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tv   FOX 25 News at 6  FOX  November 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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residents of maple street are speaking out after he claims he was the target of two racist letters last friday demanding his clear his house of n words and natick has little tolerance for black people making reference to president-elect trump. >> i don't believe that. that's bull. >> he posted the letters to facebook where they got 7,000 shares. selectman john conley left his card for him this morning. >> i felt baz that they were go know, nobody likes it. i wanted to let this person know that i had her back at a selectman. >> heidi and dawn visited provost to show their support. >> he was changing the locks on his door, and he was kind of unsure of how to handle the whole situation. >> reporter: selectman conley says he knows how he would handle it. >> i'd like to slap the [ bleep ] out of the guy to be
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but i'd like to deal with him wherever he is myself. >> reporter: now, i'm told that the select board is going to be discussing this matter at their meeting tonight. also that a vigil it planned for tomorrow afternoon. reporting in natick, i'm crystal haines, fox 25 news. an alarming attack on a popular trail in new hampshire. she was out for a mike when police say a man tried to she fought the guy off. it happened in lebanon near a trail near a local hospital. police say this hiker was very lucky. >> reporter: yeah, and that's because of the conditions that she faced when she was attacked. it was dark just like this. police say that woman was alone. they believe that is where the suspect targeted her. they say this was random, and that's what's so concerning. >> the randomness of the act
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the safety of his community tonight after a woman was violently attackeded by a strange man on a popular trail. >> it's out of the view of a traving public. >> a man came up behind a hiker just before 6:00 last night and grabbed her and threw her down walking towards the water tower. the mangan to assault the man, but she fought back and he panicked and ran. he's a white male 18 to 25 years with shaggy blonde hair and we >> that's incredibly scary. i've never had anything but positive interactions with people out here, but kind of terrifying to think it's a possibility. >> still hikers say the woods are thick and can put anyone alone in a vulnerable position. ann justice will be on alert tonight with her dog by her side. >> we will be aware and take care. >> reporter: investigators tell me the suspect was seen leaving
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police say they're worried somebody might have been hiking or biking yesterday and may have seen that suspect but didn't realize. they're asking anyone here all day yesterday to gich give them a call. we're live in lebanon. a shirley police officer is off the beat tonight. she was fired and now her town is rallying to defend her. the officer's attorney says she's a victim much discrimination but the chief says there's more to this story we spoke to both sides about the controversy. carrie. >> reporter: we calls spoke with a man who said he brought a case to the police officer giving her a tablet he believed had on it sexual explicit images of a minor. she said she tucked into a drawer and never looked at it again. the chief says this is the first of several infractions, but the attorney for the officer says she was discriminated against because of her race, gender and
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police department this weekend to rally behind an officer voted off the job. cromwell was terminated on wednesday. >> there's no evidence here that this officer has done anything but represent this community in a professional way. >> selectmen kapuchi was the only one to vote in officer cromwell's favor. >> she reaches out to the funt. >> i have some concerns and did her job, and that's the reason she no longer works here. >> reporter: the chief says a serious of infraukzs led to a discipline against cromwell. the first one by this man. >> there was an incident in shirley in that we recovered images of a sexual nature on his tablet. >> he had reason to believe a minor child was sexually exploited and brought the case and tablet to the officer. >> it was inside her desk where
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report of the incident either. after that there were two other disciplinary incidents not related to police work. that prompted him to bring the matter to the board. >> she's the target of retaliatory and discriminatory conduct. >> they say officer cromwell faced discrimination because she's a woman, african-american and a lesbian and faced harsher punishment because of it. >> it was more than what would be given to any comparable male officer in the shirley police department. >> so cromwell filed grievances through her union and they filed a complaint with the massachusetts commission against discrimination. cromwell tonight is fighting to get her job back. carrie cavanagh, fox 25 news. turning to the weather, it was a beautiful beach day today in the middle of november. a lot of people outside enjoying the mild l here. tonight we're talking about rain moving into the area, and also
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kevin. >> isn't it amazing, vanessa. it's all time relevant. in july 65 we'd wear jackets and in november we want to go to the beach. 65 is the high temperature and 58 worcester and this evening temperatures are still in the 50s. a couple 40s out there to the north and west of worcester, but still 62 in boston. now, the clouds have rolled in. that stops your temperature if from dropping a lot. this storm moves up the coast about the flooding potential. you see this storm come in and od that in connection with with the super high tide thanks to want super moon out there. it increases the highest tides this year. that's why the coastal flood advisory. we explain that nor and time in the rain in a few minutes. preventing another trench tragedy. new at 6:00, boston's mayor wants to keep workers safe by giving the city to reject permits based on a history of federal safety violations.
