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tv   FOX 25 News at 5  FOX  November 14, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he would have been an amazing dad. he led >> his two other children are 12 and 7, and amanda parker said her friend will always have a small part of him with her. >> all the work on my face is done. except for this one everything else is done from him. my hands and arms. >> this 19-year-old appeared in district court today accused of hitting him in this crosswalk thursday night and dragging his body and bike 1,000 feet. after stopping her co-defendant
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the bike from underneath the car and threw it into the woods and took off. >> just killed him. not a little bump in the road. >> the defense attorney claims his client took off because of panic and fear. >> you have to remain at the scene, deal with the police, deal with whatever comes, because leaving brings worse punishment. >> reporter: without bond. the judge ordered her boyfriend held on $7500 cash bail. all new at 6:00, why police say this couple is no stranger to the law. we're live in totten, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. we have developing news out of kingston where the wall collapsed injuring several workers. sky fox as a view of the home. within the last hour we learned three workers were injured.
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to be flown to the hospital. the other two are expected to be okay. police in new hampshire are looking for a man attacked a female hiker from behind. they say the victim fought back. >> reporter: yeah. vanessa, the conditions right now really give us a sense of the situation that she was in. this happened after 5:00 last night. the woods here were incredibly dark, even though the super moon wa and police say the suspect used those conditions to his advantage. >> as safe as our community is, you have to be cautious. >> a warn tonight. two hikers and bikers on this popular trail across from dartmouth hickok hospital. investigators say the fan snuck up behind the victim without warning. >> she was attacked from behind by a while male who grabbed her
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physically assaulted her. >> reporter: the woman fought back and the suspect panicked and ran to the parking lot where he left in a dark four-door sedan. he's a white male 18 to 25 years old described as having shaggy blonde hair and wearing a hooded sweatshirt. >> that's incredibly scary. i've never had anything but positive interactions with people out here. kind of terrifying to think that's a possibility. >> still the hikers say the woods are thick and can put anyone alone in a vulnerable position. ann has her dog by her side and will be on alert tonight. >> we will be aware and take care. >> reporter: police tell me the suspect did speak to the victim during the struggle and say those statements speak to his motive for the attack, but they say they aren't ready to realize that information yet. coming up at 6:00, why police are concerned how that woman was targeted.
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was a great day to set stale in worcester. we're tracking the potential for flooding, and kevin is here now. this is all because of that super moon? >> as beautiful as it is, it has a downside i suppose. wow, that shot you showed of sailing today, 65 degrees in the boston area. that one in worcester where the sailing was happening. this evening not much worse. it's still in the 60s in boston and 50s in the it's also caused the tides to be the highest they've been all year. we had high tides or king tides they call them. this happened last month as well. there was some minor flooding and wasn't a storm. this time we have a storm to push the water towards the coastline. that's why the coastal flood advisory. we time that storm in here and show you how the winds impact us in a few minutes. police are working to piece together two crime scenes after
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lynn. it happened at hanover and washington streets. the injuries did not appear life-threatening. the 28-year-old man was shot in the arm nearby and ran to the laundromat. boston police searched for a gunman that killed a man this weekend. leonard and another man were shot saturday oefrn aames street. leonard died at the hospital. the other victim is expected to be about his mail is going viral. he claims he was the target of racist and threatening letters. crystal haynes is live on maple street. you just spoke with the homeowner? >> reporter: i did speak with this man. his name is andrew provost, and he says that he's been advised not to speak at this time. police are certainly taking this very seriously. let's go right to the video
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gotten at him home on maple street. he came into the station with a handwritten letter and calls him a loser and says he needs to clear his house of n words and later in the evening he comes back to the police station with a typewritten letter that says things they have a zero tolerance for black people and they would reclaim their country by selecting trump as president. he posted these letters, andrew proceed vest, did to facebook, and it'see times. it's really spread across here, and neighbors are up in arms because they say it's not represent tif v active of their community and now police are investigating this as a hate crime. >> this would would be under what we would consider a hate crime. we are investigating to our full capabilities, and it's not behavior that is indicative of the town of nadic or the police
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tolerated. >> reporter: now, i've been talking to neighbors in this area all day long. coming up at 6:00, you hear from them, why they're so adamant about this not being nadic-like at all. also, the support that andrew provost is getting all the way up to city hall. reporting in nadic, i'm crystal haines, fox 25 news. a man accused in a robbery, carjacking and stabbing remains in jail without bail and a woman appeared in court facing related charges. it spanned two states. christopher harding is accused of multiple crimes that started in connecticut that ended in worcester. selena was charged as an accessory to the crime and as a fugitive from justice on other charges. we spoke to her family in court. they say she's also a victim and shouldn't be charged. >> my daughter did not hijack any vehicle. my daughter did not use any weapons on anyone.
