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tv   FOX 25 News at 4  FOX  November 14, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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police a say -- say a man came up from behind and knocked the woman down and began assaulting her. the woman was able to fight him off. >> the beauty of it is the fact you can get away into the wilderness so quickly from the hospital or work or anywhere. but the flip side is that you're out there >> reporter: police tell us this man is white and that he's 18 to 25 years old. officers say he has shaggy, dirty blonde hair, is fair skinned and was wearing a dark hoodie and jeans. hikers we spoke with, just like the man you heard from, say they're shocked by this sudden attack. coming up at 5:00 what police have to say about their part of the investigation into the motive of that man. for now we're live, i'm catherine parrotta, fox 25 news. >> we're following developing news tonight at kingseston where
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fell on that worker. sky fox has a view of the home that's under. e under construction right now. this sander 2:00 this afternoon. right now no word on that workers' condition. we'll keep tabs on it and let you know once we know new details. >> it was a gorgeous fall day. this is a video you see lots of sun and warmth. some clouds are expected to move in. kef vin lynn is forecasting rain for tomorrow. i was at boston common. it was gorgeous. people were playing it was great. >> 65 the high in boston today. the record stands at 71. last in 193 it's been done a few times. we were six degrees away. that's not close to hitting the record. nonetheless a very nice fall day. 68 in norway. now it's down do 64. it's down 62 in boston. 50s in the suburbs. still sunshine is going down this afternoon. but the clouds are creeping on in from the south. they're all connected to this and ocean storm we've been talking about since last week
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it's going to bring rain in here. but it's not just the rain we're concerned about. there will be on shore winds with this. we've talked a lot about that super moon happening. we'll see it begin tonight before the clouds get here. the problem with that is it rises the tides to high levels. the highestful year causing coastal flooding. something we'll explore more and time out this rain when it's arriving and getting out of here too. >> kevin, we're waiting to learn what caused the damaging fire today. take a look at the flames you see they ate through the side of the porch and burned a hole through the roof of this home on fourth avenue. we reached out to firefighters. we have not heard about about any injuries. another fire blew out the windows of this elementary school in lawrence. a classroom fire forced students to evacuate the bruce school and finish out there day in another building. no word yet if they'll be able to return tomorrow. investigators are still looking at how that fire started. tonight police are looking to piece together two crime scenes
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in lynn. it happened at 10:40 at hanover and washington street. a 28-year-old man was shot in the arm knarby and ran to the laundromat for help. the victim told police he did not know who shot him or any reason why he would be targeted. the victim's juriys did not appear to be life threatening. >> a man arrested in connection with a murder in easton is being held without bail. officers say he had been on the run for four days before police peeked. investigators aren't saying whether he was the person who pulled the trigger that killed daniel smith. smith was found in the woods in easton last week. right now he's charged an accessory to murder. within of the last four fox 25 has learned he refused to waive extradition. that means will have to force his return which could turn into a lengthy court battle. and the man charged with
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was arrested. fox 25 was on the scene when 24 happened last week. officials tell fox 25 jesse phillips was charged. that victim remains in the icu tonight. police are investigating threatening letters left on a man's doorstep this weekend. those letters contain profanity and racial slurs which is why police are calling this a possible hate crime. we have the latest from police. crystal. >> reporter: well, i can tell that you home minute as go and he did not want to do any interviews. but police are investigating this as a hate crime. let's go to the video. i want to show you the letters. this all began on friday. and police tell me that provost came into their station that afternoon with a handwritten letter causing him a loser and tells him to clear his house of "n" words. he says he's wright and owns the home he lives in here on maple
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not. and while police began this investigation friday evening, provost reporting getting a second typed letter saying that threes there's a zero tolerance policy for black people and they that reclaimed their country by selecting trump as president. now, he posted the letter to his facebook where it's gotten about 8,000 shares and investigators, again, taking this very seriously. >> this would be under what we we are investigating to our full capabilities. and it's behavior that is an indication of the our town or the police department or any of the residents and it won't be tolerated. >> reporter: i've spent the day speaking with neighbors here on maple street. coming up at 5:00 why they say this is not an indication of their neighborhood.