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>> this move comes a month after two workers died in a trench collapse in boston's south end. at that time focus 25 investigates learned that atlantic drain had a long history of federal safety violations and on or about sha calmed the company one of its, quote, severe violations. higgins and maddox were working in a trench on dartmouth street when a water line ruptured and flooded the trench. witnesses hear the men for help. rescue crews tried to res kay them without success. it's not clear why the water line ruptured, and in the days following some questioned why a company with a history of safety violations could still get a permit to work. now, fox 25 investigates found dozens of osha violations against atlantic drain since 2007. it was cited 16 times for serious violations, six repeated violations and two willful violations.
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thousands of dollars in unpaid fines. under mayor walsh's proposal, companies applying for construction permits have to inform the city of any and all osha violations. the city would have the right to deny, revoke or suspend a permit based on the history. the city council still has to approve this ordinance, but mayor walsh is pressing for that to happen sooner than later. erik rasmussen, fox 25 news. in the last 30 minutes we learned an elementary school that caught this morning will remain closed tomorrow. it will blue out some windows at the school, and students had to finish out the day in another building. they're looking at how the fire started. no school for the students in lawrence tomorrow. tough loss for the new england patriots. pats came up just short in the super bowl rematch against the seahawks. >> it was a tough loss. the pats roll in before the
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this was a tough loss for new england. >> yeah, we'll talk about the globies in just a minute. people still buzz about the patriots loss to the seahawks last night. it was clear this was an evenly matched game from the outset. seattle came to play, and they had a game plan that was effective and ultimately came down to the final play at the goal line. sounds familiar with these two teams. this time the rolls were reversed. unable to do so four tries from inside the 1 yard line. controversy over rob gronkowski was interfered with it. the seahawks had a plan that worked last night. >> they played to the end. they've been in a lot of close games, and it came down with yun yard at the end. we didn't get it. >> i'm not shear to make excuses to say that was a pi. so i just want to just -- we just lost a game. i want to give credit to the seahawks. they played a good game.
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from those guys to give credit to the seahawks. they dent want the controversy about the pass interference. most people when they got to work today, that's the first thing they were talking about, that and maybe the patriots giving up 31 points on defense. the globies is the second annual awards show that's a partnership between "the boston globe" and nessen. it's a lot of fun. the mother is not giving up hope 27 years after her disappeared. >> jennifer faye was supposed to be baby-sitting her brother and sister the night she disappeared. what her mom is doing now to find of answers she's desperately rooked for for three deck dads. >> we watch some ran up the coast and this storm in the area. first, minority groups being harassed and intimidated in the days after the birth
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about an hour ago hillary clinton was declared the winner in new hampshire. donald trump's campaign had until 5:00 tonight to ask for a recount before it was called. clinton won the state's four electoral votes by roughly 2700 ballot, which is less than 1% of the votes cast. harassing or intimidating minorities will not be tolerated in massachusetts.