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scared to death. i have this 21-year-old girl who has done nothing wrong besides be a victim hersz. herself. >> both are due in court next month. a teenage girl was hit by a bus in chelsea on everett street outside of chelsea high school this morning. police say the 16-year-old student was conscious and alert when she was taken to mass general. we're working to get an update on her condition as well as more on the driver. frightening start to the school day in lawrence where fire forced you can see the classroom fire blew out the windows at the broo us school. students had to finish out their day in another building. no word yet if they will return to the school tomorrow. investigators are still looking at how the fire started. in the last hour we learned the causes of this morning's daling fire in bellingham. an electrical short in the enclose porch sparked the massive flames. they say the home on fourth avenue is a total loss.
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but it expected to be okay. a pet bird was lost in the fire. a former shirley police sergeant is suing to get her job back. she believes she was fired because of discrimination. dozens of people rallied over the weekend to show their support. the nine-year veteran. department was terminated by the board of selectmen on wednesday. her attorney say she faced discrimination because she's a woman, african-american and a lesbian. fox 25's carrie cavanagh spoke to the police chief who is defending cromwell. she'll have that story in a live report at 6:00. moments ago the associated press alerted that hillary clinton won the state of new hampshire. we've gone nearly a week without a formal decision. president obama is revealing more about his conversation with president aekt donald trump as the billionaire holds his first official talks with the president of russia. elizabeth hopkins joins us now. president obama just finished his first news conference since the election.
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trip, and this afternoon he made one thing clear. america will remain a strong supporter of nato. the president said and he president-elect discussed the future during the meeting although the white house on thursday. the president plans to tell world leaders he's committed to nato despite his comments about other nations not paying enough money for the protection they receive. >> that's one of the most important functions i can serve at this stage during this trip s-to let them no weakening of resolve when it comes to america's commitment to maintaining a strong and robust nato relationship. >> this afternoon the trump transition team confirmed the president-elect spoke with russian president putin earlier today. trump's relationship with putin is a key ishg uon the campaign. the kremlin says trump and putin agreed to meet in person at a later date. in the newsroom, elizabeth hopkins, fox 25 news. the president also expressed
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veteran journalist gwen ifill. she lost that battle under hospice care from breast cancer. she was 61. she started as a newspaper in the late '70s and worked at "the boston herald" and switched to television and moderated the 2004 and 2008 vice presidential debates. she graduated from simmons college in 1977 and receive an honorary degree in 1993. the school tweeted mourn the loss of proud alumni gwen ifill. she was a powerful leader and outstanding journalist. this fire is under investigation tonight. >> what firefighters focused on here in belmont that kept everyone safe. a storm coming off the coast tonight will bring rain with it for your morning and evening drives tomorrow. plus, where the potential flooding exists from this one. plus, a local mother continues to search for answers
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new at 5:00 tonight, the mother of a brockton teenager is refusing to give up hope 27 years after her daughter went missing. jennifer faye was supposed to baby-sit her brother and sister the night she disappeared. >> now she's working with a private investigator and returning to the neighborhood
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for. bob ward is live in brockton. you've been tracking this case for years now, and now her mother is hoping someone will talk. >> reporter: yeah, thaert that's right. that's what this is all about. they will have a vigil that will start here in 45 minutes. jennifer faye's family and friends will meet her and walk to the neighborhood where jennifer faye was last seen 27 years ago tonight. the family that's where the answers are. in that neighborhood even today some of jennifer's closest friends who so far have refused to cooperate with the investigation will finally open up and talk about what really happened. >> i just hope every year that somebody will come forward. >> she last saw her daughter, jennifer faye, 27 years ago today. it was a monday night holiday. jennifer was supposed to be
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when she suddenly left to meet up with friends. jennifer faye was last seen right here in this area of brockton. we're only a block away from her home. in the 27 years since, it's as if jennifer faye completely vanished. >> it was such a feeling that i knew in my heart something happened right at that moment, and that was probably the worst. >> dottie mcclain and the private investigator michelle littlefield have worked the case returning to the same streets 27 years later. the answer they feel is somewhere right here, but someone needs to talk. >> i really believe that everything that happened that night happened in that neighborhood. i do. i strongly believe that's where she'll be found. >> reporter: jennifer faye's mother says jennifer's close friends have not spoken to her in 27 years. she hopes the vigil and the march might change things.