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crystal haynes. >> the attorney-general is providing help to anyone who feels they're being harassed in the wake of the election. a new hotline went into effect today ahead live at 4:30. protests continue across the country. fact this morning a group of high school students in maryland marched out of school. also at a university outside baltimore students and faculty walked out at noon. they met to talk about their concerns after the election. donald trump says he will deport two to who are living here illegally. now new at 4:00 we're looking into how this can be done and it a time line. justin gray is live in washington. good evening, justin. >> reporter: good evening, heather. donald trump will have broward powers without even involving congress to take executive action to set new standards for enforcement for border patrol scpim congratulations officers. he can do all this to people on both sides of the issue tell us
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resources the focus under the obama administration is on deported convicted criminals. trump says says that's his top pry -- priority too. even his biggest supporters say his policy will require more resources. more stun mun dwroi hire staff. but a change in direction and a change in practice could begin right away in january. >> can you make real changes right away. the essentially handcuffs off the ios agents. >> overnight a trump administration could move forward with an increase in deportation. >> what president-elect trump said on sunday he would do this immediately, deport millions. even some of his supporters here in washington, people on this side of the issue, tell us that looks unlikely and he could make big changes in policy and start deportations but to deport millions that will take time, possibly months even years.
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justin ray, fox 25 news >> thank you very much. the sad news in the journalism world. gwen ifle has died. president obama expressed his condolences saying he always appreciated her reporting. the long time pbs news anchor lost her long fight with breast cancer today in washington. she was just 61 years old. ifle started as a newspaper reporter in the 70s and works she then switched to television and moderated the 2004 and 2008 vice-presidential debates. she graduates from simmons right here in boston in 1977. she also received an honorary degree from the school in 1993. the school tweeting today the simmons comcommunity mountains the loss. she was a powerful lead, an outstanding journalist. >> two people are facing charges in connection with a deadly hit and run. police say he hit a man riding
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off. ryan oday is charged with being an accessory after the fact. prosecutors say that he pulled the bike from under the car and tossed it into the woods. the victim, michael alfonso, died when his injuries over the weekend. chris flannigan was in court today. >> boston police are searching for a gunman who killed a ban in dorchester this weekend. a huge fire lights up the early morning sky in belmonte. this fire broke out just before 5:00 a.m. in an abandoned building at the mcchain hospital campus. it took firefighters hours to put out the flames. >> reporter: the bottom line here is nobody got hurt. that's becausemcclaine hospital representatives say
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take a look at this second and third story windows. they've been boarded up for a while. and that roof is now caved in because of this fire. take a look at some of the early morning video after this fire broke out. a substantial amount of flames engulfing this house building on the side of the mcclain hospital campus. firefighters say their focus was on making sure the fire did not police. >> our police department actually on an add jay sent street was smelling smoke, started to investigate it at 2:41 this morning and found the building well involved on floors two and three. >> in a statement mcclain hospital, which is the largest psychiatric of harvard, says no evacuations of patients were needed in the nearby buildings and no patient care services were disrupted.
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as soon as they know, we'll know, and we'll report that update to you. reporting in belmont, fox 25 news. >> so far firefighters don't know what caused the fire but are encouraaging anyone with information to call the police. >> we'll tell you about a movement that's going onto unite people across the city. >> tracking a coastal storm that potentially coasting flooding. we'll talk about the situation that could coz that to occur
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>> new at 4:00 this inched section is back open right now following an accident involving two trucks as you can see. sky fox is over the scene just after noon today. you can see a rear ended a flat bed. firefighters and police responded to the accident. no reports of injuries there. the quick actions of the 17-year-old boy may have saved a young girl. that teen says the girl was followed and then groped at a shout shore target that. >> boy and his mother share what had she saw with fox 25's jackie hyerick.