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after the presidential election. that's why the attorney general is taking action. >> we're live in boston with a new hot line to report harassment. christine. >> reporter: that's right and it's the first of it's kind for the administration. there have been reports of intimidation and harassment of minority both here in massachusetts and nationally. she wouldn't comment on the exact number ornate here. afternoon that this new hot line will allow victims or witnesses of what she calls biased motivated threat, harassment and violence to report the incidents, whether they're directed towards minorities, immigrants, the lgbtq community or others. she says these incidents have been report since election day whether donald trump won the presidency, and she believes very divisive campaigns may be the cause. we've seen anti-trump protests
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says simply the nature of the divisiveness and emotions is running very high and could be the cause here. >> i have attorneys, investigators and staff available to listen to and take in information, and we'll do what we normal lie do which is to assess that information, understand the facts and then make determinations about whether or not this is something that is appropriate for legal enforcement action, criminal prosecution, civil >> reporter: trump however asked on "60 minutes" yesterday last night about the allegations and reports of harassment towards minorities since he won the presidency on election day. he says he's saddened by it and he definitely does not endorse it and he wants it to stop. we're live outside the statehouse in boston, fox 25 news. new at 6:00, a white supremacist website declared new balance is the official
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weekend after new balance's vp of public affairs praised president-elect trump. the founder says he believes new balance's support could be a marketing scheme, but says the website is campaigning to buy products from the company. tensions run high on both sides of aisle after the election, and it seems like commuters have had enough. elizabeth hopkins reports several groups spread the love on the t and passing out their messages of ed in days after the election, they could feel tension in the air. >> people were hesitant on what happened, yet. during the monday morning commute they passed out thiz pins. in the front they read by wearing this pin i submit if i see something i will say something and on the backs the
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contact numbers for area police. over the weekend chalk messages written on the walks on the park street t stations and inside the facebook group subway therapy lined the walls with more messages of encouragement during what some believe is an uncertain time. this is the reaction of a blue city in a red country. seth purdy voted for trump. given they're respective, he's in favor of the messages. >> if you see something nice like that, you cheer up their >> mass transit authorities aren't against the movement either. they issued this state saying they did not approve the posting of messages at park street station but did not prevent it. vendors that interact with boston commuters every day are not surprised to see t riders taking abbing kz. >> this is the melting pot of the city. when things happen, it starts here at the boston commons and commuters have a voice, too. >> mass d.o.t. said they did the
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graffiti promised to remove all of it. we were at park street station today and noticed all the messages had been removed. new at 6:00 the mbta rolls out a survey today for the demand for overnight bus service. it's available online. righters have the next month to fill one out. the results will be reported to the board in january. a nonprofit group and ride-sharing company have both submitted proposals for late night services. one local town wants to ban marijuana until it can hash out how it works. the massachusetts voters legalized recreational marijuana use by approving it on election day, but the town of ashland wants to put a moratorium on pot shops. they want to write zoning regulations for the shops. now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin
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sniffly. boston hasn't hit 32 degrees yet this fall. last year it happened in october. not going to do it tonight. temperatures are still mild. 62 in boston right now, 51 in worcester and dropped to 40 in orange. where there are thin spots or clear spots, the temperatures drop more quickly. out here we stay in the 40s to upper 30s tonight. those clouds stop you from dropping much lower than that. we get a couple of pictures of the view is not as perfect. this is from the yacht club in fall mut. beautiful shot of the water and the mooning off the water. it's a distants shopt of the super moon earlier this evening. that was from last night. there was a better view because of this last night. the same clouds that hold the temperature from drops too much in both places cloud your view of the full moon tonight. the storm center is up the coast and pushing clouds into new