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daughter is so i can bring her home. >> reporter: in the statement to fox 25 news, the plymouth county d.a. said miss faye's case remains open today, and we urge anyone with any information at all on her disappearance to contact state police detectives at 508-923-4205. whether when we come back at 6:00, we show you how jennifer fay is remembered in brockton tonight. bob ward, fox 25 news. we account some of the most gruesome and heart-breaking murders where victims and their families have no justice and the killers still walk the streets. tune in for a special new england's unsolved report this wednesday night at 11:30. a man arrested in connection with with a murder in easton is held without bail in south carolina. officials say he'd been on the
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found him hiding out there. they don't know he was the person that pulled the trigger that killed daniel smith. right now he's charged an an accessory to murder. he refused to waive extradition. that means authorities have to force his return, which could turn into a lengthy court battle. this intersection here in east bridgewater is back open tonight following an accident involving two trucks. sky fox was over the scene of washington and central streets just after noon today. you can see some kind of delivery truck flatbed. firefighters and police responded to this accident. there are no reports of any injuries. a chance to support first responders and update the car registration. here's the custom license plate the state police association is offering. it costs $40 and goes to all massachusetts first responders and their families in times of need. now your local forecast from chief meteorologist and the fox 25 stormtracker weather team. real pleasant afternoon out there.
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territory, not quite. had to get to 71 to be a record for the day in boston. it's only 65 in november. it's still 62 for dinnertime, 50s in the burbs, though, and down to the upper 40s in the northwestern suburbs of the city of worcester. boston drops down into the 40s tonight as well under increasingly cloudy skies. a lot of clouds out there already. the super moon rose at 4:58, but you may have too many clouds in your you have to look for breaks or thin spots in the clouds. if you get thin spots, you will see a halo around them to make it extra pretty. the clouds move in quickly this evening after a mostly clear day all day long. there are rainshowers to the south being picked up by the live stormtracker radar and this one from albany and this one from long island. it's not in the ocean. this is the rain coming up the coast toward us. it becomes more spotty here and
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it's eaten away as it tries to make it into southern new england overnight. it won't get here until your morning drive tomorrow. this is the storm center we're talking about. it will pick up some intensity, but won't be a real, strong storm. that's good news for us, because the stronger it is the stronger the winds around the center. here's why that's important. we have the warm winds from today but the clouds taking over on schedule. they're the rainshower activity reaching ground level through the dry air that's wet overnight, and that will allow the rain to make it down to the grou d we stop this at 6:30 and continue it up through noontime tomorrow. here's why that wind is important. coming around from the east, it's pushing the water up against the shoreline. stronger winds would mean bigger waves and that could increase the chance for flooding. with not much time before high tide between 10:00 and noontime tomorrow, that's whether you have the highest rifshg for coastal flooding.
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at as well in some spots. some areas see minor flooding. this continues through the afternoon. the flooding is not from the rain but from the coastal inundation. the water pushed towards the coast because of king tides being produced by the super moon and the winds around the storm center. the rain pushes to the north at the evening drive and we clear out and improve. rye aloaning the coast minor coastal flooding. there's flooding wharf areas. in hull you see some of that, providence town some minor flooding and nantucket as well. this is just minor flooding which tend to flood in situations like this will flood during this high tide cycle tomorrow late morning into the early afternoon. high temperatures generally in the 50s tomorrow. 54 in boston, so quite a bit a cooler than you say today. a rebound starting after the storm leaves on wednesday and continuing through the rest of the week with a dry period as well.
