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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 14, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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fresh viral videos "right this minute." >> a shocker for a teen at a javelin contest w >> his spear went straight into her body. >> how she kept calm and showed she's got the mark of a champion. >> that's amazing she's still standing. a tiny chimp gets some tender love and care. >> these four men are playing nanny to this little baby. >> how they wound up at the center of one sweet story. dude stops to take a selfie and documents his journey in the middle.
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getting him roasted on social media. >> i don't know which way to go. a kid after my own heart. >> how he shows he's not a fan of the mask. i've got a couple of freak accidents here for you. the first one takes place in a peru at a school sports day. what you see is a young girl who was hit in the chest by a javelin. >> i thought that's what i was looking at. oh, my >> the javelin came floating across the field, and the spear went straight into her body. here you see people standing around her. they're trying to hold it in place because i imagine it can do so some pretty bad damage. >> it's amazing she's still standing. >> she's ridiculously calm. now, her parents were in the stands as well. >> what? >> yeah. >> you witnessed your child being struck down by a flying spear? >> and you think you're freaking
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shock. they called the paramedics. medics didn't move the javelin either. they took her to one hospital and then had to transfer her because the specialists are going to have to take a look at this so they don't damage her any further. >> they took her to the hospital in a back of a pickup. >> how would you fit that inside an ambulance? >> i thought they would maybe cut it off. >> there's no time for that. they've got to get her there. >> there's no information on how deep the javelin went into her body? >> don't they make these things out of nerf for kids? >> there's the next freak accident happened in china. this one, it's not that freak of an accident, is it, because this guy probably went in to find his cell phone in the toilet. >> the rescuers thought the same thing. he was wrapping up for work. he's a construction worker, and he slips and fell and went to brace himself and slipped through. >> poor thing. that's just bad luck. >> it's a squat toilet, and he stepped down in the sewage pipe. >> oh, man. >> that's disgusting. thankfully the rescuers did enough to get this poor guy's
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these four men have a very important job. one of the most important jobs in the world. that's being a dad. a dad to this sweet little chimpanzee. >> oh, i like him. >> this is in china. this poor little creature, who remains nameless right now, was abandoned by his mom as soon as he was born. they said the mom looked like she was scared of it, acting like it was a nanny to this little baby. it is now six months old. here's the baby with daddy u. they think he's the favorite. these men have volunteered to watch this chimp around the clock. >> all the makings of a comedy, four men and a chimp. >> i swear i saw this show in like 1988. six months from now when the chimp is a year old, they are
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the other chimpanzees that they have, on its own. >> what a great job to have. you know, you're going to get to hang out with a chimp day in and day out. >> what are you talking about? you have that job. hello? >> that's true, but it's a lot less fun than this. [ chimpanzee sounds ] >> what's really sweet is how close the chimp is to its human dad. look, trying to steal some kisses from daddy. >> aww, that's so cute. you take this chimp out in public, it's a total chick magnet. >> a chimp magnet. this video takes us on a pretty epic adventure that rob and megan are on. they're on their boat called turning point, and in a bay in alaska. i place that john muir explored.
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thanks for his discoveries and his many journeys. >> they planned to travel the world on this boat. but they decide on this day, they're going to celebrate on their boat. you actually see rob has set up a very nice picnic on their boat. >> i'm jealous because they're in the middle of this lake in the middle of alaska. literally nobody around. it's just them. awesome. >> things turn right about here when he tells her to put her cup down. and as she does, he down on a knee. >> really? is this for real? >> did she just have some helium? >> i know. >> it's funny how people respond, right? most women start to cry and she's just overcome. >> is this the first woman that hasn't done sniffy fingers after the proposal? >> first time ever on "right this minute."
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>> is this for real? >> oh! >> no sniffy fingers. amazing. congratulations to you both. a milestone in your life but also on our show. >> set up the fireworks, everybody. it finally happened. this whole selfie thing really, in my opinion, has gotten way out of hand. >> fire, and i don't know which way to go. >> wildfire? >> yeah. kevin here was driving through now south wales, australia, drove right through this brush fire, chose to stop, get out, and document his journey in the middle these flames. >> did he at least call the fire department?
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kevin originally pulled over because he smelled smoke. shocking. i guess he thought it may have been his car originally. turned out it wasn't the car. it was the fire around him. >> this is not good. this is not good right now. it's a bit of a situation. >> here he's claiming he's not sure which way to go. it sounds like he's adding a lot more drama to this for his social media followers than anything. >> it looks a lot more like one of those slow burns. you burns like burning the undergrowth as opposed to one of those massive firestorms we see driven by the wind. >> i have a suggestion. drive away from the fire. that's usually what you do. >> that's the california girl in you. >> basic fire skills 101. >> you know, gayle, that sounds like common sense, and kevin here doesn't seem to be using much of it. in fact, that's what some fire fighting officials said about
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on social media. he didn't get burned in any of these videos but he did get roasted online. >> [ bleep ]. i'm driving through a bush fire. i'm going to die. what the [ bleep ]. >> compromising safety in the name of selfies it's what's going on here. mommy is making a mess, and he's loving it. >> he's paying attention to her every move. every time she drops something on the bed, he busts out this has got to be one of the most -- >> clever ads for an acne product i've ever seen. >> the crazy experiment with a helicam and a boss standing behind her product. you're right. we need to get ready for the big show. what's up dudes? lots to do. hey iron man can you run up for the lights? you got it. oh, hey. what do you think? tall enough?