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it's still a little ways to the south. it looks close here, but we have dry air over us, and as this rain tries to come northward it vab rates and is eaten up on the northern fringes of this. it will take a while to get rain to reach ground level in new england. in fact, take you through the night. the clouds thicken up and notice the winds switching around to the east. see the arrows pointing this way towards the shoreline? the storm is coming up the coast and shifting the winds winds will also start to blow counterclockwise around it into our area onto our coastline. the rain is steadier through the morning between 10:00 and 2:00 is when those winds pile the water up to the coastline to 12:30 with the heavier rain moving in and then to 2:00. that continual blow against the coastline in conjunction with the super moon high tides nrn as king tides can produce coastal flooding. we have to watch that along the
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swit wit and also in the outer cape and nantucket. look at the rain. it's heavy at times in the aefr and into the evening drive before it starts to wheel off to the north. the winds shift behind the storm and it will curtail the flooding situation in most situations, the outer cape is the exception. it can still cause flooding with the extra high tides on wednesday. here are the rain totals. not much through 6:00 and 9:30, and you start to ramp up after noontime. it's up over an inch of rain in boston by tomorrow night potentially. here's the coastal flood risk. it's minor because we don't have the big waves crashing on top of the storm surge you have. this is moving quickly, so it's not sitting out there spinning and continually blows against the coastline. it's a quick shot at rain, wind and waves during the day tomorrow. we watch for that coastal flooding and then track that warm-up later this week skw into
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a woman facing a judge accused of being behind the wheel in a deadly hit-and-run in taut ton. she's no stranger to the law. a brand-new look at the mark
6:23 pm
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it's been more than three
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brought to his knees. for those who lived here it played out in real life, and now we have a hollywood version of what happened in our backyard. patriots day wrapped up filming about three months ago. we got our first glimpse of the trailer in october. now today another trailer, this one more haunting than the last. take a look. [ music ] >> we got multiple explosions. we need help down here. >> we've got to decide who is running this, and we have to decide quickly. >> it's terrorism. >> we'll take it. >> the clock is ticking and the world is watching. the suspect seen on the surveillance cameras. two bombers. >> we have to find these guys
6:26 pm
else. what i saw today, good versus evil. love versus hate. there's only weapon you have to fight back with. love. you have to love each other. i don't think there's any way >> certainly very powerful. the entire trailer is about 2:30. that was just part of it. you can watch it in its entirety on our website right now. patriots day hits theaters in boston december 21st. 27 years ago a brockton teenager left her home and was
6:27 pm
the search for jennifer faye. she lost her senate seat in a race that came down to the wire in new hampshire, but kelly ayotte could be on her way to washington even though. the position she may take in the cabinet, and why one massachusetts representative is worried about it.
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our top stories right now. police in lebanon, new hampshire warn hikers and bikers to be careful after a woman was attacked on a popular trail. the attacker snuck up behind the woman this weekend. the suspect took off in a dar four-door sedan. a former police sergeant is fighting to get her job discriminated against because she's a woman, african-american and a lesbian. fox 25 spoem to the police chief today. he said she committed a series of infractions including a failure to report a case of possible child endangerment. >> i have concerned about how she conducted police work and did her job, and that's the reason sergeant cromwell no longer works here. >> she's the target of
6:31 pm
complaint with the massachusetts commission against discrimination. they're investigating two tleft threatening letters left on a doorstep as a possible hate crime. he got a handwritten note followed by a typed one the next day. >> they warned him to stop bringing black people to his house. both had racial slurs and referenced donald trump. a teenager and her boyfriend faced a judge accused of being involved in in taunton. >> we were in court today and learned this couple is no stranger to the law. >> the 19-year-old fiesed a judge today. she's charged with leaving the scene of a deadly accident and intimidating a witness. >> he was murdered. he was murdered. he wasn't just hit by a car. he was murdered. >> reporter: friends still in shock over his death, including his girlfriend five months pregnant with his child. >> he would have been an amazing
6:32 pm
>> they say he was riding his bicycle through this tauten crosswalk on thursday night when he was hit by her car. prosecutors say he was thrown from the bike and dragged 1,000 feet underneath the car. after stopping, prosecutors claims the defendant's boyfriend pumed the bike out and threw it into the woods before they took off. >> you hit a squirrel, you stop. you hit a pothole, you know it's there. you hi a full-broken man come on, man. you know. you know. and then you drag his bike, and then you throw it? >> this is not the first run-in with the law. she was on probation for breaking and entering and assault with a deadly weapon from 2015. prosecutors say oday is a registered sex offender and has a long rap sheet including being on probation for strangulation involving his girlfriend.