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and update the time line, too. >> thank you. caution for young men who smoke marijuana. ahead at 5:00, why they want to get a doctor to check their heart.
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a guilt verdict in the murder case of a georgia father accused of leaving her toddler son inside a hot car. he showed no emotion as he was found guilty of malice and felony murder charges. prosecutors said he left the boy intentionally to escape the responsibilities and pursue an affair. the tragic accident. a judge ordered a wisconsin man whose murder conviction was overturned this summer be released from prison under supervision. there was a lot of attention surrounding his case thanks to the netflix documentary making a murderer. he and his uncle was convicted of killing a woman. they over turned it ruling his constitutional rights were invited when he was questioned.
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thanksgiving day parade in new york is an excellent target for a terror attack. it comes in the english language magazine and suggests using large trucks to drive through crowds at events like this parade. that happened during the deadly attack in nice, fransz earlier this year. new york police say there's no credible threats, though, against want parade. a wanted man is in jail tonight after kills a long-time police say the suspect david machado killed the deputy. he was wanted for robbing a liquor store and carjacking. the deputy was shot shortly after spotting ma dhaud doe is a stolen car. a pilot is off to the hook after allegations he came to work dreng. the 39-year-old pilot for sky west was raerted at rapids city regional airport in south dakota. a security worker said he smelled like alcohol.
5:27 pm
blood test hours later was negative with the breath test. bizarre illnesses and a child cancer cluster linked to water across new hampshire. >> we are taking it seriously. one woman shares how she thinks the water basketed her health. then after losing her senate seat in hamdz, kelly ayotte could head back to washington anyway. why one local lawmaker is
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?? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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they try to pinpoint the cause of a hiej fire in belmont overnight. >> it started before 3:00 a.m. in an abandoned building at the mcclean hospital campus. as fox 25 michael henrik, reports, it took firefighters hours to put out the flames. >> reporter: the that's because mcclain hospital representatives here in belmont say that this building has been vacant for quite some time. look at the second and third story windows. they have been boarded up for a while, and that roof is now caved in because of this fire. take a look at some of the early morning video after this fire broke out. a substantial amount of flames
5:31 pm
side of the mcclain hospital campus. firefighters say their focus was on making sure the fire did not spread. they found out about it from police. >> our police department actually on an adjacent street smelled smoke and started to investigate about 2:41 this morning and found the building well-involved on floors two and flee. >> reporter: in a statement mcclain hospital the largest psychiatric affiliate of evacuations of patients were needed in nearby buildings and no services were disrupted. the cause is under investigation. as soon as they know, we'll know and we'll report that update to you. reporting in belmont, fox 25 news. >> so far firefighters do not know what caused the fire. they're asking anyone with information to call the arson hot line at 1-800-482-9229.