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a teenaged boy did not confront an alleged sexual predator t. was a young man sticking up for what he knew was right after they both witnessed a man in his 50s fondling himself following a young girl down the toy aisle. >> i saw the look in his eyes. it was bone chilling. >> reporter: cameron says he watched the man follow the girl for a few minutes, not sure if it was possible they knew each other. then he looked closer. >> he was rubbing himself. and i was, like,s that weird. as she w aisles, he was following her as well. cameron says it became girl when he saw when he was seeing the man pressing his genitals on her. >> reporter: but it was the man's reaction that sent chills down his spine. >> i said, do you know her? i said i'm not a pervert. i said i didn't ask you that. >> reporter: cameron and his mother say the man took off.
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something, say something. >> i would hope that the take away for parents would be, parents go into stores and they have a false sense of security examine their kids can walk away from them and go into tile aisle when's their are predators watching their children. thank goodness for this little girl my son was there. >> reporter: the woman says she and her son reported the incident to store management. it's unclear if there's surveillance video. and boston police say no formal report was fil room. >> one the joggers hit by a car in bedford, new hampshire last week as died. it happened tuesday morning. 58-year-old thomas ducharm died on saturday. the other man was released from the hospital. both men were out for a jog when a 16-year-old driver hit them. they're looking into whether frost on the windshield. >> the prime minister of new
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powerful earthquake could cost billions to fix. that magnitude earthquake rattled that country early yesterday morning and triggered a small tsunami. it cut off access to a coastal town that's pap lore with tourists as well. are being blamed on the earring -- earth quake. >> if you didn't get a chance to go out last night this the closest the moon has come to earth since 1948. it womb come this close again for another 18 years. if you want to catch the next super moon you have a chance on december 14. kevin lemanowicz is here now. the big question is weather --
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weather. >> it's going to rain. in combination there's a storm coming to make the rain, of course. when you have the higher tides like we'll have, this will make them extra high. there's already been a coastal flood advisory issued. you see it on the map. areas in green along our coastline from the north to the south shore to the island. essentially all of the east facing massachusetts coastline and northeast facing out on the islands. that's because of the storm coming our way. something we're going to talk about. i'll explain is more in a moment this fresh this afternoon. a coastal flood warning in place . had the storm is making its way up the coast. you saw the great pictures. he promised this one. jason put it on here. he's tweeting out a picture. this great shot. you promised you dylan would have it on the air. thank you for the pictures.
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to to me before the clouds get here. 65 in boston the high today. the record stands at 71. no, not a record. although norwood tried to run at 71. 68 in nor woord today. temperatures for dinner time and for your evening plans have dropped. boston 62. that's still 10 above average. iewt there in bedford, 59. here come the clouds. if you want to see that super moon tonight you'll see it but you'll be fighting clouds. because when you get the high, thin clouds made of ice crystals they tend to produce those. take a look at that until the clouds get too thick. and they will eventually. these are way out in the ocean. the beam of the radar points up away from its source. it's really shooting high up in the air when it gets out here. it's likely catching rain way up at cloud cover. down here at the surface it's
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north ward will run into the dry air and get eat ean way at first. that means we won't see it. as fast as it looks like it's moving up the coast, we won't see it until the morning commute. the storm center is way down here. you see the bright colors. when you see that thunderstorm activity that's where the storm is being born. and it certainly is out there moving up the coast tonight. there are the clouds. 10:00. i put the winds on here too so you can see by way it's coming from. r southwest. as the storm comes up the coastline, remember, counter clockwise around low pressure. so the winds come in from the northeast. as ha comes up the coast and rain spreads in here tomorrow morning we're into that time of the coastal flood advisor. the reason the winds are blowing on shore you have the hie -- high tides which are higher than normal because of the super moon. low pressure is coming up the coast that slide over the top of
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tide will subside and we'll get out of the flooding scenario. it's not likely to be anything that minor flooding. the most prone places to it. this rain pushes onto the north and gets out of here tomorrow night and we end the flood threat. high temperatures tomorrow only in the 50s. quite a bit cooler than today. but it comes with that rain and flood threat. your s takes you wednesday into friday warming up to 60. i'll have the latest time line as new information comes in this evening. we'll update that for new a few minutes. >> thank you. massive tigers and other wild animals found inside a home. and a mother and her teenaged daughter were living along with them. at 4:30 how investigators found out about the secret wild life sanctuary. and vanessa welch has more for what we're working on at 5:00.
