> daniel: david bowie expansive art direction auctioned off and worth millions of dollars. 47 pieces of artwork known by late musician sold by jed and bringing in more than $30 million. that was only a third of his total art collection. two more auctions set to be held in the coming days. david bowie died in jan after battle with liver cancer.
9:55 am
this morning with interactive show featuring celebrity guest. last year made $49.3 billion on singles day and they are on track to beat that this year. snapchat unveiling new way to capture all of your favorite memories. smart sunglasses called spectacles and only buy them machine which looks like cartoon speck tacksles cost $130 and snapchat disappearing pictures machine will only stay in spot one day before it is moved and plan to have the machine location on website. >> daniel: two eagles trapped in storm drain capturing attention on millions online and happened during rush hour and does end gathered to get birds out and birds stuck on top of each other 30 minutes when one
9:56 am
and rescue crews got the bird out quickly. animal experts believe they were likely fighting over a nest when ended up in drain. >> it is a territory fight. eagles fight all the time. >> they take them down and hold them down until somebody finally does. >> eagle puncture wounds on leg and chest and cracked beak and take six weeks before release back into the wild. >> julie: even when stuck in >> shiri: do not want to get
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it's november 11th. time for great viral videos "right this minute." a couple's relaxing horseback ride suddenly takes a terrifying turn. >> watch closely, the horses were spooked. >> see if you can spot the scary reason why. a veteran's salute to members of the the sweet reunions and homecomings to warm your heart. >> she knows her baby. >> looks like somebody's having a bad day. why the angry passenger is taking it out on the bus. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini as christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle break down the best on the web, including a nervous home stylist. >> she's about to cut her bangs.


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