5:32 pm
week. it was a beauty. some people enjoyed the 60-plus degree weather on boston common on november 14th. things are about to change. kevin is here, and you're tracking a storm that will bring cooler temps and also some rain to the area. >> much-needed rain, of course. we get it on a tuesday, which is just fine with everybody out there. also comes with some wind. the potential for coastal flooding. enjoy this evening. the clouds move in maybe blocking your view of moon tonight. 62 in boston and 51 in bedford out there. that's nice for this time of evening in the november. there's the clous that moved in and are attached from the rainshowers coming in from the south which are attached to the storm center off cape hatteras. this is moving it during the morning commute. the potential for some rain and, yes, coastal flooding concerns as well. there's a coastal flood advisory from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. we discuss why that's a problem
5:33 pm
new at 5:30, new hampshire senator kelly ayotte is making the short list of potential cabinets for president-elect's cabinet. she's being considered by secretary of defense. she loss her seat by a small margin last week. heather, a political analyst is telling you the fact ayotte is not contesting that loss could be a sign here. >> yeah, it could be, vanessa. she lost her relocation bid just 712 analyst points out ayotte has nothing to lose in contesting the numbers, and yet, she's not. it's adding to speculation she might have something up her sleeve. >> it puzzled me but now it's not puzzled as her name is floated for defense secretary. >> he's been surprised by her radio silence. she hasn't tweeted since veterans day or contested her less than 1,000-vote re-election
5:34 pm
secretary of defense is seen by some as an unlikely pick, given the love sls hate relationship with trump this election season. she says she didn't even vote for him. >> we feel really upbeat tonight. >> reporter: another criticism of ayotte? does she have enough experience to be defense secretary? her resume includes positions on the senate armed services and homeland security committees including chair of the readiness subcommittee, and her husband is an iraq war veteran and retired air national guard member. ay military experience. >> given her lack of experience running big organizations outside of having a seat on the senate armed services committee, i think it might make her a little bit out of her depth there. >> he's concerned about her kwefsh active and hawkish policies. >> her opposition to the iran nuclear deal whether she couldn't present an alternative is very concerning.
5:35 pm
systems that are not what our front line troops need to keep them safe. >> reporter: we asked him why trump is looking at ayotte, and he thinks he's looking at her for political reasons because she's part of the republican establishment. he only has a two-year window so he needs party support. also on the short list is retired army generally joseph keith kellogg, form defense intelligence director mike flynn and alabama senator jeff sessions. a man charged with domestic assault appeared in court less than a week after he was arrested. fox 25 was out at the scene on rogers street last week. officials tell fox 25 jesse filler was charged and the victim is still in icu. a biker that was hit last week died. the 58-year-old died from his injuries on saturday. the other man has been released from the hospital.
5:36 pm
frost on the windshield was a factor here. so far no charges have been filed. the state's highest court will hear arguments this week on the fate of thousands of cases because of a drug lab scandal. they're asking the court to dismiss 24,000 cases. they all involve drug tests ran by dukan. she has already served a three-year prison sentence. an accused heroin dealer is reyes of lawrence faced a judge today. new hampshire state police arrested him on friday. troopers say they found 100 grams of heroin in his suv. he's aalso accused of resisting arrest and providing a fake name to the trooper. u.s. amherst is celebrating the largest fund-raiser in state history. it raised $379 million from more
5:37 pm
summer. it will hire two dozen new professors as well as academic and research programs. a local animal rights group is making it easier to adopt horses in massachusetts. the mspca is waiving the usually $200 to adopt horses. it's until the end of november. the horses cannot be ridden because of their age or medical reasons, and an open house is scheduled for tomorrow evening from 5:00 to 8:00. tensions remain high here week's election. >> the message one local group of commuters is trying to spread. some women are concerned about limited access to birth control when donald trump takes over the white house. coming up at 5:55, want response from republicans after those
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police in connecticut are leaking for two five people were shot at a sweet 16 party over the weekend. most of the victims were justine agers. they all are expected to survive. police say a fight broke out at an italian-american club at bridgeport. they found broken glass and victims pouring out the building. >> i heard hollering and screaming and people running through the parking lot. >> they were spread out in the rear of parking lot, the front of parking lot and the side of the building and down the road on park avenue.
5:41 pm
veilance video to track down the suspects. a fast-moving brush fire is threatening homes in southern california. they're battling the blaze in the angeles national forest northeast of l.a. of the several structures are in dane but the fire is 50% contained. they've been battling it a while. the prime minister of new zealand says the damage from a powerful earthquake too cost billions of dollars to fix. it rattled the country and it cult off access to a town for tourists. they had to bring hundreds of stranded people to safety. >> it went off to the right and went to that way and that's the theory. thank the change they can see. >> at least two deaths are blamed on the quake. heavy rain forced 8,000 people out of their homes in the dominican republic. dozens of communities are shut
5:42 pm
after rivers overflowed destroying bridges and infrastructure. at least ten homes have been wiped out and hundreds more flooded. tonight this storm will bring rain to the area but also the potential for coastal flooding. why the winds are so important with the storm.