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since a local teen disappeared. we talk about jennifer face's disappearance. plus the event bringing her
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just fifteen minutes and a little imagination are all you need to make thanksgiving magic. chex party mix. it's what thanksgiving is made of.
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crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. >> new at 4:00. ios says the macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city is an excellent target for a terror attack. this comes in the latest edition of the group's english language magazine.
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trucks to drive through crowds like events at the parade. that's what happened in france this year. leaders say there are currently no credible threats against the parade. a military judge is delaying the trial of an army sergeant accused of deserting his post in afghanistan. the trial has been scheduled for february but today the army colonel moved it back to may. he walked away from his post in 2009 and was held captive by the taliban for five convicted of desertion. >> investigators in northern california say a long time sheriff's deputy was executed by a robbery suspect. it happened yesterday near the city of modesto. police say the suspect, david machado shot and killed a stan laws -- stanilaus deputy sheriff. the deputy was shot shortly after spotting machado in a
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organization for things like the dare program, working in our early intervention prevention, and education programs. denis had a very special relationship with young people and a special place in our hearts that the sheriff's office >> machado was taken into custody after the shooting. deputy wallace is the fifth california officer killed within the last month. jul aimn cooperated with swedish investigators during a seven-hour interview today. he's been living there for four years now. two women in sweden have accused him of rape and there's a warrant out for his arrest. he denies the allegations but says he felt compelled to cooperate with the investigation. >> when teenagers are hurt after shots rang out a sweet 16 party. the key evidence that could help police find the shooter ahead.
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tomorrow and the potential for coasting flooding. i'll explain why next. >> and there are been reports of minorities being harassed ever
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>> across the country there have been several incidents of minorities being harassed. >> new at 4:30 the attorney general of massachusetts is setting up a 409line for people
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harassment. we are live in boston tonight where the ag just spoke out about this topic this afternoon. christine. >> reporter: though attorney general wouldn't comment specifically on the exact number or nature of these incidents here in massachusetts, she did say that there have been reports of intimidation and threats towards minorities, both here locally and nationally. now she spoke to a group of reporters nay press conference earlier today telling them that this new hot line will allow victims or wit called biased motivated threats, harassment, and violence to report those ins debt dents. the ag's office investigators could handle the reports internally or refer them to local law enforcement for prosecution if they're deemed criminal. she says she's incidents have been reported since election day when donald trump won the presidency and she's believes the campaigns may have led to the incidents. we've seen antitrump protests and healy says emotions are running high since the results
4:31 pm
>> people today know today going forward that they are witnessed or experienced or subjected anything that appears to be bias motivated, harassment or violence whether it's on the basis of race or ethnicity or religion or sexual orientation, their status as an immigrant they need to know there are laws in the state of massachusetts that protect them >> reporter: trump when asked on "60 minutes" yesterday says he's saddened by it, doesn't endorse it, and he wants it to stop. if you want to learn more about this hot inline and how to reach out and file a complaint, can you go to our website. for now we're live at the state house in boston. >> i mean this weather.