6:33 pm
car, he screamed at his girlfriend to keep going. >> i want to die. >> she's held without bond. the judge ordered her boyfriend to be held on $7500 cash bail. we're in taunton, chris flanagan, fox 25 news. a driver involved in a deadly accident is charged with manslaughter and motor vehicle homicide. today they indicted steven beren bomb of swan skin. he was drunk and speeding when his car hit the back of an were killed. they were on their way to a hotel in revere. a man charged with domestic assault appeared in court today less than a week after he was arrested. he was on the scene at rogers street. officials tell fox 25 he was charged and the victim is still in the icu. the connecticut couple charged in a two-state crime spree we remain behind bars. they were charged with a list of
6:34 pm
pair of carjackings in connecticut on thursday, and then he ended up crashing one of those stole uppen cars in worcester after a police chase. his former girlfriend was also in the car. today in court her family said she was kidnapped by harding and should not be in jail. >> my daughter did not hijack any vehicle. my daughter did not use any weapons on anyone. she did not threaten anyone. she's a victim in this case. >> both suspects face charges in connecticut. they're due back in court next in easton refused to waive extradition told. he was arrested in south carolina. a warrant will be issued to force him to return to massachusetts to face charges and it could take weeks. he's charged in connection with with the shooting death of smith. he was found badly wounded in the woods by some kids and died a short time later at the hospital. police say they need the public's help to find a man that
6:35 pm
it happened on three different days in october and november at the new world convenience store on allen street in springfield. in each robbery the suspect entered the store armed with a large knife and ran off with cash. fire investigators are looking for the help to track down the causes of a huge fire at mcclain hospital in belmont this morning. the roof of the building is caved in. the building was vacant for years before it was engulfed by the flames. firefighters worked hard to make sure the flames didn't spread. evacuated. they tell us police first discovered this fire. >> the police department actually on an ajace sent street was smelling smoke and started to investigate. they found the building well-involved on floors two and three. >> a reward of up to $5,000 is available now with anyone who calls for investigation on the arson. the arson hot line tip is anonymous, and if you help to
6:36 pm
several construction workers were hurt today when the wall of a home this were building collapsed. we have a view of the home on christmas tree lane around 2:00 this afternoon. one worker was seriously hurt and flown to the hospital. the other two are expected to be okay. firefighters say an electrical short is to blame for this damaging fire in bellingham. the flames quickly spread, eventually burning through the roof of the home on fourth avenue this morning. one person that lived inside was taken to the hospital but police work to piece together two crime scenes after a shooting near hanover and washington streets. we're told a 28-year-old man was shot in the arm nearby and told police he did not know who shot him. he's expected to be okay. a 16-year-old girl is in the hospital tonight after being hit by a bus. it happened around 8:00 this morning outside of chelsea high school on everett avenue. police tell us the teen was conscious and alert. we're working now to find out more about the bus and the
6:37 pm
police did respond to the scene. turning now to the weather, a gorgeous monday night here in south boston where the super moon is shining brightly over carson beach. you can see a little clouds right there. kevin can tell you more about that now. he says that beautiful moon could cause some problems along the coast. there is a coastal flood watch in effect tomorrow, right? >> they definitely have a relation. i'm going to talk about that relation and show you one more picture we got in. this is a distant shot but a beautiful beach this evening in chatham. beautiful shot. thank you for the pictures. as always, appreciated. the clouds roll in and block out the few of the super moon for you now. fortunately you saw it last night as well. you don't get one this close again until 2034, but there's a slightly farther away one in december. the clouds roll in now and there's rain attached to these. the winds around the storm go like this. when it gets up here, the winds come in off the water.