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hundreds of wells across new hampshire are testing positive for the same toxic kell cam chemical. >> chemicals show up in concentrated levels in wells on seacoast near portsmouth. around the plan in meramec.
5:45 pm
moved to meramec a few years ago. >> dozens and dozens of people in meramec are sick with the same systems, huge amount of autoimmune diseases. it's got to be water-connected, because there's so many people with the same symptoms. >> state health officials say the pfcs are cause for concern, but there's no conclusive link to the cancer clusters or other illnesses. they say it affects the thoi in animal testing. katherine talks to frustrated parents and gets new information on the investigation from state officials. some of america's most powerful chefs reveal the secret to pick out a great piece of meat without breaking the bank. dr. oz told us today you should check the meat itself, not the label. he says in some states stores can change the sell-by dates and some meet can be previously
5:46 pm
the issue of looking at the quality of meat is across all meets. we eat more skirt steak and unexpensive and great on the grill because it has enough fat to take the heat and tastes better whether you're done. >> he said the key is to marinate the steak long enough. your life tile plays a large part in determining your risk. making healthy choices like exercises and eating a proper diet could cut the r even in people with genetic risk factors. a lack of exercise has the opposite effect. risk of art heart disease can double without regular exercise including in people with no family history. newman's own is changing up the marketing strategy. the new slogan is 100% of profits to charity. it's to attract millenials.
5:47 pm
to know about his charitable history. since it started in 1982 the company donated $475 million. tonight is another good opportunities opportunity to see the moon like you haven't even it before. this is what it looked like last night. there it goes. it's the closest the moon has come since 1948. we're tracking a flood aid visary along the coast. >> there is a relation because the super moon will affect the tides and pull it up a little higher. it also affects the crust of the earth which you walk on and the gravitational pull can raise the crust up a little bit, too, when it comes this close. >> interesting. >> i like that fact. >> the more you know. let's talk about what's going on out there. already some warm temperatures for sure. if you go outside and look up at
5:48 pm
yeah, it's mild out there, but it's mild because the clouds start to roll in. that will stop the temperature from dropping too much more in worcester county tonight into the 40s, but it's stalling. that's what happened with the cloud overhead and there they are. there's some thin spots through the clouds. we tried to get pictures up too in the live cameras. the clouds play havoc with that. you may get a great shot with a halo around the moon or i hope not. there's the closest the rain is to us. there's rain on the way despite the beautiful weather today and the subrecord but still beautiful temperatures out there. this is the storm center to the south off of hatteras and now moved northward off the delmarva peninsula. the rain is working into a very dried atmosphere. on its way here, the rain tries to fall and will evaporate. every time it drops, they add
5:49 pm
raindrops can survive down to ground level. it will take until tomorrow morning to do that, though. all night long the clouds are here and thicken up and they fall from the clouds and not quite reach ground level and eventually they reach ground level. we get rain on the south coast of new england. fast forward through noontime and look at the heavier rains denoted by the yellow and orange in the futurecast model data shows where it came down harder through lunchtime. when storms come up the you look on the backside for the heaviest rain totals like a nor'easter would produce snow on the backside of it and that's why the snow hits us. there can be heavily rain on the cape, too, but the heaviest is along and just to the northwest of the track of this storm center how it looks now. the winds are critical because around low pressure they come from the east and northeast. the wind is comes towards us like this. it will produce minor coastal flooding. rain totals aren't the flooding issue.
5:50 pm
fallen. by 9:00 starting to rain in boston and at noontime not a lot in boston. up to over three quarters of an inch of rain in the boston area. this is not from the rain but coastal flooding. the winds blow like this around low pressure push the water towards the coastline. as it does that with the extra high tide thanks to the super moon we discussed, you get minor flooding. to it from revere and including haul and hingham. there could be minor flooding around sandwich and the boardwalk programs and how to provincetown as well. the clouds and northeast wind will do that tomorrow. into the 50s only with upper 40s off to the north and west for high temperatures tomorrow. we are rebounding once the storm leaves. the sun coming back on wednesday and stays through friday with sunshine and milder temperature. the weekend?