4:32 pm
thanksgiving is a week away. the weather is feeling nice out there. but rain is on the way. kevin lemanowicz is here with the messy forecast for tomorrow. >> elizabeth, not quite as nice tomorrow for sure. 65 in boston. tomorrow will be more like the 50s with the rain coming down. i just check, did some math, yeah, i do math. we're averaging four and a half degrees cooler for high temperatures this year than we were last year at this time. november was very warm last year. in case you don't remember that. >> 62 boston, by the way, it means nothing a snow we might get this winter. i know that question was going to come. great shots coming in. this is from this morning and the super moon. couple birds flying by. thank you for that. the problem with that super moon is it always makeds the tides higher and it could cause
4:33 pm
winds. we're going to do is again tomorrow tomorrow starting late in the morning. from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00. that's a coastal flood advisory in green. that will go to a coastal flood warning tomorrow morning. it's all timing if. storm comes in with the winds on show blowing the water to the coast just about the time of high tide that's when you have your highest impact. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> thank you. shots rang out a birthday in new england, five people were shot including four teenagers. and as we report the search is on for whoever pulled the trigger. >> we were, like s. that what we think it is? >> reporter: arthur west was in a meeting at the church start night when he heard a loud noise outside. >> i was in the marine corps. i'm a retired firefighter. you kind of know what the difference between shots and
4:34 pm
>> reporter: he paused briefly trying not to panic everyone else in the room. >> but then i heard the hollering and screaming and people running through our parking lot. >> reporter: party hall on the main floor of the italian-american club which is directly next to the church was rented out to a nonclub member to host a sweet 16 party. >> at some point, numerous, unwanted guests arrived and a fight ensued in the parking lot. >> reporter: the situation escalated. shots were fired and five people in their early 20s were hit. >> they were spread out in the rear of the parking lot. the fight of the building on lincoln avenue and down the road on park avenue. >> reporter: four of the victims were tang to st. vincent's medical center while the fifth person was transported to bridgeport hospital for care. police believe there were at least two shooters. >> you just get frustrated. have you nice things, and people just don't care. i mean, it's not their property.
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secretary of this italian-american club stopped by sunday morning to see the damage for himself. the front glass door was shattered and shards of glass and feathers were all over the entryway steps >> we'll should to screen better, i guess. >> reporter: police say nearly 300 guests were at this event. after speaking with members of the club, the chief says a new security policy will be put in place. q. you want to rent the club? you have to have police coverage and we'll go from speaking with witnesses that are reviewing surveillance video and combing through evidence that includes a loaded semi automatic weapon that was found at the scene. newly unsealed medical records show the health of former massachusetts house speaker sasmd demacy is deteroiating in prison. he's living on a diet of boyleed eggs, mashed with mayo, oatmeal and peanut butter. he has throat cancer. the court records show his
4:36 pm
afford to fly to kentucky where he's being held. a judge in boston is deciding whether to denacy can receive a compassion release. he's served six of his eight year sens sentence for fraud and extortion. the court is set to arguments on the fate of thousands of criminal cases i am packedded by a drug lab scandal. public defenders and civil rights advocates are asking the court to dismiss nearly 24,000 cases. they all involve drug tests run that admitted to tampering with evidence. she's served a three-year sentence. new at 4:30 an accused heroin deal certificate being held on $50,000 bail. he unificationed a judge today after being a rested friday night. troopers say they found 100 grams of heroin in his s.u.v. he's accused of resisting arrest and providing a fake name to the trooper. a local animal rights group is
4:37 pm
the mspca is waiting to the fee. the horses cannot be removed because of their age or medical reasons. an open house is scheduled for tomorrow henge. well, harbor is reopen for shell fishing. the harbor had been closed it was closed for 25 days after noro virus was found in oysters harvested off shore. more than 80 people became specif longer in the area. the ban on shell fishing hurt local businesses. it caused them to ban raw shell fish at its famous oyster-fest. gas prices have moved down in the last week. the average price in massachusetts is $2.12 a gallon right now. that's down a penny from last week. last year at this time gas prices were four cents cheaper. the boss in need of a little help. what happened when some bikers
4:38 pm
on the side of the road.