6:38 pm
coastline, you can get some flooding potential with the supermoon that raises your tides. we track want rain south of us and having a heart time making its way north. we'll time it out just ahead. new at 6:30 the protests continued with some massachusetts high schoolers today. students at amherst pell ham regional high walked you will out in solidarity. the school's principal said absences were permitted with a note from the parents because the students met with him before the walkout. new hampshire senator ayotte is making a short list for the cabinet. as we report, the new hampshire senator is being considered for secretary of defense after losing her seat to governor maggie hasan. >> it puzzles me, but now it's not so puzzling.
6:39 pm
radio sigh slens. she hasn't tweeted since veterans day or ko tested her loss. news that ayotte is on the short list in the donald trump administration is seen as unlikely pick given the love/hate relationship with trump this election season. she said she didn't even for him. >> we feel really upbeat tonight. >> another criticism of ayotte? does she have enough experience to be defense secretary? her the senate armed services and homeland security committees including chair of the readiness subcommittee, and her husband is an iraqi war veteran and retired air national guard member, but ayotte hersz doesn't have military experience. >> given her lack of experience running big organizations outside of having a seat on the senate armed services committee, i think it might make her a little out of her depth here.
6:40 pm
conservative and hawkish policies. >> her opposition to the iran nuclear deal without an the anative is concerns. her support for aged weapon systems. former house speaker macy's health condition is worsening. new medical records reveal the 71-year-old now needs a spotter to eat because he's prone to choking episode he's been living on a diet of boiled eggs marked with mayonnaise, oatmeal and peanut butter. they're reviewing the play for a compassionate release. he served six of his eight years for fraud and extortion. the highest court is set to hear oorg arguments this peek with the drug lab scandal that involves thousands of cases. they ask the court to sdmigs
6:41 pm
duken played a role in testing the drugs. she has already served a three-year prisons sentence. attorneys present their arguments to the supreme judicial court on wednesday. gwen ifill has died. the long-time pbs news anchor lost her battle with breast cancer today. she was 61. ifill graduated from simmons college in boston in 1977. the loud of proud alumni gwen ifill. >> sad news. tonight i track a storm coming up the coast with clouds rolling in now and rain to follow and the potential of coastal
6:42 pm
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
27 years ago tonight a brockton teenager went out and never came home. her family never gave up hope finding out what happened to her. >> tonight her friends and family remember her and retrace her last steps. >> bob ward for years and has their story. >> i just hope every year somebody will come forward. >> dottie mcclain last saw her daughter, jennifer faye, 27 years ago today. it was a monday night holiday. jennifer was supposed to be baby-sitting the younger brother and sister at the house when she left to meet up with friends. jennifer faye was last seen right here in this area of brockton. we're only a block away from the home. in the 27 years since, it's as
6:46 pm
vanished. >> it was such a feeling that i knew in my heart something happened right at that moment, and that was probably then. >> dottie mcclain and the private investigator are returning to the same streets 27 years later, the answer they feel is somewhere right here but someone needs to talk. >> i really believe that everything that happened that night happened in that neighborhood, and i where she'll be found. >> her mother tells me jennifer's close friends have not spoken to her in 27 years. she hopes that the vigil and the march might change things. >> i hope that they'll come up to me and let me know where my daughter is so i can bring her home. >> bob ward, fox 25 news. >> the killer is still walking the streets and the heart-broken family is desperate for justice.
6:47 pm
watch the new unsolved special recounting some of the most devastating cases that still haven't been solved wednesday night at 11:30 right here on fox 25. a new chance to support first responders and update your car registration. here's the custom license lates the massachusetts state police association is offering. it costs $40 and goes directly to all massachusetts first responders and families in times of need. now your local forecast from chief meteorologist kevin lamanowitz. >> we track a storm tonight. we see the clouds roll in this evening just in time for the moon to rise, right? you have great pictures of that super moon. this is the night you wanted to see it, but the clouds are blocking your view. they're attached to this storm system, one we tracked even last week. you might remember i told you it didn't exist yet but it was in the computer models.