5:51 pm
saturday and sunday are mostly and partly sunny days. we have temperatures in the 50s for both days. we track the storm off the coast throughout the evening. a new circus show brings back live elephants sort of. they retired the iconic animals but the new somehow features two life-satisfied elephant puppets. you can see them next year. tickets go on sale monday. gas prices moved down just a bit in the last wk to aaa. average price of leg unleaded in massachusetts is $2.12. that's down a penny from last week. last year at this time gas prices were 4 cents cheaper. new at 5:30, american apparel filed for bankruptcy once again. they agreed to sell its brand to canada's guilden active wear for $66 million. it's the second bankruptcy filing in less than a year. american apparel has been dealing with too many stores,
5:52 pm
as shrinking sales. also new at 5:30, samsungments it's technology in the car so it's buying the auto company harmon for $8 billion. as cars become more connected, they want to use their relationship with automakers to get its screens, software and processors in the vehicles. it will help the company better compete with appear pem. here's a look at what's coming up on 6:00. an alarming attack on a trail. a woman was out for a walk when someone attacked her from behind. also, messages of hate at a local home. what neighbors are saying and why police are investigating this as a hate crime. a local police officer fired. her attorney says this is a case of discrimination. we spoke with one resident who says she dropped the ball when he brought her a case about child endangerment. just weeks after a deadly trench collapse in boston's south end, the new rules mayor
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women anxious about future access of birth control after the election of donald trump are rushing to doctors. >> we have more now on the fear from some women, the fear their expressing and how republicans are responding. women are taking to social media access to birth control could be limited when donald trump becomes presented. the post said get your long-term birth control now fearing that the president-elect will take steps to limit birth control. a network of health care providers says calls have come in across the nation. >> i think patients are concerned about what kind of health care changes may come about. >> trump promised to repeal and replace the affordable care act as one of his first acts in
5:57 pm
fda-approved contraception including birth control pills, diaphragms and iuds and emergency contraception like plan b. house speaker paul ryan won't see if an obamacare replacement would require that coverage. >> i'm not getting into hypotheticals. >> iuds prevent pregnancy for several years and can cost $1,000 but have been covered in full by the affordable care act. >> we see politics entering medicine a t think that most of these things are as always should be medical decisions left to a doctor and the patient. >> trump has expressed different positions on women's health issues. the transition team wouldn't provide us any more deal on his contraception coverage plans. in washington, jacqueline fell, fox 25 news. >> planned parenthood is reporting more women are asking about long-term birth control options. also new at 5:30 a new study released this week indicates
5:58 pm
muscles particularly in men. they released this information less than a week after several states including massachusetts approved marijuana for recreational use. doctors say more research is needed, but there were at least two cases in the study of haert weakness related to marijuana use. a new study shows fewer parents spank their kids. they found the form of discipline has been on the decline in american parents since 1988. it comes from several nationwide studie children. more parents are using time-out as a way to get their message across. first at 6:00, messages of hate delivered to one man's home. a nadic man receives threatening letter. a city on edge after an alarming ato come a popular trail. >> how the suspect targeted that victim that has the police chief
5:59 pm
why her attorney says this is a case of skrilgs. we track this storm up the coast. when rain will arrive and where flooding could be a problem. messages of hate cents to a nan in anywaytic. it arrived in the may on friday, and tonight his neighbors rally around him. >> we're live in natick tonight where town leaders reached out this man. >> reporter: andrew provost says he's been advised not to do any interviews, but he's getting support from neighbored all the way to the vekt board.
6:00 pm
residents of maple street are speaking out after he claims he was the target of two racist letters last friday demanding his clear his house of n words and natick has little tolerance for black people making reference to president-elect trump. >> i don't believe that. that's bull. >> he posted the letters to facebook where they got 7,000 shares. selectman john conley left his card for him this morning. >> i felt baz that they were go know, nobody likes it. i wanted to let this person know that i had her back at a selectman. >> heidi and dawn visited provost to show their support. >> he was changing the locks on his door, and he was kind of unsure of how to handle the whole situation. >> reporter: selectman conley says he knows how he would handle it. >> i'd like to slap the [ bleep ] out of the guy to be


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