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>> new video of a fast moving brush fire in southern california right now. crews are batting the blaze which with northeast of l.a. the fire department says several structures are in danger. but that fire is 350 percent contained. a new study finds your lifestyle
4:41 pm
determining your risk for heart disease. researchers say making healthy choices like exercises and eating a proper diet could cut the risk of developing heart disease in half. even the people who have genetic risk factors. the risk doubles wotted regular exercise and people with no family history of heart problems. a new study found fewer parents are spanking their kids. the form of discipline has been on the decline since 1988. an information comes from kindergarten oak aged children. studies found a cultural shift away from physical discipline. an army veteran says his service was questioned and a free meal was taken away from him on veteran's day. erinnest locker said he received
4:42 pm
because he was black and told the manager that walker was making his story up. >> he said i was in world war ii in german write and they didn't have any blacks over there then. like i said, again, he's an older guy. i let that stuff go. >> ok. ok. yes, sir. yes, i did just provide documents to you, yes. >> he posted that could not fluentation to facebook and chili's took notice. the company apologized and said it's investigating. an amazon is gearing up for a busy holiday season. but this year there's one big change. customers will no wrapping paper. you're going 20 have to do it yourself, lily. >> we'll tell you why. >> i outsource everything. >> i hate the paper cuts. >> we'll tell you why and what's being used instead. >> i never boughter to wrap. >> there's rain moving north wards us.
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steps to speak out against acts of hate. today one group of activists passed out pins as si aim bole of their fight to protect minority who's are fearful. it's one of several similar messages being spread on the t >> in the days after the election even the vendors could sense tension in the air. >> i could feel distraught. people were hesitant on what just happened. >> reporter: many in boston weren't ready to let that feeling linger. and now commuters have turned train platforms into activists platforms. du groups passed out these pins on the front they read by wearing this pin i commit that if i see something, i will say something, and stand against hate. on the back a resource list of human rights and lgbt organizations and the contact numbers for area police. over the weekend chalk messages written on the walls of the park street t stations and inside the facebook group subway therapy lined the walls with more messages of encouragement during what some believe is an
4:46 pm
city in a red country. seth purdy voting for trump. he says he's in favor the messages. >> it it cheers their day up. >> reporter: mass transit authorities are not entirely against the movement either and issued this statement saying the nbta did not approve the posting of messages but did not prevent it. vendors who interact with boston commuters every day say they're not surprised. of the city. when things happen, it starts here 2e boston commons and commuters got a voice to them. >> now, mass dot told us the groups that posted the sticky notes promised the t they'd take the messages down. in fact, they had been removed today. >> an nfl player makes a protest against the election of donald trump. tampa bay wide receiver mike evans refused so stand of it the
4:47 pm
but he feels putting a reality television star in the oval isn't the right thing to do. >> it's not the parties. it's just who he is. it's well documented what he's done. i'm not going to stand for something i dent believe in. >> reporter: evans told reporters won't stabbed for the national anthem now until someone tells him trump's election was a joke. >> new at 4:30 police are trying to track down vandal who's broke the and italy. they're now checking surveillance video to try and identify the suspects. that statue is located near the pantheion and commissioned by pope alexander 7. she will have to wait until february to stand trial in north dakota. her case was delayed by a month. the star faces charges related to her protests against an oil pipeline. she was among 27 there who were arrested in october.
4:48 pm
trespass and engaging in a riot. >> the announcer: now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lemanowicz and the fox 25 storm tracker weather team. >> two of the super moon world tour. there it is. that's from this morning. that's a great shot from last night sent in this morning. send your pictures in. 62, boston. 5 bedford. so the temperatures are not excuse to not go take a picture for me. absolutely beautiful today. you have temperatures in the 60s. still in the six this evening. ear hum -- here come the clouds. they are attached to a storm center producing rain. live storm tracker radar shooting out here. it will shoot out here and hit these rain drops. these are way up in the atmosphere because, as you get away from the radar site, it's
4:49 pm
they're likely up there. i tell that you because this rain is not coming at us and going to fall tonight. which is too dry out there. when dew points are in the teens it will take a while to moist en up the lower levels the atmosphere and get the rain to make it to ground level. while the storm looks like it's moving quickly towards us, this rain is not able to fall on us, not overnight tonight. it will by the morning get wet enough out there that we'll see rain start to fall the wind will shift to the east and northeast. that's going to be pushing the water towards the coastline. it's not a real intense looking storm. it's not likely to have a lot of weight action on top of what surge comes in with this.