6:48 pm
happens so many days away and watch it come to fruition. now that it's there, we need to track it in there. here's where the rain shield is. we're tapping into the new york city radar as well as using our taunton albany radar and live stormtracker radar systems to pinpoint where it is. the heaviest rain is way over the ocean and high up in the atmosphere. much is not reaching ground level because we have dry air over us. we have the beautiful sunshine today and warm too. it's still 62 in boston and didn't drop the last couple of hours. that's beautiful for november. that's great for an afternoon high, let alone the evening difrn time plans. much cooler back here. the clouds don't move in as quickly so the temperatures drop rapidly this evening. out on the cape it's 51 in hyannis as well weigh watch the rain during of the morning. we track the showers in time for the morning drive in the south
6:49 pm
norward in boston sxo worcester. notice the heavier rain to the west of the storm track. you can tell by how the wind is circles into the center. it circles counterclockwise are low pressure and storms. the track comes over the top of us. notice some of the heaviest rain happens on the backside. we see it with northeasterners. the heavy rain is along the west and northwest of the path the winds come in onhour around the storm. at times of high tide while that up has, you get flashover and minor coastal flooding and happens with this one. it all pulls northward and after the evening drive we clear it out. the coastal flooding advisories existing for those areas, but it's not because of the rain totals. they will start to get higher tomorrow afternoon into the evening. you see that here. that's what we call the flooding.
6:50 pm
the co-lyon in conjunction with the super moon. these are areas to get minor coastal flooding. this road was sit tu wet where you see the flashover or minor coastal flooding. on the south shoerz tomorrow temperatures in the upper 50s in some spots. the bottom line is the rain moving in and the potential for the coastal flooding and track it hour-by-hour and minute by minute through later tonight and through the morning. check back later lee's harbor is back up for her shellfishing. it was cloesed for 45 days after a norovirus was found in oysters. more than 86 people got sick. it hurt shellfishing businesses and caused the oyster fest to ban raw shellfish. the virus is no longer in the area. everybody, i'm coming to you live from the house of blues.
6:51 pm
we talk about that. we also follow some breaking news on the injury front.
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sign then drive event.
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in boston. big night as we get set to celebrate the second annual globies, which we'll talk about. we have breaking news to get to right away. within the last half hour the nfl network is reporting that rob gronkowski suffered a punctured lung during last night's game against the seahawks. a huge hit from earl thomas. gronkowski described it after the game as the hardest hit he's ever taken. apparently a hit so hard it punctured his lunk. he -- the game against san francisco, and hopefully will be back for the next game. gronk was involved in the final play of the game very voefrsal last night. the patriots trying to tie the game and the throw to the end zone is incomplete. a lot of contact between gronk and chancellor. no penalty was called and no
6:55 pm
31-24. >> we have to do a better job. >> certainly it looks like it came down to one play, but it was a lot of plays in the game we did a better job of: so the gronk news is a big headline for the patriots today. the game isch sunday night, the 27th. it's now moved to 4:25. they flexed the chiefs slfsh /broncos game. the celtics in new orleans play the pelicans tonight. this is the second annual globies award. they have teamed up to celebrate the best in boston sports. you see a lot of big names tonight. they stroll in until this event starts at 8:00 tonight.
6:56 pm
on and off the field, court or ice. >> a way to celebrate great eighth lets and not just award the pro athletes but college and high school and all over the new england area. >> people in sports and people in this area of boston can see the guys from all the different areas of sports and history in this city. great situation for a fan. >> it's great. i love to be here >> great to see louie. once you accomplish something in this city, you are remembered forever. this should be a special night. if anybody questions the toughness of rob gronkowski, you're not questioning it anymore. playing the second half with what is reported to be a punctured lung.
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together? we are breaking down the clues for reconciliation, and what jen told "e.t." >> bizarre advice from her ex's ex. their romance. plus, a beverly hills "90210" reunion. how the cast is supporting shannen doherty in her cancer fight. >> and our new interview with andy cohen telling all about his famous brand. >> it was so crazy. bad blood with taylor swift? >> i think she probably thought i was being shadyy >> why she may never speak to him again. >> i'm just a moron.


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