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?? why did i choose here to talk to you? because it may be the perfect representation of your face. acne, people. i'm talking about acne. >> lots of people have had that feeling when it comes to their skin, myself included. i've been there, done that. >> what's worse than acne? adult acne. >> you feel like you should have gotten to a certain age, and it should stop. you just get different kind of acne. >> just when you thought it couldn't get worse, you nearly second-degree murdered your boyfriend. >> good morning, my beautiful -- >> he survived. the relationship didn't. >> now, this is a pretty funny sketch about acne, but it's also probably one of the most clever ads for an acne product i've ever seen.
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she's the founder of skin care, a company chase changing the fa acne treatment. like literally changing the face. you get it? >> they do show us how the product works. >> she's going to sacrifice and wear this headgear. she's going to put acne bacteria on her face because on day six, she's going to play her skin care which will arm her good acne fighter bacteria, effectively killing the bad bacteria. >> she does wear that ugly helmet with the camera right in front of her face as she goes about life for nine days, showing us the before and after afterwards. >> all right. so she put her body where her product is. >> yeah. >> so how did it turn out? >> pretty good. >> day nine, perfectly clear skin. not a cluster on the skin. look at that cluster-clear. cluster-clear. the internet is full of all
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>> little entertaining videos. if you like kayaking and carnage, we've got it. down this chute he goes. followed by his buddy. you see dane's kayak upside down, going through this very narrow passage. he's trying to right himself and then -- boom! >> oh! >> this is what it must feel like to be a pair of socks in the washing machine. >> there he is. he is not happy. he got a bit of a gift from this kayaking trip. >> oh! ?? >> that is the size of a softball. >> oh, is that his buddy? >> i'm not sure what caused that goose egg on his head, but you'll notice dane had a big old helmet on, and he still got that
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the extent of his injuries, and he was still kind of smiling after this incredible footage. [ screaming ] we all know that kids like to make a big mess. this baby is pretty amused at mommy making a mess. [ laughing ] >> the video of this cute little guy comes to us from the viral >> that's one of the best qualities babies have, the ability to laugh at that. >> they find humor in just about anything. but their laughter is just so precious on top of all that. [ laughing ] >> this kid is a kid after my
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>> she comes running up to him while he's in the basket, and he reaches out, grabs the front of the mask and just starts wailing on her. >> such a great response. >> look at his face when he grabs it. he's like, oh, you think you're going to mess with me? then he straight-up punches her. if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. >> if you know anything about sports, it's a lot about perseverance, right? >> see why this rider was probably better off giving up. and a young woman wakes up one day to find her face -- >> has gone completely numb.
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provided by -- pain strikes at the nerve level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. i have pretty simple goals for my job. i get up every day and smile on people's faces. it feels great to smile. what if one day you woke up, and you couldn't? >> i realized that the left side of my face, it was not moving at all. it was completely paralyzed. >> that would suck. >> it would indeed. >> this is a whole series of snaps that you can see here of anna. she's 27 years old, and she woke up one morning, and this had happened. you may notice that not everything seems to be going according to plan with her face.
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>> that was her initial thought. she woke up convinced that what has happened? have i had a stroke? she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bell's palsy. out of nowhere, the left side of her face had gone completely numb. she could not move it. the thing is with bell's palsy as well, one in every 14 people that suffer from it never recover. they said this may be permanent. but she decided that she wanted to smile. you can see as she goes through all these pictures and snaps, she's kind of it. and slowly sort of moving her mouth and trying to train her face to remember how to smile. her modest goal for all of this was just so she could smile at christmas. she's been very open and honest about the situation, and she shows all kinds of things like the fact that she has to tape her eye closed at night so she can sleep. otherwise, her eye would just be open. >> get out. >> but in august, two months later, here she is now.
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sleep at night. for most of us a bad day at the office doesn't hurt. you can't say the same for this juking video. his day includes mountain biking, and he gets into a technical section with lots of rocks and bolders. he goes over the handle balls and crashes. it's a lot about perseverance. you get back on that horse and keep going. that's what >> oh! he is already in his head. >> let's hope there's something left in his head because that's the second time he's banged it off the ground. he gets back up, looks like he's a little tired. but then gets up, starts pedaling. oh, no. >> pick out new day job. >> but for jed, it's also a tough day. but one where he not only breaks his butt but breaks some records. jed is a red bull athlete, has
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this massive ramp. jed broke a world record with a triple back flip way back in 2012, and since then he hasn't been satisfied. he continues to push the limits, riding with the nitrocircus around the world. he's one of their favorite guys. here he is at home trying to send it big over and over. sometimes it doesn't work. >> oh! >> and it doesn't work, but it will because practice makes perfect, and that's how we pulling it off and in, right? >> that's right. that's not the last crunch jed's going to take. >> slamming so hard. >> and even after these crashes, jed was still able to break four world records, two including the longest superman. >> i would be breaking four major bones.
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it's the evil demon baby. >> oh, it's a giant baby that kisses you.
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draw or sculpt. a friend told him why don't you try this, and that's how this all starts. >> that's great. first day home. ?? [ baby crying ] >> james dean. he's going way too far. oh!
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>> it's huge! >> now, this is not a place for a baby stroller to be. >> plus the baby is a little bit too big for that stroller. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> he's got everything, a jump scare, a mask, and teeny-tiny baby hands. >> shut up! >> who's actually in that costume? child? >> i have no idea. i don't want to know. >> they see the stroller, and they don't see him. >> oh, my god. >> i'm going to leave my baby here for one minute. thank you. bye-bye.
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[ baby crying ] >> this is very well set up. i mean right in their face. i don't know if he told them, look, we're shooting something here. just hang out. i don't know. something's a little fishy, but it's still funny. >> i think the reactions are real. there could be some stuff happening before or after, but there's some very genuine fear on their faces. >> baby masks. >> no, you don't. thanks for hanging out with us today.
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