4:50 pm
only a half foot 20 a fop tops, though. that's why it's minor coastal flooding. if it were more intense or moving slowly we'd talk about a different isscenario. it will bring the rain in here through noon time. in fact, let's fast forward to 2:30. the winds are blowing and increasing. it will be breezy. not talking that's going to help us out in the situation. but have you to expect the rain to persist into the evening commute tomorrow. and push off towards the north. notice the winds are circling into that low pressure on the backside as they come back around from the west. so the flooding potential becomes lesser, especially away from cape cod. when you're on cape cod the flooding can come from this direction as well with the super moon high tides. also known as king tides by the
4:51 pm
beach, boston, some of the wharf areas. your high temperatures tomorrow will generally be in the 50s. you'll see in the seven-day forecast it does get milder and the storms' wake for wednesday through friday climbing up to 60. we'll update on the storm. >> thank you. a group of bikers in new jersey stopped to help stranded. >> this is neat. it turns out that stranded biker was bruce springsteen. they were taking part nay veterans day ea sent. one of the men says he tried to help him get his motorcycle running again but it failed. that's when they went to a bar together. >> so cool. >> the men talked for about an hour until someone arrived to pick up springsteen. >> i heard he pishinged up the tab, by the way.
4:52 pm
the retail giant will no longer be using wrapping paper on gifts. instead they'll offer velvet gift bags in five sizes and three colors. the gift bags will be the same price as the old wrapper paper and you don't need to use tape. fans of has -- hazelnut and chocolate may wanted to schedule a trip to italy. serving nutella burgers. i say yes. no word if this treat will be coming to stores in the u.s. >> live tigers, a forks and skunk -- fox, and skunk living inside a house. >> a man claims he received threatening and racist letters in his mailbox. >> why his neighbors say this is
4:53 pm
community. >> plus free and easy access to birth control son the minds of many women after the
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4:56 pm
>> a mobility tribute as cross the city of orlando this weekend. the city's gay pride parade the attack on pulse nightclub. at orlando's history center crosses honoring those killed were on display. one visitor came to see the cross bearing the name of a friend. >> they were young and innocent. they died for having loved and love should not be killed for. >> the parade ended with a moment of silence along with the reading of the names of the
4:57 pm
>> police say she had several exotic animals. the woman's 14-year-old daughter lived in that house as well. >> 34-year-old trisha myer the houston woman, who game ward ens say was housing exotic animals is in custody charged with children endangerment for keeping dangerous animals in the same home as her 14-year-old daughter. >> having wild home or in your yard is dangerous. >> reporter: regardless of the daw, court documents show myer had three tigers, a full grown adult tiger, a fox, a skunk, and at least several monkeys all living in inside this home she was leasing on cypress wood drive. after talking to an investigators are a sheriff's department, we have learned that myer was actually arrested last week. her animals have been confiscated and placed with
4:58 pm
facing charges for allowing her collection of wild animals to roam freely inside her home in contact with her own daughter. in houston myer allegedly told game warders the tigers at their current ages were dangerous and could kill. animal control oofs officers called what she was doing dangerous. >> wild life can pose a threat to anyone inside the house, especially if it isn't restraed fox 24 news. >> it's unbelievable. there's a reason they're wild and not dough miss -- domesticated. it's interesting to say the way the tiger -- was on the bed. >> happening now emotions running high as a driver charged in the death of a local father heads to court. >> the news at 5:00 starts right
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
he would have been an amazing dad. he led >> his two other children are 12 and 7, and amanda parker said her friend will always have a small part of him with her. >> all the work on my face is done. except for this one everything else is done from him. my hands and arms. >> this 19-year-old appeared in district court today accused of hitting him in this crosswalk thursday night and dragging his body and bike 1,000 feet. after stopping her co-defendant


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